Nebraska St. Gazetteer, Thayer County, Farmers G-K


Business Directory for 1890-1891
Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co., in the
Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

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Gail W S, Hebron                    Gailbraith Robt, Hebron
Gallant Wm, Reynolds                Galoway G G, Stoddard
Garmire Theo, Hebron                Garrison Silas, Hebron
Garvin E R, Chester                 Gary C, Carleton
Gary W R, Carleton                  Gaskill Jas, Hubbell
Gaskill M, Hubbell                  Gaston J, Alexandria
Gaston Sam, Hebron                  Gates A E, Hebron
Gates C M, Hebron                   Geer Geo S, Hebron
Gentry P B, Hebron                  Geisler E W, Deshler
Gertz Aug, Bruning                  Gertz R, Bruning
Getz, L, Deshler                    Gibson D T, Belvidere
Gibson J T, Hubbell                 Gideon J S, Deshler
Gideon T G, Deshler                 Gilbert J H, Davenport
Gill D, Hebron                      Gill H, Hebron
Gillespie B, Carleton               Gillespie D B, Alexandria
Gillespie Saml, Bruning             Gilmore A L, Hubbell
Gilmore J H, Alexandria             Gilpin W S, Alexandria
Gisheviller H I, Belvidere          Gist W J, Gilead
Gnagey H M, Davenport               Gnagey M, Davenport
Goble C C, Chester                  Goehler Eli, Reynolds
Goettyer L, Bruning                 Goldstein C, Kiowa
Goodale Ed, Gilead                  Goodale G W, Hebron
Goodman Geo, Ohiowa                 Goodman Jno, Ohiowa
Goer Isaac, Hebron                  Gould Geo R, Alexandria
Goundie G, Davenport                Goundie R A, Davenport
Gove Geo, Ohiowa                    Gove W S, Alexandria
Graham Chas, Hubbell                Graham Thos, Hubbell
Grant Wm, Hebron                    Grassmeier J, Kiowa
Graves Fred, Belvidere              Graves J R, Belvidere
Graves J W, Carleton                Graves S L, Belvidere
Green M J, Carleton                 Green W S, Deshler
Greger E E, Belvidere               Greger F J, Belvidere
Greger Jos, Belvidere               Gregory A B, Hebron
Gregory W H, Stoddard               Grenard G W, Hubbell
Grenaud J B, Gilead                 Griffith H C, Carleton
Griffith W V, Davenport             Grinnell Jno, Hubbell
Groshans A, Friedensau              Groshans C, Kiowa
Groshans G, Deshler                 Gruber H C W, Chester
Grugan Felix, Hebron                Grundman H, Friedensau
Grutzmasher F, Deshler              Gube Wm, Kiowa
Gum H J, Gilead                     Gumble J C, Alexandria
Gumble J J, Alexandria              Gund H, Deshler
Gunn C T, Alexandria                Guse John, Gilead
Guse Otto, Gilead

