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The following names of Polk County pioneers was taken from this book, published in 1900. The book is in very fragile condition, unable to be sent through the mail. The page number follows the name.

Anderson, Aaron 649

Gray, James 556 

McBeth, William 477 

Anderson, Andrew 502

Gregg, George W. 232 

Gushee, L.A. 843

Nelson, Peter 563 

Backlund, William O. 327


Norton, Charles O. 457 

Bennett, J.C. 356 

Harman, David 607 

Bense, Herman F. 239 

Honess, J. 339 

Paisley, Isaiah 408 

Biggs, Thomas 617 

Hughes, Henry C. 827 

Pheasant, Samuel G. 739

Bond, Oscar M. 393 

Hult, N.B. 778

Pointer, B.F. 348 

Buckley, P.T. 720 


Buckley, Tillie 707 

Jones, Peter J. 678 

Saunders, Thomas H. 420

Bush, John 368

Schott, Emil 924 


King, E. L. 250 

Seaver, Henry A. 343 

Calhoun, Clarence 292

Krumbach, John 776

Shaw, Lawrence 807 

Campbell, Henry H. 265

Krumbach, Erasmus 994

Shostrom, Andrew O. 944

Carlson, C. H. 424 

Leatherbury, L. 467 

Skinner, John 399 

Carlson, Fred N. 364 

Lindeblad, Emanuel 587 

Smith, Morace F. 1040 

Chase, Henry W. 279 

Locke, Josiah 874

Steward, Thomas 1117 

Cherry, William 452


Stull, Morris C. 971 

Chindgren, P.O. 320 

Marquis, Joseph E. 286

Swanson, Andrew J. 849

Clark, Liberty 594 

Matson, J. W. 691 

Coleman, Jacob H. 382 

Maxwell, W.W. 892 

Talbot, Charles W. 908 

Crisp, William 657

Mickey, John G. 632 

Tarble, John A. 300 

Mickey, John H. 480 

Timm, Lewis 708 

Dimick, George E. 1074 

Miller, William M. 509 

Dunn, Charles 861 

Miller, Joseph 432 

Wamsley, Chris C. 531 

Mills, Holly M. 583 

Walrath, Eugene A. 269 

Fellows, Nathan 387 

Mills, Milton A. 228 

Warner, George U. 719 

Finecy, Joshua 488 

Monson, N. P. 542 

Weiser, Peter 1012 

Fusby, John F. 546 

Moore, Thomas A. 1086 

Welch, William 314 

Westberg, Oliver 517 

Williams, Joseph K. 630 

The following names of BUTLER COUNTY pioneers was taken from the book above: 

Aden, John H. 591 

Cady, Martin 357

Evans, Robert J. 913  

Allen, Samuel w. 687 

Casper, Charles D. 1050

Ewing, William 1001 

Allen, Solomon C. 917

Challis, Charles H. 679


Anderson, Swan A. 319

Chamberlain, Joseph S. 1113

Fitzsimons, John 738 

Andrews, Alice & Alonzo 870

Cook, Richard J. 1115

Flansburg, Wellington 801 

Craig, Henry R. 1057

Fox, Edgar 1067 

Baer, Jacob D. 419 

Craig, Hiram S. 906

Franklin, Elias 353

Barlean, Samuel 1090 

From, James 847

Bell, William 1030 

Darnell, Sumner 902

Belsley, David 880 

Delaney, Michael C. 259

Garfield, Horace 713

Blair, William J. 1014 

Derby, Charles W. 1047

Garfield, Philo P. 242

Bloom, Frederick P. 322

Diemer, Hiram Y. 565

Gerard, Henry S. 346

Bouton, Albert A. 1027 

Disney, Graove 888 

Gould, George S. 505

Brochtrup, Joseph 829 

Gould, R. C. 384 

Brown, James D. 307 

East, John H. 404

Groves, John 370 

Bunting, James F. 833 

Eberly, John 280

Grubb, Erasmus 514

Bunting, Orrick 689 

Emery, William C. 559 

Gubser, Fred 540 

Bunting, William M. 229

Burge, Alfred H. 437

Hager, John C. 362 

Burgess, Harvey S. 601

Hague, William A. 730

Page. 24

Vital Records From Nebraska State Journal, cont. 

Kimmell, ---     Jan. 14, 1896 p6 cl
     B. A dau. to Mr. and Mrs. George R. Kimmell, Jan. 13,1896. Res. 21st & Euclid.

