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NSGS - NE Ancestree, Vol I, no 3
NSGS Ancestree
Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume One, no. 3
Winter 1978


NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 117 Winter 1978

A-Source "Nebraska Territorial Pioneers' Association,"
Edited by Minnie Prey Knotts (1923) Lincoln


   By S.D. PHILLIPS: S.D. PHILLIPS was born on a farm near Agency City, Ia. On 3 Oct 1884 with his wife and 2 children started for Ne. They arrived at Albion on 20 Oct 1884. The first stop was at the post office where he met D.V. BLATTER who is now (1922) president of the Albion National Bank. Phillips, in 1922, had W.W. LADD as his deputy postmaster. They moved up the Beaver Valley in 1885, near the Garner post office. The land office was at Neligh. Early settlers in the upper Beaver valley were J.B. BARNES, Garret VAN CAMP, James & Tom RAE, Ira WHIPPLE, R.W. MOORE, George WILSON, Robert FITZHUGH, Joseph ST. LOUIS, Hugh MARTIN, Silas ADSIT, C.E. LOCKWOOD & O.E. WALTERS. (His sketch was read before the Boone County Historical Society on 1 Feb 1922.)

   By Job E. GREEN: My story starts in Il after the death of my father. I had to run the farm and make a home for mother and 4 younger children. After marriage I had a desire to move to Ks but my wife's father was not in favor of that area and insisted on Milwaukee, where I did spend the winter of 1870-71. Not being a city person I still had the desire for homesteading and made the decision to leave. I learned of Charley DOWNS who was going to Ne and since my father-in-law knew him he introduced me to DOWNS. We had heard that Boone Co. was favorable so we left the trail at Columbus and headed northwest. There was not a house at St. Edward and Albion was not on the map at all. We had left our teams at Fremont and 5 of us came up here together, viz: GREEN, MCINTYRE, DOWNS, SELBY & Pete MOMENEE of Mi. The other 4 of us were from Milwaukee. We arrived 10 May 1871 & I took my claim on W1/2 NW1/4 and W1/2 SW1/4 of 20-20-6. DOWNS took the place now owned by Ed WOODWORTH, MCINTYRE took the WALRATH place, MOMENCE the ATWOOD timber claim and SELBY took the Ben PETERS place. All are gone long ago except the writer. Mrs. DOWNS is still living in Or. Our homestead papers were from Grand Island, dated 25 May 1871. Up to that time there were not more than 12 to 15 homesteads taken in the county. There were no towns except an Indian settlement in Genoa, nothing until you reached Columbus. After I helped DOWNS build his house. Mrs. DOWNS and little girls arrived. Mrs. GREEN arrived in Feb 1872. Mrs. GREEN ran a school at home, thus helping the frontier children get an education. The first school house was built in Pleasant Valley and she was the first teacher. We did not have children of our own but many stayed with us and 5 remained with us until they married. In 1873 I sold corn to N.J. MYERS but the grasshoppers ate it all up before he got it. (Sketch given at Ne Territorial Pioneers' dinner 1 Feb 1922.)

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 117 Winter 1978


   Called Mt. Zion, built in 1882, Class of 1910 photo was furnished by Fred GOBBER to Auburn "Press Tribune" 14 Mar 1978: Elmer KNIPPELMEYER, Wm. KRACKE, Bert SKILLET, Hubert KUKLMANN, Alma HITZEMAN (Mrs. Henry GOBBER), Fred PLAGER, Eddie KNIPPELMEYER, Edwin KNIPPELMEYER, Albert PLAGER, Ralph SKILLET, Mary KRACKE (Mrs. W. MEYER), Henry KRACKE, Eddie JOHNSON, Alvin BUROW, George KNIPPELMEYER, Tena KNIPPELMEYER. Miss Gertrude RAGON, teacher.

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 118 Winter 1978
A-Submitted by Erma Cassell Kammerer, Republican City Ne


   There was a normal college in Republican City until 1891 and there was no high school while it was in the town.


1893 Minnie ROLLAND HEWETT, lives in a nursing home in Ks.


1895 & 1896 none.   1897 E.B. WILLIAM, Florence REYNOLDS.

1898-1902 none.   1903 Earl GOULD.

1904 Agnes GOULD CAMP, Archie CASSELL, James EASTON, Lewis HUNT.

1905 none.   1906 Harry GOULD, E. Joy GIFFORD SAGER, Beuna G. GIFFORN PATTON.

1907 none.   1908 Maye POSTON ANDREWS, Wayne LARUE.



1911 Nelle BOOHER, Alma Ne; Amy CAMP JOHNSON, Holdrege Ne; Gladys O'BRIEN BONNER, Ca; Pearl POSTON, Lloyd GRIMES.

1912 Guy GRAHAM; Schuyler KIRTLEY; Blake SPENCER; Vincent CAIN; Charley RIDER; Augusta CAIN BURBACH, Florice CAMP GUEST, Lincoln Ne; Cecil GILBERT SNYDER; Naomi HASKINS OGDEN, Ca; Lennie WORKMAN.



