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NSGS Ancestree
Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume One, no 1
Summer 1978


Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 21


The Annals of Iowa, Vol. VIII, No. 4 (January 1908), pp 304-310, contains the 1852 overland diary of Lafayette SPENCER. The group with which he traveled left Van Buren County, Iowa on May 11th and reached Portland, Oregon on Oct. 26.

Members of the party were:

BRATTAIN, Paul & family of 7 adults        HOWARD, William & family 
NEWMAN, William                            ADAMS, Charles & family 
SPENCER, Lafayette                         CLARK, Thomas & family 
SPENCER, Charles, wife & 2 children        WHETSTONE, Thomas & family 
NEWMAN, Henry                              BOLEY, Nicholas & family 
GIMPLE, George                             BOLEY, John & family 
SMITH, Michael, wife, 2 sons, 1 daughter   WATSON, James & family 
HAMMONDS, George                           WATSON, Hill & family 
HAMMONDS. Henry                            ANDERSON, Iradel 
WHETSTONE, Jacob & family                  ANDERSON, Mathies 
TAYLOR, George & family                    EBERT, George 
CARTER, Robert & family                    EBERT, James 
BARNES, Adam & family                      EBERT, William 
MITCHELL, Oliver & family                  KECK, Henry 
HILARY, John & family                      KECK, Sloan 

There were a number of deaths among these people. Nancy SPENCER. apparently the wife of Charles, died June 10, 16 miles west of Prairie Creek and 16 miles east of Wood River. Note that on BLODGET's "death list". the date is given as June 3, with her being from Wisconsin. Robert CARTER died on June 18, five days west of Fort Kearny (party traveled north side of river). Michael SMITH died September 11, ten miles beyond Burnt River. Charles SPENCER died Oct 27, the morning after the party arrived in Portland.

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 21
A-Submitted by Mrs. Mary Kay Nelson, Holdrege NE


Legal description: Part of Lot 8 (SW corner) Sec 31, T60 R17, West of the 6th P.M., running east on south line of Lot 8, 16 rods, then north at right angle to said south line, 52 1/2 rods, thence west to Sec. line 16 rods, thence south 52 1/2 rods to place of beginning.

Historical facts: The organization of Swedish settlers of the first Bethel Lutheran Church took place 12 Nov 1877, in the home and post office of Gustaf HANSON, Harlan County. The first church was a sod building and was built in June 1879 on land donated by Matthias HEDLUND (legal description above). Later frame church buildings were constructed in Holdrege, where the present serices are still held.

Inscriptions from the cemetery:

1. 2, 3, 4, unmarked
5. Carl J. JOHNSON     Johanna
   1822 - 1910         1818 - 1916
   Hultojo, Sweden
6. Charl Walfred GUNNAR 1872 - 30 Sep 1891    

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 22
B-Submitted by Mrs. Mary Kay Nelson, Holdrege NE
(continued-Evangelical Lutheran Bethel Church cemetery)

