Nebraska St. Gazetteer, Thayer County, Farmers A-F


Business Directory for 1890-1891
Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co., in the
Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

This page was transcribed and formatted by Brenda Busing. This page is for use as a reference
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Abbott F, Hebron                     Abbott G W, Hebron
Achterberg Carl, Deshler             Achterberg Julius, Deshler
Adams A E, Carleton                  Adams J Q, Reynolds
Aden I, Kiowa                        Aden J J, Kiowa
Aden T J, Stoddard                   Ahrens A, Kiowa
Ahrens F, Kiowa                      Ahrens Wm, Deshler
Albrecht C, Deshler                  Albrecht J H, Friedensau
Albright A, Hebron                   Albright J T, Alexandria
Albright M, Friedensau               Albright W N, Alexandria
Aldrich T W, Hebron                  Allen G W, Belvidere
Allen James, Alexandria              Allen J W, Davenport
Allen O P, Belvidere                 Allermann Fred, Byron
Alloway W A, Alexandria              Anderson M, Deshler
Andrews C L, Byron                   Andrews S J, Byron
Andrews S T, Byron                   Andrews W, Reynolds
Andrews W J, Byron                   Apel John, Alexandria
Apley C D, Belvidere                 Apley D, Belvidere
Apley G W, Belvidere                 Appleford G S, Belvidere
Appleford J G, Belvidere             Arquett E M, Carleton
Armesseen W, Belvidere               Armstead Wm, Byron
Armstrong E T, Hebron                Armstrong M E, Hebron
Arnold John, Chester                 Arnold J T, Belvidere
Ascher Henry, Hebron                 Ashbrook O A, Deshler
Ater S, Byron                        Attig Geo, Hubbell
Attig Jno, Hubbell                   Atwell A E, Belvidere
Atwood S D, Chester                  Aufderhede Jno, Deshler
Augustine I M, Bruning               Augustine J N, Bruning
Augustine J W, Bruning               Axtell Wm, Carleton

Boettke Louis, Gilead                Babb C E, Alex.
Babcock W H, Alexandria              Bachmann A, Gilead
Bacon H, Alexandria                  Bacon J F, Alexandria
Bacon J W, Alexandria                Bailey Alfred, Belvidere
Bailey G W, Carleton                 Bailey Jas, Carleton
Bailey J H, Belvidere                Bailey Wm, Belvidere
Baird H L, Alexandria                Bakeman A, Bruning
Baker Harry, Hubbell                 Baker J G, Davenport
Baker J U, Carleton                  Baker N E, Belvidere
Baker O E, Belvidere                 Baldwin D J, Hubbell
Ball C L, Reynolds                   Ballman Fred, Belvidere
Barger K, Hebron                     Barger W h, Hebron
Barkell R G, Carleton                Barlow A J, Belvidere
Barlow J M, Belvidere                Barnes Jas, Hebron
Barney N R, Reynolds                 Barnhart J F, Reynolds
Barrett Jas, Hebron                  Barstow H N, Bruning
Bartels C, Friedensau                Bartels C, Deshler
Bartels J H, Deshler                 Bartels J H, Friedensau
Bartholamaus Fritz, Deshler          Bartlett J W, Carleton
Bartow H N, Bruning                  Basaker Saml, Gilead
Bassore N W, Hebron                  Bates S, Davenport
Bates W F, Davenport                 Batzow L E, Chester
Baudemer H, Gilead                   Bauer Geo, Gilead
Bauer Jacob, Alexandria              Bauer P D, Alexandria
Baugerter Jac, Deshler               Bauman A, Davenport
Baxster W S, Carleton                Beachler C A, Reynolds
Beachley E M, Byron                  Beachley J E, Reynolds
Beachy R, Carleton                   Beall H T, Chester
Bean O J, Bruning                    Beaver Ed, Stoddard
