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This cemetery was the LaBorde family cemetery, with the first burial taking place in 1875. It is now a public cemetery, operated by the LaBorde Cemetery Association. It is located at 204th and Highway 370 on the east edge of Gretna, immediately below the water tower. It is in the northwest corner of the Northwest Quarter of Sec 31, Twp 14, Range 11. It is a small cemetery and well maintained.

The original plat was filed in Plat Book, Page 20. A copy of the Plat, Description, Surveyor's Certificate and Dedication, dated 15 Jan 1891, were recorded on 21 Feb 1891 in Book "X", Page 262. This document was signed by Phillip LaBorde.

Those buried in the old Snell Cemeterywere moved to the LaBorde Cemetery in the 1930's due to highway construction.

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