1890 Nebraska St. Gazetteer, Thayer County


Business Directory for 1890-1891
Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co., in the
Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

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ALEXANDRIA, is in the eastern part of Thayer county, near the Jefferson county line, and is 15 miles from Hebron, the county seat. It is an important station on the St. J. & G.I. division of the U.P. Ry. Population 500. The surrounding country is a rich and well cultivated agricultural district. The State Bank of Alexandria has a capital of $50,000. The Thayer County Herald is published weekly. Two hotels supply the needs of travelers. There are Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist and Catholic churches and good schools here.

Alexandria House, J M Haubensack prop.
Allen M T, groceries.
Archer A L, hardware.
Austin H H, blacksmith.
Bowen G W, grain.
Brown J L, prop Commercial Hotel.
Chuyne & Whitney, post office and genl mdse.
Commercial Hotel, J L Brown prop.
Danforth G H, genl mdse.
Doyle J M, livery stable.
Forsha J P, druggist.
Foss S M, druggist.
Gregg J H, grain and stock.
Haubensack J M, prop Alexandria House.
Hubbard Fred, wagon maker.
Landkamer Bros, hardware.
McWilliams John, livery stable.
Morrow S, physician and editor Herald.
Plowman E H Mrs, millinery.
Reade Clara Mrs, millinery.
Schleuter C T, genl mdse.
Selleg I, furniture.
Shelden A J, harness and saddles.
Sherwood David A, blacksmith.
State Bank of Alexandria, capital $50,000, M S Knox pres, R F J Knox cashier.
Thayer County Herald, S Morrow editor.
Weisell A M, groceries.
Whitney W L, postmaster and notary public.

BELVIDERE is situated in the central part of Thayer county, seven miles north of Hebron, the county seat. It is on the St. J. and G.I. branch of the U.P. Ry., and on a branch of the B. & M. Ry., running from Fairmount to Chester. The population is 600. The churches are the M.E. and the Christian. The Presbyterians also have a small organization. There are three grain elevators, a hotel and a bank. The Belvidere News is a weekly publication.

Belvidere News, H E Garzee, F L Miller, M L Ross props.
Camp W A, genl mdse.
Cornell H W & Son, genl mdse.
Crawford Bros, farm machinery.
Garey & Sangwin, meat market.
Garzee H E, editor The Belvidere News.
Gregg Bros Grain Co, F L Bruning mgr, grain.
Griffith A, feed mill.
Griffith L J, harness maker.
Grigsby Wm, blacksmith.
Henry R W, carriages.
Henry W L, sta tel and ex agt B & M R R
House N F, postmaster.
Howard House, Fred Wood prop.
Hunt A E, coal.
Leslie & Bris, grain.
McCann H E, phys.
McKee John, barber.
Marshal J H, furniture, undertaker.
Marshal T C, atty and notary.
Miller F L, hardware.
Rasher D, livery.
Reeves & Connell, lumber.
Rosenblatt Julius, cahier State Bank of Belvidere and notary.
Row Jacob, livery.
Snyder & Ray, restaurant.
Sperling Otto, drugs and jewelry.
State Bank of Belvidere, capital $12,500, surplus $12,500, Leopold Cohen pres, P F burruss vice-pres, Julius Rosenblatt cashier.
Talmage Lydia Mrs, millinery.
Town & Padon, genl mdse.
Urquhart W, sta, tel and ex agt St J & G I Ry.
Warren David, pumps, windmills and tanks.
Warren D & Co, agl implts.
Warren H E, wagonmaker.
Wood Fred, prop Howard House.

BRUNING, a staion on the Fairmont and Chester branch of the B. & M. R. R., in the northern part of Thayer county, six miles south of Belvidere. Population, 90.

Augustine I M, justice.
Augustine & Redelfs, genl mdse.
Bartow H N, harnessmaker.
Bowman J W, agl implts.
First State Bank of Bruning, G W Loeber cashier.
Fitzsimons & Son, hardware.
Jameson J D, sta agt.
Meyer & Fulton, blacksmiths.
Schultz H C, drugs.
Schwithers J F, postmaster.
Schwithers & Phillipi, genl mdse.

BYRON has a population of 100, and is situated on the B. & M.R.R. in the southwestern part of Thayer county, on the Kansas line, 18 miles from Hebron, the county seat. A portion of the village is in Kansas. There are a bank, an elevator, a hotel, etc. A newspaper, the Byron Gleaner, is also published here.

Bank of Byron, Beachley & Berkley props.
Beachley & Berkley, props Bank of Byron.
Black Cyrus, pub Byron Gleaner.
Byron Gleanor, Cyrus Black pub.
Caldwell David, harness, postmaster.
Dunn A C, phys.
Gaylord Isaac B, mgr Gregg & Keysor
Goble Richard, blacksmith.
Gregg & Keysor, I B Gaylord mgr, grain elevator.
Higgason John W, blacksmith.
Kimball Hiram H, genl mdse, drugs.
Miles House, Thomas Stafford prop.
Miskell Edward W, genl store.
Schramling Daniel J, livery.
Stafford Thomas, prop Miles House.
Steely Charles W, agt B & M R R.