1915 Carl BUSH; Bessie CAMP; Harvey GOSNELL; Raymond HASKINS, Marguerite MCFARLANE PETERSON; Eugene SMITH, Roy NORMAN.

No class in 1916 as we built the new school and 12th grade added.

1917 Erma WOOLMAN ROLL, Alma Ne; Margaret GUEST SHAULIS; Cora BARNES WINZ, Holdrege Ne; Maye GILBERT GARDNER; Harvey GOSNELL & Roy NORMAN graduated from the 12th grade: Gertrude SHRIVER, Wischmeyer.

1918 Erma CASSELL KAMMERER, Republican City Ne; Margaret DREW SALADEN, Mi; Carl HAWLEY; Guy R. JOHNSON, Cal Lloyd SMITH; Hazel CAMP HAWKINSON.



   Myrtle RUSSELL MCCARTY was my mother's oldest sister and Archie CASSELL was my father's brother. Erma CASSELL KAMMERER.

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 118 Winter 1978
A-Bible in possession of Catherine Renschler, Juniata Ne 68955
A Roman Catholic Bible pub. by John E. Potter Co., Phila. during the Papacy of Leo XIII 1878-1903.


Marriage Record: Peter BERGERON & Lena PROVANCHE, 28 Jan 1848 at Arthabaska, P.Q. Canada.

   Birth Record: Peter 20 Dee 1848; Jule 26 Sep 1850; Joseph L. 26 Jun 1852; Arcule 8 Mar 1854; Philip 1 May 1855; Armalin 6 Dec 1857; Armalin 27 Jul 1858; Louisa 26 Apr 1861; Joseplin 20 Mar 1863; John 2 Jul 1865; Alexander 7 Jun 1867.

   Death Record: Armalin 1858 aged 10 m; Joseph 1875 aged 22 y; Armalin 1880 aged 22 y; Joseplin 1897 aged 33 Y; Philip 1906 aged 49 y; Peter 1916 aged 70 y; Jule 1918 aged 67 y; Arcule 1928 aged 74 y; Alexander 1941 aged 74 y; Louisa 23 Jul 1944.

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 119 Winter 1978

A-Submitted by Anna May Mossman, Bellevue Ne
Source family histories on file at Cass County Historical Society


   A few happenings in the life of George Elijah BUELL, 13 May 1848 to 12 Nov 1926, as he told them or as recorded in his diaries of those pioneer years: Raised with 4 brothers & 1 sister on a typical NY farm. Spring of 1868 went to Fond du Lac, Wi where his mother's brother, Silas HILLMAN, lived; worked there during the summer. Went to Ne where some land remained to be had by homesteading it. Late that fall went back to NY to make plans to come west. On 11 Jan 1869 left Amsterdam, NY by train for Ne. Delayed because of wreck in Ia. Arrived in Omaha on 23 Jan and stayed at the St. Nicholas Hotel for the night. Pal, George Emery VANDENBURG, came along and became partners for 3 years. BUELL was Republican, VANDENBURG was Democrat. Next day visited Stephen ORTON, working in grist mill in Bellevue (ORTON had been in Ne a couple of years); went to his father-in-law's home, Mr. Zachary BURROWS, who was Howard POOL's great-grandfather. 31 Jan 1869, Mr. ORTON, Mr. VANDENBURG & George BUELL walked out to the prairie 30 miles to Calvin TABOR's, who was also from NY near BUELL home. TABOR had lived just south of what is now Manley since 1867. 1 Feb BUELL selected homestead where he remained for 53 years, then moving to Elmwood, Ne in 1921. George Emery VANDENBURG had nickname of Tuck which followed him to his grave. George Elijah BUELL had the nickname of Nip for several years but eventually it died out. Sam BREEDON, 1869, sharpened plow lays for 35¢. On 18 May 1869 Sylvanus Abram WOODARD arrived from Ia. Mr. & Mrs. WOODARD had been raised not over 6 miles from me in NY. After they were married in 1855 they moved to Middletown, Ct & later to Toulon, Il where they lived when President LINCOLN was assassinated. Their oldest daughter later became my wife. On 1 Jan 1873 I married Lillias Idella WOODARD. Ancestors came to Martha's Vineyard Island in 1631 because of religious persecution.

