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Summer 1978


Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 32
A-Presented by Mrs. Maxion Bates, Lexington, NE


The following list of names was found in a book "Home Duties" by the Rev. R. T. CROSS. The book was given to Almeda R. COONEY and George S. BOYNTON on their wedding day, 25 Sep 1893 by the author who also performed the ceremony.

Consecration Roll

AYERS. Mattis        FOUNTAIN, Cora           NORTHRUP, Roy 
BROWN, Grace         GOULD, A. B.             REED, Josie 
BROWN, Ed            GOULD, Mrs. A. B.        REED, Emma 
BLOOD, Mamie         GRIFFIN, Geraldine       RICHARDS, Harry 
BLANCHARD, H. T.     HANNIS, Pearl L.         REYNOLDS, Belle 
BLANCHARD, Willie    HANNIS, F. A.            REYNOLDS, Grace 
BELL, Mrs. George    HANNIS, Mrs. F. A.       READER, Gusta 
BELL, Flora          HYMAS, Jennie            SEYMOUR, Nellie 
BOYNTON, George      HARMES, Amanda           SEYMOUR, Anna 
COOK, Lydia          HYATT, Chas.             SEYMOUR, Ed 
COONEY, Almeda       HEARTT, Willie           STODDARD, 0. W. 
COONEY, Mabel        HIGLY, G. W.             STODDARD, Mrs. O.W. 
CHESSMAN, Anna       KELLEY, Nellie           STAPLETON, John 
CHASE, Mary          KILNER, P. A.            TATROE, Etta 
CHASE, Maude         KILNER, Mrs. P. A.       TATROE, Tillie 
CROSS, Rev. R. T.    LUNDEEN, Helen           WELLS, Mamie 
CROSS, Judson        LUNDEEN, Nellie          WYCKOFF, Flora 
CROSS, Leona         MARTIN, Alice            WHEELER, Chas. 
DART, A. W.          MARTIN, Margaret         WILEY, Albert 
EDIE, Martha         MAYLARD, Mrs. J. B.      WILLIAMS, Burt 
ELLIOTT, Estella     MITCHELL,  Mrs. G. E.    YATES, Inez 

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 32
A-Submitted by Marietta Poulson, Elm Creek NE
Compiled by Chas. F. Gordon, "Talmage Tribune"


Talmage, Otoe County, Nebraska

Talmage is one of the enterprising towns of Otoe county and has a population of not far from 500 industrious people, largely of German origin, many of whom came here when the country was new. Fraternal and social organizations include Sons of Herman, Independent Order of Odd Fellowes, Rebekahs, Knights of Pythias, Modern Woodman of America, G.A.R., and W.R.C. Religious societies include the Evangelical Lutheran, Methodist, and Christian church. The graded schools cover eleven grades. The state course was introduced by Prof. BICKNELL. Talmage high school was organized in 1887 and J.W. JONES was the first principal. At present there are five teachers. Prof. F. E. BICKNELL is principal. He is one of Nebraska's well known educators. He was born in New York and when a child he came to the state In 1872. He was educated in the public schools and graduated from the Fairfield Normal. He taught at Verona five years and was principal at Bertrand and Western. The school census is about 170.


Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 33
B-Submitted by Marietta Poulson, Elm Creek NE
(coutinued-The Story of The Present Told by Pen and Photograph)

Village Council & Appointive Officers May 1907:
W. H. HOLTGREWE, Eli YODER, C. E. WOOD, clerk. Geo. ALLGAIER, chairman. V. B. SETZER, A. EVERETT. Paul HAMPEL, treasurer. K. O. VANDERBERGH, marshal. Wm. VAN DEBERGH, water commissioner. Ed ADAMS, street commissioner.

