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Volume One, no 4

Spring 1979


Volume One, no 4 page 172 Spring 1979

Heredity is an omnibus in which all our ancestors ride, and now and then one of them puts his head out and embarrasses us.
     Oliver Wendell Holmes 1809/1893

Volume One, no 4 page 177 Spring 1979
A-Recorded by Margie Sobotka, Dolores Conner, Sophie Sobotka 28 Oct 1976

INGRAM, Lucy W.       b Newfane Vt 12 May 1811       d Sargent Ne 29 Jul 1885
SHANKS, Wayne R.                           10 Apr 1914         28 Jan 1916
WEBSTER, Elsie T. dau of L. E. & H. C.                       d 21 May 1889
MINER, Annie M. wf of Edgar              b 2 Jan 1850        d 26 Feb 1885
LEWIN, James Harvey Father                  4 Dec 1848         16 Feb 1933
       Julia Frances Mother                 7 Jan 1856         27 Nov 1931
       Clarence A. son of J. H. & J. F.     d 19 Jan 1882 ag 4y 10m 6d
       Hazel O.                             d 1 Jul 1895 ag 9m
GUTHRIE, Susan C. wf of W. P.               d 29 Aug 1882 ag 44y 2m 19d
         Ginevra C. dau of W. P. & S. C.    d 26 May 1880 ag 11m 18d
         Louellen E. WELLONS dau of W. P. & S. C. GUTHRIE   d 13 Dec 1880 ag 23y 1m 12d
         W. P.                              19 Apr 1833          5 Aug 1921
HOHMAN, John C. son of T. H. & R.        d 25 Jul 1882 ag 6m 18d
        James T. son of T. H. & R.       d 25 Aug 1886 ag 11m 28d
        Rachel                           14 Jul 1861         28 Jan 1909
        Theadot                           5 Jul 1855         26 Aug 1938
        Alice Z.                         15 Apr 1901          1 Jan 1956
John E. (no last name near HOHMAN grave area) 1882-1921
HOHMAN, Willet son of J. E. & Emma         d 25 Apr 1877 ag 5m
        Anna M. dau of J. E. & Emma        d 25 Feb 1889 ag 8y 5m 1d
        Walter S. son of J. E. & Emma      d 8 Feb 1889 ag 3y 9m 20d
        Jennie O. dau of J. E. & Emma      d 30 Mar 1889 ag 1y 6m
        John E.                            d 19 Oct 1909 ag 64y 5m 15d
        Emma H. his wife                   d 10 Mar 1890 ag 37y 4m 15d
MOORE, Orth son of B. C. & Libbie         d 3 Dec 1888 ag 4y 9m 27d
       Jay son of B. C. & Libbie          d 18 Jan 1889 ag 2y 11m 21d
       Lee son of B. C. & Libbie          b 27 Jun 1890      d 18 Jan 1896
       Libbie wife of R. C. dau of David & L. MOATS   1 Aug 1869 - 18 Oct 1894
GROSS, Lemuel J.                             1 Oct 1876          4 Sep 1906
BUCKBEE, Van son of Wm. & Eva               28 Jul 1895         12 Aug 1914
         Clarence son of Perry & Etta       11 Dec 1890          1 Mar 1900
         Sarah                               5 Mar 1841         11 Apr 1914
         Munmouth G.                       d 8 Sep 1904   ag 64 y 11 m 24 d
         Carl A.                             6 Jan 1894          1 Jan 1896
         Claude A.                          19 Oct 1900         19 Sep 1902
STONE, Rebecca wf of Walter                     1875                 1907
DENISON, Mary Helen dau of Reed & Louie   14 Feb 1918         26 Jan 1920
SHAFER, Infant son of R. A. & K. L.                          15 Nov 1907
        Robert A. WWI Ne Pvt Stu Army Tng Corp 9 Feb 1899 - 3 Jan 1955
        Robert W. Civil War Vet             5 Mar 1841        11 Apr 1914
        Rebecca                            13 Oct 1937 ag 89 y 5 m
        Robert A.                          17 Feb 1872         20 May 1907
        Katie L.                           26 Jun 1874          4 Jul 1935
        Infant son 1907 
        (small stone on SHAFER plot, Katie Lou)
        Robert A.                          1899 - 1955
PAZDERKA, Mat. (Father)                  1851 - 1930