   History of Gottlieb DETTMAN 1819-1910: b. West Prussia, Germany; m Anna ZIEROTT 1867; he & his wife & children left Germany & came to US, settled in Henry County, Il where they resided 2 years. On 9 Sep 1868 he applied for citizenship. Had 5 children, came to Ne by covered wagon, crossed the Mo on ferry at Plattsmouth, traveled westward where 3 miles south & 6 miles west of Louisville stayed with relatives, the Mike THIMGHAN family, they settled 2 miles west of where Murdock now is, built a dug-out where their daughter, Mary, was born in 1871. Had 8 children in all - two died in Germany. Coming to US were Gustav, Herman, Bertha, & Agnes. b. in Il was Johanna, & Mary on the homestead. Gottlieb and Anna were religious people, belonged to Lutheran Church of Germany, after coming to Ne were Charter Members of the Emmanuel Evangelical Church. In 1882 organized Callahan Evangelical Church. Gustav donated land for a cemetery near the church and was buried in Callahan Cemetery near the church in 1884. Complete family records exist on all of their children in this history. Spouses of the children include Pauline MUENCHAU, Herman HILDEBRAND, Nettie KUSKIE, Ella RIECK, Carrie KUNZ, Albert AZBEL, Charles SCHILDMEYER, Fred STOCK & Albert STREICH.

   For travel to be delightful, one must have a good place to leave and to return to.
                 Frederick B. Wilcox, "Unicorns and Tadpoles" (Exposition)

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 120 Winter 1978

A-Submitted by Mrs. Dessie Warriner, Franklin Ne


   S.N. GROUT 1874-1880; John M. STONG 1881-1882; Quintus T. TODD 1882; Frank W. BARBER 1882-1885; William S. HAMPTON 1886-1887; Davillo W. COMSTOCK 1889-1890; Jacob HADDEN 1890-1891; Francis LAWSON 1891-1893; Samuel WILLIAMS 1894-1905; George W. KNAPP 1905-1908; Joseph C. NOYCE 1908-1909; H. Ellis LEININGER 1910-1911; William B. PAYNE 1912-1914; Joseph SNOWDEN 1920-1921; Christina DICKEY 1929-1935; E.G. BRINKMEYER 1938-1939; Guy R. BIRCH 1940-1943; William WILSON 1944-1947; Harry LAKE 1948-1949; Z.M. BRESSLER 1949-1953; Mark HARTSOCK student and minister 1953-1954; John STEINBERG summer vacation; M.R. HINDS 1959- John BENDER 1978.

   Excerpts from the 75th Anniversary Bulletin of the church with (notes) by Mrs. Dessie Warriners

   The church was started 24 Mar 1874 under the leadership of S.N, GROUT, (prominent in local history) who had worked in the area since 1872. At this time services were held in the EASTWOOD home (prominent family with relatives still here). Later services were held in the Limestone School House located on the west side of Thompson Creek. The new church was dedicated 11 Aug 1885, valued at $3,000 with only a $250 debt (same church still stands). C.C. CHAPLIN was church clerk in 1881. In 1882 there were 17 members when the church became a full member of the Republican Valley Association. In 1885 representatives at the General Association meeting in Beatrice were Rev. Frank W. BARBER, T.F. ASHBY, & Mrs. L. COATES. 1886 shows Mr. Edwin LOVELAND as clerk & first Sunday School Superintendent recorded as W.H. BUTTS. In 1890 there were 55 members with Mr. C.W. DAGGETT as SS Superintendent. 1891 shows 59 members with Mr. W.P. FULTON as conference representative. In 1894 Mr. Samuel WILLIAMS (prominent minister) came. He was ordained in this church 1895, served until 1900 when there were 75 members, SS Superintendent Robert NEWTON. 1910 the church was shingled by Robert HALE. 1920 electric lights were installed in the church, a gift from Mrs. Isaac SHEPHERDSON (husband built the mill), (daughter-in-law of Isaac)  Mrs. B.W. SHEPHERDSON, Mrs. J.E. MORRIS (lumberman's wife), & Mrs. B.G. LINDLEY (druggist' wife). The first lady minister was Rev. Christina DICKEY, who served 1929-1935 (a social builder who had a great deal going on). Her husband served the Red Cloud church, where they lived. A large choir was started & directed by Mr. A.L. GREY. A committee formed to purchase a piano was Mrs. Erma CHRISTENSEN (druggist LINDLEY's daughter) & Mrs. Bernice POLLARD (prominent farmer's wife). Parsonage was sold ca194O and original wooden steps replaced with concrete steps. 1947 the men of the church redecorated and rearranged the church, replacing wood stoves with gas heater. Jul 1949 5 inches of rain fell up Thompson creek and many homes were flooded & 5 feet of water was in the church basement, the organ was tipped on its side with much damage. The small table containing the Bible and Cross had floated up to the ceiling with the rising water and settled back to the floor without ever getting the Cross or Bible wet. New front doors were hung in 1950 by Art MUCKEL (native son of Riverton, father runs Creamery) of Bloomington. In 1952 new floor covering in the sanctuary was a gift of Mr. & Mrs. Jack ZIEGLER & Mr. & Mrs. Oscar ZIEGLER (4 native children, Jack's son still lives here). Jan 1957 with Clayton GURNEY (elevator owner, wife was teacher), chairman, the men served the first annual chicken dinner. Mr. Frank COCHRANE served on the board (continued)

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 121 Winter 1978
B-Submitted by Mrs. Dessie Warriner, Franklin Ne
(continued-Congregational Church, Riverton, Franklin Co)

for many years, a member for 61 years at the anniversary (died since then). Many of the old records were lost and some were incomplete so many items of interest were probably lost.