In 1882 the Missouri Pacific railroad was built and Talmage was platted. Clark PUFFER platted 20 of the 40 acres he owned and James CUMMINS platted 20 acres, each giving the railroad company one half of the lots. PUFFER's addition and STEELE's addition added two rows of blocks. W. H. NORTON platted four acres and WATHAN's addition was platted, making up the present town site and corporation limits. The first house was built by S. O. GREGORY, which he rented. James CUMMINS, H.H. CHILDS and J.H. MOHRMAN built the same spring. Frank PATRICK built the first store and moved his goods from Grant. Sol GOODMAN built a building and started the second store. Most of the early business buildings were constructed of wood and have fallen prey to the fire demon.

Talmage and vicinity consumes much beer annually and as all want the best, there is a great demand for STORZ Blue Ribbon. To accomodate this demand a large beer vault was erected in Talmage. Storz beer is handled by Wm. KREIMER and August HANSEN, and its popularity is well attested by the regularity with which it is necessary to replenish the supply.

Roberts Post G.A.R. No. 104:
The Brock-Talmage Post G.A.R. was organized in Jun 1882, near Brock, with R. V. BLACK first commander and Elwin JACKSON adjutant. About 20 veterans signed the rolls.

Roberts Relief Corps No. 72:
The Corps was organized 27 Oct 18890 by Mrs. Emma B. MANCHESTER, of Lincoln, Department President. Mrs. Nancy E. NORTON was the first president. Only five charter members remain of the Corps. They are: Mrs. NORTON, Mrs. MCNUTT, Mrs. Any CATHCART, Mrs. Mary J. WALLACE, and Mrs. Alice WATHAN.

Bank of Talmage:
In 1883 James SWEET & Co. organized a private bank. The present officers were among the original organizers excepting Mr. Charles E. WOOD, who came into the bank about 15 years ago. The present officers are: Herman ARENDS, president; J. H. DAMME, vice president; Theo. FRERICHS, cashier. Mr. FRERICHS came to Nebraska City in 1881 and to Talmage in 1883. He is a native of Germany.

Nemaha Valley Lumber Co.:
The Lumber Co. was founded in 1891. The original stockholders and financiers of the enterprise were Peter BERLET, James CUMMINS, H.H. CHILDS, S. C. GREGORY, Wm BECKER, P. A. FLODIN, Lee L. HORRUM, and Clark PUFFER. Peter BERLET was the first president of the organization and H. H. CHILDS the first secretary and manager. When Mr. CHILDS' health failed, Eli YODER was made acting manager.W. P. CLARK is the present president and Mrs. L. A. CHILDS, vice president.

School Board:

Henry UHL: Mr. UHL was born in Lee Co., Iowa.He came to Nebraska City in 1879, and worked at his trade as a carpenter and, also, as a cabinet maker. In 1884 he located in Talmage.


Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 34
C-Submitted by Marietta Poulson, Elm Creek NE
(continued-The Story of The Present Told by Pon and Photograph)

W. H. HOLTGREWE: Mr. HOLTGREWE came to the state 17 years ago and located at Johnson where he was in general merchandising for seven years. He then became manager of the yards there, coning here in 1902. He purchased his fine residence two years ago, He was married to Miss Enna ERNST of Johnson. They have one child, Helen. He has served on the town board two terms and was chairman of that body last year.

W. E. CARNEY: Born in Bedford, Penn., 30 Jun 1866 he came to Nebraska with his parents when a boy - year of 1872. They located on a farm near Fairmont. When 19 years of age, Mr. CARNEY entered a hardware store at Sutton to learn the trade of a timer. Completing his apprenticeships he went to St. Josephs Mo., took a business courses and then went to work in Clay Center, Nebraska, at his trade. He came to Talmage in Feb 1899, and has since engaged in the hardware business here. On 14 Jun 1899, he married Miss Minnie CUMMINS. They have a little girl - Miss Edna CARNEY. Mr. CARNEY is one of the trustees of the M.E. church and has been Sunday School superintendent for over five years. He recently purchased a quarter section of land in Sherman Co., Kansas, for his retirement.

