Sarpy County Business Directory

for 1890-1891

Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block; 1890
Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe&
Co, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

Chalco, a newly established village in the northern part of Sarpy county on the Ashland "cut Off' branch fo the B. & M. R.R., about 10 miles from Papillion, the county seat. Population 50.

Bathrick, A. sta.agt.
Blumer, H. agl implts.
Bock, C. blacksmith.
Kuhl, C. saloon.
Shatz F. blacksmith.
Schmidt A, saloon.
Stutzner C, genl mdse, postmaster.
Westphalen G, hardware.

La Platte, a station on the B.&.M.R.R., in the southern part of Sarpy county 15 miles south of Omaha and about one mile from the Platte River. Population, 60.

Caldwell F.E., flour mill
Colvin James, genl mdse.
Delaney H.A., genl mdse.
Gillespie J.M., sta, tel and ex agt.
Hogeboom Richard, hotel.
Leary John, postmaster,genl mdse.

Gilmore a station on the main line of the U.P.Ry., in the eastern part of Sarpy county, five miles east of Papillion, the county seat, and nine miles from Omaha, the metropolis of the state. Population, 31.

Anchor Mill, H.Burgdorf, prop, mfr. flour
Knapp S B, sta agt, postmaster

Gretna is in the western part of Sarpy county, on the Omaha and Lincoln cut-off of the B.&M. R.R., 20 miles from Omaha. The population is 300. It supports two large elevators. The main shipments are corn, potatoes and live stock. It being so near to the South Omaha stock markets, the feeding of cattle is carried on quite extensively.

Bradford John, editor and pub. The Gretna Democrat
City Hotel. H Zimmerman prop.
Conner Jos A, Mat Peterson agt, grain elevator, coal.
Edmistion Bros, hardware
Fedde Henry, agt H J Rolf
Fox G A, mason.
Fox John, carpenter.
Gillogly T Mrs. dressmaker.
Grabow John, live stock
Gregg John L, blacksmith, wagonmaker
Gretna Democrat (The), John Bradford editor and pub
Gretna Hotel, C H Treckel prop.
Gretna State Bank, paid capital $10,000, Chas W Key pres, A.U. Hancock vice-pres, S E Woolverton cashier
Hancock A U & Co, genl mdse.
Harbison Rufus, livery
Higgins John , painter
Horn David L, well digger
Langdon Bros. genl mdse.
Le Won & Van Dohren,lumber, furniture, implts.
Lister & Gillogly, agl implts.
McKenna C L, genl mdse.
Magner James, harnessmaker
Melia Patrick J, blacksmith.
Osborne Wm., jeweler.
Peters Hans, harware, etc.
Peterson Mat, lumber, agt J M Conner
Potter & Harley, agl implts.
Pumphrey Frant T, agt B& M R.R.
Raker W Samuel, barber
Rightmeyer A, meat market
Rolf H J, Henry Fede agt, grain elevator
Sage Dora Miss, teacher
Scheef Charles, saloon
Skelton N Mrs. dressmaker
Smith & Groves, drugs
Smith Perry, stone mason
Taggart E J, phys.
Teeters M H, blacksmith
Treckel Christ H, prop. Gretna Hotel, saloon, livery.
Wellan J V, pastor Catholic church
Waters Orthello, phys.
Weed H M, carpenter
Wehre Louis, blacksmith
Wichmann George, meat market
Wilson James R, postmaster, drugs
Woods John R, restaurant
Wooley Wm. A , justice, furniture
Zimmerman Hans, carpenter
Zimmerman Henry, prop City Hotel, saloon

Bellevue is perhaps the oldest town in the state. It is nine miles south of Omaha, in the eastern part of Sarpy county and on the line of the B.&M.R.R. The population is about 300. This place is very prettily situated and commands an extensive view of the country round about. Bellevue College, handsomely endowed by H.T. Clarke of Omaha (formerly of Bellevue), is an educational institution worthy of note. The structure is an attractive one, the site the most pleasant possible, the management of the best and the faculty able. It is open to both sexes and has about 100 students. There is here an excellent school, which is well attended. The Presbyterian church is the only religious house of worship. A tract of land, comprising 340 acres has been purchased by the government to be used as a military fort, which is at present located at Omaha. The erection of buildings has already begun and it is epected to be occupied at a very early date. The Illinois Central Ry., Chicago, Rock Island& Pac Ry. Mo. Pac. Ry.and Union Pacific Ry are building to this point. Bellevue is splendidly located and promises to become one of the finest suburban towns in the country on account of its close proximity to the metropolis of the state.

Bardwell & Co. brick mfrs.
Betz J S, carpenter and contractor
Buel W C, phys.
Clarke Harry, live stock
Crume Wm. Blacksmith
Goss J Q, atty.
Hovee C E, blacksmith
Keysor Oscar genl mdse, postmaster
Larson & Nelson, ice packers
McDermut Witney B printer, druggists labels,etc.
Martin W R., capitalist, real estate
Nolan John, brick contractor
Patrick W R. justice, real estate, ins.
Pennington H, sta agt.
Seleemeier H B , hotel
Wright A, genl mdse

Springfield has a population of 400, and is located in the southern part of Sarpy county, 10 miles from Papillion, the county seat, on the Missouri Pacific Ry. The surrounding country is a rich grain producing region. There are here a fine brick school-house, which cost $8,000, and three churches, Congregational, Methodist and Baptist. The financial institutions are J.D. Spearman & Co., bankers, and the Sarpy County State Bank. The Springfield Monitors, a weekly newspaper, is published by Miller & Co. There are two grain elevators, a flour mill, three hotels and a number of stores, workshops etc. The local societies are lodges of A.F. and A.M., I.O.O.F., K, of P., and a G.A.R. Post.

