Offutt Air Force Base

Offutt Air Force Base

In 1891, President Benjamin Harrison opened Fort Crook, named after General George Crook, who gained notoriety during the Indian Wars.

The 61st Balloon Company became the first air unit to command the post in 1918. In 1920, the 260 acre flying field was built and in 1924 was named Offutt Field, in memory of Omaha's first casualty in World War I, Lt. Jarvis J. Offutt, who was killed in France while flying with the Royal Air Force. In December of 1939, the Nebraska Bomber Assembly Plant, better known as the Glenn L. Martin Bomber plant began making the first of many B-26 Marauders and B-29 Stratofortresses. The infamous "Enola Gay" and the not as well known "Bockscar", the planes that dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, were built at the Martin plant. In 1948, Fort Crook and Offutt Field were renamed Offutt Air Force Base, and today it is home to the largest military meteorological facility in the world. The Air Force's largest combat command unit is also based out of Offutt.

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History of Offutt Air Force Base

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On 28 June 1896, the first four companies of the US Army, 22nd Infantry Regiment arrived at Ft. Crook. This picture is of them in formation on the parade ground with General's Row in the background (date unknown). Special thanks to the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society for the above picture!

A postcard dated 12 May 1908 showing Officer's Row.

This picture was taken of the town of Ft. Crook after the tornado. Some damage was done to Ft. Crook military facility, however the brunt of the damage was to the town itself.

This postcard was dated 1911. The buildings are still in use today, and the area is called "General's Row".

N.C.O. Quarters

Fire Station and Guardhouse

Band Quarters

Officer's Row

Glen L. Martin Bomber Plant


General George Crook

Jarvis Offutt

Officer's Row

Non Commissioned Officer's Quarters

Panorama of Ft. Crook

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