Nebraska Genealogical Society Vol. 1, No. 4 Page 178
A-Recorded by Margie Sobtka, Dolores Conner, Sophie Sobotka 28 Oct 1976
(continued-Longwood Cemetery, Sargent Township, Custer County)
PAZDERKA, Barbara Mother                        1923 ag 71 y
          Frank son                       5 Jul 1884         27 Jul 1889
          Mary daughter                  10 Mar 1881          8 Aug 1899 

Longwood Cemetery is located along the road between Ord and Sargent, near where the Longwood P. O. originally was located, about 14 miles west of Ord. It is a very well kept cemetery and although the stones are in very good condition, it appears that there are other graves without stones from the impressions of the terrain. It is about 1 acre enclosed in the fence. Within the cemetery there are 2 smaller fence enclosures, but they do not seem to be entirely all one family per enclosure. The stones and plots are in no set pattern but it is a small cemetery so graves are easily found. Read by Dolores CONNER of Ord, Sophie SOBOTKA of Ord, and Margie SOBOTKA of Omaha.

Volume One, no 4 page 178 Spring 1979
A-Submitted by Mrs. D. JoAnn Shimonek Schiefelbeing Wichita Ks

Midland College, Fremont 17 Apr 1930: Committees on arrangements for "open house" to be held at the boy's dormitory I May have been appointed by Clarence BOWER Davenport, president of the organizations Harold HORN Glasco Ks; Donald WILSON San Diego Cal Alexis JOHNSON Newman Grove; Edward SCHNABEL Clearwater; William VOEFTLY Youngstown Pas John SHIMONEK Wilbur; Rudolph FREDSTROM Oakland; Irwin SCHWARTZ Hildreth; Robert GRUVER Oakland Cal James BIGNELL Cedar Bluffs-, Herbert HILLERMAN Berkeley Ca; Vadan ROCK Tekamah; Norman CARLTON Oakland; & George ELLER Leigh.

Volume One, no 4 page 179 Spring 1979
A-Submitted by Gene Bang, Fremont Ne
Source "History of the Elkhorn Valley," published by C. H. Scoville (1892)


Antelope County was formed from original territory, never having been a part of any other civil sub-division of the state. It dates its organization from 1871 when by an act of the Legislature its boundaries were fixed. It derives its name from an incident in 1870 when Indians had stolen stock from the settlers. GERRARD & SMITH, while pursuing them, shot an antelope and ate it. Hon. Leander GERRARD, one of the company & states representative next year, when asked the proposed county's name, replied "Antelope. "

The first settlement in the co was made in 1868. The first family to locate was Michael HUGHES in Jun 1868, soon relocating at West Point, Cuming Co. The first pre-emption filed #941 by a Canadian Frenchman George ST. CLAIRE was called "Ponca George," claim from the Dakota Land District 25 Apr 1868. On 30 Jun 1868 he entered his claim within St. Claire Valley for only a short time. John MCKIRAHAN of Belmont Co Oh pre-empted claim #957 and settled there Nov 1868, but sold to Cyrus D. BUCK May 1869. The first permanent settlement was made by Crandall HOPKINS of Oh in Nov 1868. Thomas MAHAN, Charles TIMMS, J. H. SNIDER, A. N. SALNAVE, Jacob BOSWMAN & William CLARK all came prior to Jul 1869. The Cedar Creek Settlement was made in 1870, West Cedar Valley in 1872. The first post office in the co was Twin Grove, with J. H. SNIDER as postmaster. In Mar 1870 the Sioux Indians raided the settlement, fired several shots, offered insults to the people and finally escaped with 9 horses. Later in 1870 they broke into the house of Robert HORNE, destroying his household effects. They were followed by 14 settlers, captured and severely punished a few miles below O'Neill City. Several Indians were killed & wounded, some whites injured. The last buffalo was killed in Jun 1872 by a hunting party of Indians.