7.  Christina GUNNER 1845 - 1919
8.  Otto W. JOHNSON 1856 - 1919
    Ellen G. 1859 - 1916
9.  Mary S. wife of G.A.  JOHNSON 1 Jul 1892 died 38 yrs. 2 mo. 10 da.
10. Alick I. son of G.L. and E.J.SALL 18 Mar 1890 - 25 Dec 1891
11. Ellen 0. daughter of A, and E.C. CHRISTIANSON 30 Apr 1890 - 30 May 1890
12. Ida G. SALL died 25 Aug 1886 age 28
13. Mabel E. ___	Born 24 Aug 1892 Died 31 Jun 1894
14. Infant of A. and E. C. CHRISTIANSON
15. Peter SALL 11 Nov 1824 - 4 May 1903
    Inge SALL 9 Jun 1822 - 21 Oct 1916
16. Mathilda wife of H. CARLSON died 14 Oct 1903 Age 55 yr. 3 mo.
17. Edna SEAGREN 11 Mar 1890 - 11(?) Jun 1891
18. Arthus SEAGREN   ?   28 Apr 1891
19. Amos SEAGREN  ?  ?
20. Andrew ANDERSON Died 2 Apr 1883 32 yrs. 2 mos. 15 days
21. Ruby A. LINNER 3 Feb 1924 - 28 Feb 1924
22. Carrie wife of B. ERICKSON born 4 Mar 1853 - died 10 Aug 1915
23. John JOHNSON   1817 - 1899
    G. J. JOHNSON  1846 - 1899
    A. A. JOHNSON  1854 - 1916
    Hada JOHNSON   1815 - 1907
24. Anders P. ERICSON born in Sweden 26 Jan 1817 - died 11 Feb 1894
    His wife Ingrid C. born in Sweden 3 Oct 1817 - died 10 Dec 1904
25. C. A. ERICKSON died 27 Nov 1881 28 yrs. 2 mos. 27 days
26. Edgar E. 1887 - 1889
    Edwin 1885 - 1885	Children of S.J. & M. JOHNSON
27. Elmer T. son of J.P.A. & E.V. JOHNSON died 12 Feb 1888 age 2 yr. 1 mo. 9 da
28. George A. son of J.P.A. & E.V. JOHNSON died 12 Apr 1885 age 8 mos. 18 da
29. Immily V. wife of J.P.A. JOHNSON 1862 - 1887
30. Mable I.V. dau of J.P.A. & I.V. JOHNSON died 27 Jul 1887 2 mos. 22 da
31. unmarked
32. William Son of S.J. & M. JOHNSON 1875 - 1898
33. Charles N. CLAY born 8 Sep 1822 - died 27 Jan 1894
    Charlotta C. CLAY born 12 May 1824 - died 28 May 1881
34. Anna C. PETERSON born (?) 1825 - died 11 Mar 1897
    Edward G.O. PETERSON born 4 Sep 1862 - died 21 Sep 1905
35. Bengt CLAY 1858 - 1882
36. H.H.A. SUDEN 20/2 1812 - 16/12 1894
    Sara 7/7 1815 - 20/11 1896

HINTS TO TOURISTS (and genealogists):

Before I started on my trip around the world, someone gave me one of the most valuable hints I have ever had. It consists merely in shutting your eyes when you are in the midst of a great moment, or close to some marvel of time or space, and convincing yourself that you are at home again with the experience over and past, and what would you wish most to have examined or done if you could turn time and space back again? - William BEEBE, The Arcturus Adventure

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 23
A-Submitted by Mrs. Susan Heikes Kleine, Omaha NE

From Standard Atlas and Plat Book of Jefferson County, Nebraska (1917) Geo. A. Ogler & Co.

Town of Daykin:
Drees, August           Miller, F. L.              Strothman, John He 
Fullerton, Joseph R.    Nichol, A. F.              Struckman, George 
Haake, John F.          Saylor, Sylvester          Vienop, Fred'k 
Henry, Catherine C.     Schmidt, Basilius          Vienop, Henry 
Jacobs, Wm.             Stainbrook, Julia          
Town of Helvey:  (This town is no longer in existence.)
Bosley C.               Helvey, C. A.              Momby, Chas 
Day, F. H.              Hughes, Ralph              Ross, Chas. 
Gorman, A. M.           Johnson, H. C.             Schmale, Frank 
Haake, Henry            Moden, Daniel              Schmale, Matilda 
Eureka Precinct
Bacon, Anna L.          Haake, Katie               Meeske, August 
Baconx Caleb M.         Hambel, Wm. O.             Meeske, Reinholt R. 
Blobaum, Herman O. (C?) Hellwig, John F. W.        Meeske, Richard F. 
Boese, Ferdinand        Henrys Benjamin F.         Meyers., John M. 
Bringewatt, Aug.        Henry, Benj. F.            Momby, Chas. 
Bringewatt, Henry       Henry, Chase O.            Malinix, Myrtle Graves 
Bringewatt, Wilhelm     Henry, Wm. J.              Newell, Albert F. 
Church, Fred'k F.       Hill. Mortimer W.          Newell, Carrie H. 
Corsa, William S.       Hohensee, Sidney G.        Newell, F. Joseph 
DeKalb, Margaret        Holtmeier, August          Newell, G. S. 
Dennis, Robert N.       Houck, Mary J.             Newell, Louis A. 
Depue, Elsie Graves     Houck, Wm. A.              Nichol, A. F. 
Diehl, Olin G. (0?)     Houser, Frank              Nolte, John 0. 
Drees, August           Houser, James              Norman., Franklin 
Drees, August Fey Jr.   Houser, John F.            Nun, Frank J. 
Drees, Gustave          Houser, Joseph             Peck, Emeline D. 
Fogg, F. E.             Houser, Joseph C.          Pletcher, Wm. E. 
Forney, Mary A.         Jarchow, John              Renner, Albert B. 
Forney, Viola Graves    Jarchow, Louis             Rothmeier, Geo. 
Fox, Pearl V.           Jordan., John F.           Rothmeier, Joseph 
Frede, Henry            Kesterson,, Mattie E.      Saylor, C. S. 
Fridcke, Anna           Kirchoff, Wilhelm          Saylor, Sylvester 
Fullerton, Joseph R.    Kleine, August             Schmale, Matilda 
Gilbert, E. N.          Kleine, Henry              Schmit, J. G. 
Gorman, A. M.           Knapp, Chas. T.            Schmitt, Harry 
Greenawalt, Edw.        Leavitt, Those J.          Schwisow. Wm. C. 
Gregory, E. L.          Lindekugel, Ernst          Shade, Dan'l A. 
Gregory, Eugenia L.     Lintz, Chas.               Shefstall, Nathaniel 
Grimm, F. D.            McDonnell, John W.         Simonson, John 
Gunble, John            Maschman, August           Smith, Herschel 
Haake, Ernst            Maschman, Bennie           Snell,, Cath. A. 
Haake, Henry            Maschman, Frank            Stainbrook, Marcus H. 
Haake, John F.          Maschman, Fred H.          (continued) 

