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NSGS - Nebraska Ancestree (Journals)


Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals



Vol. 1 (complete)


Vol. 2 (complete)


Vol. 3 (4 issues, plus index)


Vol. 4 (4 issues including index)


Vol. 5 (4 issues including index)


Vol. 6 (4 issues including index)


Vol. 7 (4 issues including index)


Vol. 8 (4 issues - index in Vol. 9)


Vol. 9 (4 issues - individually indexed)


Vol. 10 (4 issues including index)


Vol. 11 (4 issues including index)


Vol. 12 (4 issues including index)


Vol. 13


Vol. 14


Vol. 15 (two issues, includes index)


Vol. 16 (3 issues, includes index)


Vol. 17 (two issues)   1994-1995
Vol. 18 (3 issues, includes index)   1995-1996
Vol. 19 (4 issues, includes index)


Vol. 20 (two issues)   1997-1998
Vol. 21 (three issues, includes index)   1998-1999
Vol 22 (three issues, no index)   1999-2000


Fall 2000

Nebraska State Genealogical Society has granted permission to NEGenWeb Project for the publication on-line of their Ancestree Journals aged over five years. All articles are to be posted only on NEGenWeb Project websites. Ownership remains with NSGS.

** Note: These electronic pages are provided for your personal use, and may not be reproduced in any format for profit, nor for presentation in any form by any other organization or individual. They may be freely copied for your personal use. **

We will concentrate on data extracts of NSGS, most files will be on stored on the appropriate county website.
Reproduction of material of other types will be deferred, especially if it was/is time sensitive -
     meaning financial reports, lists of officers elected, old addresses, or publications for sale at the time of that issue, etc.

WARNINGS - The editors of Ancestree compressed data into form that would take the least amount of space. Many articles are reproduced here with spacing that differs from the original publication.
Lists published in Ancestree often APPROACH alphabetical order - but are not entirely that way! At least one set has all females following all the males. With some lists published as paragraphs - we've taken the liberty of "lining them up", without changing the original order. If not alpha in the original, they are still not alpha. Have also added line breaks to ease tracking while reading.
Cemetery Extracts - Some were published as paragraphs with all persons of one surname included. Those remaining on this website have generally been modified to more open form. Some articles on county websites may be different!

Tree Stumps (queries) have been omitted - obsolete addresses, etc.

Alumni lists - specific addresses omitted, town & state given if appeared in original.

Indexes for entire volumes include names that were in announcments, queries, etc. Therefore - even if you find a name in the index, the material may NOT be available.  Note:  Have found some surnames mis-spelled in either the text and/or the index. 

Some volumes / issues were offered for reproduction by Kathie Harrison who will type those in her possession for the NSGS website and NEGenWeb Project County Coordinators. TOCs will be provided. Articles will be posted to county websites, to the NEGenWeb Project Resource Center (and it's specialty collections) as well as on this website. Meaning, the issues will NOT be continuous reading as the articles will be on many websites. Quick links will be provided to the limit of our abilities.

Nebraska State Genealogical Society
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Dennis Norvell, Kathie Harrison, Connie Snyder, T&C Miller

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