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Frank J. Hamilton

WHEN Nebraska was admitted to the union in 1867 the legislature divided the western part of the state into counties and thus the stage was set for what has been called the greatest rush of white settlement of wilderness country the world has ever seen.
   Nelson Buck's surveying party began to measure the homestead lands in Redwillow County in 1869, but never finished it, as they all were killed by Indians. There is no authentic chronicle of events thereafter until we find Royal Buck and ten men who outfitted at Nebraska City in the fall of 1871 and started west for the upper Republican river valley to look over the land with a view toward settlement. They were forced to return east however, because of severe weather, but not before they had decided on what land to file homestead claims.
   In the spring of 1872, E. S. Hill, G. A. Hunter, L. B. Korn, William Weygint arrived and filed on land adjacent to where the town of Indianola now stands. Part of Indianola was once a part of Hill's and Hunter's homestead.
   A few days later Royal Buck and his party returned and located near the mouth of Red Willow creek. When they arrived they found one man ahead of them. John S. King, a soldier of fortune, was already in the valley and was trapping in the extreme part of the county near the present town of Cambridge.
   These men made the first permanent settlement in Redwillow County. A few other settlers arrived the same year. Some of the men remained to guard the log and sod houses and watch the claims while others returned to eastern Nebraska and Iowa to bring their families. On the return trip most of the filings were made, there being no land office nearer than Lowell or Nebraska City. The first filing, however, was made Jan. 10, 1872 by William W. W. Jones, who was superintendent of public instruction for the term 1884 to 1885.
   During the summer of 1872, Washington Hinman of North Platte brought a portable sawmill from the Platte river and located it in a grove of timber about three miles southwest of where Indianola now stands. This mill, worked cooperatively, furnished a supply of rough green timber which furnished building material for the first homes.
   House adornments, such as brick chimneys, paint, and plaster, were entirely lacking. Wood chinking for the cracks, daubed with mud, stove chimneys cemented together with more mud, rough boards, or more commonly earth, made floors at once practical and free from that daily care made necessary by the smooth and varnished variety in use today. Wall paper, draperies, and door and window screens would have been entirely out of place with early day manners and customs.
   The inventor of the sod house is unknown, but, like the unknown soldier, he should have a monument to his memory. No one invention of man so nearly met the needs of early day settlers in a treeless country as did the sod house.
   Strangly enough, however, log houses preceded the sod variety by at least one year. This is explained by the fact that the first settlements were confined to land along the streams where the only timber was to be found.
   The scarcity of wood building material necessitated some substitute for the settlers who were forced to file on land away from the creek and some genius "invented" the sod house. At the same time they discovered boards and shingles were not indispensable for roofs. Brush, sunflower stalks, hay and acres of dirt were all at hand and proved to be excellent substitutes. In dry weather these roofs answered every purpose for protection against heat and cold. Rain did not come very often, and the chance of a leaky roof was one no homesteader hesitated taking. There are instances, however, where a wife was known to complain after an unusually heavy rain.
   A greater problem than housing, in many instances, was the water supply. This was especially true on the high divides. Wells at first were few and water had to be hauled long distances. This was a real hardship and no homesteader felt himself entirely settled down until he had a well of his own.
   In the summer of 1873, Governor Fumas appointed E. S. Hill, Washington Hinman, and Leslie Lawton, commissioners, to call for an election to locate the county seat. The election was held on May 27, 1873, in a log house near the mouth of the Red Willow creek. At this time the following county officers were elected: E. S. Hill, judge; I. J. Starbuck, clerk; George A. Hunter, sheriff; B. B. Duckworth, treasurer, G. B. Nettleton, county superintendent; William Berger, William S. Fitch and B. F. Bradbury, commissioners. The first meeting was held in a tent occupied by

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Mr. Hill on the site where Indianola now stands. Indianola was named county seat and the townsite surveyed in November of the same year, by Myron Willsie acting for the Republican Valley Land Association. This same fall the Lincoln Land Company built a frame hotel. They also built another frame building 16x24 feet and loaned it to the county for a courthouse. Later in 1880 a courthouse was built from the proceeds of lots donated to the county for that purpose by the Republican Valley Land Association, of which D. N. Smith was president.
   During the summer of 1873, quite a number of other settlers came in and settled on lauds adjoining Indianola and along the Willow and Beaver. Supplies had to be brought from Lowell, between sixty and seventy miles away. Mail was being brought in from the east by whomever chanced that way.
   The fall of 1873 was noted for its Indian scares. A band of Indians crossed Beaver creek from Kansas and on the way killed Anton Stenner. The alarm was sent out that the Indians were on their way to Indianola and everyone who could get there came to town for protection. This turned out to be a false alarm so far as this part of the country was concerned.
   Later that fall the battle between the Sioux and Pawnee took place near where Trenton now stands. Those of the Pawnee who were able to get away passed through this county on their way home. One squaw, badly hurt, was found in the brush by a hunter and brought to Indianola. Unable to go further, she was left at the home of L. B. Korns, where she died. A rude coffin was built for her and she was buried on the west side of Coon creek. This is the first grave known in Redwillow County.
   On March 26, 1874 occurred the first wedding in the county. William S. Fitch and Anna E. Nettleton were married and went to live along the Driftwood a few miles southeast of where McCook stands. Theirs was the first frame house in the county. It is still standing, and is used by their son Carroll and his family.
   The foundation of all that has been accomplished within the life span of this county was laid in those first ten years. The early and middle seventies were hard, lean years. Danger from Indian depredations, lack of supplies, except at the cost of long journeys to distant trading centers, continual drouths, grasshoppers and prairie fires, all made those early years a long and terrible nightmare of failures and distress.
   Many could not endure the hardships and gave up their claims to seek more tolerable living conditions "back east." Others stayed, determined to win their bets with "Uncle Sam." Still others, too poor to leave, were compelled to stay and hope for better luck next year. By 1878 the worst was over.
   Then the real rush of settlement started and the county began to fill up rapidly. The business of locating claims became the common employment of those who knew the land. Talk of a coming railroad accelerated the incoming tide and by 1880, when the B. & M., as it was then known, arrived in the valley, men began to take heart and plan great things. The railroad paused for a year at Indianola and then the terminal activities were transferred to Culbertson.
   The coming of the railroad was a godsend to the settlers as it provided work at a time when jobs were badly needed. And it also brought up another problem, that of a division point for the roundhouse and shops that were needed for its operation.
   Up to 1877, Indianola was the only town in the county, although postoffices had been opened at Valley Grange and on the Beaver creek. But in the spring of 1877, William Colbin became the owner of a tract of land bordering the Republican river, which he afterward conveyed to George Colbin. A sod house was built and the place appropriately named Fairview.
   Here Squire Calvin set up a general merchandise store, hotel and feed station. In 1879, after traders had been induced to set their hands thereunto and the country far and near had been scoured for signers to a petition, a postoffice was established with V. L. Kennedy as postmaster.
   It was known that the railroad would locate a division point somewhere near and Culbertson and Indianola made active overtures for this prize. Neither town was fast enough and with the assistance of H. C. Rider, one of the earliest McCook pioneers, the division point went to Fairview; the name was changed later to McCook, for General Alexander McDowell McCook.
   Now the county began to be settled in earnest for with the building of shops, roundhouse, and other structures, and the large influx of railroad workers, McCook grew rapidly and soon became the largest town in the county.
   County Clerk James Hetherington's notes of the trustees' proceedings showed V. Franklin, J. E. Berger, G. A. Daniels, H. C. Rider and G. L. Laws were appointed as trustees "until the next general election." That was Nov. 24, 1883. The oaths of office were administered Nov. 27, in the office of a Mr. Starbuck. Berger was elected chairman of the board, W. F. Wallace, treasurer, F. M. Kimmel "by unanimous vote" was elected clerk and the village of McCook was officially launched.
   But the town had hardly been established before it had aspirations to become the county seat. Petitions were circulated among all the residents of McCook and the surrounding territory and on April 25, 1890, the petitions were presented to the county commissioners at Indianola for consideration. Indianola, however, had not been idle and on



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the same day a large remonstrance petition was also presented to the commissioners. Thus more trouble was dumped into the hands of the commissioners--Henry Crabtree, Indianola; Stephen Bolles, McCook and Dr. Isaiah Bennett of Lebanon--than they had thought possible. Crabtree was a firm believer in Indianola, Bolles just as strong for McCook while Dr. Bennett was, presumably, neutral. Dr. Bennett's record shows he was always fair and demanded orderly procedure. He did not live to see the end of the fight.
   The board had full power to call an election and was sole judge of the sufficiency and legality of the petition. Divided as it was and with an array of leading citizens and attorneys urging the various claims, the commissioners were forced to show their hand. After a stormy session lasting all day, they finally adjourned until April 30 for final decision. They then adjourned from day to day until on May 6, with the tide of battle so evenly divided neither side could claim an advantage, the board adjourned from sheer exhaustion and the impossibility of reaching an agreement on any question. The next step was filing a suit in the supreme court for a writ of mandamus, compelling the commissioners to call an election.
   The situation remained unchanged during all of 1891 until June 30, 1892, when a new board, consisting of Samuel Young of Bartley, Samuel S. Graham of Danbury, and Stephen Bolles, who carried McCook, took over the county's affairs. When this board met on July 6 it had a supreme court order to bring the county seat issue before the voters. Election was called for August 1. That was the signal for the most intensive preparation for a battle of ballots the county had ever witnessed. Since a record breaking wheat crop had been harvested money was plentiful and both sides made the most of it. During the preliminary campaign and after the election, charges and counter charges of fraud and illegal practices were made by both sides.
   McCook circulated a poster showing the recently completed courthouse at Beaver City, built for $13,200, and promising over the signature of 300 responsible citizens to donate to the county an equal sum in cash and a site for the courthouse, if the election should favor McCook. Indianola promised a like proposition should the seat of government remain there. Many other schemes were worked; ethical standards vanished.
   When the vote was counted it stood 876 for Indianola and 1,339 for McCook, but McCook lacked a few votes of having the necessary three-fifths to elect. The result hinged on 31 ballots which had been thrown out. A four year court battle followed with McCook finally winning on April 15, 1896. McCook then built a courthouse and in 1926 the county built the magnificent structure its offices occupy today.
   After the selection of Indianola as a county seat, the site chosen by Royal Buck and his party for a town called Redwillow continued to grow until McCook got a good start. Since the advent of good roads this village has dwindled until nothing much is left in the way of business places except an elevator and a consolidated school.
   The town of Bartley was incorporated on June 7, 1887, with J. C. Scurr as chairman of the board and C. W. Beek village clerk. Rev. Allen Bartley had homesteaded just west of the present site of the village and laid out the townsite on land gotten from the Lincoln Land Company. His purpose was to establish a Methodist college. Lots were sold and a college started. In the forms of contract for each lot or parcel of land sold under 2,000 acres, were the words "No place of manufacturing or sale of intoxicating liquors or place of vice of any kind are allowed and the title to the property is at once forfeited if it be used for any such purpose." one of the buildings was to be called "Haddock Memorial Hall" in honor of Rev. George C. Haddock, a great temperance worker, who was killed at Sioux City, Iowa. The college flourished for a while but gradually dwindled away.
   J. A. Curlee and R. G. Fidler built the first houses in the town.
   Besides the Republican river valley, Redwillow County has another valley that is a very important part of the domain: the Beaver creek valley in the south part of the county. Three towns are located in this valley, Lebanon, Danbury and Marion.
   In 1871 George Gilbert of Danbury, Conn., homesteaded in Section 275, Township 15, Range 28. He was one of the first permanent settlers in the Beaver valley. In 1872 Jesse C. and Barnett E. Ashton, J. B. and J. E. Dolph, William T. and Richard Henton, S. R. Messner and Perry Plumb arrived and homesteaded in this vicinity. A postoffice was established and named Danbury. The railroad survey came through in the spring of 1887 and the track was built that fall. It was a branch of the B. & M. Railroad company and extended from Oxford to St. Francis, Kas. As it missed the town of Danbury by three miles the entire town was moved over to the railroad. George B. Morgan had the first store in the new town. The village was incorporated in 1898 with Phillip Gleim as chairman of the board; F. P. Eno, T. E. McDonald, George B. Morgan and T. J. Van Pelt as trustees.
   Marion Powell and Martin Nielson were partners in what was at that time the largest hog ranch in the world. Needing a closer shipping point for their stock, they started the town of Marion in 1901. It was never incorporated. There was a clause in the contract for the sale of each lot which made the town forever "dry." It was named after Marion Powell.


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   According to William Halsey--one of the first settlers, who died a year ago on his original homestead--Lebanon started in April, 1872. B. F. Bradbury, William Halsey, William and Harve Springer, N. S. West, Waterman Whitaker, George Zink, J. P. and George Kinne, R. P. High and Dr. I. Bennett all took homesteads and made their homes in the immediate vicinity of the present town of Lebanon in April, 1872. A postoffice was established in 1874 in the B. F. Bradbury home one-half mile west of the present postoffice. "Grandma" Bowers, mother of Mrs. B. F. Bradbury and first owner of the land now occupied by the village of Lebanon, is credited with naming the town. It was incorporated on Feb. 9, 1906, and the following men were appointed to act as trustees: Dan F. Hupp, Walter Devoe, H. E. Waugh, L. A. Thomas and J. C. Cuming.
   The first newspaper we know about is the Redwillow County Gazette published by Royal Buck in 1872. It failed and the Indianola Courier started in 1880, later changed to the McCook Republican in 1902. The McCook Tribune started in June, 1882; Bartley Inter-Ocean in 1886. Lebanon's first paper was published on Dec. 8, 1887. The first paper in Danbury, the Danbury News, carried a dateline of Aug. 9, 1889. It lasted until the next summer. When it was found there would be no crop the last edition was mailed out with just two words in it "Dried out." The forerunner of the McCook Daily Gazette was the Redwillow County Gazette founded by H. D. Strunk July 7, 1911. The Indianola Reporter was started in the spring of 1891.
   Since the days of the short grass country the county has developed into a farming community in which the principal crops are corn, wheat, alfalfa, barley, potatoes and livestock. Of late years sorgum and sugar beets have been added to the list. Statistics of the drouth years would be unfair, although the drouth was almost nationwide, but in 1930 Redwillow County produced corn on the uplands on an average of thirty-three bushels an acre; wheat averaging twenty bushels; barley, thirty-four bushels, and alfalfa 3.1 tons per acre. The 1930 records of ten acre yields for the corn contest of Nebraska gave C. L. Nelms first place with 86.1 bushels average per acre, Carol Fitch second place with 83.4 bushels and R. 0. DeMay third with 78.6 bushels average. All these records were made on non-irrigated land.
   The county has suffered at various times from floods along the Republican river. The worst, however, was in 1935 when many lives were lost and much property damage was done.

