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NSGS - NE Ancestree, Vol I, no 1
NSGS Ancestree
Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume One, no 1
Summer 1978


Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 1
A-Written by Mrs. Ann Reinert, Librarian, Nebraska State Historical Society and member Nebraska Genealogical Society.

The Nebraska Genealogical Society

1921 - 1944

On December 30, 1921, a group of Lincoln women, interested in genealogical research, met at the home of Mrs. William Rogers at 1010 South 11th Street, and organized the Lincoln Historical and Genealogical Society. At their next meeting, the following January, they changed the name to the Nebraska Genealogical Society in order to open membership statewide to any interested person.

According to the minutes of the Nebraska Genealogical Society (1921-1944), preserved in the Nebraska State Historical Society Archives, "The object of this society is to collect and preserve all available genealogical material and to assist in preparing and compiling family lines to be filed for future reference work." As to requirements for membership - "Any person interested in genealogical research may become a member by furnishing his lineage and paying the annual dues." The annual membership fee established at this time was one dollar.

The first officers were Mrs. C.P. Peterson, president; Mrs. William Rogers, vice president; Miss Mabel Lindly, secretary; Mrs. J. F. Simpson, treasurer; and Mrs. C. S. Paine, librarian. There were 18 charter members and many of these were active members of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Regular quarterly meetings were to be held on the fourth Friday of January, April, July and October, and three standing committees were organized for research, finance and membership.

The early growth of this society was quite rapid for, by July, 1922, approximately six months after its founding, it had 82 members, and by 1924 it had 257 members from Chadron to Omaha as well as a number of members from outside Nebraska.

With the increase in membership, meetings could no longer be held in private homes so luncheons, followed by programs, were initiated at the YMCA, and in later years at the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and the University Club. Most of the programs were given by members themselves on the history of, and the genealogical resources to be found in a particular state or region. They also held monthly "round table" discussions on the solving of particular research problems.

The Nebraska Genealogical Society also collected genealogical materials for its library. These library materials were kept in the Nebraska State Historical Society' Library for use by the public as well as the members, and when the genealogical society was dissolved in 1944, they were given to the Nebraska State Historical Society for its permanent collection.

Over the years, however, it was not their files of lineages, nor their collection of genealogical books and magazines which took most of their attention and energy, but their publication, THE NEBRASKA AND MIDWEST GENEALOGICAL QUARTERLY. This magazine, which was to gain national attention, was first published in the fall of 1922. The annual subscription price was $2.00 for four issues with a special price of 50¢ to members. Miss Mabel Lindly was the first editor, and the work of getting the copy ready for publication was done by volunteers.


Nebraska Genealogical Society -- Volume 1, No. 1, Page 2
B-Written by Mrs. Ann Reinert, Librarians Nebraska State Historical Society and member Nebraska Genealogical Society.
(continued-The Nebraska Genealogical Society 1921-1944)

At the end of 1924, Miss Lindly resigned and Mrs. E. B. Grownover became editor. In 1926, Miss Lindly was hired as editor for $100.00 a year salary. In 1927, Mr. Gilbert Doane. University of Nebraska librarian, became editor for four years. (He will long be remembered by genealogists for his classic research book, SEARCHING FOR YOUR ANCESTORS, published in 1937.) When Mr. Doane resigned at the end of 1931, Mr. Raymond E. Dale, a professional genealogist, who made contributions to the genealogical section of the BOSTON TRANSCRIPT, was appointed editor and served in the capacity until the publication was discontinued in 1944.

The Nebraska Genealogical Society's minutes trace the struggle for funds to publish the magazine through the Depression and war years. Nebraska Territorial Census records as well as vital records and family records were published. The Quarterly became nationally recognized in 1933 when it was included in the Jacobus INDEX OF GENEALOGICAL PERIODICALS. Finally, on October 27, 1944 the struggle to continue the publication of the Quarterly became too great and the members sadly disbanded.

[NOTE: The majority of the issues of the NE & Midwest Genealogical Quarterly have been reproduced for NEGenWeb Project on the internet.  See NEGenWeb Project On-Line Library - Journals section.]

