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Source: Heroes Without Medals A Pioneer History of Kearney County
By: Roy T. BANG
Submitted by: Mary Bergsten

     The first mail service to Kearney County was provided by the Military Post Office at Fort Kearny. Moses H. SYDENHAM was the first civilian in the county to qualify for the regular appointment as a Postmaster. He assumed his duties at the fort in 1858.

Postmasters: Mrs Elizabeth GRATIGNY, 1872; George GRAY; Amy ROGERS; Henry BERKHART; Will LATTA; E. E. CARPENTER 1918-1941; Clair OSBORNE 1941-1943. Discontinued 1943.

1874-Eaton: Section 30, Eaton Township

Postmasters: Alexander D. AUSTIN (Austin home); Maggie AUSTIN (served unti11879)

1874-Keene: Section 28, Oneida Township (Walker's Ranch)
Postmasters: Charles W. GRIFFIN, 1874; William LAYTON; Peter P. SWANSON; Wallace SMITH; Orpha LEASURE; Ed KEENE. Discontinued in 1887.

1875-Minden: Section 12, Hayes Township (Fred BREDEMEIER home)
Postmasters; August BREDEMEIER, 1875; W. T. THORN, 1878 (Thorn Store); E.W. ROBERTS, 1881 (Minden House); William JAYNE, 1881; J. W. GORDON, 1882; William T. McGINNIS, 1886; William D. HART, 1890; M. W. CHAPPELL, 1893 (Thorn Building 1894); L. M. COPELAND; Robert F. PATE (MEIER Building, BINDERUP Building); I. J. THOMSEN, 1922; Emil NELSON, 1936 (New Federal Building, 1937); Ivan NEWBOLD 1951.

1875-Mirage; Section 12, Mirage Township (Jayne's Ranch)
Postmasters: E.W. FOSBURY, 1875 (Jayne- Fosbury Homes) Discontinued 1884.

1875-Osco; Section 8, Grant Township
Postmasters: E.W. WELLS, 1875; Robert CHAMBERS, 1877; N.C. JOHNSON, 1888; Agnes RAUN,1890; Lewis T. MEYER,1891.

1876--May; Section 20, May Township
Postmasters: Daniel EMEL, 1876 (Emel Home). Discontinued 1887.

1876--Fredericksburg: Section 5, Cosmo Township

Postmaster Jens L. JENSEN, 1876

1877--Park; Section 20, Liberty Township

Postmasters. Thomas Burchell 1877.(T. W. BURCHELL Home); Joseph HEFFNER, 1879 (Heffner Home).

1879-Christina: Section 26, Sherman Township  
Postmasters: L. B. COLLINS, 1879 (Collins Home) Discontinued April 1887.

1880-Blaineville: Section 26, Blaine Township 
Postmasters: M. D. BOGART, 1880 (Bogart Home); Daniel Shepherd, 1890 (Shepherd Home).

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Kearney County Post Offices (continued)

1880--Harmony: Section 11, Logan Township 
Postmasters: M. C. CARPENTER, 1880 (Carpenter Home); Alex McDONALD,1882 (McDonald Home)

1880-Zyba: Section 26, Cosmo Township
Postmasters: Almon STUART, 1880 (Stuart Home) Discontinued in 1888.

1880--Newark: Established in1880
Postmasters: A.G. LINDBECK, 1880; BREWER, 1893; William MERRICK; William SCARR, about 1900; John SCOTT, 1915; Charles BRAD; E. C. MITCHELL, 1943-.

1881--Snowflake: Section 9, Grant Township
Postmasters: John BRYNE, 1881; Sarah MILLS; N.C. JOHNSON.

Postmasters: C. J. HULQUIST, 1884; John ROST, 1887; B.F. MOREHOUSE, 1888; L. G. HOAG,1889; C. L. LARSON, 1891; Mrs SCHAUFF; Noble SANFORD, 1908; Ed McCLURE, 1916; Arvid SAMUELSON, 1924; H. H. BURDEN, 1936-.

Postmasters: I. W. HAWS, 1884; Miles FIERO, 1890; Warren HOWARD; Mary A. PORTER; Margaret HOBAN, 1914-1943; Jack FILBIN 1943-.

1886--Folsomdale: Section 36, Sherman Township
Postmasters: W. G. COIE, 1886; Discontinued in 1889.

1887--Wilcox: Established January, 1887, Lot 12, Block 2
Postmasters: V. A. MARSTELLAR, 1887; G. D. COUTANT; L. J. WOHLGEMUTH, 1893 (Lot 21, Block 7); William LAYTON; Charles W. MORROW; Jim MORRISON; Hertha L MERSHON; Joe McGOWAN; Harry JORDAN; J. Wilbur BRAUNER, 1941-.

Postmasters: Abraham WOOD, 1887; J. A. MILLETT, 1893; Cora HAYS, 1901; Bradley SMITH,1905; Mamie SAUL, 1909; Robert SAUL, 1913; Clifton FLEMING, 1934; Pauline HARDWICK, 1948; Tom GASTON, Jr., 1951.

