NSGS Ancestree - Vol 22 - No. 1

NSGS Ancestree

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Allen Public School Alumni List (continued)

Submitted by Pat Nygren

Betty Jeffrey Lunz 1947
Wakefield NE

Warren Emry 1948
Beleviders IL

Arnold Emry 1947
Wayne NE

Dorothy White Bohler 1948
Monument CO

Norma Ellis Carr 1947
Crofton NE

Willadene Ellis Malmberg 1948
Norfolk NE

Marie Lanser Hughes 1947
Arvada CO

Jim Warner 1948

Paul Clough 1947

San Clementi, CA

Gaylen Kjer 1948
Allen NE

Wilma Carr Money 1947

Fairfield, CA

Kenneth Linafelter 1948
Allen NE

Myra Ulrich Wilkinson 1947
Battle Ground WA

Mary Lou Jackson Koester 1948
Allen NE

Tom Rasmussen 1948
Edith Coe Bauman 1948
Ponca NE

Harold White 1948
Salix IA

Betty Brandemuhl Gotch 1948
South Sioux City NE

Ardith Roberts Armour 1948
Smithland IA
Carolyn Snyder Kraemer 1948
Wakefield NE

Myron Armour 1948
Smithland IA

Wesley Novak 1948
Thousand Oaks CA

Bob Johnson 1948
Sioux City IA

Madge Kingston Saunders 1948
Merced CA

Charles Wilson 1948
Oshkosh, WI
Lois Larson White 1949
Salix IA

Ed Hill 1948
St. Paul MN

Jim Kollbaum 1949

Frank Sutliff 1948
Virginia MN

Dean Armour 1949
Mims Fl

Page. 14

Allen Public School Alumni List (continued)

Submitted by Pat Nygren


George Schultz 1949

Willard Johnston 1949

Barbara Anderson Lehmann 1949
Sioux City IA
Warren Johnston 1949
South Sioux City NE

Ben Chase 1949
Sioux City IA

Lorene Novak Wittler 1949
Wayne NE

Betty Jansen Puckett 1949
Pender NE
Dale Johnson 1949
Wayne NE
Marge Carr Frederickson 1949
Omaha NE
Marjorie Jones Rasmussen 1949
Loveland CO

Donna June Hutchings Wickstrom 1949
Omaha NE

Eunice Larson Wade 1949
Mesa AZ

Floydene Wigg Mathiesen 1949
Lincoln NE

Helen Koester Lujan 1949
Richland WA

Pauline Carr Kjer 1949
Allen NE
Oliver Likes 1950

Doris Isom Linafelter 1949
Allen NE

Leo Luhr 1950

Eleanor Malcom Jones 1949
Allen NE
Gordon Lundin 1950

Myrna Mattes Roeber 1949
Allen NE

Janice Smith Fickter 1950
Venetia PA

Allen Trube 1949
Allen NE
Marvin Smith 1950
Des Moines IA

Bill Magnuson 1949
Emerson NE

Wayne Allen 1950
Sioux City IA

Arlene Hanson Patefie1d 1949
Laurel NE

Harold Bose 1950
Sioux City IA

Charles Coe 1950

Page. 15

Allen Public School Alumni List (continued)

Submitted by Pat Nygren


Myron Osbahr Jr. 1950
Lincoln NE

Lorraine Malcom Ellis 1951
Sheldon IA

Bernard Keil 1950
Allen NE
Marilyn Linafelter Roth 1951
Sioux City IA

Cherry Kingston Hamlin 1950
South Sioux City NE

Eugene Magnuson 1951
Brookfield WI

Jerry Jackson 1950
Heber Springs AR
Gloria Emry Kraemer 1951
Menomonie WI

Vernon Ellis, Jr. 1950
Torrington WY

Emil Schoenrock 1951
Rapid City SD

Harold Bock 1950
Riverside CA
Jewell Bottger 1951
Tekamah NE
David Frederickson 1950
Wakefield NE
Leonard Linafelter 1951
Omaha NE