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 121 Winter 1978
A-Recorded by Janet Whitaker, Hastings Ne
Cemetery chairman for Adams County

HEMBERGER, August    1859 - 1909 Father
           Maggie    1864 - 1930 Mother
HORTON, Josephine    1933 - 1935
HYNES, John L.       1927 - 1930 Son of John A. & Theresa M. HYNES
MILLER, Katherine    30 Jun 1937 38 y
MILLER, John         15 May 1860 - 20 Mar 1918 Father
        Helena       18 Dec 1859 - 6 Aug 1927 Mother
MONKEDICK, Henry Jr. 1896 - 1966
        Josephine K. 1860 - 1953 Mother
        Henry        4 Apr 1860 - 2 Dec 1937
ZUBROD, Caroline E.  16 Jun 1894 - 22 Jul 1915
        Leonard      26 May 1908 - 1909 Son of P.A. & A.J. ZUBROD
        Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Peter ZUBROD no dates
Logon Township: Sec 22.

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 121 Winter 1978

1872:  Charles N. DEITZ, Omaha; C.H. TILLOTSON, Wisner
1873:  W.O. ROBINSON, Trenton
1876:  M.L. AITKIN, Lincoln; Julia BLODGETT HAINER, Aurora; J.E. COBBEY, Beatrice;
       L.E. SPENCER, Beatrice
1877:  Wilbur N. HUNT, Central City; Edwin L. KING, Osceola
1880:  J.J. BAILEY, Rushville; James HASSETT, Papillion; D.S. HARDIN, Alma; J.
       F. SAYLOR, Lincoln; W.A. THOMAS, Lincoln
1881:  Alex M. BERESFORD, Orleans
1882:  W.F.A. DOBBS, Beatrice; W.S. SUMMERS, Lincoln
1884:  Geo R. CHATBURN, Lincoln; Hermine HAINER GABLE, Aurora, C.H. SLOAN, Geneva
1885:  Emma PORTER SLOAN, Geneva     1886: Geo W. GREEN, South Omaha
1887:  A.C. FELT, Superior; Charles W. FERGUSON, Chappell; G.W. STURTZ, Plain View
1888:  G.L. MEISSNER, Lincoln        1891; John E. SPAAN, Lincoln
1892:  Frank L. MEREDITH, Crawford; Kate M. PORTER, Geneva,, Robt SLOAN, Geneva
1893:  Virginia H. CORBETT, Lincoln; Phillip J. MAGUIRE, Lincoln
1894:  Charles S. LINCOLN, Omaha     1895: G.D. GUNN, Lexington

   Rebekah Lodge, Upland, Franklin County, members 1926: Fannie PETERSEN, Nora HAMMER, Mina ZETTLE, Gertie SCHAFER, Alice BENSON, Clara SCHAFER, Lysle SPORTS, Ora AUSTERMANN, Ada ASHBY, Esther PETERSON, Olga PERL, Mable WORLEY, Bess ARNOLD.

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 122 Winter 1978
A-Submitted by D. JoAnn Schiefelbein, Wichita Ks
Source Hamilton County "Atlas," (1903) George F. Cram Co, Chicago Il