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 24
B-Submitted by Mrs. Susan Heikes Kleine, Omaha NE
(continued-Jefferson County, Nebraska Landowners)

Strothman, John H.      Webster, L. E.             Williams, Geo. W. 
Struckman, George       Wessner, Anna L.           Wood, Chas. H. 
Struckman, Lena         Westerhoff, George         Woodman, Arthur O. (C?) 
Ulrich, Mollie          Westerhoff, John Christian Woodman, Jane L. 
Vienop, Edwin H.        Westerhoff, Mary E.        Woodman, Leonard W. 
Vienop, Fred'k          Westerhoff, Minnie         Workman, Geo. 
Walker, Geo. C.         William, John              Yantz, Wm. P. 
Warnke, Fred                                       Zade, August 

Photographs in the Atlas of the following:

Farm, Chas. O. HENRY home, B. F. HENRY home, Edward GREENAWALT farm, F.L. MILLER
- Postmaster, Joseph JARCHOW homes Marcus STAINBROOK home, John JARCHOW home,
Leonard WOODMAN barn
E.A. JACOBS home, Emma JOHNSON home, Ernst SPILKER farm, H.P. THEEDE home
Businessmen advertised in the Atlas:
Henry W. HOLTGREWE - Gen. Merchandise, A. W. SCHMIDT - Chicken Breeder, E. W.
ROSENER - Ford Cars, H.A. STALEY - Barber, S.A. BREEN - Cattle & Hog Breeder
Frank J. SCHMALE - insurance & Real Estate

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 24
Obituaries - Source unknown - probably the "Fairbury Journal," 1944 and 1958

Katharine MEHMKEN KLEINE: Mrs. Katarine KLEINE, nee MEHMKEN, wife of Mr. August KLEINE of near Daykin, Neb., died on her birthday, 19 Apr 1944, at the age of 67 years. Mrs. KLEINE was born 19 Apr 1877, in Wildeshausen, Oldenburg, Germany. At the age of 12, she together with her parents, came to the United States, making their home near West Burlington, Iowa. She was married on 15 Apr 1903, to August KLEINE, which union was blessed with one son. In the spring of 1904 she and her husband moved to Nebraska a few miles northwest of Daykin in Jefferson County. Surviving her are her husband, August KLEINE, her only son, John, and his wife. Also four grandchildren and three brothers, still living in and near Burlington, Iowa. Interment was in the St. John Lutheran Church cemetery near Daykin.

August H. KLEINE: August H. Kleine of Daykin, Nebraska, died 26 Ap 1958, at the age of 86 years, 3 months, and 25 days. He was born 1 Jan 1872, in Westphalia, Germany. When 11 years of age, he came with his parents to the U.S. He spent his youth on a farm near Burlington, Iowa. On 15 Ap 1903, he married Katharine MEHMKEN. He is survived by his son, John, six grandchildren, one great grandchild, and two brothers, Henry of Daykin, and Fred of Pulaski, Iowa. Burial was in the St. John Lutheran Church cemetery near Daykin.