Darrel Noe 1950
Mad River CA

Loren Carr 1951
Allen NE

Lucille Luhr 1950
Olympia WA
Courtland Roberts 1951
Allen NE

Donald Cress 1951

Duane Lund 1951
Allen NE

Janice Davenport 1951
Larry Koester 1951
Allen NE

Bonnie Ellis Fitch 1951

Darlene Magnuson Roberts 1951
Allen NE

Paul Wellenstein 1951
Jane Brandemuhl Lunz 1951
Newcastle NE
Stephen Hansen 1951
Kenneth Kjer 1951
Yankton SD

Jack Ellis 1951
Sheldon IA

Page. 16

Submitted by Jody K Boyd, South Sioux City, NE      3 May 1980

Source: Dakota County HERALD 

Mar 24, 1906 cont'd
Mr & Mrs Jeff ROCKWELL celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

Mar 31, 1906
A baby born to Mr & Mrs Chester HEIKES 12 lbs.
A baby girl was born to Judge & Mrs J. J. EIMERS Friday morning .
Mrs PRIEST celebrated her 89 birthday.

April 7, 1902
Eston RUSH died last Friday.  
Charles A. DAVIS died in a railroad accident.

Nov 30 , 1906
Mrs Geo HOLEKAMP died Monday.
A baby girl born to Mr & Mrs Sam BRENNAMAN Nov 26.
W B. WRIGHT died Monday at, his home.

Feb 15, 1907
Miss Grace E MONROE wed to Robert A WOODS Jan 11th.
Mrs S O GIBBS died Sunday Jan 10 of consumption.
Will GILL and Miss Carrie BARBER wed Jan 12.
Born to Mr & Mrs Frank KENNELLY Jan 31, 1907 a boy.
A baby daughter was born to Mr & Mrs KEDGES Feb 1
A baby daughter was born to Reb (sic) E H. COMBS and wife on Feb 13, 1907.

Feb 22, 1907
Nellie M MURPHY granted a divorce from William H MURPHY
James MONIER died Saturday age 60 of Bright's disease.
A daughter was born to Mr & Mrs Bernard BOALS on Friday.
A marriage license was issued Tuesday the 19th to Wm C AULERICH and Ethel M SHOOK
Henry C SUNDT and Edith BIERMANN were wed Feb 16, 1907.
Mrs Geo LEAMER celebrated her 74th birthday Feb 18th

March 1, 1907
Mrs L. M. LESLIE died Friday afternoon.
Thomas A TETER died Tuesday morning of heart disease .
Miss Nellie GRAY and A A HENDRICKS were wed Thursday.
James CHAUSSE & Kate CONNOLLY: Arthur E. LENZ & Minnie A. HAINES were wed in double ceremony.
Baby boy of Mr & Mrs SEXTON was found dead in bed Saturday morning.
Brother James C MC KERNAN died.
A daughter was born to Mr & Mrs O A BARBER Feb 18, 1907

March 8, 1907
Miss Pearl IRELAND and Arthur POPE were wed Monday.
Harrison SAYRE died at his home in Waterbury Feb 23.
A baby boy was born to Mr & Mrs Glen ARMOUR on the 21st.
Elbert RECTOR 8 months died of convulsions caused by teething on Feb 26th.
A son born to Mr & Mrs Will BLACKETER .
Dora KINKEAD and John McQUIRK were wed March 5.

March 15, 1907
Emanuel MOOG and Miss Florence Dick CROSS were wed Yesterday.
Michael J MALONEY died March 10th. Pioneer resident,
Mrs Patrick O'BRIEN died Sunday March 10th
J M TWOHIG & wife on March 7 got a new son.

March 22, 1907
A baby boy born to Mr & Mrs Paul LIER on Tuesday.
A daughter was born to Mr & Mrs John T. DALEY. March 18, 1907

Page. 17

Submitted by Jody K Boyd, South Sioux City, NE      3 May 1980

Source: Dakota County HERALD (continued)

March 29,1907
Smallpox is becoming an epidemic.
Mr & Mrs E W WILSON have a new baby girl on Sunday.
Born to Mr & Mrs Ed HOUTS a daughter .
N L DIERUP died Thursday.
Franklyn DUNNELL - pioneer resident - died Sunday March 17, 1907.
Merritt James TUNNICLIFF died March 21, 1907 age 60 yrs.
Martin LOCKWOOD died at his home early Tuesday morning March 19, 1907.