   ALLEN, EARL V: Pharmacist; b Redwillow Co, Neb Dec 6, 1887; s of William H Allen-Sarah Gewer; ed Indianola HS; Creighton U, PhG: m to Daisy M Hines Sept 19, 1911 Minden; d Clarissa, Margaret; 1906 clk Omaha drug store: 1908 pharm Copeland Drug Co, Minden; 1908- with Allen & Co, Indianola: firm now Allen-Knotwell Pharm; past mbr town bd; pres sch bd; pres Comml Club; Neb Pharm Assn; KC; Cath Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting: father came to Redwillow Co & homesteaded 1880; res Indianola.

   BAGLEY, REX ALBERT: Red Cross Secretary: b Denver, Colo Feb 18, 1894; s of Alfred Horace Bagley-Ollie N Cook; ed U of Cincinnati; Jan 1933- home service secy for ARC; aided by Senator George W Norris, sponsored original Amer Leg resolution which brought about publication of 1st & 2nd editions of fed laws benefitting U S war veterans; during World War in USN, ordnance dept Inspector; Amer Leg; off Courthouse; res 907 1st West, McCook.

   BARNES, THEODORE FREDERICK: Publisher; b McCook, Neb June 12, 1900; s of Charles Wood Barnes-Rose Lee; ed McCook HS; U of N 1918-19; West Point Acad 1920-21; m Belle Zurich Apr 5, 1931 McCook; printer's devil, McCook Republican until 1913; 1914-15 with CB&Q RR in Summers; 1915-18 again with McCook Republican; 1921-24 homesteaded in Colo, owns 640 A; 1924 in newspaper work, McCook; 1925-27 in newspaper work with various papers in NY state; 1927-33 war mgr & editor McCook Republican, 1933- owner & publisher; supvr 9th dist 1930 natl census; first adjt Amer Leg, past comm, mbr state publicity com; past trustee Episc Ch, lay reader; Rep; hobby, reading. Father came to Redwillow Co in 1887, pur Indianola Times 1888, pur McCook Democrat & consolidated both as Times-Democrat; moved to McCook in 1890 & 1894 changed name of paper to Republican. Off 320 1/2 Main; res 602 3rd East, McCook.

   BARNETT, MRS ELLEN: Clubwoman; b Earlville, Ill; d of Leonard Furbush-Mary Dudley; ed Grand Junction Ia HS; m Albert Barnett 1July 25, 1894 Grand Junction Ia; s Frank Frees; d Ethel (Mrs J R McCarl); 8 years tchr in Green Co Ia schs; 1892 moved to McCook & started millinery shop; past mbr OES; Federated Womens Club; C of C; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; hobby, travel, has just completed a trip to West Indies; res 604 let Fast, McCook.

   BASH, GARNETT ABBOTT: Supervisory Agent; b Beach City, 0 May 16, 1875; s of Josiah Bash-Elizabeth Deardorff; ed Beach City 0 & Strasburg 0; m Blanche Hunt June 22, 1898 Republican City; s Robert; 1893-95 CB&Q RR helper, Oberlin Kas; 1895-97 teleg opr at various points on McCook div; 1897-1900 agt, Atlanta; 1900-07 agt, Norcatur Kas; 1907-08 chief clk to chief dispatcher, McCook; 1908-09 station agt CB&Q; RR, Akron Colo; 1909-13 station agt, Oxford; 1913- supervisory agt in McCook; past master AF&AM; past high priest RAM; past comm KT; Sesostris Shrine; past patron & past grand patron OES: chaplain BPOE; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off CB&Q RR; res 708 Main, McCook.

   BOULWARE, MILTON TEVIS: Osteopath; b Owensboro, Ky Sept 29, 1887; s of Orville Boulware-Jennie Harwood; ed Kirksville MO; Western Ky St Tchrs Coll, Bowling Green, life state tchrs certificate; U of Kentucky, 1909-10; Kirksville Mo Coll of Osteopathy & Surg, DO 1917; grad work Chicago Osteopathic Coll; Kansas City Osteopathic Coll; Los Angeles Osteopathic Coll; Acacia; m to Bess Mary Ruby July 3, 1922 Denver; s John M; 1911-13 prin Utica Ky consolidated schs; 1917-18 osteopathic phys & surg, Nashville Tenn; 1918-19 during World War with AEF in 79th div med corps 315th inf; 1919-20 osteopathic phys, Nashville Tenn; 1920- osteopathic phys & surg, McCook; owns Chief Motor Courts, tourist camp; also owns real estate in McCook; past pres, chmn dist contact com, SW Neb Dist Osteopathic Assn; Neb & Amer Osteopathic Assns; YMCA: Amer Leg; VFW; AF&AM; Congl Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting, travel; off 306 1/2 Main; res 1302 Main, McCook.

   BOYINGTON, EARL D MILLS: Savings Firm Officer; b Osawatomie, Kas Sept 29, 1893; s of John J Boyington-Alda Syphrit; ed Kemper Mil Acad; Baker U, Baldwin Kas 1912-13; U of Kas 1913-14; m Essie McDonald Nov 29, 1916 Hutchinson Kas; 1915-22 clk & cash Bird City Kas State Bank, VP 1922-23; 1923-24 bkkpr First Natl Bank at McCook, 1924-32 asst cash; 1932- secy-

   1Albert Barnett was president of the following organizations: Barnett Lbr Co & First Natl Bank of McCook, L W Cox & Co in Scottsbluff, J S Hatcher & Co in Curtis & the Warren Lbr Co in Fort Morgan Colo. He was a member of McCook sch bd 30 years & was former mayor of McCook. He also was chairman of the Good Roads promotional program, a member of Redwillow Co ARC bd & a YMCA director. He financed construction of Meth Memorial Church of McCook.



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treas McCook Co-op Bldg & Savings Assn; mbr city coun 4 years in Bird City Kas; mbr McCook city coun; Rotary; treas & secy AF&AM; grand capt of host RAM; recorder KT; Scot Rite 32o; past patron OES; MWA; AOUW of Kas; Rep; hobby, stamp collecting; off First Natl Bank Bldg; res 811 1st East, McCook.

   BRADY, EDWARD JOSEPH: Bank Director; b Fairbury, Ill Jan 17, 1881; s of James M Brady-Sarah Jane Murphy: ed McCook HS; m Mary C Fitzgerald June 19, 1912 McCook; 1901-03 with Denver Dry Goods Co; 1904-11 P 0 clk, McCook; 1912-20 P M. McCook; 1920-21 produce dlr; 1922-33 mgr Citizen's Gas Co; 1934- dir McCook Natl Bank; owns Redwillow Co farmland; dir McCook Co-op Bldg & Savings Assn; dir McCook C of C; dir Neb chapter U S 6 Roosevelt Highway Assn; trustee KC; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, motion picture shows; off McCook Natl Bank Bldg; res 1102 1st East, McCook.

   BRADY, MRS MARY COLLETTE: Banker; b Beardstown, Ill Mar 29, 1881; d of Ed Fitzgerald-Bridget Walsh; ed Visitation Acad, Evanston Ill; m E J Brady June 19, 1912 McCook; 1900-07 supreme court opinion clk, Lincoln; 1907-12 bkkpr McCook Natl Bank; 1912-28 homemaker; 1928- VP & dir McCook Natl Bank; pres Keystone Hotel Co; 4-H Club leader; Womans Club; diocesan pres Lincoln Coun of Cath Women; Rosary Soc, Cath Ch; Dem; off McCook Natl Bank; res 1102 1st East, McCook.

   BRELAND, ALLEN MERVIN: Funeral Director; b Mt Vernon, S D July 19, 1907; s of Ole Breland-Johanna Edwards; ed Mt Vernon S D HS; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha; Worsham Sch of Embalming, Chicago; m Berneice Dealer June 10, 1938 Papillion; d Bette Louise; 1927-33 embalmer & asst funeral dir H K Burket & Son, Omaha; 1933-37 mgr & funeral dir Pade Funeral Home, McCook; 1937- with D B Frazey owner Pade FunI Home, now mgr, funeral dir & embalmer; Neb St & Natl Funeral Dirs Assn; past dir Jr C of C; C of C; mbr exec bd of BSA troop sponsored by Rotary Club; Country Club; exalted ruler BPOE: AF&AM; Congl Ch; hobbies. hunting; off 110 East C; res 806 West 4th, McCook.

   BROOKS, DON F: Jeweler; b Greenfield, Ia Mar 12, 1894; s of J E Brooks-Sarah Purdy; ed HS in Ia; Mexico Mo Mil Acad; Tarkio Mo Coll; Tarbox & Gordon Watchmaking Sch, Omaha; m Nina Short June 2, 1915 Greenfield Ia; s Don A; d Mary, Barbara, Nina; 1914 mgr jewelry dept Cornell-Howe Store, Greenfield Ia; 1915 Pur Cornell-Howe Jewelry Store, sold 1916; 1917 estab jewelry store in Sibley Ia; 1919 with S H Avey Jewelry Co, Auburn; 1921 with Harry Dixon Jewelry Store, North Platte; 1927 with Michelson Jewelry, Grand Island; 1929 watchmaker in Sutton Jewelry Store, McCook; 1936-opr Don Brooks Jewelry Store; Neb St Jewelers Assn; C of C; 1918 during World War joined 321st machine gun battery 82nd div AEF, disch June 9, 1919; C of C; Amer Leg, comm post 302; chaplain VFW; AF&AM, Greenfield Ia; hobby, raising chickens; off 107 West B; res 607 4th East, McCook.

   BROWN, CHARLES HENRY: Florist; b Springfield, Ill July 23, 1867; s of W A Brown-Martha A Thomason; m Ruby Ray Lawver May 20, 1905 Atwood Kas; farmed in Rawlins Co Kas until 1912; 1912 estab McCook Greenhouses & Nurseries, started with 3 lots & 3 greenhouses, enlarged to 8 lots, 6 greenhouses, has complete floral service & nursery stock; maintains 25 agencies in territory adjacent to McCook; ships to all points in Neb; TDS; C of C; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, greenhouse & floral work; off 811 4th East; res 801 East 4th, McCook.

   BROWN, MRS C H: Florist; b Thomas Co, Kas Sept 2, 1890; d of Samuel H Lawver-Mary Kate Morland; ed Rawlins Ca Kas; m C H Brown May 20, 1905 Atwood Kas; 1912 with husband estab McCook Greenhouses & Nurseries; in chg of off & designs work for co; Womans Club; B&PW Club; Meth Ch, steward, secy Ladies Aid Soc; Rep; hobby, flowers; off 811 4th East; res 801 East 4th, McCook.

   CALDWELL, LEWIS E: Railway Superintendent; b Somerset Co, Penn 1881; s of David Caldwell-Katharine Heffley; ed Hebron HS; m Mae Steele 1902 Norton Kas; s Lewis E Jr, Gene D, Max S; d Helen (Mrs J R Metzger); 1900 clk CB&Q RR at Lincoln, 1927 supt in Omaha; 1931- supt of 775 mi of RR Hastings to Denver, hdqrs McCook; past dir C of C; past mbr Rotary; AF&AM: Scot Rite; Shrine; C of C; CB&Q RR Veterans Assn; Episc Ch; Rep; res Keystone Hotel, McCook.

   CAMPBELL, GEORGE A: Locomotive Engineer; b McCook, Neb Sept 19, 18851; s of A Campbell-Mary Vaughn; ed McCook HS; U of N; Delta Tau Delta; 1905 fireman for CB&Q RR, 1909- engineer; past mbr sch bd; C of C; CB&Q RR Veterans Assn; B of L E; AF&AM; York Rite; Shrine; BPOE; Episc Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; res 412 1st East, McCook.

   1Died Aug 7, 1989.

   CAMPBELL, MRS GRACE B: Homemaker; b Strong, Neb Mar 4, 1891; d of Thomas B Miller-Evalina L Pierce; ed Auburn HS; PSTC 1912; m Dr, M Campbell July 19, 1917 Trenton; s John M (dec), Alexander M; d Evalouise; 1910-11 tchr in Nemaha Co; 1912-14 tchr of math & science, Trenton HS; 1914-19 prin Trenton HS, coach of girls basketball team; substitute tchr McCook Jr HS: OES; McCook Mothers Club, pres 1932-33; Meth Ch; hobbies gardening & reading; res 801 West B, McCook.

   CAMPBELL, MRS LOUIE P: Retired; b Greencastle, Penn June 15, 1949; d of Henry Pooling Prather-Elizabeth Hostetter; ed pub & priv schs, Greencastle Penn; m McFarland Campbell Mar 10, 1875 Auburn: s James E (dec), Rush P (dec), McFarland; with sister & brother-in-law Mr & Mrs Joseph Strickler came to Neb in 1872, settled near Auburn; 1885-1919 lived on ranch W of Trenton; lived in Trenton 1919-24 & has made home with Dr & Mrs M Campbell son & daughter-in-law in McCook since 1924; owner of first sewing machine in her community; ch mbr First Presby Ch of Auburn, ch mbr Congl Ch, Trenton; DAR; ch mbr Degree of Honor; hobbies, quilt making, reading; husband was rancher & later mgr of livestock company; in Neb before state was opened to homesteaders; Hitchcock Co treas 2 terms; res 601 West B, McCook.

   CAMPBELL, MACFARLAND: Veterinarian; b Trenton, Neb Dec 22, 1890; s of McFarland Campbell-Louise Prather; ed Trenton HS; Kansas City Veterinary Coll, DVS 1911; m Grace B Miller July 19, 1917 Trenton; s John M (dec), Alexander M; d Evalouise; 1911-18 veterinarian in Trenton; 1919-24 veterinarian in Trenton, 1924- prac in McCook; 1932-35 mayor of McCook; mbr Neb bd of examiners in veterinary med; state inspector of livestock salesbarns; mbr Neb St & Amer Veterinary Med Assns; during World War June 1918-May 4, 1919 with AEF 1st lt base veterinary hosp 2 St Nazaire France; chmn flood control com C of C; mbr exec bd South Platte C of C; dir Imperial Power & Irrigation Dist; AF&AM; Rep; hobbies, hunting & fishing; Mrs Campbell taught science Trenton HS 1912-19, prin 1914-19; off & res 601 West B, McCook.

   CAMPBELL, MRS MARY A: Retired; b Albion, N Y Mar 1, 1857; d of Patrick Vaughn-Margaret Hickey; ed Council Bluffs Ia; m Alexander Campbell July 1880 Lincoln; s Norman J, George A (dec Aug 7, 1939), Bruce (dec 1938), Walter; was tchr in Council Bluffs Ia short time; OES; hobbies, knitting, cards; res 412 1st East, McCook.

