Seward County
Genealogical Society

Organized in 1983, the Seward County Genealogical Society collects materials
of interest to people researching their roots in the area. The group has published
a number of books about the county and has information on county residents:

Seward County, Nebraska. 534 pages of family histories. The indexed book has over 1,500 stories.
Seward County, Nebraska Supplement. This book contains information on schools, churches, businesses, and those who served in the military.
Seward County Cemeteries. Eight volumes of 250-300 pages each with information on cemeteries and burials.
Seward County Newspapers. Seward County newspapers. Digitized and located on the Seward Memorial Library web site.
Seward County Homesteaders. Homesteaders' Voices of Seward County, Nebraska - 1860 to 1885. New in September 2017. A data base
and information on 1500 homesteaders and settlers who obtained
land patents from the federal government between 1860 and 1885. Available on flash drive.

The group has a card file with over 200,000 listings of births, marriages, anniversaries and
obituaries abstracted from Seward County Newspapers. They also have a number of family histories and books about
the history of the county.

The Society and their archives are located in the basement of the Seward Civic Center located at 6th and
Bradford. The group meets on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. With notice, members can assist researchers at other times.
For more information email:
the Society
or write:
Seward County Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 72
Seward, Nebraska 68434-0072

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