Haas Jacob, Gilead                  Haback W J, Chester
Hadley C W, Reynolds                Hadrick J R L, Alexandria
Haffner D P, Hebron                 Hagenlocker J, Bruning
Haight M G, Hubbell                 Hain H, Kiowa
Hall G W, Carleton                  Hall J, Carleton
Hall J R, Carleton                  Hall M, Carleton
Hall M F, Carleton                  Hall W H, Carleton
Hamilton B J, Belvidere             Hamilton H R, Belvidere
Hamilton P S, Alexandria            Hamlin T, Carleton
Hammett G S, Deshler                Handley C W, Hubbell
Hanley E, Hebron                    Hanna W J, Hebron
Hannamann H, Friedensau             Hansen J A, Stoddard
Harbison E, Carleton                Harden Carl, Hebron
Harder Fred, Byron                  Harding H P, Hebron
Hardinger J, Deshler                Hardinger Saml, Kiowa
Hare F E, Hebron                    Harlock D J, Gilead
Harms A, Kiowa                      Harms C, Kiowa
Harms G, Deshler                    Harms H, Hubbell
Harp Alex, Hebron                   Harp Dan, Hubbell
Harp J T, Belvidere                 Harris Clark, Alexandria
Harris E, Belvidere                 Harris F H, Hebron
Harris H H, Belvidere               Harris J W, Alexandria
Harris W, Chester                   Harrison C W, Carleton
Harrison O P, Belvidere             Harrold F W, Belvidere
Harrold H O, Belvidere              Harrold J R, Alexandria
Harrold W A, Ohiowa                 Harry Guy, Reynolds
Hart E W, Deshler                   Hart Robt, Davenport
Hartley E B, Carleton               Hartley Jas, Carleton
Hartley W H, Hebron                 Hasbrook E S, Hebron
Hasbrook T B, Chester               Hatcher Wm, Davenport
Hathaway D, Belvidere               Hathaway H H, Belvidere
Hathen C C, Chester                 Hauck Geo M, Hebron
Hauck J E, Hebron                   Havlack Jos, Hubbell
Haw E W, Chester                    Hawks F, Belvidere
Hawley C H, Hebron                  Hay A O, Carleton
Hay C I, Carleton                   Hayden Albt, Hebron
Hayden O F, Hebron                  Hayes Saml D, Hebron
Headley E H, Hebron                 Headley W T, Belvidere
Headrick John, Alexandria           Heath Em, Carleton
Heath Morris, Alexandria            Heffbfinger P, Davenport
Heffbfinger Wm, Davenport           Hegel John, Belvidere
Heidee P, Byron                     Heimsoth J D, Kiowa
Heimsoth L E, Kiowa                 Heinrichs Wm, Kiowa
Helberg Wm, Byron                   Helget Wentzel, Alexandria
Helmke Geo, Byron                   Hendershot D A, Deshler
Hendershot H A, Hebron              Hendershot S H, Hebron
Henderson A, Gilead                 Henderson H N, Deshler
Henderson J A, Alexandria           Henderson W H, Hubbell
Hendrexson J G, Carleton            Hendrick H D, Bruning
Hennenger J S, Belvidere            Hensel F C, Hebron
Herald J W, Chester                 Hergatt Joe, Alexandria
Herlott John, Hubbell               Herlott Robert, Hubbell
Herlott Vira, Hubbell               Herlyberg J F, Reynolds
Herrald Kenis, Deshler              Herrmann C, Deshler
Hersh H H, Hebron                   Hershel Peter, Belvidere
Hershey John F, Hebron              Hespen G, Friedensau
Hespern J C, Kiowa                  Hess B W, Hebron
Hess J M, Deshler                   Hess W, Deshler
Heston J R, Ohiowa                  Heston L J, Ohiowa
Heuges W B, Hebron                  Hewitt J M, Belvidere
Hiatt E J, Carleton                 Hiatt F E, Carleton
Hickock G G, Carleton               Hieronymus T F, Hebron
Hill D B, Belvidere                 Hill E G, Belvidere
Hill G G, Carleton                  Hill Wm, Hebron
Hillman G, Byron                    Hilton G B, Hubbell
Hindman A W, Chester                Hinthorn G W, Alexandria
Hitt Jos, Carleton                  Hitt W R, Belvidere
Hoatsen C, Kiowa                    Hoatson Jas, Kiowa
Hoatson Jno, Hebron                 Hodkins Wm, Carleton
Hoehenfeld M, Hebron                Hoffert L, Carleton
Hoffman C, Kiowa                    Hoffman L F, Hebron
Hogans I, Chester                   Hogrepa H, Byron
Holcomb A, Deshler                  Holcomb J J, Hebron
Holden David, Hubbell               Holenbeck F A, Carleton
Holes Geo, Alexandria               Holes S L, Belvidere
Hoops H C jr, Byron                 Hoops H C sr, Byron
Hoosier G T, Hebron                 Hoover E, Davenport
Hoover H, Carleton                  Hoover L, Davenport
Hopkins W E, Carleton               Hoppers Elij, Carleton
Horney A A, Davenport               Horney W H, Stoddard
Hosier Philip, Hebron               Houck Wm M, Hebron
House E P, Alexandria               House W L, Belvdiere
Howard A, Hubbell                   Howard Saml T, Hubbell
Howell C F, Hebron                  Howell D W, Stoddard
Howell Saml, Hebron                 Howerter Geo, Alexandria
Howerter J B F, Alexandria          Howsonan J W, Hubbell
Hozenlocker G, Carleton             Hruska Frank jr, Reynolds
Hruska Frank sr, Reynolds           Hruska John, Reynolds
Hudson John, Hebron                 Hudson Wm, Davenport
Hughes T, Chester                   Hughes W B, Carleton
Hull W H, Alexandria                Humphrey Cyrus, Hubbell
Humphrey J F, Hubbell               Humphrey Orra, Hubbell
Hunt Geo M, Hebron                  Hunting E S, Belvidere
Huntley Hebry, Hubbell              Husa John, Gilead
Hutchinson F, Hebron                Hutchinson John, Chester
Hyslop J, Davenport                 Hyslop Jos, Davenport
Hyslope Wm, Davenport