   CAYA, EDWARD LOUIS: Chamber of Commerce Secretary; b Cedar Co, Neb Oct 28, 1883; S of Louis M Caya-Lydia C Ozbun; ed Bloomfield HS; Bellevue Coll, Bellevue 1899-1900; U of N 1900-02; m Gretchen M Henry June 26, 1907 Sioux City Ia; d Marion R (Mrs H W Fortner), Harriette L (Mrs Lou Strongin), Janet (Mrs Dave Koon); 1901-26 opr grain & milling bus in Bloomfield; 1926-32 life ins agt Sioux City Ia & Omaha; 1932-35 RFC field man in McCook in chg of 8 counties: 1935- secy McCook C of C; 1920-21 secy Bloomfield drainage dist; past mbr Bloomfield city coun & sch bd; secy Knox Co Fair Assn 1928-25; VP Neb chapter U S 6 Roosevelt Highway Assn; Neb Assn of Comml Orgn Secys; mbr Knox Co draft bd during World War: hobby, reading; off Keystone Hotel Bldg; res 1406 Main, McCook.

   CHENEY, LUKE H: Attorney; b Randolph, N Y June 27 1864; s of Matthew B Cheney-Lucy Stanley; ed Latin Prep Sch, Lincoln; U of N, 1887; U of Mich, BA & LLB 1889; m Clara Vance Nov 14, 1894 Laurens Ia; s Newel S, Wendell P; d Dorothy (Mrs Ray F Powers); 1889 prac law in Lincoln; 1891 prac law in Frontier Co; 1899-1909 & 1918-22 Frontier Co atty; 1923- prac in McCook; McCook city atty 1926. 1932, 1939; l4th Judicial Dist Bar Assn; past VP Neb St Bar Assn; 1919-23 mbr Amer Bar Assn; past mbr Neb St bd of agr; past secy Frontier Co Agrl Assn; pres McCook bd of edn since 1932, mbr since 1924; C of C; past mbr BPOE; AF&AM; past high priest RAM; past mbr Sesostris Shrine; Neb St Hist Soc; past trustee Congl Ch; Rep, past mbr Neb St Central Com; hobby, lodge work; off Penney Bldg: res 1006 Main, McCook.


in Nebraska


   CLAPP, HIRAM CORNELL: Metchant; b Allegan, Mich May 11, 1878; s of Irving Fletcher Clapp-Delora Alvira Sherwood; ed Allegan Mich HS 1895; m Cora Earl Aug 22, 1900 Allegan Mich (dec June 30, 1924); m Bertha Asian Lussen Nov 10, 1927; s Hiram Cornell; d Elsie Asten, Patricia Ruth; 1895-1901 bkkpr & clk John Stein & Co, Allegan Mich; 1901-02 mgr Groves Dry Goods Co, Stewart Ia; 1902 mgr John Grannis Dept Store, McCook; 1905-26 owner & opr The Store for Women in McCook; 1926-29 ret & managed real est ints, for time silent ptr in F Johnson Co; 1929- owner & mgr M C Clapp Womens, Misses & Children's Ready-to-Wear; during World War active in drives for funds; mbr lib bd; McCook & Neb Sr Hist Socs; past pres C of C; YMCA; past pres Kiwanis; dir Country Club; AF&AM; Tehama Shrine; Congl Ch, dir choir 20 years, presented pipe organ to church; hobby, civic interests; off 214 Main; res 705 East 1st, McCook.

   COLGAN, JOHN GILBERT: Dentist; b Alma, Neb May 7, 1900; s of Peter Edward Colgan-Margaret A Kinsella; ed Alma HS; Creighton U, DDS 1921: FACD 1938: Delta Sigma Delta; m Julia Frances Real Oct 1, 1924 McCook; s Gilbert; d Geraldine, Margaret, Janet; 1921- prac in McCook; SW Neb Dist Dental Soc, past pres; Neb St Dental Assn, chmn exec com; ADA; past pres Neb Soc for Promotion of Dentistry for Children; secy of staff St Catherine's Hosp; mbr Woodbury Study Club, which meets twice annually at Creighton U for training in operative dentistry under Dr Charles E Woodbury; during World War in SATC at Omaha; past VP & past dir C of C; past pres Kiwanis; YMCA; BPOE; Amer Leg; Country Club; past grand knight KC; Cath Ch; hobbies, photography, farming; off Penney Bldg; res 912 1st East, McCook.

   COLSON, DAN W: Building & Loan President; b Plainfield, Ill Mar 7, 1867; s of Judson Colson-Ellen E Wyatt; ed New Hampton Ia; m Fannie M Percy Sept 1890 Fond du Lac Wis; s Paul P; d Elsie E (Mrs Paul T Howe); 1884 with J M Simmons store in Wis; 1891 estab soap factory Aberdeen SD; 1891 estab Variety store, Coopertown S D; 1893 weigher for Cal Fruit Growers Assn; 1895 estab variety store, McCook; 1909- opr D W Colson Ins Agcy; 1921 org Home B & L Assn, pres since; ch mbr Rotary; ch mbr BPOE; ch mbr IOOF in N D; C of C; Neb Assn of B & L Assns; hobby, tax study; res 305 1st East, CcCook (sic).

   CURRAN, MRS MABEL LYON: County Clerk; b Skidmore, Mo Feb 8, 1900; d of Jesse F Beverlin-Ellen Jane Hunt; ed Wray Colo; m Harvey Lyon July 17, 1921 Denver Colo (dec 1932); m Floyd J Curran Nov 12, 1938 Holdrege; s Harvey Eugene; worked way thru HS as clk Webster & Mason Dept Store, Wray Colo; 1917-19 clk in Divoll's Dept Store, Trenton; 1919-21 Hitchcock Ca dep clk; 1921-33 clk for C L DeGraff's Ready-to-Wear, McCook; 1934- Redwillow Co clk, register of deeds & assessor; past secy S W Neb Assn of Commrs & Clks; past Neb Assn of Co Commrs, Co Clks, Co Registers of Deeds & Co Highway Commrs; Comml Club; Amer Leg aux; mbr of bd Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, homework, collecting poetry; off Courthouse; res 510 3rd West, McCook.

   DENNIS, BEN A: Dentist; b Trenton, Neb Oct 4, 1897; s of Frank Dennis-Fannie Hinkle; ed Holdrege HS; Neb Wes; U of N, DDS; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Xi Psi Psi; m Mildred Wyman Feb 29, 1936 Hastings; d Patsy T; 1926- prac in McCook; during World War Dec 1917 served in 678th airplane squad, Kelly Field Tex, also Dayton 0, disch Mar 1919; Amer Leg; pres Redwillow Co Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; C of C; past mbr Kiwanis; past exalted ruler BPOE; Meth Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off Penney Bldg; res 1101 1st West, McCook.

   DILLMAN, F EARL: Insurance & Loan Agent; b Curtis, Neb Sept 8 1889; s of Clarence B Dillman-Maren Whitham; ed Curtis HS; m Blanche Taylor May 28, 1913 Curtis; s Forrest; d Dorothy E (Mrs R W Gray), Blanche Elinor; 1903 bkkpr for State Bank of Curtis, later asst cash; 1915 org First State Back of Traer Kas, 1915-20 cash; 1920-22 with Farmers Elevator in Curtis; 1922-30 asst cash, Farmers & Mchts Bank, McCook; 1930- org & mgr McCook Finance Co; C of C; dir & treas Kiwanis; Neb Assn of Personal Finance Cos; treas Kiwanis; AF&AM; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off 101 West B; res 1201 1st West, McCook.

   DORWART, YULE W: Dentist; b Friend, Neb Nov 23, 1894; s of D Y Dorwart-Mary Andrew; ed McCook HS; Lincoln Dental Coll, DDS; Delta Sigma Delta; m Theresa Gatewood May 16 1918 McCook; s Yule G, John L; 1916- prac in McCook; during World War joined army June 1918, in depot brigade of dental infirmary, disch Dec 1918; SW Neb Dist Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; C of C; Amer Leg; Country Club; hobbies, archery, golf, fishing, huntIng; off Reed Bldg; res 508 3rd East, McCook.

   DRAKE, ELMER: Hardware Dealer; b Haddam, Kas July 22, 1883; s of Joseph Drake-Annie Caroline Fisher; ed Manhattan Kas HS; m Minnie Worrell May 1905 Alma Kas; d Marjorie M (Mrs Lester Olson); 1905-10 CRI&P RR station agt, McFarland Kas; 1910-13 mgr Theo Smith & Sons Lbr Co, Phillipsburg Kas; 1913-28 mgr Barnett Lbr Co, McCook; 1924- owner & mgr McCook Hdw; Mar 1937-Jan 1939 weather observer for United Air Lines; owns ranch in Dundy Co; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; Kiwanis; AF&AM; RAM; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off 108 West B; res 1211 1st West, McCook.

   DUCKWORTH, FRED BARBOUR: President Telephone Co; b Terre Haute, Ind July 11, 1867; s of Bradley B Duckworth-Sue Cletner; ed Redwillow Co; m Virginia Chinn Apr 20, 1898 Indianola; s Howard, Homer M; d Edith (Mrs I C Beep), Ena (Mrs Bernard Harsch); 1887-93 asst cash Bank of Benkelman; 1893-96 in milling bus, Indianola; 1896-1907 prop drug store, Indianola; 1907-10 farmed in Redwillow Co; 1910-12 opr 20 A fruit & lemon ranch in San Diego Co Cal; 1912-16 farmed in Redwillow Co; 1916-19 opr gen store, Indianola; 1919-21 mgr various ints; 1921-33 mgr & treas Havana Tele Co at Indianola, 1933- pres; mgr of land holdings; mbr city coun; C of C; Dem; hobbies, billiards, fishing; res Indianola.

   DUNBAR, JOHN FRANKLIN: Merchant; b Grand Island, Neb Mar 17, 1889; s of William F Dumbar-Elizabeth Mangan; ed Hastings HS: m Zella Osborn Sept 6, 1911 McCook; s John F Jr, Robert 0, Donald; d Mary Ellen; clk in Stein Bros store in Hastings while in HS; 1906-09 shoe clk A E Petty store, McCook; 1909-11 mgr Shenandoah Ia Shoe CO; 1911-18 mgr shoe dept King-Swanson Men's Clothing Co, Omaha; 1913-34 ptr in Dunbar & Osborn Shoe Store, McCook; 1934- owner & mgr Dunbar & Osborn Shoe Co; mbr sch bd 6 years; past dir C of C; AF&AM; RAM; Episc Ch, past sr warden; Rep; hobbies, hunting, reading; off 201 Main; res 406 1st East, McCook.

   ELDRED, CHARLES E: District Judge; b Argyle. Wis June 30, 1870; s of Charles C Eldred-Euphemia Bunnell; ed HS in Wis; m Jessie A Platt Aug 18, 1892 Phillipsburg Kas; s William C, Charles P, John E; 1890 adm to Kas bar; 1890 came to McCook; 1902 Redwillow Co judge; 1903-07 Redwillow Co atty; 1920- dist Judge; 1901-03 mayor of McCook; past mbr Rotary; past mbr city coun; Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; AF&AM; KT; off Courthouse; res 1002 Main, McCook.

   GREEN, EDWARD CLARK: Dentist; b Irving, Ill July 28, 1883; s of Warren Green-Mary Weldon; ed Medina N Y HS; U of Penn, DDS 1904; m Laura V Shoberg Jan 1919 Omaha; m Edna Cummins Jan 10, 1936 McCook; s Clark Odell, Warren Edward; d Mildred Mae; 1904-18 dentist, Springfield Mo; 1908-17 dentist, Kansas City Mo; 1917-31 dentist, Omaha; 1931- dentist, McCook; C of C; past esteemed loyal knight BPOE; past pres Country Club; past sr warden St Alban's Episc Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting, golf; off 218 1/2 Main; res 908 3rd West, McCook.

   HAMILTON, FRANK JAMES: Manager Telephone Co; b St Edward, Neb Sept 27, 1886; s of Ira M Hamilton-Clara M Watson; ed Plainview HS; m Mabel Cart Feb 9, 1919 Kenmare N D; s Kenneth Frank, Fredric Dean; d Leonra Clare, Beryl Irene; 1904 collector for Neb Tele Co, also trouble shooter, installer & combination man, Norfolk; 1909 homesteaded in Belle Fourche S D, also mgr of Neb Tele Co; 1910 combination man, Neb Tele Co at Lexington, 1911 wire chief, Wood River; 1912 1st class lineman for Mountain States Tele & Teleg Co, Sheridan Wyo; worked on horse ranch, Buffalo Wyo; became installer for Mountain States Tele & Teleg Co at Denver & Elizabeth Colo, 1913 mgr at Golden & Yampa Colo; 1914 lineman, Lincoln Tele & Teleg Co; 1914 combination man for Neb Tele Co, Wayne & Norfolk; 1915-20 combination man Northern Tele Co, Minot N D & other towns; 1920-21 wire chief Ainsworth Tele Co, Ainsworth & Northwestern Bell Tele Co, O'Neill; 1922 mgr Northwestern Bell Tele Co at West Point; 1923- mgr, McCook; Tele Pioneers of Amer; C of C; recd 1938 Rotary community service award, past pres & secy



Who's Who

Rotary; mbr NNG, Cos B & D 1907; dir YMCA; AF&AM; Bapt Ch; Dem; hobbles, Rotary, yard work; off Tele Bldg; res 1107 tat East, McCook.

   HANSON, FRED T: County Judge; b Wakefield, Neb Feb 25, 1902; s of Pete, H Hanson-Hannah Ulrike Anderson; ed Wakefield; Bertrand HS; U of N, LLB 1925; Delta Theta Phi; Order of Coif; omHelen E Haddock Nov 12, 1928 Tulsa Okla; 1925- prac in McCook; 1927-30 Redwillow Co atty; 1931- Redwillow Co judge; past pres 14th Judicial Dist Bar Assn; judicial counsel; Neb St Bar Assn; dir of probate div, Amer Bar Assn, mbr natl conf of commrs on uniform state laws of property acts section, chmn of com on uniform act concerning secured creditors dividends in liquidation proceedings; author of Effect of Insolvency Proceedings on Creditors Right to Interest, Mich Law Review, June 1934; The Secured Creditors Share of an Insolvent Estate, Mich Law Review, Jan 1936, reprinted in Current Legal Thought, Feb 1936; Nonsuit Pending Trial De Novo on Appeal, Ore Law Review, Feb 1986; Insolvency--the Co-debtor as a Factor in Distribution, Mich Law Review, May 1987, reprinted in Current Legal Thought, July-Aug 1937; Contribution Between Multiple Co-debtors, Penn Law Review, Nov 1937, reprinted in N J Law Journal, Dec 1937; Contractual Limitations of Suretyship Protection of Pub Deposits--Effect of Statutes, Brooklyn Law Review, Mar 1939: C of C; past exalted ruler BPOE; YMCA: hobby, writing; off Courthouse; res 1204 Main, McCook.

