NSGS - NE Ancestree, Vol I, no 3
NSGS Ancestree
Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume One, no. 3
Winter 1978

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 137 Winter 1978

A-Source "Lyons Mirror Sun" loaned by Mrs. Ruth YOUNG, Lyons Ne


   Lyons was incorporated as a village on 28 Apr 1884. The original townsite by Waldo LYON Sr. The members of the Village Board of Trustees were appointed as follows: W.G. WAITE, R.S. HART, M.E. FORD, L. KRYGER, J.E. FARRINGTON. Only R.S. HART was still alive to celebrate the village's 50th anniversary.

   The first election was held on 7 Apr 1885 to elect the Board of Trustees and the following 46 cast votes: Charles CARRILL, William CASS*, A.W. CATES, B.C. CLARK, William CLEMENTS*, Jesse CORMEL, W.G. DAVIS*, Franklin EVERETT, Walter EVERETT*, Hirma FISCUS, M.E. FORD*, J.S. FULLERTON*, A.B. GROW*, B.S. HARRINGTON, Z.O. HALL R.S. HART*, Adam HETZLER, M.L. HILDRETH*, George HUNTSBERGER*, J.W. HUNTSBERGER*, L. KRYGER*, E.R. LIBBEY, August LUHRS, J.B. LYON, J.C. MCELHINNEY*, D. MCMONIES*, R.M. MILLARD*, M.G. MORELL, Frank MYERS, William NEWELL, Henry OITZMAN, L.A. PETERSON, John PIPER, Lewis PIPER*, M.M. RAMEY*, Orrin SEDGWICK, P. SHARP, R.P. SHELTON, J. SHUMWAY*, U.F. SIMPSON, L.B. SMITH*, Thomas SOUTHWELL, William WAITE, Allan WHITCOMBE*, T. WHITE*, W.M. WORLEY.


   The following is taken from the 10th census of the US 1880 population schedule for Lyons, Everett Precinct Burt Co pg 362 Microcopy T9 Microfilm roll 743. Census taken before Lyons incorporated 28 Apr 1884.

Waldo LYON 70 farmer from Vt, parents from Ct.
William MANN 22 farm hand from Canada, parents from Scotland.
Rock RUBEN works grist mill from Pa, parents from Pa.

Henry BABBIT farm hand Ne.
Henry SEAK farm hand from Hanover, parents from Hanover.
Henry HOAR farm hand from Prussia, parents from Prussia.

William G. WAITE 50 house carpenter from Me, parents Me, wife Thresa 40 Me, parents Ma, dau Lucy 10.
Lizzie MANN 21 Me.
W.S. COMAR 42 retail merchant Vt, wife Mary 34 Wi, dau. Mina 19, son Clarence 10, dau Vivian 8, son Diedde 4.

Eli M. WILLIAMS 46 physician Ky, wife Elizabeth 38 Va, sons Charlie 15, Willie 13, Fred 8, Frank 6, Ia.
Nancy PATTERSON 45 does washing Oh, son John 25, dau Sarah 15, son Davie 11, son Bushrod 10, dau Mary 9,
     son Gideon 6, dau J. Belle 3, Oh.

D.H. SHAW 30 house painter Ma. wife Esther 24 Wi, son Roderick 3.
John BRINK 45 house carpenter NY, mother Sarah 67 NY, son William 10, dau. Amelia 6.
August PETERSON 34 blacksmith Sweden, wife Emma Ia. Paulina GOING 17 Ia.

Thomas SOUTHWELL 27 blacksmith Wi. J.C. SLOAN 39 minister NY, wife Lucy 20 In, dau Ella 4, son John 1.
Sylvia PADDOCK teacher In, brother-in-law Isaac PADDOCK 22 farmer In.
Gilbert LAKE 30 teacher NH, Barbara LAKE boarder Ne.

L.B. SMITH 44 retail Hardware dealer Oh, wife Mayr (sic) 34 Wi, dau Frankie S. 14, dau Bertie W. 70?, son Guy E. 3,
     son Waldo L. 9, dau Aggie G. 4.
Fred WOODARD 22 farmer NH,

Lucy RICHARDSON 20 servant Il.
T. G. KEITH* 33 photographer NY, Nellie E. KEITH* 28 NH, Merton E. KEITH* 6 attends school Ks.
John CLARKSON 77 retired farmer Eng, wife Teresa 56 British Columbia.