CARLETON is on the St Jospeh and Grank Island division of the U.P. Ry., in the northwestern part of Thayer county, 12 miles from Hebron, the county seat. Large shipments are made from this point. The population of the place is 800. Among the business enterprises are the Citizens State Bank (successor to the Exchange Bank of Thayer county), with a capital of $25,000, two hotels, a feed mill, the Weekly Times, a newspaper with a circulation of 800, etc. The schools are well attended and the buildings substantial and convenient. The churches are the Methodist, Presbyterian, United Brethren and German Lutheran.

Beachy F P, hardware.
Becke A H, harnessmaker.
Bihler J A, genl mdse.
Bowman J C, carpenter.
Citizens State Bank, capital $25,000, J B Whipkey pres, H M Lichty cashier.
Commercial Hotel, A W McKinney prop.
Dewey E M, carpenter.
Dyer & Doyle, grain, stock and coal.
Edward J M, livery.
Engel Jacob, shoemaker.
Garey & Sangwin, meat market.
Goodhue L R, confectionery.
Gregg Bros Grain Co, Thomas Hitt mgr. grain and coal.
Hall Wm, barber.
Haury Henry, restaurant, bakery.
Janssen W, phys.
Johnson A L, sta, tel and ex agt.
Kleppinger Bros, lumber and coal.
Larue & Son, genl mdse.
Lichty W W, drugs.
Lincoln D B, hardware.
Lincoln & Folk, agl implts.
Livengood P L, pub The Weekly Times.
Long Delia Mrs, dressmaker.
Long M Mrs, genl mdse.
Long W J, real estate, notary public.
McKinney A W, prop Commercial Hotel.
Manary H, phys.
Miller H J, furniture, undertaker.
Moll Philip, genl mdse.
Sheridan P, prop Sheridan House.
Tritsch & Long, milliners.
Weekly Times, P L Livengood editor.
Willy John B, blacksmith.
Winton W C, feed mill.
Yearnshaw John, postmaster and genl mdse.

CHESTER is located in the southern part of Thayer county, near the Kansas state line and between the Blue and Republican rivers. It is at the junction of the Republican Valley and Fairmount and Chester branches of the B. & M.R.R., and is 12 miles from Hebron, the county seat. It has about 600 inhabitants. Three hotels, two banks, two grain elevators and an enterprising newspaper, the Chester Herald, are among the evidences of business energy; also a good school building, which cost $1,500, and churches of the Methodist and Christian denominations.

American House, A W Wilkes prop.
Bank of Chester, capital $12,000, A Beermaker pres, J C Stouffer vice pres. J P Beermaker cashier.
Bedell D F, pub Chester Herald.
Bishop House, Mrs L E Bishop prop.
Bishop L E Mrs, prop Bishop House.
Brown Olin L, lumber, coal.
Carlton Wm R, variety store.
Chester Herald, C F Bedell pub.
Chester Hotel, W J Thompson prop.
Donnell Lee, flour and feed.
Fabrique Myron D, drugs.
Farmers Bank of Chester, J M Bennett pres, Robt Wilson jr cashier.
Herriot Aaron C, veterinary.
Hompes & Lindsey, real estate.
Hoyt E N Mrs, dressmaker.
Jackson Mahlon, restaurant.
Judd Addison L, agt B & M R R.
Kerr Dayton C, hardware.
Kopp Don A, drugs, jeweler.
Mosshart J C, phys.
Pickering George W, grain elevator.
Redline John J, postmaster.
Reed Charles C, blacksmith.
Starrett Bros, genl mdse.
Strain George P, genl store.
Strain Joseph J, groceries, shoes.
Thompson Wesley J, prop Chester Hotel.
Thompson W L Mrs, millinery.
Townsend Lewis C, barber.
Verley Nathan H, livery.
Wilkes A W, prop American House.
Wilkinson Aaron W, livery.
Wilson James, harness, hardware.

DAVENPORT lies in the northwestern part of Thayer county, and is the junction of the Superior branch of the F.E. & M.V.R.R. and the St. J. & G.E. division of the U.P. Ry. It is 15 miles from Hebron, the county town, has a population of 700, and is steadily growing. The district is a rich agricultural one and grain and live stock are hsipped from here in large quantities. The two banks here have fine, substantial buildings. The Peoples bank and a number of other good buildings have been erected during the past year. The Davenport Lancet is a large and wide-awake journal, ably conducted by F.E. Matson. The schools are good and well attended. The churches are the Methodist and the Christian.

