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Thayer County Lookups
Thayer County Lookups

Volunteers Needed! Ifyou own any reference material on Thayer County, and would be willing todo lookups for other Thayer County researchers, please letme know ( As you can see volunteers are needed.

The USGenWeb Project policy statement on lookups:
USGenWeb policy prohibits lookup volunteers from infringing on copyrights,so please do not ask for large quantities of information, information onmultiple people, or photocopies of pages from the books. For more informationplease review the USGenWebpolicy on copyright.

If you see a book listed for lookups that youhold the copyright to and do not want it used, please notify the countycoordinator and it will be removed.

To request a lookup from the following reference books please usethese guidelines:

  1. Limit your request to one name per request.
  2. Put THAYER COUNTY NEBRASKA LOOKUP in the subject line of your request.
  3. Put the name of the resource you are requesting the lookup in on the firstline of the e-mail.
  4. E-mail your request to the volunteer listed with the book.
Please be sure to thank the volunteer for their time.

Shannon Magee"The Bell of Sacred Heart Church - a Bicentennial Centennial History 1876-1976"
A history of the families of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Hebron, Thayer County, NE.
Marilyn KeimI have some information for Thayer County mainly Davenport area but I do have some information for other towns around Davenport. Would try and help anyone if I can.
Brenda Busing1900 Thayer County Atlas
Amy BarkerGilead, Nebraska Centennial Book 
Amy BarkerI have genealogy of my family in Thayer County that I have compiled. Some of the Names are
Beu,  Keilwitz, Mau, Draeger, Itzen, Diener, Hartman, Korte,Evers, Eichoff 
Amy BarkerTrinity Lutheran Church Gilead and Gladstone 
Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Book August 16, 1959 
contains: history, pastors, pictures, list of confirmads
Amy Barker"75 years of Rural Life Mission" 1890-1965 August 15, 1965
St.Pauls Lutheran church, Gilead, Nebraska
contains: history, pastors, pictures, list of confirmads
I also have the program from the Anniversary vespers and from theconfirmation banquet
Amy BarkerJesus Still Leads On St. Paul's Lutheran Church 1890-1990
Contains: Intro, Rhymes of St. Paul's by Henrietta Vorderstrasse,History, Baptismal Records, Confirmation Records, Marriage Records, BurialRecords, Organists list, Members in the Millitary, Directory of membersin 1990, Ministers, and a Dedication of book
Donnel L. Stelling1917 Land Ownership Book of Thayer Co.
Donnel L. StellingPeace Lutheran Cemetery - near Deshler
Donnel L. StellingS. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery - located about 4 miles northwest ofDeshler
Brenda BusingUnion Cemetery - Located near Gilead. 
Donnel L. StellingZion Lutheran Cemetery - located about 4 miles southwest of Deshler.
Donnel L. StellingI grew up in the Deshler area during the depression of the 1930'sand have some recollection of the past history of Deshler and of surroundingarea.

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