Beaver Emuel, Stoddard               Beaver J W, Carleton
Beaver T E, Kiowa                    Beck C, Davenport
Beckler C, Kiowa                     Beckler Geo, Deshler
Beckman J, Friedensau                Beckman J H, Friedensau
Beckstrom A, Deshler                 Beers W C, Alexandria
Bege A F, Hebron                     Bege H G, Deshler
Beisner C, Friedensau                Belding L K, Reynolds
Bell J S, Deshler                    Bell Wm, Hebron
Belling Aug, Hebron                  Ben Fred, Reynolds
Benadom S P, Carleton                Benjamin Geo, Hubbell
Benjamin H L, Reynolds               Bennett A, Hebron
Bennett J M, Hebron                  Bennett M, Hebron
Bennett N, Byron                     Bergan D S, Hebron
Bergan J A, Chester                  Berkey D A, Davenport
Berkey J M, Kiowa                    Berkey W A, Davenpport
Berkley M C, Byron                   Bester T C, Byron
Bethscheider N, Hebron               Betts J, Hebron
Beuse C C, Gilead                    Beuse L, Gilead
Bevington Hila, Reynolds             Bevington J B, Reynolds
Bevington R, Reynolds                Bickle T E, Belvidere
Biehn F H, Hebron                    Biehn Joseph, Belvidere
Biglow Paul, Alexandria              Binell Andrew, Chester
Birchard B, Belvidere                Birchell Caleb, Hebron
Birmingham L F, Hubbell              Birmingham Thos, Hubbell
Birrell Robt, Chester                Bithke J C, Carleton
Blaisdell B, Belvidere               Blanken D, Deshler
Bliss Chas C, Belvidere              Bliss Geo H, Belvidere
Bliss J M, Alexandria                Bloomer J D, Belvidere
Blue A, Deshler                      Blunt B E, Hebron
Blunt E J, Hebron                    Blunt J L, Hebron
Bobst D, Hebron                      Boek Henry, Deshler
Bofenkamp B P, Hebron                Boles T, Hubbell
Bolles S J, Hubbell                  Bolte D H, Hebron
Booster Herm, Deshler                Borges V, Chester
Borland H M, Belvidere               Borland Jas, Belvidere
BorlandJ C, Belvidere                Borland Jno, Belvidere
Bortoldi Christ, Deshler             Boston L, Carleton
Boterf C A, Hubbell                  Bothart W L, Deshler
Bowen J L, Alexandria                Bowman Chas, Hubbell
Bowman Fred, Belvidere               Bowman F W, Bruning
Bowman J C, Carleton                 Bowman l, Carleton
Bowman M, Hubbell                    Boyce J H, Carleton
Boyd D R, Hubbell                    Boyd F E, Hubbell
Boyson L, Alexandria                 Bozarth W L, Byron
Bracey J E, Bruning                  Bradford W S, Carleton
Bradley A C, Davenport               Brandes Chas, Alexandria
Brandon J, Carleton                  Brannon E, Carleton
Branstan F, Friedensau               Branstan H, Friedensau
Braun Christ, Deshler                Braun Jno jr, Deshler
Braun Jno, Deshler                   Braun John, Friedensau
Breden S M, Belvidere                Bremer David, Chester
Brettman C, Deshler                  Brettman H, Friedensau
Brettman H, Deshler                  Brettman Wm, Friedensau
Bridgeman I, Davenport               Brinegar J M, Belvidere
Brinegar Jno, Belvidere              Brinegar T J, Alexandria
Brittain W B, Gilead                 Brock E H, Alexandria
Brocklsby W, Alexandria              Brockman J, Byron
Bronilette D, Alexandria             Brown Amson, Hebron
Brown B W, Hebron                    Brown C L, Belvidere
Brown D S, Hubbell                   Brown D W, Hebron
Brown F, Carleton                    Brown J, Carleton
Brown Lyman, Hebron                  Brown N P, Carleton
Brown S R, Carleton                  Bruce A, Belvidere
Bruchert B, Deshler                  Brumbaugh Geo, Hebron
