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Volume One, no 1
Summer 1978


Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 9
A-Submitted by: Mrs. Susan Kleine, Omaha, NE


This Bible was published in 1887. Some of the pages are bound in and some are loose. This is an English Bible, King James Version. There is some difference in handwriting. Harold R. HEIKES, Sr. is the present owner.

Mr. David Ezrs HEIKES born 17 October 1863.
Mrs. Katie Lizzie HEIKES born 12 September 1865.
Miss Clara Elizabeth HEIKES born December 9, 1886.
Miss Mary Alice HEIKES born 24 December 1887.
Mr. Calvin August HEIKES born 25 July 1889
Mr. Charles Frederick HEIKES born 9 April 1891.
Anna Minnie HEIKES born 8 March 1900.
Miss Neoma Pearl HEIKES born 7 October 1903,
Born to Mr. and Mrs. NOVAK 13 Oct 1919 - Joseph Edward.
Ruth HEIKES born 30 Sep 1915,
Harold R. HEIKES born 28 Jan 1917, Son of Calvin A. HEIKES, Sr.
Calvin A. HEIKES, Jr., Born 9 Feb 1920, son.
Susanna HEIKES born 28 April 1867.
Clara Bell HEIKES born 9 Dec 1872.
Mary A. HEIKES daughter of Fred and Roda HEIKES born 30 April 1870.
Mr. David Ezra HEIKES and Miss Katie Elizabeth HOOS were married 14 Oct 1885.
Mr. Joe NOVAK and Clara E. HEIKES married 11 Feb 1907.
Calvin A. HEIKES, Miss Mertle PIPER married in 1912.
Uncle August HOOS died 27 Feb 1927, Age 59, 6 mo. 1 day. Buried 1 Mar 1927.
Uncle John HEIKES died on 8 April 1927
Mrs. Roda Ann HEIKES Wife of Mr. Fred HEIKES died 1 March 1879 aged 49 years
     and 4 months and 12 days.
Mr. Calvin Emry HEIKES son of Fred HEIKES and Roda Ann HEIKES died 16 Nov 1875
     aged 19 yrs 9 months and It days.
Infant Daughter of David and Katie HEIKES, Anna Minnie HEIKES died 18 Mar 1900
     aged 10 days.
Joe NOVAK died 27 Dec 1929, 44 yrs. 9 mo. 8 days.
David Ezra HEIKES died 1 Sep 1914. aged 50 years 19 months and 13 days
Mrs. Katie Elizabeth died 14 May 1921 Burial at 10 O'clock 16 May 1921 Grandma
Mrs. Clara NOVAK died May 26 age 67
Ruth HEIKES daughter of Calvin A. HEIKES, Sr., died 18 Jan 1965, age 49 years,
     3 mo 19 days.
Susanna HEIM died 1955 88 yrs.
Clara Bell HEIKES died 24 July 1958 Daughter of Fred and Roda HEIKES.
Alice M. HEIKES died 1957 age 70.
Mary A. HEIKES daughter of Fred and Roda HEIKES died 6 Sept 1958.

Genealogy: Study or science of family history.

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 10
A-Submitted by Marcia Stewart, Lincoln NE


These records are on pages bound in the Bible between the Old and New Testaments. All entries have been made by the same person. The Bible is in the possession of Mrs. Leta CLARK BELLO daughter of Nellie TURPIN CLARK.

Robert Newton TURPIN and Mary Ellen LEONARD were united in Holy Matrimony on the 16th day of September 1873 at Council Bluffs in Pottawattamie County, state of Iowa.

