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Swede Home Cemetery

NE1/4 NW1/4 and NW1/4 NE1/4 28-14-3

In 1876 the Swede Home Cemetery was laid out on two acres of land donated by Peter J. and Josephine Flodman, and by Carl A. and Hedda Fredrickson. The first lots sold for $5.00. The cemetery was established by the Lutheran Church in Swede Home which was organized August 12, 1873

The first cemetery board members were; Peter J. Anderson, Carl Pehrson, Emanuel Lindblad, and Carl G. Johnson. The 1975 cemetery board members are; Ansel Fredrickson-pres., Marland Adelson-vice pres., Lillie Chindgren-sec., Rudolph Sandin-treas., Harold Johnson, and George Heckamn. Orra Garretson is the present caretaker.

Adelson, Alex Leopold, b11-16-1872; d8-22-1967
Adelson, Alvin Valfrid, b5-4-1903; d5-22-1903
Adelson, Golden Reinhold, b7-20-1904; d1-15 1905
Adelson, Marvin Leopold, b6-2-1908; d9-16-1908
Adelson, Mildred, b5-4-1903; d5-4-1903
Adelson, Oliver Ellsworth, b6-10 1906; d4-9-1972
Adelson, Otelia C.(Hult), b3-30-1874; d1-14-1958
Almen, Ernst Fritiof, b5-4-1896; d5-24-1904
Anderson, Ada Eleanora, b12-16-1877; d7-9-1879
Anderson, Alvin Fredrick, b12-29-1880; d9-23-1956
Anderson, Alvin Gilbert, b5-131885; d11-7-1888
Anderson, Alvin Winfred, b12-4-1917; d2-21 -1958
Anderson, Andevs Gustaf, b2-18-1840; d2-17-1871
Anderson, Andevs Johan, b7-13-1839; d10-8-1906
Anderson, Andrew, b10-31-1839; d1-1-1918
Anderson, Anna Carolina, b1-29-1883; d8-19-1889
Anderson, Anna Sofia, b1863; d4-19-1939
Anderson, Anna Stina, b2-1-1847; d?
Anderson, Arthur, b11-3-1884; d11-22-1884
Anderson, August, b9-26-1850; d1-5-1929
Anderson, Augusta E. (Fjell), b8-30-1844; d7-18-1959
Anderson, Augusta, b12-6-1878; d1-30-1940
Anderson, Carl David, b12-23-1899; d8-24-1909
Anderson, Carl J, b1-17-1874; d7-3-1874
Anderson, Carolina, b11-19-1840; d1-22-1913
Anderson, Cecelia Marie, b1-7-1890; d6-10-1912
Anderson, Charles Emil, b5-16-1880; d4-2-1968
Anderson, Charles Erick, b9-18-1856; d?
Anderson, Charlotta, b1-5-1832; d5-28-1920
Anderson, Christina Kajsa, b7-28-1829; d7-191893
Anderson, Christina (Swanson), b6-2-1853; d1-1920
Anderson, Christine, b11-20-1870; d4-20-1883
Anderson, Clara, b7-19-1856; d7-13-1936
Anderson, Clara Sophia, b2-1847; d1896
Anderson, Claus Henning, b12-18-1858; d7-31945
Anderson, David, b9-27-1878; d8-26-1879
Anderson, David Hjalmer, b4-9-1878; d8-2-1949
Anderson, Edwin Bernard, b1-6-1903; d12-51951
Anderson, Elin Catharine, b12-20-1894; d1-2-1895
Anderson, Ellen Anettie, b11-28-1881; d4-24-1907
Anderson, Ellen Irene, b11-15-1897; d4-14-1909
Anderson, Ellen M (Toline), b7-1-1893; d7-17-1969
Anderson, Elmer W., b1 1-3-1896; d9-29-1902
Anderson, Florence Alida, b12-5-1890; d8-6-1893
Anderson, Florence E. (Thelander), b4-7-1881; d10-30-1974
Anderson, Franz Edward, b2-24-1889; d2-27-1889
Anderson, George Bernard, b11-3-1885; d6-29-1965
Anderson, George Fredrick, b3-16-1880; d12-19-1966
Anderson, Gustaf Wilmer, b12-9-1888; d3-15-1969
Anderson, Harvey Albert, b3-27-1910; d2-6-1911
Anderson, Helga, b10-14-1887; d7-31-1888
Anderson, Hilda Otilla, b10-2-1878; d2-22-1883
Anderson, Hilda S. (Kinberg), b12-3-1880; d6-16-1951
Anderson, Ida D. (Beck), b2-16-1889; d11-3-1917
Anderson, Ida M. (Swenson), b10-28-1864; d6-27-1911
Anderson, Ida S.G. (Monson), b2-11-1859; d9-6-1938
Anderson, Infant Son (E.A.), b5-7-1936; d5-71936
Anderson, John Albert, b11-1-1875; d6-11-1936
Anderson, John August, b2-2-1838; d4-22-1920
Anderson, John Emil, b9-25-1863; d8-10-1934
Anderson, John Fredrick, b10-23-1851; d5-29-1897
Anderson, John Henry, b1-10-1888; d6-4-1927
Anderson, John Peter, b7-22-1846; d3-1-1926
Anderson, Josephine W. (Flodman), b4-6-1849; d7-21-1918
Anderson, Kjersti, b1819; d1897
Anderson, Louisa Charlotta, b11-12-1846; d8-9-1889
Anderson, Maja Lena, b9-14-1813; d4-24-1894
Anderson, Marie L. (Sonsendahl), b4-15-1861; d4-7-1916
Anderson, Martha Eleanora, b11-23-1895; d1896
Anderson, Mary M (Riener), b?; d1928
Anderson, Mathilda, b6-22-1849; d1880
Anderson, Nels, b10-10-1826; d8-22-1914
Anderson, Nels Victor, b2-26-1864; d1955
Anderson, Olaf, b2-18-1821; d12-4-1897
Anderson, Olga C. (Younglund), b11-12-1872; d3-91942
Anderson, Oscar Hugo, b6-1-1889; d9-20-1902
Anderson, Peter J., b12-24-1842; d5-1897
Anderson, Raymond F., b4-5-1910; d2-21-1941
Anderson, Rolland B., b4-29-1916; d6-24-1929
Anderson, Sara Stina, b1 2-30-1822; d1 2-13-1894
Anderson, Selma A. (Thelander), b3-26-1871; d3-5-1923
Anderson, Stina, b3-20-1813; d4-7-1906
Anderson, Stina Kajsa, b3-23-1818; d11-6-1894
Anderson, Suen, b8-11-1851; d4-11-1940
Anderson, Victor John, b5-14-1885; d3-15-1952
Anderson, Wayne Lemoine, b5-7-1927; d6-2-1928
Anderson, Wilhelmina (Johnson), b8-4-1863; d12-17-1928
Anstrom, Bertha C. (Waller), b4-2-1893; d9-5-1915
Anstrom, Christina E. (Swedenburg), b8-3-1861. d2-281930
Anstrom, John Jacob, b6-20-1851; d2-7-1921
Anna L., b1837; d1-2-1884
Appleton, Carl Rudolph, b12-28-1886; d6-6-1960
Appleton, Karl Johan, b1-26-1843; d5-5-1888
Appleton, Martin Julius, b2-9-1888; d1 0 10-1939
Beck, Charles William, b5-8-1885; d5-28-1959
Beck, David, b5-8-1885; d5-25-1959
Beck, Marianne C. (Carlson), b1-12-1860; d7-29-1937
Berglund, Berndt Olaf, b2-23-1863; d1-1-1947
Berglund, Infant, b?; d?