Brummit W J, Hebron                  Brunes F, Byron
Bruning Frank, Bruning               Bruning G, Belvidere
Bruning H, Bruning                   Bruning J W, Carleton
Bruning M, Bruning                   Bruning Wm, Bruning
Bryant E T, Hebron                   Bryson Jno, Hebron
Buck A E, Hebron                     Buck Andrew, Hebron
Buck E E, Deshler                    Buck E F, Hebron
Buck J, Deshler                      Buckholder A L, Carleton
Buller Jos A, Hebron                 Burgess Henry, Hebron
Burks J W, Hubbell                   Burnes Geo, Davenport
Burnet Henry, Gilead                 Burruss P F, Belvidere
Burton C C, Chester                  Bush Jno, Bruning
Bushnell W S, Belvidere              Buss G H, Belvidere
Bussell W W, Alexandria              Bustardt H, Deshler
Butler V, Hebron                     Butt John, Gilead
Byarlay Butler, Hubbell

Cahill J W, Alexandria               Cajwon L L, Deshler
Caldwell D, Chester                  Caldwell G, Reynolds
Caldwell H C, Hebron                 Caldwell J S, Bruning
Caldwell K E, Chester                Caldwell W R, Belvidere
Califf P C, Hebron                   Callis Jacob, Hebron
Campbell G W, Deshler                Campbell H W, Kiowa
Campbell W F, Friedensau             Candy H, Friedensau
Candy M A, Friedensau                Cane S, Alexandria
Cane Wm T, Alexandria                Canipe C, Davenport
Capron M E, Carleton                 Carden J F, Alexandria
Caripe J B, Davenport                Carles Carl, Bruning
Carpenter D W, Hubbell               Carrier C J, Hebron
Carrier Frank, Byron                 Carter J H, Hebron
Cary Danl, Hebron                    Cary Jno, Hebron
Cary S L, Hebron                     Casebolt W J, Hebron
Cass Homer, Chester                  Cass J, Chester
Cassell Geo, Belvidere               Castello John, Alexandria
Caton D L, Carleton                  Caughey Hugh, Deshler
Cavanaugh Pat, Gilead                Cedarholm F, Hubbell
Cerveny Wenzel, Reynolds             Chambers J F, Hubbell
Chapin F D, Belvidere                Chase David, Hubbell
Chavet C, Hebron                     Chavet P C sr, Deshler
Chenoweth S B, Chester               Chirhart Chas, Alexandria
Chilson D F, Alexandria              Chodwick G, Carleton
Chodwick J, Carleton                 Christie J D, Hebron
Christie J W, Hebron                 Christie W J, Belvidere
Christmer M, Davenport               Christy D, Gilead
Church A G, Alexandria               Church Foster, Alexandria
Church G M, Chester                  Church H E, Alexandria
Church Merrit, Alexandria            Clapp J D, Belvidere
Clark Chas, Hubbell                  Clark Ellis, Hebron
Clark Fred, Hubbell                  Clark J W, Hebron
Clark J W, Davenport                 Clark W R, Belvidere
Clark W S, Bruning                   Clay B F, Belvidere
Clemons A F, Carleton                Clifford Chas, Belvidere
Cline C, Hubbell                     Cline Jas, Hubbell
Cline J W, Hubbell                   Cochran A H, Hebron
Collins Isaac, Alexandria            Collins J M, Hubbell
Collins L C, Hubbell                 Connor J F, Hebron
Cook F, Gilead                       Coon Chas, Hebron
Coon H, Hebron                       Coon S H, Hebron
Cooper Horace, Davenport             Cooper J, Deshler
Corbin Henry, Hubbell                Corbin Jas, Hubbell
Corbin W D, Hubbell                  Cordsen J F, Alexandria
Cordiss M G, Hebron                  Cortright J D, Alexandria
Cottam Geo, Hubbell                  Cowden J, Stoddard
Cowden M, Chester                    Cox G L, Davenport
Craig A, Chester                     Crapley Bert, Hebron
Crawford S D, Hubbell                Crawford Wm, Hubbell
