Tribes and treaties


Tribes and Treaties


There are 18 separate treaties between American Indian tribes and the U.S. government for land in Nebraska which were negotiated between 1825 and 1892. By the 1850s the Pawnee, Omaha, Oto-Missouri, Ponca, Lakota, and Cheyenne were the main Great Plains tribes living in the Nebraska Territory.

U.S. government treaties with American Indian tribes for land in Nebraska.
Tribe Year Notes
Kansas 1825 Ceded much of severe southeast Nebraska.
Oto 1830 The severe southeastern corner of Nebraska.
Oto 1833 Southeast Nebraska, near the mouth of the Platte, included land where the Moses Merill Mission was located.
Pawnee 1833 South-central Nebraska.
Pawnee 1848 A small tract along the Platte River in central Nebraska.
Omaha 1854 Almost all of east-central and northeast Nebraska.
Oto and Missouri 1854 East-central Nebraska immediately south of the Platte River.
Pawnee 1857 All of north-central Nebraska between the Platte River and the South Dakota border.
Arapaho and Cheyenne 1861 All of southwestern and some of west-central Nebraska south of the North Platte River.
Omaha 1865 A small parcel of land compromising 1/4 of their reservation.
Lakota 1875 All of west-central Nebraska north of the North Platte River.
Pawnee 1875 A small tract north of the Platte River that included the land that became the Genoa Indian Industrial School.
Lakota, Northern Cheyenne and Arapaho 1876 All of severe northwestern Nebraska.
Omaha 1882 Two parcels of land in two treaties comprising 1/2 of their reservation lands, including land for the Winnebago reservation.
Lakota 1892 Ceded a parcel of land including Pine Ridge, Nebraska.


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