Nebraska St. Gazetteer, Thayer County, Farmers S-Z


Business Directory for 1890-1891
Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co., in the
Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

This page was transcribed and formatted by Brenda Busing. This page is for use as a reference
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Sammoisette H, Hebron              Sammoisette D, Hebron
Samuels Albert, Belvidere          Sandrock Geo, Hebron
Sandford M O, Belvidere            Sanguin P, Carleton
Sanner D, Davenport                Sanner F L, Carleton
Sanner L, Davenport                Sanner Wm, Davenport
Sarrath E G, Hebron                Sawyer J A, Friedensau
Sawyer Jno, Hebron                 Schaeffer J A, Deshler
Schafer G W, Carleton              Schainost Anton, Gilead
Schainost John, Gilead             Schardt H jr, Carleton
Schardt Henry, Carleton            Schimpt C W, Carleton
Schimpt G, Carleton                Schimpt H A, Carleton
Schimpt Wm, Carleton               Schlemer G W, Belvidere
Schlife N C, Hubbell               Schmidt Aug, Hebron
Schmidt Fred, Friedensau           Schmidt H W G, Chester
Schmidt Luke, Belvidere            Schmitt F A H, Carleton
Schmitt H, Carleton                Schmitt J, Carleton
Schnackenberg S, Kiowa             Schonaze Carl, Alexandria
Schoenfeld F, Deshler              Schoenholz Henry, Ohiowa
Schoenholz Jacob, Ohiowa           Schoenfeld Julius, Deshler
Scholz Herman, Deshler             Schoof Henry, Deshler
Schott C, Carleton                 Schott J B, Hebron
Schott N, Carleton                 Schott P, Carleton
Schramberlin D J, Chester          Schreck W, Deshler
Schreer Christ, Alexandria         Schreer Wm, Ohiowa
Scroeder C, Carleton               Schroeder H, Kiowa
Schroeder H H, Kiowa               Schroeder J, Kiowa
Schuaze Theo, Gilead               Schuelckey F, Davenport
Schuelckey C A, Davenport          Schuelckey F, Davenport
Schulte H A T, Bruning             Schultz Carl, Deshler
Schultz Ernst, Deshler             Schultz Fred, Deshler
Schultz H O, Bruning               Schultz W, Hebron
Schwabauer David, Gilead           Schwabauer J D, Gilead
Schwabauer John, Gilead            Schwitters J F, Bruning
Scott David, Hebron                Scott Harry, Hebron
Scott L, Hebron                    Scott Robt, Alexandria
Scott Wm, Hebron                   Scoville D T, Hebron
Scoville E G, Stoddard             Scoville Ezra, Hebron
Seachork S A, Hubbell              Searl Geo, Hebron
Searl J H, Hebron                  Searl T, Hebron
Searl Wm, Hebron                   Segin Jno, Hebron
Sehl Jacob, Gilead                 Settler Jos, Deshler
Shadduck C, Davenport              Shadduck F, Davenport
Shadduck J L, Davenport            Shadduck L J, Davenport
Shadduck N, Davenport              Shackleford L, Belvidere
Sharrock S, Hebron                 Shawhan C R, Belvidere
Shearer J H, Hebron                Shefstall John, Alexandria
Sherwood F, Hebron                 Shields James, Bruning
Shipman I, Gilead                  Shipman L, Hebron
Sholl L A, Hubbell                 Sholtz Geo, Deshler
Shook G W, Hebron                  Shook H B, Hebron
Shoup Geo, Hubbell                 Shoup Jno, Hubbell
Shriver Geo E, Hebron              Shuffler B F, Hubbell
Shugart J A, Alexandria            Shuler D, Carleton
Shull Joseph, Hebron               Shultz F, Hebron
Shultz H C, Carleton               Shuttleworth A, Carleton
Siebold M, Deshler                 Silker Jno, Chester
Simmonds J W, Hubbell              Simmons A F, Alexandria
Simonds G A, Chester               Simonds J W, Hubbell
Sinn Jurgen, Alexandria            Sisson H H, Chester
Smith A, Hubbell                   Smith Andrew, Alexandria
Smith C, Carleton                  Smith C W, Carleton
Smith B W, Byron                   Smith F C, Hebron
Smith F G, Hubbell                 Smith Geo, Carleton
Smith G Y, Dakin                   Smith J, Deshler
Smith J A, Belvidere               Smith Jno, Hubbell
Smith John, Deshler                Smith J W, Belvidere
Smith P, Carleton                  Smith R, Belvidere
Smith R W, Hebron                  Smith W G, Belvidere
Snyder D F, Carleton               Sorge F, Deshler
Soule B, Kiowa                     Soule E E, Belvidere
Soule L, Kiowa                     Spaulding J L, Alexandria
Specher A R, Carleton              Speer H M, Deshler
Speicher S E, Carleton             Sperry L A, Belvidere
Sperry S L, Belvidere              Sponsler A C, Carleton
Sponsler E M, Davenport            Spotts David, Hubbell
Sprague L L, Hubbell               Spry W, Byron
Spurling J, Carleton               Stables J G, Carleton
Stackhouse J H, Carleton           Stafford Tom, Deshler
Stauber B C, Stoddard              Stang J, Carleton
Starbuck Jesse, Hebron             Starling Wm, Belvidere
Steck Wm, Carleton                 Steckel Chris, Deshler
Steel Jos, Alexandria              Steele F G, Chester
Steinke Wm, Kiowa                  Stevens Albert, Belvidere
Stevens E A, Hebron                Stevens I N, Hebron
Stevenson A, Carleton              Stewart W H, Hebron
Stoltnow W, Hebron                 Ston R P, Carleton
Storm G P, Friedensau              Story W A, Carleton
Stouper J, Carleton                Strow W P, Hubbell
Stroyer A H, carleton              Stroyer J, Carleton
Strickland D, Belvidere            Strodtman Jno, Belvidere
Strosnider M, Hubbell              Strucklin G T, Bruning
Struve H J, Deshler                Struve Wm, Deshler
Stuart T, Carleton                 Stuart W B, Carleton
Stuhr H, Hebron                    Stutting H, Deshler
Stump Jacob, Alexandria            Surratt A B, Deshler
Surratt E A, Hebron                Susher C, Carleton
Sutter C C, Deshler                Sutter F, Deshler
Sutton L M, Davenport              Suydam A D, Reynolds
Swaney Dick, Chester               Swanson A C, Carleton
Swisher J O, Deshler               Sykes H A, Deshler