Creamer Wm, Alexander                Cresman M A, Hebron
Crocker John, Alexandria             Crook J M, Hubbell
Croop J B, Chester                   Crouch M D, Belvidere
Croup Fred, Chester                  Croup John, Chester
Crouse D W, Bruning                  Crouse John, Chester
Cruise P, Deshler                    Culp J W, Alexandria
Currier Alf, Hebron                  Currier J L, Hebron
Cushman J H, Byron                   Cushman M E, Byron

Dagenhart Max, Hubbell               Dajer A M, Carleton
Damn Wm, Carleton                    Daringer Jno, Gilead
Davenport F, Hubbell                 Davenport J L, Hubbell
Davey Jas, Hebron                    Davey T C, Stoddard
Davis A, Byron                       Davis A C, Gilead
Davis C A, Chester                   Davis D W, Hebron
Davis E A, Hebron                    Davis E M, Hebron
Davis M, Chester                     Davis S, Chester
Davis Thos, Hebron                   Dawald P, Hebron
Daywald M, Carleton                  Deaner I C, Reynolds
Deatherage J, Hubbell                Deaver C W, Carleton
Deaver E L, Chester                  Deaver Serena F, Reynolds
DeBaer A J, Belvidere                Decker F, Hebron
Decker J M, Hebron                   Decker L B, Hebron
DeFrance A, Gilead                   DeFrance A M, Gilead
Degner A, Hebron                     Degner C, Friedensau
Delano D C, Reynolds                 DeLong L R, Alexandria
Demaray A W, Alexandria              Deming C J, Hebron
Dennis Burr, Alexandria              Dennis Frank, Alexandria
Denzin Julius, Bruning               Deshazer W H, Reynolds
Detmers E, Stoddard                  Detmers G, Chester
Detrick Phil, Alexandria             DeVaughn N P, Hubbell
Dewey N, Belvidere                   Dewey M, Carleton
Dickinson M H, Belvidere             Dill J H, Belvidere
Dill M C, Belvidere                  Dillon Price C, Alexandria
Dillon S C, Alexandria               Dilly N N, Hebron
Dingman C, Belvidere                 Dingman C L, Hebron
Dingman D, Belvidere                 Dinsmore Jas, Hebron
Dirks G, Davenport                   Derrim G W, Reynolds
Dodge G, Chester                     Doring G H, Kiowa
Dorrow Aug, Hebron                   Dosh L W, Hubbell
Dotson S L, Carleton                 Douglas A P, Belvidere
Douglass G W, Deshler                Douglass J W, Deshler
Douglass S B, Belvidere              Dow A A, Alexandria
Dow M A, Alexandria                  Dow M R, Alexandria
Dow W H, Alexandria                  Dow W J, Alexandria
Downey D L, Gilead                   Drews H, Friedensau
Drohmann Jno, Deshler                Drullinger H P, Chester
Drullinger H W, Chester              Drullinger Walter, Chester
Dry Arthur, Chester                  Dry D, Chester
Dubstadt H, Carleton                 Duden E, Hebron
Dudgeon Alex jr, Carleton            Dudgeon Alex sr, Carleton
Dudgeon J, Carleton                  Dudgeon Wm, Carleton
Ducy M, Chester                      Dufur W L, Alexandria
Dumdl Chris, Hebron                  Dumfee Wm, Davenport
Dunbar Wm, Gilead                    Duncan S, Hebron
Duncan Wm, Hebron                    Duncan J, Davenport
Dumker Henry, Stoddard               Dunn F P, Belvidere
Durham W S, Chester                  Dyer A M, Carleton
Dyer B D, Carleton     

Early A N, Gilead
Easley J W, Alexandria               Easley Luella, Alexandria
Easley S R, Alexandria               Eaton C E, Hebron
Eaton C W, Davenport                 Eaton H M, Davenport
Eaton O D, Davenport                 Eatough H, Chester
Ebbeka A C, Deshler                  Eby M, Hubbell
Eby Noah, Hubbell                    Eckis J O, Hebron