1887--Keene: Section 1, Oneida Township
Postmasters: Henry BIHLER, 1887; C. H. WOODRUFF; J. H. ROSS; Olof PEARSON; Robert CHANNER; C.O. DANIELSON; Arvid PETERSON, 1922-1933; Henry FRIEMANN, 1933-1944; Kenneth MUSSELL 1944; Discontinued 1945.


     Rural mail routes were established out of the Minden Post Office on October 1, 1901. Each of the four routes was about twenty-four miles in length. The first carriers were: D.C. (Doc) AYRES, Wilbur STEVENS, Hank SLUSSER, and J. E. JONES. Mail boxes could be purchased at the post office. Each had a lock and the carrier was provided with a master key so he could open the boxes for collection and delivery of mail. A fifth route was added in 1924, in 1927 the number of routes was reduced to four. Improved roads and the use of motor vehicles made it possible to consolidate to three routes in 1932.

     The first rural carriers were succeeded by: Charles SLUSSER, Ben AYRES, 1911; Bert WINTERS; Oscar WARP; George BROWN; Howard TARKINGTON, 1919-1945; Kenneth O. DAVIS,1920; Roy T. BANG, 1924; Paul MUSGRAVE, 1945.

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Kearney Co. Rural Routes (continued)

     Two rural routes emanated from the Axtell Post Office in 1902. The first rural carriers were: George ROST, and John A. JOHNSON. In 1906 a third route was carried by Henry NELSON. Other carriers were: Alfred PETERSON, 1909-1945; Walt BLAKEMAN; Oscar PETERSON; Omer ANDERSON; and Mrs. Norma ANDERSON.

     Two rural routes were established out of the Wilcox Post Office in October, 1903. Carriers were Stewart CARSKADDON and Floyd WEST. A third route was begun in 1918, carried by Ora MARSTELLAR until 1931 when routes were consolidated. Other carriers were: Ivan McCULLOUGH; Ferdinand HULQUIST.

     In October, 1903, W. L. BALL was appointed carrier on a rural route established out of the Heartwell Post Office (1903-1914). Other carriers were: Chris MUNK, 1914-1936; Riley ROUSE,1936-1939; Paul PECHMANN, 1939-1945; Lislie TODD, 1945.

     The Norman route was established in 1903, first served by George HOLYCROFT , who is said to have delivered the route the greater part of the time on a bicycle. Other carriers were: Dan PORTER; Harry JORDAN; Robert SAUL; Thomas GASTON, 1920-1946; Tom GASTON, Jr. 1946-1949; Clifton FLEMING 1949-

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POST OFFICES (Marked with flag.)

  1. Fort Kearny, 1848 (The first in NE Territory)

The railroad indicated from Fort Kearny northeastward (the Denver City line) of the Burlington was never built. 

  2. Blaineville, 1880 (Blaine Township)   
  3. Blaineville, 1890 (Blaine Township) 
  4. Harmony, 1880 (Logan Township) 
  5. Harmony, 1882 (Logan Township)
  6. Heffner Home (Liberty Township)
  7. Thomas Burchell Home, 1877 (Liberty Township)
  8. Eaton, 1874 (Eaton Township)
  9. May, 1874 (May Township)
10. Jayne's Ranch, 1875 (Mirage Township)
11. Keene (Oneida Township)
12. Walker's Ranch, 1874 (Oneida Township)
13. Christina, 1879 (Sherman Township)
14. Folsomdale, 1886 (Sherman Township)
15. Fredericksburg, 1876 (Cosmo Township) ; ti
16. Zyba, 1880 (Cosmo Township)
17. Osco, 1875 (Grant Township)
18. Osco, 1877 (Grant Township)
19. Osco, 1890 (Grant Township)
      Snowflake, Section 9, Grant Township, 1881

COUNTRY CHURCHES (Marked square with cross)
BURIAL GROUNDS (Marked with a cross)

1. Saint Paul's Evangelical Lutheran (Lowell Township) 
2. Burial Ground in Blaine Township 
3. White Hill (Logan Township)
4. Liberty Baptist (Liberty Township)
5. Eaton Presbyterian (Eaton Township)
6. May Presbyterian (May Township)
7. Bethany Lutheran (Mirage Township)
8. Salem Methodist (Mirage Township)
9. Evangelical Mission, Keene
10. West Mission House (Sherman Township)
11. Garden Plain (Sherman Township)
12. Fredericksburg Lutheran (Cosmo Township)
13. East Mission House (Cosmo Township)
14. Osco Baptist (Cosmo Township)
      Daneville, north line, Section 26, Lincoln Township

FIRST SETTLERS (Marked with number in hollow square.)