Tambke Jno, Deshler                Tanner C, Deshler
Tarbell Lewis, Alexandria          Taylor Geo A, Belvidere
Taylor J E, Hebron                 Taylor J S, Alexandria
Taylor W H, Hebron                 Taylor R, Belvidere
Tedron H, Carleton                 Tedron N W, Carleton
Teed P M, Hebron                   Teeter E E, Carleton
Teeter W F, Carleton               Ten Brook W H, Hebron
Tenyslin S, Hebron                 Thatcher J, Belvidere
Theimer A, Hebron                  Theimer Benj, Deshler
Theimer Jno, Deshler               Thickle A, Deshler
Thomas B F, Reynolds               Thomas G H, Ohiowa
Thomas I J, Deshler                Thomas Isaac, Belvider
Thomas J, Reynolds                 Thomas L E, Narka, Kan.
Thomas Morris, Ohiowa              Thomassen Peter, Stoddard
Thompson A B, Belvidere            Thompson C, Hebron
Thompson G P, Belvidere            Thompson Isaac, Alexandria
Thompson J A, Alexandria           Thompson J M, Hebron
Thompson N W, Belvidere            Thompson O, Carleton
Thompson W J, Deshler              Thornton M S, Hebron
Throne P A, Chester                Tieman Wm, Friedensau
Timmerman V D, Carleton            Tompson S H, Carleton
Topping J L, Hebron                Town B D, Hebron
Town D, Belvidere                  Town R J, Hebron
Townsend A L, Stoddard             Townsend Evans, Hebron
Tracy F M, Hebron                  Tracy V L, Hebron
Tremble C, Belvidere               Tripp B L, Reynolds
Trockensuller F, Deshler           Trout C B, Hebron
Trout C W, Hebron                  Troxell J, Deshler
Truesdell M, Carleton              Trumbull Leroy, Belvidere
Tunmons Saml, Hebron               Tunks S A, Hubbell
Turner J S, Carleton               Tuttle C T, Hebron
Tyler Geo, Hebron                  Tyler J, Carleton
Tyler S J, Carleton

Unespher S, Hebron

VanAuken J S, Deshler              Vanbuskirk G W, Mahena, Kan
VanBuskirk L M, Kiowa              Vanfleets A E, Belvidere
Vanhill Jas, Chester               Vanhiso W H, Stoddard
Vanhuskirk Marion, Mahena, Kan     VanNortwick W, Hebron
Vanskiver E, Davenport             Vanskiver Wm, Davenport
Van Valkenburg J, Hebron           Vaughan A, Bruning
Vaughan E M, Belvidere             Vaughn N, Carleton
Vermillion O A, Hebron             Vincell S F, Hubbell
Vineing S J, Mahena, Kas           Vinkenberg H, Carleton
Verchow H jr, Kiowa                Verchow H sr, Kiowa
Virons L, Deshler                  Voll Geo, Hebron
Vortman A, Carleton                Vortman H, Carleton
Vortman Wm, Carleton               Voss Geo, Bruning
Voss Henry, Deshler                Voss H J jr, Carleton
Voss H J, Bruning