In 1870 Antelope Co had a population of 549, 1875 was 1500, 1880 to 3830 and 1881 to 4522, 1890 was 10,376. Neligh is the county seat since 1884, previously being in Oakdale. It was named in honor of Hon. John D. NELIGH who was the proprietor of the original town site. Neligh was platted in 1873. Mr. THOMPSON built the first house in Mar 1873 and Mr. LAMBERT the pioneer. D. V. COE erected a hotel in Mar 1874. For several years after 1881 the US Land office was at Neligh.

Gates College, a Congregational institution was built on the bluff northeast of Neligh with the first faculty Rev. M. R. HOLT, G. A. GREGORY, & Miss H. S. PRIME, with 92 students the first year.

John H. CRAWFORD burned the brick from which the first flouring mill was erected on the Elkhorn River in 1874. M. S. BARTLETT was the pioneer journalist, moving from Oakdale in 1875, publishing the "Neligh Journal. " Other news sheets were the "Independent," "Republican," "Antelope County Eagle," "Advocate," "Tribune," "Leader," and "Public Opinion. "

Oakdale was platted by I. N. TAYLOR in 1872. The first settler was B. C. PALMER, of Il. Dr. A. B. ELWOOD, Thomas POTTS, T. P. TRASK & A. M. TOWSLEY came about the same time. A mill was built by R. G. KING in 1873. The first store was built by B. C. PALMER in Apr 1873, next store by R. G. KING 1874. The first postmaster was R. P. ELWOOD in 1873. Oakdale Seminary was located 13 Oct 1881 with Rev. George L. LITTLE of Omaha Pres. The first teacher was Rev. Harvey WILSON, (continued)

Nebraska Genealogical SOCIETY Vol. 1, No. 4. Page 180
B-Submitted by Gene Bang, Fremont Ne
Source "History of the Elkhorn Valley," published by C. H. Scoville (1892)
(continued-Brief History of Antelope County)

a Presbyterian clergyman of Dakota City. The "Pen and Plow" was the first paper edited 7 Apr 1877 by J. N. TAYLOR. The present papers are the "Oakdale Guard" & the "Sentinel. "

Clearwater was platted by David P. KIMBALL & DeWitt C. BLAIR 13 Oct 1881. Elgin was platted 20 Jun 1887 by the Western Town Lot Co. Orchard was platted 4 Jun 1890. Savage and Brunswick are each small stations on the Pacific Short Line Railroad.



Volume One, no 4 page 180 Spring 1979
A-Submitted by Mrs. D. JoAnn Shimonek Schiefelbein, Wichita Ks

"The Milligan Journal" 20 Sep 1901 Vol. V. No. 7:

Mrs. G. E. WITTER d 8 Sep 1901 at her home 2 miles south & 1 mile east of Grafton. Services were conducted by Rev. SEYMOUR and burial was at the Fairmont cemetery. Mtilda E. BELL was b Edinburg, Portage Co Oh 27 Jan 1843, with the Christian church as a girl, afterwards the Methodist church.

B 9 Sep a son to John MCCABE & wife.
B 7 Sep a son to I. N. LOTT & wife of north Fairmont.

Mrs. Mary BURES, wife of Frank BURES, Jr, living 9 miles northwest of town, died leaving a husband & 3 small-children, 1 born but a few weeks. The funeral was held at the Catholic church Sunday with interment in the Catholic cemetery.

Saline County Happenings:
Jos. HYNEK, Frank SLEPICKA, Louis SLEPICKA, John SHIMERDA & John VOSTRES returned this week from a trip to Alberta, Canada where they all bought a farm.


Volume One, no 4 page 183 Spring 1979
A-Submitted by Minnie E. Reichart, Teacher; From Souvenir of 1904


School Board: G. W. SPACE, director; P. YOUNGSON, moderator; Julis WALLENTINE, treasurer; J. R. BAKER, Co Supt.


