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Red Willow County Soldiers




Adams, Robert


Adkins, William N.

Co. E 10 Ind. Inf.

Akers, William F.

Co. I 19 Ohio Vol.

Allen, Robert T.

Co. F 136 Ohio Vol.

Allen, William H.

Co. B 39 Iowa Inf.

Andrew, Nelson

Co. M 8 NY H.A.

Andrews, John Walker

Co. D 4 Iowa Cav.

Angle, Harvey P.

Co. A 20 Iowa Inf.

Armstrong, Philnisio

Co. F 18 NY Inf.

Ashmore, H. Marion

Co. H 123 Ill. Inf.

Ashton, Barnett E.

Co. K 120 Ind. Vol.

Austin, Eugene B.

Co. 4 4 Ill. Cav.

Austin, Francis M.

Co. I 12 Iowa Inf.

Babbitt, Darwin H.

Co. K 5 Mich. Cav.

Babcock, Henry A.

Co. H 42 Wisc. Inf.

Bacon, Marvin N.

Co. N 5 Wisc. Inf.

Bales, Thomas H.

Co. E 57 Ind. Inf.

Barker, Alvin P.

Co. B 13 Mo. Inf.

Barnes, Daniel B.

Co. C 188 Ohio Inf.

Barnes, Warren

Co. K 21 Ohio Inf.

Barrett, Charles H.

Co. G 4 Mich. Inf.

Bartholomew, Arthur C.

Co. G 44 Ill. Inf.

Bartley, Allen

Co. F 5 Ill. Cav.

Bates, S.G.

Co. E 18 Wisc. Inf.

Battershall, Moses

Co. K 153 Ill. Inf.

Baxler, Henry

Co. G 22 Conn. Inf.

Beck, Charles W.

Co. L 10 Ill. Cav.

Beck, Gilbert K.

Co. H. 12 Ill. Inf.

Bedr, James W.

Co. A 15 Ohio L.A.

Beeman, Alonzo

Co. D 3 Iowa Cav.

Bell, Alfred H.

Co. A 46 Ind. Inf.

Benjamin, William H.

Co. I 107 NY Inf.

Bennett, Thomas

1st Bat. Cal. Inf.

Berry, Charles

Co. A 103 Ill. Inf.

Berry, Henry H.

Co. E 145 Ill. Inf.

Betz, John

Co. D 106 Ill. Inf.

Betzer, John


Billings, John


Billings, Simeon

Co. D 105 Ill. Inf.

Blackson, James C.

Co. C 11 Ill. Cav.

Blake, Cyrus

Co. B 23 Wisc. Inf.

Bodwell, Alvin P.

Co. B 116 Ohio Inf.

Bond, Robert

Co. E 12 Wisc. Inf.

Bowen, Ike


Boyd, Charles

Co. C 59 Ill. Inf.

Boyer, Jacob F.

Co. C 8 Iowa Inf.

Brazee, William M.

Co. K 148 Ill. Inf.

Bridgeford, Washington

Co. C 39 Ind. Vol.

Brisbin, William H.

Co. M 2 Iowa Cav.

Brown, Edgar G.

Co. A 2 NY Cav.

Brown, George R.

Co. K 74 Ohio Inf.

Brown, J.M.


Brown, Marion B.

Co. H 7 Mo. Cav.

Brown, Thomas E.

Co. K 74 Ohio Inf.

Bryan, David M.

Co. C 12 Pa Inf.

Burgess, Harvey J.

Co. D 9 Minn. Inf.

Burns, George

Co. E 13 O.S. Inf.

Burns, William P.

Co. C 3 Ill. Inf.

Burt, Frances M.

1 Ill. Cav.

Burt, George W.

Co. H 44 Iowa Inf.

Bush, David H.

Co. H 2 Mo. Cav.

Calkins, A.A.


Calkins, John


Campbell, Alexander W.


Campbell, John Milton

Co. K 23 Wisc. Vol.

Campbell, Mac Farland


Canaga, Elias

Co. D 55 Ohio Inf.

Carothers, George W.


Carr, James H.

Co. G 77 NY Inf.

Cartwright, George T.

Co. A 1 Vt. Inf.

Castor, John W.


Catt, Thomas H.

Co. F 12 Ind. Cav.

Caulkins, Alvin A.

Co. A 7 Minn. Inf.

Cheney, Thomas R.

Co. C 12 O.S. Inf.

Clark, Carlton

Co. A 83 Ill. Inf.

Clark, Kendrick

Co. F 17 Ill. Inf.

Clark, Thomas

Co. F 123 Ohio Inf.

Clements, Dan A.

Co. K 9 Kan. Cav.

Closson, Aaron E.

Co. D 42 Ind. Inf.

Cohner, John

Co. B 33 Wisc. Inf.

Colling, William

Co. A 52 Ill. Inf.

Conbalin, Elizah

Co. C 33 Ohio Inf.

Conner, John

Co. G 33 Wisc. Inf.

Conrad, Elias H.

Co. D 86 Ill. Inf.

Conrad, Kerst

Co. G Iowa Inf.

Cooley, Hyrun E.

Co. D 67 Ill. Inf.

Cooley, Robert S.

Co. H Ohio H.A.

Cooper, William

12 Wisc. L.A.

Coppers, Adam B.