C.S. SPENCER 31 physician Pa, wife Carrie S. NY.
A. HODGETTS, 28 Methodist minister NY, wife Hattie 30 NY, dau Abbie S. 5, dau Sara V. 2, son George A. 1.
E. S. CORNELL 42 harness maker NY, wife Cynthia 28 Wi, son Alva 1, father Jessie 72 retired farmer NY.
J.B. LYON 29 farmer Wi, wife O.W. 23 Me. (continued)

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 138 Winter 1978
B-(continued-Lyons Diamond Jubilee) from Mrs. Ruth Young, Lyons

Anne HAMMEL 65 housekeeper Ireland, dau Anne 22 dressmaker Wi.
W.H. LYONS 38 miller Wi, wife Maggie 30 Pa, son Frederick 7, son Bert 5, son Charles 2.

Walter EVERETT 22 merchant Ia, wife Nellie Canada.
D.S. BROWN 63 blacksmith Wi.
Fremont EVERETT 24 lawyer Ia, Wife Eva 20 Mi, grandmother Lucy 80 Me.

*Not listed as a family unit in the newspaper*

First graduating class 1892 from Lyons High School: Fred LYON, George WHITE, Evelyn EVERETT, Waldo SMITH.
Second graduating class 1893 from Lyons High School: Ellis PIPER, Frank WHITE, Bert LYON (also pictured Supt. GILLILAND).
Mrs. Lucy CHURCHILL EVERETT and her four sons, Andrew, Franklin, Josiah and Beniah all were homesteaders near Lyons. She lived with her grandson, Fremont, a lawyer.

(6 Aug 1959 Burt Co)

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 138 Winter 1978


   1890: Maud BODEIN, Olive BANWELL, Millie ROBBINS, Corda PATE, Alice MAIN, Marcia VOSBURG, Joey OLSON, Raymor OLMSTEAD
   1891: Clara BODEIN, Mary BRWIDING, Walter PATE, James RICHMOND, Anna ALBRIGHT
   1892: Anna GIBBONS, Jennie GIBBONS, Media JENNINGS, May TRAVIS, John TURLEY

   1895: Gertrude BAYARD, Roy BODEIN, Rose CAFFREY, Katie CAFFREY, Edward FENNINGER, Arthur MAINE, Clara ZULAUF
   1896: Blanche CLAYPOOL, Lillian CHANDLER, Edith JENNINGS, Anna MANNING, Mable OLSON, Maude VANSICKLE, Frank WALLACE.

   1898: Lawrence DAVIS, Carrie EWAN, Jean MCGEACHIN, Amy MITCHELL, Ira OLMSTEAD, Stewart RICHMOND, Gertrude SCHUMACHER.
   1899: Bessie ATEN, Rose CLAYPOOL, Edna CURREY, Gertrude DEWEY, Ada HANEY, Maude LAMSON, Elna LANE, Grace MUNSON, Randall MCGEE, Merle PATE, Nis SASSE, Maude SEYBOLD.

   1900: Pearl LAMSON, Bessie BENNETT, Ethel MARTIN, Lea VANSICKLE, James MCGEAHIN, Lillian MUNSON, Albert OLSON, Ed OLSON.
   1901: Eunice MUNSON, Carrie CURRY, Ida PATE, Tena REHN, Howard PATE, Carl ELLIS.

   1902: Ethel CURRY, Bessie WESCOTT, Daisy LORIMER, Claude HOLDER, Carl PETERSON, Hattie HULL.
   1905: Trelia LAMSON, Elsie WARNE, Ray DUNLAY.

   1906: Ione BURCH, Beth BERESFORD, Carl MUNSON, Charles VANSICKLE, Robert BERESFORD.
   1907, Clarence AXELSON, James FITXGERALD, John SIMPSON, Leland MEANS, Alice NELSON, Cecelia FITXGERALD.
   1909: Guy WESCOTT.

   1910: Ethel REED, Louise SCHUMACHER, Hallie AXELSON, J. Benjie STROMBERG, Edwin OLMSTEAD.
   1911: Fannie HOFFMAN, Helen PEARSON, Mable WEBBER, Mamie WHITE, James DUNLAY, Theodore THEOBALD, Walter PIERCE.

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 139 Winter 1978

A-Submitted by Mrs. Susan Kleine, Omaha Ne


   The village of Daykin was incorporated in 1887. According to church records, divine services were held as early as 10 May 1888, in a small schoolhouse. A meeting to organize a congregation was held 15 Jul 1888. August WHITE was elected chairman pro tem, and Gottlieb SCHIERMEYER served as the temporary secretary the name chosen was "Evangelical Lutheran St. John Congregation of the Unaltered Augsburg Confession." Charter members included: August DREES, Sr, Frederick DREES, Frederick HAAKE, B.F. HENRY, Joseph JARCHOW, Frederick PAETZMANN, Gottlieb SCHIERMEYER, George SCHMITT, Henry SCHMITT, Frederick LUSMANN, August WITTE and William WITTE.