Berglund, Mavia (Larson), b12-25-1860; d8-30-1940
Bloom, Britta Stina, b6-18-1821; d7-26-1900
Bloom, John, b10-22-1822; d7-18-1905
Branting, Edwin Petrus, b3-11-1896; d1-21-1917
Branting, Hilma E. (Jones), b5-9-1870; d6-26-1958
Branting, Lena Mavia, b9-17-1830; d2-13-1906
Branting, Martha Lenora, b6-24-1894; d3-4-1913
Branting, Otto Fredrick, b6-19-1869; d6-16-1955
Branting, Rose M.L., b12-2-1935; d12-3-1935
Branting, Wallace Fredrick, b10-10-1931; d10-11 1931
Burke, Esther V. (Sjogren), b12-23-1901; d12-21942
Bush, Cora, b2-25-1882; d1883
Carlson, August Ferdinand, b8-12-1878: d11-18-1973
Carlson, Carl Fredrick, b12-12-1861; d3-10-1950
Carlson, Charles Henric, b8-31-1847; d10-19-192
Carlson, Conrad, b1869; d1952
Carlson, David Ferdinand, b6-3-1916; d6-15-1916
Carlson, Elna Linnea, b4-18-1897; d1-21-1914
Carlson, Ernest, b11-1-1887; d1-8-1952
Carlson, Hannah M. (Swanson), b3-11-1888; d2-251973
Carlson, Helen Darlene, b4-29-1930; d12-30-1933
Carlson, Herman, b7-7-1891; d4-10-1957
Carlson, Ida L. (Anderson), b3-30-1861; d1-151949
Carlson, Infant Dau. (J.G. Carlson), b?; d?
Carlson, John Benjanun, b4-21-1916; d5-8-1
Carlson, John Gustaf, b1-3-1861; d12-13-1957
Carlson, Maria A. (Peterson), b4-2-1873; d4-8-1950
Carlson, Martha Linnea, b?; d'?
Carlson, Milburn Emphrey, b6-21-1918; d4-20-1919
Carlson, Muritz Theador, b6-24-1904; d3-13-1953
Carlson, Nels Fredrick, b12-28-1852; d11-281915
Carlson, Olive H. (Swanson), b10-26-1883; d11-91969
Carlson, Olof, b3-28-1909; d3-27-1971
Carlson, Orpha Lorine, b6-3-1923; d4-18-1927
Carlson, Selma C. (Peterson), b3-29-1876; d11-21-1952
Carlson, Terry Allen, b12-11-1946; d2-10-1947
Cederburg, Arthur Raymond, b2-17-1898; d2-14-1970
Cederburg, Augusta Joephine, b8-17-1865 d11-12-1927
Cederburg, Freda E. (Matson), b6-28-1898; d9-16-1936
Cederburg, Swan Soneson, b3-3-1862; d10-21-194
Cheleen, Infant, b?; d?
Chindgren, Emma J. (Peterson), b12-5-1857; d9-25-1954
Chindgren, Gustaf Emil, b7-23-1858; d2-25-1927
Chindgren, Johanna (Pihigren), b9-21-1818; d11-6-1903
Chindgren, Leonard Luther, b3-7-1912; d3-7-1912
Chindgren, Martin Oliver, b12-26-1890; d8-3-1968
Chindgren, Pehr Gustaf, b6-6-1820; d5-22-1900
Crow, Thilda (Matson), b7-26-1869; d9-17-1929
Crow, Timothy, b4-21-1861; d4-11-1928
Dahlin, Alma C. (Peterson), b1866; d9-6-1900
Dahlin, Martin Alfred, b9-6-1900; d11-7-1959
Dahlin, Oscar Francis, b1867; d3-17-1947
Davison, Amelia J. (Lundren), b1-20-1880; d5-8-1915
Ekstrom, Alice A. (Lindblad), b10-27-1870; d5-18-1934
Ekstrom, Arthur Emanuel, b9-9-1897; d6-7-1959
Ekstrom, Carl Gustaf, b1-17-1869 d2-3-1942
Ekstrom, Margie, b3-13-1927; d3-16-1927
Ericson, Maggie (Shostrom), b?; d?
