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Volume One, no 2
Fall 1978


Volume One, no 2, page 54 Fall 1978
Submitted by Ruth Young, Lyons Ne

The first Genealogical Society for the Northeastern area of the state was organized 25 Jul 1977 at the Lester SANDQUIST home in Lyons. The nine 'family history buffs' who had been independently researching their own family trees were helped by Eugene Bang of Fremont, president of the new state group.

The first officers and chair persons of this new Northeastern Nebraska Genealogy Society were: Maxine SANDQUIST, president; Marjorie PLAMBECK, vice president; Melva CHRISTENSEN, secretary-treasurer; Ruth YOUNG, public relations; Velma COOPER, lineage and membership; Harriet SMITH, historian and librarian.

This non-profit, educational society meets regularly the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 P. m. at Evista Hall in Lyons, with the exception of Jul, Aug, and Dec. Dues are three dollars individually plus a four dollar initiation fee. Couples may join for five dollars, plus initiation, with the new year beginning in Sep.

The membership now includes persons from Bancroft, Decatur, Lyons, Oakland, West Point, in Northeast Nebraska, also Omaha, Arcada, Colorado; Arlington Heights, Illinois; and Blackfoot, Idaho; who have their grass roots in this section of the state. Membership is open to all persons having an active interest in genealogy and family history.

Although NENGS is less than one year old, its accomplishments have been many. President Maxine's original newsletter to members has evolved into a Society newsletter, titled "N E N G S Notes. " A copy of the Bylaws adopted is given to each new member, and the group library is growing each month. Surname cards and lineage charts are being completed for use in the local Society as well as the state "New Brass Key. "

Social activities have been enjoyable and informative including a workshop on genealogical research by Mrs. Verna JOHNSON, formerly of Blair; a group trip to Lincoln to visit the State Historical Society Research Department; Omaha tour of the Mormon Genealogy and Dale Clark libraries in downtown Omaha, and an evening with Mrs. Clare MARES of Fremont, when she brought us her special slide and talk program on cemeteries.

The group has been represented at all state meetings of the Nebraska Genealogical Society, and our president, Maxine SANDQUIST, serves as Public Relations and Publicity chairperson for NGS, and appeared on the program with a report at the first State Convention in Lincoln, May 5-7, 1978. Mrs. SANDQUIST was also presented a Certificate of Appreciation by the State. Another highlight was the recognition given to one of our elder members, Wesley ERICKSON, 81, of Oakland, by guest speaker Robert ANDERSON of Omaha, editor of the "Journal of Genealogy, " for being the oldest participating member at this time.

Volume One, no. 2 page 54 - Fall 1978
Source "Sunday World Herald, " Omaha 8 Jan 1928 (extract)

Sons of Union Civil War Veterans Installation of officers next Tuesday at GAR Hall - W. H. HATTEROTH (re-elected commander), E. N. WOODWARD, John E. HIMOE, Harvey R. MORGAN, Moses P. O'BRIEN, Clarence O. FRITCHOFF, George A. MERRILL, F. A. HOLT, R. W. BRENNAN.
Auxiliary President to be installed: Miss Emma FREEMAN.

Volume One, no 2, page 57  Fall 1978
no submitter named, no source given

Upland, Franklin Co., was incorporated on 7 Mar 1894. First board of trustees: Anton HANSEN, John PARKER, M. L. DOYLE, Frank OSTERLUND, Frank WILSEY.

Volume One, no 2, page 62  Fall 1978

Emma JENSEN         Herman JENSEN       Helen BLANCHARD 
Bessie ANDERSON     Harold FRANK        Aledia MILLER 
Carrie HAWKINSON    Vaughn BEENEY       George KINGSLEY 
Martha RASMUSSEN    Elliott OLSON       Alice WENDELL 
Mabel YOUNGSON      John ROST           Alvah JENSEN 
Jessie RANSOM       Charles PAULSEN     Clarence DITTMER 
Olga JENSEN         Fred THOMSEN        Marguerite ELM 
Agnes PIERSON       Jack ETZELMILLER    Glessie GOBEL 
Teckla JOHNSON      Frank CARMAN        Paul EXSTROM 
Mabel PETERSEN      Eunice BURCHELL     Ruth PATTISON 
Bertha OLSEN        Louis ANDERSON      Georgia JOHNSON 
Merle RUNYAN        Debbie BURCHELL     Margaret TARKINGTON 
Myrtle AABEL

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