BIRTHS                                     MARRIAGES
   Robert Newton TURPIN       10 June 1821
Mary Ellen LEONARD TURPIN 12 April 1856                            16 Sept 1873
Francis Charles TURPIN      6 July 1874
Julia TURPIN                11 Oct 1875
James Robert TURPIN        9 April 1877
Susie TURPIN               24 Febr 1879
John Michal TURPIN         6 March 1882
William Watson TURPIN       3 July 1884
Lettie Arvillia TURPIN    31 march 1886
Newton TURPIN             13 April 1890
Nellie TURPIN              20 July 1893    Nellie TURPIN CLARK   19 April 1919
   Robert Newton TURPIN        18 May 1893
Mary Ellen TURPIN           13 Jan 1926
Francis Charles TURPIN       5 Dec 1923
Julia T. TURPIN JURGES    19 April 1960
Susie TURPIN BROWN         5 March 1917
James Robert TURPIN         31 May 1943
Polly Pearl TURPIN PITMAN   26 Dec 1936
William Watson TURPIN       26 Nov 1941
John Michael TURPIN        3 March 1945
Leta A. TURPIN              2 Febr 1963
Newton TURPIN              no date
Nellie TURPIN CLARK         3 July 1966

HAVE YOU SEEN DEAR GENIE? This is a query and help column prepared under the auspices of the Linn County Heritage Society, a Chapter of the Iowa Genealogical Society. This worth-while column has been appearing in the Sunday edition of the Cedar Rapids Gazette since January 1973. Requirements are that the questions should have an Iowa connection, must be kept to a fifty-word limit and be clearly printed or typed. Questions should be sent directly to Dear Genie, P. 0. Box 175, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406. The wide circulation this column has had during its short life is amazing.

An item in the "Hawkeye Heritage," Volume VIII, Number 4, page 163.

The "Gene Bug" can drive you "Buggy".

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 11


Frontier County, in the southwest part of Nebraska, was organized in 1872.
     It remained mainly ranching country until after 1880. Few marriages were performed, so the county had no marriage license book. Instead, the marriage records were kept in Probate Record. Volume A. This may have been the case in other "frontier" counties as well.

MILLER, Chas. A. to Drusilla E. DAVIS
Both of Red Willow, Nb. Groom 22, born England, son of Charles S. MILLER and Elizabeth HATKINS. Bride 16, born Kan., daughter of Isaac DAVIS and Mary E. DAVIS. Issued 2 Aug 1873, Samuel F. WATTS, Judge. p. 3

ROGERS, Russell to Sarah TUCKER
Both of Frontier Co., Groom 31, born Clark Co., Ohio, son of Samuel ROGERS and Almira KIMBLE. Bride 14, born "Jann" Co. Iowa (Linn Co.?), daughter of J. S. TUCKER and Elvira EMERSON. License granted 23 Apr 1876, by Judge W. H. ALLEN: married at TUCKER home, same date, by Judge ALLEN. Witnesses J. S. TUCKER and Margaret W. ALLEN. p. 12

WIMER, Isaac to "Catherin" WILSON
Groom 38, born Penn., son of Isaac WIMER. Bride 24, born Penn., daughter of David and Francis WAITS. Both of Frontier Co. License issued 30 Dec 1879 married same date at WIMER residence, witnesses Oliver BAKER and William BAKER, both of Curtis, Frontier Co. Married by Judge BAKER. p. 35

LANE, Charles to Myra ALLEN
Both of Frontier Co. Groom 29, born Columbia, Wis., son of Henry LAND and Mary RUTHERFORD. Bride 16, daughter of William ALLEN and Margaret WREN. Issued 1 Apr 1881 by Judge BAKER. Wed at residence of Michael MOUSEL, J.P. by Mr MOUSEL on 2 Apr 1881. Witnesses: Wm. LARUE and Viola ALLEN. p. 36

Both of Frontier Co. Groom 27, born Canada, son of John MORROW and Annie NOBLET. Bride 25, born Ill., daughter of George W. THORNDIKE and Abbey SAFES. Issued 2 Apr 1881 by Judge BAKER. Married at Afton PO, 6 Apr 1881 by W. S. HAMPTON, Minister of Gospel. Witnesses: E. S. CHILD and Mrs. Wm. MANN, both of Afton. p. 37