Nickerson, W. G.      Jan. 14, 1896 06 c4
     D. Jan. 13,1896, age 30 yrs. Fell between two freight cars. Leaves a wife and two year old son. They lived at 245 N 12 St. Burial at Creston, Ia. 

Mix, Bob (C)      Jan. 15, 1896 p2 c5
     D. Jan. 14,1896 

Lowrey, John O.      Jan. 15,1896 p6 c1
     D. The body of deceased was taken from Wyuka cemetery by his wife to Procter, W. Va. for burial. 

Kimmell, ----     Jan. 15, 1896 p6 c1
     D. Jan. 14,1896 age 2 days. Child of Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Kimmell. Died at 21st and Euclid. 

Cutts, Thomas M.      Jan. 15, 1896 p6 c2
     D. Jan. 14,1896, age 65 yrs. of dropsy and heart trouble. G.A.R. funeral. Burial in Wyuka. 

Blystad, Edwin      Jan. 16, 1896 p6 c1
     D. Jan. 14,1896, age 10 yrs. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Blystad of College View. 

Sprung, Richard      Jan. 16, 1896 p6 c1
     Probate Notice. Annie Sprung was named executrix in the will. 

Hass, Joseph      Jan. 16, 1896 p6 c1
     D. Jan. 14, 1896 at his residence, 326 S 9th St. He was a member of the Order of the World. 

Westcott, Martin H.      Jan. 16, 1896 p6 c2
     D. Jan. 16,1896 age 53 yrs. at his residence in Malcolm, Nebr. Funeral from the church at Malcolm. 

Boyce, Samuel H.      Jan. 17, 1896 p6 c1
     D. Jan. 16,1896, age 32 yrs at the res. of his brother, 926 G St. 

Holmes vs. Holmes      Jan. 17, 1896 p6 c3
     Div. Annie Holmes asks divorce from L. K,. Holmes. 

Sprague, George H.      Jan. 18, 1896 p6 c1
      D. In Peoria, Ill. about Jan. 15, 1896. Burial in Wyuka: 1 Jan. 18, 1896. 

Robbins, Louis (Dec)      Jan. 18, 1896 p8 c1
     Guardianship. Harriet E. Robbins was appointed guardian, Jan. 17, 1896 of Edith L and Charles B. Robbins, minor heirs. Property value $4,000. 

Page. 25

Vital Records From Nebraska State Journal, cont. 

Gowe, Flossie      Jan. 19, 1896 p6 c2
     Birthday. Jan. 13, 1896. Celebrated her 17th birthday

Guild, Georgia      Jan. 12, 1896 p6 c2
     D. Jan. 20, 1896, age 39 yrs. Dau. of Rev. and Mrs. H. A. Guild.

Bunnell, Joseph B.      Jan. 21, 1896 p6 c4
     D. Jan. 19, 1896. Born April 23, 1847 in Massachusetts. Leaves a wife and five children. Funeral from the Methodist church at Davey.

Winegar, Lucinda      Jan. 22, 1896 p6 c3
     Guardianship. Catherine Peart was appointed guardian of Lucinda Winegar, incompetent.

Mumm, ---      Jan. 22, 1896 p8 c4
     B. A son to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mumm of Havelock.

Hempel, ---      Jan. 22, 1806 c8 c4
     B. A son to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hempel of Havelock.

Fulton, ---      Jan. 22, 1896 p8 c4
     B. A son to Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Fulton of Havelock.

Shause vs. Shause      Jan. 23, 1896 p2 c1
     Div. Meroah Shause asks divorce from James H. Shause. Married Jan. 2, 1879. There are 3 children.

Bunnell, Joseph (Dec.)      Jan. 23, 1896 p2 c1
     Probate Notice. Gilbert Bunnell filed a petition Jan. 22, 1896 asking to be appointed administrator of the estate. Carry Bunnell, petitions to be made guardian of the three minor heirs. Value, $4,000 real estate, $1,000 personal.

Allen, ---      Jan. 24, 1896 p8 c4
     B. To Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Allen, a son, at their home in Havelock.

Lewelling vs. Lewelling      Jan. 25, 1896 p8 c1
     Div. Linda Lewelling asks divorce from Clayton E. Lewelling. Married in 1876. There are 3 children. She asks for the custody of the two younger.

Cook, ---      Jan. 26, 1896 p6 c2
     D. Jan. 25, 1896, age 6 yrs. Dau. of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Cook at Hastings. Burial at St. Theresa's cemetery.