Volume One, no 4 page 183 Spring 1979
A-Source "Nebraska History Magazine," Feb 1935

Nebraska Newspapers: The collection of newspapers at the State Historical Society begins with the Nebraska "Palladium," which was the first newspaper printed in Ne, starting its publication 15 Jul 1854. During the territorial period 1854/67 the Society has complete or partial files of about 40 newspapers. The systematic collection was started in 1891 and was nearly complete in 1935. In 1935 the State Hist. Society exchanged their publications with editors of 416 weeklies, 26 dailies, and considerable numbers of special publications. The preservation of the newspapers for future use requires more time for the search of Inexpensive and efficient modes, especially the miniature photographic film process. (Truncated - remainder of article dealt with contacting NSHS ...)

Volume One, no 4 page 184 Spring 1979
A-Submitted by Susan Ormesher, Valentine Ne


This Bible was the property of Jennie HARR LOVEJOY, dau of Jacob & Rose Anna HARR, b Carlisle Pa 4 Jan 1857 d Valentine Ne 20 Oct 1930. The Bible was published by the NY American Bible Society 1858 and is now the property of her great-granddaughter, Susan ORMESHER Valentine Ne. The entries are on a separate sheet of paper all written in the same hand. The list is of Jennie's children & parents. The flap inscription reads: Jane MARSHALL HERR from her friend J. S. MARSHALL Carlisle Pa 23 Mar 1860.

Freddie Sheetz LOVEJOY 2 Sep 1876; Benjamin Charles 12 Mar 1881; Anna Bell 25 Jan 1883; Robert Harr LOVEJOY I Feb 1885; Homer LOVEJOY 11 Jun 1887; John LOVEJOY 16 May 1889; Chalmers LOVEJOY 24 Mar 1891; Halferd 4 Dec 1893; Jennie Josephine LOVEJOY 31 Jan 1896, Walter Scott LOVEJOY 18 May 1899.

Deaths: Rose Anna HARR 26 Sep 1875, Jacob HARR 30 Oct 1880.

The following is a letter written to Chalmers LOVEJOY of Ogden Ia by his mother Isabella SHEETZ LOVEJOY. Chalmers and his wife Jennie HARR LOVEJOY were preparing to leave for Cherry Co Ne where they settled in the fall of 1884. Mrs. LOVEJOY resided in Des Moines Ia. Dated: Home 20 Aug 1884. "My Dear Chall

"Received yor postal yesterday. Pearl may go. He will come anytime after this week that you are ready. He will bring your cow when he comes. He has sold the Fisher cow, and the milk cow has turned in on a debt.

"I hope it will suit you to take the horse but if it is a going to be a debtriment to you dont do it, and we will watch our opportunity to dispose of him. And the same in reference to the wagon. Eliza left a very good overcoat of Halls here for Will, but the hat is two long for him and he has a new over coat. He got late last winter and does not need it and it is two long for Purl. The coat is very much such a one as your last one it is good not much the worse for ware. I can lenthin the sleves and I believe you could ware it. Am sorry you did not try it on when you were downs went to the closet to get it but some one came in and thin it was forgoton. It mite save you from buying.

"Maggie will mail this at the postoffice so you may get it tomorrow.

"Now you remember the condition that Purl goes with you, 'Do not unnecessarily travel on the Sabbath' and May God bless keep and direct you.

"Please let us hear from you immeaditly. " Signed: With much love to all, Affectionately, Mother. "

Volume One, no 4 page 187 Spring 1979
I don't like the term senior citizen. I'd much rather be called old girl!
Helen Hayes

Volume One, no 4 page 188 Spring 1979
A-Copied by Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha Ne
Source Program for the Dedication 10 Oct 1922 Osceola, Polk County