Anderson C Mrs, carpet weaver
Anderson Gust, boot and shoemaker
Andrews Alph, livery
Barratt C O, restaurant, confectionery
Bates L A, drugs, jewelry, public telephone
Behm John G. postmaster
Blakewell John, prop Rogers House
Bradford Louis, lumber
Brawner D O, drygoods
Cahoun C F, ins.
Corell & Son, dry goods, groceries
Deerkop Christ, meat market
DePuy c H, restaurant
Elwell J M, grain elevator, coal.
Evans W E, drugs
Haney S C, blacksmith
Hoover J F, blacksmith
Hoyt H T , carpenter
Hulburd O T, grain elevator Kuhl Fred, saloon
Leech S S, hardware, stoves, etc.
Lichtenwallner J B, phys
Liddard & Startzer, agl implts.
McClain W H, barber
Miller & Co(Wm E& J C Miller), props the Springfield Monitor.
Miller Wm E., drugs
Munford John, barber, shoemaker,
Myers J, prop Springfield House
Payne J F, genl mdse.
Pflug & Co, genl mdse
Pope J N, saloon
Rogers House, J Blakewell, prop.
Sarpy County State Bank, capital $50,000, James Davidson pres, Wm M Satterfield vice-pres, I L Freeman, cashier
Sexson John T, agl iplts.
Smith C E, harness and saddles
Smith E & J, props Springfield Roller Mills.
Spearman C K, groceried, hardware, jewelry and undertaker.
Spearman J D & Co(J D Spearman) banker, capital $15,000,surplus , $4,000.
Springfiled House, John Myers prop.
Springfield Monitor issued every Thursday, circulation, 650, Miller & Co props.
Springfield Roller Mills, E J Smith , prop.
Star Hotel, J S Wilkins, prop.
Swain E P, mgr Louis Bradford, lumber
Thompson C F, phys
Wilkins, J S, prop Star Hotel

Papillion is the county seat of Sarpy county, at the junction of the U.P. and M.P. Rys, 15 miles southwest of Omaha. It has a population of nearly 900, The surrounding country is rich and well cultivated. There are flour mills, elevators, a bank, churches, schools, hotels and various requisites of a growing town. A number of fine residences have been erected of late. The Papillion Times, an enterprising newspaper is published by Howard Edgar. Churches are the Methodist, Episcopal and German Lutheran. The societies are I.O.O.F., A.F.& A.M., G.A.R. and K.of P.
Barton Robt, city clerk
Bloedel Edward, blacksmith,
Brenner A, prop Linnville House
Callaway Wm, mgr Omaha Union Grain Co, saloon
Clarke A W, genl mdse, banker
Cotter Garrett, baker.
Critchfield A W, blacksmith, agl implts.
Curti, B Dr. drugs
Dowling F E, barber
Evers & Zwiebel, hardware
Frick F R, sta, tel and ex. Agt.
Goettsche J.H, meat market
Greves Henry, prop Sarpy Hotel, saloon
Guthard George, saloon
Hancock A U & Bro, real estate
Hardegen Geo J, boarding
Hassett James, atty
Hayet Edward B, mayor
Hemstedt Geo, city treasurer
Hover Charles L, notary, atty
Hover J E, dentist
Howard Edgar pub Papillion Times
Hunt J E & Co, stock dealers
Klingeman J C, phys
Kessig & Megel, saloon
Lane F, restaurant
Langdon A E, atty, notary
Latham B F, city marshal
Latham, Benjamin, confectionery
Lesieur Louis, real estate
Mosher W H, livery
Nolan Edward Mrs, genl mdse
Omaha Elevator Co, Wm Callaway mgr.
Papillion Times Edgar Howard pub
Parson Henry L, postmaster
Randall J V, city atty
Royce O W, hardware, agl implts
Saalfeld John, shoemaker
Sarpy Hotel, H Greves prop
Schaab John, flour mill
Schriever Hugo, watch repairer
Selk R G, genl mdse
Schestedt, W H P, lumber
Spearman A J, hardware
Spearman Bros, livery
Stroeh F C, saloon
Steidle Frank, harness mfr.
Upjohn & Upjohn, physicians
Welch C E, meat market
West Charles S, furniture
Wilcox House, N R Wilcox prop.
Wilcox N R, prop Wilcox House
Wright J C, coal, grain
Zimmer F D, painter

Portal, a village in the northern yart [sic] of Sarpy county, 15 miles southwest of Omaha, at the crossing of the M. P. Ry. and U. P. Ry. The B. & M. R. R. also crosses the northern part of the town. There is a German Methodist church here. Population, 60.