Co. E 21 Mo. Inf.

Cowles, Cyrus

Co. G 15 NY Eng.

Crabtree, Henry

Co. B 23 Iowa inf.

Cramer, Charles

Co. D 36 Wisc. Inf.

Cratty, William N.

Co. E 1 Iowa Cav.

Creager, Peter

Co. I 20 Ill. Inf.

Creswell, R.H.

99 Ill. Inf.

Criton, Lewis W.

Co. B 150 Ind. Inf.

Crocker, Charles H.

Co. A 183 Ind. Inf.

Crockford, William

Co. D 26 Mich. Inf.

Crosby, Alonzo E.

Co. K 23 Iowa Inf.

Cumming, James B.

Co. S 9 Pa Cav.

Curfman, George W.

Co. F 3 Iowa Cav.

Curtis, Orlando A.


Da Harsh, Edward P.

Co. E 196 Ohio Vol.

Delong, Oliver P.

Co. E 11 Ill. Inf.

Devoe, Benjamin R.

Co. H 113 Ill. Inf.

Dillon, George W.

Co. K 25 Iowa Inf.

Dodge, Sidney

Co. F 18 Mich. Inf.

Dole, Albert G.

Co. I 1 Ohio Inf.

Dolan, James W.

Co. C 18 Iowa Inf.

Doll, George

Co. D 55 Ohio Inf.

Doran, Thomas


Dutcher, Aaron

Co. A 150 NY Vol.

Earle, Elmer R.


Eaton, James E.

Co. M 1 Mass. H.A.

Ellis, Samuel

C. B 13 Pa. Cav.

Elmer, William P.

Co. B 36 Wisc. Inf.

Engel, Jonas

Co. C 1 NC Inf.

Enoch, David

13 Ohio Art.

Eskersen, John

Co. A 154 Ind. Inf.

Evans, Jacob H.

Co. C 58 Ind. Inf.

Evans, John


Evans, William J.

Co. H 118 Ill. Inf.

Everest, James H.

Co. D Mo. Inf.

Farnsworth, Edwin E.


Farnsworth, James B.


Feas, Joseph B.

Co. H 1 Iowa Cav.

Finamore, Andrew J.

Co. E 11 Ill. Inf.

Finnegan, Michael H.

U.S. Cav.

Fitch, William S.

Co. G 89 Ill. Inf.

Flowers, A.S.

Co. H 74 Ind. Inf.

Foote, Isaac O.

Co. K 15 Conn. Inf.

Ford, John M.

Co. A 128 Iowa Inf.

Fowler, George

Co. C 24 Iowa Inf.

Fowler, Isade N.

24 Ind. Inf.

Fowler, Joseph N.

Co. I 42 Ind. Inf.

Fox, G.E.


Foye, Isaiah C.

Co. H 47 Pa Inf.

Francis, Page T.

Co. B 16 U.S. V.R.C.

Franklin, Vocanses J.

Co. B 119 Pa. Inf.

Frost, Oregon

U.S. Navy

Fulk, William R.

Co. A 54 Ill. Vol.

Furman, Granville S.

Co. K 143 Pa Vol.

Gabe, Henry

Co. A 55 Inf.

Gale, Henry

8 Ohio Vol.

Gammill, James M.

Co. M 3 Iowa Cav.

Gartin, Anderson

Co. D 39 Iowa Inf.

Gatt, Thomas H.

Co. F 10 Ind. Cav.

Geevents, D.A.


Gerver, John D.

Co. I 98 Ill. Inf.

Goddard, Andrew

Co. H 2 Tenn. Cav.

Godrey, Andrew J.

Co. B 17 Ind. Inf.

Gordon, Ramson S.

Co. C 12 U.S. Inf.

Gordon, Smith

Co. C 12 U.S. Inf.

Goreley, Robert

Co. C 36 Ind. Vol.

Gossard, Willis

Co. A 23 Iowa Cav.

Graham, Fleming M.

Co. I 119 Ill. Inf.

Graham, Samuel S.

Co. A 40 Iowa Inf.

Gray, Sabin M.

Co. F 1 NY Vol.

Griffin, Aaron Winfield


Groves, Peter

Co.C 40 Iowa Inf.

Hall, William

Co. H 65 NY Inf.

Hamilton, James G.

Co. E RI L.A.

Hamilton, William S.

Co. C 21 Mo. Inf.

Hamilton, William T.

Co. G 1 Mo. Cav.

Hammond, Abraham

1 E. Tenn. Cav.

Hanger, Jacob S.

Co. F Ohio H.A.

Harlan, A.C.


Harrison, Charles

Co. F 124 Ill. Vol.

Hathorn, John E.

Co. M 1 Maine H.A.

Hay, G.B.

Co. I 4 Mo. Cav.

Heber, John F.

Co. C 2 Ill. Inf.

Hegeman, Timothy C.

Co. A 40 NY Inf.

Helm, John F.

Co. C 13 U.S. Cav.

Helt, Henry

Co. A 120 Ind. Inf.

Henber, Franklin

U.S. Ship Brilliant

Henderson, John M.

Co. D 127 Ill. Inf.

Hetherington, James

Co. B 2 Ohio H.A.

High, Robert P.

Co. H 213 Pa Inf.

Hill, Edgar S.

Co. G 4 Calif. Inf.