April 5, 1907
Mrs George W. ROCKWELL died April 2, 1907
Mrs J W ORR died at her home last week.
A daughter was born to Mr & Mrs Ward AUSTIN March 24th.

April 12, 1907
Mr & Mrs John MARSHALL celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.
Mrs M P KNEIFL died last week. 
Born to Mr & Mrs Thos J. HARTNETT April 4th a son.
Born to Mr & Mrs Chas SCOTT a son  
A daughter was born to Wm W RENINGER and wife last Friday

April 19, 1907
Mrs Anna Marie NELSON died last Sunday.
Lee C KEARNEY and Loretta M RILEY were wed Wednesday morning.
THOMAS ASHFORD Sr. died April 18, 1907

April 26, 1907
Mrs Sarah J WADDELL 75 died this week.
Born to Mr & Mrs Hary E. BROWN April 21 a daughter.

May 10, 1907
Floyd E. OHMIT and Miss Ella PHILLIPS were married May 5th.
Born to Mr & Mrs Frank SPENCER a daughter.
Born to Mr & Mrs Chris SMITH April 2 a son.  
O C TREADWAY - pioneer resident died Wednesday 77 yrs old.
Clara J WAY and Clarence E. MOORE were wed May 2nd.

May 17, 1907
Mrs Margaret E VEACH died last Friday at the home of her only daughter.
J S O'DONNELL 75 died last week (Thursday).
Asa RATHBUN - pioneer resident - died May 7, 1907.
The stork has been visiting these parts this week and left boys at the following places,
     Hanry Fowler and wife, May 6:
     Joseph HODGINS and wife May 12:
     Michael HEENAN and wife May 12. 
Grace RENINGER and Fern GERGUSON were wed Wednesday

May 31, 1907
Born to Mr & Mrs Frank FUESTON a baby boy

June 7, 1907
Mr Andrew BLACKMER and Miss Minnie Pearl SALISBURY May 29th.
Charles A BARRETT and Celia V BRADY were wed June 4, 1907.
Mrs Elias SHOOK died at her home Wednesday May 29, 1907
4 month old baby girl of Mr & Mrs D H NEISWANGER died Sunday afternoon

June 14, 1907
Don CRINKLOW will be married next Wednesday to Miss GREGOIR
Born to Mr & Mrs Ed MUNGER a daughter June 4th.
James DELOUGHERY, Jr. died June 6, 1907.

Page. 18

Submitted by Jody K Boyd, South Sioux City, NE      3 May 1980

Source: Dakota County HERALD 

June 21, 1907
Born to Mr & Mr R H RYAN June 16, 1907 a son.
Mrs C. KOHLMEIER died Wednesday morning 57 yrs old .
A baby girl born to Mr & Mrs H.F. KOHLMEIER Saturday.
Mrs Mary D. HOLD - pioneer resident died June 12th at her son's home.

June 28, 1907
Born to Mr & Mrs Fred BRASFIELD June 16, 1907 a daughter.
Miss Ruth ROCKWELL and Mr GOERTZ were wed Thursday June 27, 1907.
Mrs Ed HAMMOND died at the home of her parents at age 38 of blood poisoning.

July 5, 1907
John STOUGH died at his home at Ponca Monday evening at an advanced age.
Mrs Lucy Ann Grove - pioneer resident died at Emerson Thursday July 4, 1907.
Mrs Bridget HARTY died Thursday June 27, 1907 at the home of her son Wm.
Born to Agent BOBBITS and wife a daughter.

Sept 25, 1908
Miss Hannah WILLMANN and Mr Geo H KOHLMEIER were wed Sept, 10, 1908
Timothy SHANAHAN - pioneer resident - died Wednesday at his home.
S O GIBBS died Wednesday night at his daughter's home. 83 yrs old

October 2, 1908
Born to Mr & Mrs Chris CHRISTENSEN Sept 25 a daughter.
5 month old baby boy of Christ R. RMITH and wife died Sept 27 of cholera infantum
6 week old baby girl of Patrick HEENAN and wife Died Sept 30 of Cholera infantum
Celia A MURRAY and Edward F FLYNN were wed Wednesday morning.
Philip Harold BLIVEN died Sept 29th.
Mr J C CONNELLY and Alice STACKPOOLE were wed Wednesday.