Papillion--County Seat

Adair, Frank__________Springfield
Adair, Morris_________Papillion
Adams, Robert_________Papillion
Addleman, David_______Papillion
Addleman, J.E.________Springfield
Addleman, Jos.________Springfield
Addleman, Thos._______Springfield
Alford, R.S.__________Papillion
Allew, Wm.____________Springfield
Ames, M.G.____________Springfield
Anderson, Alph________Springfield
Anderson, Chas._______Bellevue
Anderson, Gus_________Springfield
Anson, Asa____________Springfield
Anson, Edw T._________Springfield
Arbuthnot, Jas._______Springfield
Ardeny, Harry_________La Platte
Arms, David___________Springfield
Armstrong, A._________Springfield
Armstrong, Elsa_______Springfield
Armstrong, H._________Springfield
Armstrong, W.J._______Springfield
Arp, Gustave__________Bellevue
Bachelder, Silas______Bellevue
Bachman, Otto_________Bellevue
Bader, Rudolph________Chalco
Bailey, Edwin_________Bellevue
Bailey, Nicholas______Bellevue
Bailey, Henry_________Chalco
Balty, J.M.___________Springfield
Baker, Francis________Springfield
Ball, Alvin___________Springfield
Ball, Elmer___________Springfield
Ball, E.R.____________Springfield
Ball, F.L.____________Springfield
Ball, J.M.____________Springfield
Ball, J.R. Jr.________Springfield
Ball, J.R. Sr.________Springfield
Ball, T.T.____________Springfield
Ball, W.B.____________Springfield
Bancroft, H.__________Springfield
Barney, C.C.__________Springfield
Barrett, J.W._________Papillion
Barron, E.P.__________Springfield
Bartels, H.Sr.________Papillion
Bartels, Wm.__________Papillion
Barty, D.N.___________Springfield
Barty, Fritz__________Springfield
Bassett, Delbert _____Gretna
Bassett, Finch________Gretna
Bates, M.A.___________Springfield
Batherick, A._________Chalco
Bauchmer, A.__________Papillion
Bauman, Charles_______Gretna
Beadle, Geo.__________Papillion
Beadle, M.____________Papillion
Becker, Geo.__________Papillion
Beckstedt, Elton______Papillion
Beerline, Christ._____Papillion
Begley, Daniel________Springfield
Begley, John J._______Springfield
Bell, Wm. A.__________Papillion
Benefield, J.J._______Gretna
Berggaist, A.S._______Gilmore
Bianchi, Anthony______Gretna
Bianchi, Louis________Gretna
Bianchi, M.___________Gretna
Bishop, J.R.__________Springfield
Bishop, P.S.__________Papillion
Blair, John __________Springfield
Blank, John___________Springfield
Blines, Chas. W.______Bellevue
Blines, W.E.__________Bellevue
Blockman, L.__________Papillion
Blount, Geo.__________Springfield
Blount, Jas. W.______ Springfield
Boarchman, A.E._______Gretna
Bobzin, Chas._________Bellevue
Bockus, J.P.__________Bellevue
Boek, Claus___________Gretna
Boek, Hans____________Gretna
Bohman, J.A.__________Springfield
Bolling, H._________ _Papillion
Booek, John___________Gretna
Boop, Paul____________Gretna
Booze, Geo.W._________Springfield
Booze, P.H.___________Gretna
Booze, Wm. H__________Gretna
Bothman, C.___________Papillion
Bottorff, Madison_____Gretna
Bottorff, S.W._______ Gretna
Bouck, Hans__________ Gretna
Bouer, Chas__________ Papillion
Bove, Peter___________Papillion
Bowen, E.F.___________Bellevue
Bowley, Fred__________Bellevue
Boyce, Pat___________ Papillion
Boyers, A.____________Springfield
Bozarth, Alonzo_______Springfield
Brandt, Frank_________Gretna
Brandt, Henry________ Papillion
Branen, Wm.___________Papillion
Breckenridge, E.______Gretna
Breckenridge, F.______Gretna
Brewster, Z.J.________Gretna
Briscoe, W.W._________Springfield
Brody, Ferd.__________Papillion
Brokman, C.N._________Papillion
Brown, Charles________Gretna
Brown, J.L.___________Papillion
Browning, W.W.________Gretna
Bruhn, Carlston_______Gretna
Bruhn, Henry__________Gretna
Buckley, Daniel_______Gretna
Bulk, Aug.____________Papillion
Buls, Henry___________Papillion
Burbank, A.G._________Papillion
Burbank, B.F._________Papillion
Burbank, Chas.________Papillion
Burbank, J.F. ________Papillion
Burch, S.J.___________Bellevue
Burrhett, Geo.________Gretna
Burroughs, O._________Gilmore
Busekirt, Fred._______Papillion
Buesekirt, J._________Papillion
Butterfield, G.E._____Papillion
Byers, F.A.___________Gilmore
Cahill, D.F.__________Gretna
Cain, Milton__________Papillion
Cain, Oscar___________Bellevue
Cain, Richard_________Papillion
Caldwell, Frank_______La Platte
Calhoun, Wm.F.________Springfield
Calvert, J.A._________Papillion
Calvert, J.R._________Papillion
Calvin, James_________Bellevue
Calvin, J.F.__________Gilmore
Carlton, G.E._________Bellevue
Carpenter, C.W._______Gretna
Carpenter, D._________Springfield
Carpenter, R.M._______Papillion
Case, G.W.____________Springfield
Chaffee, C.S.T._______Portal
Chamberlain, N._______Gretna
Chapman, I.P._________Papillion
Chapman, W.D._________Gretna
Chase, Grant__________Papillion
Chase, J.N.___________Papillion
Cherry, T.W.__________Springfield
Chesbrow, N.E.________Gilmore
Childs, Chas._________Bellevue
Christian, P._________Gretna
Clark, A.W. __________Papillion
Clark, G.S.___________Gretna
Clary, Hiram__________La Platte
Clawssen, Wm._________Gretna
Clifton, Chas.________Bellevue
Clifton, Geo.K._______Bellevue
Clifton, Lew__________Springfield
Clinton, John_________Bellevue
Cluxton, S.___________Springfield
Cockerill, J._________Springfield
Cockerill, James______Springfield
Coleman, Thos.________Gretna
Condon, Joe,__________Springfield