Fjell, Alma S. E. (Forss), b3-31-1886; d8-28-1958
Fjell, Carl, b12-10-1837; d3-25-1916
Ejell, Christina (Johnson), b3-14-1846; d12-13-1930
Fjell, Clara Josephine, b7-9-1874; d8-7-1875
Fjell, Clara Mathilda, b7-2-1879; d9-4-1880
Fjell, Joseph Luther, b7-13-1914; d1-17-1974
Fjell, Roy William, b9-12-1909; d2-7-1964
Fjell, William Herman, b5-11-1872; d10-10-1945
Flodman, Alma H. (Hult), b12-1-1880; d3-25-1950
Flodman, Carl Ulvick b2-28-1820; d12-10-1896
Flodman, Edith Esther, b7-29-1888; d10-5-1896
Flodman, Fredricka Sophia, b6-11-1822; d2-15-1892
Flodman, Harold Milford, b8-16-1908;dl-7-1909
Flodman, Herbert Odger, b2-20-1882; d11-23-1956
Flodman, Hugo, b10-7-1857; d1-25-1936
Flodman, Louise (Anderson), b10-25-1865; d1-14-1946
Flodman, Melvin Ulrick, b5-15-1894; d8-21-1921
Flodman, Philip Samuel, b10-5-1892; d7-8-1905
Flodman, Rolland Gothard, b3-28-1913; d3-25-1924
Forss, Alma Sofia Ehzabeth, b5-3-1884; d1886
Forss, Anna S. (Monson), b8-26-1823; d10-27-1909
Forss, August Hjelmar, b2-24-1882; d9-22-1922
Forss, Axel William, b7-18-1872; d2-9-1958
Forss, Carolina (Nelson), b2-4-1847; d12-12-1930
Forss, Irvin Adolph, b5-14-1925; d11-25-1945
Forss, Nels Alfred, b10-10-1843; d4-13-1919
Fredrickson, Axel Efnam, b12-16-1882; d7-22-1937
Fredrickson, Beda (Ahlgren), b2-14-1886; d1-9-1943
Fredrickson, Carl Alfred, b11-24-1841; d12-281913
Fredrickson, Carl Oscar, b11-25-1870; d12-24-1955
Fredrickson, Clara W. (Beck), b5-26-1891; d10-10-1939
Fredrickson, David Fridolph, b7-25-1891; d10-14-1893
Fredrickson, Emil Gust, b5-10-1879; d8-22-1880
Fredrickson, Emma Cecelia, b9-29-1874; d10-16-1878
Fredrickson, Esther A. (Anderson), b12-2-1884; d4-25-1963
Fredrickson, Fredrick Hilmer, b3-3-1876; d3-9-1964
Fredrickson, Hedda (Gustafson), b2-4-1845; d1-20-1923
Fredrickson, Hedrig P.H. (Anderson), b4-2-1882; d1-9-1953
Fredrickson, Helen Josephine, b7-19-1904; d7-19-1904
Fredrickson, Herman Theodore, b8-19-1888; d2-22-1975
Fredrickson, Hilda Chavlollet, b10-5-1872; d10-251878
Fredrickson, Infant Son of J.F., b12-26-1914; d12-26-1914
Fredrickson, Rolland Lawrence, b3-2-1909; d10-91939
Gestrine, Gustaf, b8-17-1856; d7-17-1932
Gestrine, Sophia L.(Johnson), b10-23-1866: d11-9-1943
Gilbert, Lillian (Anderson), b3-17-1896; d12-16-1947
Glynn, Amanda A. (Johnson), b1-3-1872; d1898
Greener, Ellen H. (Lindblade), b11-17-1878; d9-18-1940
Gustafson, Charlotta, b8-31-1822; d12-24-1888
Gustafson, Ruby Adinah, b7-9-1913; d9-21-1913
Gustafson, Selma Rehodlai, b10-10-1880; d10-21-1881
Hansen, Hannah, b?; d?
Holm, Beverly Jean, b4-21-1956; d10-17-1958
Holm, Gerald Carl Clifford, b3-9-1917; d8-6-1967
Holm, Karna, b12-4-1838; d6-8-1934
Holm, Nels H., b8-26-1836; d9-12-1887
Holm, Nels H., b5-11-1866; d12-15-1953
Holm, Twins (F. Holm), b?; d?
Holm, Walborg C.A. (Samuelson), b3-20-1875; d10-27-1946
Hubbert, Joseph Arvid, b5-26-1898; d5-16-1906
Hubbert, Myrtle Lydia, b11-4-1892; d7-15-1893
Hult, Alice Olivia, b7-26-1896; d11-29-1896
Hult, Anges, R., b7-1879; d10-15-1880
Hult, Anna (Svensson), b1-1-1870; d9-28-1960
Hult, Betsy (Johnson), b1850; d8-24-1870
Hult, Edith Ceclia, b9-4-1887; d1-16-1967
Hult, Gotterid Albinus, b3-13-1883; d4-20-1883
Hult, Helwig U. (Anderson), b?; d2-16-1929
Hult, Herman Alexis, b11-24-1877; d3-4-1878
Hult, Hilma Adelia, b2-7-1886; d3-7-1886
Hult, Hilma A. (Dahlstrom), b2-8-1863; d9-20-1896
Hult, Johan Peter, b6-6-1811; d11-17-1878
Hult, Julia Blondina, b7-26-1896; d1-9-1897
Hult, Kajsa Greta, b1-13-1807; d10-22-1878
Hult, Mathilda (Hakanson), b3-14-1840; d5-15-1924
Hult, Nancy Rocellia, b7-2-1893; d2-25-1894
Hult, Nels Peter Ludrig, b1-4-1864; d8-21-1938
Hult, Olof, b5-30-1847; d7-9-1936
Hult, Ruth Antelia, b3-5-1892; d1-31-1915
Hult, Swan August, b10-24-1839; d10-15-1896
Hult, Violet Elvira, b9-1-1902; d8-27-1934
Hultgren, John Anders, b3-1-1862; d1-8-1910
Hultman, Anna E., b6-28-1880; d6-26-1949
Hultman, Ebba Louisa, b5-5-1878; d?
Hultman, Frank Peter, b2-28-1876; d1-30-1952
Hultman, Frans Peter, b?; d?