Oct 9, 1908
A baby boy was born to Mr & Mrs C E BLIVEN on Saturday.
Mrs Nois E BLIVEN died suddenly at her home Wednesday evening.

Oct 16, 1908
Miss Annie SINNOTT and R A CLARK were wed last week .
Mr & Mrs STEADMAN have twins - boy & girl born last week.
Mr & Mrs John NICHOLS on Oct 10 have a new baby girl.
Geo W. ASHFORD and Miss Catharine MC LAUGHLIN were wed Thursday.
Naaman D. SNYDER 62 and Mrs Martha C. ARMSTRONG were wed Wednesday afternoon.
Wm YORK - pioneer resident - died at his home Tuesday night of heart failure.

Oct 23, 1908
Mrs. E S MOORE died Wednesday Oct 14 of gall stones.
Born to Mr & Mrs Scott FULLEN Oct 19 a 10 lbs boy.
Born to Mr & Mrs Ed MUNGER Oct 15 a son
Born to Mr & Mrs Marenus PETERSON a son Oct 14th.
Mrs Myrtle CLAIR died Oct 13th.
Born to Mr & Mrs Hal G BLACKETER Monday a daughter .
Rev J ZIMMERMAN pioneer resident- died at his son's home Oct 16th 81 yrs old.
Jacob H HALLACK - pioneer-resident - died at his home Oct 14.

Oct 30, 1908
Born to Mr & Mrs Wm H. ORR a boy on Sunday.
J E EASTON and Miss Lottie HUTZEL were wed Tuesday evening.
Miss Anna NORDWIG and J O LEGLER were wed Wednesday.
Chas ONDRACEK died from the resulting injuries of a fall from a train on Oct 8.

Page. 19

Submitted by Jody K Boyd, 508 E 32nd, South Sioux City, NE 3 May 1980

Source: Dakota County HERALD 

Nov 6, 1908
Mrs HANSEN died Nov 1st of heart failure .
Mr & Mrs (no surname appeared) have a new son on Oct 30
Mr & Mrs W E SNETHEN have a fine little daughter on Monday,
Mr & Mrs C D REED and a 10 lbs boy on Monday.
Albert T CHASE and Mary E, HODGINS to be wed.
Julius HERMAN died last Friday.
Mr Isadore CONWAY and Miss Julia MEHAN were wed Oct 21.

Nov 13, 1908
Wm L JACKSON and Francis TABNER were wed Oct 16th.
J J IMHOFF died at his son's home on Monday.

Nov 20, 1908
Bert CHASE and Mary HODGINS were wed Wednesday morning.
Frank CORDON and Minnie FREDERICK applied for marriage license.
Mr & Mrs J C MC ELHINNEY celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary Tuesday Nov 10
L M HOFFMAN died at his home Sunday evening.
Wm MUNDAY died at his home Nov 13.
Mary HEFFERNAN died Friday morning at her father's home age 16.
Born to Mr & Mrs T J O'CONNOR Nov 9th a daughter  
Peter LEMMONE & Dora DERAAD, John A. AMMANN & Mrs Martha AMMANN; Theo J PAGETT & Mrs Clara H. COOK were wed by Judge STINSON this past week.
Frank GORDON and Minnie FREDERICK were wed last Saturday.

Nov 27, 1908
Mr & Mrs Ball KNOX have a new baby girl. on Saturday.  
Miss Xylvia (sic) FRANCISCO and August ANDRESEN were wed on Thursday
Miss Lean TELLER and James DOYLE were wed Thursday morning.  
Thomas W CLAPP and Anna E JACOBSON were wed on Tuesday.
MRS J H SHANE died on Sunday

Dec 4, 1908
Capt C. W. PERRY 64 died at his mother-in-law's home Saturday evening.
Thos E. HEFFERNAN and Miss Mae MAGUIRE were wed Thursday 
The infant babe of Mr and Mrs Sam KNOX died Sunday morning.
Timothy HODGINS and Mary MAUN were wed Saturday Nov 28.
Ray MEREDITH and Hazel O'CONNOR were wed Thursday.
B F GREENE died Thursday.
Ira BULLOCK died Nov 1. Mr & Mrs John THACKER have a new son on Tuesday.
Mr & Mrs C A HISEROTE have a new baby girl. on Friday.