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 2
A-Submitted by Mrs. Eugene (Dessie) Warriner, Franklin NE

Franklin County

AVERHOFF, Albert M. came in 1876, married Margaret BAUMAN.

CHILDS, C. B. first teacher of the Limestone school (1872).

COATES Robert in 1881 brought 500 sheep to Franklin by rail.

CRILLY, Margaret J. one of the oldest settlers in Riverton, was born Jan. 1839 in Antrim County Ireland. She died 12 Dec 1930. She came to America with her parents and settled in Riverton where a brother and sister already resided. She became a member of the Congregational Church in 1878. She spent 30 years caring for her mother, who had been injured In a fall on the ice. She taught Sunday School for many years. She never married.

ELLIOTT, W. S. was editor and publisher of the RIVERTON EAGLE. which was started in 1881.

JEREE, Joe, served as first editor of the paper which was printed in the building that housed the first small store at the Stockade site.

FULLER, Daniel was a signer of the petition for Incorporation of Riverton on 15 Oct 1878. He served on the first town board.

CRAY, A. L., son of Col. Hosea William GRAY and Anna McQUARRY SMITH, was born 8 Jun 1878 at the family home "Locust Lawn" in Marion, Iowa. He died at Osceola, Nebr., on 14 April 1931. He was married in York, Nebr., in 1892, to Emma McCUE. They came to Riverton where he served as postmaster for 16 years and later managed the Telephone Company. He was very interested in music and directed the choir at the Congregational Church.

HACKETT, William and Nancy came to Riverton, in 1885, with their son, William Jr., daughter, Mary, and a nephew Frank KINKAID. They were from Warren, Ohio.


Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 3
B-Submitted by Mrs. Eugene (Dessie) Warriner, Franklin NE (continued Sketches of Early Residents of Riverton)

Mr. JOHNSON came to Riverton in 1878, where the railroad ended. He was a carpenter and cabinet maker. He later moved to Franklin where his grandson Noble JOHNSON lives.

McINTOSH, James served on the first town board.

ROZEE, S. R. was a petitioner for the town's incorporation and also served on the first town board.

RUTHERFORD, Albert was one of the men who helped haul the timbers for the "west" river bridge over the Republican River. His team were oxen.

SHANNEFELT, Rev. was a Close Communion Baptist minister and one of the first ministers to come to the area. He lived near Macon.

SHEPHERDSON, Isaac built the mill in 1874. They had a beautiful home on the hill west of Thompson Creek. He had three children.

SHELTER, Rolland C. married Mae E. MORSE HOPKINS. He was a miller at the Shepherdson mill and later a postmaster. His daughter, Beatrice, married Vernon WRIGHT.

VINCENT, Almond married Samantha Jane ____. Came to the area in 1871. She wrote some of the early history of the area.

VOLLINTINEA, Mr. helped with the building of the Shepherdson mill.

WALDO. David and his wife, Theodate HASKELL WALDO, came here to be near their daughter, Abigail M. WARRINER. David and Theodate WALDO are buried in the little Vincent-Stevens Cemetery along highway 136. (They are the great grandparents of Eugene WARRINER).

WESTON. Dr. A. F. was a doctor here in 1874 (and possibly earlier).

LOHLF, Harry built the first store and named the town, Riverton.

EASTWOOD, David and wife, Mary Ann, were very early settlers. Some of their descendants still live here.

RAWSON, Stephen came here in 1873 and descendants are still in the area.

WENTWORTH, Louis came in the 1870's. He married Elva RAWSON. She wrote a history of the area.

ZIEGLER, Phil was born in Rock Island, Illinois, on 28 June 1858, then moved to Mendota, Iowa, at the age of 14 to live with his sister and learn the jewelry trade. He came to Riverton in 1881, married Mary FISH at Bloomington in 1884. He had a jewelry store and added general merchandise later. He retired when his sons left for WWI. After they returned some of the family ran the store until it closed in the early 1970's.

ZIEGLER, Oscar married Mayme ELLIS: they had no children. (deceased)

ZIEGLER, John (Jack) married Lena MUCKEL. (deceased)

ZIEGLER, Guy married and lived in Ashland. (deceased)

CADY, Vern married Kate ZIEGLER and helped run the Ziegler store.