SIEBECKER, Charles to Margaret EVANS
Groom 36, Frontier Co., born Prussia, son of William SIEBECKER and Christina GOFF. Bride 35, born Tenn., daughter of Andrew J. EVANS and Susan McMILLAN. Age testified by Victoria MORGAN, Frontier Co. Issued 29 Nov 1883 by Judge ALLEN. Married 29 Nov 1885 by Judge Allen at the residence of Mrs. Susan EVANS. Witnesses Mrs. Victoria MORGAN and Robert EVANS. p. 38-39

TUCKER, Chancey to Nancy B. KEITH
Both of "Nebr". Groom 35, born Ohio, son of John S. TUCKER and Elvira EMERSON. Bride born Ind., no age given. daughter of John F. KEITH and Martha J. FORREST. John F. KEITH swears of age. Groom's full name is Grover Chancey TUCKER. License issued 1 Aug 1882 by Judge ALLEN. Wed at KEITH residence 1 Aug 1882. Witnesses: T.W. TUCKER and Andrew SHELLY. p. 51-52

MECHAM, Alvin Jones to Maggie Viola ALLEN
Both of "Nebr". Groom 23, born Mo., son of Cornelius G. MECHAM and Esther Ann OWENS. Bride 19, born Mich., daughter of William H. ALLEN and Margaret J. WREN. Esther Ann MECHAM testifies to age. Issued 8 Mar 1882 by Judge


Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 12
B-Continued Frontier Co. Marriages

ALLEN. Wed same day at Afton PO, by A. Exom WHITE, J. P. Witnesses: James HENDERSON and Sadie A. WHITE. p. 69-70

McMANUS. Asa to Jennie BORDEN
Groom 31, Stockville, Nebr., born N. Y., son of Robert McMANUS and Ruth (Handy?). Bride 36, of Amboy, Ill. , born Louisville. Ky. daughter of Robert and Jennie GRANT. Testified to by Lawrence CARROLL. Married 17 Mar 1882 by Judge ALLEN, at Equality PO. Witnesses: Margaret W. Allen and Lawrence CARROLL, Sr., both of Equality. p. 69-70

DAILEY, Edward to Mary C. SAMS
Groom 22. born N.Y., son of Warren S. DAILEY and Philinda HEMMINGWAY. Bride 19, born Iowa, daughter of James SAMS and Anna B. GRAFF. Testimony by James SAMS. Issued 29 Aug 1882 by Judge ALLEN. Married 29 Aug 1882 by Exam White, J.P., at Stowe PO. Witnesses: James and Annie B. SAMS. p. 84-85

SCHUPBUCH, Christian to Barbara MILLER
Groom 26, born Ohio, son of Christian SCHUPBUCH and Anna GEHRING. Bride 19, born Ohio, daughter of Adam MILLER and Mary ARMBENST. Issued 1 Sep 1882 by Judge ALLEN. Married 4 Sep 1882 by Exam WHITE, at Stowe PO. Witnesses: Adam and Mary MILLER. p. 86-87

BERRY, A. C. to Lydia BAKER
Groom 36 (or 39), son of M. BERRY and Elizabeth SUBES. Bride 19, daughter of Samuel P. BAKER and June WOODS, Frontier Co. resident. Groom of Lincoln Co. Jasper P. TWISS, age 26, testimony. Issued 7 Dec 1882 by Judge ALLEN. Wed 10 Dec 1882, by Rev. Geo. C. CAROTHERS. Witnesses: Geo. W. CAROTHERS and wife and Amanda LOCKWOOD. p. 99-100

THRASH, Columbus to Alice W. WOOD
Groom 21, of Frontier Co., born Barber Co., West Va., son of Richard THRASH and Eliza J. BEAM. Bride 23, born Va., daughter of James H. and Columbia WOOD. Issued 11 May 1883 by L. WESTGATE, Co. Clerk. Wed 13 May 1883 by Rev. Geo. C. CAROTHERS, at Wm. H. MILES home, Frontier Co., Witnesses: Mrs. D.C. BALLANTINE, W.L.McCLARY and Mr. and Mrs. W.H. MILES.