Hindman, William M.

Co. E 29 Iowa Inf.

Holister, Justine

Co. A 12 Ill. H.A.

Holmes, Joseph S.

Co. G 56 NY Inf.

Horton, Hampton

Co. I 120 Ind. Inf.

Horton, Jefferson J.

Co. G 40 Wisc. Inf.

Horton, Thomas

Co. B 95 Ill. Inf.

Hose, Carl. E.

Co. F 8 Iowa Inf.

Hotze, Charles A.

54 KY Mtd. Inf.

Hovey, Loranzo D.

Co. F 16 Ill. Inf.

Howard, Lewis M.


Howell, George

Co. C 39 Ohio Inf.

Hoyt, James L.

2 NY H.A.

Huber, Franklin


Hudlesten, Samuel W.

Co. F 2 Ill. Cav.

Hume, Robert W.

Co. I Ill. Cav.

Hunt, George

Co. H 22 Iowa Inf.

Huston, James H.

Co. F 115 Ohio Inf.

Hutchins, James M.

Co. E 40 Wisc. Inf.

Ingley, Eliphalette

Co. I 1 Iowa Inf.

Irwin, William M.

Co. A 197 Ohio Inf.

Jacobs, Elias

Co. A 31 Iowa Inf.

James, Ahara

Co. G 13 NH Inf.

Jamison, James A.

Capt. Stroad's Co. C.S.A.

Jeffrey, Jeremiah


Johnson, Albert E.

Co. D 1 Wisc. Cav.

Johnson, William X.

Co. H 79 Ill. Inf.

Jones, Ahira T.

Co. G 13 NH Inf.

Jones, David

Co. D 29 Ohio Inf.

Jones, George W.

Co. A 29 Ohio Inf.

Jones, Peter

Co. A 3 U.S. Cav.

Kamonse, James A.

Co. A 4 Mich. Inf.

Keithley, David

Co. A 64 Ill. Inf.

Kendall, William K.

154 NY Vol.

Kennedy, W.B.

Co. E 63 Inf.

Kennedy, W.D.

Co. E 83 O. Inf.

Kennedy, William P.

Co. C 39 Ill. Inf.

Kerst, Conrad

Co. G 16 Iowa Vol.

Kessler, Mathias

Co. B 104 Ill. Inf.

Kiety, James K.

Co. K 81 Pa Inf.

Kilerndall, John S.

Co. D 114 Ill. Inf.

Kilgore, Jessie B.

Co. K 112 Ill. Inf.

Kincaid, Andrew

Co. A 66 Ind. Inf.

Kincaid, John

Co. H 24 Iowa Inf.

King, Arthur T.

Co. F 50 U.S. Inf.

King, Edward M.


Kinghorn, James

Co. L 2 Ill. Cav.

Kinghorn, Thomas

Co. A 6 Ohio Cav.

Kingsbury, John E.

Co. B 1 Ill. L.T.

Kinkead, John

Co. H 24 Iowa inf.

Kinnick, Richard R.

Co. K 7 Iowa Inf.

Knight, Charles W.

Co. F 12 NH Inf.

Korb, Jacob

Co. A 86 NY Inf.

Korns, Lewis B.

Co. E 7 Iowa Cav.

Korns, William M.


Kort, James M.

Co. G 39 Iowa Inf.

Kunedemar, Martin L.

Co. A 1 Ind. Inf.

Lamb, John B.

Co. E 47 Iowa Inf.

Lang, Jacob

Co. I 74 Ind. Inf.

Lathrop, William C.

Co. G 55 Ill. Inf.

Letter, Joseph S.

Co. H 15 Ohio Inf.

Lewis, Barney N.

Co. I 15 W. Va Inf.

Lewis, Edward G.

Co. H 92 Ill. Inf.

Lockwood, John W.


Long, William


Loomis, Russell

Co. G 9 Wisc. Inf.

Lucker, George W.

Co. G 15 Iowa Inf.

Mackey, George C.

Co. D 39 Iowa Inf.

Mangus, Daniel

Co. I 22 Iowa Inf.

Mann, Archibald

Co. E 29 Iowa Inf.

Mann, James M.

Co. G 67 U.S. Inf.

Mann, James M. Rev.

Co. C 67 U.S. Colored Vol. Inf.

Marrow, Emmett

Co. G 146 Ohio Inf.

Marsh, Austin C.

Co. K 30 Iowa Inf.

Marshall, Henry

Co. C 56 NY Inf.

Martin, Jacob G.

Co. J 5 Iowa Cav.

Masters, Samuel

Co. I 131 Ill. Inf.

Matchell, William D.

Co. G 91 Pa Inf.

Matchett, E.D.


Mathews, Wiley

135 Ill. Inf.

Mc Beede, Daniel L.

Co. G 213 Pa Inf.

Mc Cabe, John B.

Co. B 5 Iowa Cav.

Mc Carl, John


Mc Carty, William A.

Co. M 5 NY H.A.

Mc Clung, James

Co. C 11 Ill. Cav.

Mc Corkle, Joseph H.

Co. B 13 Iowa Inf.

Mc Coy, Samuel L.

Co. G 29 Iowa

Mc Crary, Samuel

Co. H 19 Inf.

Mc Cullock, James A.