Newman, Dr. John      Jan. 28, 1896 p6 c1
     D. Age 83 yrs. at Des Moines from heart trouble. Lived in Lincoln several years.

Page. 26

Vital Records From Nebraska State Journal, cont. 

Boomer vs. Boomer      Jan. 28, 1895 p6 c3
     Div. Emery Boomer asks divorce from Katura Boomer. Married at Humbolt, Nebr. Feb. 22, 1887.

Daggett, Florence.      Jan. 29,189606 c2
D. Jan. 28,1896, age 3\ yrs. Dau. of Mr. and Mrs. George Daggett from Diphtheria. Funeral from residence, 706 Peach St.

Campbell, Laura E. Jan. 30,1896 py (sic) c2
     D. Jan. 29, 1896, age 38 yrs. of pneumonia. She was a professional nurse. Burial at Muncie, Ind. Surviving are her parents and a sister.

Dudley, Fred      Jan. 31, 1896 p8 c3
     Birthday. Celebrated his 30th birthday, Jan. 29, 1896.

Mockett, ---      Feb. 2, 1896, p6 c2
     B. A dau. to Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Mockett, Jan. 26, 1896.

Floyd, James      Feb. 2, 1896, p6 c2
     D. Feb. 1, 1896 at San Francisco, a former Lincoln resident having left here 4 yrs ago. At one time engineer on the Fire Dept.

Warriner, Mary Alice      Feb. 3, 1896 p6 c2
     D. Feb. 2, 1896 age 41 yrs. Wife of S. C. Warriner, at her res. 1347 N 26 St. She was a member of Rebekah Lodge No.2 and several others.

Jones, Sadie      Feb. 5, 1896, p6 c2
     Birthday. Feb. 3, 1896. Celebrated her 21st birthday.

Bentz vs. Bentz      Feb. 5, 1896 p8 c1     May 5, 1896 p8 c2
Div. Cora Bentz granted div. from L. H. Bentz. Married 1892. She asked custody of the child.

Powell, Hazel      Feb. 6, 1896, p6 c2
     D. Feb. 5, 1896, age 21 months. Dau. of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Powell at 741 N 13 St.

Dodman, Emily      Feb. 6, 1896, p6 c2
     D. Feb. 5, 1896, age 75 yrs at the res. of her dau. Mrs. Riley. Burial at Winchester, Ill.

Giffen vs. Giffen      Feb. 6, 1896 p6 c4
     Div. Fannie Giffen was granted a divorce Feb. 5, 1896 from Dr. R. E. Giffen. Married Apr. 17, 1890. He retains custody of the children as they were from his former marriage.

Duncan, J. H.      Feb. 7, 1896 p6 c2
     Birthday. Feb. 6, 1896. Celebrated his 90th birthday at the res. of his dau. Mrs. C. Benfard.

Page. 27

Vital Records From Nebraska State Journal, cont. 

Davis, Adrian      Feb. 9, 1896 p6 c2
     D. Feb. 7, 1896, age 3 mo. son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Davis.

Sommer, Alma      Feb. 9, 1896 p6 c2
     D. Feb. 18, 1896, age 18 mos. dau. of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Sommer. Funeral at the res. 2819 T St.

Johnson, W. J.      Feb. 9, 1896 p8 c4      Feb. 12, 1896 p8 c2
     D. Feb. 8, 1896. from cancer of the stomach. Funeral from the M. E. Church. Burial in Wyuka.

McGuire, Thomas      Feb. 10, 1896 p6 c2
     D. Feb. 9, 1896 age 50 yrs. Leaves a wife and family. Funeral from St. Theresa's church.

Ryan, Barbara      Feb. 10, 1896 p6 c2
     D. Feb. 8, 1896. age 85 yrs. at the res. of her dau. Mrs. J. C. Deweese, 2511 T St. The deceased was born in Scotland. Funeral from the res.

Holts, ---      Feb. 11, 1896 p6 c2
     B. A dau. to Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Holts at 529 S 8th St. Feb. 10,1896.

Kern vs. Kern      Feb. 12, 1896 p8 c3
     Div. Sarah Gardner asks divorce from Lincoln Gardner. Married in 1895. Asks for her maiden name of Sarah A. Watson.

O'Neill, ---      Feb. 13, 1896 p6 c2
     B. A son to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O'Neill at 1228 S St.