Groom 23, born Ill., son of John and Margaret BURKE. Bride 23, born Ill., resides Frontier Co., daughter of Joseph SHURVINGTON and Lucy TIMONS. Issued 15 Oct 1882 by Judge ALLEN. Wed at Fox Creek, same date, by Rev. Geo. C. CAROTHERS. Witnesses: George CAROTHERS and Fred SCHICK, Frontier Co.: Kate CAROTHERS and Minnin SCHICK, Frontier and Lincoln Co's. p. 119-121

WHITAKER, Frank to Mary Ellen BARKER
Both of Frontier Co. Groom 28, born England, son of William WHITAKER and Mary P. WALSH. Bride 22, born England, daughter of Dan and Susanah BARKER. Issued 25 Nov 1882 by Judge ALLEN. Wed 26 Nov 1882 by Rev. B. M. ALLEN at Stowe PO. Witnesses: W. H. WHITAKER and L. CANTHRA (probably CATHRA, a local name). p. 122-123

DEGERING, Harrison A. to Maggie M. MILLS
Louis DEGERING 30, swears he knows contracting parties. Groom 30, born Penn., son of Henry DEGERING and Louisa KOLLE. Bride 17, born Kan., daughter of "Robns" MILLS and Mary HAM. Both of Frontier Co. Grooms age also given as 21. Issued 25 Dec 1883 by Judge ALLEN. Wed same date by Judge. Witnesses: Alvin J. MECHAM and Louis DEGERING. p. 142-143


Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 13
C-(continued Frontier Co. Marriages)

TUCKER, Thomas W. to Cora E. KEITH
Martha J. KEITH, age 40, testifies to knowing parties. Groom 27. born Iowa, son of John S. TUCKER and Alva EMMERSON. Bride 16, born Ind., daughter of John F. KEITH and Martha FORREST. Both of Frontier Co. Issued 21 Feb 1884. Wed same date at John F. KEITH residence by Judge ALLEN. Witnesses: Alvine J. MECHAN and Viola MECHAM. p. 148-149

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 13
A-Submitted by Audrey Fate Whitcomb, Hastings NE
Original records located at Clay County Historical Society


7 Jam 1880: Slex. MESTON, Mr. WILLIAMS, Geo. KRELL. H. H. HYDE, S. AIKKAN, Wm. GARDNER, D.D. CONDON, L.N. BRYANT, Mr. NETTLETON. Mr. HALL. Mr. HALL was to be instructed to make a separate deed to Trustees of Presbyterian Church, for building a church, and said deed to be for one and one half acres.)

31 Jan 1880: (Allowance made for ten lots in the southwest corner for a "Potters Field".) Geo. KRELL.
16 May 1885: Geo. KRELL.
30 May 1885: H.H. HYDE, Geo. KRELL.
(A motion made and voted upon to put up fence.)
An item in the "Daily Press" in Kearney, Neb. on Mondays 6 Jul 1874.

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 13
A-An item in the "Daily Press" in Kearney, Neb. on Monday, 6 Jul 1874


The Fourth in Kearney was very quiet and had it not been for a slight display of fire works might have been mistaken for Sunday. Most of our citizens to Hastings, some to Elm Creeks while others went to Wood river, and some of those who stayed at home assembled together and sang patriotic songs underneath the old flag. The day was after the style of a good old fashioned 4th of July, hot enough for any one with the thermometer marking about 100 in the shade most of the day and a hot wind blowing from the south, hot enough to curl the hair on your head.

At Shelton they had a glorious old time. Gen. CONNER, of this city, told them how and when our fore-fathers planted the tree of liberty as a roost for the grand old eagles and our worthy mayor, Mr. CAMPBELL, lent his presence to give tone to the entertainment. The ladies of that section of country spread one of the finest dinners that was ever partaken of in the state. All had a good time.

At Elm Creek F. G. HAMER and J.D. SEAMAN spread themselves in good styles emblematical of the wide spread wings of the historical bird.

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