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Swede Plain Cemetery

SWY4 SEY4 3-13-4

Swede Plain Cemetery was surveyed by O.W. Barnes, June 14, 1885. It was purchased from C.F. and Hilma J. Flodman on March 2, 1902 for $25.00. It contains approximately 1 1/2 acres. The first person buried here was in 1879.

The present cemetery board members are; Lennis Lind-sec., Willard Adelson-pres., Lloyd N Widga-treas., William H. Norton, Irving Beckstrom, and Merlin Nyberg.

Adelson, A.P., b4-7-1833; d1-6-1922
Adelson, Emma E., b1872; d1936
Adelson, Florence, b1903; d1932
Adelson, Frank A., b2-22-1875; d3-25-1959
Adelson, Hannah, b3-13-1837; d11-25-1904
Adelson, J.V., b1834; d1916
Adelson, John, b1868; d1961
Adelson, Judith, b1894; d1967
Adelson, Judith Ann, b1943; d1969
Adelson, Nellie 0., b11-22-1875; d4-3-1955
Adelson, Orlie A., b1904; d1970
Allison, Julia, b1891; d1941
Allison, Rodney, b1885; d1942
Alm, Dora A., b1894; d1900
Anderson, Alvin E, b1889; d1923
Anderson, Arthur C., b11-16-1889; d1-14-1954
Anderson, Carl G., b1900; d1909
Anderson, Carrie, b1832; d1899
Anderson, Daisy C., b1902; d1903
Anderson, Edward A., b1857; d1937
Anderson, Elmer, b1893; d1970
Anderson, Frank P., b1865; d1953
Anderson, Gustaf, b1845; d1900
Anderson, Hannah Lind, b6-1-1887; d9-26-1958
Anderson, Hulda C., b1865; d1933
Anderson, John L., b?; d?
Anderson, Marion C., b1905; d1929
Anderson, Mary C., b1869; d1936
Anderson, Mary Colby, b1898; d1968
Anderson, Nels P., b1843; d1899
Anderson, Selma 0., b1890; d1946
Anstrom, Alice, b?; d?
Bayne, Infant, b?; d1943
Beckman, Julia, b1-1-1884; d8-6-1888
Beckstrom, Andrew, b?; d?
Beckstrom, Andrew, b1885; d1972
Beckstrom, Magshild, b1895; d1944
Beckstrom, Mary b?; d?
Beckstrom, Peter, b?; d'?
Beckstrom, Verner A., b1892; d1954
Bergman, Peter, b2-2-1847; d2-5-1923
Burnworth, Ellen K. Glad, b1904; d1940
Bush, Rosa M., b1881; d1959
Carlson, Alfred, b1868; d1957
Carlson, Claus, b7-19-1883; d4-11-1923
Carlson, Edward, b1904; d1904
Carlson, Elaine, b1931; d1952
Carlson, Ellen, b1880; d1917
Carlson, Fredolph, b1909; d1936
Carlson, Hilma R., b1881; d1930
Carlson, Ivar G., b1885; d1918
Carlson, Mathilda, b1881; d1931
Carlson, Oscar, b1877; d1960
Carlson, Robert, b1920; d1920
Carlson, Robert, b1879; d1960
Caston, A.M., b?; d?
Caston, A.M. (Mrs.), b?; d1893
Dahlin, Esther E., b1902; d1934
Ekdahl, Andrew, b1857; d1934
Ekdahl, David, b1904; d1973
Ekdahl, Johanna J., b1880; d1920
Ekdahl, Selma, b1892; d1944
Ekdahl, Theodore M., b1913; d1944
Ekdahl, Wilhelminia, b1857; d1899
Erickson, Olaf, b?, d?
Flodman, Agnes, b1889; d1901
Flodman, Arthur L., b1897; d1897
Flodman, Baby, b1899; d1899
Elodman, Charles, b1844; d1922
Flodman, Ernest A., b1879; d1958
Flodman, Hartwig, b1884; d1966
Flodman, Hilda, b1851; d1934
Flodman, Hilma J., b1856; d1944
Flodman, Infant of C.F ., b?; d?