McKinnon vs. McKinnon      Feb. 13, 1896 p8 c1
     Div.. Mary T. McKinnan asks divorce from Emmet McKinnon. Married June 19, 1892 in Lincoln. She asks that her maiden name be restored. Mary L. Solbaugh

Pear, Alice      Feb. 14, 1896 p6 c1
     D. Feb. 13, 1896, age 74 yrs. Leaves one dau. and four sons.

Reed vs. Reed      Feb. 14, 1896 p8 c4
     Div. Lewis Reed asks div. from Jennie Reed. Married Dec. 9, 1892.

Baird, John      Feb. 15,1896 p2 c4
     D. Feb. 15, 1896 at the res. of his dau. Mrs. William J. Bryan, 1625 D St.

King, Lyman G.      Feb. 15, 1896 p6 c2
     D. Feb. 14, 1896, age 86 yrs. at res of his son S. J. King, 839 N 23rs. St. Funeral at the res. Burial at Wyanet, Ill.

Page. 28

Vital Records From Nebraska State Journal, cont.

Harrington, Charles C. Feb. 17, 1896 p6 c2
      D. At Cripple Creek, Colo. son of W. F. Herrington. Burial In Lincoln.

Smith, Mrs. W. S.      Feb. 14, 1896, p1 c1
D. Feb. 13,1896 in Omaha. Formerly lived here. Burial in Lincoln. G. A. Walker of this city is a bro.

Zeller, Jesse Feb. 18,1896 p6 cl
     D. Age 4 yrs. son of Mr. and Mrs. Uriah Zeller. Funeral Feb. 17,1896. Burial at Raymond.  

Schwartz, Henry      Feb. 18, 1896 p6 c1
     D. Feb. 16, 1896, age 68 yrs. 10 mos. 10 das. Funeral from the res. 834 North 17.

Hasselgren, Mrs. C. P.      Feb .18, 1896 p6 c2
     Birthday. Feb. 15, 1896, celebrated her 28th birthday at 1812 Harwood St.

Harris, ---      Feb. 18, 1896 p8 c3
     B. A dau. to Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Harris.

Pratt, ---      Feb. 19, 1896 p6 c2
     B. Feb. 17, 1896, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pratt.

Dickie, Dr. W. H.      Feb. 19, 1896 p6 c3
     D. Feb. 18, 1896 age 83 yrs. was found dead at the Peoria hotel of Apoplexy.

Hubbard, Clara      Feb. 19, 1896 p8 c2
     D. Feb. 17,1896 age 21 yrs. of tonsillitis. Funeral Feb. 20,1896. Burial in Wyuka.

Barton, ---      Feb. 20, 1896 p6 c2
      B. A dau. to Mr. and Mrs. Barton. Mr. Barton is Deputy State Supt. 

Lofgren, ---      Feb. 20, 1896 p6 c2
     B. A dau. to Rev. & Mrs. Lofgren, Feb. 19, 1896.

Winderlick, Carl      Feb. 20, 1896 p6 c2
     D. Feb. 18, 1896, age 62 yrs. of heart trouble. Leaves a wife and two daus.

Cooper, ---      Feb. 20, 1896 p6 c2
     B. Feb. 19, 1896, a son to Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Cooper.

Herzer vs. Herzer      Feb. 20, 1896 p8 c1
     Div. Franz Herzer was granted a divorce from Lorinda Herzer. 

Vinderlink, Charles      Feb. 21, 1896 p6 c1
     D. Feb. 23, 1896. Mason's will have charge. Burial in Wyuka.

Page. 29

Vital Records From Nebraska State Journal, cont.

Foster, Lizzie      Feb. 21, 1896 p6 c2
     D. In Denver of heart trouble. Niece of Tom Draper. Burial in Lincoln.

Summerfield, Edith      Feb. 21, 1896 p6 c2
     D. Feb. 20, 1896, age 68 yrs. at her res. 715 C St.

Millar, Sarah      Feb. 22,1896 p6 c2
     D. Feb. 21, 1896, age 51 yrs. 9 mos. 20 das. at the res. of her sister, Mrs. T. P. Harrison, 1546 South 26 St. Funeral from the res. today.

Townley, Lieut. R. H.      Feb. 23, 1896 p4 c1
     Birthday. Celebrated his birthday Feb. 17, 1896.

Berkson, Joe      Feb. 23, 1896 p4 c2
     Birthday. Feb. 21, 1896. Celebrated his 21st birthday.

