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The cemetery began as two family cemeteries. The Vosses buried family members in the northwest corner of their farm and the Mohrs buried family members in the northeast corner of their farm. Thses burial grounds adjoined and formed the basis for the Voss-Mohr Cemetery. Several additions have since been made to the cemetery.

It is located on the south side of Harrison Street at 138th in the northwest quarter of the Northeast Quarter and the northeast corner of the Northwest Quarter of Sec 13, Twp 14, Range 11. It is operated by the Voss-Mohr Cemetery Association and is well maintained.

At various times it has been known as the Chalco Cemetery and Voss Chalco Cemetery, but it has been known as Voss-Mohr for several decades. Burials include the Stender family who were reinterred here from the old family cemetery.

The deed from the Mohr heirs for the west part of the cemetery describes "a tract sixteen rods square.. excepting therefrom Lot2.. which lot is enclosed with iron fence." This is the Mohr family lot and the fence still exists. The adjoining Voss family lot was also surrounded by a fence but was removed in 1995. In the Voss family lot is an interesting monument, which is described in the Papillion Times edition of 5 Nov 1903:
"Last week at the cemetery a mile and a half south of Millard was erected one of the finest monuments in the state to the memory of Ferdinand Petersen, who was one of the oldest residents of Sarpy county. The monument was finished and erected by Hodges & Baldwin of Fremont, at a cost of $5.000. It is of the best dark barre granite, with granite statue of a soldier standing at parade rest, with uniform like they wore in the German war of 1848,1849 and 1850 of which Mr. Petersen was an honest soldier. The monument stands fifteen feet high and made two [train] car loads from Fremont to Millard. The bottom base weighs over eight tons and took ten horses to haul it from the station to the cemetery.

The location numbers from 001 through 021 are the Blocks of the Voss part of the cemetery and numbers in the 100's, 200's, 300's and 400's are the Blocks from the Mohr part of the cemetery. The 500's are used for the 1950 addition to the south end of the cemetery and the 600's are used for the Centennial Add'n South. The 700's are Centennial Add'n West, the newest part of the cemetery, as yet unused.

Gary Iske, Sarpy County Genealogical Society, 1995.

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