Conner, Geo.__________Springfield
Conner, M.____________Gretna
Conner, M.J.__________Gretna
Conner, Thos._________Springfield
Conway, Dan.__________Papillion
Copetko, John_________Papillion
Cordes, Henry_________Papillion
Cornell, W.J._________Papillion
Cornish, I.V._________Papillion
Cox, Ben._____________Gretna
Crippen, Rubin________Bellevue
Crume, Chas.W.________Bellevue
Cunningham, F.________Gretna
Cunningham, M.J.______Sprinfield
Cunningham, Wm._______Gretna
Curley, James_________Gretna
Curtis, Thos._________Bellevue
Dalton, Wm.___________Portal
David, Wm.____________Chalco
Davidson, James_______Gretna
Davidson, W.H.________Gretna
Dean, Henry___________Springfield
Deerkop, Christ.______Springfield
Deirks, Fred__________Chalco
Delaney, Harry________La Platte
Delfs, Thos.__________Chalco
Dennis, A.____________La Platte
Dever, Hugh___________Springfield
Dillon, Jas.__________Gretna
Dixon, F.M.___________Gretna
Dixon, Jos.___________Gretna
Doenges, Conrad_______Chalco
Dollman, F.H.________ Chalco
Dolon, J.I.___________Gretna
Dolon, Martin________ Gretna
Don, Orville__________Springfield
Don, W.W.____________ Gretna
Donohoe, Jno.________ Gretna
Doran, Mike__________ Gretna
Dougherty, Jno.______ Gretna
Doyle, Jas.__________ Gretna
Drees, Henry_________ Gretna
Drees, M.H.__________ Gretna
Driskell, Jos.F._____ Gretna
Driskell, W.S._______ Gretna
Dum, J.C._____________Papillion
Dum, Michael,_________Papillion
Dyson, Thos.__________La Platte
Ebersole, Andrew______Gretna
Eby, Henry S._________Bellevue
Eby, H.M._____________Bellevue
Eby, John S.__________Bellevue
Edmonson, H.__________Springfield
Edwards, A.J._________Springfield
Edwards, Orrin________La Platte
Eggers, John__________Gretna
Eggers, Peter_________Gretna
Ehlers, Claus_________Gretna
Ehlers, Jacob jr______Chalco
Ehlers, Jacob sr______Chalco
Ehlers, Peter H.______Chalco
Eichner, Claus________Chalco
Eichner, Julius_______Gretna
Ekberg, Nels,_________Gretna
Elsass, Philli________Papillion
Ely, Chas. R._________Springfield
Ely, John C.__________Springfield
Ely, Wm. S.___________Springfield
Eperson, Robt_________La Platte
Evans, B.F.___________Springfield
Evers, Chris__________Papillion
Evers, Fred___________Papillion
Evertt, Chas. L.______Bellevue
Fackler, Jacob________Springfield
Fagn, J.A.____________Bellevue
Fase, Andrew__________Papillion
Fase, E.G.____________Papillion
Fase, Henry___________Papillion
Fase, H.J.____________Papillion
Fedde, Henry__________Gretna
Fewson, Geo.__________Bellevue
Figg, Louis___________Gretna
Fine, Conrad__________Papilllion
Fischer, Henning______Papillion
Fish, F.M.____________Papillion
Fisher, C.____________Papillion
Fisher, E.____________Springfield
Fleming, ALbert_______Bellevue
Fogarty, John_________Gretna
Fogarty, Wm.__________Gretna
Fowler, Geo.__________Gretna
Fox, John_____________Gretna
Fox, Joshua___________Gretna
Frank, Wm. ___________Springfield
Frank, Wm. H._________Springfield
Franks, G.____________Bellevue
Frederick, Louis______Papillion
Frickee, A.___________Papillion
Frickee, Franz________Papillion
Frickee, Fred_________Papillion
Frickee, Wm.__________Papillion
Fudge, Albert________ Springfield
Fuller, John__________Springfield
Fuller, Robt._________Springfield
Funck, Henry__________Gretna
Gaerte, Henry_________Portal
Gallagher, John_______Gilmore
Gamble, W.W.__________Springfield
Gately, James_________Gretna
Gates, Amos___________Gilmore
Gates, C.E.___________Gilmore
Gates, J.M.__________ Gilmore
Garneau, Louis________Bellevue
Getts, Edward_________Springfield
Gift, Chas.A._________Springfield
Giles, Joseph_________Papillion
Gillespie, M.J._______Gretna
Gillespie, P.H._______Gretna
Gillespie, Wm.________Gretna
Gift, W.E.____________Springfield
Glasshop, Peter ______Chalco
Glassman, H.C________ Springfield
Glassman, Jno.________Springfield
Gledhill, T.E.________Gilmore
Gloyer, Claus_________Chalco
Goettsche, Jos._______Papillion
Gosch, John___________Springfield
Gottsch, Geo._________Springfield
Gottsch, Hans_________Springfield
Gottsch, Henry________Springfield
Gover, Samuel_________Gilmore
Gow, Edward___________Bellevue
Gow, S.Wm.____________La Platte
Grabow, Henry_________Gretna
Grabow, John__________Gretna
Graff, Enauel_________Gretna
Graham, Adam__________Springfield
Graham, Geo. H._______Springfield
Graham, Thos. N.______Springfield
Gramlick, J.M_________Papilion
Gramlick, Louis_______Papillion
Gramlisch, Alois______Papillion
Gramlisch, S.W._______Papillion
Green, Jno.H._________Springfield
Greenwolt, J.R._______Gretna
Gregg, Calvin_________Bellevue
Gregg, John___________Ashland
Grell, Carl___________Chalco
Grell, Claus__________Chalco
Grell, Henry__________Chalco
Grimm, Henry__________La Platte
Grimm, I._____________Bellevue
Grimm, Wm.____________La Platte
Gromins, Jos._________Papillion
Grove, W.H.___________Papillion
Gundgren, John_______ Bellevue
Hadden, J.T.__________Springfield
Hagan, Jas.A._________Springfield
Hageman, D.H._________Gretna
Hagedorn, Fred________Portal
Hahn, John____________La Platte
Hair, Alford__________Gretna
Hamilton, M.__________Papillion
Hamilton, A.W.________Springfield
Haney, E._____________Gilmore
Haney, Michael________Gilmore
Haney, W._____________Bellevue
Hang, Martin jr.______Papillion
Hang, Martin sr.______Papillion
Hanschild, Chas.______Papillion