D. W. FERRY: Manager of the FERRY Restaurant. He was born 1 Dec 1849 in Onondaga Co., New York. In 1870 he came to Nebraska, first locating in Seward Co. on a farm, later engaging in the mercantile business in Hastings and in the year of 1884 located on a farm south of Talmage. He married Miss Mary TAIT in 1879; and they have two children, both of whom are now grown. Three of his great-grandfathers fought in the Revolutionary War, one grandfather in the War of 1812, an uncle in the Mexican Wars and his father, an uncle and various other relatives in the Civil War.

Dr. Geo. EWH: Born in 1858, Jersey City, N. J. He completed the high school of his native city, he took up a college course, and at the age of 20 had completed his medical studies in New York University. He was assistant physician at Bellevue Hospital, New York City for 1878-1879. Soon after he came west, locating first at Auburn, Nebraska, later at Brock, and in 1885 came to Talmage.

John GUTHALS: He was born in Marx, Oestfriesland, Germany, 6 Mar 1835. He spent his early days in his native clime. At the age of 24, Jul 1859, he set sail for America. He located in St. Clair Co., Illinois. On 18 Nov of the following year, he married Mrs. Anteke GUTHAIS, and in 1869 they came to Nebraska, locating on the farm two miles northeast of Talmage. In Oct 1880 Mrs. GUTHALS died. He was again married, Apr 1883 to Mrs. Louisa GLASSMEYER. They resided on the farm until 1903 when they moved to town. He was one who contributed a large sum toward the building of the new Lutheran church and is a member of the directorate of the church. He now owns 365 acres of land in this community, 60 acres in Thayer Co., and a half section in western Texas. He is the father of seven living children, four boys and three girls. He also has many grandchildren.

Dr. McKIBBEN (McGIBBEN): The McKIBBEN Drug Store was under the management of Dr. McKIBBEN for nearly four years, he having succeeded George GILMAN in the business. About a year ago Mr. McKIBBEN moved to Memphis, Nebraska, and Miss Blanche McKIBBEN came into the management of the pharmacy.

E. J. STRANGMAN: Born in Racine, Wis., 2 Aug 1877, E. J. STRANGMAN passed his early childhood at that place. At the age of eleven, he removed with his parents to Los Angeles, Cal. While yet a young man he took up the (continued)

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 35
D-Submitted by Marietta Poulson, Elm Creek NE
(continued-The Story of the Present Told by Pen and Photograph)

occupation of contractor and builder. He came to Nebraska in 1899, locating in Talmage, and on 23 Jul 1903 married Miss Anna. TETEN. They have one two year old girl.

Geo. H. PETERSON: He Is a native of Illinois, having been born in Knox Co. He came to Nebraska in 1883 and located on the farm three miles southwest of Talmage, where he now lives. He is an extensive apple grower and annually markets hundreds of bushels of apples. Mrs. PETERSON has lived in this community all her life and was formerly a teacher in our public school.

Herman H. BALDBERG: Born on 21 Jan 1873. The home of his parents was then on the farm now owned by John FRERICHS, northeast of town. His early life was spent on the farm. In 1898 he came to town and engaged in business. In 1890 he married Miss Bertha IMIG and they have a girl and boy.

Geo. WEBSTER: Mr. WEBSTER is one of the pioneers of Nebraska. Born In Elgin, Illinois, he came to the state in 1869. He engaged in the retail drug business; and later, he traveled for the Lincoln Drug Company. He located in Talmage 23 Sep 1901. He was married to Mrs. Ida ROSS who died in Dee 1906.

Wm. KREIMER: He came to Talmage from Iowa. He located here in 1889 and engaged in the cremery business and teaming. He and his wife have seven children - Alma, Bennie, Cora, Louise, Nora, Elsie, and George.

A. L. BRANNAN: Born in Ohio, he moved to western Nebraska in 1891 and in 1894 to Talmage. He clerked seven years in a hardware store and then engaged in the grain business. Mr. BRANNAN is local manager for the BARTLING Grain Co. He is an active member of the M.W.A.

