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This message is from a computer that responds to your request to

When you subscribe to Gen-Newbie


This message is from a computer that responds to your request to
subscribe  to GEN-NEWBIE-L. At the bottom of this message you will see a copy
of the original subscription request. If the address at the bottom isn't
yours, or there is any other problem with the subscription, use the "Reply"
feature of your email program and send the whole message back to us,
along with any other notes or comments.

To unsubscribe, send a new message to:
[email protected] and in the body of the message
type the word  "unsubscribe" (don't use quotations). No subject
line is necessary for this message.

Print a copy of this, Save a copy to a file, this is the important

Getting started. There are times when you'll want to talk to other
members of the list, and times when you might want to unsubscribe,
subscribe, ask for old files, see archived messages, etc. You'll
have to tell the computer what you want to do:

Talking to everyone.
If you want to send a comment, question, or anything else for other
list members to read, it should be sent to:
[email protected]
Remember, when you send anything to this email address, everyone on
the list will see it!

Talking to the computer.
If you want to unsubscribe, look at old files, or do anything that
involves a request from the computer, it should be sent to:
[email protected]


GEN-NEWBIE-L is a discussion list where people who are new to
computers and genealogy may interact using a computer's email
program. It's kind of like a bouncing ball, with someone asking a
question and others suggesting answers, or asking more questions. We
discuss genealogy, family history, computer applications.
Administration will limit discussions to genealogy and/or computers.

Around certain holidays we may relax the list rules and allow posts that apply to that holiday.
Administration will post an OK when the rules are relaxed.

We are very tolerant, and willing to assist anyone who wants
"community coaching" about the Internet, genealogy, computers.
Our membership is international and everyone is welcome.

How do I get started?

It is generally a good idea to "lurk" for a bit when you are a new
subscriber to an electronic mailing list, but in our case, jump
right in. We will help you make your first step an easy one. One
thing that you might want to do is take a trip through Rootsweb  Learn about resources, mailing lists,
and some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

How to reply to something that you've received from the list.

If you want to reply to the sender, then use the "reply" feature of
your email program. If you would like everyone to read your comment
or message, then make sure that you send it to
[email protected].

What can I post to GEN-NEWBIE-L?

What is ok:
Just about anything that concerns genealogy, computer applications and/or
family history.

Not ok:
Surname signatures. These are those signatures at the bottom of
someone's email message that list gazillions of surnames (last names) that
they are researching. Our computer cannot distinguish between the surname
signature and the message. It really messes things up if you're trying to
search for a particular name. So, if you know how, turn your surname signature
off.  If you don't know how, then ask your first question!

Not ok:
HTML. HyperText Markup Language. A real no-no, since it just makes
it impossible for many people to read your message. Plain text (no
colors or anything fancy)is the best way to send anything to the

Not ok:
Attached files. With the wide variety of email programs in use,
attached files don't work for everyone. Plain text (no colors or
anything fancy) is the best way to send something to the list.

Not ok:
Copyrighted material. This includes private email that you've
received from other people, articles from books, current newspapers,
magazines, etc. It is ok to quote someone's email message if you
received it from Gen-Newbie.

Not ok:
Commercial posts. We aren't a billboard for the various publishing
companies, software retailers, etc., but we will accept a
one-time-only product or new mailing list announcement.

Not ok:
Flames. A derogatory or insulting comment that has been sent to
everyone subscribed to the list is absolutely not tolerated. It is possible
to disagree and remain civilized. The nature of this list is to
assist newbies in genealogy and computing. If you cannot be
tolerant of mistakes, errors, and "simple" questions, then possibly
this isn't the list for you. But in any case, our rule is one
flame to the list about anyone or any issue, and you're out.

Gen-Newbie-L can be a high traffic list. Unless you are fanatical
about checking your email every minute of the day, you'll see the
messages, and sometimes some of the responses to those messages, but
don't hesitate to contribute, even if you've seen several other
responses. We want to hear from everyone.

This list is not screened, and except for some rare instances,
messages come to you in their pure, unblemished form. We try to keep an eye
on things, but unfortunately, we can't do this for a living. If
you're having a problem, drop one of us a note and we'll do our best
to straighten things out..

So, welcome aboard. We're ready when you are!

Elaine Maddox
[email protected]
[email protected]

Jack Webster
[email protected]

April 18, 2005 revised letter