Hansen, Peter_________Chalco
Hansen, Thos._________Chalco
Hanson, John__________Gretna
Hanson, MIchael_______Bellevue
Hanson, Rasmus________Bellevue
Hany, M. M.___________Springfield
Harder, Claus_________Chalco
Harder, Hans__________Chalco
Harley, Frank_________Gretna
Harley, J.I.__________Gretna
Harmsen, Jno._________Papillion
Harmsen, Ralph________Papillion
Harris, Harry_________Bellevue
Harris, Jno.__________Bellevue
Hartman, Fred_________Springfield
Harvey, O.B.__________Springfield
Hassett, Geo._________Gretna
Hazen, Nathan________ Gretna
Heacock, Alb.________ Gretna
Geacock, D.M.________ Gretna
Heacock, Jos.________ Gretna
Heacock, S.L.________ Gretna
Heacock, W.U.________ Gretna
Heaston, Jos._________Springfield
Heffley, Geo._________Springfield
Heins, Henry_________ Gretna
Heins, John___________Portal
Heim, Jos.___________ Gretna
Helberg, Henry_______ Gretna
Heller, John__________Springfield
Helley, J.B._________ Gretna
Helmstedt, Geo._______Papillion
Henck, Claus__________Chalco
Henrys, E.W.__________Papillion
Henson, Harry_________La Platte
Hessmeyer, Fred______ Gretna
Hickey, Jno._________ Gretna
Hickey, Jno. jr______ Gretna
Hickey, T.D._________ Gretna
Higgins, Jno.________ Gretna
Hileman, E.L.________ Gretna
Hill, Chas.__________ Gretna
Hinkle, R.V.__________Springfield
Hinkle, H.M.__________Springfield
Hoffman, Fred________ Gretna
Hogeboom, Wm._________La Platte
Holling, Sievert_____ Gretna
Holman, Aaron_________Papillion
Holman, T.B.__________Papillion
Holmes, Anthony______ Gretna
Holt, Jno. T._________Bellevue
Hoover, C.E.__________Bellevue
Hoppe, Aug.___________Springfield
Horn, D.L.___________ Gretna
Horn, Geo.___________ Gretna
Horn, Jas.___________ Gretna
Houts, Amon___________Chalco
Howell, Robt._________Springfield
Hoyt, Ed.T.___________Springfield
Hoyt, S.M_____________Papillion
Hrabik, Vincent_______Gilmore
Huff, Hans____________Gretna
Hughes, Dominick_____ Gretna
Hughes, John_________ Gretna
Hughes, J.W._________ Gretna
Hullett, Geo._________Springfield
Humphrey, C.F._______ Gretna
Hurst, W.N.__________ Gretna
Ireland, D.L._________Papillion
Ireland, W.T._________Papillion
Iske, Fred____________La Platte
Iske, Louis___________La Platte
Iske, Wm._____________La Platte
Jackson, Andrew_______Chalco
James, Ed_____________La Platte
Janesopsky, Jos._____ Gretna
Jarman, F.P.__________Springfield
Jarman, J.F.__________Springfield
Jensen, P.E.__________Springfield
Jensen, S.E.__________Springfield
Jensen, Peter_________Springfield
Jeter, H.H.__________ Gretna
Jewell, A.C.__________Bellevue
Jewett, John__________Papillion
Johnson, Bartus_______Springfield
Johnson, Chas.________Chalco
Johnson, Chas. ______ Gretna
Johnson, James________Springfield
Johnson, John_________Springfield
Johnson, John_________Chalco
Johnson, J.S._________Springfield
Johnson, Nels_________Chalco
Johnson, Peter_______ Gretna
Johnson, Wm. ________ Gretna
Jones, J.W.___________Papillion
Jones, R.H.___________Papillion
Jones, Zibe__________ Gretna
Jordan, R.D._________ Gretna
Jordan, Daniel_______ Gretna
Jungjohann, Claus____ Gretna
Keelber, D.W._________Portal
Keeper, Paul__________La Platte
Kehling, John_________Springfield
Kemball, L.___________La Platte
Kemper, Barney_______ Gretna
Kenion, Edward________Papillion
Kenzin, M.D.__________La Platte
Key, C.W._____________Papillion
Keys, C.E.____________Springfield
Keys, Edward__________Springfield
Keys, R.M.____________Chalco
Kimball, C.L._________La Platte
Kincaid, John_________Springfield
Kirfman, Geo.W._______Papillion
Klein, Henry_________ Gretna
Kline, Aug.___________Papillion
Knapp, E.L.___________La Platte
Knapp, Geo.___________Papillion
Knight, Wm.__________ Gretna
Knoll, Ernst_________ Gretna
Koch, Matt____________Papillion
Kock, Theo.__________ Gretna
Koehler, Wm.__________Portal
Kohn, Ferdnand_______ Gretna
Kopping, Fred_________Papillion
Koresky, John_________Papillion
Kramback, Chas._______Chalco
Kramback, David_______Chalco
Kramback, Heirs_______Chalco
Kremke, Herman________Gretna
Kyler, Joseph_________Gretna
Laborde, David________Gretna
Laborde, Jas._________Gretna
Laborde, John W.______Gretna
Laborde, Phillip______Gretna
Laborde, Wm. B._______Gretna
Laing, C.S.__________ Springfield
Langdon, J.H._________Gretna
Langdon, M.W._________Gretna
Langdon, P.J._________Gretna
Langdon, Thos.________Gretna
Lannam, D.E.__________Springfield
Lanning, Edward_______Gretna
Larkin, Michael_______Gretna
Latham, B.F. _________Papillion
Latham, Cyrus_________Papillion
Lavin, James__________Chalco
Leaders, Chas.________Springfield
Leaders, Gus__________Papillion
Leber, Phillip C._____Papillion
Lefler, Wm.___________Springfield
Leimeman. H.__________Papillion
Lembeke, Hans_________Bellevue
Len, Geo._____________Springfield
Lewis, C_____________ Gretna
Lewis, T.____________ Gretna
Linerman, Abel________La Platte
Linring, J.E._________Springfield
Lisler, Wm.___________Bellevue
Long, A.M.____________Springfield
Long, J.L.____________Bellevue
Loptin, Adolph________Springfield
Loptin, Gus___________Springfield
Lowell, John_________ Gretna
Lowengen, H.__________Springfield
Lund, Martin__________Springfield
Lutz, J.J.____________Papillion
Lynfoldt, John G. ____La Platte
Lyons, M.J.__________ Gretna
McBride, J.J. ________Springfield
McBride, John_________Springfield