A Newspaper copy editor was handling a story about the Church of St. John the Baptist. Not having time to write the headline at the moment, he sent the copy out to the printers with this written at the top: "John the Baptist - Head to Come."

Herb CAEN in San Francisco Chronicle

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 25
Compiled by 4th grade in 1976 and teacher, Mrs. Corene Phillips

Students: Ryan Bauer, Christie Book, Teri Chavanu, Jeff Dauel, Mark Gibbons, Brenda Hawkins, Doyle Drueger, Lisa Lammers, Keith Lockhornp Red Nichols, Linda Paitz, Joni Pritchard, Tanya Razey, Michael Thornton, Lesa Trimble, Jeff Valentine, Christi Wood, Paul Young.

Extraction from "The History of Pleasanton," Buffalo County

Sources: "Weekly Gazette; "Census records; Village of Pleasanton Record Book; "History of Buffalo County;" "Where the Buffalo Roamed;" "The Pleasanton Independent;" and oldsters of the area.


Loup Township Settlers:

      BRUNCE, J. WELCH and E. E. CLARK. 
1876: E. COLBURN,  J. C. CARR, John SHECKLER. 
1878: C. F. MADSEN,  J. H. BOOHER, R. REITER, J. J. SPARKS, C. A. TURNER, 0.  
1879: F. SCHOLZ. 
1880 Census: Frank MAULER, Ben GEISLER, Carl KLINE, Henry PERRY, Thomas BELL, 
      John PEARSON, Milt BOOHER, James HUNTER, Fliz and Margaret HAYS, John  
      TISDALE,  John PHILLIPS, Jacob BALL. 
1885 Census: Daniel POWELL, J. E. JOHNSON, John EDWARDS, Miley ASHER, William 
      W. W. REESE, J. (or L) R. HUGHES, M. M. DAVIS, Charly LESLIE, S. B. FUNK,  
      J. H. TISDALE, Perry FRAME, John and Betsy PEARSON, G. PEARSON, Harry  
Rusco Township Settlers:
1873: E. M. HOLLY 
1875: W.  E. JORDAN. 
1876: W. RUSCO. 
1877: M. P. BAKER. S. SCOTT. 
1878: John W. PHILLIPS, A. D. COLWELL. 
1885 Census: William HOLTHUSEN, Rudolph RITTER, Henry PETERS, Frank MAULER, 
      Daniel CLUSTER, Charles DOWNEY, James PEARSON, E. BUSH. Phillip KREITZER, 
      D. ZWIENER, J. ZWIENER,  C. W. BISHOP, Adolph JUST, H. A. WELLS, D. L.  

C, B. OAKLEY, in 1874 lived in the part of Buffalo County known as Pleasant Valley at that time. Louis UNICK came about 1884 and the only buildings were the WORT house and the livery barn. The Bill LESLIE family came in 1887. Mabel Leslie PERKIN was reportedly the first child born in Pleasanton. School dist. 105 was organized in 1890 by: James WELLIVER,Rudolph RITTER, Sr., A. V. HLAVA. Prior to 1890 classes were reportedly held in the James HUNTER home. W. R. PHILLIPS was identified on an early school picture. About 1908 or 1909 the


Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 26
Compiled by 4th grade in 1976 and teacher, Mrs. Corene Phillips
(continued-History of Pleasanton)

first brick school house was built. Teachers were: Miss TABLER, primary; Miss O'NELE, intermediate; Mr. GLADDEN, advanced. (ca 1912)

About 1883 Felix HAYS and his mother had a store on Dry Creek. This was constructed of sod. Later he moved in Riverview and in 1888 combined with the Jim HUNTER store and post office. Riverview was south of the Loup River. In 1890, Hays moved north of the river when the railroad depot was established. In 1893 crooks broke into the store, robbed the post office and set fire to it. He rebuilt a two story general store in 1894 and after Felix HAYS' death, his son, Guerny (who died in 1963), continued the operation.