Iler A P, Hebron                    Iler J W, Hebron
Ingersoll J L, Carleton             Ireland B, Hebron
Ireland Wm, Hebron

Jackson D A, Hebron                 Jackson J A, Hebron
Jackson Ozro, Alexandria            Jackson O M, Alexandria
Jackson W T, Hebron                 Jacobs Aug, Deshler
Jagels P, kiowa                     James A, Hebron
James E L, Hebron                   James H W, Chester
James J G, Bruning                  Janssen Ede, Alexandria
Jay Jesse, Belvidere                Jayne C E S, Hebron
Jennings T, Hebron                  Jes Geo W, Alexandria
Jobman H, Chester                   Joe M, Alexandria
Johannesen H, Alexandria            Johannesen H P, Alexandria
Johannes J M, Carleton              Johnson H H, Hubbell
Johnson J, Belvidere                Johnson James, Hubbell
Johnson J E, Reynolds               Johnson J H, Hubbell
Johnson J H, Deshler                Johnson J M, Deshler
Johnson Michael, Belvidere          Johnson P, Deshler
Johnson Pet, Deshler                Johnson R, Belvidere
Johnson W W, Hubbell                Jones M A, Hebron
Jones R, Hebron                     Joost C, Carleton
Jorn Fred, Reynolds                 Joye Morris, Deshler
Juda M A, Carleton                  Judes August, Friedensau
Juedes Wm, Friedensau               Jury E, Hebron

Kahre H, Deshler                    Kammerer C, Kiowa
Kamradt Aug, Alexandria             Kamradt Gust, Alexandria
Kasper F, Gilead                    Kassebaum F, Deshler
Kathenbrink J H, Byron              Keegan Frank, Bruning
Keil A, Carleton                    Keim H, Carleton
Keim J, Carleton                    Keim J D, Carleton
Keim M, Carleton                    Keim Wm, Carleton
Keiser H, Carleton                  Keller A, Kiowa
Kelley H, Hebron                    Kelley P, Davenport
Kelley Thos, Davenport              Kellogg A, Gilead
Kelly D, Hebron                     Kelly Pat, Carleton
Kelso J, Carleton                   Kemper F H, Hebron
Keri Fred, Bruning                  Kern J J, Deshler
Kesling Geo, Gilead                 Kessler G, Kiowa
Kettlehut A, Chester                Kichres F, Deshler
Kilpatrick C, Gilead                Kilpatrick W H, Gilead
Kimball A C, Chester                Kimball Frank, Chester
Kimber W H, Hebron                  King D, Bruning
King L B, Hebron                    Kingan William, Hubbell
Kingsley F, Hebron                  Kingsley Frank, Hebron
Kinney C E, Hebron                  Kinney Edw, Davenport
Kinney J A, Belvidere               Kinney J L, Davenport
Kirby Jno, Hubbell                  Kirk W S, Davenport
Kite James F, Belvidere             Kitson G W, Davenport
Kitt Saml, Hebron                   Klamp Julius, Hebron
Kling H, Gilead                     Kmedson J, Kiowa
Knape Henry, Alexandria             Knapp Henry sr, Alexandria          
Knape M, Alexandria                 Knapp W C, Alexandria
Knight Isaac, Chester               Knowlton H M, Belvidere
Knox A L, Stoddard                  Knox James, Hebron
Knox J M, Hebron                    Koch Fred, Deshler
Koch H, Gilead                      Koerwitz E, Deshler
Koerwitz K, Deshler                 Koinzer F, Davenport
Komas Frank, Gilead                 Kothe H, Deshler
Kozen J, Davenport                  Kraft Aug, Deshler
Kraft Jno, Deshler                  Kratz J R, Belvidere
Krause C E, Byron                   Krause H A, Byron
Kredin A, Alexandria                Kreienmeyer Fred, Deshler
Kreiling D, Bruning                 Krenke Aug, Hebron
Kroger Louis, Friedensau            Krug Christ, Alexandria
Kruse L, Deshler                    Kuchnemann J, Deshler
Kuhlmann Aug, Deshler               Kuhlman C, Chester
Kuhlman G, Bruning                  Kuhlman H, Byron
Kuhlman M, Bruning                  Kuhlmann W H, Deshler
Kutsrher Aug, Deshler               Kyle Robt, Hubbell