McCamby, Jas._________Springfield
McCandless, S.P. _____Springfield
McCarty, David________Bellevue
McCarty, D.G._________Bellevue
McCarty, Ed___________Bellevue
McCarty, Enoch________Bellevue
McCarty, Jas. T.______Bellevue
McCarty, Jesse________Bellevue
McCarty, J.F._________Portal
McCarty, J.H._________Bellevue
McCarty John R._______Chalco
McCarty, R.M._________Gilmore
McCarty, Robt.________Bellevue
McCarty, Tom__________La Platte
McCarty, Wm. _________Springfield
McCarty, Wm.__________Bellevue
McCormick, P.D._______Gretna
McDaniel, Jacob_______La Platte
McDaniel, Unison______La Platte
McDonald, Mary________Springfield
McDuffie, B.F.________Springfield
McEvoy, J.T.__________Gretna
McGavock, Alex._______Papillion
McKenna, A P._________Gretna
McKenna, J.___________Gretna
McLaughlin, Wm._______Bellevue
McLean, Jas. A._______Springfield
McLean, Wm.___________Springfield
McLelland, Ed.________Gretna
McMahan, Lorenzo______Gretna
McMahan, Pat._________Gretna
MacEntee, J.__________Gretna
McGinn, John__________Bellevue
Majors, S.P.__________Gretna
Majors, W.L.__________Gretna
Malman, Frank_________Gretna
Malott, Jas.________ _Papillion
Mann, Joseph__________Papillion
Marcoe, Chas._________Bellevue
Marcoe, Favires_______Bellevue
Marcoe, P.M.__________Bellevue
Martens, John_________Bellevue
Martin, C.W.__________Bellevue
Martin, E.L.__________Bellevue
Martin, J.M.__________Bellevue
Martin, M.S.__________Bellevue
Martin, Wm. F.________Bellevue
Martinson, Andrew_____Gretna
Marynee, J.T._________Sprngfield
Masters, A.___________Gretna
Masters, Samuel_______Gretna
Matson, Henry_________Gretna
Mauss, Jacob__________Portal
Maxfield, Wm. C.______Papillion
Maxwell, Frank________Gretna
Mayhew, A.N.__________La Platte
Meadows, J.H._________Portal
Megger, John__________Papillion
Melio, Jas.E._________Gretna
Melio, Martin_________Gretna
Mercer, J.L.__________Gretna
Merrifield, Milton____Papillion
Merriman, Harry_______Gretna
Meyer, Fred___________Gretna
Meyer, Henry__________Gretna
Meyer, Otto___________La Platte
Meyer, Randolph_______Gretna
Meyers, Frank_________Springfield
Meyers, Uncas_________La Platte
Mhler, Frank__________Springfield
Milk, Henry___________Gretna
Milks, Alvin__________Papillion
Miller, Alonzo________La Platte
Miller, Anthony_______Gretna
Miller, B.F.__________Springfield
Miller, Chas._________Gretna
Miller, Frank_________La Platte
Miller, J.H.__________Papillion
Miller, John__________Gretna
Miller, Oliver________La Platte
Milligan, Pat_________Bellevue
Millon, N.____________Gretna
Minturn, D.F._________Papillion
Minturn, M.T._________Papillion
Mitchell, J.R.________Springfield
Mitchell, T.J.________Papillion
Mohr, Adolph__________Gretna
Mohr, Henry___________Gretna
Moller, Chas._________Bellevue
Moller, Otto__________Papillion
Monahan, B.___________Springfield
Montgomery, J.________Bellevue
Mooding, Gustave______Chalco
Mooding, Henry________Gretna
Moore, Chas.W.________Papillion
Moore, Jefferson______La Platte
Moore, Samuel_________Papillion
Morrison, A.R.________Springfield
Morrison, James_______Springfield
Morrison, W.J.________Springfield
Morrison, Wm._________Gretna
Morsman, C.W._________Springfield
Morth, Franz__________Papillion
Mowinkle, Albert______Gretna
Mowinkle, Henry_______Papillion
Moyer, Wm.____________Bellevue
Mullin, John S._______Bellevue
Mundschenk, Peter_____Portal
Mundt, Henry__________Springfield
Murphey, Jas._________Gretna
Murphey, Jas. Jr._____Gretna
Murphey, Wm.__________Gretna
Nelson, Jno.__________Gretna
Nelson, L.J.__________Springfield
Newman, Carl__________Papillion
Newman, Gus.__________Gretna
Nicholson, E.B._______Springfield
Nicholson, J.H._______Springfield
Nicholson, J.R._______Springfield
Noe, M.H._____________Springfield
Noryard, Peter________Portal
Obrien, M.E.__________Springfield
Obrien, W.J.__________Springfield
Ohern, Michael________Portal
Oldenburg, Henry______Chalco
Olderog, Henry________Springfield
Oldigs, John__________Chalco
Oleary, John__________La Platte
Oleson, James_________Gretna
Otte, Clarence________Gretna
Otto, Claus___________Chalco
Otto, Geo.____________Chalco
Otto, Marcus__________Chalco
Overton, L.C._________Springfield
Overton, W.B._________Springfield
Oxley, W.E.___________Springfield
Paasch, Chas._________Gretna
Pahner, Jacob_________Gretna
Pahner, Wm.___________Gretna
Palsen, Fred._________Chalco
Paustian, Hans________Portal
Payne, J.I.___________Papillion
Perley. O.W.__________Bellevue
Perry, Thos.B.________Gretna
Peters, Hans__________Gretna
Peters, J.M.__________Bellevue
Peters, John H._______Chalco
Peters, Wm. H.________Springfield
Peterson, Adolph______Papillion
Peterson, Andrus______Gretna
Peterson, Bent________Gretna
Peterson, Chas________Gretna
Peterson, Chris_______Springfield
Peterson, Christ. A.__Gretna
Peterson, Ernst_______Papillion
Peterson, F___________Papillion
Peterson, Louis_______Gretna
Peterson, Mat.________Gretna
Petty, John___________Springfield
Pflug, Fred.__________Springfield
Pflug, Jacob__________Papillion
Pflug, J.J.___________Papillion
Pflug, J.W.___________Papillion
Phelps, C.H.__________Springfield
Phillips, Wm._________Springfield
Pike, James___________Springfield
Pike, S.M.____________Papillion
Platt, H.R.___________Papillion
Polan, Aug.___________Papillion
Polk, H.A.____________Springfield