Arlington House, E L Brewer prop.
Arquett P D, barber.
Atkinson & Harvey, brick mfrs.
Bearnes & Eberman, dry goods.
Bean B O, prop Bean House.
Bean House, B o Bean prop.
Beck Logan, meat market.
Boggs S A, hardware, agl implts.
Brewer E L, prop Arlington House.
Campbell P N, blacksmith.
Carr W A, wagonmaker.
Cline E A Mrs, millinery and dressmaking.
Croft A J, drugs.
Davenport Creamery, butter mfrs.
Davenport Lancet (The), F E Matson prop.
Fraley W H, jewelry and barber.
Gray M S, atty and real estate.
Gregg J H, & Bros, Jos Lindsay mgr, grain elevator.
Hampton A, notary public.
Harmon D & S S, dry goods and millinery.
Hatchen W H, city transfer.
Kinney John, justice.
Knight A R, sta, tel and ex agt.
McAdams T J, housemover.
McLeese C C, drugs.
Matson F E, prop and editor The Lancet.
Moore R, genl mdse.
Murphy Wm A, livery.
Peoples Bank, capital $15,000, surplus $10,000, J P Walker pres, W H Jennings cashier.
Pratt G G, notary.
Randall E, groceries.
Ritzen Henry, hardware.
Robinson E W, lumber and coal.
Schaer J A, groceries and bakery.
Siebrass A F, blacksmith.
Sien Geo & Son, furniture.
Slawson Bros, agl implts.
Smith A H, sta agt.
Smith & Lee, notions.
Snoden C C & Birdsall G A, phys.
State Bank of Davenport, capital $25,000, M Bolton pres, H E Vanderveer vice-pres, G W Beames cashier.
The Lancet, F E Matson editor and prop.
Thuneman Paul W, harnessmaker.
Traver E W, pumps and windmills.
Tweed R, genl mdse.
Vanderveer H E, grain elevator.
Walker E, postmaster.
White L W, groceries.
White W C, marble works.

DESHLER, a station on the Chicago, Kansas & Nebraska Ry, in the western part of Thayer county, eight miles from Hebron, the county seat. Population, 150.

Aufderheide J H, justice.
Beckstrom A, agl implts.
Federspeil & Co, blacksmiths.
Geisler E H, hardware.
Johnson Peter, saloon.
McConnell G W, drugs.
McConnell J M, postmaster genl mdse.
McNally Bros, hardware, agl implts.
Potitz F H, harnesmaker.
Sittler E Mrs, milliner.
Struve H J, genl mdse, creamery.
Wilds C W, sta agt.

FRIEDENSAU, a rural postoffice in the west central part of Thayer county, three miles from Deshler, the nearest railway station, and six miles from Hebron, the county seat.

Rosseau C F, postmaster.

GILEAD, a station on the Chicago Kansas & Nebraska Ry., in the eastern part of Thayer county, 10 miles from Hebron, the county seat. Population, 60.

Bense C C, hardware.
Bense L V Mrs, dressmaker.
Blanken H, genl mdse.
Devine M J, sta agt.
Drake Jas, postmaster.
Erwin Wm, genl mdse, agl implts.
Marishel A J, justice.
Mosper F, blacksmith
Pratt W J, genl mdse, drugs.

HEBRON Listing

HUBBELL, on the Republican Valley branch of the B. & M.R.R., in the southeastern part of Thayer county, 15 miles from Hebron, the county seat, is a thriving town of 500 people. An excellent school indicates the intelligent character of the population. The Hubbell Advertiser, published by L. Youslin, is the enterprising journal of the place. There are a bank, an elevator and two stone quarries here. Coal has recently been found. There are Presbyterian, Methodist, and Cumberland Presbyterian churches here.

Adams James C, restaurant.
Benjamin Joseph E, hardware.
Clark D & Co, general store.
Clark F R, agt B & M R R.
Clark Howard A, stone quarries.
Conklin W H, prop Hubbell Bank.
Cassaart R G, furniture.
Criley J M, shoemaker.
Dobyns L R Dr, variety store.
Elder A L, physician.
Gregg & Agnew, grain.
Hubbell Advertiser, L Youslin prop.
Hubbell Bank, W H Conklin prop.
Hubbell House, H W Oster prop.
Johnson & Edwards, live stock.
Johnson L S, groceries, postmaster.
Lange Fannie Mrs, millinery.
Lange Louis, drugs.
Lockwood Silas W, drugs.
Oster H W, prop Hubbell House.
Riddel & Baughan, hardware, agl implts
Sherman Daniel, restaurant.
Slopansky O, genl store.
Stone Frank E, genl store.
Templeton, Cleary & Co, lumber, coal.
Wetzel Henry T, harness.
Wilson Alexander, stone quarry.
Wilcox Frederick, physician.
Wilcox & Son, meat market.
Wright Wm M, barber, jeweler.
Youslin L, prop Hubbell Advertiser.

KIOWA, a postoffice in the western part of Thayer county 12 miles west of Hebron, the county seat.

Grossmeier W H, justice.
Kemmerer C H, blacksmith.
Mueller J H, postmaster.
Mueller J H & Co, genl mdse.

STODDART is a station on the Chester and Fairmont branch of the B. & M.R.R., in the southwestern part of Thayer county, six miles west of Hebron, the county town.

Aden Tobias J, dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, genl mdse, postmaster.
Ferguson Willis P, carpenter.
Huffmann Ira B, agt B & M R R.
Wilson Harry G, grain dealer, coal.