Nebraska St. Gazetteer, Hebron


Business Directory for 1890-1891
Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co., in the
Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

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HEBRON, is near the center of Thayer county, of which it is the ocunty seat, on the Little Blue river, 11 miles from Chester and 128 miles from Lincoln. It has a population of 1,500. The railroads leading to and passing throught the town are a branch of the B. & M.R.R., running from Fairmont to Chester, and C.K. & N. Ry. from Nelson to Fairbury. The water power is unsurpassed, the vicinity produces fine building stone and in many ways the location is a desirable one. Lumber yards, a planing mill, an elevator a flour mill, a brick yard, a creamery and a packing house are among the industries of the place. A Board of Trade has been organized to care for the commerce and business interests of the town. The finances are attended to by four substantial banks. The First National has a capital of $75,000, the Thayer County Bank, capital $25,000, and the Blue Valley and the Landholders. The Central House, J.W. Hughes proprietor, is the leading hotel, and is first-class in every respect. The house has been rebuilt and remodeled. The Hebron Journal and the Hebron Register are the popular jounals of Hebron. The religious denominations having churches here are the Methodist, Presbyterian, Christian, German Lutheran, and German Catholic. The societies are K. of P., U.R.K.P., A.F. & A.M., R.A.M.K.T., O.E.S., I.O.O.F., D. of R., M.W.A., G.A.R., A.O.U.W., and I.O.G.T.

Berkey B F, ins.
Bethscheider Bros, blacksmiths.
Bethscheider N, genl mdse.
Blue Valley Bank, M H Weiss cashier.
Bowdle J A, real estate and loans.
Bradley & Co, agl implts.
Breene W D, sta, tel and ex agt.
Bunker T, furniture, undertaker.
Burgess Henry, grain and coal.
Central House, J W Hughes prop.
Colman A D, jewelry.
Colman S E Mrs, millinery
Cook Wm, live stock dealer.
Correll E M, pub The Hebron Journal.
Correll M Mrs, millinery.
Creviston & Shriver, meat market.
Crook S P, jeweler.
Davis A C, grain.
Davis & Burdo, brick mfrs.
Dodge J D, books and stationery.
Easton C M, phys.
Elling H, prop Sherman House.
Falkinburg H S, confectionery.
Fannan F E, dentist.
First National Bank, capital $75,000, surplus $15,000, A G Collins pres, J M Bennett vice-pres, J H Lynch cashier, W H Ellison asst cashier.
Fisk Theron S, atty, notary and collections.
Fletcher C C, barber.
Frame W H, groceries.
Fry I M, dentist.
Gail W S, planing mill.
Gallant F M, abstracts, real estate.
Garmire J D, hardware, lumber coal.
Garmire T R, agl impls.
Gates J F, atty and insurance.
Gottschalk Bros, novelties.
Gray I C, barber.
Griffin Wm, photographer.
Hayes R C, sta and ex agt.
Hazard A P, harnessmaker.
Hazard & Co, boots and shoes.
Hebron Board of Trade, M H Weiss pres, F B Udall treas, A P Hazard sec.
Hebron House, J W Richards prop.
Hebron Journal, E M Correll editor and prop.
Hebron Marble Works, M Lennon prop.
Hebron Mercantile Co, F C Dimohier mgr. genl mdse.
Hebron Packing Co, B Hill mgr.
Hebron Register, C Leedom Editor.
Helfrich J C, wagonmaker and blacksmith.
Hendershot E M, meat market.
Henry & Coatsworth Co, T E Townsend mgr, lumber and coal.
Higgins m L Miss, dressmaker.
Hill Benj, mgr Hebron Packing Co.
Hill W m, auction and commission.
Hughes J W, prop Central House.
Huntsman A, drugs.
Jester A H mrs, millinery.
Jordan Wm, billiards.
Kirby Erwin, livery.
Landholders Bank (The), F B Udall cashier.
Leedom Conoway, pub The Hebron Register.
Lockwood, Shade & Co, genl mdse.
Lyle & Shearer, boots and shoes.
Lynch J H, cashier Fist National Bank and notary.
McCloskey & Leach, clothing.
McKinzie R A, blacksmith.
Malowney J J, agl implts.
Meinzer & Yance, genl mdse.
Montgomery J E, barber.
Morgan C H, dry goods.
Newell O M, drugs.
Newman A H, dentist.
Phebus E Mrs, millinery.
Powell F A, ins and loans.
Rhodes M, harnessmaker.
Richards C L, atty.
Richards J W, prop Hebron House.
Roper G, mgr Hebron Creamery.
Ruby D G, livery.
Savage Manford, atty.
Schwer C P, atty and notary.
Scott O H, postmaster and atty.
Sherman House, H Elling prop.
Skinner J B, atty.
Skinner S R Mrs, millinery.
Smith G M, phys.
Steele O I, clothing.
Stewart Bros, drugs.
Thayer County Bank, capital $25,000 N A Heath pres, F M Wetherald vice-pres, W D Galbraith cashier.
Thomas J E, bakery.
Thompson W L, saloon.
Voll George, brick mfr.
Weatherald Bros, flour mill, grain.
Webb S H, genl mdse.
Werner A D, furniture.
Werner Bros, hardware and undertakers.
Willy J A, musical instruments.
Young B F, abstracts.
Young Knode & Co, hardware, lumber, coal.