MUCKEL, Hazel (sister of Lena Ziegler) married Harlan HARRINGTON. They were the last of the family to own the "'Ziegler Store".

HARRINER, Henry Martin homesteaded on "Warriner" Creek, west of Riverton in 1872. This farm is still owned by their grandsons, Glen and Eugene WARRINER. Henry was county sheriff in 1889-90. His wife was Abigail M. WALDO, Henry's father, Willard WARRINER, farmed near Riverton. Both are buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Franklin, Nebr.

Genealogists seek first the TRUTH.

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 4
A-Copied 31 Jul 1975 by Mrs. Ruth Anna Hicks, Lincoln NE


This cemetery is in Alexis Township, Section 20, 1 mile north and 4 1/2 miles west of Bellwood, Nebraska, Butler County.

Copied July 31, 1975

Theodore VanShriek                      1885-1955
Anna VanShriek                          July 26, 1870      June 15, 1952
Frank Blahak                            15 July 1873       10 June 1946
Mother Eva Blahak                       d. April 10, 1892  aged 61 yrs
Frank Blahak,               Father      d. Feb. 13, 1901   aged 69 yrs
Two Unknown childrens graves
Henry & Edward Flaxel                   b & d 1893

Most of the graves in this cemetery have been removed to the New St. Joseph Cemetery.  


This cemetery is in Alexis Township, Section 20, 1 mile north and 4 1/2 miles west of Bellwood, Nebraska, Butler County.

(Baby) Fisher                          1899-1905          (stone almost buried in ground)  
Schrier, Marie                         Apr. 17, 1848      July 22, 1934  
        Amanda                         July 19, 1896      Oct 19, 1950  
        Ludwig                         Aug. 12, 1868      Dec. 20, 1940  
Selzer, Julius                         June 30, 1864      Apr. 21, 1946  
        Augusta C.                     1905                
        Edward J.                      1899-1974        
Schmid, Sophie                         Dec. 26, 1857      June 28, 1906  
        Reinhold R.                    Apr 2, 1882        Sept. 3, 1882  
        Jos. W.                        May 27, 1894       Mar. 22, 1896  
Hiemer, Otto                           June 1894          Nov. 1894  
Janigek, Loyd, son of T. & R.          June 2, 1905       June 18, 1905  
Isabella, dau of R. J. & T.                               d. Feb. 9, 1921  aged 10 y 7 m 6 d  
Selzer, Bertha                         July 4, 1876       July 11, 1971  
        John                           July 27, 1871      Feb. 24, 1953  
Jahn, Mr. & Mrs. Franz 
Alt, Natallie                          Aug. 1, 1885       Aug 15, 1950  
        Ferdinand                      Sept 23, 1881      June 29, 1962  
        Zazilia                        Apr 18, 1839       Mar 19, 1915  
        Frank                          Feb 3, 1836        Feb 18, 1910  
Selzer, Edward                         July 4, 1840       Apr 22, 1891  
        Caroline                       Aug 28, 1836       Apr. 15, 1891  
Janicek, Justena. M.                   1885-1974           
        Rudolph                        1877-1941           
        Leona M.                       1909                
        Sylvester                      1909-1968           
        Emma T.                        Sept 29, 1911      Apr 25, 1971  
        Cyrus F.                       Mar 3, 1915        

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 5
B-Copied 31 Jul 1975 by Mrs. Ruth Anna Hicks, Lincoln NE
(continued-New St. Joseph Cemetery)