     Bluff Precinct T 13 & 14 N, R5W
Sect No Name Acres            Sect No Name Acres         Sect No Name Acres
25   H. CARMAN 49             14 Caroline BROSVENOR 160  22 Nels BERGSTROM 80
     August PETERSON 134.2       F.W. FASSBORG 79           Andrew ERICKSON 80
     I.N. SHENK 862              C. LINDAHL 80              Nelson TROID 80
     Elizabeth MENDENTHALL 160   A.F. PALM 160              C.J. SWANSON 80
35   H. SHULL 848             15 C.G. NELSON 160            John LITZENBERG 80
     ___ MCICKES 108.5           F. MADSON 80               Peter ERICKSON 240
36   C. BELSLEY (lease-sch)      A.F. PALM 120           23 C.J. SWANSON 4.0
     H.P. WEST, res.             John KRANTZ 40             Chas ANDERSON 80
     L. PETERSON 120             Otto JOHNSON 80            A.J. HANQUIST 80 & 40
     L. BECKMAN (lease)          Nels BENGSTON 160          Otto JOHNSON 120
1    E.O. STREETER 200.35     16 Mrs. E. CONNOR 80       23 John BENSON 78
     Andw JOHNSON 160.45         J.F. CONNOR 80                  RYDORF ?
     O.D. STREETER 200           J.M. HEWITT 120            G.A. RICHARDSON 79
     F. FOSTER 40                A. NECKER con 120          (STARK P.O.)
     C. JONES 20                 D.C. BJORKMAN 160       24 E.W. HAHN 320
     Aug RANDAHL 60           17 John LITZENBERG 103        C.F.W. HAM 160
9    R.A. WILDER 12.9            John LARSON 73.5           Carl HAHN 80
     J.F. CONNOR 44              A. FLODMAN 80              Andw JOHNSON 80
     F. CONNOR 27.8              J. NICHOLSEN 80         25 V.C. ADAMSON 160
     I.H. WILDMAN 157.8          I.J. WILDMAN 80            Andw JOHNSON 80
9&10 J.M. HEWITT 159.1           Peter ERICKSON 160         Aug. STRELQUIST 40
     I.W. ROOT 45.1           18 D.B. HORD 89.8             M. BENKE 160
     J.A. JONES 80               S.T. CLAYTON 194.5         Aug CARLSON 200
     Aug STEELQUIST 80        19 Henry G. WILDER 160.25  26 John BENSON 80
     Alexander LYON 160          Julia WILDER 80.21         G.A. RYDSON 80
11   Alexander LYON 180          S.T. CLAYTON 80 & 40       Johanna REED 160
     J.A. JONES 40               J.H. WILDER 80.21          S.I. BENSON 80
     RYDSON & HANQUIST 20        S.A. NYBURG 40.22          L.E. LINDSTROM 160
     M.H. HALLECK 80             Mark CASTLE 120            Andw JOHNSON 80
     E.P. HALLECK 240            J.S. JOHNSON 40         27 John LITZENBERG 120
     R. RECHENBERGER 40       20 C.J. CHADER 80             Peter ERICKSON 200
     A.J. ANDERSON 40            A.O. HARTQUIST 160         P.M. JOHNSON 120
12   R. RECHENBERGER 80          Chas OSTERMAN 80           Peter ERICKSON 160
     Chas V. LINDAHL 80          John BANKSON 320           Johanna REED 40
     Alfred GUSTAFSON 160     21 Anders PERSON 160       28 John NICHOLSON 80
     A.J. ANDERSON 80            Christena PERSON 80        John LITZENBERG 240
     John WILSHUSEN 80           Nels BENGSTROM 80          S.I. BENSON 240
     Aug CARLSON 160             John NICHOLSON 160         L.P. JONES 80
13   John WILSHUSEN 80           John LARSON 80          29 Chas OSTERMAN 160
     Josephine JOHN90N 160       Swed Luth Church 40        S.A. NYBURG 160
     Aug LARSON 240              John LITZENBERG 4.0        John STRANBERG 240
     Chris UECKERT 80         14 C.D. LINDAHL 160           Alfred CARLSON 80
     Chris GADKA 80           16 C.G. NECKER 80          23 J.W. NELSON 120

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 123 Winter 1978
B-Submitted by D. JoAnn Schiefelbein, Wichita Ks
Source Hamilton County "Atlas," 1903 pub George F. Cram Co, Chicago Il
(continued-1903 Hamilton County Atlas)