   HASTY, MRS JESSE W: Clubwoman; b Arapahoe, Neb; d of J T Utterback-Rebecca Jane Carter; ed Arapahoe HS; summer schs Beaver City & Elwood; m Jesse W Hasty Nov 22, 1899 Arapahoe; s John D, Waite, Earl, D Stanley; d Jeanne Corinne (Mrs F D Hagins), E Lucille (Mrs George C Hattori); 1897-99 tchr, Arapahoe schs; 1st VP; past pres, past treas of CB&Q RR Veterans Assn aux; past pres PTA city coun, past pres of 5th dist, del from Neb to natl convs in Cincinnati, Miami & Minneapolis; past pres NFWC pres & dept jr VP of DUV; past secy & past Pres Matinee Music Club; past extn chmn Neb Fedn of Music Clubs; past pres McCook Delphian Soc; past pres & relief secy Prairie Queen div 496, ladies aux to B of L E; pres Redwillow Co WCTU; gen supt of domestic arts Redwillow Co Fair; chmn com of Better Homes & Gardens in Amer apptd thru Washington; dir McCook ch ARC, mbr exec bd; dir McCook Assoc Charities; sponsored tree planting program in one of McCook's new city parks & active in behalf of YMCA bldg of Jr Coll; music chmn for McCook memorial auditorium, dedicated Nov 12, 1939; mbr Comm Co-op Concert Assn: chmn Christmas seat com 1939: Meth Ch, mbr of choir: WFMS; Rep; past pres Redwillow Co Central Com; hobby, club work; res 809 West 1st, McCook.

   HEGENBERGER, FLOYD M: Masseur; b Curtis, Neb July 16, 1890; s of Herman Hegenberger-Jennie Boyer; ed McCook; La Salle Extn U, Chicago; Chicago Sch of Hydrotherapy & Swedish Massage; m Myrtle F Rupp June 19, 1909 McCook; s Herman James (dec), Leroy (dec); d Jean Ruth (Mrs D R McDonald), Doris June; 1905 machinist appr CB&Q RR; 1906 barber appr in McCook; 1907 oprd farm in Glenwood Ia; 1907-08 emp by Fred Bums, barber in McCook; 1909-19 prop & ptr in barber shop, 1918- prop of shop; 1938 estab mineral vapor bath salon in connection with barber shop; helped org Home B & L Assn; past chmn city coun; mbr cemetery com; C of C; past master AF&AM, dir Temple Assn 20 years; York Rite; KT; Episc Ch; past chmn Redwillow Co Rep Central Com; hobbies, fishing, hunting, gardening; off 213 Main; res 902 1st West, McCook.

   HERMAN, ROY ARTHUR: Funeral Director; b Osceola, Neb May 25, 1906; s of A J Herman-Hanna Timm; ed Osceola HS; U of N; U of Cincinnati Coll of Embalming; Sigma Phi Epsilon; to Leona Lenhart Aug 25, 1930 Beatrice; s John A; d Helen S; 1929 with Gene Bush-Herman Funeral Home, Tecumseh; 1930 with Herman-Simms Funeral Home, Beatrice; 1931-36 with Gregg-Herman Funeral Home, McCook; 1935- with Pade-Herman Funeral Home; C of C; Past Pres Kiwanis: BPOE: AF&AM: OES; UCT; Meth Ch; Rep: as 1104 West 1st, McCook.

   HERTZ, CHARLES E: Freight & Passenger Agent: b Trenton, Neb Mar 13, 1890; s of John W Hertz-Delia E Maloney; ed Trenton HS; m Dollie E Hurst July 15, 1922 McCook; s Phillip D, Hale W; 1908-11 teleg opr, Trenton; 1911-12 teleg opr Platen, Colo; 1912-14 freight & passenger agt at Yuma Colo, 1914-16 agt at Trenton, 1916-20 agt at Traer Kas; 1920- freight & passenger agt, teleg opr in Indianola; 1930-32 mayor; treas sch bd 4 years: ORT; C of C; past finance secy KC; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, hunting; res Indianola.

   HODGKIN, JAY VERNE: Osteopath: b Bartley, Neb Oct 23, 1898; s of Harry P Hodgkin-Jessie E Stephens: ed McCook HS; Des Moines Still Coll of Osteopathy, DO: Phi Sigma Gamma; m Virginia M Bledsoe Dec 10, 1926 Des Moines; d Janet Ann: 1925-28 prac in Benkelman; 1928-36 prac with Dr F L Montgomery, McCook; 1936- prac indep; C of C: secy Rotary; S W Neb Dist Osteopathic Assn; Neb St & Amer Osteopathic Assns: AF&AM; York Rite; hobbies, fishing, hunting, amateur movies; off 201 1/2 West B; res 1310 2nd West, McCook.

   HOLMES, FRANK L: Superintendent of Schools; b Chesterfield, England Aug 12, 1903; s of Simon Holmes-Rachel Cousins; ed Chesterfield England HS; Sheffield U; Graceland Coll, Lamont Ia, AA; Iowa Sr Coll: U of Kas, BA, BSc 1929; U of Cal; U of N; Northwestern U, MA; Lambda Delta Sigma; m Carol A Gillen Aug 29, 1927 Independence Mo; s Roland Gillen; d Frances Aileen, Janice Virginia, Carol Joan; 1925-28 prin & coach, Springfield: 1928-30 supt Bennet schs; 1932-36 supt Central City schs; 1939- Supt of McCook schs & pres McCook Jr Coll; Neb Schoolmasters Club; Rotary; Rep; res McCook.

   HORMEL, BEN F JR: Auto Dealer; b Austin, Minn Jan 19, 1914; s of B F Hormel-Flora Kaufmann: ad Austin Minn HS: Principia, St Louis; Grinnell Ia Coll; U of Penn, BSc; past pres Phi Kappa Psi; m Thelma Lowe Feb 25, 1937 Plainview Tex; 1928 with father Ben F in Hormel Packing Co, Austin Minn while in sch; 1937 with Hulac Chevrolet Co of Omaha; 1938- owner & mgr Hormel Chevrolet Co, McCook; C of C; Omaha zone Chevrolet Dlrs Assn; Neb & Natl Auto Dlrs Assns; Rotary; BPOE, Omaha; hobby, golf; off Chevrolet Garage; res 1208 1st East. McCook.

   HOYT, CHARLES EDWARD: Hardware Dealer; b Hitchcock Co, Neb June 3, 1900; s of James L Hoyt-Priscilla Bobinmyer; ed McCook HS; U of N, BSc 1921, mbr football team 1918, mbr wrestling team 1919-21, capt 1921; m Helen Edgecombe Aug 28, 1924 Estes Park Col.; s John Edgecombe; d Joan Priscilla; 1921-23 ranched in Hitchcock Co; 1923-25 athletic coach & history tchr, McCook HS; 1925- ptr of L W Jennings in Jennings & Hoyt Hdw Store; with mother opr 1720 A ranch in Hitchcock Co; Neb Retail Hdw Assn: VP city bd of edn; past pres C of C; pres Rotary; past exalted ruler BPOE; AF&AM; RAM; R&SM; KT; Country Club; mbr of bd, Meth Ch: Rep; hobbies, farming, livestock; off 117 Main; res 401 1st East, McCook.

   JAGGER, LEE F: Railway Conductor; b Galesburg, Ill July 31, 1889; s of James Jagger-Frances Weidenhamer; ed Galesburg Ill HS; Browns Bus Coll, Ill; LaSalle Extn U; m Edna Glaze Sept 1913 Holdrege; s Eldon; d Harriett: m Lucy I Witham Apr 1938 McCook; 1906 helper on freight platform & timekeeper for construction gang CB&Q RR, 1907 yard checker in Galesburg Ill, 1907-15 brakeman at McCook, 1912 asst depot agt in Denver: 1915- conductor; ORC; CB&Q RR Veterans Assn; AF&AM; York Rite; RAM: KT; Shrine; Meth Ch: Rep; hobby, reading; res 509 2nd East, McCook.

   JAMES, WALTER D: Attorney; b Council Bluffs Ia Apr 17, 1897; s of Walter D James-Minnie Mitchell; ed Brush Colo HS; U of Colo 1914-15; U of N, LLB 1919; Phi Alpha Delta; Order of Coif; m Louise B Weicher Sept 10, 1919 Denver Colo; s Walter D Jr, Vincent R, Phillip S; d Muriel L; 1915 chemist Great Western Sugar Co, Brush Colo; 1918 timekeeper CB&Q RR; adm to Neb bar May 26, 1919; 1918-20 secy to Hon James R Dean, justice of Supreme court of Neb; 1920-23 with Lambe & Butler, attys, Cambridge; 1923-39 in firm of Butler & James, McCook & Cambridge; Jan 1939- mbr firm Butler, James & McCort, McCook & Cambridge; past pres 14th Judicial Dist Bar Assn; mbr exec coun, past VP Neb St Bar Assn; past VP Amer Bar Assn; 1928-34 Cambridge city atty; 1932 Furnas Co atty; 1935-36 McCook city atty; C of C; past dir McCook Rotary; Past Pres Cambridge Rotary; McCook Tennis Club; Country Club; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, tennis; off Reed Bldg 301 1/2 Main; res 1708 N Main, McCook.

   JAQUET, JAMES RENE: Manager of Light & Power Co; b St Imier, Switzerland Jan 31, 1888; s of August Emile Jaquet-Adele Fete; ed Falls City HS; Iowa Sr Coll 1914-15; m Kate Falloon Aug 27, 1923 Falls City; s James R Jr, Edwin F; 1892 came to Amer; 1908-25 ptr of father


in Nebraska


in A E Jaquet Jewelry Co; 1925 salesman Neb Light & Power CO, McCook; 1926-32 mgr Gothenburg Light & Power Co; 1932- gen mgr Neb Light & Power Co, McCook; gen mgr Gothenburg Light & Power Co, hdqrs McCook; during World War in SATC at U of N & Lafayette Ind; C of C; past pres Kiwanis; pres YMCA; Amer Leg; AF&AM, Falls City; RAM; past patron OES; dir Country Club; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, photography; father was watchmaker in Horton Kas, 1898 established jewelry bus in Salem, 1899 moved to Falls City; off 412 Main; res 802 1st East, McCook.

   JENNINGS, LOYD WOOD: Hardware Dealer; b McCook, Neb May 8, 1886; s of John Byron Jennings-Vina Beckstead; ed McCook HS; m Lorene Calhoon June 7, 1914 McCook; 1904-15 in supply dept CB&Q RR, McCook; 1915-20 in hdw bus, Wauneta; 1925- co-owner & opr Jennings-Hoyt Hdw Co, formerly H P Waite & Co; past pres Neb Retail Hdw Assn; past mbr city coun; mbr city bd of public works; past dir C of C; past master Wauneta AF&AM; RAM; KT; Episc Ch, trustee; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off 117 Main; res 1105 1st West, McCook.

   JOHNSON, JAMES RICHARD: Junior College Dean; b Youngstown, Mo May 30, 1898; s of W L Johnson-Jennie Etella Henry; ed Kirksville Mo HS & St Tchrs Coll; Amer Extn U; U of Mo, BSc, LLB, MA; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Lambda Epsilon; Sigma Tau Gamma; Phi Delta Kappa; m Cecile Ethel Croson May 15, 1921 Kirksville MO; s James Richard Jr; b Barbara Etella, Donna Elizabeth; 1921-23 prin, Unionville Mo HS; 1923-25 supt of schs, Granger Mo; 1926 org McCook Jr Coll, first pub jr coll in Neb; 1926- dean of Jr Coll; during World War enl May 20, 1917, co I 34th inf, 7th div, O/S Aug 1, 1918-June 1919, disch June 26, 1919; past reserve ofcr U S chemical warfare service; past mbr Amer Chemical Soc; past comm Amer Leg; past pres S W Neb Schoolmen's Assn; past secy dist 5 NSTA; NEA; pres Amer Colleges & Universities 1933-34; past pres Kiwanis; listed in Who's Who in Amer Edn, Nebraskana 1932; AF&AM; Congl Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing, woodwork; off Jr Coll; res 1302 Main, McCook.

   JOHNSON, WALLACE L: Music Teacher; b Lamartine, Wis June 11, 1868; s of Chilion F Johnson-Sarah Jenner; ed Fox Lake Wis HS; Downer Coll, Fox Lake Wis; Northwestern U Sch of Music, grad work 1890; m Florence A Sherwood July 1, 1903 Central City; d Mildred A (Mrs 0 M Berve); Margaret A (Mrs J C VanValin); 1891-1910 piano tchr, Blair & Omaha; supvr of music in Blair schs; 1910-26 instr in piano, pipeorgan, band in Holdrege, also dir Holdrege Comml Club Band, supvr of music Holdrege schs & organist at auditorium, music dir & organist Holdrege Meth Ch; org Music dept of Blair schs, past band dir, ent band 4 seasons in Ak-Sar-Ben Parade, band led parade 2 seasons; 1926- piano instr in McCook; AF&AM, Holdrege; RAM, Blair; OES, McCook; organist 12 years Kiwanis; organist Meth Ch; hobby, music; res 510 West 1st, McCook.

   JONES, MRS BLANCHE: Insurance Agent; b McCook, Neb Dec 18, 1890; d of Benjamin F Bowen-Hattie Clark; ed McCook HS; m Bryce Quayle Jones June 6, 1917 McCook (dec Nov 28, 1918); s John Francis; 1933- owner & opr Blanche Jones & Son Ins Co, McCook; C of C; past pres Womans Club; treas & past regent DAR; past noble grand Rebekah; OES; treas of Dorcas Soc Congl Ch, treas missionary soc; ancestors came to Amer on Mayflower; off Penney Bldg; res 1012 2nd East, McCook.

   JONES, DWIGHT S: Merchant; b Steilacoom, Wash Sept 21, 1891; s of Will Jones-Jessie Dwight; ed Fremont HS; Fremont Normal; m Corinne Schneider Dec 25, 1915 Fremont; 1911-16 clk with John Knowles Shoe Co, Fremont; 1916-17 with various shoe stores; 1918-23 with Scottsbluff Clothing Co; 1922-25 in Cal; 1925-32 with E C Chitwood enterprises, McCook; 1932- ptr of Earl Wheeler in Vogue Clothing Co; C of C; BPOE; Prot; hobby, gardening; off 124 Main; res 1311 2nd West, McCook.