Topil, Joseph I.                       Feb 22, 1901       Nov 18, 1969   Husband  
       Lillian Ann                     Sept 14, 1910      Mar. 6, 1962   Wife  
Quinn, Frances                         1897                
       John                            1885-1945     
Topil, Harry James                     May 12, 1933       Apr 10, 1949  
       Gary Lee                        Feb 4, 1943        Nov 14, 1945 
Koening, Albert H.                     Oct 2, 1913        Apr 30, 1949  
         Anna                          Sept. 12, 1872     Jan .10, 1946  
         William                       Aug. 28, 1870      Jan 23, 1942  
Schaf, Eva M.                          Dec. 10, 1884      Jan. 16, 1885  
       Cecilia F.                      Jan. 23, 1889      Nov. 6, 1891  
Rinke, Evelyn E.                       1916-1964           
       Lawrence W.                     1913                
Nebosis, Walter John                   June 5, 1914       Sept 27, 1969  
Poeffel, Minnie                        July 24, 1895       
         John                          Dec. 25, 1895      Jan 5, 1969  
Sliva, Donald R.                       July 3, 1950       Apr. 8, 1973  
Topil, Tina Marie, dau of Joe & Carol  Jan. 11, 1970       
Flaxel,Frank                           Apr. 10, 1883      Jan 22, 1949  
       Anna                            Feb. 7, 1853       May 23, 1928  
       John                            Nov. 11, 1836      Feb. 22, 1904  
       Anna C.                         Sept. 1, 1879      July 20, 1954  
Murphy, Eleanor                        Mar. 10, 1887      Aug. 30, 1963  
Zimmer, Herbert P. son of Emil & Anna 
Rohrich, Anna                          1882-1904           
         Minnie M.                     1886-1960           
         Anton                         1816-1898           
         Raymond E.                    Aug. 21, 1913      May 3, 1967  
Rohrich, Gustave                       May 28, 1849       Oct 23, 1938  
         Theresa                       Feb. 29, 1852      Nov. 25, 1934  
         Robert                        1884-1946           
         Anna C.                       Sept. 17, 1885     Sept 27, 1946  
         Leopold H.                    Feb. 27, 1879      May 14, 1956  
Klein, Johann                          18 April 1888      30 Oct 1896  
Beier, Mrs. Carl                       1842-1896           
Klein, Mary                            28 Nov. 1890       17 Aug. 1896  
       Louise                          28 Dec. 1886       12 Aug. 1896  
       Franz                           15 Oct. 1841       16 July 1890  
Schlesinger, Grandma 
Rogers, John                                              d. 1892         Civil War Vet.  
Koening, Charles                       May 19, 1879       Sept. 4, 1950  
Vandewark, Clementine                  Apr. 14, 1884      Nov. 12, 1954  
        Leopold                        1810-1889           
Maier, Margreda, wife of John                             Sept. 22, 1884     aged 34 years  
       Katie                                              d., Jan 14, 1884   aged 7 y  
       George                                             d Jan. 15, 1885    aged 4 y  
       Julia                                              d  Nov. 10, 1882   aged 6 m  
Gear, Rosie                                               d. 1896             

Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 6
A-Submitted by Mrs. Erma Kammerer, Republican City, NE


CHRISTENSEN, Holger came from Thisted, Denmark in 1902 when he was 18. He married Emma NOREN, Daughter of Swedish parents. in 1909. He was a farmer, stock raiser and trucker, south of Orleans. Their youngest daughter, Arlene, married Marvin KAMMERER (my son).

IBSEN, Albert married Eleanor BLOOM in 1926, they lived on the REUBEN homestead. Their daughter is Virginia Collins.

JOHNSON, Roscoe M. came from Iowa in 1895. His granddaughter is Mrs. Raymond PYELL of Orleans.

CRAY, Allen came to teach in the Orleans High School in 1929. He married Mildren CRAVEN.

HOXMEIER, Pete married Elizabeth BERENDES in Iowa. In 1907 they came to Harlan County. The first year his total income was $ 125.67. He was a carpenter.

HOOSE, Bernard, native of Canada. Civil War veteran. Married Mary KNOUSE in 1873. Came to Harlan County in 1878

GOURLEY, Charles, a veterinarian came west from Iowa to a cousin's home in Woodruff, Kansas. In 1898 he bought a livery barn in Orleans. Married Nettie FERGUSON in 1900. Nettie claimed to be the first white girl born in Harlan County.

GEHLEY, George F. was born in Prussia in 1845 and came to America with his father, Frank GEHLEY, in 1856. George married Anna SCHEPPEL in 1871.