Polosh, Joseph________Bellevue
Pomeroy, A____________Bellevue
Pomeroy, Vernon_______Bellevue
Porlier, H.T._________Springfield
Potler, J.H.__________Gretna
Potter, Lucian________Gretna
Potter, Clark_________Gretna
Potter, Herbt.________Gretna
Potzer, Chas._________Gretna
Powers, Thos._________Gretna
Pressel, Frank________Chalco
Preston, J.B._________Springfield
Preston, J.H._________Springfield
Pries, Chris__________Springfield
Prihoco, Frank________Papillion
Printz, August________Chalco
Prior, L._____________Papillion
Proctor, P.H._________Springfield
Quinley, John D.______Springfield
Rabe, W.F.____________Chalco
Raker, W.S.___________Gretna
Ran, David____________Gretna
Reed, A.C.____________Papillion
Reed, Alva____________La Platte
Reed, James___________La Platte
Reed, L.E.____________Papillion
Reeves, Campton_______Gretna
Reeves, Jesse_________Gretna
Reifschneider, M._____Gretna
Reimers, Geo. M.______Papillion
Remer, A.M.___________Gilmore
Replogle, R.S.________Gretna
Rex. Jurgen___________Chalco
Reynolds, Nelson______Papillion
Rhamey, A.L.__________Papillion
Rice, L.H.____________Papillion
Richards, Gus.________Gretna
Richardson, W.H.______Bellevue
Richie, John__________Papillion
Ringo, Geo.W._________Springfield
Ringo, J.C.___________Springfield
Rinker, Henry_________Papillion
Rishel, A.J.__________Springfield
Rishel, John__________Springfield
Rishel, M.Y.__________Gretna
Rishel, Phillip_______Springfield
Rishel, Wm. B.________Gretna
Rishel, Wm. R.________Gretna
Rishling, C.H.________Springfield
Rishling, Fred._______Springfield
Rishling, N.L.________Springfield
Robb, John____________Springfield
Robb, Mary____________Springfield
Roberts Nathan________Papillion
Roberts, Thos. D._____Gretna
Robertson, R._________La Platte
Robinson, Fred________Gretna
Rogers, D.W.__________Papillion
Rohn, Henry___________La Platte
Rohrer, Jacob_________Gretna
Rohrer, John A._______Gretna
Rolfs H.J.____________Gretna
Roll, Geo.____________Gretna
Rosenstihl, J.________Springfield
Rosenstihl, J.M.______Springfield
Rossnecht, Gus._______Gretna
Rouse, Geo.___________Bellevue
Rover, John___________Gretna
Runge, John___________Gretna
Ruser, Henry__________La Platte
Ruser, John___________La Platte
Rush, Frans___________Papillion
Ryberg, Johann________Gretna
Sack, C.W.____________Springfield
Sack, W.S.____________Springfield
Sack, Wm. C.__________Springfield
Sage, Byron___________Springfield
Sage, H.H.____________Springfield
Saliday, S.___________Gretna
Saling, R.____________Gilmore
Saling, Willis B._____Springfield
Sanborn, Clifford_____Gretna
Sanborn, E.E._________Gretna
Sanborn, Perley_______Gretna
Sanborn, Webster______Gretna
Sanderson, J.F________Bellevue
Sandy, Grant__________Springfield
Sandy, J.H.___________Springfield
Sandy, Paul___________Gretna
Sash, John____________Bellevue
Sass, Claus___________Springfield
Sass, George__________Chalco
Saterfield, Geo. D.___Springfield
Satterfield, W.T._____Springfield
Saunders, A.L.________Gretna
Sautter, John_________Papillion
Sautter, John jr._____Papillion
Savage, Frank_________Gretna
Schaab, John__________Papillion
Scharl, Chas._________Springfield
Schadendorf, H._______Papillion
Schansky, Aug.________Chalco
Schatz, Fritz_________Chalco
Scheef, C.W.__________Gretna
Scheef, Jno.__________Gretna
Schelkan, H.__________Bellevue
Schmidt, Carl_________Papillion
Schmidt, Claus________Papillion
Schmidt, Jno._________Chalco
Schmidt, W.F._________Papillion
Schnack, Marcus_______Gretna
Schneckoth, E.________La Platte
Schneckoth, P.________La Platte
Schneider, Julius_____Gretna
Schnorr, Otto_________Chalco
Schobert, Chas._______Papillion
Schobert, C.W.________Papillion
Schobert, J. Jr.______Papillion
Schram, Chas._________Gretna
Schram, Geo.__________Papillion
Schram, H.____________Chalco
Schram, Henry_______ _Papillion
Schram, Robert________Papillion
Schram, V. Jr.________Papillion
Schroeder, Aug._______Papillion
Schroeder, Chas.______Gretna
Schroeder, Jul._______Springfield
Schroeder, Wm.________Springfield
Schull, Henry_________Gretna
Schumann, Fred________Gretna
Schumann, H.__________La Platte
Schussel, Hans________Chalco
Schwenk, David________Papillion
Schwenk, Jno._________Gilmore
Scott, Wm.____________Gretna
Seefus, C.F.__________Papillion
Seefus, J.G.__________Papillion
Schestidt, Wm.________Papillion
Schram, John__________Papillion
Siebold, Chas.________Springfield
Siebold, John_________Papillion
Siebold, Phillip______Papillion
Seikkotter, Wm._______Portal
Seinbroun, C.A._______Papillion
Selby, H.E.___________Gretna
Scliatz, H.P._________Papillion
Seligman, R.__________Springfield
Selk, Claus___________Papillion
Seluver, Geo._________Portal
Severn, August________Gretna
Severs, Claus_________Gretna
Severs, Mart._________Gretna
Sexton, James_________Gretna
Shaffer, Sam E._______Gretna
Sharpe, Wm.___________Gretna
Shechain, John________Bellevue
Sherley, Silas________La Platte
Shields, C. Mrs.______Gretna
Shwitzer, Henry_______Chalco
Sigi, Michael_________Papillion
Simonton, A.__________Papillion
Simonton, F.M.________Papillion
Sinnard, David________Springfield
Sinnard, H.L._________Springfield
Sipherd, J.M._________Papillion
Skelton, Jeremiah_____La Platte
Skups, Tom____________Bellevue
Slavik, Frank_________Gilmore
Sloan, Joseph_________Gretna
Smith B.F.____________Gretna