   KAY, ELMER: Clerk of District Court; b Sullivan Center, Ill Apr 18, 1878; s of Zachius L Kay-Sarah E Brown; ed McCook HS 1895; first person to complete course of McCook pub schs from 1st to 12th grades, halfback on 1st McCook HS football team, mbr first HS orchestra; m Zylpha Gunter Jan 1, 1903 Chicago Ill; s Elmer Jr; d Elizabeth P (Mrs E L Roraima), Lois V; 1896-1899 bkkpr, ore buyer, Picher Lead Co, Joplin Mo; 1900-02 teller, Miner Bank in Joplin; 1902-06 asst cash, paymaster & chief auditor WellsFargo Express Co, Chicago; 1907-11 mgr Comml Hotel & CB&Q RR eating house, McCook; 1912- clk of dist court, Redwillow Co; 1920- secy & managing ofcr Redwillow Co Fair Assn; 1920- dir McCook Co-op Bldg & Savings Assn; dep clk U S dist court, McCook div; U S commr dist court, dist of Neb; C of C; AF&AM; RAM: BPOE; Western Horse Breeders Assn; Rep; hobbies, breeding & training fine horses, breeder of Kent Bumpus, record 2.01 3/4, fastest harness horse ever bred in Neb; breeder of Jimmy Bumpus, record 2.03 1/2 winner of fastest 3 heat race ever paced in Kas; off Courthouse: res 310 2nd East, McCook.

   KELLEY, JOHN ELMER: Attorney; b Birmingham, Ia Nov 12, 1862; s of William Kelley-Martha Davis; ed Ia; m Nora M Clark Apr 18, 1885 Phillipsburg Kas; s Charles William; clk U S land offs in Kirwin Kas & McCook until 1885; estab bus as land atty, abstractor & realtor; June 23, 1890 adm to bar in dist court of Redwillow Co; Apr 6, 1886 elec city clk of McCook; 1895-1925 served intermittently as mayor of McCook; 1924 del to Rep natl conv, Cleveland; exalted ruler BPOE; off 316 Main Ave; res 316 1/2 Main Ave, McCook.

   KLEIN, JACOB L: Building Contractor; b McCook, Neb Aug 30, 1895; s of Jacob Klein-Anna Walker; ed McCook; m Anna Lazetta, Seifert Mar 19, 1919 Norfolk; s Richard Allen; d Marian Frances, Jean Mildred; 1911-14 delivery boy & clk in J Wilcox Groc Store, McCook; 1914-19 carp in Casper Wyo, Norfolk & McCook; 1919- gen bldg contr, hdqrs in McCook, built approximately 275 homes in McCook, also business & public bldgs; during World War in U S N Aviation service 9 mos; C of C; past vice-comm Amer Leg; BPOE; Congl Ch; hobby, hunting; res 1502 Main, McCook.

   KLEVEN, LEROY: Railroad Dispatcher; b Culbertson, Neb Feb 28, 1881; s of John E Kleven-Bertha Halverson. ed Culbertson HS; m Nina Doan Feb 18, 1903 McCook; s John E; 1897 teleg student with CB&Q RR at Culbertson, 1898 teleg opr Wray Colo & Culbertson, 1899 teleg opr at McCook, 1902- train dispatcher, McCook; mbr City coun since 1932; C of C; Amer Train Dispatchers Assn; CB&Q RR Veterans Alan; AF&AM; Shrine; Chris Sci Ch; Rep; hobbies, golf. fishing, hunting; res 911 East 1st, McCook.

   KNOX, W E: Surgeon; b Attalla, Ala Nov 22, 1884; s of W E Knox-Anna Letitia Moore; ed Anniston Ala HS; Ala Polytechnic Inst, Anburn; Tulane U, New Orleans La, MD; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Kappa Kappa; m Lucy Frewen Jan 12, 1910 Norcatur Kas; s W E III, Arthur Manuel Hertzler; d Virginia Elizabeth, Mary Ann; 1909-21 prac Norcatur Kas, built & oprd Norcatur Hosp: 1921- prac in McCook, staff mbr St Catherine's Hosp: past pres S W Neb Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; past dir Rotary; AF&AM; York Rite; Shrine; BPOE; Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, dogs; off First Natl Bank Bldg; res 905 Main, McCook.

   KOLER, A A: Railway Engineer; b Omaha Neb May 4, 1887; s of Joseph Koler-Mary Brush; ed Bellevue HS; Bus Coll, Red Cloud 1905; m Viola Jean Nielsen June 2, 1937 McCook; d Monta Irene, 1904-05 with L P Albright Furn & Undertaking Co, Red Cloud; 1906-11 CB&Q RR fireman, McCook; 1911-12 fireman CB&Q RR in Denver; 1913-19 engineer CB&Q RR at Denver, 1920- engineer, McCook; during World War joined U S army Apr 23, 1918, with 31st engineers Co A, O/S 13 mos, disch July 1919; Amer Leg; VFW; Past mbr CB&Q RR Veterans Assn: vice chmn gen com B of L F & E, legislature mbr; BPOE; AF&AM; Chris Ch; Dem; hobby, study of RR pension act; res 503 East 2nd, McCook.

   KORF, LESTER J: Grocer; b Sigourney, Ia July 28, 1891; s of J H Korf-Matilda Kadel; ed Sigourney Ia HS; m Mabel E Hegenberger July 21, 1912 McCook; s Wayne J; 1939 clk C L DeGroff & CO, McCook; 1915- opr & mgr groc bus; past dir C of C, chmn retail com; VP McCook Co-op B & L Assn; AF&AM; KT; Maccabees; ARC; past steward Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, collecting stamps & old money, woodwork; res 411 East 4th, McCook.

   KROGH, HARRY M: Bank Cashier; b Howard Co, Neb Feb 26, 1898; s of C T Krogh-Chrlstine Hansen; ed Dannebrog HS; m Verda M Darby Aug 19, 1922 Chappell; s Harry M; d Jacqueline; 1916-18 clk Amer State Bank of Omaha, 1919-21 asst cash; 1922 with Fred E Bodie, Omaha; 1923-24 bkkpr Consumers Oil & Coal Co of Omaha; 1925 with Metropolitan Life Ins CO, Omaha; 1926-31 with Farmers & Mchts State Back, McCook; 1931 in Wash & Ore; 1932 with Lincoln Liberty Life Ins Co & Omar Baking Co, Omaha; 1932

asst cash First Natl Bank, McCook, 1938- cash; Neb St & Amer Bankers Assns; C of C; AF&AM; Congl Ch: Dem; hobby, golf; res 1007 West 1st, McCook.

   LARMON, ROLLAND: Banker; b Pomeroy, Ia July 31, 1898; s of E B Larmon-Alberta Ebersole; ed Oxford HS; U of N 1918; m Lola Hensley Aug 24, 1919 Oxford; s Harold E; 1916-19 bkkpr Security State Bank, Oxford; 1919-23 asst cash Wilsonville State Bank, Wilsonville; 1923-32 asst cash First Natl Bank of McCook, 1932-38 cash, 1938 pres; city treas; dir, past pres C of C; dir YMCA; past master AF&AM; Amer Leg; treas Congl Ch; Rep; off First Natl Bank; res 205 East K, McCook.

   LEININGER, EARL FRANCIS: Physician & Surgeon; b Greeley, Neb Oct 22, 1897; s of Phillip H Leininger-Delia M Grady; ed Sargent HS; U of N, BSc 1921, MD 1923; Omega Beta Pi; Phi Chi; m Eda Jane Corley July 8, 1923 McCook; d Marcia Suzanne; 1923 interne Wise Memorial Hosp, Omaha; 1923-24 prac in McCook; 1924-28 prac in Atwood Kas; 1928- gen prac in McCook; staff mbr St Catherine's Hosp; past secy S W Neb Dist Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; during World War at Camp, MacArthur OTS, Waco Tex; C of C; BPOE; AF&AM; Episc Ch; off Penney Bldg; res 1212 West 1st, McCook.

   McCANN, RICHARD HOWE: School Principal; b Beatrice, Neb Nov 11, 1902; s of Joseph H McCann-Laura Howe; ed Beatrice HS; Cotner Coll, BA 1924; 1919-29 state HS debate champion, state coll debate champion 1921 & 1924; editor student paper Cotner Collegian; U of N Coll of Law 1922-23, MA 1936: Phi Lambda Epsilon; Pi Kappa Delta; Acacia; m Viola Black Sept 1, 1925 Lincoln; 1924-25 prin Brock HS; 1925- prin of McCook Jr HS; pres pub safety coun: pres BSA coun; gives 200 lectures each year to HS groups, clubs, co tchrs institutes & convs in Neb & Kas; served 5 years as 1st VP of Neb congress PTA; past pres dist 5, NSTA, past chmn Neb com on edn of exceptional children; past pres SW Neb Schoolmens Club; past exalted ruler BPOE, mbr crippled childrens com; Rotary; First Chris Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting, camping; off Jr HS; res 1405 West 2nd, McCook.

   McCARL, CHARLES ELWOOD: Attorney; b McCook, Neb June 9, 1909; s of Thomas E McCarl-Catherine Andrews; ed McCook HS; McCook Jr Coll, 1927-28; U of N, BA 1931, LLB 1933; Delta Upsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Kosmet Klub, mbr Great Cathedral Choir, Lincoln 1929-33; 1933 adm to bar to prac in all state courts in Neb, also to prac in fed dist courts; 1933- prac in McCook: Jan 5, 1939 became mbr firm Butler, James & McCarl; 1935- Redwillow Co atty; 1936-37 secy & treas 14th Judicial Dist Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn; Jr C of C; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, tennis, swimming, music; off 301% Main; res 1406 West 2nd, McCook.

   McMILLEN, MRS A: Pbamacist; b Exeter, Ont Canada May 18, 1867: d of A McConnell-Mary M Shaw: ed Canada; m A McMillen Feb 20, 1889 McCook (dec Jan 11, 1922); s Cecil (dec Mar 23, 1934); d Hazel (dec); Mr McMillen estab drug store 1885, Mrs McMillen has continued as active mgr since his death; 1935 gave jr coll to McCook as a memorial to son Cecil; Pleasure Hour Club; Top Notch Club; Dinner Club; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, boosting Jr coll; father came to McCook in 1883; res 306 East 2nd, McCook.

   MARSH, CARL F: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Hitchcock Co, Neb May 1, 1889; s of F C Marsh-Nancy I Dexter; ed Hitchcock Co; La Salle Extn U; m Margaret E Cundall May 21, 1910 Atwood Kas; s C Frederick; d Nan Elizabeth; 1907 with Benedict-Hall real est off in Trenton; 1911-20 opr indep real est bus in Trenton; 1920- in real est bus in McCook; 1934 apptd WPA land appraiser for Neb, began, with South Omaha bridge, then went to Sutherland project at Columbus, Genoa project, Tri-Co, North & Middle Loup projects, supervised pur of approximately 6 million dollars worth of right of way; C of C; past mbr IOOF; AF&AM: 1928 Rep del to natl conv, 1932 del to conv in Chicago; Meth Ch; hobby, fishing; off Marsh Bldg; res N Main, McCook.

   MERRELL, MAX: Hotel Owner; b Diller, Neb July 7. 1889; s of S R Merrell-Allie Shields; ed Fairbury HS; U of N; U of Mich, LLB; Phi Delta Theta; m Hazel Poland Oct 24, 1918 Junction City Kas; s Scott; 1913 with Dwight Bell in law firm, San Diego Cal; 1915-17 prac in Fairbury; 1917 in US N; 1918-22 mgr Gillette Hotel, Manhattan Kas; 1922-35 mgr Keystone Hotel, McCook; 1925-30 opr Parkson Hotel, Okmulgee Okla; 1930-32 opr Holliday Hotel, Cairo Ill; 1932- opr Keystone Hotel, McCook; C of C; Neb Hotel Assn; Amer Hotel Assn; past mbr Rotary; past mbr Kiwanis; BPOE; AF&AM; MWA; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Keystone Hotel.

   MITCHELL, DANIEL L: Bank Cashier; b Harrison Co, Ind Mar 5, 1896; s of George W Mitchell-Kate Frank; ed Maywood HS; LBC; m Florence M Cochran Sept 2, 1926 Wilsonville; 1912-20 famed in Lincoln Co; 1920-21 bkkpr State Bank of Bartley, 1921-37 asst cash, 1937- cash; came to Neb when 4 years old to live with aunt & uncle Mr & Mrs Edward Brown, early settlers on homestead in Lincoln Co; has farm ints in Frontier Co; secy AF&AM; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, gardening; off & res Bartley.

   MORLAN, MRS MARY E: Homemaker; b Tioga Co, Penn Aug 4, 1848; d of Evan Evans-Margaret Williams; ed HS in Wis; Acad of Wis; m W S Morlan Jan 10, 1874 North Platte (dec 1915); 1872 Mrs Morlan came to live in North Platte; 1873 tchr in North Platte schs; 1874 moved to Arapahoe, 1892 moved to McCook, has lived in same house 47 years; past mbr Shakespeare Club; ch mbr Federated Womens Club; Rep; hobbies, reading, writing; res 802 Main, McCook.

   MORRIS, JOHN G: Lumber Dealer; b McCook, Neb Feb 22, 1897; s of John Morris-Edith Nowell; ed McCook HS; m Bernice Lundberg May 10, 1921 McCook; s Gene G; d Bernice Jacqueline; 1916-21 with CB&Q RR shops in McCook; 1921-24 owner & opr of elevator in Heartwell; 1924-25 with Bullard Lbr Co, pur in 1935 by McCook Lbr Co: 1935- with McCook Lbr Co, 1937- mgr; during World War ent USN June 1918, aviation service, disch Apr 1919; C of C; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn & Mountain States Lbr Dlrs Assns; pres Rotary, past dir; AF&AM; RAM; BPOE; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, golf, bunting; off McCook Lbr Co; res 406 4th East, McCook.

   MOSS, GEORGE F: Bank Cashier; b Fenton, Ill Nov 18, 1892; s of George H Moss-Mary Cronkite; ed Miltonvale Kas HS; Gem City Bus Coll, Quincy Ill; m Collie Kramer Dec 10, 1915 McCook; s Jack G, Robert H; 1912-16 bkkpr McCook Natl Bank, 1916-28 asst cash, 1928- cash & dir; 1915-30 city clk; 1930-32 mayor, city treas; has farm ints in Redwillow & Hitchcock Cos; C of C; Rotary; BPOE; past master 2 years AF&AM; past high priest 2 years RAM: R&SM; KT; OES; off 220 Main; res 201 Main, McCook.

   NORRIS, GEORGE WILLIAM: US Senator; b Sandusky Co, 0 July 11, 1861; s of Chauncey Norris-Mary Mook; ed Baldwin U, Ohio; Normal Sch, Northern Ind; Valparaiso Ind, LLB; m Pluma Lashley 1890 (dec 1901); d Hazel (Mrs John P Robertson), Marian (Mrs Harvey F Nelson), Gertrude (Mrs Gordon R Rath); m Ella Leonard 1903; 1883 adm to bar; 3 terms prosecuting atty; 1895-1902 Judge 14th Neb dist; 1903-13 mbr 58th to 62nd congresses, 5th Neb dist; 1913- US senator; led fight in house of representatives which overthrew Cannonism; father of 20th amendment to constitution; obtained enactment of Anti-Injunction Act, Tenn Valley Authority Act 1933, author of Rural Electrification Act 1936; author Neb constitutional amendment of 1934, providing for unicameral legislature; 1932 chmn Natl Progressive League, Roosevelt for pres; Rep; res McCook.