Flodman, lnfant of C.F., b?; d?
Flodman, Lillie M., b1890; d1973
Freberg, Johanna C., b1838; d1923
Freberg, Peter, b1828; d1907
Gabrielson, Charletta, b1857; d1880
Gabrielson, Hannah, b1860; d1958
Gabrielson, John A. Rev., b1851; d1932
Gabrielson, Winnie, b1877; d1949
Geoman, Anna, b1830; d1906
Goeman, Gustafa, b1833; d1909
Glad, Andrew G., b1860; d1944
Glad, Edwin G., b1893; d1972
Glad, Esther A., b1892; d1968
Glad, Grace Lorene, b1919; d1935
Glad, Kristina, b1870; d1948
Green, Edna P., b1905; d1930
Green, Karna, b1821; d1893
Green, W.W., b11-1-1869; d10-13-1918
Grimes, Mable, b5-30-1887; d2-16-1969
Grimes, William R., b11-13-1891; d10-19-1939
Gustafson, Anna M., b1863; d1928
Gustafson, Arthur W., b1883; d1952
Gustafson, David N., b1887; d1940
Gustafson, Frank A., b1857; d1936
Hall, Ida, b1884; d1970
Hall, Martha, b1871?; d1938
Hall, Nels, b1878; d1953
Hokenson, Arthur, b?; d?
Hokenson, August (Mrs.), b?; d?
Hokenson, Charles, b1850; d1912
Hokenson, Ellsworth, b?; d?
Hokenson, Ingrid, b?; d?
Hokenson, Olaf, b12-14-1843; d6-14-1925
Hokenson, Sophia, b1865; d1947
Hokenson, Swan, b?; d?
Hokenson, Tillie, b?; d?
Howard, Charles S., b1831; d1916
Howard, Christina, b1826; d1904
Howard, Infant b?; d?
Iceberg, Gust, b?; d?
Janky, Robert Allen, b5-12-1944; d12-16-1958
Johnson, Albert G., b1874; d1951
Johnson, Alice Marion, b1902; d1902
Johnson, Axel S., b1869; d1944
Johnson, Clara S., b1847; d1920
Johnson, Charles H., b1861; d1921
Johnson, Charles 0., b7-12-1866; d3-10-1945
Johnson, Edith Marie, b1900; d1900
Johnson, Edith P., b1888; d1973
Johnson, Edna Carolina, b1893; d1896
Johnson, Elmer H., b7-15-1886; d2-21-1964
Johnson, Evelyn E., b1901; d1971
Johnson, Florence, b1892; d1967
Johnson, Frank 0., b1867; d1932
Johnson, Fred J., b1879; d1957
Johnson, Gloria, b1901; d1932
Johnson, Gust A., b11-5-1877; d12-25-1955
Johnson, Harry S., b1887; d1951
Johnson, Helga M., b7-9-1873; d2-28-1956
Johnson, Ida C., b10-29-1865; d4-4-1940
Johnson, Infant, b?; d9-15-1917
Johnson, J. Eleanor, b1876; d1942
Johnson, John, b?; d?
Johnson, John A., b1840; d1927
Johnson, Josephine, b11-8-1844; d12-12-1917
Johnson, Lillie M., b1872; d1879
Johnson, Maria E., b1837; d1922
Johnson, Minda, b1870; d1938
Johnson, Nels B., b1833; d1916
Johnson, Nora Edith, b11-17-1898; d8-7-1909
Johnson, O.P., b9-3-1831; d10-10-1891
Johnson, Oscar C., b1876; d1936
Johnson, Robert L, b1-2-1929; d7-24-1929
Johnson, Rosa Charlotte, b1898; d1909
Johnson, Selma R., b11-1-1862; d5-26-1910
Larson, Ingrid, b1843; d1885
Larson, John, b?; d?