42 Wisc. Inf.

Mc Gart, Thomas


Mc Kee, William

Co. A 20 Ohio Vol.

Mc Kenzie, Clarence


Mc Killip, Dennis

Co. A 55 Iowa Inf.

Mc Kinzie, Mose


Mc Manigal, Vance

Co. L 7 Ind. Cav.

Mc Quiety, Van Buren

Co. I 10 Ind. Inf.

Miller, Adam


Miller, Lyman S.

Co. D 140 Pa Inf.

Mills, Benjamin B.

Co. A 37 Wisc. Inf.

Miserve, John B.

Co. C 7 Ill. Cav.

Mitchell, Allen

Co. F 132 Ind. Inf.

Mitchell, Henry H.

Co. E 168 Pa. Vol.

Mitchell, John C.

Co. C 8 Ill. Cav.

Mithes, M.


Modie, Andrew C.

Co. M 25 U.S. Inf.

Moore, Frank

Co. F Ill. Inf.

Moore, Richard E.

Co. I 3 Iowa Cav.

Moore, Thomas

Co. K 96 NY Inf.

Moras, Isiah R.

Co. A 128 Ind. Inf.

Morgan, John W.

Co. I 114 Ill. Inf.

Morgan, Joseph C.

Co. H 19 Mich. Inf.

Muirhead, Alexander S.


Mullen, John W.

Co. C 53 Ill. Inf.

Mullery, Lawrence F.

Co. C 37 Ill. Inf.

Muntz, Peter

Co. A 13 Iowa Inf.

Murphy, William

Co. A 1 Miss. Cav.

Nellis, Henry A.

Co. E 153 NY Inf.

Nettleton, C.L.


Nettleton, Luther C.

Co. F 49 Inf.

Newberry, John

Co. N 4 Ill. Cav.

Nims, John T.

Co. I 1 Wisc. Inf.

Noel, Mathew B.

Co. C 39 Iowa Inf.

Northrup, Charles J.

Co. B 16 Mich. Inf.

Nutt, William

Co. D 20 Ohio Vol.

O'Brien, John

Co. E 14 NY Inf.

O'Donnell, Michael

Co. L 2 NY H.A.

Oblinger, Uriah W.

Co. A 8 Ind. Cav.

Olcott, Benjamin F.

Co. I 10 Mich. Inf.

Oscar, Lee

Co. B 39 Iowa Inf.

Paine, William


Paston, Robert


Pate, Thomas J.

Co. C 94 Ill. Inf.

Payne, Willard D.

Co. H 95 Ill. Inf.

Peake, John A.

16 Ind. L.B.

Peeterman, Elias

Co. A 13 Ohio Inf.

Pelton, C.H.

Co. I 11 Ill. Cav.

Pelton, Melissa W.

Co. H 7 Ohio Inf.

Pennington, William R.

Co. I 11 Ill. Cav.

Pennington, Francis M.

Co. I 11 Ill. Cav.

Peter, Frederick

Co. I 42 Ind. Inf.

Phillips, Andrew

Co. F 25 Iowa

Phillips, William N.

Co. C 13 Pa Cav.

Pickering, James B.

Co. C 98 Ohio Inf.

Pierce, Alfred B.

89 Ill.

Plager, Henry


Plessinger, Isreal R.

Ohio Inf.

Plumb, Hiram C.

Co. A 35 NY Vol.

Plumb, Perry O.

Co. G 29 Wisc. Inf.

Pollack, Thomas

Co. E 30 Iowa Inf.

Pollard, Morgan S.

Co. F 7 Ohio Inf.

Porter, John F.


Porter, William J.


Potts, John

Co. B 7 Iowa Cav.

Predmore, Joseph C.

Co. G 89 Ohio Vol.

Premer, Samuel

Co. E 89 Ind. Inf.

Price, Dudley

Co. E 27 Ind. Inf.

Proctor, Robert


Puelz, Charles

Co. I 28 Iowa Inf.

Quigley, Eliphalet B.

Co. I 12 Iowa Inf.

Randal, William K.

Co. E 194 NY Inf.

Rankin, Abram

Co. D 53 Ohio Inf.

Ray, George B.

Co. I Mo. Vol.

Records, James M.

Co. S 50 Ohio Inf.

Relph, William

Co. C 72 Ind. Inf.



Rice, Rowe

Co. H 22 Iowa Inf.

Richards, Charles C.

Co. H 22 Iowa Inf.

Richardson, James E.

Co. F 42 Ill. Inf.

Ridgeley, S.T.


Rieschick, Adolph F.

Co. F 4 Mo. Cav.

Rittenburg, James

Co. A 62 Vt. Inf.

Rogers, Henry G.

Co. F Mo. Cav.

Roshong, Josiah B.

Co. D 142 Ohio Inf.

Rowe, James

Co. H 22 Iowa Inf.

Rowe, Sylvanus B.

Co. H 22 Iowa Inf.

Rowland, John

Co. E 53 Ohio Inf.

Ruby, John W.

Co. D 42 Ohio Inf.

Rushong, Joseph


Russell, John B.

Co. K 82 Iowa Inf.

Ryder, Sanford M.

Co. F 8 NY L.A.

Saunder, Wilber F.

Co. C 9 Mo. Inf.

Schaffer, Abraham


Schwerdt, George

Co. N 74 Pa Inf.