2 May 1890 Business men. A. V. HLAVA, hardware, F. G. HAYS, the Old Reliable Store; Jerome BACKUS. restaurant; Rennie BACKUS and Ross TITTLER, livery stable. harness shop, Mr. BOHAC and Mr. KASE; J.V. VOSEITKA, blacksmith; Frank SOUKUP, wagonmaker; S. L. LESLIE, boarding house (The Occidental). Mr. DOWNEY and Mr. OSBORNE shipped a carload of hogs to South Omaha.

Mr. Peter FRAME and Miss Grace PERKINS were married on 30 Apr 1890. Mr. Frame planned to open a store in the near future.

The townsite of Pleasanton was surveyed and plotted in 1890, and the village was incorporated on 12 Jan 1894. Men on the board were: E. C. MOFFITT, E. W. NOYES; A. V. HLAVA; D. WORT; S. E. SMITH. Others in or around the village were J. JOHNSON, Walter REESE, Joseph Grammer, D. WORT, Vanzle VOSEITKA, F.L. GRAMKER, C. B. OAKLEY, Thomas BELL, William JOHNSON, Berdine ROGERS, S. REMINGTON, A. V. HLAVA, Charles TROTT, William MOXLEY, E. C. MOFFIT, C. W. WOOD, Dr. J. H. PENN, J. K. BOOHER, E. W. NOYES, Daniel CLUSTER, Marion W. PERKINS, Jerome BACUS, E. E. ADAMS, William RUSCO, Omar WHITE, Mr. KIRSCHNER, J. RATH, L. L. LESLIE, C. W. SPRY.

Dr. PENN was the first doctor and also owned the drugstore. The next doctor was Dr. NEELY, from Haven's Chapel, and he also bought the drugstore. In 1903 P. S. HOLTZINGER came from Iowa and bought the drugstore. Dr. RANDALL came in 1904. The first baby he delivered was Isabel Eaton PHILLIPS on 21 Oct 1904.

Telephone operators were Hattie BOOHER, Helen PRITCHARD, Bonnie BALL, Tracy HERMANNI, and Florence ZBINDEN. In 1906, Thomas DAVIS, Right WORT and Mr. GRAVELY were selected to choose the site and materials for the jail, and Louis Peters built it. In 1907, Mr. VANBUSKIRK and Mr. LUND owned land near the village.

1912 Businesses:

Pleasanton State Bank: A.H. GRAMMER, E.W. NOYES, F.L. GRAMMER, R.E. GRAMMER
(Bank built in 1909)
Farmers State Bank: M.L. DOLAN, C.G. RYAN, F.A. MUELLER
Grocery stores: HAYS, STEVENSON & Sons, I.T. HART, DONAHOE
Hardware stores: H.C. HOFGARD, GRAMMER Brothers
Funeral Service: GRAMMER Brothers
Blacksmith shops: GRAVELY Brothers
Drugstore, P. S. HOLTZINGER
Confectionary: J.L. VANBUSKIRK
Lunchroom and boarding house: Dan SAGE
Barber shop: Mr. FOX
Harness shop and jewelry: Mr. TISDALE
Livery stable, Mr. TRUAX (continued)

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 27
C-Compiled by 4th grade in 1976 and teachers Mrs. Corene Phillips
(continued-History of Pleasanton)

Poolhall and one lane bowling alleys Mr. Louis ZIMMER
Grain elevators: D. PHILLIPS, WORT Brothers
Lumberyards: F.L. GILCREST yard, managed by Mr. SCRIBNER, and in 1912 by Mr EWER
Garages Mr. WORT
Cream stations: James O'NELE, R. A. EATON
Meat markets Thomas DAVIS
Plumbing and well works: A. B. WELLS Feed stores ELDRIGE and BROWN
Machinery: GRAMMERS, P. O. FRAME
Cement Block factories: Elmer ADAMS, Louis PETERS
Postmaster: J.H. BOOHER (Present post office built in 1918 by Robert EATON)
Depot Agent: (possibly) BillySTEVENSON
Dentists: Dr. RANDALL, Dr. WEAVER (died 1919)
Two churches: Catholic and E. U. B.