Polk County was organized following an election held on 6 Aug 1870. Prior to then and up to Mar 1872 there was no regular building for the court house. Any public business was transacted on the homesteads of the then county clerks, namely, Frank REARDON or W. F. KIMMEL. The contract for the first building was given to M. W. STONE in 1871. Fire destroyed this frame building on 1 Jan 1881 & many valuable county records were burned. In 1881 James BELL of David City, contractor & T. D. ALLEN, architect built the court house that lasted until 1921. The participants at the dedication of the new court house were Julius A. JOHANSEN of Polk, Governor Samuel R. MCKELVIE, Dr. George E. CONDRA of U of N, Prof. PARKS directed the Community Chorus. Board of Co Commissioners: J. A. JOHANSEN, H. T. WESTRING, O. F. BRANTING. County officers: E. E. GOOD of Wahoo; George HOPKINS of Wahoo, George F. CORCORAN of York, A. P. SPRAGUE of York, F. H. BALL, M. A. MILLS Jr, Martha SILVERSTRAND, J. W. FILLMAN, John SJOBLOM, Ruth GLASSER, Gracs PHEASANT JOHNSTON, David S. POTTER, Amelia RASMUSSEN, Joel HANSON, R. E. DEARBORN. Members on the committees were S. A. SNIDER, F. H. BALL, O. F. BRANTING, W. O. JOHNSON, H. C. BEEBE, Jay HASTINGS, W. S. HEITZMAN, Wm. 0. HANSEN, A. N. JOHNSON, N. L. NELSON, 0. E. MICKEY, August P. ANDERSON, E. A. SWANSON, R. J. INNESS, G. W. CRAVEN, C. A. OLSON Joel HANSON, A. F. NUQUIST, M. A. MILLS, Jr; John SLOBLOM, John L. SODERBERG of Omaha.

Volume One, no 4 pages 190-191 Spring 1979

The American Family Records Association (AFRA) was founded Nov 1978 in Kansas City Mo for educational purposes, devoted to the education of people in researching records & recording family history genealogy. One purpose is to like independent genealogical societies nationwide. One of the immediate problems at hand is to advise & assist in meeting search restrictions that have been placed on public records. Another problem is to assist in saving public (continued)

records from destruction as some states, including Mo, have authorized the destruction of court records over 5 y old after key items have been microfilmed. However many of the items not microfilmed are of great genealogical value, A newsletter will be started. soon. Memberships area individual annual $15, sustaining $30, life $225; institutions annual $30, sustaining $60, life $750; association by independent genealogical societies is $3 per member; affiliation by independent societies is $8. If interested contact American Family Records Association, c/o Kansas City Public Library, 311 E 12 St, Kansas City Mo 64106.

NOTE: OLD article above - Do NOT rely on this for fees or addresses.

Volume One, no 4 page 191 Spring 1979

Image  EDITOR'S BARK  Image

     As we conclude our final issue of our first year of "Nebraska Ancestree" I would like to share with you some of our policy conclusions we have arrived at this year. We have decided that we want to include just as many names, dates & places from as many different sources as we possibly can in each issue. We hope to direct you to those sources for more complete information. We have found that we can get many more names, dates & places in a paragraph form than in list form so we have sacrificed ease of scaning a page for the sake of more information. We hope our index will provide the ease you need for finding your surname. We are trying to use the material on a first received, first printed procedure and at the same time present a good representation from every area of our state. As we are receiving a great deal from a few counties and very little from a lot of counties, if your material falls in the first category it may be a while before your material is published. But please! rest assured that it will all be printed. We try to make note at the top of each article who submitted it and the source, except when it is submitted by a member of the editorial staff as we try to fill in some of the area gaps with our own hurried research. So when no credit is given just blame it all on one of your hardworking staff members. We feel it is more important to tell you where you can find the original source so you can check it yourself than to note who might have copied it. We would greatly appreciate it if you could give a full reference to the original source with any material you send us if you can so that others can find it for further information. When cemeteries are copied we try to note who did the original copying whenever it is noted on the material submitted. However we do not even try to attempt to note who did the typing as everything must be typed so many times before it is ready for publication as I am so particular about how it in typed. I take full responsibility for any errors for although we proofread the final copy against the original copy we still make errors, both of commission & omission. Any mistakes we make that anyone discovers we will note in a later issue. I am thrilled with the variety of material we have been receiving and I must say a special "Thank you!" to the Nebraska State Historical Society and their staff for their fantastic assistance. But the biggest "Thank you"' goes to you, the members, for without your continued support and contributions this quarterly publication would not be possible.

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