Scott, Allen J.

Co. G 27 Mo. Inf.

Scott, Thomas M.

Co. H 78 Ill. Inf.

Seaman, Sigmond

Co. E 14 Wisc. Inf.

Seamans, Sanders R.

Co. M 2 Iowa Cav.

Searle, George A.

Co. B 93 Ill. Inf.

Semasten, William W.

Co. D 19 Wisc. Inf.

Server, J.D.


Sexson, Enoch A.

Co. D 4 Iowa Cav.

Sexton, Travers M.

Co. A 83 Ill. Inf.

Shackley, William C.

Co. G 5 Iowa Inf.

Sharp, Alonzo P.

Co. I 12 Ill. Inf.

Shepherd, Isaac N.

Co. F 23 Iowa Inf.

Shepherd, J.D.


Sherman, Jeri H.

Co. J 6 Col. Inf.

Shockley, William C.

Co. F 50 Iowa Inf.

Short, Jacob H.

Co. G 151 Ind. Inf.

Shouse, Henry

Co. A 123 Ind. Inf.

Sibbitt, Benjamin F.

Co. B 23 Iowa Inf.

Simmerman, G.H.


Smith, George B.

Co. F 38 Ill. Inf.

Smith, Henry C.

Co. B 9 Ind. Inf.

Smith, James W.

9 Iowa Cav.

Smith, Paris

Co. F 58 Ill. Inf.

Smith, Thomas J.

Co. F 13 U.S. Inf.

Smith, William H.

Co. C 11 Mich. Inf.

Smith, William Henry

Co. E 21 Mo. Inf.

Smith, William J.

Co. G 5 Mich. Cav.

Smith, William N.

Co. C 11 Mich. Inf.

Snoke, Samuel

3 Pa Cav.

Southwick, Chamberlain

Co. C 3 Wisc. Cav.

Spain, William B.

Co. E 48 Ind. Inf.

Spaulding, James

Co. F 38 Iowa

Spinner, George

Co. G 33 Ind. Inf.

Spoatts, Joseph

Co. F 31 Iowa Inf.

Spray, John T.

Co. B 13 U.S. Inf.

Spring, George L.

Co. K 15 Vt. Inf.

Springer, James F.

Co. B 116 Ohio Inf.

Squires, Charles S.

Co. C 37 Ill. Inf.

Stalcup, Horatio G.


Stalker, John

Co. G 71 Ind. Inf.

Starr, George W.

Co. K 9 Ind. Inf.

Steinmetz, Jacob

Co. B 186 Ohio Inf.

Stephenson, James


Stevens, Isaac W.


Stewart, Robert R.


Stilgebouer, Solomon W.

Co. B 14 Ill. Vol.

Stockton, Samuel J.

Co. D 138 Ill. Inf.

Strain, John A.

Co. G 23 Iowa Inf.

Sullivan, Josiah

Co. I 146 Ind. Inf.

Swartz, Francis

Co. D 1 U.S. Arty.

Taylor, William M.

Co. M 22 Pa Cav.

Teter, Salem

Co. C 62 Va Mtd. Inf.

Thomas, Archibald J.

Capt. Weavers Inf. Pa. Vol.

Thomas, James W.

Co. H 12 W Va Inf.

Thompson, Adonirain J.

Co. F 15 Ill. Inf.

Thompson, Frederick G.

18 U.S. Inf.

Thorp, William F.

25 Ind. Arty

Tomblin, Henry F.

Co. D 141 NY Vol.

Travelpiece, Francis M.


Turner, Charlie


Underhill, John W.

Co. B 13 Ohio Cav.

Utter, Abraham

Co. A 151 Ohio Inf.

Vandevort, Isaac


Vore, Ira J.

Co. B 25 Ill. Inf.

Waldo, Ira

Co. I 6 Iowa Cav.

Walker, David

Co. C 3 Ohio Inf.

Walker, Henry

Co. N 61 Ill. Inf.

Walker, T.B.


Wall, George W.

Co. C 32 Ind. Inf.

Walters, John A.

Co. K 130 TA Inf.

Walton, Hiram

W Va Inf.

Walton, Nicholas

Co. B 65 Ill. Inf.

Ward, Chester


Washbrim, Oregon

Co. C 6 Mo. Inf.

Wasson, Isaih H.

Co. K. 20 Iowa Inf.

Waterman, Delos A.

Co. F 44 Iowa Inf.

Webber, Joseph T.

Co. B 2 Iowa L.A.

Weeden, John

Co. K 1 Wisc. L.A.

Welles, Angezo P.

Co. I 85 NY Inf.

Wentz, Charles

Co. C 7 Ind. Cav.

West, Nelson S.

Co. H 9 Iowa Inf.

Wilcox, Justian A.

Co A. 38 U.S. Inf.

Willey, Andrew J.

7 Iowa Inf.

Williams, Charlie E.

Co. I 52 Ill. Inf.

Williams, John

Co. B 10 Ill. Cav.

Wilson, Calvin B.

Co. C 13 Mich. Inf.

Wilson, John


Wivines, Nichols

Co. L 2 Iowa Cav.

Wolf, W.W.


Wolfe, John W.

Co. C 10 Miss. Inf.

Wood, Truman

Co. G 111 NY Inf.

Woods, Enos M.