Dec 11, 1908
Mrs Mary Francis WINDSOR HATHAWAY died Nov 28 of pneumonia.
Nellie DOOLITTLE and Matt JOHNSON were wed Nov 15th.
Mrs A BURNS 75 died Dec. 3 of general debility.
A son was born to Mr & Mrs Nick SIMMONS Dec 5th.
Mrs Emil EASTMAN, formerly Miss Florence SCHUMACHER died suddenly on Monday 

Dec. 18, 1908
Born to Mr & Mrs George BLESSING Dec 15th a daughter.
Blanche SMITH and Harry WYMAN were wed Dec 10th.
The infant baby born to J O THOMPSON Nov 30 died Monday afternoon of Bronchitis

Dec 25, 1908
Born to Mr & Mrs A C PFAFF Dec 19 a son.
Louis P BEACOM & Anna ALDENESIUS were wed Sunday.
     to Mr & Mrs Ed BEARDSHEAR Dec 15 a girl
     to Mr & Mrs POWEL Dec 15 a girl
     and to Mr & Mrs Wm. O'DELL a boy.
Born to Mr & Mrs Harry CHAMBERLAIN a baby daughter Sunday.

Page. 20

Dakota County HERALD (continued)

Jan 1, 1909
Mrs Susan G PEARSV died last week.
Miss Cora VAN CLEVE and Mr Elmer MERRIT were wed last Saturday evening
Frank KING and Ruth HOUGHTON were wed last week.
Born to Mr & Mrs Alex FRYE Dec 22 twin girls.
Mrs Anna ALBENESIUS AND Mr Louis P BEACOM were wed Wednesday morning.
Born to Mr & Mrs Fred LEEDOM Dec 23 a boy.
Born to Mr & Mrs Craig L. SPENCER Dec 23 a baby girl.
One of the twin girls (FRYE) died shortly after birth.
Born to Mr & Mrs Frank O LEAN a baby boy
a Marriage license was issued to Nickolas ANDRESEN and Mary HANSEN
6 month old baby of Mr & Mra A A ADAMS died Saturday.
Mrs HIRAM GRAY died Dec 26 at her daughter's home after a long illness.

Jan 8, 1909
Miss Zoa Leona HARRIA and Mr John Henry WENOTE were wed on Dec 30, 1908
Mr James Matthew KING and Miss Mary Barbara KNOX were married Yesterday morning.
Little Mary HOWARD died Monday morning of diphtheria.
Born to Mr & Mrs Michael HEENAN Jan 2 a son.
Adam J SIDES 79 pioneer resident died Jan 1, 1909
Lucie Adaline ADAMS infant daughter of Amzi A. & Rose W died Dec 26 of brain fever.
Born to Mr & Mrs Wm BIERMAN Tuesday a baby girl

Jan 15, 1909
Mrs A A HENDRICKS died at her daughter's home Saturday morning Dec 26.
Born to Mr & Mrs Walter C MIXER Jan 11 a daughter.
Harry GRAY and Miss Florence ELLIA were wed Jan 2, 1909

Jan 22, 1909
Peter H. ROMMFELDT and Augusta HARRIGFELT to be wed.
Born to Mr & Mrs Charles M QUIST on Sunday a boy.
Paul PIZEY and Nellie Berdina ANTRIM were wed Wednesday the 20th.
George HAZLEGROVE and Fred CORNELL were wed Sunday.
HEZEKIAH H WAY died Tuesday Jan 12 at his daughter's home
Miss Josie Eadie WELLS and Thomas Wm GREEN were wed yesterday morning.