Smith, Chas. E._______Bellevue
Smith, David__________Gretna
Smith, Ernest_________Springfield
Smith, H.C.___________Papillion
Smith, Jay. J.________Bellevue
Smith, J.C.___________Papilion
Smith, John D.________Springfield
Smith, J.W.___________Gretna
Smith, Oliver_________Chalco
Smith, W.H.___________Bellevue
Snell, J.D.___________Gretna
Snide, A.S.___________Springfield
Snide, David__________Springfield
Snide, F.J.___________Papillion
Snide, Geo.___________Gretna
Snodgrass, F.M._______Springfield
Snodgrass, John_______Springfield
Snodgrass, W.S._______Springfield
Snyder, T.T.__________Springfield
Sohl, John____________Gretna
Sonnell, Frank________Bellevue
Spearman, A.L.________Springfield
Spearman, A.L.________Papillion
Spearman, Jas.D.______Springfield
Speck, Chris__________Springfield
Speedle, Wm.__________Springfield
Spethman, A.J.________Gretna
Spethman, H.P.________Springfield
Spethman, J.G.________Gretna Spingler, John________Bellevue
Sprague, Peter________Portal
Sprint, Peter_________Portal
Stark, Henry__________Gretna
Startzer, Jacob_______Springfield
Startzer, Samuel______Springfield
Startzer, V.J.________Springfield
Stauffer, B.__________Bellevue
Steeter,Wm. A.________Bellevue
Steevens, Martin______La Platte
Steevens, Wm._________La Platte
Stender, Henry _______Springfield
Stender, Jno._________Springfield
Stetzner, Chas._______Chalco
Stipe, Wm.W.__________Bellevue
Street. G.B.__________Gilmore
Sturhm, Christ._______La Platte
Sturm, Carsten________Chalco
Suhl, Nicholas________Chalco
Sullivan, M._________ Springfield
Sullivan, Alex _______Gretna
Sullivan, Daniel______Bellevue
Sullivan, Michael_____Gretna
Sutter, Jacob_________Papillion
Sutter, Jacob Jr._____Papillion
Sutter, Wm.___________Papillion
Swan, C.P.____________Papillion
Sweenie, Jno. H.______Springfield
Tallon, John__________Gretna
Taylor, F.C.__________Papillion
Templeton, Chas.______Springfield
Templeton, Ed.________Springfield
Tex, Jacob____________Papillion
Tex, John_____________Papillion
Thiering, Fred________Papillion
Thiessen, David_______Gretna
Thomas, A.J.__________Gretna
Thomas, Geo.__________Gretna
Thomas, John__________Gretna
Thompson, John________Papillion
Thompson, Thos._______Springfield
Thompson, W.H.________Papillion
Tolman, J.R.__________Gretna
Traphegan, J.E._______Springfield
Trephegan, Jos._______Springfield
Treckel, C.H._________Gretna
Trihy, James__________Gretna
Trihy, Michael________Gretna
Trumble, A.M._________Chalco
Trumble, A.W._________Gilmore
Trumble, Fred_________Papillion
Trumble, Jesse E._____Chalco
Trumble, Wm. C._______Chalco
Tschadonitsch, M._____Springfield
Tschadonjtsch, T._____Springfield
Tulet, Wm.____________Gilmore
Tunison, Barney_______Gilmore
Tuttle, James_________Gilmore
Uhe, Wm.______________Papillion
Umatum, Stephen_______Bellevue
Underwood, R._________Papillion
Upjohn Erastus________La Platte
Van Arden, James______Bellevue
Vangorder, Aug._______Gretna
Vincent, Thomas J.____Gretna
Virden, Marion W._____Bellevue
Voss, Adolph__________Portal
Voss, Fritz___________Portal
Voss, John____________Chalco
Wamwright, J.A._______Gretna
Ward, J.M.____________Gretna
Ward, Johanna_________Gretna
Waters, Faris_________Gretna
Waters Othello________Gretna
Weber, John___________Papillion
Wedekind, Henry_______Portal
Weekly, Joseph________La Platte
Weilenschilling, J.___Bellevue
Weiss, Hans___________Gretna
Weiss, Otto A.________Portal
Welch, Geo.___________Gretna
Welch, J.E.___________Gretna
Welch, John___________Gretna
Welch, M.J.___________Gretna
Welch, Peter__________Gretna
Welch, Peter Jr.______Gretna
Welch, P.J.___________Gretna
Welch, Thos. J._______Gretna
Wellke, Ferdinand_____Gretna
Wendt, Aug.___________Papillion
West, Jos.____________La Platte
West, W.M.____________Springfield
Wester, Geo.__________Papillion
Whirley, Jacob________La Platte
Whitaker, M.__________Papillion
White, Geo.W._________Chalco
White, John___________Chalco
White, John M.________Springfield
Whitney, Roy__________Papillion
Whittington, M._______La Platte
Wilber, M.R.__________Gretna
Wilcox. Thos._________Springfield
Williams, Wm._________Springfield
Wilson, Chas._________Springfield
Wilson, Geo.R.________Springfield
Wilson, J.R.__________Gretna
Wilson, Thos. ________Springfield
Witmuss, Wm. Jr.______Gretna
Witmuss, Wm. Sr.______Gretna
Witturus, Chas._______Portal
Witturus, Fred________Portal
Wood, M.F.____________La Platte
Woods, J.R.___________Gretna
Wooherton, Wm.________Gretna
Wooley, Elmer C.______Gretna
Wooley, Wm. J.________Gretna
Woolover, Frank_______Gretna
Woolsey, Quince_______Gretna
Wulf, Mick.___________Papillion
Yaeger, Edward________Bellevue
Young, D.A.___________Bellevue
Young, Geo.___________Gretna
Young, Geo. W.________Springfield
Youngs, F.M.__________Springfield
Zebe, Phillip_________Papillion
Zeoriam, Sol._________Springfield
Zimmerman, Chris._____Gretna
Zimmerman, Geo._______Chalco
Zimmerman, Jno._______Papillion
Zimmerman, L._________Portal
Zucher, Gideon________Gretna
Zucher, Henry_________Gilmore
Zucher J.J.___________Gilmore
Zwieble, Frank________Papillion
Zwieble, G.W._________Papillion
Zwieble, J.L._________Papillion
Zwieble, Michael______Papillion
Zwieble, P.H._________Papillion
Zwieble, Phillip______Papillion

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