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The Fontenelle Cemetery is located in what is now Fontenelle Forest. There are two burials in the cemetery and one marker; it is for Logan Fontenelle but his father Lucien is not mentioned.

The following is from "Lucien Fontenelle", an essay from La Belle Vue: "Lucien Fontenelle was born October 9, 1800. Father J.P. DeSmet wrote in 1870 'I attended him in his last moments either in 1838 or 1839.'[The generally accepted date is the latter.] "Location of Fontenelle's burial plot is reportedly on the bluffs of the Missouri River overlooking the railroad tracks near what was once his home. Buried next to his father is Logan Fontenelle, Chief of the Omaha Indians." Logan Fontenelle, Indian name Shon-gas-ka, was the son of Lucien Fontenell adn Meumbane, daughter of Big Elk (buried in Section 36 of Bellevue Cemetery). He was born in 1825 and killed in June of 1855 while on a hunting expedition and his remains were brought back to Bellevue. There has been controversy for years about whether or not father and son, Lucien and Logan Fontenelle, were buried together. The Sarpy County Museum has a letter written by Henry Fontenelle, Lucien's son (and Logan's brother), stating that Logan was laid to rest beside his father. I believe the son and brother's statement should be considered reliable.

Some years ago the Daughters of the American Revolution erected a monument to Logan Fontenelle and according to Charles Charvat in an essay in La Belle Vue, "the stones composing this monument, it may be noted, came from the foundation of his house, which stood a short distance away." This monument states that Logan Fontenelle is buried near the spot where the monument stands.

Gary Iske, Sarpy County Genealogical Society, 1995.

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