Nebraska St. Gazetteer, Hebron


Vol. XVI
Business Directory for 1917
POLK-McAvoy Directory Co., Omaha, Nebraska

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HEBRON. Pop, 2,000. Thayer county. The county seat on the C B & Q and C R I & P Rys 81 miles s w of Lincoln. Has Baptist, Catholic, Christian, German Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian churches an academy, a public library, a commercial club, a hospital, 2 banks, 2 hotels, an opera house a flour mill 2 grain elevators, a foundry, a medicine factory, an electric light plant and water works. Two weekly newspapers, the Journal and the Register-Champion, are published. Land sells at $50 to $140 per acre. Ships grain, live stock, flour and produce. Exp Adams and Am. Tel W U. Tilford Willmore P M.

Ayers Jno A restaurant
Baldwin Jos P lawyer
Barber Orson F blksmith
Barr Jno H auctioneer
Beisner Wm C storage batteries
Bergan Fred I barber
Bethscheider Andr blksmith
Boyes Jos H phys
Boyes & Son (Elmer E and Wm E) grocers
Bozarth & Carter (Wm L Bozarth Thos H Carter) flour mill
Campbell Jos T agt C B & Q R R and Adams Exp Co
Campbell & Sutton (Alex Campbell Jno R Sutton) plumbers
Central Hotel Jno W Hughes propr
City Water & Light Co Harry M Beard mngr
Classem Wm G osteopath
Collins Cornelius ins agt
Correll Ernest E pub Hebron Journal
Cottrell Jas M dentist
Easton Chas M phys
Elder Eugene A jeweler
Elite Theatre Clarence C Boyes mngr
Equity Produce Station Wm M Sharp mngr
Farmers Implement Co (Hubert D Harding Benj G Velte)
FELS AUTO REPAIR CO (August and Leo Fels) (See adv)
Fitzpatrick Jno M ins agt
Franzen Fred J garage
GALLANT WM Real Estate Loans and Immigration Land Agt (See p 66)
Goodhue Wm E lawyer
Graham Clothing Co Wm Hewitt mngr
Graham Merl clothes
Gray Isaac C restaurant
Gray Louis M bowling alley
Gray Walter D barber
Green Wm E laundry
Gregor Emil E produce
Griffin Wm feed
Griffin & Day (Wm Griffin Chas E Day) photogrs
Hathaway Howard H grocer
Hawley Edw pool
Hays & Hogrefe Harvey L Hogrefe mngr lumber
Hebron Academy P H Buehring pres W L Young sec
Hebron Cemetery Assn H A Hendershott sec
Hebron Commercial Club Wm Hill pres Jas Tillotson sec C C Nacke treas
Hebron Elevator & Shipping Assn B G Velts pres A H Beisner sec Jno Buller treas H D Harding mngr
Hebron Grain Co Geo H Hayes mngr
Hebron Journal Ernest E Correll pub
Hebron Library under the auspices of the P E O Society
Hebron Medical Co Jesse P Cronk mngr
Hebron Opera House Jas Tillotson mngr
Hebron Register-Champion Wortman & Kendall pubs
HEBRON STATE BANK (Capital $30,000) Frank W Sloan Pres W H Rhodes Cashr C Collins Asst Cashr
Helfer Ellen milliner
Helfrick Bros (C Jos and Bart F) bakers
Hendricks Edw Jno Henlein mngr garage
Henry Chas phys
Hensel Cigar Co (Claud P and Roy A Hensel) cigar mngrs
Hensel Frank P wall paper
Hested Edw J Wm B Morton mngr notions
Hill Wm M furniture
Houck Lawrence R produce
Hughes Jno W propr Central Hotel
Huntsman Alb drugs
Jones Mrs Ida C milliner
Keith Chas S dry goods
Klahn Gust W harness
Ladwig Ernest V automobiles
Lamm Alvin livery
Lane Ezekiel propr Palacine Hotel
Lennon Bros (Gerald and Carl) marble wks
Liggett Clark M farm impts
McDonald Angus S barber
Manners Alf E photogr
Martin & Clark (Wm J Martin Geo A Clark) real est
Morgan Store The Dean E Marsh mngr dry goods
Nacke Conrad C hardware
Nage Moses M automobiles
Nickel Chas foundry
Norton Clyde B shoemkr
Ortquist Louis dry goods Otten Oscar A agt C R I & P Ry and Am Exp Co
Palacine Hotel Ezekiel Lane propr
Peery M Root barber
Peterson Gunard A gen store
Pew Herbert vet surgeon
Platt Otis R phys
Powell Frank A real est
Rhodes Walter H ins agt
RICE CHARLES H First Class Shoe Repairing Neatly Done at Reasonable Prices
Richards Chas L county atty
Ring Wm A dentist
Rose Hill Cemetery Assn F A Powell sec
Rumbaugh Harry E grocer
Shearer Jno e fuel
Smith Christ M Tailor
Squires Uriel H phys
Stewart Thos S drugs
Taylor Guy R phys
THAYER COUNTY BANK THE (Capital $30,000 Surplus $20,000 Undivided Profits $7,000) F M Wetherald Pres W S Bushnell Vice Pres W D Galbraith Cashr C E Green Asst Cashr
Thompson Alb B county surveyor
Tillotson Jas real est
Tripp W E & Son (Wm E and Wm C) blksmiths
Udall Frank B real est
Walker Chas W pool
Weiss Matthew H lawyer
Weiss Walter C lawyer
Werner Jacob J bicycle repr
Wessler Vernon H jeweler
Whitney Wm L real est
Williams Jay C grocer
Willy Jos A piano tuner
WILSON ANDREW G Bonded Abstracter of Titles
Wilson Chas T automobiles
Wilson Harry G loans
Wilson Wm M shoes
Winslow Drug Co (Roy M and Benj O Winslow)
Wolcott Chas E shoemkr
Wood Winfield S contr
Wortman & Kendall (Arthur V Wortman Everett H Kendall) pubs Hebron Register-Champion
Wright J Gaylord hardware
Wright Wm W clothing
Yost J H Lumber Co Jno R Yost mngr
Young Byron F ins agt
Ziska Alb J grocer