Hultman, John Peter, b10-16-1844; d10-29-1901
Hultman, Sophia Johanna, b10-14-1839; d2-19-1925
Isakson, Anna Stina, b8-11-1808; d1877
Isakson, John Peter, b2-2-1814; d1899
Johnson, Albert Ephriam, b10-7-1874; d12-15-1878
Johnson, Albert Ephraim, b6-25-1879; d11-11-1939
Johnson, Amanda C. (Johnson), b5-8-1882; d1-11-1956
Johnson, Andrew Gustaf, b3-18-1849; d1920
Johnson, Anna Maria, b7-26-1839; d4-22-1906
Johnson, Anna M. (Orthengren), b9-13-1872; d6-261954
Johnson, August Johan, b1-29-1877; d11-11-1949
Johnson, Axel, b1878; d1920
Johnson, Barbara Jean, b2-23-1943; d5-14-1944
Johnson, Beda S. (Rydell), b1-21-1883; d9-29-1926
Johnson, Bernice L. (Peterson), b8-24-1907; d7-31-1974
Johnson, Bryan John, b3-14-1956;d3-14-1956
Johnson, Bryce James, b3-14-1956; d3-14-1956
Johnson, Carl, b1817; d1896
Johnson, Carl Alfred, b4-16-1867; d5-11-1920
Johnson, Carl Fredrick, b10-21-1864; d10-26-1941
Johnson, Carl Gustaf, b6-2-1822; d5-19-1904
Johnson, Carl Gustaf, b11-3-1839; d6-20-1923
Johnson, Cassie (Nelson), b11-15-1872; d12-20-1956
Johnson, Charles A., b1-14-1849; d1-29-1924
Johnson, Charles August N, b8-27-1868; d3-25-1946
Johnson, Charlotta C. (Anderson), b1-17-1848; d1881
Johnson, Charlotta (Gustafson), b10-7-1842; d6-10-1916
Johnson, Christine, b1838; d1910
Johnson, Conrad Virgil, b8-1-1915; d9-30-1963
Johnson, Edna Victoria, b6-28-1884; d10-20-1934
Johnson, Emma A. (Johnson), b4-22-1878; d1937
Johnson, Enoch Nathenael, b1-10-1882; d9-151912
Johnson, Esther L. (Swanson), b9-1-1885; d7-15-1965
Johnson, Eva S. (Herrlin), b3-7-1844; d1923
Johnson, Frank August, b11-12-1873; d10-27-1949
Johnson, Hanna Alfrida Sophia, b3-8-1885; d8-12-1886
Johnson, Hanna Christine, b1822; d1908
Johnson, Hannah (Clay), b3-3-1860; d3-12-1946
Johnson, Hannah E. (Toline), b1-29-1887; d5-8-1922
Johnson, Hannah Maria, b4-8-1875; d12-1973
Johnson, Hannah Marie, b9-17-1882; d10-8-1882
Johnson, Hattie A. (Johnson), b1-14-1874; d7-16-1946
Johnson, Helen Beverly, b12-21-1933; d2-8-1934
Johnson, Henry Bernhard, b11-21-1897; d2-10-1971
Johnson, Hulda Louise, b1-18-1873; d1-4-1955
Johnson, Inga S. (Nelson), b6-3-1858; d1942
Johnson, Johanna, b1860; d1900
Johnson, John, b8-10-1836; d1-24-1876
Johnson, John Edward, b3-7-1876; d7-31-1876
Johnson, John Fredolph, b3-7-1883; d11-5-1961
Johnson, John William, b4-21-1872; d1-20-1953
Johnson, Jonas Adolph, b4-23-1843; d3-9-1922
Johnson, Jonas Alfred, b4-16-1867; d6-27-1949
Johnson, Josephine M. (Orthengren), b8-25-1873; d4-6-1959
Johnson, Julia Annie, b2-25-1880; d4-8-1965
Johnson, Julius Emanuel, b7-20-1890; d10-18-1974
Johnson, Kajsa Stina, b3-10-1831; d5-25-1903
Johnson, Karna (Bengston), b3 $1843; d1926
Johnson, Lovisa Mathilda, b3-14-1834; d12-10-1921
Johnson, Malrid, b1-21-1894; d1894
Johnson, Martha E. (Toline), b8-25-1895; d5-1-1940
Johnson, Mary Ann, b10-21-1923; d12-15-1923
Johnson, Mathilda (Hult), b12-27-1849; d2-24-1930
Johnson, Meda A. (Johnson), b12-28-1890; d8-5-1964
Johnson, Neil LeMoine, b8-14-1932; d8-14-1932
Johnson, Oscar Abel, b8-14-1883; d2-26-1884
Johnson, Oscar Atfred Pastor, b10-24-1852 d5-7-1932
Johnson, Oscar Edwin, b6-15-1880; d2-1971
Johnson, Peter Magnus, b7-14-1826; d1-17-1892
Johnson, Phoebe Wilhelmina, b1895; d1896
Johnson, Samuel John, b6-24-1843; d1924
Johnson, Swan, b11-4-1856; d8-3-1923
Johnson, Victor Gustaf, b3-9-1869; d3-13-1893
Jones, Clarence Ruben, b5-15-1905; d11-20-1905
Jones, Dale Jerome, b3-30-1934; d4-20-1934
Jones, Edwin Emanuel, b4-22-1879; d8-30-1956
