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This page is dedicated to helping you find a location for your Nebraska roots. If you already know the town & county, go check the resources on that county page. But if all you know is NEBRASKA, we hope to provide you with the information you need to learn just WHERE in Nebraska your family lived.

A note from the coordinators -

Everyone doing genealogical research runs into the situation where they just can't find the next ancestral generation. Perhaps your only clue is a reference to Nebraska, and now you need some help.

Getting assistance on the web is best done through posting a well written query in the right place. Organize your thoughts & what you DO know or can estimate (age or date). Your chance of getting the help you need is far better if the query you write is posted at the county level. People within that county will often recognize the surname.

Use the interactive labels below to work your way through all the steps. Please take the time to use the information provided in the research guides to narrow your search to a county or two. Then go to the county or counties which seem the most promising and review the information posted there. You may find your surname in the county queries or the surname list; or in the files for that county.

Look at the examples of well written queries and compose your own. Make sure to include the surname, the time frame, & any other "clues" known. If you still don't know where they lived in Nebraska, then post your query here with the Unknown County.

It is the nature of this particular resource area that this page will never be complete. We invite you to add to the lists of locations, ethnic group settlements, the "community" that has vanished, etc. The odd piece of information you provide may make a major difference to some other family genealogist.

Ted & Carole

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"All I know is a name & Nebraska"

Check through these lists.

If you didn't find your surname, then research must be started from other sources. Click the button to the right for help.

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"I know the name and a place" Look for the location mentioned in your notes, click the button to the left and see if you can find it there.

If you think you're ancestors may have come to Nebraska with an immigration group or an ethnic group then click the button to the right.

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View the queries posted here by other's who do not know where their ancestors were from in Nebraska. Click the button to the left.

If you're now ready to compose a query, please click the button to the right for advice & examples of well written ones.

How to Write a good Query

County Selection

To visit & post your query to your new found county click the button or use the quick link list to the left. Otherwise you may:

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EMail your Query to the Coordinators.

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