GEHRIG, Erhart was born 1839 in Baden. Germany. Came to America as a stowaway. He married Margaretha STEELS in 1845. His son, George, married Clara HOFMEYER and they lived south of Orleans. One daughter, Marie LUTJEHARMS, lived in Alma.

BARTLETT, Dr. W.C. came to Alma as a young man. While he was in WWI, Dr. Kerr came to help during the influenza epidemic in 1918. Both spent the remainder of their lives in the county. Mrs. Ernest SEYLER, daughter of Dr. Kerr.

STEVENSON, Robert Lewis and wife, Lillie GILES, lived south of Alma.

RICHMAN, Marshall and Morris, sons of Thomas and Cora RICHMAN, were born 1888 and 1891, and lived many years at Huntley.

SCHIPPERT, John was born in Germany in 1864 and came to Harlan County in 1886 with his brother, William. He married Johanna BAUERLE. He died 1938.

WAGGONER, Frank was born 1877 near Naponee. He was a farmer and an insurance man. He married Margaret E. ROLLAND, daughter of Peter ROLLAND, who was born in Scotland. The ROLLANDS went to Kansas in 1877. Her mother, Jane HUNTER, was a nurse and mid-wife.

DAVID, John F. came from Illinois in the spring of 1872. He was the first man to take a claim in the north half of Harlan County. He organized the first post office at Bainbridge, later Huntley.

RINEHART, John T., Ferdinand L. SEICK and Griffey VANDYKE were early settlers in Washington and Mullally townships.

MULLALLY, Thomas was born in Ireland. He was an early settler along Turkey Creek. Mullally township was named for him.

PARISH, Gilbert R. and his brother-in-law, George GIPS, came from Iowa and settled on Prairie Dog Creek in June 1871. Parish's son, when small, was kidnapped by the Indians but was recovered the next day unharmed.


Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 7
B-Submitted by Mrs. Erma Kammerer, Republican City, NE
(continued-Sketches of Early Residents of Harlan County)

ZIEGLER, J. F. homesteaded in 1872 south of Alma. He financed his first year by killing elk and buffalo, drying the meat and selling it. He settled along Prairie Dog Creek.

LENNEMANN, Frank came to his Uncle Frank HOFNAGLE's farm in 1878. He was born in Germany in 1849 and married Margaret KUPPER. They had 10 children.

LIDEEN, Henning was an early carpenter at Orleans. He married Anna ARNELL. He served as county treasurer 193_-1959.

KENT, Judge Lewis H., born in 1854 in Illinois, was a pioneer settler in Orleans. He graduated from Fulton College in Ill. He was Judge of Harlan County 1879-1885. He married Miss Eva L. COATS of Grant County, Wisconsin. In 1889 he assisted in the organization of the Orleans Flour and Oatmeal Milling Co.

JOHNSON, John Manuel was born in Sweden in 1849 and came to America at the age of 18. In 1871 he homesteaded on Sappa Creek. He married Amanda BUCKLIN in 1885. He died in 1953 aged 103 years.

KUHL. Eggert was born in Germany in 1850 and married Lizzie JOHNSON in Iowa Ill 1875 and went to Kansas in 1876. He homesteaded near the Nebraska line. Descendants live in Orleans.

KORTE, Herman and Anna KNOBLE, from Missouri, were married in 1907 and lived on the former site of Melrose.

The first lighting system was established in 1914 in Orleans by James McGEACHIN to light his store and the Post Office.

ANKENS, Ben had a hotel in Orleans in 1886.

WALLACE, George drove a horse drawn bus.

DALSTRAND, Verne Wallace graduated in Orleans in 1914 and had a real estate office.

DAVIS, John E. came to Orleans at age 13 with his parents, George and Angeline DAVIS, and family in 1893.

GOULD, Albert H. took a claim on Tipover Creek in 1871 with his father, Joseph GOULD. Albert's brother Garvin came in 1872. Joseph GOULD was the first County Judge

GIFFORD, J. S. homesteaded across the river from the GOULDS.

RUSSELL, James Asahel (grandfather of Erma KAMMERER), came from Illinois and stopped at Republican City on 20 Aug 1872. He homesteaded 5 miles north. He then returned to Schuyler County, Ill., and married Susan Ellen SKILES on 26 Feb 1875. They returned to their sod house on the homestead and both died in 1937 in Alma.