   NOYES, CLYDE CLAYBAUGH: Agrlcultural Extension Agent; b Valley, Neb Nov 19, 1911; s of Edward Porter Noyes-Mary Louise Claybaugh; ed Valley HS; Doane Coll 1928-29; U of N, BSc 1932; Alpha Zeta; m Lucille Sarah Hile Nov 1, 1936 Franklin; s Clyde Raymond; d Cynthia Sue; worked on father's farm until graduation from coll; 1933 in testing dept Ia-Neb Non-Stock Coop Milk Marketing Assn; 1933 tchr of vocational agr, Fairbury HS; 1934 asst Frontier Co agrl agt, Stockville; 1934 with Travelers Ins Co, agrl work in N E Neb; 1935-June 1938 Dundy Co agrl agt; 1938- Redwillow Co agrl agt, McCook; Neb Assn of Co Agrl Agts; chmn agrl com C of C; Meth Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; parents oprd dairy farm in Douglas Co; off Courthouse; res 1001 East let, McCook.

   O'BRIEN, CHARLES JOHN: Building & Savings Firm Director; b Utica, NY Feb 2, 1869; s of John O'Brien-Ellen J Morris; ed Utica, NY HS; m Veronica King June 28, 1892 Dawson; s John J, James T, Joseph; d Helen M (Mrs John L McCloskey); 1888-1891 clk, J C Allen & Co of McCook; 1891-94 clk with H Lawler & clk, Lowman & Son; 1894-1907 clk, C L DeGroff & Co; 1907 helped org McCook Natl Bank; 1907-28 cash McCook Natl Bank, 1928- pres & dir; dir McCook Co-op Bldg & Savings Assn; KC; C of C; active in orgn McCook baseball club in Neb St


in Nebraska


League; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, baseball & golf; off McCook Natl Bank: res 512 East 4th, McCook.

   OGIER, ROBERT EDWIN: Service Station Owner; b North Platte, Neb May 10, 1908; s of N E Ogier-Raie Garman; ed North Platte HS; U of N, BA 1929; Phi Gamma Delta; during vacation while in uni, salesman in Hendy-Ogier Auto Co, North Platte; 1929-32 in designing & architectural work, N Y City; 1932-34 salesman Hendy-Ogier Auto Co, North Platte; 1934- owner & mgr Ogier's Service Stations, established 1927 by brother Ray; mbr city coun; VP Jr C of C; Rotary; AF&AM, North Platte; off 323 Main; res 312 1st East, McCook.

   PADE, JEAN G: Funeral Director; b McCook, Neb Nov 4, 1896; s of Henry G Pade-Matilda Schroder; ed McCook HS; U of N, 1915-16; U of Okla 1917; Worsham Sch of Embalming, Chicago; Williams Inst of Embalming, Kansas City Kas; m Grace Matson Apr 1926 Colby Kas; s Eugene C; 1919 with uncle Herman in Pade Furn & Carpet Co, McCook; 1932- owner & mgr Pade-Herman Funeral Home & J G Pade Furn Co; during World War joined U S army 1918, disch 1919 at base hosp, detached service laboratory; C of C; past mbr BPOE; past noble grand IOOF 10 years; AF&AM; KT: Meth Ch; hobby, travel; off J G Pade Furn Co; res 908 1st East, McCook.

   PARMENTER, ELZA W: Dentist; b Kenesaw, Neb Sept 17, 1884; s of William Z Parmenter-Martha E Stauffer; ed Kenesaw HS; U of N Coll of Agr: Lincoln Dental Coll, DDS 1909: XI Psi Phi; m Doris E Russell Feb 17, 1926 Denver Colo; d Blaine Winifred; lived on farm with parents until graduation; 1909-12 dentist in Kenesaw; 1912- prac in McCook, staff mbr St Catherine's Hosp; past mbr city coun; past pres S W Neb Dist Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; helped org Country Club; VP Rotary; AF&AM; RAM; R&SM; KT; Tehama Shrine; AOUW; hobbies, hunting, fishing, golf; archcry; off 122 1/2 Main; res 1202 tat East, McCook.

   PENNELL, FRED A: Retired: b Tama, Ia Dec 18, 1867; s of Lewis H Pennell-Mary Ellen Bailey; ed Tama HS; m Jennie Smith 1891 Ainsworth; d Leah Isabelle (Mrs E F Leary); 1884-85 with Ainsworth Journal; 1886-89 courthouse reporter for Ainsworth Journal, also Brown Co dep clk & later co clk; 1889 abstractor with A Altschur in Ainsworth; 1892-97 bkkpr & asst cash, 1897-1920 cash First Natl Bank, McCook; 1920-32 owner & opr Ford Agency; 1932 sold agcy & ret; pres of McCook Co-op Bldg & Savings Assn; dir First Natl Bank; past mbr city coun: past pres & past treas C of C; ch mbr Rotary; Prot; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off First Natl Bank; res 608 1st East, McCook.

   PETERSEN, EDWARD F: Laundry Owner; b Chicago, Ill Jan 21, 1885: s of Martin Petersen-Marian Falstaff; ed Denver Colo HS; m Christiana F Jansen Aug 22, 1917 Denver; s Edward J, Kenneth F; 1908 appr Western Steam Laundry, Denver; 1917 foreman Elite Laundry, Colorado Springs Colo; 1920- owner & mgr Ideal Laundry & Dry Cleanerg, McCook; past pres Neb Laundry Owners Assn; Amer Inst of Laundering; past dir C of C; mbr city coun 6 years, pres 4 years; put pres Assoc Charities: past chmn Redwillow Co FERA; past mbr Rotary; past exalted ruler BPOE; AF&AM; RAM; R&SM; Rep; hobby, community service; res 1109 East 1st, McCook.

   REAL, FRANK: Owner Elevator Co; b Princeville, Ill Mar 3, 1868; s of John J Real-Sarah Hennessey; ed Forrest Ill HS; m Eloise Laugeman Apr 27, 1910 Springfield Ill; d Julia (Mrs J G Colgan). Margaret (Mrs L E Hoots), Eloise (Mrs H J Skidmore), Willa (Mrs Neal Bailey), Frances, Florence; 1886-91 with father on farm near Perry; 1892-98 bkkpr & grain buyer for E E McCann Grain Co in Perry; 1897 pur int of E E McCann & became mgr; 1898 sold int to H H Easterday Co: 1899 retd to McCook & became mgr Easterday int; 1905 pur elevators in Kenesaw Neb & Traer Kas; 1906 pur J M Sewell int in Sewell, Real, Easterday Co at McCook & Perry; 1908 pur elevators at Trenton & Heartwell; 1938 pur Easterday int, owner & opr of all elevators pur since 1899; mayor 3 terms; past mbr city coun; ch mbr & dir C of C; Neb State treas BPOE 11 years, sponsor & org of crippled childrens com 1922, speaker in interest of work, affiliated since 1936 with state welfare dept; dir Neb Soc for Crippled Children; Rotary; KC; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, crippled childrens work, agriculture; off Real Grain Co; res 610 1st East, McCook.

   REED, ROLAND RAY: Physician & Surgeon; b Blair, Neb Aug 20, 1886; s of Obedo Reed-Emma J Thomdike; ed Randolph HS; U of N, MD; Phi Rho Sigma; m Helen F Keagy June 15, 1910 Lincoln; s Roland R Jr; d Doris Jean; Interne Wise Memorial Hosp of Omaha; 1910- prac in McCook; staff mbr St Catherine's Hosp, past staff pres; CB&Q RR Surgeon; past city phys; during World War enl Sept 1917, O/S with 6th ammunition train & field hosp 40, disch June 19, 1919; past secy & past pres S W Neb Med Soc; past pres & past secy Redwillow Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; past mbr C of C; ch mbr Rotary, 2nd pres; AF&AM; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; off 301 1/2 Main; res 1106 1st East, McCook.

   REID, MARION C: Grocer; b Boone CO, Ia May 24, 1896; s of A F Reid-Blanche Ousley; ed Newton Kas HS; U of Kas; Chi Phi; m Louise Steinkirchner Feb 6, 1922 Newton Kas; 1915 tchr, Lost Springs Kas; during World War joined U S army 1917, O/S 18 mos, disch 1919; 1920 salesman, Concordia Kas Merc Co; 1923-28 salesman for Sprague-Warner Whol Co of Chicago; 1928-35 with F T Moore in White House Groc, McCook; 1935 pur Moore int; 1935- owner & opr White House Groc; past mbr Neb Food Dlrs Assn; C of C; Amer Leg; VFW; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, fishing; off 310 Main; res 310 1/2 Main, McCook.

   REITER, JOE: Owner Grain Elevator; b Redwillow Co, Neb Nov 9, 1886; s of John Reiter-Rose Hahn; ed Redwillow Co; 1905-06 with father in paint factory; 1907-08 in carp work; 1909 emp in Farmers Elevalor & Lbr Yard, Indianola; 1910-12 mgr Duff Grain Co, Red Willow; 1913-15 mgr Koehler-Twidale Grain Co, Indianola: 1916 did electrical work; 1917 mgr Farmers Equity Grain Co, Indianola; 1918-19 mgr William McCallum Grain Co; 1926- owner & mgr elevator, Indianola; past city clk; Neb Grain Dlrs Assn; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, band & orchestra, hunting, fishing; res Indianola.

   REYNOLDS, MRS KATIE M: County Treasurer; b Oxford, Neb Nov 16, 1885; d of William B Johnson-Isabelle Banta; ed Holdrege HS 1904: m Stephen A Campbell June 1905; s Harold Campbell; m Milton C Reynolds Aug 1911 McCook; s Mannie Reynolds; d Elaine Reynolds; 1904-07 tchr, Phelps Co schs; 1909-11 mgr tele co, Culbertson; 1928-31 asst to Redwillow Co dep treas; 1931-35 Redwillow Co dep treas; 1935- Redwillow Co treas; OES; ARC; Bapt Ch, SS supt; hobbies, church work, reading; father was Civil War veteran, parents homesteaded N of Oxford; off Courthouse; res 105 West G, McCook.

   REYNOLDS, MANNIE: Tire Dealer; b Culbertson, Neb Nov 29, 1911; s of Milton C Reynolds-Katie M Johnson; ed Holdrege HS; McCook Jr Coll; U of WYO; m Ardis L Waugh June 24, 1934 McCook; 1933-34 tchr in McCook & coach, Jr Coll; 1935- with B F Goodrich Co of Omaha, 1936- mgr Goodrich Tire Store, MeCook: winner trip to World Series 1938, awarded by company for exceeding sales quota; past mbr Kiwanis; whol com C of C: Bapt Ch; Dem; hobby, sports; off 312 Main; res 405 East I, McCook.

   REYNOLDS, WILLIAM A: Secretary & Treasurer Farm Loan Assn; b Ponca, Neb Sept 12, 1880; s of Andrew Reynolds-Mary Robinson; ed Ponca HS; WSTC; m Mary Foley June 12, 1918 Indianola; s William E; 1900-06 clk Dixon Bank, Norfolk Natl Bank & cash Tamora Bank; 1907-33 cash Farmers State Bank, Indianola; 1918-37 secy Farm Loan Assn; 1937- secy-treas McCook Farm Loan Assn; mbr Indianola sch bd 18 years; 1913-15 mbr state legislature; past mayor, past city clk, past city treas & past mbr city coun of Indianola; McCook C of C; AF&AM. Parents came from Penn & settled in Dixon Co 1870; off Pringle Bldg, McCook, res Indianola.

   RITCHIE, CHARLES DAVID: Attorney; b North Bend, Neb Aug 24, 1879; s of David Ritchie-Nellie Boe; ed North Bend HS; Fremont Normal; U of N, BA 1903, LLB 1905; Chi Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Order of Coif; ch mbr Innocents; m Lila Le Gore June 10, 1908 Lincoln; s Robert Charles; 1905-09 with W S Morlan in prac at McCook; 1909-18 prac with firm of Ritchie-Wolff; 1918- in indep prac; past city atty 2 terms; past Redwillow Co atty 2 terms; past mbr sch bd 3 terms; 1st secy 14th Judicial Dist Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn; C of C; past pres Kiwanis; past mbr KP; past mbr AF &AM; past trustee Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, woodwork, gardening; off 201 1/2 Main; res 1008 jai East, McCook.

   ROSEBUSH, MRS MINERVA FAUS: Homemaker; b Ida Co, Ia Dec 3, 1877; d of Thomas Ware Faus-Delilah Beishline; ed Cherokee Ia; m Harford N Rosebush Oct 18, 1894 Cherokee Ia; s Robert Faus, Edward



Who's Who

F (dec); d Florence Marie (Mrs Carl Marsh, dec), Merle Vivian; since 1906 a resident of McCook, active in civic & welfare work; has assisted in art dept of Redwillow Co Fair many years; past worthy matron OES, 10 years att Neb grand ch, gen grand ch conv Denver 1928, Indianapolis 1937; DAR; ARC; Assoc Charities; YWCA; Womans Club; PTA; Matinee Music Club; Memorial Meth Ch. past steward 20 Years, supt jr dept SS many years; hobbies, needlework. china painting, readings; parents born in Penn, moved to Ia 1874, father was contr, lived in Cherokee Ia until 1906. Mother tchr in Penn & in first sch of Griggs twp Ida Co Ia; res 1902 Main, McCook.

   SADLER, EDWARD C: Merchant; b Council Bluffs Ia Feb 14, 1886; s of E R Sadler-Fannie Brenizer; ed Lincoln; m Gertrude Rider June 21, 1920 McCook; s Robert; 1902-12 with Wis Furn & Coffin GO, appr in Lincoln, advanced to casket maker; 1912-16 casket maker with Omaha Casket Co; 1916-18 supt Neb Casket Co, Lincoln; 1918 with father in cigar store, McCook; 1919-21 mgr Natl Variety Store; 1922-30 clk W B Mills Hdw Co; 1931- owner Phelps Candy Shop, changed name to Sadler Candy Shop, now dlr in candy, magazines & tobacco; C of C; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; off 412 Main; res 320 West 1st, McCook

   SCHEIDT, FRED: Assistant Manager Gas Company; b Russia, Oct 3, 1893; s of Peter Scheidt-Pauline Sinner; ed Culbertson; York Comml Coll; m Sarah Glantz Dec 25, 1915 Trenton; s Kenneth Harley, Robert Frederick; with parents came from Russia to Greeley Colo then Culbertson; 1915-16 fireman CB&Q RR, McCook div; 1916-17, 1919-22 farmed in Hitchcock Co; 1918 star route mail carrier Culbertson to Hayes Center; 1922-26 train messenger, Amer Rwy Express; off in McCook; 1925- with citizens Gas Co as service man, meter reader, repairman, 1937- asst mgr; chmn publicity com, Kiwanis; mbr retail com C of C; Country Club; hobbies, woodworking, golf, archery; off 109 Main; res 1106 4th West, McCook.