Mrs. Jennie WORT had the highest bowling score in 1912. D. PHILLIPS furnished the lumber for the cook house at the Scout camp. Wynne NOYES, (?baseball) pitcher, grew up in Pleasanton. He was supposedly sold to the Cleveland Indians for $10,000 in 1912. T. M. DAVIS purchased a new Brush runabout car. John PRITCHARD bought a Carter car for $1,850. Robert EATON, Art ASHER, Thomas SPELLMAN, Milt BOOHER and P. O. FRAME went to Lincoln to the State Fair in Mr. EATON's Ford car. They left Pleasanton at 4:30 a.m. and arrived there at 1:30 p.m. John BAUER built a new barn. Robert KIRSCHNER drained his 120 acre lagoon. On 24 Jan 1912 Miss Anna RASMUSSEN and William ZIMMER were married.

Services were preached in German at the E.U.B. Church on 28 Jul 1912. Village board in 1915 was Dr. RANDALL. Albert PEARSON, Robert EATON, Frank GRAMMER. The Draymen in 1907 were Isaac HOLMES, L. J. FRANKLIN, and Robert EATON. The E. U. B. Church first had Sunday School in 1892 at the school house across the river. Daniel Cluster was the first superintendent followed by C. W. WOOD and Marion PERKINS. Church was organized in 1895, in Jan 1899 the new church was finished and dedicated. The only charter member still alive (1976) is Mrs. Anna REESE RUBERT, who lives in the Good Samaritan Home in Ravenna.

Catholic services were first held in GRAMNER's Hall. Services were held once a month with Father WOLF and other priests coming from Grand Island. The white frame church was dedicated on 1 Jan 1910. Ground was broken for the new brick church on 27 Sep 1959.

The Lutheran Church building was moved from near Poole in 1955

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 27
A-Copied by Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha NE
From an Anniversary book owned by Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Tuxhorn, of McCool Junction


McCool Junction, York County, Nebraska

Program Held Wednesday Evening 11 Aug 1937

Opening announcements made by Mr, Mark JACOBSEN, chairman of the village board of trustees. It is not only in observance of our Golden Anniversary, but also dedicated to all Pioneers. After the Pageant a history, (continued)

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 28
B-Copied by Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha NE
(continued-Golden Anniversary Celebration)

Compiled by Mrs. Lila COLLINS CROUNSE, from the files of the Blue Valley Journal and her own recollections, was read by Mr. I. L. SLAGEL, editor of the local paper. General chairman was Mrs. Nina L. SENG, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Matt HOWELL, pioneers of this vicinity. Miss Marguerite KLINZMAN's grandfather, L. C. KLINZMAN owned the land on which the town now stands. Mrs. Hannah HENAHAN, McCool's only remaining citizen who started business with her husband in 1887.

Early pioneers who have passed on: Mr. and Mrs. J. W. RUSH, Mrs. Sylvia PORTER, Michael MCMULLEN, George FAIR, Hammond H. BROWER. 1911 Baseball Team: Duke THARP, Emmitt LINCOLN, Everett OWENS, J. E. FINNEY, Jesse WOLSTENHOLM, Les THARP, John CAMPBELL, Earl WIEDMAN, Percy THARP, Lyle WIEWAN, Clyde HETRICK.

The first described land was known as the KLINZMAN quarter, but had been purchased previously from J. H. (Uncle Jerry) STANTON, who homesteaded it in 1866. (other names from the history McCool Junction In The Making) John COLLINS, W. R. VANDERVEER, MCNEIL's (hardward), George BROWER, Harry BROWER.

From the 20 May 1887 The Record, first issue of the newspaper:
     Paper owned by G. F. NOTSON and John ALBIN, Businesses: SEDGWICK & BAGNELL, drugs; L. I. DECIOUS, boot and shoe maker; A. BRUBAKER, lumber; W. E. BUTLER, grocery; A. G. COREY, general merchandise; W. M. BELL, contractor and builder; J. E. DEAN, contractor and builder; TOLLES & FRAVEL, blacksmiths; W. H. PAXTON & SON, feed and livery stable; W. R. VANDERVEER, grain; H. VANDERHOOF, general store; MULLIHAN & GRAVES, hardware; Isaac ONG, meat market; Geo. R. CARY, meat market; Geo, F. INGALLS, farm machinery SMITH & FISHER, real estate and insurance; N. H. STARKEY, Niota, groceries; N. A. DEAN & E. L. ELY, clothing; W. H.
     HOLDEN, signs and painting.
     Niota, was a rival town across the road south.
     McCool was named after D. MCCOOL, general manager of the K.C. & O. railroad.