Jan 29, 1909
Mrs Mabel Mc CORD and Joseph WOOD were wed Sunday.
Loyd WADDELL and Miss Kizzie BRINK were wed Saturday.
Mrs D M NEISWANGER died Tuesday morning after a short illness.
Harold James DOOLITTLE and Miss Mary Frances ERWIN were wed Thursday evening.
Mr Savage is dead after an accident on the railroad.
Miss Augusta HARRIGFELD and Peter RONNFELDT wed Thursday.

Feb 3, 1909
born to Mr & Mrs Win GARNER Jan 29 a boy.
The infant baby boy of T H SULLIVAN and wife died Jan 29, 1909
Born to Mr & Mrs John T DALEY Feb 2 a daughter
Thos FARLEY died Feb 1 after a lingering illness.
Miss Mildred HILEMAN and Wilbur ALLEN were wed Wednesday
James BROWN died Jan 23 at the Soldiers home
John P TRACKER died Jan 22 from bullet wounds
Mr & Mrs Fred F LEEDOM's baby boy died Monday with pneumonia.
Miss Carry PETERSON and Richard HAWK were wed Saturday.
Martin S MANSFIELD - pioneer resident - died at his home Friday Jan 29

Page. 21

Dakota County HERALD (continued)

Feb 12, 1909
Born To Mr & Mrs John ASHFORD Feb 9 a boy
Born to Mr & Mrs Frank LEAMER a. boy last Saturday.
Sarah CASEY and Henry Mc KIVERGAN were wed last week.

Feb 19, 1909
Born to Mr & Mrs R. RASMUSSEN Feb 4. a girl.
Miss Sadie FISHER and John G MILLER were wed Wednesday.
Miss Gwendolin ROCKWELL and Frank MEHAN were wed.

Feb 26, 1909
Mrs SHERLOcK died Monday Feb 8th.
Michael JORDAN and Miss Anna PRYOR were wed Feb 9th.
Denis HEENAN and Miss Nellie CARPENTER were wed Feb 23rd.
Lester W BLEEKLEY and Edith C ROBERTS were wed on Washington's birthday
Charles W DUNSTER and Mrs Susie EISENTRAUT were wed Thursday.
Born to Mr & Mrs A W WELLS Saturday the 13th a boy.

Mar 5, 1909
Born to Mr & Mrs Ed RUSH Feb 27 a son.
Born to Mr & Mrs Louis KRUMWIEDE Saturday a gir (sic), and a boy to Mr & Mrs John BERGER
Born to Mr & Mrs Theodors F MC GLASHAN Friday of last week a girl.

Mar 12, 1909
Born to Mr & Mrs Chas J. GOODFELLOW monday a girl Mar 8.
Infant daughter of Mr & Mrs Alex FRYE died Mar 10th.
Mr & Mrs Chas ANTRIM Saturday received a baby boy.

Mar 19, 1909
Mrs John PENDERS died last Tuesday.
Born to Mr & Mrs Lesly CHURCHHILL on Tuesday a girl.
Born to Mr & Mrs L MOGGENSEN a boy on Monday, but Tuesday morning the little one died.
Born to Mr & Mrs Alva THASK Mar 11 a girl.
Born to Mr & Mrs Guy MANNING last Friday a boy.
George MADSEN & Miss Lillie BLACKETER were wed Wednesday.

Mar 26. 1909
Mamie KNUDSEN and John B HARRIS were wed Wed. Mar 24.
Born to Mr & Mrs Lycurgus AYRES Tuesday a boy.
Born to Mr & Mrs Walter CHAPMAN last Friday a daughter.
Isador D HAMMARLEY and Hazel DAVEY were wed Monday.
Fred HUDDLESTON and Hazel BROWN were wed Tuesday.
Thomas DE LONG died Monday of heart failure.
Galen HATHEWAY and Miss Loraine KNEPPER were wed Thursday
Mr & Mrs Archie COUGHTRY have a new baby boy.
Patrick CASEY died Monday Mar 22 of carcinoma of the liver.
Mrs Wm (Elizabeth Jane) ARMOUR died Friday March 10.