Wilcox, Bell      Feb. 23, 1896 p4 c2
     Birthday. Feb. 22, 1896. Celebrated her 20th birthday. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Wilcox gave a party in her honor at res. 132 South 19 St.

Bowers, Rachel      Feb. 24, 1896 p6 c2
     D. Feb. 23, 1896 at the residence of her son, 1341 D.

Parrish, William      Feb. 25, 1896 p6 c2
     D. Feb. 24, 1896, age 57 yrs at his res. 14040 St. of blood poison. Funeral Feb. 27, 1896.

Martin, Tressie      Feb. 26, 1896 p6 c1
     D. Feb. 24, 1896 of consumption at the res. of her father, William Goggins, at Cortland. Burial in St. Theresa's cemetery.

Burtis, S. S.     Feb. 27, 1896 p6 c2
     D. Feb. 23, 1896 at Burlington, Ill. at the res. of his son. Born in New York, Dec. 1816. Formerly of Lincoln. Burial at Norwich, Ont.

Daugherty, Marguerite      Feb. 27, 1896 p6 c2
     D. Feb. 26, 1896, age 22 yrs at 1340 Vine St. of diphtheria. Dau. of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Daugherty.

Richards, Emma      Feb. 27, 1896 p6 c2
     D. Feb. 25, 1896, wife of Newton Richards at Tabitha Hospital. Funeral at the res. of her bro. M. T. Story, 524 South 25 St.

Klamm, Amelia      Feb. 27, 1896 p6 c2
     D. Feb. 25, 1896, age 4 yrs. dau.of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Klamm from the effects of burns. Funeral from the res., 1111 K St.

Birdshall, Edward H.      Feb. 28, 1896 p6 c2
     D. Feb. 2, 1896, age 65 yrs at 2410 O St.

Page. 30

Vital Records From Nebraska State Journal, cont.

Cole, ---      Feb. 28, 1896 p6 c2
     B. A dau. to Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Cole at 938 G St.

Gillespie, W. T.      Feb. 29, 1896, p6 c2
     D. Feb. 28, 1896 at the res. of John McWhinnie, 1404 G St. of appendicitis.

Hinds, ---      Feb. 29, 1896 p6, c2
     B. Feb. 26, 1896, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hinds, 454 North 16 St.

White, ---      Feb. 29, 1896 p6 c2
     B. Feb. 28, 1896, a dau. to Mr. and Mrs. J. C. White, 1920 F St.

Young, Thomas A.      Mar. 1, 1896 p4 c1
     Birthday. A party was given by his parents, councilman and Mrs. R. S. Young, Feb. 24,1896 at 2110 P St.

Perry, Miss L. M.      Mar. 1, 1896, p4 c3
     Birthday. Mrs. John H. Bonett gave a 1uncheon Feb. 21,1896 on her birthday.

Easley, ---      Mar. 1, 1896, p6 c1
     D. Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Easley, Feb. 29, 1896.

Maney, James W.      Mar. 1, 1896 p6 c1
     D. Feb. 29, 1896, age 19 yrs. Son of Mr. and Mrs. James Maney. Funeral Mar. 2, 1896 at St. Patrick's Church in Havelock.

Shears, Stuart      Mar. 1, 1896 p6 c2
     D. At Omaha. Burial in Wyuka cemetery.

Eastman, Mrs. S. D.      Mar. 3, 1896 p6 c1
     D. Funeral Mar. 2, 1896 from the res. at 22nd & N St.

Ostran vs. Ostran      Mar. 3, 1896 08 c4
     Div. Louie Ostran asks divorce from Peter Ostran. Married Sept. 8, 1895. she asks that her maiden name be restored. Louie Shamblen.

Emrich, Mrs.      Mar. 4, 1896 p6 c1
     D. Funeral at the res. of A. L. Quay, 337 S 21 St. Mar. 4, 1896.

Head, Mary C.      Mar. 4,1896 p6 c2
     D. Mar. 3, 1896, age 71 yrs. Funeral at her res. 2250 Dudley St.

Berry, ---      Mar. 4, 1896 p8 c4
     B. A son to Mr. and Mrs. William Berry.

Snyder, ---      Mar. 5, 1896 p6 c2
     B. A son to Rev. and Mrs. D. R. Snyder, Mar. 5, 1896 at 1621 North 29 St.

Shotwell, Eden      Mar. 5, 1896 p6 c2
     D. Mar. 2, 1896 at Bennet. Funeral Mar. 5, 1896. He had been a resident of Lancaster County for 15 yrs.

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