30  Margt CONNER 80.6         2  F.A. MILLSAP             9  J. ERICKSON 80
    J.S. JOHNSON 80              L.T. JOSEPH 82.18       10  Nels HANSEN 239
    S.T. CLAYTON 80              Henry MAHNKEN 80            A.P. PETERSON 80
    Chas OSTERMAN 80             Chas W. REED 80             A. PEARSON 160
    Wm. CAMPBELL 160.92          John DETHLOFF 80            John LAMPSHIRE 160
    Marcus CASTLE 80             Mary KRAGER 160         11  A.P. PETERSON 120
    John STRANBERG 240        3  M.J. HULL 81.11             E.H. PETERSON 40
31  Albert LARSON 80.81          Binger BENSON 81.06         Mary KRAGER 80
    Aug HANNETTE 80              Henry MUDGE 81.01           A.B. GRAYS 80
    J.O. HEGGEN 320              F.A. MILLSAP 77.96          C.E. COHAGEN 80
    Lars LINDSTROM 160.27        A.P. PETERSON 80            C.M. KNUTSON 80
32  Wm. CAMPBELL 80              Harris D. HALL 240          D.H. OTTO Est. 160
    H.M. CAMPBELL 80          4  Henry BLAZE 162         12  H. STANCH 80
    Isaac BENSON 80              Alba SAMUELSON 162.4        D.H. OTTO 80
    Robt MCMARRIN 80             C.F.W. HAHN 160             H.F. SMITH 160
    Alfred CARLSON 160           C.P. NELSON 160             M. YOUNG 160
    Aug RANDALL 160           5  A.G. ISAACSON 81.79         J.D. BRIGGS 160
33  Alfred CARLSON 80            C.A. JOHNSON 80         13  Aug UECKERT 40
    W.A. STUNKEL 160             L.C. LARSEN 80.82           J.C. HAPP 40
    A.W. ERICKSON 80             Aug RANDALL 80.81           Jacob HEINZ 80
    Henry RASMUSSEN 320          H.P. CHRISTENSEN 80         W.F. SCHAEFER 80
34  John WAGONER 160             L.C. LARSEN 80              C. WEAGANT 80
    L.P. JONES 80                Mary HANSEN 80              Maria DOSE 160
    Henry BLASE 80               J.G. BUSH 80                Jacob HEINZ 80
    S.P. BENSON 80            6  Saml ROLLENS 155.8          W.F. SCHAEFER 80
    Thos TIMMONS 80              John JONES 82.13        14  N.S. MCDANIEL 160
    Geo COHAGEN 80               Harriet DUNAWAY 80          John UECKERT 80
    Jas BONE 80                  C.O. LARSON 40              J.C. HAPP 80
35  Henry BLASE 200              N. NASON 112.17             W.A. BOWERS 80
    A.P. JOHNSON 80              C.A. JOHNSON 80             A.R. BROWNELL 80
    Andw JOHNSON 80              Nels PETERSON 80            Clara BROWNELL 80
    Julia CARNODY 40          7  C.T. ANDERSON 152.28        Maria DOSE 80
    W.A. MILLSAP 80              Robt MCMURRIN 80        15  Peter CHRISTIANSEN 160
    M.J. MILLSAP 80              C. HANSEN 80                Amos SPITTLER 80
    F.A. MILLSAP 80              A. RYAN 152.52              C.M. KNUTSON 80
36  W. JOSEPH 160                Chris HANSEN 160            Uriah BUSH 60
    H. LIGHT 80               8  H.P. CHRISTENSEN 40         Ira BUSH 100
    S.P. BENSON 40               C. HANSEN 40                W.A. BOWERS 160
    Fredk SALCHOR 40             Ole PETERSON 160        16  Thos KNUTSON 80
    A & 2 BENSON 320             Martina ANDERSON 160        Frank S. ANDERSON 80
    Otis Precinct T12N R5W:      Aug LINDQUIST 80            A.P. ANDERSON 160
1   F.G. WALKER 127-73           R.C. RASMUSSEN 160          David BUSH 40
    Wm. ZIEGELBEIN 204.61     9  Martina ANDERSON 160        Nels MADSEN 120
    Carl F. LENZ 160             H.D. HALL 80                Christine LAMPSHIRE 120
    John LIGHT 160               A. PEARSON 160              Uriah BUSH 40
    W.A. MILLSAP 82.25           S.A. SWENSON 120        17  Carl JENSEN 200

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 124 Winter 1978
C-Submitted by D. JoAnn Schiefelbein, Wichita Ks
Source Hamilton County "Atlas," 1903 pub George F. Cram Co, Chicago Il
(continued1903 Hamilton County Atlas)

17 L.C. JENSEN 200           25  Louis ROHDE 160         32  Andw NISSEN 160
   Andw ANDERSON 80              Frank FENSTER 160           J.W. HILLIGER 80
   A.P. JOHNSON 40           26  T.A. WILHELMSON 80          J.K. HANSEN 80
   J.P. CHRISTENSON 80           Philip BROWN 160            Mary E. FENSTER 80
   H. LARSON 40                  A. WERTH 159                Chas FENSTER 80
18 H.J. PERREL 234.73            U. REMINGER 160             Ola ANDRE 80
   Andw ANDERSON 80          27  M.H. MADSON 60              J.K. HANSEN 80
   R. OLSON 152.97               Peter MADSON 40         33  Jas HILLIGER 80
   Hans RASMUSSEN 120            Marie K. WILHELMSON 40      J. HANSON 40
   L.C. TRUKKEN 40               H.P. MADSON 20              A.B. NISSEN 40
19 Danish Luth Church        28  A.B. NISSEN 160             J.L. MORTENSON 80
   A.R. BUSH 116.83              J.L. MORTENSON 80           Martin KOHTZ 160
   L.C. TRUKKEN 120              W.H. SAYLOR 80              J.K. HANSEN 80
   Peter A. JACOBSEN 160     29  Andw P. HOEGH 240           Ernest MATTHEWS 80
   H.H. CRUUSBERG 95.6           John F. MARTELL 200         Aug SCHULTZ 80
   Mrs. Line THOMPSON 80         A. NISSEN 40            34  John VAN HOUSEN 80
20 Peter A. JACOBSEN 320         Jorgen NISSEN 80            John DOSE 80
   H.L. LARSON 80                A.B. NISSEN 80              Aug DOBBERSTEIN 80
   Hans LAGONI 240          30   H.J. THOMPSON 193.95        Gustaf SCHOENBORN 80
21 N.H. ANDERSON 160             Thors PETERSON 80           Martin KOHTZ 160
   Andw BUSH 320                 Jorgen NISSEN 160           Herman BUDNICH 160
   Henry SCHROEDER 80            C. FEDDERSON 116.03     35  John WERTH 80
   L.C. BEYER 200                John F. MARTELL 80          Aug DOBBERSTEIN 40
   John MORKUSSEN 120       31   H. VAN HOUSEN 194.94        J. DOSE 40
22 Andrew BUSH 320               J. NISSEN 40                Peter HANSEN 120
   O.B. KOHTZ 80                 NISSEN & SMITH 40           John HEIDEN 80
   L.C. SORENSON 80              L.P. LARSON 154.58          H. BUDNICH 40
   F.M. MILLIGS 160              H. SMITH 120                Carl STREHLOW 80
23 J.F. KLUTE 160                Mary E. FENSTER 80          Robt BUDNICH 80
   A.R. BROWNELL            26   W.J. WILLIAMSON 80          C. SCHLIESKE 80
   F.M. MILLINGS 160        27   L.C. SORENSON 20        36  C. ROHDE 80
   John MOWITZ 160               M.H. MADSON 20              John HEIDEN 40
24 Ben PABEN 160                 A.H. SAYLER 80              J.T. VORHES 120
   Wm. SCHAEFER 160              C. CLARK 80                 John VOGT 160
   Peter VAN HAUSEN 160          W.J. WILLIAMSON 240         N. FIELEN 80
   A.M. SCHRIEDER 160       28   Jorgen NISSEN 160           Henry KATH 80
25 D.H. OTTO Est. 160            M.H. MADSON 80              Chas DRIEWER 80
   I. B. WESSELS 160             H.P. MADSON 80