Eckis W H, Hebron                    Eden Christ, Bruning
Eden E B, Belvidere                  Eden Henry B, Belvidere
Eder M C, Kiowa                      Edgards John, Bruning
Edinger B F, Hubbell                 Edminston T G, Belvidere
Edwards C G, Alexandria              Edwards J W, Alexandria
Edwards S M, Reynolds                Eggers C, Chester
Eggers E, Kiowa                      Eggleston J P, Chester
Eickmann Christ jr, Deshler          Eickmann Christ, Deshler
Eitzmann C, Hebron                   Eitzmann H, Byron
Eitzmann J F, Byron                  Eitzmann W F, Byron
Eksting R, Davenport                 Elliott A, Hebron
Elliott C P, Bruning                 Elliott G P, Hebron
Elliott J R, Carleton                Elliott J R, Hebron
Elliott M A, Carleton                Elliott W A, Hebron
Ellison R, Hebron                    Ellsworth Allen, Hebron
Ellsworth Amos, Hebron               Ellsworth C W, Belvidere
Ellsworth D L, Alexandria            Ellsworth Wm, Hebron
Elting C, Carleton                   Elting John, Carleton
Emerick A B, Carleton                Emmett B W, Hebron
Engel John, Hebron                   Ennen A L, Gilead
Ennen Jno, Gilead                    Enslow K D, Alexandria
Erwin Wm, Gilead                     Esliek Christ, Bruning
Esterbrook F D, Carleton             Evans J M, Hebron

Farnsworth H C, Chester              Farrell C, Byron
Fauven J T, Belvidere                Faville H, Chester
Feaster J L, Belvidere               Federspeil Jno, Deshler
Feeley L G, Chester                  Fellman T E, Hebron
Fells C, Friedensau                  Fells C W, Friedensau
Fentee G W, hebron                   Ferguson M S, Hebron
Ferguson W P, Hebron                 Fike D M, Carleton
Fink A E, Hebron                     Finley D, Carleton
Fintil Fred, Byron                   Fintil H sr, Byron
Firestone J E, Hebron                Firestone S E, Hebron
Fischer F, Stoddard                  Fish A A, CHester
Fish G B, Chester                    Fisher J, Kiowa
Fisher J A, Byron                    Fisher J A, Hebron
Fisher W D, Hubbell                  Fishgrabe C, Hebron
Fisk E, Hebron                       Fisk M, Hebron
Fitzgerald J K, Deshler              Fitzsimmons F H, Carleton
Fitzsimmons S, Carleton              Fleagle C H, Reynolds
Flemming T W, Hebron                 Fletcher F W, Hebron
Fletcher H W, Carleton               Fletcher W H, Hebron
Fletcher W H, Carleton               Flicker Henry, Belvidere
Flickinger J, Carleton               Flinn L L, Chester
Flower F E, Alexandria               Flum Otis, Deshler
Footwaugler H T, Deshler             Ford H, Hubbell
Ford J F, Reynolds                   Foreman C, Hebron
Forrell A, Chester                   Forrell A G, Chester
Forrell F W, Stoddard                Forrell H, Chester
Forrell Julius, Chester              Fosbender M, Hebron
Foster A J, Hebron                   Foster Frank, Hubbell
Fowler G M, Hebron                   Frades John, Alexandria
Frealey J O, Chester                 Frecks H, Hebron
Frederick J C, Byron                 Freeman J H, Carleton
Frei Jacob, Bruning                  Freitag Wm, Byron
Freleigh C G, Chester                Fremke H, Friedensau
Frey Fred jr, Chester                Frey Fred sr, Chester
Frey J, Kiowa                        Fridline C L, Davenport
Fritz H J, Hebron                    Fritz H T, Alexandria
Frost A, Carleton                    Frownfelter D, Carleton
Fry F M, Hebron                      Fry I M, Hebron
Freye T, Chester                     Fulmer J C, Belvidere
Fulton G C, Alexandria               Fulton J R, Alexandria
Fulton J T, Alexandria               Fulton S W, Hebron
Furbeck G E, Belvidere