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Osceola St. Vincent Ferrer Cemetery

NWI/4 SWI/4 15-14-2 and NE1/4 SE1/4 16-14 2

Casey, Mary A., b1880; d1964
Cerny, John L., b1890; d1941
Cerny, Julius A., b1894; d1965
Cerny, Mary, b1890; d1965
Gabriel, Albert W., b1909; d1969
Gondringer, Alfred N., b1913, d1972
Howe, Clare E., b1886; d1963
Ienn, Hulda (Grossnicklaus), b1898; d1966
Mangelsen, Carla Jean, b1959; d1959
Mangelsen, Lynn, b1961; d1961
Schinzel, Doris L., b1912; d1966
Schinzel, Richard Dean, b1945; d1957
Schott, Joseph A., b3-9-1890; d3-25-1961
Staroscik, John M., b1897; d1952
Staroscik, Suzanne, b1937; d1955
Tlamka, Emma, b10-23-1898; d6-18-1973
Tlamka, Louis, b8-10-1896; d8-3-1957
Tomasiewicz, Monica A., b11-16-1910; d4-24-1969
Williams, Burdette C., b4-7-1930; d2-7-1972

Union Cemetery

SE1/4 NE1/4 33-14-1

Our Polk County Heritage, p320

The land for the cemetery was donated by Andrew Davis, Hubert Thelen, and Herman Thelen. Andrew Davis gave the first plot of land to the cemetery association June 24, 1886, and it was filed June 29, 1886. A monument and new wire fence was erected in 1970.

The first board members were; pres-Hubert Thelen, Clerk-James Patterson, treas-L.D. Smith, trustees, Herman Kunsman, Herman Schroeder, and Conrad Thelen.

The present cemetery board members are; Don Readom, Irene Readon, and Julee Rafert. Board members of the Hackberry Cemetery Association of 1975 are Quintin Torell, Paul Graff, Raymond Bond, Leonard Hiemer and Foy Rosenberry.

Anderson, John J., b6-25-1878; d3-30-1879
Anderson, Joie, b?; d1870
Augustin, Ferdinand, b1867; d1931
Augustin, Henry, b7-21-1899; d8-9-1899
Augustin, Infant Son, b?; d1894
Augustin, Infant Son, b1900; d1900
Augustin, Mary, b1893; d1920
Barry, Infant, b1861; d1861
Blevins, Clyde, b?; d1893
Blevins, James L., b?; d1891
Blowers, M. J., b1823; d7-22-1882
Brown, Catherine, b?; d10-26-1880
Carsen, Billy F., b10-23-1919; d10-29-1926
Carsen, Hubert H., b10-19-1891; d4-23-1967
Carsen, Jane Joy, b11-3-1921; d5-2-1923
Carsen, Susan, b8-6-1895; d1-11-1966
Cook, Eliza J., b1821; d6-25-1881
Davis, Andy, b?; d?
Dericks, Frank H., b1870; d1912
Father, b1838; d1927
Fosbender, May E., b4-9-1843; d4-30-1921
Fosbender, Millie, b1876; d1885
Fosbender, Stantan E., b1-27-1870; d2-7-1889
Fosbender, William, b8-4-1836; d4-18-1915
Gill, Maggie, b1867; d1897
Haines, Harvey, b1847; d1886
Hanshew, Edwenes, b1856; d1940
Hanshew, William, b1846; d1922
Hardman, Harry L., b1883; d1905
Hardman, Robert E., b10-31-1885; d1885
Herhahn, Conrad, b3-31-1895; d6-25-1896
Hilliges, Sophia, b1892; d1958
Inks, Frank, b?; d?
Inks, John, b?; d?
Inness, George, b?; d?
Inness, Mary M., b1888; d1-25-1890
Inness, Minnie, b?; d?
Kameshe, Eugene, b9-2-1882; d2-28-1904
Kunsman, Ehzabeth, b12-19-1864; d12-26-1950
Kunsam, Herman, b4-26-1855; d11-17-1918
Kunsman, Margaret, b7-19-1903; d8-28-1904
Kunsman, William, b6-26-1886; d11-11-1915
McMilliam, b3-28-1877; d4-8-1901
McMilliam, Calvin J., b7-31-1873; d3-16-1910
McMilliam, George, b8-18-1895; d9-4-1895
Melts, Martha Jane, b1817; d1889
Miller, Annot, b1886; d1889
Miller, Maude, b1880; d1892
Mother, b1838; d1905
Olson, Paulene, b7-13-1847; d11-11-1897
Patterson, Jane, b1806; d1895
Patterson, John, b1803; d1889
Patterson, Tommy, b1876; d2-23-1878
Scull, William E., b1886; d1888
Skidmore, James, b1825; d1-10-1900
Skidmore, Rachel, b1838; d3-13-1900
Smith, Capt., b?; d?
Stalnaker, Minerval, b1842; d1897
Stalnaker, Nelson, b9-14-1832; d11-3-1915
Thelen, A.R., b9-6-1881; d9-28-1881
Thelen, Ambrose, b7-9-1895; d8-8-1895
Thelen, Ambrose, b1874; d1963
Thelen, August, b6-1-1875; d8-26-1936
Thelen, August, b1901; d1972
Thelen, August, b1-31-1851; d7-22-1899
Thelen, Celia, b8-3-1878; d2-20-1972
Thelen, Elmina, b1886; d1889
Thelen, Eugene K., b1906; d1948
Thelen, Gassius, b5-8-1843; d11-19-1902
Thelen, Hubert, b1842; d1917
Thelen, Hubert, b1884; d1949
Thelen, John, b1880; d1928
Thelen, Maude, b1901; d1963
Thelen, Peter, b6-19-1894; d2-3-1895
Thelen, Regina, b12-6-1863; d11-9-1954
Thelen, Sadie Bell, b1886; d1972
Thelen, Sibilla, b1886; d1972
Thelen, Sibilla, b1845; d1920

Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery

NE1/4 SE1/4 19-15-2

Our Polk Co Heritage p321

Amacher, Emma K., b1874; d1924
Amacher, Jacob, b1870; d1963
Anderson, John E,. b1867; d1947
Anderson, Tillie M., b1877; d1908
Auman, Augusta, b1854; d1895
Auman, Christina L., b1856; d1926
Berek, Amy E. dau. of W.F., b1900; d1901
Buchholz, Conrad C., b1889; d1930
Buchholz, Willie son of C., b?; d1886
Buchta, John Sr., b1821; d1909
Carman, Edward, b1828; d1907
Carman, Tepka, b1835; d1909
Dake, Caroline, b1859; d1894
Dake, Charles H., b1853; d1920
Grossnicklaus, Alfred C., b1887; d1950
Grossnicklaus, George, b1898; d1911
Grossnicklaus, Gilbert A., b1915; d1922
Grossnicklaus, Melittu A., b1891; d1917
Grossnicklaus, Norma E., b1910; d1912
Hartman, Emma F., b1876; d1961
Hartman, Infant Dau., b1912; d1912
Hartman, Laurence L., b1903; d1920
Hartman, William T., b1867; d1953
Herrmann, Emma Juditha, b1889; d1898
Herrmann, Julius, b1862; d1899
Herrmann, Mathew, b1818; d1908
Herrmann, Rosina, b1822; d1887
Herrmann, Rosina Katharine dau, of E.M., b1882; d1882
Horst, Eva Lydia dau. of A., b1871; d1880
Horst, Leonard, b1856; d1883
Houser, Christina, b1835; d4-3-1897
Huggler, Susannah, b1837; d1897
Kaiser, Sophia Henrietta, b1829; d1910
Keohler, Doris M. dau. of G.J., b3-23-1900; d8-7-1900
Lundy, Erwin, b1892; d1892
Lundy, Karl, b1889; d1889
Lundy, Mary, b1862; d1892
Mertens, Arthur A.A. son of Rev. J.H., b5-11-1880; d11-21- 1880
Peterson, Anna, b1835; d1916
Schmocker, Bertha dau, of H., b1898; d1899
Schmocker, Katharina, b1832; d1894
Schmidt, Louise, b1868; d1904
Schmidt, Mary, b1839; d1917
Schmidt, Phillip, b1829; d1899
Simson, Henry son of L., b12-3-1896; d12-24-1902
Timm, Elias, b1870; d1956
Timm, Emma, b1872; d1956
Timm, Hannah, b1847; d1901
Timm, Infant, b?; d2-1-1907
Timm, Infant twins, b?; d3-12-1912
Timm, John F., b1878; d1935
Timm, Lewis, b1830; d1913
Timm, Marie Irene, b1904; d1911
Timm, Minnie dau, of L., b1884; d1884
Wieseman, Elmer 0., b1897; d1901
Wieseman, John Sr., b1826; d1898
Wieseman, Pauline, b1832; d1900
Wilson, Lenord, b1888; d1888

Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Osceola

NE1/4 NE1/4 36-15-2

Our Polk Co. Heritage p322

Baker, John, b6-19-1820; d12-12-1903
Brigham Arthur A., b4-8-1888; d5-10-1888
Brigham Correl, b7-4-1889; d12-31-1894
Brigham, Leroy S., b12-9-1879; d3-7-1881
Bull, Stephen, b1-6-1834; d1-19-1907
Bull, William H., b3-21-1856; d1-17-1909
Burns, Carl Wilson, b3-17-1889; d8-8-1889
Burns, David C., b7-4-1844; d12-12-1854
Burns, Henry, b7-3-1829; d7-21-1903
Burns, Mary C., b12-13-1832; d8-5-1924
Burritt, Helen, b2-28-1879; d12-28-1881
Burritt, Sarah B., b9-27-1874 d5-27-1884
Civil War Veteran (G.A.R.), Cummings Post 102
Civil War Veteran (G.A.R.)
Comstock, Flora M., b1-21-1826; d10-23-1902
Crozier, J. Wesley, b1853; d1928
Crozier, Maud Louise, b1880; d1957
Crozier, Myra L., b1856; d1931
Crozier, Wilmont Flint, b1-31-1883; d5-19-1968
Cunningham Stephen, b2-28-1831; d3-7-1888
Drum, Guy H., b6-3-1886; d4-20-1892
Drum, Henry, b1-28-1818; d2-9-1893
Drum, Margaret L., b11-11-1885; d1-6-1919
Drum, Margaret R., b8-23-1884; d12-23-1901
Eggers, Infant, b9-18-1937; d9-19-1937
Fulford, Lauren, b1-11-1801; d5-13-1884
Fulford, Susannah, b1-14-1802; d3-16-1880
Harsh, George, b1-17-1852; d7-1-1914
Harsh, Ida M.V., b4-22-1876; d8-7-1896
Herron, James H., b2-6-1825- d9-13-1883
Herron, Mary E., b10-11-1879; d6-17-1905
Hewitt, David E., b1847; d1921
Hewitt, Hattie (Infant), b10-19-1877
Jarmin, Sophronia, b1849; d1931
Johansen, Elizabeth, b10-17-1863; d2-16-1935
Johansen, Hans, b?; d11-20-1904
Johansen, Johanna, b?; d8-24-1905
Johansen, John Andrew, b12-12-1883; d4-2-1904
Johansen, Julius Andrew, b4-12-1861; d2-6-1935
Lisco, Eliza, b12-20-1852; d12-12-1875
Logan, James C., b1854; d1946
Logan, Margaret A., b1853; d1914
Merrick, Rev. Dorchester, b2-28-1821; d4-8-1884
Merrick, Mary Ann, b9-11-1827; d2-17-1900
Merrick, Thomas, b8-30-1862; d2-15-1901
Morrow, Rebecca S., b5-10-1836; d11-28-1880
Rives, Julia A., b10-9-1809; d1-30-1891
Rives, Robert, b1-20-1814; d2-27-1901
Sargeant, I. Infant, b1 day
Simonds, Harry, b2-14-1876; d7-2-1885
Swearingen, Elbert P., b2-29-1844; d4-13-1903
Swearingen, Lawrence Pearle, b10-24-1878; d3-30-1884
Swearingen, Owan Mearle, b1-11-1877; d4-19-1884
Swearingen, Sarah I., b10-10-1847; d10-16-1890
Tyler, Georgie, b6-18-1880; d6-10-1881
Vreeland, Amy M., b3-16-1823; d4-9-1885
Webster, Charles S., b4-20 1837; d3-29-1903
Webster, George Eber, b5-19-1876; d7-23-1880
Webster, Martha Lillian, b8-31-1873; d11-11-1895
West, Caleb C., b3-8-1810; d12-21-1899
West, Cyrus, b8-19-1937; d3-25-1903
Wiard, Editha E, b6-21-1853; d6-21-1894
Wiard, Mary A., b1-13-1830; d1-13-1894

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