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 124 Winter 1978
A-Source Centennial Section, Sunday "World Herald," Omaha 30 May 1954 - extract

Another 100 Year Old Nebraskans Wayland M. NEWELL b 16 Sep 1846 Volney, NY.
Lived 70 years at Des Moiness Ia. To Omaha 5 years ago to the Baptist Home.

A wedding is an event, but marriage is an achievement. "In Tune With The Father"

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 125 Winter 1978
A-Submitted by Aileen Rawlings, St. Paul Ne 68873


This is a listing of head of household, but does not include wives or children of the head of household. It may include boarders, wards, or other adults. The 1885 State Census did not have Archer listed, as it did other towns in Merrick Co. so the whole of Midland township is included below.

Charles ADAMS      Albert FERRIS    E.W. LEHR          Fred SCHROEDER
Ida ANDREW         George FERRIS    Wm. LIEBERT        Oliver SHEAR
Anna BAHOLD        L.L. FRAZER      Benj. MALLUVE      Mary SIMON
E.D. BAUER         Marvin FREGE     A.D. MANNING       M.P. SINCIL
John BENNER        George GARDNER   William MARSH      Charles SLATTER
Albert BLACK       John GARSWOLEL   Winfield MCCABE    A.E. SLONER
Fredrich BOTTS     Letty GURNEY     E. MCENDRY         Hannah SLONER
Catherine BRANLTY  Ins. HACKETT     R. MERRITTE        James SMITH
N. BROWN           Wm. HALCH        E.H. MICKHAM       W. SUTHERLAND
R. BURTHAM         F. HALICY        James MILLER       J.B. SWARTOUT
Henry BUZZARD      Arthur HEANN     Christian NITZEL   J.B. TEMPLIN
Rale CAMELOTH      Kati HEULTY      Amy PALMER         Ervine THOMPSON
C.A. CLARK         Erte HUMNER      J. PASSEL          J.D. VAN PELT
S.H. CLARK         Frank HUSH       J. PULKI           August WAGNER
Edwin COVER        A. INCHI         Albert RASER       B. WAGNER
Albert DORILM      Ed JAMES         O. REESE           Charles WAGNER
J.P. DREILER       John JEFFERS     Elizabeth REYNOLD  Minor WAVERLY
J.N. DREPLER       Lucian JOHNSON   Charles REYNOLD    E.H. WELLER
Heiny DUECIL       Wilhm JOHNSON    Lucy ROULBAR       John S. WRIGHT
Alfred ECKLES      S.F. KENNEDY     G. RULL            J. YOUNG
John ECKLES        C. KENNY         W.A. SACTOR        John YOUNG
L. ENECTOR         Elmer KENNY      Samuel SALLER
Wm. FARMER         Robt. LEIWIN     Paul SAMPSON
D.W. FARNHAM       B.G. LEHR        Saul SAMPSON

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 125 Winter 1978


   Names of persons who purchased lots in the Evangelical Zion, United Brethen, Zion Methodist Cemetery located 1 mile south, 2 miles west of Archer, Merrick Co.