Jones, Effie A. (Carlson), b10-3-1884; d11-23-1969
Jones, Herman Alexis, b11-16-1881; d8-3-1966
Jones, Hilma E. (Johnson), b7-10-1882; d8-29-1943
Jones, Jennie Charlotta, b4-6-1876; d12-5-1884
Jones, Leibert Nathaniel, b4-14-1884; d7-18-1884
Jones, Maria C. (Hult), b2-23-1842; d1-30-1928
Jones, Merle Eugene, b1-24-1914; d2-17-1941
Jones, Myrtle E. (Matson), b10-5-1903; d8-10-1925
Jones, Paul Carol, b7-19-1920 d10-4-1959
Jones, Peter John, b12-23-18i3; d7-18-1937
Jonson, Lillie Sophia, b12-17-1890; d12-1890
Jonson, Otto Emmanuel, b10-10-1889; d10-1889
Kingsley, Dennis Lee, b12-20-1939; d12-20-1939
Kopera, Ellen M. (Branting), b1-22-1904; d4-18-1955
Larson, Arthur Ivan, b3-31-1886; d1-1-1971
Larson, August Atfred, b4-17-1891; d5-12-1933
Larson, Carl Oscar, b9-13-1877; d4-8-1945
Larson, Carrie Sophia, b10-30-1887; d12-12-1887
Larson, Esther A.L. (Peterson), b1-28-1893; d11-8-1972
Larson, Frank, b11-6-1855; d10-1-1922
Larson, George Richard Clarence, b2-12-1893; d1-6-1949
Larson, Gordon Ray, b5-13-1947; d5-15-1947
Larson, Gustaf Emil, b8-22-1882; d5-15-1945
Larson, Infant, b5-26-1912; d5-26-1912
Larson, Infant, b5-12-1929; d5-12-1929
Larson, Jacob A., b6-1-1836; d11-28-1910
Larson, Johanna (Holm), b12-7-1862; d6-15-1953
Larson, Lena, b10-10-1888; d5-26-1912
Larson, Marlene June, b6-29-1936; d11-9-1936
Larson, Matilda S.C., b12-24-1836; d3-8-1911
Larson, Phyllis Rea, b10-15-1957; d6-22-1958
Larson, Rebecca Ann, b11-18-1958; d11-18-1958
Larson, Reul Bernhard, b9-15-1933; d4-3-1935
Lind, Charles Simon, b9-5-1884; d11-2-1888
Lindeblade, Alexander, b11-27-1837; d9-10 1898
Lindblade, Arthur Ohver, b4-14-1884; d7-191968
Lindeblade, Charlotte (Fredrickson), b9-26-1834; d1-11-1906
Lindblade, Emanuel, b7-16-1840; d9-11-1927
Lindblade, Esel H. (Peterson), b7-5-1888; d6-11-1942
Lindblade, Henry, b?; d?
Lindblade, Hilding Jonathan, b2-13-1876; d8-1936
Lindblade, Johanna, b11-15-1842; d4-19-1926
Lindblade, Joseph Ephraim, b12-16-1882; d1-14-1970
Lindblade, Linda Josephine, b2-17-1879; d8-1951
Lindholm, Delwyn Conrad, b4-4-1928; d6-30-1972
Lingwall, Anna Elinora, b5-2-1903; d6-7-1903
Lingwall, Herman William, b5-22-1900; d7-22-1900
Lingwall, Infant, b?; d?
Lingwall, Ingrid, b?; d?
Lundgren, Anna C. (Johnson), b1-24-1867; d1-24-1940
Lundgren, Anna Katharina, b1-4-1853; d11-11-1900
Lundgren, Carl August, b3-9-1849; d1-8-1932
Lundgren, Carl Edward, b6-27-1877; d12-2-1890
Lundgren, Edna Elinora, b8-27-1893; d7-16-1974
Lundgren, Henry Emmanuel, b6-13-1882; d3-18-1887
Lundgren, Ida Elmida, b9-13-1881; d5-13-1903
Lundgren, Pehr August, b5-9-1873; d8-1-1891
Lundgren, Richard, b4-1-1863; d11-15-1950
Lundstrom, Ada Marie, b2-22-1891; d3-12-1956
Lundstrom, Carl August, b9-9-1859; d7-24-1908
Lundstrom, Carl Oscar Reuben, b10-27-1892; d10-19-1966
Lundstrom, Helena (Stohl), b3-21-1860; d1-24-1950
Magnuson, Anders Johan, b10-1810; d2-24-1900
Magnuson, Johanna Christine, b12-16-1838; d4-6-1911
Magnuson, Maria Christine, b1-14-1814; d1-l-1886
Martin, Arthur William, b3-2-1890; d8-12-1967
Martin, Augusta M. (Lindeblade), b3-19-1866; d2-271953
Martin, Carl Fredrick, b?; d?
Martin, Carl Hendrick, b9-6-1901; d3-21-1918
Martin, Emma Josephine (Beck), b7-14-1893; d12-5-1972
Martin, Ernest James, b12-2-1896; d10-12-1967
Martin, James Samuel, b4-23-1864; d8-13-1938
Matson, August, b3-1-1874; d3-19-1943
Matson, Emily A. (Anderson), b4-21-1879; d11-30-1953
Matson, Georgia Madeline, b626-1915; d1-24-1919
Matson, Hattie 0., b4-10-1882; d2-13-1939
Matson, Infant, b?; d'?
Matson, Infant, b?; d?