   The first elected Church Council consisted of: Gottlieb SCHIERMEYER, Sec'y; Frederick PAETZMAN, trustee; Joseph JARCHOW, treas. On 22 Jul 1888 a resolution was passed to erect a new church building. Frederick HAAKE, George SCHMITT, and August WITTE were the committee in charge of subscriptions for the building project. Frederick HAAKE, Frederick PAETZMANN, and George SCHMITT supervised the purchase of a suitable site and the erection of the church. The cemetery was dedicated 3 Nov 1889 located one half mile east of Daykin. Services were conducted in German until the 1920's.

   Early Pastors: Rev. F. EHINGER served as advisor until 26 Aug 1888, when he was called as first full time pastor, resigned 2 May 1889. Rev. J.J. BUECHENSTEIN Jul 1889-Oct 1890. Rev. M. VOSSELER served the Cub Creek congregation before he came to Daykin Jan 1891, left Aug 1893 to go to Mi. Rev. W. SCHMIDT came from Dubuque, Ia Sep 1895, died four months later not yet 22 y old. R. G. SCHULTZ of Eustis Ne served Oct 1896-Nov 1906. Rev. C.R. PESCHEL Feb 1907-23 Jan 1911. Rev. VON DER LINDEN came Mar 1911 from Sibley Ia son Edgar died 2 month's after the arrival, left 15 Apr 1919 to go to Wi. Rev KREKELER came Jul 1919 from Gothenburg Ne until Oct 1920, retired soon after. Rev. E.A. VOSSELER came Mar 1921 of Talmage Ne until Feb 1923, introduced English services. Rev. H. BROKERING came Apr 1923 from Tipton Ks, left Jul 1934 to Humbolt Ne.

   Confirmation Classes:
1890 Fred DREES, Mathilde KRUP, Carolina SCHIERMEYER.
1893 Lisette KOENICKE.
1894 Cora DIETRICH, Herman DREES, August MASCHMAN, Otto MEESKE, Fred VIENOP.

1895 Charlotte KELLERMAN, Bernhard MASCHMANN, Wm. MEESKE, Henry POTTHAST.
1897 Anna DREES, Louise DREES, Friedrike KELLERMAN, Fred KIRSCH, Louis KNIGGE, August KRUSE,
     Fred PATZMAN, Marie VIENOP.

1898 August DREES, Fred KELLERMAN, Henry DREES, Henry HAAKE, Fred KNIGGE, Albert PATZMAN,
     Stella PATZMAN Louise VIENOP.
1900 Emma DREES, Pearl HENRY, Alfred MEESKE, Fred POTTHAST.

1902 Marie DREES, Anna HAAKET, Clara KRUSE, Lizzie KRUSE, Hedwig MEESKE, Edwin VIENOP,
     George PATZMAN, William VIENOP.
1903 Emma HAAKE, Charlie HENRY, Otto PATZMAN, Charlotte VORDERSTRASSE.

1904 Alvina DREES, George HAAKE, William HENRY, John MEESKE, Louis KRUSE, August POTTHAST,
1905 Elsie BRINGEWATT, Gustav DREES, Fred HAAKE.

1907 Clara DREES, Minnie DREES, Anna HAAKE, Minnie HAAKE, Anna HENRY, Charlie KLEINE,
     William ZUEHLSDORF
1909 William KIRCHOFF, Fred KLEIN, William KLEIN, Arnold LINDEKUGEL, Emma MASCHMAN

1910 John STROTHMAN.
1912 Lena DREES, Pauline HAAKE, John JORDON, Sophia JORDAN, Otto KIRCHOFF, Marie KLEINE,
     Mathilde MASCHMAN, William STROTHMAN.

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 140 Winter 1978

A-Submitted by Joyce Borgelt, Battle Creek Ne


Al 1830, 1840, 1850.
Ak 1870-1907.
Az 1860, 1864, 1870.
Ar 1840, 1850.

Ca 1850.
Ct 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850.

De 1665-1697, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850.
DC 1800, 3 vols-1820, 1830, 1840, 1850.

Fl 1830, 1840, 1850.
Ga 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850.

Il 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850.
In 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850.
Ia Territorial 1836, 1850.

Ks Territorial 1855,1860.
Ky 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850. Ky Wills to 1851.
La 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850.