Co. G 33 Iowa Inf.

Wyckoff, Edmund

Co. F 16 Ill. Inf.

Yarger, John H.

Co. G 49 Ohio Inf.

Yarger, Martin L.

Co. A 14 Ill. Inf.

Yarnell, Richard


Yore, Ira J.

Co. B 26 Ill. Inf.

Young, Henry

Co. K 1 Mich. Inf.

Young, John

Co. G 129 Ind. Inf.

Zimmerman, George H.

3 Ill. Cav.

Extracted and Indexed by Sherrie Dack for the South West Nebraska Genealogical Society


Akers, William F. Reg. Ohio Vol.
Bolles, Stephen D. Pvt. Co. M 1 Nebr. Inf.
Campbell, Lawrence W. Nebr. Pvt. 14 Btry. Field Arty.
Cotton, Lovelace Sp-Am War Vet
Crabtree, Elbert C. Co. B. 2 Ore. Inf.
Cramer, Henry Sp-Am War Vet
Dole, Garry Sp-Am War Vet
Eichelberger, Harry S. Pa. Pvt. Coast Art Corps.
Hanthorn, Oliver Co. L 3rd Nebr. Vol. Inf.
Hedges, Herbert Nebr. Pvt. Nebr. Inf.
Helm, Albert J. Cpl. Co. L 3 Regt. Nebr. Inf.
Kelly, Leo S. Sp-Am War Vet
Korn, Carl B. Pvt. 3 Nebr. Inf.
Kramer, Frank Sp-Am War Vet
Lamborn, Father Sp-Am War Vet
Lanborn, Guy L. Sp-Am War Vet
Leese, John Pa. Pvt. 18 Us. Inf.
Longnecker, Louis Sp-Am War Vet
Marshall, John C. Co. H. 1st Nebr. Inf.
Mc Farland, Daniel J. Nebr. Pvt. 3 Artillery
Miller, Frank Sp-Am War Vet
Patmore, Ralston N. Co.D L Nebr. Inf.
Price, Albert E. Pvt. Co. L 3 Nebr. Inf.
Rankin, Hrary T. Pvt. 3 Nebr. Inf.
Ridenour, John Sp-Am War Vet
Sheridan, Isreal A. 1st Lieut. 3 Nebr. Inf.
Southland, Randall Sp-Am War Vet
Whitmore, Harry C. Sp-Am War Vet
Yearsley, B. Sp-Am War Vet


Extracted and indexed by Sherrie Dack for the South West Nebraska Genealogical Society.


