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Advice on viruses (from rootsweb)

RootsWeb's mailing lists are filtered and attachments are not allowed. A virus that is distributed as an attachment will not reach you through a RootsWeb mailing list. 

A recent virus, and several imitations of it, may result in your receiving an e-mail (or a greeting card) with a virus attached, that appears to come from RootsWeb. This virus works by accessing the address book of an infected computer. It sends messages to everyone in the book using a forged return address (for instance, using RootsWeb in the return address). The subject line will be from a message that was recently received, making it even more credible. While it may appear to come from RootsWeb, that is only an illusion of the virus -- our address and the subject line is a forgery. 

What can you do? Protect yourself by never opening an attachment from someone you do not know or that looks suspicious. If you have an email from RootsWeb, and there is an attachment of any kind, don't open it. Use a virus protection program. Know what viruses are out there so you will recognize one when if you get it. There are sites that will help you, including those shown below.

Remember, if you do not open the attachment, you can not get infected with the virus.
Delete it. Then empty the trash bin to make sure it is gone. If you are using an e-mail program that
stores attachments elsewhere on your computer, such as Eudora, find it there and delete it too.


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