Larson, Nels, b1849; d1936
Larson, Paulina A., b1882; d1916
LaVelle, Darlene, b1929; d1971
LaVelle William, b1926; d1973
Lind, Albert, b1862; d1944
Lind, Allen, b1897; d1898
Lind, Amil, b1870; d1952
Lind, Anna, b1867; d1951
Lind, Charles V., b6-22-1877; d12-10-1954
Lind, Daisy H., b4-18-1883; d4-27-1957
Lind, Devein, b1904; d1930
Lind, Elizabeth, b1835; d1925
Lind, Ellanora H., b1869; d1938
Lind, Ellen, b1873; d1958
Lind, Esther, b1866; d1955
Lind, Everett, b1902; d1920
Lind, Harvey L., b1899; d1964
Lind, Henry, b1864; d1941
Lind, Infant, b1904; d?
Lind, John, b1860; d1943
Lind, John Sr., b1833; d1913
Lind, Martin, b1900; d1921
Lind, Mary C., b1865; d1913
Lind, John Sr., b1833; d1913
Lind, William, b1866; d1952
Lind, Winnie L., b1890; d1891
Lindmark, Anna, b1842; d1883
Lindmark, Arvid C., d3 yrs.
Lindmark, August G., d1 yr.
Lindmark, C.W., b1839; d7-2-1891
Lindmark, Theodore, A., d7 yrs.
Moberg, Charles J., b1853; d1946
Moberg, Christina, b1854; d1933
Moberg, Eugene, b1890; d1891
Moberg, Henry, b1854; d1941
Moberg, Martha, b1851; d1911
Moberg, Mary, b1856; d1917
Moberg, Peter, b1850; d1924
Moberg, Sara Lina, b1825; d1891
Moberg, Stella J., b1879; d1937
Moberg, Theodore E., b1883; d1957
Naslund, Albin, b1882; d1962
Naslund, Anders, b1827; d1893
Naslund, Anna, b1819; d1891
Naslund, Anna, b1865; d1942
Naslund, Edith, b1901; d1969
Naslund, Olaf, b1855; d1926
Nordstrom, Britta, b1850; d1945
Nordstrom, John, b1850; d1941
Norene, Anna, b1813; d1886
Norene, Edwin, b8-15-1888; d9-18-1956
Norene, Ellen, b1912; d1913
Norene, Gilbert, b1877; d1892
Norene, Hannah S., b3-16-1888; d8-7-1958
Norene, John, b1815; d1886
Norene, Suzanne, b1879; d1911
Norton, Almeda, b1884; d1887
Norton, Charles 0., b1842; d1929
Norton, Elmer, b1884; d1893
Norton, Emma, b1890; d1892
Norton, John N., b1878; d1960
Norton, Laurence, b1884; d1896
Norton, Mary, b1849; dI 91 O
Norton, Selma J., b1877; d1965
Nyberg, Anna E., b1896; d1971
Nyberg, Bertha L., b5-4-1885; d10-1-1887
Nyberg, Ella, b1850; d1911
Nyberg, Joseph A., b1-2-1882; d4-18-1892
Nyberg, Nels, b1843; d1918
Nyberg, Olaf, b1876; d1939
Nyberg, Rose L., b1895; d1968
Nyberg, Rudolph, b1907; d1970
Nyberg, Walter, b1895; d1954
Oberg, Alfreda E., b1906; d1973
Olson, Anna C., b10-31-1886; d4-13-1910
Olson, Arthur H., b1907; d1930
Olson, Clarence R., b1904; d1943
Olson, E.W., b?; d?
Olson, Ernest W., b1878; d1954
Olson, John, b10-24-1861; d5-5-1915
OlsOn, Lars, b1-13-1831; d4-7-1914
Olson, Maria, b1847; d1924
Olson, Peter, b1845; d1924
Olson, Petrus E., b?; d'?
Ostberg, Alfred, b1872; d1905
Ostberg, Daughter of E.J., b1907; d?