Aller, Floyd  
Amick, Wallace I. NE Pvt. Co. E 16 Eng. Army
Anderson, Andrew NE Pvt. Coast Art Corp.
Anthony, Forrest W. Pvt. U.S. Army
Appleyard, Joseph L. Bat. C 339 FA
Atkinson, Issac K. NE Pvt. Co. L 168 Inf.
Austin, Charles M. Cpl. U.S. Army
Bagley, Rex  
Bailey, Ervin  
Baker, Harry  
Baker, Robert  
Baker, William G. NE Cook Co. D 4 Inf. 3 Div.
Balius, Bernard R. NE Pvt. 3 Co. 164 Depot Brig.
Barnes, Albert Pierpoint NE Capt. 3 Field Arty.
Barnes, Luther  
Barnes, Theodore  
Baxter, Charles  
Beachler, Albert R. NE Cook 34 Eng.
Bell, Glenn Claude WISC Pvt. L Cl. Vet. Hosp.
Bennett, Myron  
Berndt, Earl R. NE Pvt. 2 Co. 164 Depot Brig.
Berry, Carol  
Blair, Claude W. NE Pvt. II Balloon Co. Air Svc.
Blume, Theodore J. NE Pvt. 35 Co. 165 Depot Brig.
Bradley, Elmer  
Bramer, Richard B. Army
Breedlove, Ted J. NE GM 1 USNR
Brooks, Donald  
Brown, Floyd  
Brown, Hugh C. NE Pvt. Stu Army Tng Corp.
Brown, Merritt T. Army
Brown, Stuart  
Browne, Budd ALA Corp. 4 Mech Regt. Air Svc.
Brumgard, John  
Budig, Herman  
Buhman, Walter  
Burgess, William  
Burton, Owen D. Army
Cain, Albert  
Cain, Ernest John MO Cpl. 354 Inf. 89 Div.
Calkins, Julian  
Callan, Joseph P. Pvt. Assc.
Campbell, Archer  
Campbell, McFarland  
Campbell, William  
Carse, Bruce  
Carter, Lee R. Med.
Cary, Charles Lyle  
Cass, Edgar  
Cemer, John  
Cheney, Alfred C. Pvt. Hq. Cp. 314 Supply TN NE
Cisar, Frank F.  
Clamp, John George NE Pvt. US Army
Clapp, Charley A. Army
Clark, Frederick W. Air Serv.
Clark, Leonard Levi WW 1 Vet.
Clopton, Ora A. IA Pfc. Co. B 142 Inf.
Clouse, Owen  
Clyde, George J. US Navy
Colgan, John  
Cook, William  
Cox, Ernest  
Crocker, Bernard J.  
Dack, Grover  
Davidson, Archibald L. MO F 3 US Navy
Demay, Griffith  
Dennis, Benjamin  
Derrick, Ralph M. NE Pvt. 163 Depot Brig.
Deveny, Harold  
Donohue, James J. Bk R1 US Navy
Dooley, George E. PA Sgt. L Cl. 109 Ambul. Co. 28 Div.
Dorwart, Yule  
Douglass, Anna Louise NE Nurse Army Corp.
Dowling, Lester L. Army
Duckworth, Bradley B. NE Wagr. Co. A 28 Mg. Bn.
Duckworth, Bryan Cpl. Air Svc.
Duckworth, Oom K. Army
Ebert, Walter Paul NE Pvt. Co. D 6 Div. Sup. Train
Eichelberger, Harry S. PA Pvt. Coast Art Corp.
Elbert, George Bernard NE Cpl. 339 Field Arty. 88 Div.
Elliott, William C. NE Pvt. QMC
Faas, Lotus  
Fair, Leonard O. KS Pvt. Army
Fallick, Harold C. US Army
Fallick, Stanley  
Farrell, Francis J. NE Sgt. US Army
Finney, Ellis TX L Cl. US Navy
Foley, John J. NE Pvt. Co. C 314 Sup. Trn.
Francis, Alfred  
Fritsche, Richard Ernest Pvt. US Army
Fritz, Christian  
Furman, Donald  
Furr, Charles  
Gammill, Howard Dale USN Ret. Hmc.
Garrison, William Lewis NE Pvt. 1 Cl. 74 Engr.
Gherring, Christie L. Pvt. Co. 73 164 Depot Brig.
Gillen, Albert H. Pvt. US Army
Gollehon, James Alexander WW1
Gull, Clarence NE Cpl. 12 Engr.
Hagadorn, Alva  
Hajek, Frank  
Hanke, William WW1
Harr, Raymond  
Harrison, Albert F. Army
Harrison, Joseph H. Army
Harrison, Martin D. NE US Navy
Harsch, William C. NE Sgt. QM Corp.
Hart, Roy Grover Army
Hegenberger, Glenn G. Army
Heinz, William J. NE Pfc. US Army
Hileman, S. Chester Pvt. US Army
Hill, Owen  
Hoagland, Samuel C. NE Pfc. US Army
Hoback, William R. Army
Hockman, Walter A. USMC
Hodson, Joe  
Hofer, Brisben J. NE Sgt. Med. Dept.
Hoffman, Alfred  
Hornbeck, Donald  
Houghtelling, Gilbert  
Houlihan, Charles E. Pvt. 6th Co. 14th G Div.
Hubert, Sidney R. NE Pvt. US Army
Hughes, Horace B. Army
Hunter, John O. Army
Hyatt, Elzie  
Inglis, Glen W. NE Pfc. 12 Engr.
Johnson, Earl Arthur NE US Navy
Johnson, Oscar F. NE 2 D Liet. Inf.
Jones, Robert  
Jordan, Martin G. Navy
Keegan, Thomas G. NE QM Sgt. US Army
Kern, Harry Army
Kettering, William Army
Klein, Jacob NE CM 2 US Navy
Klooz, Claude W. NE Mus. 3 Cl. Hq. Co. 20 Inf.
Kolbert, George NE Pvt. 1 CL 310 Guard/Fire Co. QMC
Koler, Alexander A. Army
Krauss, Christ Fred Army
Kunkee, Frank J. QMC
Lages, William R. NE Sgt. 58 Serv. Co. Sigc.
Lamb, Richard C. Army
Langdon, John  
Larman, Rolland  
Lawver, Samuel E. KS Pvt. 11 Santi. Trn. Div.
Leese, John PA Pvt. 18 US Inf.
Leininger, Earl F. Army
Lieberth, Joseph  
Lindbeck, Clifford R. NE Pvt. Btry. B 119 Field Arty.
Lofton, Elmer C. Navy
Loper, Guy Dean NE 1st Sgt. 12 Engr. Army