Other names from The Record of 1887,
Thos. HENAHAN; Geo, FAIR; Larry WELCH; S. B. MOBERLY,, drugs; J. D. STONE, Niota bank; Charles GREENING,, barber; E. STACHE, harnessmaker; W. M. RICHTER, baker; S. J. WILLIAMS,, contractor and builder; Geo. HOWE, harnessmaker; John SCHEAR, rest aurant; A. R. WALLIN, Niota restaurant; A. JUCKETT, rest aurant; F. C. WEBSTER, restaurant; F. H. KNIGHTS, general merchandise; Henry MUSSELMAN; Alfred B. CHRISTIAN; trainmen: Larry WELCH, LYONS and Jim LOWDEN; W. E. BUTLER; T. W. SMITH (fine orator); Hon. E. A. GILBERT.

Tornado 14 May 1913:
Struck the GRAHAM farm north of town; McFADDEN farm northeast of town; Thos. REARDON home; Frank SHOW north of town; Mrs. Tommy REARDON and 8 children injured; Arthur MARSHALL'S new brick building destroyed.

In December 1901 Mr. NAHRGANG had a fine gasoline light of 1200 candle power. Mr. BURNHAM; Arthur MARSHALL; H. H. HERNDON; Elmer BOREN and others worked on better lighting systems. (continued)

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 29
C-Copied by Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha NE
(continued-Golden Anniversary Celebration)

In 1937, I. E. DAVIS and son, Robert, have charge of the electrical service.

Bradshaw cyclone 3 Jun 1890 was recorded and people gathered a substantial sum of money to help the storm sufferers.

     In 1887 MUTH'S grain office burned; Ben COCHRAN'S barn; J. J. GILMORE'S barn.
     In 1891 the VANDERVEER elevator; Isaac THORNE, an old man died.
     1906, J. W. ASHMORE store.
     1908, ROGERS lumber yard.
     1912, A. V. GREGG'S store,
     1905, J. J. NAHRGANG harness shop,
     1923, J. M. KAGY hardware, building was owned by I. B. WRIGHT,
     1924, YOST lumber yard wiped out, manager S. E. JORDAN.
     1926, E. D. LONG'S grocery; C. J. SHAW, meat market; Dr. CROSE'S dental office.
     1930 J. F. LINCOLN,, owned building and was occupied by E. F. NEWCOMB; Dr. MORRIS, drug store building owner and had offices on the second floor lost all his equipment; drug stock belonged to F. A. COE.

On 27 Jun 1898 the following left to join the 3rd Reg. of Nebraska Volunteers:

1901: E. E. LINCOLN has the first brick store.

1904: The first rural route, Ed WILCOX is the pioneer mail carrier

1907: Geo. HENRY purchased hogs for $3,374.15 for 56,400 pounds

1909: J. J. NAHRGANG sold 89 sets of harness.

1904: The Farmers & Merchants Bank founded by E. E. LINCOLN, W. W. SENG and 21 stockholders.
In 1937 W. L. SENG, son of one of the founders is cashier and his son, Walter, assistant.

Today, 11 Aug 1937, the town has 356 inhabitants. Many are descendants of the founders.
   Mrs. Alice DUNSMORE, wife of J.A. who operates the general store. She is a niece of Thos, HENAHAN, town pioneer.
   Mrs. Anna WILLIAMS, wife of L. W. who operates the general store. She is daughter of Wm, McFADDEN, early storekeeper and postmaster.
   Mrs. Pearl LONG, wife of E. D. who owns and operates the Long grocery, She is granddaughter of pioneer, M. K. WHITEMORE.
   R. F. LORD is cashier of Blue River Bank. His father, Robert F. Lord is identified with the town's early history.
   Miss Myrtle NAHRGANG, daughter of the late J. J. Nahrgang, is assistant cashier,
   Frank and Chas. TOLLES operate a restaurant and are sons of.a former resident, H. H. TOLLES.

4 Jul 1887:
John ONG and Miss Mary CAMPBELL were married at Bradshaw by Rev. F. Z. HEATH.
Stewart SHANER and Mies Milla WARREN were married in Clay county and returned to McCool the next day. (continued)

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 30
D-Copied by Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha NE
(continued-Golden Anniversary Celebration)

A little son was born to Wm. FARREL and wife in August, but the child only lived a day. This is the first birth recorded, but it is said that Nell BAGNELL daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. N. BAGNELL was the first child born in the town.