April 2, 1909
Born to Mr & Mrs John LILLY March 27 a son.
Born to Mr & Mrs Ed T KEARNEY Mar 31 a son.
James P RYAN died Sunday evening at his home,
Robert BLUME was found dead at his home on Wednesday morning

April 9, 1909
Born to Mr & Mrs H A MC CORMICK a boy on the 29th
Born to Mr & Mrs Nels ANDERSON Wednesday a baby girl 13 lbs.
John WELKER and wife were wed 45 yrs on Wed April 7th.
Born to Mr & Mrs Peter ROMEFELDT Monday a son
James BURGETT and Amy SHUFELT were wed Saturday.
Born to Mr & Mrs Join DEWITT a girl on Friday of last week.

Page. 22

Dakota County HERALD (continued)

April 16, 1909
George HOLEKAMP and Miss Stella MC ENTAFFER were wed Wednesday.
Born to Mr & Mrs P PERSINGER a baby boy Monday morning.
Born to Mr & Mrs Fred KRUMWIEDE April 8 daughter..
Born to Mr & Mrs James MC CORMICK April 9 a daughter.
Golda PRIEST 14 died April 12.
Born to Mr & Mrs Emil YOUNG Tuesday morning a daughter.
W W WOODWARD died suddenly at home Friday morning.

April 23, 1909
Belle Emma GRAVES and Cyrus O TWIFORD were wed April 7.
August SCHOPKE born Sept 4 died Sunday April 4th - Born Prussian Province Brandenburg, Germany
Born to Mr & Mrs TINKER a bon on Saturday.
Born to Mr & Mrs W J REILLY april (sic) 18 a son.
Joseph LEAHY died last week.
Ludwig SCHMIDT and Oliva HOUSE were wed Thursday.
Born to Mr & Mrs Ed ROSS on Monday a daughter.

April 30, 1909
Ralph B. HATCHER and Miss Frances HOLEKAMP were wed Tuesday.
Born to Mr & Mrs Henry MARTIN April 24 a son
Mary CURRAN died last Thursday
Born to Mr & Mrs GEO F STEVENS a girl Saturday.
Born to Mr & Mrs Andrew KRAMPER on Friday a girl.

May 7, 1909
Born to Mr & Mrs J L DESSERT April 28 a son.
Jeremiah KITTSON and Miss M MACKAY were wed Wednesday morning May 5
Born to Mr & Mrs Will JONES a 10 lb boy on Thursday.
Arthur C. MENTER and Mrs Mary NICHOLAS were wed Sunday.
Anna Kathleen KRAMPER 10 days died Tuesday May 4th.

June 25, 1909
Will LOWE and Mary MCINTYRE were wed Wednesday morning.
Frank LUZIO and Miss Susie KNOX will wed Wednesday June 30th.
Michael P BRYNE and Mary A. EINNEGAN* were wed June 15, 1909.
Born to Mr & Mrs Jack HEENAN June 23 a daughter
Wm King died June 5 Saturday.
Born to Mr & Mrs Fred SCHLIEVE a boy weighed 2 lbs.
Bert JOHNSON and Myrtle MCDONALD were wed June 12th.
Edward BODENBENDER died Sunday.

July 2, 1909
Mr & Mrs J B KROSEN have a new baby girl June 20, Sunday.
Miss Anna MCENTAFFER and Will FLEGG were wed on Wednesday
B W MC GUIRK died last week 82 yrs old.
The infant baby of Mr & Mrs Fred SCHLIEVE died Tuesday
Mrs Anna MULLEN died Saturday
Allen BOYD and Mildred B STAMM were wed Wednesday evening.
The wedding of John SOHN and Minnie BIERMANN took place on Tuesday.
Mrytle BATES and Edward HOOVER will wed on Sunday the 4th.
Leon E GRIGGS and Mrs Abigail M Carr were wed Thursday morning

July 9, 1909
Miss Myrtle SCOTT nad (sic) George ANDREWS were wed Tuesday evening.
Albert E LAKE was killed by lightning on Junes 25th
Miss Ada DAVIS and Mr Clint MANNING were wed Thursday June 24th.
Born to Mr & Mrs BARBER Tuesday morning a girl.
Ann Matilda MASON (Mrs Wm ORB) died July 3, 1909 of stomach cancer.


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