1. Paul PETTERSEN, 1871, Lowell 

10. Jacob ZIMMERMAN, 1873 (Mirage)

2. Major TALBOT, 1859, Newark 

11. Charles WALKER, 1872 (Oneida) 

3. Sommerville and Arnet (Dirty Woman's Ranch)
     1860 (Blaine)

12. George GRAY, 1874 (Sherman)

4. Joel HULL, 1874 (Logan) 

13. Jens SUHR, 1874 (Cosmo)

5. Joseph TRACY, 1873 (Liberty) 

14. Jewett BARNES, 1873 (Grant)

6. James BROWN, 1872 (Eaton) 

S-1. Store at Walker's Ranch

7. A. H. HARLAN, 1874 (May) 

S-2. Store at Fredericksburg

     PEDERSEN, Lars CHRISTENSEN, 1874 (Lincoln)

S-3. Store at Osco

9. Frederick BREDEMEIER,
     August BREDEMEIER, 1874 (Hayes)

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Allen Public School Alumni List

Submitted by Pat Nygren

Specifics of addresses omitted

Dorthy Anderson Engel 1943

Mona Jean Dagley Roberts 1944

Arvada CO

Norfolk, NE


Loren Smith 1943

Norris Emry 1944

Sheridan WY

Allen NE


Ve1ma Carr Cohan 1943

Gaylen Jackson 1944

Las Vegas NV

Allen NE

Leonard Tondreau 1943

Darrel Novak 1944

Los Angeles CA

Allen NE

Shirley Peterson Watt 1943

Bonnie Pierce Warner 1944

Upland GA

Allen NE

Rage Marie Duffy Grahm 1943

William Snyder 1944

Fullerton GA

Allen NE

Joyce Isom Kueb1er 1943

Maxine Schultz Phipps 1944

Auburn WA

Ponca NE

Azala Loetcher 1944

Delores Wheeler Johnson 1944


Wakefield NE


Maxine Schenck Hood 1944

Donnella Ellis Johnson 1944

Marritt Island FL

Wayne NE


Eulalie Christensen Maxium 1944

Harold Junes 1944

St. Clair Shores MI

Astoria OR


Marjorie Lundahl Dewey 1944

Darrel Diediker 1945

Des Moines IA



Faye Stanley Ripper 1944

T. J. Qualls 1945

Rose Hill KS


Mari1yn Anderson Wilson 1944

Martin Blohm 1945

Blair NE



Bette Jean Clark Green 1944

John Hansen 1945

St. Edward NE




Jim Fitch 1945

Bellevue NE

Page. 11

Allen Public School Alumni List (continued)

Melvin Tyler 1945

Mary Ellen Jones O'Dell 1945

Sheridan IN

Dakota City NE

Doris Brownell Dixon 1945

Shirley Larson Qualls Wickett

Ankeny IA

Laurel NE

Jerry Dixon 1945

Kendall Roberts 1945

Ankeny IA

Ponca NE

Clarence Malcom 1945

Willis Schultz 1945

Marshalltown IA

Ponca NE

Harold Malcom 1945

Norma Starks Linafelter 1945


South Sioux City NE


Eugene Mitchell 1945

Vivian Lundin Olson 1945

Lincoln IL

Wakefield NE


Albert Wilson 1945

Bonnie Smith Paul 1945

Kansas City MO


Boyd White 1945

Clarence Luhr 1945

Sedwich KS



Donald Bohler 1945

Mary Rasmussen Rakow 1945

Monument CO

Bellevue WA


LaVern Kavanaugh 1945

Edna Jacobson Hill 1945

Lincoln NE

Prescott Valley AZ


Carol Geiger Jackson 1945

Gaylen Hutchings 1945

Allen NE

Norwalk CA


Bonnie Richards Kellogg 1945

Zella Blatchford Norwood 1945

Allen NE

Escondido CA

Marjorie Pearson Rastede 1945

Beverly Mathiesen Luallen 1945

Laurel NE

Coronado CA


Ruth Gotch Jenson 1945

Elaine Rasmussen 1946

Dakota City NE


Page. 12

Allen Public School Alumni List (continued)

Elva Schultz Emry 1946

Alice Pearson Erwin 1946


Concord NE

Milton Ulrich 1946

John Book 1946


Ponca NE


Ruth Fegley Sellin 1946

Ella Leah Wheeler Miller 1946


South Sioux City NE


Doris Malmberg Vodla 1946

Arlene Roberts Goodell 1946

Parma OH

Kearney NE


Merle Lockwood 1946

Phyllis Beneke Tucker 1946

Charles City IA

Denver CO


Vada Fay Smith Barnes 1946

Calvin Novak 1946

Council Bluffs IA 51501

California City CA


Howard Prouse 1946

Doris Doescher Alexander 1946

Mankato MN

Merced CA


Milton Emry 1946

Lewis Alexander 1947

Fremont NE 68025



Janis Lund Emry 1946

Bernadette Hansen Eilers 1947

Fremont NE


Alice Koch Steckel 1946

Johnny Lippolt 1947

Fullerton NE



Bernadine Noe Halstrom 1946

Ivan Malcom 1947

Allen NE



Pauline Peters Fischer 1946

Duane Carr 1947

Allen NE



James Merlin Jones 1946

Mari1yn Fegley Hank 1947

Allen NE

Astor FL


Duane Koester 1946

Arlene Emry Fox 1947

Allen NE

Umatilla FL 32784-8837



Virgie Nobbe Gensler 1946

Lorna Karlberg Pearson 1947

Ponca NE

Omaha NE


Forrest Smith 1947


Allen NE

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