Ostberg, Dean, b1927; d197_
Ostberg, Edward, b1904; d1910
Ostberg, Ella, b1849; d1937
Ostberg, Eric, b1841; d1936
Ostberg, Flora, b1876; d1962
Ostlund, Emma, b1868; d1929
Ostlund, Goldie, b1896; d1958
Ostlund, Maurice (Infant), b1916; d?
Ostlund, Olaf, b1886; d1956
Person, Elliot, b1882; d1902
Person, Nellie, b?; d?
Person, Nels, b1843; d1891
Peterson, Albert, b1876; d1948
Peterson, Amelia, b?; d?
Peterson, Andrew, b1843; d1910
Peterson, August, b1855; d1905
Peterson, Bobbie - son of H J., b1918; d1919
Peterson, Christenna S., b1888; d1888
Peterson, Harry R., b1888; d1950
Peterson, Hulda A., b1880; d1880
Peterson, John, b1838; d1884
Peterson, Selma, b1860; d1921
Peterson, Tilda, b1847; d1925
Renington, Clara, b1885; d1964
Runquist, Ada (Infant), b?; d?
Runquist, Anna, b1857; d1908
Runquist, August, b1845; d1925
Runquist, Esther (Infant), b?; d?
Runquist, Freeman E., b3-13-1887; d4-15-1931
Samuelson, Ann, b?; d1969
Samuelson, Emma C., b1862; d1947
Samuelson, Ruth, b?; d1955
Sedan, Nina F., b1904; d1967
Sherwood, Ina A., b1892; d1972
Shostrom, Henry E., b1891; d1952
Shostrom, Mabel E., b1891; d1952
Shostrom, Peter Erick, b3-8-1862; d5-10-1938
Shostrom, R.E., b?, d?
Shostrom, Sophia, b1-22-1865; d7-20-1938
Sjoblom, John, b1870; d1934
Stenberg, Peter, b1835; d1896
Stenberg, Peter (Mrs.), b?; d?
Stewart, Esther E., b1907; d1960
Stohl, Alvena B., b1907; d1959
Stohl, Betty, b10-4-1852; d5-16-1924
Stohl, Birger S., b5-5-1878; d12-22-1960
Stohl, Carl V., b4-2-1883; d12-23-1957
Stohl, Claus, b1-3-1844; d11-16-1927
Stohl, Ellen, b1-4-1882; d5-30-1931
Stohl, Ellen, b1889; d1968
Stohl, John, b1875; d1961
Stohl, Ralph M., b7-8-1907; d7-24-1909
Stoneberg, Mr., b?; d?
Stoneberg, Mrs., b?; d?
Sundling, Peter, b?; d?
Swanson, Jinnie Frances, b2-15-1911; d3-22-1911
Swanson, Joe, b?; d?
Swanson, Olive May, b11-21-1888; d3-1-1917
Swedenberg, Edward, b1889; d1918
Swedenberg, Emma, b1861; d1929
Swedenberg, John, b2-2-1828; d9-14-1902
Swedenberg, William 0., b1856; d1941
Thesing, Hilda, b1884; d1938
Thesing, R.H., b1873; d1943
Thomas, William A., b1867; d1912
Weaver, Anna C., b1886; d1924
Weaver, D. Norbell E., b1922; d1926
Weaver, George, b1859; d1934
Weaver, Harry, b1883; d1963
Weaver, Mary E., b1864; d1932
Weist, Nina A., b1889; d1946
Weist, Rueben, b1887; d1965
Westman, Lars E., b1844; d1910
Widga, Anna, b1850; d1935
Widga, Anna Sophia, b1816; d1913
Widga, E W., b1-12-1880; d11-17-1954
Widga, Edna E., b1878; d1886
Widga, Gust A., b1846; d1927
Widga, Lillie R., b9-28-1880; d6-13-1964
Widga, Mangus, b11-23-1820; d2-13-1902
Widga, Walter, b1887; d1955
Wilson, Albert E., b2-21-1882; d9-20-1924
Wilson, Emma, b6-26-1870; d6-21-1923

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