Waechter J, Belvidere              Walker D, Carleton
Walker E, Davenport                Walker G A, Davenport
Walker J B, Carleton               Walker J C, Carleton
Walker J M, Chester                Walker Joe, Alexandria
Walker J W, Alexandria             Walker S, Hebron
Wlker W E, Davenport               Walker W H, Alexandria
Walker Wm, Alexandria              Walls F T, Gilead
Waltemath C W, Gilead              Walters B, Davenport
Walters J, Davenport               Walters Jackson, Davenport
Walters Jake, Davenport            Walters J J, Davenport
Walters Jonas, Davenport           Walter P B, Deshler
Walter S, Carleton                 Wands E, Gilead
Wands J S, Gilead                  Ward Geo, Davenport
Warfield J W, Carleton             Warman Frank, Hubbell
Warnecke J, Kiowa                  Warren W A, Davenport
Washburn E, Davenport              Waterman A E, Hebron
Waterman L H, Carleton             Watson John, Stoddard
Watts C, Deshler                   Watts D H, Davenport
Watts W H, Deshler                 Watts S, Davenport
Way H, Davenport                   Weaver E E, Hubbell
Weaver S, Deshler                  Weber Anthony, Hubbell
Weddington J, Chester              Weeke H W, Kiowa
Wegner F, Deshler                  Wegner Geo, Ruskin
Wehe Geo, Hebron                   Weidel S, Hebron
Weidmann Peter, Deshler            Weit Michael, Gilead
Welch Shas, Hebron                 Wells C T, Alexandria
Wells E J, Alexandria              Werner F H, Deshler
Werner H jr, Friedensau            Werner H sr, Friedensau
Werner Jacob, Carleton             Whitaker B G, Chester
White G W, Belvidere               White James R, Belvidere
White J F, Hebron                  Whitlatch H, Hubbell
Whitlatch J, Carleton              Whitlatch J A, Hubbell
Whitmore W F, Davenport            Whitney H H, Carleton
Werner John, Deshler               Werner Phil, Friedensau
West J V R, Alexanria              Wharton G W, Chester
Wheeler E, Carleton                Wheeler J A, Davenport
Wheeler S H, Davenport             Wheeler S V, Hebron
Whisler Elias, Bruning             Whitson D, Chester
Whitzel J D jr, Chester            Whitzel J D, Chester
Whitzel L M, Chester               Wight F, Belvidere
Welch C G, Carleton                Wilcoxson Wm, Hubbell
Wilhelms Elt, Bruning              Wilhelms John, Bruning
Wilhelms T H, Belvidere            Wilkerson H, Hebron
Wilkinening C, Kiowa               Wilkins T, Hebron
Wilkinson Amos, Chester            Wilkinson D H, Davenport
Willard C H, Hebron                Willard Rich'd, Alexandria
Willet Alb, Deshler                Willett Jno, Deshler
Williams A G, Hubbell              Williams C S, Davenport
Williams Dick, Bruning             Williams J A, Davenport
Williams J W, Belvidere            Williams Miner, Deshler
Williams O I, Carleton             Williams Wm, Reynolds
Williamson D M, Alexandria         Williamson G, Alexandria
Williamson H C, Alexandria         Williamson S A, Alexandria
Williamson W F, Carleton           Willins W D, Belvidere
Willmore C, Hebron                 Wills E, Bruning
Wills Wm, Belvidere                Willy J A, Hebron
Wilson A, Hubbell                  Wilson A, Belvidere
Wilson A R, Belvidere              Wilson Chas, Hubbell
Wilson Frank, Belvidere            Wilson Geo, Alexandria
Wilson H G, Stoddard               Wilson John, Reynolds
Wilson M, Hubbell                  Wilson Robt, Hebron
Wilson S R, Belvidere              Wilson W B, Chester
Wilson W H, Hebron                 Wiltemath Chas, Alexandria
Wishman F, Davenport               Wiswell Lee, Alexandria
Wiswell M, Alexandria              Wiswell Salem, Alexandria
Wittemath L, Alexandria            Wittrock H L, Carleton
Wolf Aug, Deshler                  Wolfe Geo A, Hebron
Wolfinger W I, Carleton            Wood P, Deshler
Wood T G, Deshler                  Wood W H, Carleton
Wood Wm, Chester                   Woodburg W M, Hubbell
Woodfin R, Alexandria              Woodward W M, Hubbell
Woolett J P, Hubbell               Worrell A J, Hebron
Worrell Geo, Belvidere             Worrell Wm, Belvidere
Wright G N, Carleton               Wright G W, Carleton
Wright J W, Hubbell                Wright T C, Carleton
Wright W B, Carleton               Wright W J, Carleton
Wyke C, Deshler                    Wymer H L, Carleton
Wymer J, Carleton

Young Benj, Hebron                 Young Berry, Bruning
Young J L, Hubbell                 Young J W, Deshler

Zeimes Aug jr, Deshler              Zeimes Aug sr, Deshler