J. H. DAMME: Mr. DAMME was among the first to cast his lot in the new town of Talmage in 1882. He was born in Franklin Co., Missouri, and in 1875 he came to Nebraska and engaged in farm work for two years near Osage postoffice. He clerked in Nebraska City for five years and worked for the Chicago Lumber Co. when they started yards here in 1882. The same year he purchased his present business location, built a frame building and put in a general store. In 1887 this building burned, and he erected a two story brick. He owns farm lands in Otoe and Wayne counties which he rents. He is treasurer of the board of education.

R. H. MEENTS: Mr. MEENTS was born in Germany. He came to America when 16 years of age in 1882. He worked on a farm in Illinois two years and came to Nebraska in 1884. In 1892 he was married to Miss Emma HANSEN. He farmed in Rock Creek township and in 1898 moved to Illinois where they lived one year. They then returned to Talmage. Mr. MEENTS owns a brick business property and vacant lots and 320 acres of fine land in Kansas. He and his wife operate the CLIFTON Hotel. He is president of the board of education.

George ALLGAIER: Mr. ALLGAIER is a merchant and head of ALLGAIER & Co., a large department store. He has 15 years experience as clerk and partner, part of this time at Seward. He is president of the town board and a member of the library board.

Wm. J. RITTER: Rev. Josiah RITTER came from Iowa in 1868 and located on the RITTER homestead with his family. Here Wm. J. spent his boyhood days.

Judge W. H. NORTON: He was among the first in Talmage in 1882. He was a carpenter and contractor. He plotted NORTON'S addition of Talmage and built the present family home in 1893. He served as Justice of the Peace ten


Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 36
E-Submitted by Marietta Poulson, Elm Creek NE
(continued-The Story of the Present Told by Pen and Photograph)

years, which office he still holds. He was born in Oh. The family moved to Ill. in 1854 where he spent his boyhood days and received his schooling. He enlisted in the 83 Illinois Infantry, 27 Jul 1862 and served in the army of the Cumberland under General THOMAS. He was mustered out in Jul 1865 at the close of the war. He was constable and deputy sheriff In his home county in Illinois eight years. In 1879 he moved to Unadilla, Nebraska, and engaged in carpentering until Talmage was started in 1882. What Judge NORTON can relate in regard to the early history of this community would make a good sized volume.

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 36

at the Home Office of the Lion Bonding and Surety Company
March ninth, tenth, eleventh 1920
Under the direction of F. B. ALLDREDGE, Vice-president
Pres. E. R. GURNEY        C. H. BLOOMER, State Manager of Missouri
Agency Division           J. S. SMITH         Fred DANIELS 
H. A. PEPPLE              A. B. ARMSTRONG     E. C. LINDEEN 
F. E. SPRAGUE             M. E. GIBSON        S. R. SCOTT 
G. Earle McVOY            Mason COX           C. H. BLOOMER 
Marvin McSHANE            C. A. HEATH         A. J. SHAW 
R. B. DORRIS              W. L. RUCKER        B. 0. WILLIAMSON 
R. A. BLEICHFR            H. M. NEIGHBORS     J. D. CHOPLIN 
W. D. PRICE               V. B. LOWREY        Mrs. CURLIN 
Mrs. Allie DONMYER        B. M. GARDNER       Mrs. DONMYER 
W. R. HEFFELFINGER        J. E. DERDON        Nell Owen MORRISON 
W. E. HARVEY              Sam KAUFMAN         Ada POTTS 
J. E. SHIPP               E. D. BECK          W. E. HARVEY 
L. S. DELONY              B. J. HILSABECK     Claim Division 
M. F. O'SULLIVAN          J. S. GARLOCK       C. H. BLOOMER 
Underwriting Division     W. F. LEECH         J. F. MICEK 
J. E. SHIPP               J. 0. MOUNTAIN      F. B. ALLDREDGE 
C. H. BLOOMER             A. B. ARMSTRONG     J. E. SHIPP 
J. 0. MOUNTAIN            F. J. HANNIGAN      W. 0. SIEVERS 
W. F. LEECH               C. E. JOHNSON       A. A. SCHREKPP 
R. 0. DEMING              H. A. PEPPLE        E. R. GURNEY 
W. C. ANDERSON            C. D. FOSTER        F. B. ALLDREDGE 