   SCHENCK, HAL F: Clergyman: b Mays Landing, N J Aug 12, 1887; s of William S Schenck-Rachel Bounds; ed Mays Landing N J HS; Princeton U, BA, 1911, MA 1912, BD 1913; m Rebecca White May 3, 1920 Baltimore Md; s John C; d Virginia Lee; 1913-15 Pastor Meth Ch in Natl Park N Y; 1915-18 Meth pastor West Philadelphia Penn; 1919-22 pastor Lakeville 0, 1922-25 Brock Neb, 1925-28 Friend; 1928-30 Sidney, 1930-35 Fremont, 1935- McCook; lecturer in various civic orgns, religious groups & schs, has given many HS commencement addresses & conducts evangelistic meetings throughout western Neb; during World War was chaplain U S N yards 1 year in Philadelphia; Pres Ministerial Assn of McCook; Neb Meth conf relations com; chmn of ednl com Kiwanis; chmn resolutions com C of C; hobby, hunting; Mrs Schenck active in administrator in Youth Coun work; off Meth Ch; res 707 1st East, McCook.

   SENGPIEHL, ARTHUR P: Clergyman; b Gardner Kas Dec 25. 1899; s of John Ernest Sergpiehl (sic)-Caroline Warielosky; ed Washburn Mo US: U of Ill; Northeastern State Tchrs Coll, Tahlequah Okla; William Jewell Coll, Liberty Mo, BA; Moody Bible Inst of Chicago; Northern Bapt Seminary, Chicago; U of Des Moines; STB, DD; m Ann Marie Andersen May 28, 1924 Dannebrog; s William Robert, Phillip Paul Marvin; 1919 prin rur schs near Bartlesville Okla; 1920 began study for ministry; 1923 pastor Calvary Bapt Ch. Muskegon Mich; 1930-38 pastor Hamilton MO; 1938-39 pastor Chambers: 1939- pastor Baptist Ch, McCook; while in Moody Bible Inst was asst supt of Moody Gospel Mission in Chicago; past chaplain CMTC; chaplain U S reserve army 6 years; chaplain Mo & Kas CCC: evangelist & author of Trends Toward Chaos, Trends Toward Revival; C of C; hobby, evangelistic work; Mrs Sengpiehl also graduate Moody Bible Inst & Northern Bapt Seminary; res 505 1st West, McCook.

   SHEDD, JESSE EDWIN: Superintendent of Schools; b Cherokee Ia Apr 2, 1895; s of Hiram P Shedd-Elizabeth Pendleton; ed Cedar Falls Ia HS; Iowa St Tchrs Coll, Cedar Falls; BA 1918; U of Ia, MA 1934; Theta Alpha Phi; m Dottie M Snell June 5, 1928 Cambridge; s Paul Spencer; 1917-18 asst prin & athletic coach Ia St Tchrs Coll HS, Cedar Falls; 1919-23 rancher in northern Minn, also rur sch tchr 1 year; 1923-25 HS prin Bronson Ia; 1925-29 HS prin & athletic coach in Cambridge; 1929-34 supt city schs, Cambridge; Sept-Dec 1934 prin McCook HS; Jan 1935- supt McCook city schs; pres McCook Jr Coll; past pres dist 6; mbr state exec com, past VP, NSTA; Neb Schoolmasters Club; secy lib bd: during World War in US naval reserve, enl May 31, 1918 commd ensign; Amer Leg; past dir C of C; past pres Rotary; VP, ARC; AF&AM; Meth Ch, mbr of bd; Rep; hobbies, reading, story collecting; off High School Bldg; res 1205 1st West, McCook.

   SHORES, WARD A: Auto Supply Dealer; b Seward Co, Neb Aug 17, 1893; s of C S Shores-Mary Van Kirk; ed Utica HS; U of N, BA; m Martha Carothers Aug 14, 1934 Omaha; d Martha Jean; 1917 in U S army during World War, 1st lt in chemical warfare service, also instr, disch 1919; 1919 homesteaded in Wyo; 1921 supt of Thayer schs; 1923 supt Bartley schs; 1929 with two brothers estab auto supply house; 1937 pur int of brothers, owner & mgr since, also owns Auto Supply Co of Ogallala; past mbr NSTA; past mbr whol com C of C: past to comm Amer Leg, AF&AM, OES; Presby Ch; Rep; off 222 West B; res 604 West 2nd, McCook.

   SIGWING, ALBERT: Equity Exchange Manager; b Rawlins Co, Kas Mar 7, 1890: a of George W Sigwing-Nancy Ann Shafer; ed Grand Island Bus Coll; m Iva Wagy Jan 3, 1916 McCook; s Orville, Harold; 1907- 08 farmed with father near McCook; 1910-16 farmed & worked with transfer co in McCook; 1916-18 clk McCook Equity Exchange, 1918- mgr: ch mbr, past secy Kiwanis; past dir Consumers Co-op Assn of N Kansas City Mo; Natl Farmers Equity Union; C of C; Meth Ch: Rep: hobby, Kiwanis work; res 405 East 5th, McCook.

   SKALLA, CHARLES: City Clark; b Sudetenland Sept 13, 1877; s of Bernard Skalla-Pauline Tropsch; ed Sudetenland & Redwillow Co; 1893-1907 farmed with father in Redwillow Co; 1907-11 Redwillow Co clk; 1912-17 sold ins; 1918-35 ticket agt CB&Q RR; 1935 apptd city clk; 1935- city clk by election; MWA; KC; Cath Ch; Rep; father came to Redwillow Co 1889; res 703 West 2nd, McCook,

   SLABY, MILLICENT M: Librarian; b Iowa City, Ia: d of Albert Slaby-Anna DeVorski: ed McCook HS PSTC; Chicago Kindergarten Coll; library extn course, Seattle Wash: 1893 came to McCook; 1908-28 tchr, McCook, Cleveland 0 & Seattle Wash; 1928- librarian McCook pub lib; past mbr NEA; AAUW; Federated Womens Club; League of Western Writers; hobby, writing poetry; res 812 Main, McCook.

   SLAUTER, LLOYD: Baker; b Decatur Co, Ia July 27, 1891; s of D R Slauter-Martha Schaffner; ed Decatur Co Ia; m Emma B Smith Sept 10 1913 North Platte; 1911-12 learned baker's trade in Shenandoah Ia; 1912-17 baker in Omaha, North Platte, Atkinson, Aurora, Dunlap Ia & Shenandoah Ia: 1917-21 with Failick Bakery, McCook; Mar 1921- owner & opr Slauter's Bakery, McCook; Neb Master Bakers Assn, past dist VP; BPOE, past trustee; UCT; C of C; Country Club; Bapt Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res 212 1/2 Main, McCook.

   SMITH, FRED C: Civil Engineer; b Superior, Neb Dec 24, 1892; s of Edward J Smith-Mary E Campbell; ed Superior HS; U of N; Leland Stanford U; to Edith E McKeown July 21 1923 Kansas City Mo; s Robert Edward; d Elizabeth Mary; 1915 resident engineer with E M Stevens Engineering Co, Kansas City Mo, located Superior; 1916-19 minor engineering positions & management of farm ints; 1920-21 project engineer Neb St dept of public works; 1922-24 project engineer Ill State div of highways; 1926-26 project engineer Neb State dept public works; 1927- dist engineer Neb State dept of roads & Irrigation, in chg of all construction & maintenance of highways in 13 cos of S W Neb; AF&AM, Superior; Scot Rite & Ainad Shrine, East St Louis; C of C; Meth Ch; off Fed Bldg; res 909 East 3rd, McCook.

   SOMERVILLE, RUSSELL BROOKS: Postmaster; b Milan, Mo Dec 30, 1896; s of James M Somerville- Emma J ___; ed McCook HS; Western State Coll, Gunnison Colo; Temple Bar Coll, Missoula Mont, MSc; m Bertha M Haug Jun, 21, 1921 Boulder Colo; s John Russell; d Virginia Ruth, Elizabeth Ann; 1916 tchr near McCook; 1916-18 rancher in Colo; May 31, 1918 ent U S N during World War, served 6 mos in Mediterranean Sea, trained in San Francisco, disch Aug 5, 1919; vice-comm 9th dist Amer Leg, past post comm; 1919-20 rancher in Colo; 1921-22 rural tchr in Colo; 1925-34 supt Redwillow Co schs, McCook; June 1934- P M; past pres Neb ch of Natl Assn of P Ms; past pres S W Neb Tchrs Assn; C of C; 8 years pres Redwillow ch ARC; past pres Kiwanis; past master AF&AM; high priest RAM; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing, football; off P 0; res 904 East 2nd, McCook.


in Nebraska


   SPENCER, AUGUST EUGENE: Attorney; b Dwight, Ill Oct 22. 1895; s of Melvin N Spencer-Sarah Burkart; ed Maywood HS; Neb Sch of Agr, Curtis; Neb Wes, BA 1921; U of N, LLB 1924; Phi Alpha Delta; Delta Theta Phi; m Eva L Watts July 29, 1923, Loup City; adm to Neb bar 1924: 1924-30 prac in Hayes Center; 1926-30 Hayes Co atty; 1930- prac in Indianola; 1931-35 Redwillow Co atty; 1935- also opr law off in McCook; 1935- owner McCook Credit Assn, ch of natl orgn & mbr Assoc Credit Burs of Neb, Natl Retail Credit Assn & Natl Consumers Credit Reporting Corp; 14th Judicial & Neb Sr Bar Assns; during World War ent Dec 2, 1917 in U S army, 3rd regular div AEF Apr 1919, disch Sept 1919: past co comm Amer Leg: mbr AEF of 1917, mbr 2nd AEF in Paris 1927, mbr 3rd AEF tour of Europe following N Y Amer Leg conv: McCook C of C; Indianola Comml Club, past pres; mbr Unitarian Ch of Lincoln: Rep: hobbies, raising German Dachschunds & garden flowers. Mrs Spencer recd BA from Neb Wes 1921, was adm to bar 1929 & became ptr of husband, accompanied Mr Spencer on last two AEF trips; off Indianola & 420 1/2 Main, McCook; res Indianola.

   STAYNER, LAWRENCE W: Business College Owner; b Jones Co, Ia Aug 30, 1863; s of Cyrus Stayner-Sarah Scriven: ed Clay Co: bus coll, Holdrege 1889; m Wilhelmina Sepmeyer Aug 1889 Lawrence (dec Nov 5, 1895): s Floyd; d Fay (Mr. M L Poteet); m Mrs Mae E Clary June 22, 1901 McCook; came to Clay Co 1872 in covered wagon; learned printing trade & shorthand by reading; 1885-88 steno & clk for UP RR, Laramie Wyo 6 mos: comml steno & clk in Laramie; July-Sept 1888 steno & clk CStP&M RR Omaha; steno & printer 3 mos for E M Correll of Hebron Journal; 1888-90 private secy to Alex Campbell, supt CB&Q RR; 1890-1906 asst trainmaster; 1907-11 court reporter under Judge R C Orr, McCook; 1890 estab McCook Bus Coll, opr night sch until 1912; 1912- owner & mgr McCook Bus Coll; also oldest fire ins agt in McCook & writer for 3 cos; author of Stayner's Shorthand Instructor; 1938 invented new method for teaching streamlined shorthand, uses no text books & no rules, has kept daily diary since 1887 all written in shorthand, featured in Ripley's Believe It Or Not; enl as drummer boy in 1st regulars, Co B NNG July 29, 1881; KP; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, recording facts; father homesteaded in Clay Co 1872 & was first business man in Edgar; off 201 1/2 Main; res 501 East 2nd, McCook.

   STEVENS, R G: Beverage Dealer: b Omaha, Neb Mar 18, 1895; s of H H Stevens-Carrie Koopman; ed Omaha HS; m Ruth Ebert Aug 18, 1921 Colo Springs; s Ralph Dudley; 1911-16 off boy & mail clk in Omaha Elevator, 1917 advanced to asst cash; 1917 off mgr Carlisle Grain Co; 1917 grain buyer for Leopold Briggs Grain Co in Ia, Neb & Colo; 1919 moved to McCook, estab Burlington Produce Co; 1920- owner & opr McCook Whol Groc Co; 1925 name changed to Rasse Whol Groc, mgr McCook branch; 1928- owner & opr L S MeCarty Bottling Works, renamed MeCook Bottling Works, 1936 became Stevens Dr Pepper Bottling works, renamed McCook Bottling Works, 1936 became Stevens Dr Pepper Bottling Co; 1930 added 7-Up; 1937-38 pres Neb Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages; past dir Whol & Retail Liquor Dlrs of Neb; secy & treas Neb Dr Pepper Bottlers Assn; VP Rocky Mountain Dr Pepper; pres C of C; dir Rotary; during World War enl 1918, 341st machine gun Co 89th div, 15 mos O/S, disch 1919; pres C of C; dir Rotary; past bd mbr YMCA; BPOE; pres Country Club; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, golf, hunting; res 1304 West 1st, McCook.

   STEWART, HARRY D: Train Dispatcher; b Cincinnati, 0 Feb 8, 1878; s of C W Stewart-Sarah Everson; ed Alma HS; m Edna May Yarger Aug 26, 1906 McCook; d Dorothy; 1894-96 helper, Alma Roller Mills; 1896-97 farmed with father; 1997-98 CB&Q RR teleg opr at Alma, Sept 1898-99 teleg opr various points in Neb, 1899-1901 agt at Naponee; 1901-02 teleg opr at McCook, Dec 1902- train dispatcher; secy bd of edn; CB&Q RR Veterans Assn; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, reading, fishing; res 562 4th East, McCook.

   STOKES, MRS MAUDE REED: Homemaker; b Culbertson, Neb Sept 19, 1880; d of James Wood-Vina Beckstead; ed McCook HS 1898; m Walter Stokes Sept 19, 1900 McCook; after marriage estab home in McCook; 20 years mbr lib bd, pres 12 years; ch mbr, past pres & helped org Womans Club; past secy & past VP 5th dist NFWC; past pres Delphian Soc; 28 years mbr Research Literary Club, past pres; ch mbr BPO Does; ch mbr & past grand chief of state of Neb, Pythian Sisters, supreme representative of U S 2 terms; gives book reviews & readings to club & ch groups; Rep, has attended state & natl convs; hobby, flower gardening: parents came to Neb 1878, settled in Culbertson before RR built, father was Hitchcock Co treas; Res 710 2nd East, McCook.