Me 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850.
Md 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850.
Ma 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850.

Mi Early Census Records 1799, 1806. 1827, 1830, 1840, 1850.
Ms 1820, 1830, 1850.
Mo 1830, 1840, 1850.

NH 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850.
NJ 1800 Cumber Co, 1830, 1840, 1850, Index to Military Men 1775-1815.
NY 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 2 vols-1850. NY City 1850.
NC 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850.

Oh Early 1800, Tas (sic) lists 1800-1810, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850.
Or 1850.

Pa 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 2 vols-1850.
RI 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850.
SC Land Grants 1784-1800, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850.

Tn 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850.
Tx 1850.
Ut 1850.

Vt 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850.
Va 1800-Accomac Co, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, Master Index-Surveys & Grants 1774-1791.
Wi Territory 1836, 1840, 1850.

Inventory of Church Records of British Isles Vol 1.
US County Encyclopedia of Local History & Genealogy Series 1, Vol 1.

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 140 Winter 1978

A-Source St. Joseph Mo "Gazette" 8 Sep 1852 


   Note: BLODGET made the trip west from St. Joseph to Devil's Gate, at which point he returned to Missouri. He left there 27 Jul 1852. He left Devil's Gate bound for California: Capt J.W. MOORE and his company of Wisconsin; Mr. CASE and family of Chicago, Il. Capt MOORE had lost two of his company, Roswell GARY and Wm. VERSULIUS, both of Il.

   At Independence Rock: Jocob HOLGATE & family of Stark Co Il bound for Oregon David HASTINGS of NY, W.R. & A.L. WALKER Scott Co Il, E. THIRSTIN of Capt STARLES's company, Dr. D. PINGREE & Co of 16 persons from Kane Co Il with droves of stock.

   Passed the Devil's Gate well and in fine spirits on 6 Jul.
   Capt J.W. SHAW of Lake Co II, Simon & Alfred HINES, A.L. WHEDON, Capt GUN of Wi with M. BAKER & WYATT, Capt SHRODE of Kane Il, C. HENDERSON, John CHANDLER, Richard GILLIAM, Wm VAN HERSAN, James STRODE, Melvin CHANDLER, Isaac MORA, Peter VAN ALLEN, Barney BATE, Malen BUNK, John CAMPBELL, Capt F. LEACH wife and 2 children, Capt A.P. OSBORN wife and 1 child, Capt. Wm. NORTHIPT of Mi, Wm. CHANDLER, Oliver CREAL, Nathan KNELAND & Christopher PAXHALL.

   Besides hundreds of others who did not give their names, not knowing that the Col. intended to return to the states. The last company he met was James MOORE of Platte County Mo, about five miles this side of Fort Laramie on the 5th of Aug driving about 10,000 head of sheep, which were dying at the rate of 40 to 45 a day from bad water and travel. He planned to winter in Salt Lake.

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 141 Winter 1978

A-Submitted by Mrs. Dorotha Anderson, Cozad Ne


AHERON, John E.; wf: Blanche; ch: Agnes; PO: Elwood (16)
ANDERSON, Fred; wf: Katie M.; PO: Cozad (04)
ATCHINSON, Robert; wf: Lottie; ch: Paul, Beth; PO: Cozad (32)

BEARDSLEY, I. P.; wf: Sylvia; PO: Elwood (14)
BODELL, J. G.; wf: Hattie; ch: Ethel, Glenn, Ruth, Grace, Georgia Celia, June; PO: Cozad (27)
BRAND, C. C.; wf: Dollie; ch: Herman, Harry, Arthur, Thom, Gladys, Walter; PO: Cozad (10)

BROWN, Mrs. Charles E.; ch: Gust, Robert; PO: Eustis (35)
BROWN, Gust and Robert; PO: Eustis (35)
BUCHNER, Gus; wf: Eva; ch: Lloyd; PO:. Mary, Martha, Walter, William; PO: Cozad (03)

CROUCH, M.; wf: Minnie; ch: Dula, Thirsia, Cozad (12)
CROWNER, Roy; wf: Ruth; PO: Cozad (10)

DARLING, O. D.; wf: Mary; ch: Earl, Glenn, Elva, Iona, Loren; PO: Cozad
DAVIDSON, William; wf: Lulu; ch: Letta, James, Lloyd; PO: Cozad (17)
DENINGER, Clarence; wf: Vena; ch: James; PO: Elwood (02)