From The Record of 1887:

From The Record of 1888:
The town is now known as McCool Junction (previously McCool)
Village trustees: J. J. GILMORE; W. E. BUTLER; James GRIER; H. H. TOLLES; Thos. HENAHAN. (others mentioned for year) L. I. DEGIOUS; T. W. SMITH; Capt. W. C. HENRY; General manager McCOOL; Mr. LUSH; Hon. John M. RAGAN.

1897 - 1909:



1887: S. C. COOK, first teacher, next Miss Bertha PAXTON.
1888: (Sept.) James GRIER, teacher in the new school.
1889: (Oct.) Parker ELLIS and Miss Maggie McMULLEN in charge.
1898: Prof. HUFF; Miss Margaret REA; Mrs. Bertha HOSFORD,
1899: Florence SMITH; Myrta UTTERBACK.
1907: Prof, S. DOTY; Miss Anna McFADDEN; Miss Viola FOSTER; Miss Olga BAER.
1900: Miss Coral JACKS, the only graduate.
1909: Miss Lana ORD; Prof, DOTY; Anna DeBOER; Viola FOSTER; Mrs, CRANDALL,

THE RECORD was established in 1887 by Mr. NOTSON and ALBIN. Notson sold to Albin later in the year. In 1889 Mr. Albin was badly injured and during his recovery time Ralph STANLEY and Clarence COREY had charge, Albin sold the paper in 1897 to E. C. GILLILAND of Davenport. He changed the name to the BLUE VALLEY JOURNAL. He continued until February 1908 when L. L. SLAGEL purchased it. M. E. SMITH also assisted with the work of the paper.

The telephone system was installed in 1900. In 1903 A. R. WALLIN was "central". In 1937 D. R. CULBERTSON, manager; Mrs. Ida RONNE, chief operator-cashier and Miss Dea HAYS, assistant operator.

Mr. and Mrs. Harve HEMS own and operate the drug store. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. HELMS, who formerly ran a restaurant and still reside here.


Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 31
E-Copied by Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha NE
(coutinued-Golden Anniversary Celebration)

Much of the cement walks and other masonry in the town was done by Frank SHOW and E. H. (Dick) McINTOSH, who with their wives still reside here.

Warren SANBURN is with the YOST Lumber Company.
I. D. DAVIS is with the Burlington Railroad,
Dr. R. E. KARRER has taken over the office of the late Dr. F. S.MORRIS.
Mrs. Warren SANBURN has the beauty shoppe.
James M. KAGY is a son of A. A. KAGY, early business man.
B. J. LEDFORD has the meat market,
J. S. LAURIE,, manager of the elevator.
Mark JACOBSEN, of the implement store,
Jos, CUDABACK, of the cream station,
Jerome CLARK servIce station.
Chas. F. MOYER; Jesse J. HOLOCH; service station operators
T. C. ELLIOTT, blacksmith and repair.
FINK & Son operate the hardware store owned by the late E. E. LINCOLN.
L. H. HAYS and L. L. LONG., barbers,
A. B. WIEDMAN and E. D. CROUNSE, plumbing, well and windmill repair,
Dale CROUNSE, radio repair and garage.
Dr. G. M. JOSE, D.V.S.
L. R. THARP; J. G. McCARTY; Lawrence NIXON, truckers,
L. C. BARKER, drayman.
Edw. NOVAK, cream station,
L. B. WHITE, local jeweler and photographer.
Frank BROWN and Mallie REA, carpenters and contractors,
Miss Mabel SUGHRUE, postmistress.
John COLLINS at the age of 91 with his wife, Mary J. ONG, have lived for a number of years in the town, within 2 miles of his homestead farm,
Mrs. Mary WHITEMORE, wife of the late M. K. WHITEMORE who farmed the land where the town was later located, still resides here.
Mrs. Thos. HENAHAN; Mrs. E. E. LINCOLN; Mrs, F. S. MORRIS;
Mrs. J. J. NAHRGANG and Mrs. J. D. STONE still live in the town where so much of their life has been spent.

Advice given to every beginning family historian is: Start with what is close at hand and move to what is farther away, in terms of actual physical distance, in degree of kinship relationship and in time. Your goal is to establish a credible, orderly historical chronology accounting to the best of your ability for every person, relationship and event that took place in the past.

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