Matson, Ingrid (Nelson), b2-19-1838; d7-30-1907
Matson, Nels Johannison, b6-6-1836; d9-11-1909
Matson, Sigfred, b12-29-1881; d10-20-1923
Mattson, Glenn Elliot, b12-20-1906; d12-21-1906
Monson, Albert, b1865; d7-17-1885
Monson, Andrew Peter, b12-13-1855; d7-20-1918
Monson, Arthur Emanuel, b9-10-1895; d8-29-1947
Monson, Carl Oscar, b12-13-1886; d2-10-1924
Monson, Charles Johan, b9-7-1847; d4-10-1919
Monson, Ida Louise, b4-16-1862; d11-11-1931
Nelson, Alvin Bernhard, b4-19-1884; d4-15-1931
Nelson, Anna Stina (Thuhn), b3-24-1854; d3-1924
Nelson, Bessie Elvera, b2-24-1893; d10-7-1893
Nelson, Betsy, b2-5-1865; d10-8-1886
Nelson, Carl, b1885; d1885
Nelson, Carrie (Olson), b9-14-1845; d1913
Nelson, Charlotta M., b5-5-1832; d1-10-1922
Nelson, Effie Alida, b10-8-1899; d12-3-1899
Nelson, Elmer Emanuel, b11-9-1901; d8-24-1902
Nelson, Emelia C. (Anderson), b4-16-1876; d6-22-1940
Nelson, Esther Olivia, b3-13-1883; d10-29-1884
Nelson, Freda 0. Norene, b1-4-1882; d10-19-1918
Nelson, Jennie (Beck), b8-5-1883; d6-30-1958
Nelson, Joseph E., b6-3-1874; d1-3-1932
Nelson, Mabel Eugenia, b1-10-1893; d3-25-1893
Nelson, Mana Christina, b?; d1905
Nelson, Marie Charlotte, b5-5-1863; d8-3-1885
Nelson, Martha, b1900; d1900
Nelson, Mildred Adina, b2-25-1888; d4-8-1888
Nelson, Miliana 0.(Chindgren), b3-2-1888; d5-15-1961
Nelson, Milton, b1901; d1907
Nelson, Nels Peter, b1-14-1837; d1-28-1916
Nelson, Olaf Peter, b10-4-1835; d1925
Nelson, Pehr, b2-12-1847; d1915
Nelson, Peter, b9-29-1846; d3-1924
Nelson, Petrus Christopher, b5-29-1887; d1-1-1966
Nordling, Carl Eugene, b2-4-1895; d2-19-1895
Oberg, Clara G.A. (Samuelson), b3-17-1886; d4-3-1949
Oberg, Edward Elmer, b9-22-1887; d12-28-1973
Oquist, Frans Emil, b1 1-23-1886; d2-27-1953
Olson, Britta Lena, b1807; d1882
Olson, Christina Helena, b10-15-1839; d8-29-1880
Olson, Clara S. (Hultman) Forss, b2-27-1881; d1-30-1935
Olson, Harold Richard, b6-11-1911; d8-2-1911
Olson, Olaf Frank, b6-15-1877; d5-11-1943
Olson, Martin, b9-25-1842; d2-8-1934
Olson, Pehr, b8-10-1828; d1893
Orthengren, Hannah Olivia, b11-23-1885; d1-15-1886
Pehrson, Anna Louise, b 11-4-1884; d1-30-1962
Pehrson, John August, b7-13-1876; d2-9-1943
Pehrson, Louisa Johanns, b1-19-1841; d11-11-1920
Pehrson, Petter Johan, b2-21-1838; d12-4-1922
Person, Britta Lena, b9-6-1821; d4-27-1902
Person, Carl, b3-23-1828; d1-25-1916
Peterson, Alfreda W. (Fredrickson), b11-3-1884; d2-7-1972
Peterson, Anders Wilhelm, b9-28-1851; d2-19-1940
Peterson, Anna Lisa, b9-21-1821; d5-13-1900
Peterson, Carl Emil, b12-15-1865; d5-12-1893
Peterson, Carolina (Johnson), b7-8-1844; d12-51893
Peterson, Clara M. (Landstrom), b2-28-1846; d11-20-1921
Peterson, Charles, b3-9-1867; d5-8-1951
Peterson, Elvera Cordelia, b1904; d1905
Peterson, Fredrick Raymond, b1903; d1903
Peterson, Hannah M. (Johnson), b9-20-1876; d6-23-1955
Peterson, Henry Nathaniel, b9-6-1884; d4-21-1956
Peterson, Jonas, b11-19-1821; d2-18-1891
Peterson, Karolina Kristina, b3-18-1834; d4-19-1923
Peterson, Linda Victoria, b5-28-1882; d8-10-1910
Peterson, Louisa (Appleton), b10-21-1847; d8-6-1913
Peterson, Peter August, b12-11-1833; d2-19-1894
Peterson, Sander, b10-tS-1874; d6-15-1950
Pierson, Albert August, b5-18-1873; d7-9-1956
Pierson, Clara W. (Peterson), b1-23-1878; d8-8-1954
Pierson, Infant, b?; d?
Pierson, James Bernhard, b7-23-1910; d7-28-1910
Pierson, Lillian Elvera, b3-21-1905; d6-25-1910
Quick, Elmer Clarence, b3-14-1897; d1-13-1966
Quick, Harold Raymond, b11-20-1902; d1-24-1916
Quick, Ida C. (Branting), b12-20-1858; d11-19-1920
Quick, John Alfred b12-8-1849- d12-9-1917
Quick, Mildred Alvina, b7-13-1901; d3-5-1902
Robeson, Lloyd Irvin, b8-4-1902; d8-28-1935
Rodene, Amanda J. (Fredrickson), b2-4-1869; d3-24-1889
Rodene, Emma C. (Johnson), b1 1-24-1867; d1-10-1946
Rodene, Debra Lyn, b9-16-1948; d9-16-1948
Rodene, Gustaf, b?; d?
Rodene, Karna, b?; d?
Rodene, Martha Eugenia, b1-16-1900; d10-1903
Rodene, Oscar Alfred, b12-11-1864; d1-26-1933
Rudman, Edvill, b10-20-1887; d1-7-1975
Rudman, Eric, b?; d?
Rudman, Erick, b?; d1950
Rudman, Jane Lovis, b11-9-1920; d1-5-1933
Rudman, Jennie E., b?; d1950
Rudman, Lena, b1860; d1915
Rudman, Margaret A. (Gorgen), b1890; d1-3-1944
Rudman, Olof, b1837; d1907
Rudman, Olof Axel, b?; d6-15-1928
Samson, Agusta Emelia, b7-27-1865; d9-19-1886
Samuelson, Carrol Gunnar, b5-16-1923; d8-1932
Samuelson, Clara Charlotta (Anderson), b2-25-1849; d2-1926
Samuelson, Delia Eugenia (Johnson), b6-28-1885 d2-7-1964
Samuelson, Frank Edwin, b1882; d?