Solos: Miss Evelyn ROE, W. E. HARVEY
Speakers: Hon. W. B. YOUNG, Chief of Bureau of Insurance, Nebraska
  Hon. A. C. SAVAGE, Commissioner of Insurance, Iowa
  Walter W. HEAD, President Omaha National Bank
  W. S. WESTON, Vice-President Peters Trust Co., & Director of Lion Bonding & Surety Co,
  John L. KENNEDY, President United States National Bank

Humor and knowledge are the two great hopes of our culture.      Konrad LORENZ

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 37
A-Copied from a scrapbook by Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha NE

Perry NIEL, Army                     Ira ALLISON A.E.F. 
Glenn NIEL, Navy                     Bert Allison, A.E.F.
Edward GATES, A.E.F.                 Harry L. THRANE, A.E.F. 
Harry LaBORDE, A.E.F.                Leo J. BYRNE, Camp Funston 
Glenn HERRINGTON A.E.F.              Ray OWEN, Ft, Leavenworth 
R. W. RAPP, A.E.F.                   Chris HOLT Camp Funston 
John LEMPKE, France                  John UHL, Camp Funston 
James DEARDEN, Fort Bliss            Marcellus McCLINTOCK, Presidio 
Robert HARPER, British Army          Ray PAYNE, Ft. Sill 
Paul HEDEGAARD,  A.E.F.              Fred MORRIS, Ft, Sill 
H. J. LAMB, A.E.F.                   Martin CUNNINGRAM, Overseas 
William RUSH, A.E.F.                 Henry Armstrong, Overseas 
Go W. LAMB, A.E.F.                   Clarence CUNNINGHAM# Overseas 
Russell TODD, Fort Riley             Lysle BLAKE, Overseas 
Joe M. KELLETT, Navy                 Lewis SCHUBERT, Overseas 
William TUMA, Army                   Marion MORGAN, Overseas 
Andy BRYANT, Navy                    Earl GOODWIN, Ft. Sill 
Otto ECKLUND, Camp Fremont           Thomas L. COATES, Ft. Omaha 
L. E. SHANNON, Aviation, Berkeley    Cullen TRABER, Mare Island 
E. To ROBINSON, Aviation, Berkeley   Vernon PEABODY, Ft. Logan 
Boyd HERRINGTON, Camp Dodge          Roy FEBERER, Camp Funston 
Clarence GOULD, Navy                 Max HERRINGTON. A.E.F. 

Rebekahs Entertain: The Rebekahs entertained at a social gathering in honor of the 98th anniversary of the organization of the Odd Fellow Lodge and of the 21st anniversary of the organization of the Waterloo Lodge. Mrs. Frank HANSEN had charge of the program. Short talks were given by Dr. G. A. HARRIS: Geo. JOHNSON and J. C. ROBINSON. The Lodge was organized 20 Apr 1896 with the following charter members: R? S. NESBIT, Henry BONSTEIN, D.I. PARK, J. C. ROBINSON, E. R. MAYERS, H. A. LOCKWOOD, Andrew FOSTER, Andrew FITCH, C. W. HUMES, Jas. ALLEN, E. H. FITCH, B. F. CALVERT and Geo. W. HILL. Mr. ROBINSON and Mr. HUMES are the only two members still in Waterloo (1917).