DICKINSON, Mrs. John Q.; ch: Clara, Will, Chloe, Lena, Floyd, Luther, Dewey, Donald, Grace; PO: Cozad (31)
DICKINSON, William H.; wf: Mae; ch: Kenneth, Maurice, John; PO: Cozad (31)
DORSEY, Harry R.; wf: Bertha; ch: Freda, Marion, Loretta, Russell, Espia, Zelda; PO: Cozad (03)

DUTTON B.H.; wf: Sarah J.; ch: Earl C., Myrtle M., Hazel B., Orie L.; PO: Cozad (33)
DUTTON, E. C.; wf: Martha; ch: Opal, James, Kent, Ethyl; PO: Cozad (33)

FANDRY, F. A.; wf: Ida; ch: Crystle, Roy, Iva, Erwin; PO: Cozad (07)
FELLOWS, T. N.; wf: Grace; ch: Nina, Darrell, Lucile, Keith; PO: Eustis (60)
FREEMAN, Melvin; wf: Julia; ch: Effie, Addie, Wellington, Vidia; PO: Cozad (58)
FREW, George; wf: Elizabeth; PO: Cozad (25)

GENGENBACH, Paul; wf: Sophie; ch: Clara, Julia, Mary, Frederick, Martin; PO: Eustis (23)
GERKEN, Andrew; wf: Pauline; ch: Lucy, Ella, Andrew, Walter, Gertie, Edward, Donald, Warren; PO: Eustis (1/2)
GOEDERT, J. L.; wf: Barbara; ch; Adle, Lena; PO: Cozad (42)
GRIFFITH, P. S.; wf: Eva; ch: Archie, Lloyd, Fern; PO: Cozad (33)

HAHN, Aug.; PO: Cozad (40)
HAHN, William; wf; Mary; ch: Ruth, Juhl; PO: Cozad (40)
HAUSLER, Charles; PO: Eustis (12)

HOLBEIN, Robert; wf: Myrtle; ch: Baby; PO: Eustis (35)
HOLBEIN, William; wf: Louise; ch: Emma, Alma, Laura, Alice, Walter W.; PO: Eustis (35)
JONES, A. V.; wf: Emma; ch: Charles, Lloyd, Herbert; PO: Cozad (23)

KAMENKY, G. E.; wf: Daisy; PO: Cozad 33)
KAUFFMAN, Amos; wf: Clara; ch: John, Lloyd, Arvilla, Anna, Clarence, Ivan, PO: Cozad (22)
KIESEL, G. F.; wf: Blanche; ch: Lowell, Esteline; PO: Eustis (28) (continued)

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 142 Winter 1978
B-Submitted by Mrs. Dorotha Anderson, Cozad Ne
(continued-Farmers' Directory of Ringgold Precinct, Dawson County (1919))

KIESEL, Mrs. John; ch: Vern, Thelma; PO: Eustis (08)
KINCH, Miles H.; wf: Ruth; ch: Stella, Lawrence, Raymond, Donald, Carol; PO: Cozad (39)

KINNAN, C. H. Jr.; wf: Pearl; ch: Ivan, Norman; PO: Cozad (31)
KINNAN, J. E.; wf: Helen; ch: Margaret, Ruth; PO: Cozad (32)
KINNAN, M. R.; wf: Ruth G.; ch: Evelyn; PO: Cozad (22)
KINNAN, S. L.; wf: Elizabeth; ch: Estel, Naomi; PO: Cozad (32)

KNOEDLER, Ludwig; wf: Pauline; ch: Paul, Emily, Bertha, Mabel, Emma, Fred, Charles, Mary; PO: Eustis (14)
KRAMER Adam; wf: Minnie; ch: Fred, Charles, George, Katie, Rose, Mary; PO: Eustis (21)

KUGLER, Carl and Elmer; PO: Eustis (25 and 21)
KUGLER Christian; wf: Mary; ch: Carl, Anna, Elmer, Lydia, Henry, Ray; PO: Eustis (27)
KUGLER, J. G.; wf: Pauline; ch: Jeanette, Fred, Herman, Ben, Andrew, Emma, Max, Louisa, Reinhold; PO: Eustis (31)

LARSEN, Chris; wf: Nora; ch: Zulu; PO: Cozad (30)
LARSEN, Soren; wf: Mary; ch: Anton, Anna, Chris, Martin, Stena, Peter, James, Mattie, Arthur, Marie, Irene, Lena; PO: Cozad (33)
LEDERER, G. C.; wf: Minnie; ch: Martha, Eleanora; PO: Eustis (25)