Loshbaugh, Almond L. WY Pvt. Co. B 213 Inf.
Ludwig, Irving  
Lyon, Harvey L. NE Pvt. 355 Inf. 89 Div.
Lytle, Albert W. NE Pvt. 40 Co. 163 Depot Brig.
Mackey, George L. NE Pfc. Btry. C 127 Field Arty.
Magrath, Leo A. Pvt. 5 TU Army Tng. Corp.
Manley, Edgar R. NE Pvt. Stu Army Tng. Corp.
Marshall, John C. Co. H 1st NE Inf.
Mason, Lester M. Army
Mc Bride, Dale S. Army
Mc Brien, Lawrence Ivan NE Pfc. 275 MP Co.
Mc Caig, Keith  
Mc Carty, Leon  
Mc Carty, Rex L. Army
Mc Carville, George J. Pvt. US Army
Mc Clure, Franklin O. NE Band Sgt. 355 Inf. 89 Div.
Mc Clure, William P. NE Chauf. 655 Auto Sq.
Mc Donnell, Francis Bernard Sgt. 314 Sup. TN 89 Div. NE
Mc Dowell, David  
Mc Kee, Clark V. NE Pvt. Co. A 5 NE Inf.
Meaderis, Edward L. NE Pvt. Co. C23 Mach. Gun Bn.
Messinger, Fred A. NE Pvt. 128 MG BN 35 Div.
Metz, Theodore Col. Wagr. Field Hosp. 168
Mitchell, Roy E. NECook Co. C 355 Inf.
Moffitt, Walter David M.G. Co. 144 Inf. AAF
Moore, Lawrence A. Navy
Morgan, Donal  
Mummert, Hardin  
Mundhenke, Abel Army
Neiman, John R. NE Cook 4 Co. 164 Depot Brig.
Nelson, Emory J. NE Pvt. STU Army TNG Corp.
Nelson, Harvey  
Neumann, Asa  
Niccolson, Jay  
O'Conner, Albert B. NE Sgt. 1 Repl. Regt. Engr.
Oldberding, Louis  
Owens, George R.  
Pade, Gustave J. Army
Parsons, Harry S. Army
Peck, Amos Pvt. 3 Co. 164 Depot Brig.
Petty, William  
Phelps, Edward  
Pickerel, Henry  
Pinn, George  
Plourd, Alfred  
Plourd, Bernard W. Pvt. US Army
Ploussard, Francis A. Cpl. Med. Dept. NE
Poppenhagen, Charles  
Powell, Robert F. NE Pvt. Co. K 358 Inf.
Quigley, B. Adrian Pvt. US Army
Ranberger, Lester  
Rankin, Lawrence Oak 48 Co. 161 Depot Brig.
Ray, Eric Co. C 70 Eng.
Ray, George  
Ream, John L. Navy
Reed, Anthony D. Cpl. US Army
Reed, James  
Reed, Roland  
Reiners, Fred  
Relph, James W. Pvt. Air Svc.
Remington, Elijah  
Robb, Henry  
Roberts, John  
Roblyer, Calvin L. US Army
Rogers, John  
Rose, Ernest  
Rothmayer, Amos  
Rouch, Clarence V. NE Pfc. US Army
Runnalls, George  
Russell, Samuel  
Ryckman, Chester  
Sannder, George U. Army
Saunders, Paul J. Army
Schneider, Henry Oscar NE Cpl. HQ Co. 335 Field Arty.
Schroeder, Guy A. NE Pvt. Med. Dept.
Schultsmeier, Emil J. NE Pfc. Co. B 314 Mtr. Sop. Inf. 89 Div.
Schultz, Walter John NE Pfc. Co. E 16 Engr.
Scott, Ronald NE Sgt. 339 Mg. Bn.
Shirley, Thomas C. NE Pvt. Co. D 351 Inf.
Sigwing, Francis H. Pvt. US Army
Smith, Benjamin H. Sgt. US Army
Smith, Clifford H. NE Pvt. Co. B 355 Inf. 89 Div.
Smith, Henry W. Pvt. US Army
Smith, Robert  
Smith, V.H. Army
Somerville, Edwin Slaven Co. Pvt. 161 Depot Brig.
Somerville, Eugene M. Navy
Southwell, Charles P. Co. Ord Sct. Ord Dept.
St. Clair, Emmet  
Staples, Walter A. Army
Stenner, Harold  
Stevens, Ralph G. US Army
Stevens, Wade 2nd Lt. US Army
Stone, Cecil Durward NE Pvt. HQ Co. 339 Field Arty.
Strayer, Eugene M. Army
Sughroue, Clarence E.  
Suiter, Charles  
Sulzman, Joseph  
Sutton, Harold  
Swanson, Godfrey NE Carp. Mate US Navy
Talbott, Verne H. AAF
Teel, Oscar Allyn  
Teter, A.W.  
Thomas, Phillip A. Cpl. US Army
Thompson, Allen Army
Thuman, Dewey L. SATC
Traut, John H. NE Pfc. 38 BN US Guard
Trehal, William W. PFC. US Army 109th Sig.
Trosper, Emmett L. NE Bugler Co. F 355 Inf.
Turner, Troy T. NE Sgt. US Army
Vandevort, Charles  
Vant, Gentry O. Army
Von Riesen, Ralph QMC
Wade, Jesse P. NE Pfc. Co. C 6 Field Sig. BN
Wade, Richard L. Army
Ward, Ralph J. Army
Watkins, Marion  
Watkins, Thomas  
Weiland, Francis N. AMM 2 USNR
Weintz, Charles H. NE F 1 US Navy
Weskamp, Anton W. NE Cp. Co. A 314 Sup. Tn.
West, Warren  
Westermark, Victor AAF
Wheeler, William Earl US Army
Wiedman, Lyle A.  
Wiggins, Charles M. Army
Wight, Harold S. USMC
Wilson, Robert  
Wing, Archie  
Witham, Harry Sig.
Wittlake, Levi O. WY Pfc. Trans. Corp.
Wolf, Asa Allen Army
Wood, George  
Wood, Joseph  
Woodward, Lee A. NE Pvt. HQ Trp. 1 Cav.
Woolard, Jamie C. NE Pvt. 1 Cl. 31 Engr.
Wootton, Leigh R. NE Pvt. 147 Co. Trans. Corps
Worske, Dimatro R. Pvt. 4 Co. 164 Depot Brig. NE
Young, Albert Pvt. US Army
Young, Roscoe  
Zicafoose, Ralph Army
Zimmer, Edward Peters NE E 2 US Navy
Zimmerman, August J. Army

Extracted and indexed by Sherrie Dack for the South West Nebraska Genealogical Society.