LUCE, Hiram M. came in 1871 and gave part of his claim for the original town of Republican City. He was the first county superintendent of the schools. He also had the first drug store, which his nephew, Clarence A. LUCE, took over in 1878. Hiram was in the State Legislature in 1885.

VERMILLION, G. T. came in 1878 to the Bethel neighborhood. Mrs. VERMILLION's parents, the CLEVERS, came from Waukegan, Ill., in 1879. The VERMILLIONs were early members of the Christian Church. Mr. George CLEVER was an early Clerk of the District Court.

PIPER, J.A. was another early County superintendent of schools and also taught in Alma. He married Jennie PROCTOR in 1877. Their daughter, Elsie, was Dean of Women at the University in Lincoln.


Summer 1978 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE - Vol 1, No 1, Page 8
C-Submitted by Mrs. Erma Kammerer, Republican City, NE
(continued-Sketches of Early Residents of Harlan County)

MURRIN, Thomas D. came with a group from Cheyenne in 1871.

BOEHL, Carl had the first grain mill in the county in 1873.

CARR, W. P. made the first shingles in 1871

SNYDER, Joseph had the first shingle mill in Republican City in 1872. (Sod. houses with wooden shingles did not leak like the sod roofs).

WHITING, Rev. John preached the first Free Methodist sermon in a grove-near Alma on 4 July 1871. He was a one armed Civil War vet.

Republican City had the first churches in the county, Methodist and Lutheran:

BALLOU, John and Mary SMITH was the first couple marred by Rev. WHITING in the county. They were wed in 1872.

KEESTER, R. L. completed the first telephone service in 1899 from Alma to Orleans.

SCHLUNTZ, Wm. came to Nebraska from Oldenburg, Germany; to the county in 1873.

McPHERSON, Charles Edward, born in Ohio in 1848, came to Republican City with his father, Dr. John McPHERSON, who founded Republican City in 1871. Charles was the first postmaster and he died in 1927.

LUDI, Nelson J. was born in 1856. He published the Harlan County Democrat and later the Republican City Ranger.

HASKINS, The Arthur, family came from Missouri about 1900. Sons Maxie, Frank, Rev. William and Clifford lived here until their farms were purchased by the Government to build the Harlan County Dam.

MAIN, L. J. paid his taxes 23 Jan 1880. (E. KAMMERER has the copy of his tax receipt, which is proof that Republican City was once the county seat).

CASSELL, Ephriam was born 1842 in Ill. and came to Harlan County in 1885 and bought his homestead rights. Married Sarah Alleman, born in Harrisburg, Pa.

PENNINGTON, Dr. J. L. was in practice in Republican City in the 1890's and again in the 1920's.

Other doctors were: O. J. VALLICOT (in the 1920's); Dr. MUNGER was earlier; Dr. V. V. TALCOTT (in the 1930's).

ROGERS, Dr. Daniel R. was born in Pa. in 1855 and died in Oct 1930. He served the county for 46 years. Married Margaret E. MARTIN of West Virginia.

ROGERS, Thomas C., son of Dr. ROGERS, was an Alma business man. He married Jean McKEE.

McKEE, Everett, brother of Mrs. ROGERS above, authority on local history and the people of the county.

HAUSSERMANN, John Gottlob was born 1886. His parents came from Germany. He married Minnie SCHLUNTZ.

STONE, Marcus D. came from Missouri in 1872 and homesteaded in Kansas south of Republican City and also took a timber claim.

McFARLANE, Mr. and Mrs. William came from Maryland in 1865. They operated one of the nine hotels and also a cafe. Mr. McFARLANE worked on the railroad while the boys did the farming.

LUTJEHARMS, John was born 1874 in Oldenburg, Germany, and came with his mother, brother, sister to Harlan County in 1886. Married Emma METZGER in 1903.

BURT, Dr. Z. T. was the first doctor in Old Sod Town, 15 miles south of Republican City.

BROWN, Charles H. homesteaded west of Huntley in 1872.

BROWN, Joshua freighted from Alma to Kearney with oxen.

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