Pioneer Woman Dies Sunday At Farm Home: Mrs. Mary GUGIN KEEFE born Tullamore, Kings Co., Ireland, 26 Dec 1831 passed away 1 Nov at her farm home 2 miles south of Waterloo. She came to America in 1849 and lived several years in New York. Later went to Davenport, Iowa, where she married Daniel KEEFE on 15 Aug 1856. They came to Waterloo in 1865.
     Six children were born to this union, five of who survive the parents: Mrs. J. P. HANGER, Mrs. Geo. SPRINGER of Omaha, Timothy of Benson, Edward and Mrs. G. E. HALL of Waterloo. Their father died 24 Mar 1876. 16 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren also survive.
     Services were conducted by Rev. Father HOBEISEL, pastor at St. Patrick Catholic Church at Elkhorn. Burial was in the Catholic cemetery south of Elkhorn. Relatives served as pall bearers: J. P. HAMER, Geo. SPRINGER, G. E. HALL, Walter and Lunford HAMER and Henry JOHNSON.

The best thing about growing older is that it takes such a long time.

Walters KEMP     

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 41
A-Submitted by Eva Lindgren, Omaha, NE
From the "Clay County Sun"


Clay County has not always been where it is today, in fact it has moved around quite a bit. The Clay County Historical Society has uncovered some of early history of the county from various sources, and found that the name Clay was first given to a part of the old Pierce County back in 1855 during the Territorial days. Later on, still before the statehood was granted, the southern part of Lancaster County was renamed Clay County. The present boundries and name of today's Clay County were set in Feb 1867.

The first settler in what is now Clay County was John B. WESTON, who settled on Section 16, Township 5, Range 8 on the Little Blue in 1857. The place was then called Pawnee Ranche, with the extra "e."

Sutton is the oldest town in the county, and is still the largest in the county. It was named after Sutton, Massachusetts.

Harvard was the first town to make material improvements. In 1871 the South Platte Land Company made land surveys, and the Burlington-Missouri Railroad depot was built. At that time the railroad was feuding with Sutton, and refused to recognize the existance of Sutton, or even permit the (continued)

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 42
B-Submitted by Eva Lindgren
(continued-Clay County Was Moved)

town's name to appear on a railroad map or timetable. Harvard was pre-empted in Sep 1871 by N. W. BRASS, E. J. STONE, M. MOGER and G. W. VAN GILDER,

The Fairfield townsite was entered by M. REED in 1871, his claim was sold to a B. SMITH, H. J. HIGGINS, R. BAYLY, C. DUNN and 16 others who established a town on the Northeast quarter of Section 4, Township 5, Range 7.

Edgar was organized in 1873 in the farm home of J. G. GRAHAM, which was located southeast of the present town.

Clay Center was organized in 1879 by the Town Site Company, which was composed of R. G. BROWN, of Sutton, W. P. CHURCH of Harvard, and R. BAYLY and O. P. ALEXANDER, both of Fairfield. The town was laid out in the exact center of the county.

The towns of Glenvil, Ong, Deweese, Trumbull, Inland, Saronville, Verona and Spring Ranche were organized later.

Spring Ranche had the honor of being the site of the first post office in the county and the second in Nebraska. Lewis THAYER was the first Postmaster.

The first child born in Clay County was a son of Sheridan BAINTER, and the boy was born on 11 May 1871.

Soon after the county was settled, three election districts were created. They were named Harvard, Little Blue and Sandy Creek. Later School Creek was added, and 1 Mar 1875 the present precincts were established. At that time however, Eldorado was called Lincoln, and Inland was named Scott.

Among the early historical records was an item from the first minutes of the proceedings of the county supervisors which indicated that a motion had been made to raise the County Clerk's salary from $ 300 to $ 490. Another supervisor meeting was held in order to allow an expenditure of 55 cents for postage.

Serious crimes have never been a great problem in Clay County, but the TAYLOR-JONES lynching down at Spring Ranch was one of the early sensations. In 1916, Sheriff SANDERSON was called to investigate the murder of a grain dealer at Harvard. While in pursuit of the alleged murdered, Sheriff SANDERSON was shot and killed a few miles north of Harvard. He is the only Clay County Sheriff who has died in the line of duty.

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 46

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