Samuelson, Henry Ferdinand, b3-24-1883; d3-4-1962
Samuelson, Infant, b6-1-1926; d6-1-1926
Samuelson, Infant Twins, b11-1921; d1 1-1921
Samuelson, John Alfred, b2-2-1838; d2-6-1907
Samuelson, John Gunnar, b1-9-1884; d2-2-1934
Samuelson, Joseph Emanuel, b7-15-1902; d4-1-1937
Samuelson, Lydia V. (Nelson), b1-9-1885 d5-14-1954
Samuelson, Martha Christine, b10-4-1852; d1939
Samuelson, Oscar, b1-29-1871; d11-25-1954
Samuelson, Ossian Richard, b6-2-1888; d12-7-1925
Samuelson, Peter Johan, b12-19-1819; d2-14-1909
Samuelson, Samuel August, b1-7-1847; d1921
Samuelson, Sarah L. (Syngg), b5-6-1833; d7-25-1905
Samuelson, Signe Elinora, b4-16-1893; d5-5-1953
Samuelson, Theorena L. (Stohl), b9-29-1871; d1 218-1924
Sandberg, August P., b8-25-1870; d10-16-1936
Sandberg, Clara M., b12-24-1880; d10-16-1934
Sandin, Ellen A. (Johnson), b2-10-1873; d9-25-1945
Sandin, Martina Wilma, b9-23-1907; d1908
Sandin, Ruby Albertina, b12-25-1901; d1902
Sandin, Sigfred Gustav, b9-12-1876; d11-14-1909
Sherwood, Gertrude M. (Swanson), b12-16-1888 d2-71970
Sherwood, Maurice Warren, b8-4-1921 d12-31921
Shostrom, Albin Leonard, b9-23-1876; d7-2-1958
Shostrom, Andrew Olaf, b6-6-1846; d1-7-1929
Shostrom, Christine Eleanora, b6-13-1845; d5-28-1913
Shostrom, Christine Eleanora, b1-11-1868; d6-27-1943
Shostrom, Edwin Arthur, b12-26-1882; d8-27-1965
Shostrom, Louisa Delphia, b12-7-1869; d2-27-1955
Shostrom, Margaret, b12-13-1826; d10-15-1894
Shostrom, Minnie Josephine, b10-2-1878; d4-22-1949
Shostrom, Olaf, b?; d?
Shostrom, Ralph, b?; d?
Sjogren, Emma C. (Pehrson), b3-9-1868; d9-10-1941
Sjogren, Frank Oscar, b6-22-1868; d9-16-1949
Smith, Carl William, b2-2-1877; d5-18-1956
Smith, Hilma M. (Thelander), b12-1-1874; d6-29-1930
Stevenson, Ruben Alfred Herman, b6-1-1889; d1889
Stromberg, Florence A. (Rodene), b4-7-1900; d7-22-1973
Stromberg, Hildur 0. (Samuelson), b8-6-1878; d7-3-1925
Stromberg, Nels Albert, b2-5-1872; d6-1-1947
Stromberg, Richard Albert, b9-6-1901; d11-21-1906
Sundberg, Elsie M. (Johnson), b1-2-1906; d12-26-1938
Sundberg, Eugene Frances, b1-4-1897; d2-8-1959
Swanson, Alice Marie, b1-22-1879; d1-16-1898
Swanson, Alice 0. (Gustafson), b11-13-1898; d5-12-1968
Swanson, Andrew Johan, b8-28-1845; d2-24-1927
Swanson, Anna Maria, b4-11-1876; d3-8-1947
Swanson, Anna Maria, b5-24-1852; d4-29-1896
Swanson, Ardith Meriam Barbara, b6-24-1920; d3-17-1923
Swanson, August Aurenius, b10-8-1864; d6-27-1936
Swanson, Bernard Allen, b5-2-1891; d5-19-1910
Swanson, Carl Magnus, b1-14-1850; d1892
Swanson, Carl Rudolph, b9-7-1892; d7-11 -1969
Swanson, Charles August, b1-22-1885; d1-18-1973
Swanson, Dennis Louis, b6-9-1932; d8-20-1952
Swanson, Ebra R. (Appelton), b12-11-1882 d10-30-1953
Swanson, Edward Leonard, b12-29-1891; d11-9-1918
Swanson, Edwin Arthur, b5-28-1888; d9-5-1888
Swanson, Elmer Fredrick, b2-24-1897; d2-13-1972
Swanson, Elmer Martin, b8-26-1894; d3-4-1895
Swanson, Emma Louisa, b9-4-1881; d2-7-1882
Swanson, Esther, b10-13-1889; d10-18-1889
Swanson, Frank Emil, b1-5-1883; d1-14-1883
Swanson, Gustaf Victor, b10-25-1884; d1-17-1887
Swanson, Infant, b?, d?