LIND, Chester E.; wf: Leola; ch: Stanley; PO: Cozad (15)
LINN, John; wf: Stella; ch: Virgil, Edith, Vern; PO: Cozad (28)
LINN, M. F.; ch: Edward, Pearl, Lula, Ruby, Maud, John, Myrtle, Millard; PO: Cozad (28)

LUEDEMAN, Hans; wf: Elva; ch: Gilbert, Wayne, Leona; PO: Elwood (29)
MAGNUSON, Edwin; PO: Elwood (27)
McCANCE, Charles H.; wf: Maggie C.; ch: Grace, Stella, Ethel, Nellie, Elsie, Roy, Esther, Earl; PO: Cozad (31)

McKEE, Homer; PO: Elwood (19)
McKEE, T. S.; wf: Otie; ch: Irene, Leroy, Merrell, Lewis; PO: Elwood (27)
MEYER, William; wf: Annie; ch: August, William, Fred, George, Mary, Annie, Henry, Leona; PO: Eustis (16)

NEIL, Elmer F.; wf: Ethel; ch: Harley, Noel, Wayne; PO: Cozad (35)
NEIL, L. N.; wf: Sarah E.; ch: Elmer, Roy, Leo; PO: Cozad (35)
NEIL, Roy N.; wf: Ruby L.; ch: Mildred, Lloyd, Garland, Stanley; PO: Cozad (35)

NICHOLS, Will E.; wf: Hannah; ch: Ruth, Amber, Earl, Lois; PO: Cozad (30
NIELSEN, Edward; wf: Christina; ch: Herman, Stella, Helen; PO: Cozad (12)
NORDIN, G. F.; wf: Maggie; ch: Merle, Ruby; PO: Eustis (37)
NORDIN, O. H.; PO: Eustis (37)

PHILLIPS, Theo.; wf: Caroline; ch: Bert, Anthony, Rose, Addie, Charles, PO: Cozad (35)
PRICE, F. E.; wf: Mary; ch: Elden, Oren, Ivan, Olen, Evelyn; PO: Cozad (10)
PRICE, H. M.; wf: Stella; ch: Verna, Gladys, Harry; PO: Eustis (10)

RHOADS, H. L.; wf: Maggie; ch: Mary; PO: Cozad (22)
RHONE, C. A.; wf: Opal; ch: Mildred, Tacoma, Lester, Kermit; PO: Cozad (30)
RHONE, John T.; wf: Cora; ch: Rodney, Ray, Elsie, Beth, Dorothy, Naomi; PO:Cozad (30)


NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 143 Winter 1978
C-Submitted by Mrs. Dorotha Anderson, Cozad Ne
(continued-Farmers' Directory of Ringgold Precinct, Dawson County (1919))

RHONE, Rodney R.; PO: Cozad (27)
ROBERTSON, Earl W.; wf: Nina E.; ch: Alva; PO: Cozad (34)

RONE, W. B.; wf: Mary E.; ch: Jessie, Mabel, Chester; PO: Cozad (30)
ROWE, Therow A.; wf: Elizabeth; ch: Isabell H., Raymond R., Theodore A., Earl K., Miles M.; PO: Cozad (16)
RUKE, Grover J.; PO: Eustis (1/2)

SCHINDLE, William; wf: Grace; ch: Irene, Raymond, Agnes, Harry, Ruth; PO: Cozad (15)
SCHULTZ, C. F.; wf: Goldie; ch: Charles, Harold, Alvin; PO: Cozad (08)
SCHULTZ, William A.; wf: Fayette; PO: Eustis (04)

SPRAGUE, L. C.; PO: Cozad (40) SPRAGUE, W.; PO: Cozad (10)
STEVENSON, Arthur; wf: Electra; ch: Daisy, Myrtle, Dewey; Pot Cozad (24)
SWAN, Charles; wf: Hazel; PO: Cozad (10)

THEOVALT, John; wf: Nellie E.; ch: Frank, Wesley; PO: Eustis (08)
TIMM, E. H.; wf: Pauline; ch: Laura, Lewis, Fred; PO: Eustis (25)
UEBLE, Ernest; wf: Louise; ch: Minnie, Ernest, Louise; PO: Eustis (34)

VELTE, J. Henry; wf: Katie; ch: Lena, Paul, Mari, Willie, Esther, Wesley; PO: Eustis (13)
WALKER, William E.; PO: Cozad (30)
WESTFALL, Richard E.; wf: Mabel; ch: Darrell, Hazel; PO: Elwood (32)
WESTFALL, William 0.; wf: Nellie; PO: Elwood (34)

WISE, Minnie B.; PO: Cozad (27)
WISE, Mrs. U. A.; ch: Minnie, Nina; PO: Cozad (30)
WOOLBRINCK, John H.; wf: Mabel; ch: Melvin, Harold, Paul, George; PO: Cozad (14)

YOUNG, C. T.; wf: Edna; PO: Cozad (28)
ZIMMERMANN, Hans E.; wf: Mary E.; ch: Louis, Elmer, Gertrude, Paul; PO: Cozad (35)

   Note: The figures in parenthesis indicate years in county. The original material also lists the amount of acreage owned or rented, the section, and the owner's name.


NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 144 Winter 1978

   1902: The Board of Health in Elkhorn, Douglas Co. established the following ordinances "In case of death caused by any contagious or infectious disease, the body shall be closely wrapped in a blanket saturated with disinfectant, closed in a tightly sealed casket well wrapped with cloth which also shall be well saturated with a strong disinfectant, and in such cases, all public funerals are strictly prohibited and the corps (sic) shall not be driven or carried throu the main streets of the village."

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 144 Winter 1978

   Two French-Canadian families, Moise MARCILLE & Benoni CHEVALIER settled near Campbell in Franklin County. MARCILLE arrived in 1878 and homesteaded 6 miles southeast. CHEVALIER, b 1837 St. Jaques, Canade, homesteaded in Webster County in 1875.


NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 145 Winter 1978

A-Source supplement to "The News-Journal," 13 Oct 1916.
Copied by G. Sones


   The first National Bank was established on 29 Sep 1881 as the Nance Co. Bank, with Chauncey L. WILTSE of Grand Island as president and Brad. D. SLAUGHTER as cashier. It was changed to the First National Bank in 1883, with the same executive officers.
   The Fullerton National Bank, organized 1 Jun 1900 has for officers (in 1916): Martin I. BROWER, pres.; C. E. CARTER, vice-pres.; W. P. HATTEN, cashier; J. M. BROWER, Ass't cashier.

   Albert THOMPSON, Attorney-at-law, was born and grew to manhood in St. Clair Co, Il. He came to Fullerton in the spring of 1886.
    M. M. MEDBERRY was born in Minnesota, and left there at the age of 13 and went to Wisconsin and Iowa, where he was engaged in farming for 19 years. He came to Nance Co. in the spring of 1889 and has farmed fifteen miles northwest of Fullerton ever since. He served on the Board of Co. Supervisors from 1907 to 1911 and is again a candidate.

   G.F. ROSE was born and raised on a homestead in Merrick Co, Ne. He graduated from the Law Dept of the Uni. of Ne in 1901, and for the last 14 years has been engaged as a lawyer in Nance County.
   In 1880, Dr. J.G. JOHNSON moved from Hamilton to Nance Co and is the pioneer practitioner of the county.
   In 1881 and 1882 the following came: J.N. REYNOLDS, A. EDGINGTON, J.H. FEE and the John RUSSELL family.

   The town of Belgrade, situated above the Cedar River, was laid out by Capt. Daniel J. STROUT, on his farm in the year 1878, a year before Nance Co was organized, and was a small trading point with only one store and postoffice, until 1892 when the town began to grow.
   The bank of Belgrade had the following officers (in 1916): John R. PIERSON, pres.; G.W. ANDREWS, vice-pres.; H.T. JACKSON, cashier; E.A. ANDREWS, Ass't cashier.

   M.R. BURTMAN, editor and publisher. of "The News Journal," was born in 1880, in Boston, Mass. He studied the printing business in NY and working in that area for several years. In 1909 he came to Omaha where he had relatives and was connected with the "World Herald." In 1910 he took the formanship of "The News Journal," and remained in that position until I Oct 1912 when he bought the business from H.M. KELLOGG.

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 145 Winter 1978

   Arthur H. SMITH came to a homestead in Kearney Co with his parents in 1876, aged 10 y and remained until d 1948 age 82 y. His father d when he was 13. Arthur SMITH and Amanda E. SALLEE were united in marriage on 6 Jan 1892 Minden. They had 6 daughters. Amanda SALLEE at 16 left the family home in Omaha to teach school school in Kearney, County.

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 145 Winter 1978

   1909 Danish Brotherhood, Upland, Franklin County Officers: Rasmus HAOKANSEN, Jurgen JENSEN, Max CHRISTENSEN, Jim CHRISTENSEN, Peter JORGENSEN, P.C. SORENSEN, Chris J. JORGENSEN, Peter F. PEDERSEN, Mart HANSEN, Knute CHRISTENSEN, Severen NELSON. 1910 Officers: P.C. SORENSEN, A.F. SCHOUBOE, Chris GREISEN, Mart HANSEN, Jens FRANDSEN, Carl PETERSEN.


NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 146 Winter 1978


(NOTE: The following information is OLD, prices & addresses no longer reliable.
It is included because you may find a title of interest & be able to find it somewhere!)

   If you have a book you would like to have reviewed in "Nebraska Ancestree," send a copy to the editor with the request. We will review the book, and it will become the property of the Nebraska Genealogical Society Library. The Society is grateful for all such contributions. No books will be reviewed from advertising flyers.
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   "The Sway of the School Bell," (1976) Schools and Histories of Brown, Keya Paha, & Rock Co, Ne. A collection of articles compiled by the Ainsworth Area Retired Teachers. Donated by Marvel Skinner BEARG, 241 East 2nd St, Ainsworth Ne 69210. This book offers a sentimental journey into the past, which is always fun, but there is more. A detailed 1884 map of Brown and Keya Paha Counties is provided, Rock Co was formed later from Brown Co. The appendix contains lists by schools of teachers through 1976. Evidently the lists were compiled from several sources and are not always complete, as noted. Nostalgic articles are interspersed with solid, name-filled school histories. Schools usually are mirrors of the community, making this particular compilation from a three-county area useful to the genealogist. There is no Index. That fact, and a few minor errors detract from the overall effect but research on the informative articles seems to be conscientiously done and the stories are interestingly told. (Reviewed by Peg ZUBRICK.)

   "Early History of Brown County Nebraska." Compiled Aug 1916 by Mrs. Lillian L. JONES. Zerox copy donated to NGS by Mrs. Marvel Skinner BEARG, 241 Fast 2nd St, Ainsworth Ne 69210. A short concise history of Brown County, with excellent genealogical material. Material has been abstracted for use in "Nebraska Ancestree."

   "The YellowJacket," quarterly publication of the Great River Genealogical Society, % Quincy Public Library, 526 Jersey, Quincy Il 62301. Vol. 4, No. 3 contains: A short history on Houston Township and its' founding; church information, location of cemeterys, also on Concord Township. 1880 Il Mortality Schedule for the outlying areas of Adams Co, the City of Quincy schedule to be in the next quarterly. Several well written articles on their genealogical experiences. Churches, Sabbath and Ministers from Quincy City Directory and Reference Book 1871-1872. Queries. Index for Vol. 4, # 1 & 2. Index for #3 & 4 in next quarterly. Starting in 1979 each issue will contain its own index. This is an excellent publication and most helpful to the researcher. Their report indicates the membership as 125. Membership regular, $6.00 per year, under 60 years of age; family add $1.00 additional for each family member; senior citizen $5.00 per year. 60 years or older; calendar year. Receive 4 quarterlies.
   "Index to The YellowJacket, 1975-1977." Covers Vols. 1, 2, & 3. This is a surname and given name index. First by vol., second by number and third by page.

   Nicely set up and very understandable. "Bulletin," published monthly by the Genealogical Forum of (continued)

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 147 Winter 1978
B-(continued-Book Leaves)

Portland Or, Inc. Vol. 28, No. I contains partially: Periodical & book reviews. New members. Oregon Provisional land claims from Book 6, ca 1847/8. Marriage records of Multnomah Co Or, Book 3, 1874/5/6/7. Several pages queries. Outstanding publication of 22 pages. Well organized. Contains many Oregon research helps and please note it is a monthly publication. Membership regular $9.00, joint $13.50 only 1 publication, libraries, gen & hist societies $6.00.

   "The Pioneer History of Greeley County Nebraska," by Edith SWAIN MCDERMOTT. Original printing 1939. Reprinted 1977 by Greeley Co. Historical Society. Donated to NGS by Mrs. Cora ESCH, Spalding Ne 68665. 174 pages, no index. Excellent information about the formation and settlement of the county. Mrs. MCDERMOTT interviewed many of the families to obtain information to compile the history. Other sources were county records, books of historical interest, scrapbooks, newspapers, US Post Office Dept, church records. The book contains a wealth of genealogical information as well as historical. We will use portions of the material for the quarterly as we do not believe the book is still available. (Last 4 reviews by Georgene Morris Sones.) 

   Error Corrections: Vol. 1, No. 2, pages 87 & 88: Obits Appleby, DeLong, Stowe, Denton, Todd were all copied from a scrapbook of Eva Morris KING, not from PREISTER scrapbook. 

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 147 Winter 1978

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