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Including Biographical Sketches of Hundreds of Prominent Old Settlers and
Representative Citizens of Bulter, Polk, Seward, York and Fillmore Counties
Copyright 1899, by Geo. A. Ogle & Co., Chicago

There are two parts to this popular tome of biographies; a compendium of national biography and a compendium of local biography. This index only covers the surnames in the local portion of the book. In some instances, where a surname would not be of any use for local genalogical research, surnames have been omittted. Examples of this would include: military officers they served under during the Civil War and political candidates they supported.

Copies of the biographies are available through the York County Historical Association, if you cannot locate copy of this publication. To order copies, please print a copy of the order form or include the information in a letter. You will need to use your "back" button to return to this page from the order form.

There are two ways to search this database. We suggest you use both.

One is to click on the beginning letter of the surname you are searching for and then scroll down looking for your surname in the main column. It is easier to see phonetic spellings and variations to your surname this way. The disadvantage of this method is that it will not help you locate surnames in other columns of the index.

A   Ba-Bh   Bi-Bq   Br-Bz   Ca-Ck   Cl-Cz   Da-Dh   Di-Dz   E
F   G   Ha-Hn   Ho-Hz   J   K   La-Ld   Le-Lz   Ma-Mb   Mc-Md
Me-Mn   Mo-Mz   N   O   Pa-Pn   Po-Pz   Ra-Rn   Ro-Rz   Sa-Sg
Sh-Sl   Sm-Ss   St-Sz   T   U   V   Wa-Wg   Wh-Wz   Z

There are not any biographies beginning with I, Q, X or Y.
owever, there may be associated surnames starting with them.

The second way is to use the "find" function of your browser. That will enable you to search the main listing, and all the associated surnames, found on this index. You will need to do this with each grouping of surnames. The size of this database has made it necessary to break the listing into smaller files or groupings. The second method, using the find function, will not be helpful in finding alternate or phonetic spellings. That is why we suggest using both methods.

You will find the following codes/abbreviations in this index.

The column headings should be self-explanatory, with the exception of the first column. This column, with the "C" heading, indicates the county where the person is residing at the time this book was compiled. He/she may have lived in more than one county in this area, so don't neglect to follow up on a name simply because you feel the county is incorrect. The counties listed in this column are: B-Butler, F-Fillmore, P-Polk, S-Seward, Y-York, T-Thayer.

In the last column of the index are surnames that were mentioned in the biographies. The following codes are used to describe the relationship:


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