Swanson, Inga C. (Peterson), b1856; d1937
Swanson, Isaac Emil, b3-9-1877; d3-23-1955
Swanson, Jennie, b7-30-1847; d12-8-1926
Swanson, Johanes Peter, b12-27-1845; d7-22-1932
Swanson, John August, b7-14-1875; d2-25-1921
Swanson, Joseph Bernard Lewellen, b3-17-1922; d6-22-1933
Swanson, Joseph Herman, b7-25-1885; d1-21-1921
Swanson, Joseph Olaf, b8-10-1878; d12-9-1930
Swanson, Lewis Erick, b12-22-1883; d12-26-1883
Swanson, Lewis Erick, b8-15-1847; d11-25-1918
Swanson, Lydia H. (Johnson), b2-17-1890 d11-13-1961
Swanson, Mathilda (Samuelson), b1-23-1856; d1-18-1929
Swanson, Melvin Reinhold, b5-30-1890; d2-17-1891
Swanson, Milton Edward, b4-24-1892; d4-24-1908
Swanson, Minnie C. (Hult), b12-30-1870; d2-17-1946
Swanson, Nils Peter, b10-4-1844; d9-25-1919
Swanson, Olof, b9-25-1842; d3-1-1918
Swanson, Oscar Edward, b12-22-1886; d1-22-1887
Swanson, Oscar Elving, b4-2-1887; d4-25-1962
Swanson, Otto Edward, b10-28-1881; d8-23-1966
Swanson, Rex Leonard, b6-10-1939; d8-20-1966
Swanson, Rose Elizabeth, b1-16-1878; d4-1-1893
Swanson, Sara Lovisa, b9-6-1845; d8-1-1922
Swanson, Sophia H. (Bogvall), b4-13-1844; d8-1-1896
Swanson, Vera Marie, b4-1907; d4-1925
Swanson, Walter Julian, b1-26-1891; d3-12-1930
Swanson, Warren Richard, b3-10-1924; d1-20-1935
Swanson, William Albert, b1-21-1877; d4-18-1926
Sward, Anna M. (Swanson), b4-3-1874; d9-13-1959
Sward, Pastor Carl Amandus, b8-2-1868; d8-3-1949
Swedenburg, Rolland Wesley, b7-13-1931; d7-19-1931
Swenson, Edwin Jonathan, b2-28-1883; d7-25-1896
Swenson, Gustaf, b?; d1909
Swenson, Maria, b6-11-1853; d3-12-1882
Thelander, Alice Charlotta, b1880; d4-21-1899
Thelander, Amanda M. (Gestrine), b3-10-1899; d8-25-1962
Thelander, Andrew, b2-16-1881; d5-30-1930
Thelander, Anna Karin, b1-9-1852; d5-16-1940
Thelander, Annette C. (Anderson), b5-4-1887; d1-1-1971
Thelander, August Fabian, b1-20-1845; d10-20-1888
Thelander, Carl August, b11-28-1886; d6-13-1968
Thelander, Charles John, b5-21-1842; d12-30-1928
Thelander, Charles Wilhelm, b5-4-1868; d6-27-1948
Thelander, Dale DeVerne, b1-18-1925; d2-5-1925
Thelander, Ella A. (Cederburg), b1-27-1891; d9-26-1974
Thelander, Frank Wilhelm, b8-5-1887; d3-20-1968
Thelander, Hilda 0. (Falk), b10-17-1889; d12-21-1969
Thelander, Ida (Peterson), b10-20-1866; d1924
Thelander, Johanna Mathilda, b10-24-1848; d11-9-1919
Thelander, Maxine Amelia, b11-4-1935; d11-8-1935
Thelander, Nathaniel Fabian, b12-4-1888; d8-2-1969 
Thelander, Oscar, b11-9-1850; d6-30-1933 
Thelander, Otto, b3-11-1858; d2-10-1942
Thelander, Ruby Eulaila, b1-7-1917; d7-18-1925 !
Thelander, Sharon-Ann (Reinius), b12-17-1942; d6-5-1965
Thelander, Victor Emanuel, b7-11-1889; d4-22-1942
Thonall, Andrew, b7-25-1857; d5-8-1935
Thulin, Anders, b9-3-1822; d3-18-1887
Thulin, Johanna, b3-27-1825; d1-8-1899
Tilly, Anders Peter, b6-12-1844; d11-15-1920
Tilly, David, b1-28-1878; d1-1964
Tilly, Esther Emelia, b5-3-1885; d2-6-1965
Tilly, Hedda Mathilda b2-18-1842; d3-11-1938
Tilley, Joshua Disederius, b10-10-1875; d10-5-1888
Tilley, Susannah Maria, b7-4-1882; d?
Tilley, Swan Jonathan, b7-14-1879; c12-17-1960
Toline, Abel Bernhard, b6-9-1889; d1 l-5-1945
Toline, Alfred John, b1-10-1870; d10-11-1938
Toline, Augusta (Johnson), b7-10-1857; d5-4-1924
Toline, Carl Edwin, b7-27-1881; d6-15-1882
Toline, Edmund Lebert, b11-16-1878; d7-17-1935
Toline, Gustaf Anderson, b8-27-1846; d2-12-1899
Toline, Hilma A (Fredrickson), b2-18-1881; d9-2-1972
Toline, Joel Walfrid, b2-14-1883; d4-5-1967
Toline, Johanna, b11-13-1844; d4-28-1936
Toline, Lillie H. (Carlson), b8-17-1886; d8-27-1972
Toline, Swan, b1-22-1853; d8-9-1896
Toline, Trued Axel, b5-7-i879; d5-31-1882
Torell, Ellen Charlotte, b8-15-1891; d9-22-1891
VanDoren, William Arthur, b9-18-1902; d11-9-1945
Waldon, Erna J., b3-29-1896; d6-2-1944
Waldon, William R., b3-22-1895; d7-28-1957
Walgreen, Chester Omer, b6-23-1907; d3-22-1975
Waller, Amanda M. (Johnson), b9-20-1869; d8-2-1932
Waller, Carl Bernard, b3-4-1918; d5-28-1918
Waller, Carl Edward, b12-22-1949; d12-22-1949
Waller, Carl Gustaf, b9-10-1863; d4-10-1950
Waller, Clennan Eugene, b1-28-1928; d9-1966
Waller, Conrad Edmund, b9-5-1896; d10-1-1953
Waller, Dennis Ernest, b3-1932; d6-30-1932
Waller, Gustaf Einer, b1-1-1917; d1-1-1917
Waller, Kenneth David, b5-5-1921; d2-25-1966
Waller, Oscar Melvin, b3-30-1890; d4-13-1890
Waller, Reynold Gilbert, b3-18-1891; d6-19-1933
Walline, Infant, b?; d?
Westring, Betty, b7-19-1844; d6-4-1919
Westring, Brita, b7-19-1844; d6-4-1919
Westring, Burdette Petrus, b7-15-1905; d8-16-1926
Westring, Hannah V. (Holm), b11-30-1873; d11-14-1859
Westring, Henry Holm, b7-16-1899; 7-17-1899
Westring, Henry Theodore, b71-1872; d1-20-1936
Westring, Mary E. W. (Radecke), b1-19-1894; d1-6-1956
Westring, Pehr, b1-13-1843; d12-8-1914
Ydeen, Charlotta, b2-17-1812; d10-2-1886

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