   STRUNK, MRS ARLENE ALLEN: Homemaker; b Toledo, Ill Sept 28, 1892; d of James Payne Allen-Stella M Stillman; ed McCook HS; m Harry D Strunk June 4, 1912 McCook; s Allen Duane; d Shirley Margaret; 1913-26 hand compositor, linotype opr. bkkpr & reporter for Strunk papers, Redwillow Co Gazette, semi-weekly, & McCook Daily Gazette since 1924; 1926- relief worker in business off of Gazette; June 1937-June 1939 DAR regent, recd award for outstanding work in state, bldg museum in S W Neb located in Kelley Park, McCook; past matron OES; Congl Ch, Dorcas Soc; hobby, genealogy; father was CB&Q RR station agt in southwestern Neb; res 1112 Main, McCook.

   STRUNK, HARRY D: Editor & Publisher; b Pawnee City, Neb Dec 2, 1892; s of Albert D Strunk-Amanda Kenney; ed Pawnee City HS; m Arlene Allen June 4, 1912 McCook; s Allen Duane; d Shirley Margaret; 1905-07 appr Pawnee Press & Pawnee Republican, Pawnee City; 1908-10 emp by various newspapers & printers; Fairbury News, Fairbury Gazette, Fairbury Journal, Hammond Printing Shop, Springer Job Shop in Beatrice; published Pawnee Press, mgr & publisher Powhattan Kas News, Printer Holton Kas Times; foreman Norton Kas Daily Telegram; published Franklin Co Tribune & Franklin News; 1910-11 printer McCook Tribune; 1911 with B H Steward org & oprd job printing shop in McCook; 1911 estab Redwillow Co Gazette, published until June 11, 1924, then estab McCook Daily Gazette, absorbed McCook Tribune & South Side Sentinel 1936; NPA; Inland Daily Press; C of C; VP McCook BSA coun BPOE; Congl Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off Gazette Bldg; res 1112 Main, McCook.

   SUESS, LOUIS: Merchant; b Decorah, Ia Apr 1, 1870; s of William Suess-Katherine Barth; ed Lancaster Co; German Acad, Crete; McCook Bus Coll; m Ethel M Oyster Sept 25, 1902 McCook; d Gertrude (Mrs Sheldon Strumbald), Martha, Elinore, (Mrs John T Harris); 1874 came to Neb; 1888-90 clk for Joseph Menard Co, gen mdse, McCook; 1890-92 with J C Allen in gen mdse; 1892, C L DeGroff & Amos Welter pur Allen int, store mgr; 1898 pur Amos Weller int; 1928 pur DeGroff int, owner & mgr since; mbr sch bd 11 years; 1930 named one of 10 Master Mchts of Neb; past dir Fedn of Neb Retailers; past pres C of C; past pres Rotary; Neb St Hist Soc; AF&AM; York Rite; KT; Shrine; Congl Ch; Rep, past ward chmn Redwillow Co Central Com; hobbies, livestock, agriculture; res 906 1st East, McCook.

   SUGHROUE, EDWARD: Farmer; b Stephenson Co, Ill Feb 14, 1871; s of T J Sughroue-Alice Doren; ed Ill; Rockford Bus Coll, Rockford Ill; m Barbara Tines May 1, 1895 Indianola (dec 1931); s Paul, Clarence, Frank, Timothy, Martin, John, Leo; d Mary (Mrs A R Rothmyer), Alice (Mrs E S Thomas), Nellie; 1892 owner & opr farm near Indianola; 1892-94 sch tchr near Indianola; past dir sch bd; past pres & mgr Bartley Tele Co; 1909 clec Redwillow Co commr: 1916 candidate for state railway commr; past treas Progressive party 1916; 1919 mbr state constitutional conv; Mar 1917 org first farm loan man in Indianola; 1917- pres Fed Farm Loan Assn of Indianola, affiliated with 8th Fed Land Bank dist consisting of Neb, Ia, S D & Wyo; Mar 1934 org McCook Credit Assn including Redwillow, Furnas. Gosper, Hitchcock, Hayes, Dundy & Chase Cos, 1934- pres of Assn; 1920- pres Indianola & Bartley Equity Exchanges; Maccabees; MWA; KC; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, charity work; off & res Indianola.

   SUTTON, HAROLD P: Jeweler; b Ainsworth, Neb Apr 29, 1888; s of Harvey P Sutton-Eliza B Munson; ed McCook HS; U of N; McCormick Med Coll, Chicago OD; m Gladys F Fuller Nov 10, 1919 McCook; s Harvey P; d Lois, Suzanne; 1908- with father H P Sutton in jewelry bus; during World War enl Sept 1917, 2nd lt of AS, disch Dec 12, 1918; Amer Leg; Neb St Jewelers Assn; Neb Assn of Optometrists Inc; C of C; Farm Bur; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Shrine; KP; BPOE; Prot; Rep; off 216 Main; res 803 Main, McCook.

   SUTTON, HARVEY P: Jeweler: b Naples, N Y July 17, 1860; s of Joel C Sutton-Sarah Robinson; ed Mich; m Eliza B Munson Aug 4, 1886 Ainsworth; s Harold P; d Velma L (Mrs George Kisevalter Jr); 1884-89 estab & oprd jewelry store, Ainsworth; Apr 1889- owner & opr H P Sutton & Co Jewelry Store, Mc-



Who's Who

Cook; 1889-1924 McCook CB&Q band master, band played at Trans-Mississippi Exposition in Omaha 1898-99, took first place in Denver Festival of Mountain & Plain; past mbr city coun; past bd mbr C of C; past mbr Neb Assn of Optometrists Inc; Neb St Jewelers Assn; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Shrine; KP; IOOF; FOE; BPOE, life mbr; Prot; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting, music; res 602 Main, McCook.

   SWANSON, WILBER KAY: Owner Sign Co: b North Platte, Neb Nov 1, 1903; s of S W Swanson-Lillian Kay; ed North Platte HS; U of N, BSc; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; m Myrle Chambers Nov 1, 1929 McCook: a Richard Kay (dec 1935); 1922-26 while in sch worked as indep sign painter; 1927 display artist, Lincoln Theater Corp; 1928 with McAleer Poster Service of Chicago. lettering artist; Nov 1928- owner & mgr Swanson Sign Co, McCook; past VP, past dir C of C; past mbr Kiwanis; U of N Alumni Assn; BPOE: pres Mens Club; Episc Ch, vestryman; hobby. sketching; off 208 1st East; res 1108 East 1st, McCook.

   TROSPER, EMMETT L: County Sheriff; b Jasper, Ind Jan 23, 1894; s of George Trosper-Melta Lansford; ed Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha; finger print course Omaha U extn div; m Gladys Rozell July 10, 1919 Denver; s Richard Emmett; d Lois Jean; 1916 farmed near Indianola; during World War 1917-18 in US army CD F 355th inf 89th div, disch June 1919; Amer Leg; VFW; 1919-24 famed near Indianola; 1924-29 ownsr & opr barber shop, Kit Carson Colo; 1929-34 famed near Indianola: 1935- Redwillow Co sheriff; mbr pub relations com C of C; chmn Redwillow Co bd of health; Neb Sheriffs & Peace Ofcrs Assn; AF&AM; Congl Ch: Rep; hobbies, finger print study, fishing; off Courthouse; res 105 West E, McCook.

   TROSPER, MRS GLADYS: Homemaker; b Indianola, Neb; d of John Rosell-Isabel Sargent; ed Indianola HS; Neb Wes; U of Colo; m Emmet L Trosper July 10, 1919 Denver; s Richard Emmett; d Lois Jean; 1917 dental asst, Omaha; 1917-25 tchr near Center Point; 1923-24 tchr near Indianola; 1925-26 tchr, Kit Carson Colo; 1927-28 tchr, Arena Colo; 1929-33 prop Gladys' Gift Shop, McCook; chmn pub affairs com B&PW Club; past pres Project Club, McCook; VP 5th dist NFWC, past pres & publicity chmn; past pres Federated Womans Club of Indianola; past mbr & past pres PTA; AAUW; Dinner Club; Pinochle Club of Indianola; OES: Congl Ch; Dem; hobbies, writing, participating in contests, 1936 winner of press contest for best news items regarding NFWC; res 106 West E, McCook.

   VOLENTINE, MYATT WESLEY: Auto Dealer; b Broken Arrow, Okla Sept 25, 1907; s of M 0 Volentine-Ethel Myatt; ed Jonesboro Ark HS; m Genevieve Bell Nov 10, 1935 McCook; d Royce, Elaine; 1926 estab Chevrolet Garage & Agcy in Wauneta; 1928 estab Chevrolet Garage & Agcy, Imperial; 1929 estab Chevrolet Garage & Agcy, Palisade; 1930 sold Wauneta & Palisade Agencies; 1932- in used car bus, McCook; 1933- owner & opr Ford Agcy, McCook; C of C; Rotary; Neb Auto Dlrs Assn; Meth Ch; Dem; res 110 East M, McCook.

   WAITE, HAROLD P: Executive; b Swanton, Vt Sept 28, 1855; s of Pomeroy Waite-Avis Niles; ed Bradford Ia Acad; m Jessie B Randolph Dec 10, 1885 Cambridge; d Edna, Edith (Mrs A L Kee); 1867 moved to Ia, sch tchr in winter, carp in summer; 1879 came to Neb did bldg construction work near Cambridge & Wilsonville until 1881; 1880 freighted flour from Wilsonville to Deadwood S D; 1881-84 with construction dept of CB&Q RR when road went thru Red Cloud to Denver, erected depots, section houses & all bldgs necessary to RR, also worked on cutoff Kenesaw to Oxford; 1884-88 gen bldg contr in Cambridge; 1888-96 gen bldg contr in McCook, built Congl Ch 1893; 1896-1911 owner & mgr H P Waite Hdw CO, McCook, firm now Jennings & Hoyt, still owns bldg; VP & dir First Natl Back of McCook; dir Co-op Bldg & Savings Assn; past dir C of C; Dec 1879 killed 5 buffalo in Colo hunt, still has hide of first one shot; owns 80 A under irrigation in Hitchcock Co, 880 A ranch & farm in Trego Co Kas; considers Republican valley one of best in Neb; BPOE; Rep; res 602 1st East, McCook.

   WEIBEL, ALTON HOMER: Managing Editor; b DeWitt, Neb Dec 16, 1903; s of Elmer E Weibel-E Pauline Wilson; ed Paxton HS; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha; U of N; m Marian Bums Oct 10, 1927 McCook; s Garey Burns; 1921-26 with Neb St Journal of Lincoln as reporter & asst city editor, 1923-26 city editor; 1926-31 managing editor McCook Dally Gazette; 1931-36 in chg editorial dept Alliance Times Herald; 1936- managing editor & asst mgr of McCook Dally Gazette; 1934- mbr state bd of editors, Jr C of C, 1938 chmn of state com on publicity, past dir in McCook & past secy at Alliance; dir Rotary; Country Club; First Congl Ch; hobbies, golf, photography; off McCook Daily Gazette; res 1107 West 1st, McCook.

   WILLIS, JAMES MEDFORD: Physician & Surgeon; b Orrick, Mo Jan 19, 1881; s of John F Willis-Nanny Petty; ed Andrew Co Mo HS; Central Med Coll, St Joseph Mo, MD 1903; Interne St Joseph's Hosp, St Joseph Mo: m Ethelyn M Keaton Aug 20, 1902 St Joseph Mo; d Lucille L, Alma F (Mrs Joseph Stephens); 1904-05 prac in Colon, 1905-07 in Shubert, 1907-13 Marsland, 1913-15 Alliance, 1915-21 Arapahoe; 1921- prac in McCook; 1921 estab Willis Clinic, specializes in surgery; staff mbr St Catherine's Hosp; Redwillow Co Med Soc; past pres Republican Valley Med Soc; mbr cancer com & past VP Neb St Med Assn; AMA; advisory com of state bd of counselors Amer Coll of Surgeons, fellow; mbr of bd & past pres C of C; 1928 first pres Kiwanis; Meth Ch; past chmn Dem Central Com; hobby, breeding saddle horses; off 114 East C; res 114 1/2 East C, McCook.

   WOLFE, ASA A: County Superintendent of Schools; b Wellfleet, Neb Aug 11, 1889; s of Silas C Wolfe-Sarah C Puckett; ed Indianola HS; Doane Coll; PSTC; U of Ia, 1923-24; U of Besancon France; BDI, BA, MA: Phi Delta Kappa; m Alice Mae Thomas Aug 28, 1917 Indianola; s John Allen, Charles Robert; d Mildred Louise, Marjorie Kate, Ina Mae; 1912 tchr, Keith Co; 1913 supt of Cowles schs; 1916-17, 1919-23 supt Riverton Ia schs; 1924-27 supt Greene Ia schs; 1927-82 supt Kanawha Ia schs; 1932-34 farmed new Indianola; May 22, 1934 apptd supt Redwillow Co schs; Nov 1934- Redwillow Co supt by election; 1917 during World War in Co C 355th inf batt sgt major, disch 1919; C of C; Kiwanis; NSTA; Neb St Co Supts Assn; AF&AM; Congl Ch; Dem; off Courthouse; res 411 East 2nd, McCook.

   WOOD, ARTHUR B: Bank President; b Blanchard, Ia Nov 7. 1877; s of James Wood-Vina Beckstead; ed McCook HS; m Maude Doan Oct 1, 1900 McCook (dec June 12, 1924); s James H; d Louise (Mrs Daniel D Smith); m Jeanette Dutton Sept 29, 1925 McCook; came with parents in covered wagon to Culbertson before RR came thru; 1891-1906 off boy, steno, freight clk, night agt, mgr supply dept under A Campbell of CB&Q RR at McCook; 1906-10 with NP RR, mgr supply dept at Missoula & Livingston Mont; 1910-12 famed in Redwillow Co; 1912-17 Redwillow Co treas; 1917-37 cash State Bank of Bartley; 1937- pres State Bank of Bartley; has farm & livestock ints in Redwillow & Frontier Cos; treas AF&AM; RAM; R&SM; KT; Tehama Shrine; OES; Rep; hobby, livestock feeding; off & res Bartley.

   WOOD, MRS VINA: Homemaker; b Fremont Co, Ia Dec 2, 1851; d of Simon Beckstead-Mary Elizabeth Calkens: ed Hamburg Ia HS; m James Wood Jan 11, 1872 Fremont Co Ia; s A B Wood; d Maude Reed (Mrs Walter Stokes); m J Byron Jennings Oct 13, 1884 McCook; s L W Jennings; lived in Ia until 1881 then settled in Culbertson before RR was built & before McCook was a town; 1879 traveled in covered wagon from Ia to Colo, 3 mos required for trip; there were no roads, many wild horses & buffalo; Mr Wood was Hitchcock Co treas; after his death Mrs Wood was dressmaker several years; after second marriage moved to McCook; has farm ints in Redwillow Co; past mbr Womans Club; Congl Ch; hobbies, flower gardening, quitting; father born in Canada, farmed in Ia for time; res 510 East 2nd, McCook.


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