Albert BLAUGHORN, J. BLAUGHORN, Mrs. Otto BLAUGHORN, Wm. BLAUGHORN, Henry BOEHL, Eliza BOELTS, John BOELTS, Louise BOELTS, Lydia BONNESS, Earl CONWAY, Fred DEERTZ, Edgar DJERNES, Herman ECKERT, John ECKERT, Dean ECKHOFF, Francis ECKHOFF, Rose FARMER, Herman FECHTNER, Dale GADDIS, Mrs. GLEN GADDIS, Fred GILMONT, Charles GLAUSE, Wm. J. GLAUSE, Clifford GOERL, Larry GOERL, Clarence HANKE, Herman HANKE, W.P. HANSEN, Jacob ITA, Jean ITA, Martha ITA, Ulrich ITA, Wm. ITA, Gerald KUHN, Mollie LIEBERT, Mrs. Don MARQUIS, John A. MATTSON, Carl MUCHOW, George MUNDT, Fred NICKEL, Wm. OTTO, Cecil RAWLINGS, August RETZLAFF, Wm. RETZLAFF, Mrs. Albert RUDOLF, Emil RUDOLF, Carl F. RUDOLF, Fredrich RUDOLF, George RUDOLF, Gustav RUDOLF, Lizzie RUDOLF, Otto RUDOLF, Wm. RUDOLF, Wm. C. RUDOLF, Kathrine SCHROEDER, the SHEIBE estate, George SPORER, Albert SUCK, Jacob SUCK, John SUCK, Mrs. Edward TIMM, Martha TSCHUDY, Jost TSCHUDY, Albert WEGNER, August WESGEN, (continued)

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 126 Winter 1978
B-Submitted by Aileen Rawlings, St. Paul Ne 68873
(continued-Bits of Archer, Merrick Co)

Carl WEGNER, Dwain WEGNER, Lydia WEGNER, Wm. WEGNER (2) Herman WELLER, Mrs. Kate WELLER, Kenneth WELLER, Merton WELLER, Rex WELLER, Richard WELLER, Albert ZAMZOW, Frank ZAMZOW, Mrs. F.A. ZAMZOW, J.G. ZAMZOW, Mabel ZAMZOW, Otto ZAMZOW, Adolf ZLOMKE, George ZLOMKE, purchases made prior to 16 Nov 1977.

   In a personal letter to C.E. PERSINGER, Mr, C.D. CHAPMAN, who has been actively connected with Archer life from its beginning, tells the following story of the extension of the Burlington Branch and the establishment of the town, which is situated about half way between Central City and Palmer,

   "In the winter of 1886 I wrote to Mr. TOUZALIN, of the B&M and suggested an extension of the road from Central City to St. Paul, setting forth in my letter the advantages of drawing to the B&M freight traffic for Chicago that then went to the Union Pacific. At the time I received only an acknowledgement of the receipt of the letter, but in about 30 days there came a letter from Mr. TOUZALIN, thanking me for my suggestion and stating that although they could do nothing on it that year, the plan would be filed for use the following spring. When the spring of 1887 came I received word from the B&M that in about 2 weeks surveyors and the railroad gang would be along and commence work. I was corresponding for the Courier at that time, and stated in my items that the B&M would soon commence the extension of its line from Central City out our way (Midland precinct). Nearly everyone thought I was joking, but in 2 weeks by advise and council I got the town of Archer located where it is now and later secured for it the name of Archer. In the fall of 1887, Mr. E. HANSON moved the Adams Center Creamery and store into town, from its former site 2 miles southwest. In the spring of 1888, I put up the first building - a store 16 X 32, and later put up a larger store. MR. HANSON formed a partnership with Mr. J.B. TEMPLIN in the fall of 1888 and still continues. Mr. H.O. CHAPMAN taught the first school in town.

   "Archer now occupies the position of a shipping point midway between Central City and Palmer, and as such has not had the oppertunity for expansion that the later two towns have. Yet from 2 or 3 buildings in 1887 it has grown to a settlement of about 125 inhabitants, supplied with the usual school, church & mail facilities."

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 126 Winter 1978
A-Source first the "Tecumseh Chieftain," reprinted in "Nebraska Territorial Pioneers' Association,"
Edited by Minnie Prey Knotts (1923) Johnson County

   William C. JOLLY of Tecumseh spent a number of years on the plains and in the west, just before and during the period of the civil war. JOLLY married Mrs. Mary Jane HAYES 18 Oct 1864 at Nebraska City. Her husband, Harvey, died Co in 1863 and was buried in Idaho Springs. Mrs. Mary Jane JOLLY's father, Robert Prince, brought his family to Johnson County in 1855 and located in Spring Creek precinct. The following year, with his son, Stephen, went to a trading station at "Podunk" on the Little Nemaha, near the present town of Brock to get flour, to get flour, (sic) and they were lost in a blizzard and froze to death. Mrs. JOLLY died here 11 Mar 1916.

   When a woman who is a bit touchy about her age was asked how old she is, she replied, "I am 15 - Celsius."
              "Alamanac" in "Minneapolis Tribune"

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