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Stromsburg Cemetery

SW1/4 Sw1/4 5-13-2

The Stromsburg Cemetery began in the summer of 1872, when W.D. Feeree, who had started the first newspaper in the county, was found dead in his room, and was buried somewhere in the West part of the cemetery. The cemetery was organized in 1875. The first board members were L.G.Berggren-pres., Lewis Headstrom-sec., Charles Carlson-treas., trustees, J.P. Smith, Charles Matson and John Dale. This cemetery contains the oldest Civil War Veteran in the county, Mr. William Fetters, who died May 19, 1947 at the age of 102. There are 163 Andersons. 162 Johnsons, 92 Carlsons 89 Petersons, 71 Nelsons and 67 Olsons.

The present cemetery board members are; Enoch Ekstrand-pres., Stanton Moore-sec., Bob Norberg, Clarence G. Rudeen, A.E. Rodine, and H. Christensen.

Ackerman, Laurence, b?; d1974
Ackerman, Martha, b1867; d1916
Ahlgren, August, b?; d?
Ahlgren, Ellen, b?; d?
Ahlgren, Fred, b1865; d1924
Ahlgren, Jennie, b?; d?
Ahlgren, Mary, b?; d?
Ahlgren, Matilda, b1876; d1939
Ahlgren, P.J., b?; d?
Ahlgren, P.J.(Mrs.), b?; d?
Ahlquist, Anna, b?; d1964
Ahlquist, Neva, b?; d1932
Ahlquist, Otto, b?; d1944
Akerson, Peter, b?; d?
Allen, Blanche C., b1913; d1953
Allinder, Amanda, b1865, d1948
Allinder, Bernard, b1896; d1916
Allinder, Elford, b1901; d1923
Allinder, Gustaf, b?; d1939
Allinder, Hilda C., b1876; d1920
Allinder, John, b?; d1938
Allinder, John (Mrs.), b?: d?
Allinder, Rudolph, b1891; d1911
Allinder, Sigard, b1902; d1966
Allinder, Wendell, b1893; d1896
Allison, A.A., b?; d1971
Allison, A.A. (Mrs.), b?; d1962
Allison, Alice, b1861; d1946
Allison, Elmer, b?; d1963
Allison, Emil, b?; d1956
Allison, Ernest, b1890; d1960
Allison, Eva, b1888; d1932
Allison, Fay, b?; d1965
Allison, John, b1858; d1950
Allison, Mary, b1852; d1905
Allison, Oscar F., b1885; d1963
Allison, Paul, b1925; d1925
Allison, Raymond, b1918; d1923
Allison, Selma, b1885; d1950
Almberg, Clara Amanda, b?; d1962
Altberg, Victor, b?; d1968
Anderson, A.C., b1857; d1946
Anderson, Aaron, b1843; d1920
Anderson, Agnes, ?; d1957
Anderson, Akey, b1830; d1919
Anderson, Albert A., b?; d?
Anderson, Albert A. (Mrs.), b1880; d1965
Anderson, Albert E., b?; d1932
Anderson, Alfred, b1847;dl926
Anderson, Alman, b1868; d1958
Anderson, Andrew, b1830; d1910
Anderson, Andrew, b?; d1934
Anderson, Andrew C., b?; d1950
Anderson, Andrew J., b?; d1921
Anderson, Anna, b?; d1884
Anderson, Anna, b1899; d1933
Anderson, Anna, b?; d1936
Anderson, Anna, b1860, d1939
Anderson, Anna A., b1891; d1919
Anderson, Anna G., b1876; d1947
Anderson, Ansel, b1878; d1949
Anderson, August, b?; d1886
Anderson, August E., b?; d1964
Anderson, August E. (Mrs.), b?; d1943
Anderson, August H., b1866; d1949
Anderson, Axel, b?; d?
Anderson, Beda, b?; d1974
Anderson, Bessie, b1871;dl950
Anderson, Betty, b?; d1931
Anderson, Blenda, b1887; d1953
Anderson, C.A. (Dr.), b1870; d1921
Anderson, C.L. (Gr.-Grandfather), b?; d?
Anderson, C.P., b?; d?
Anderson, C.P. (Mrs.), b?;dl967
Anderson, C.Wm., b1863; d1943
Anderson, Carline, b1827; d1904
Anderson, Carolina, b1843; d1893
Anderson, Carrie, b1882; d1940
Anderson, Carrie (Mrs.), b1893; d1926
Anderson, Carrie, b?; d1966
Anderson, Catherine, b1902; d1954
Anderson, Charles, b1841; d1928
Anderson, Charles, b?; d?
Anderson, Charles (Mrs.), b?; d?
Anderson, Charles A., b1860; d1897
Anderson, Charles J., b?; d1952
Anderson, Chinelcy Mae, b1900; d1901
Anderson, Christina, b?; d1882
Anderson, Christina, b?; d1947
Anderson, Christina, b1870; d1956
Anderson, Claus Emil, b1873; d1953
Anderson, Clement L., b1900; d1949
Anderson, Dale Albert, b1848; d1949
Anderson, David, b?; d1970
Anderson, Dwayne Willard, b1943; d1950
Anderson, E.G., b?; d1931
Anderson, Edward Emil, b1875; d1951
Anderson, Edwin b?; d?
Anderson, Edwin (Mrs.), b?; d?
Anderson, Eldon Dale, b?; d1917
Anderson, Elizabeth, b1851; d1910
Anderson, Ellen, b?; d1885
Anderson, Elof, b?; d1964
Anderson, Emma, b1868; d1903
Anderson, Ernest E., b?; d1957
Anderson, Ernest J., b?; d1964
Anderson, Ernest J. (Mrs), b?;dl968
Anderson, Esther, b1 886; d1886
Anderson, Esther Elida, b1890; d1960
Anderson, Esther G., b1906; d1931
Anderson, Etta Dahl, b1864; d1887
Anderson, Ettie, b1887; d1970
Anderson, Evelyn, b1886; d1924
Anderson, F.A., b1888; d?
Anderson, F.O., b1862; d1950
Anderson, F.O. (Mrs), b?; d1939
Anderson, F.T., b1877; d1947
Anderson, Florence Alvera, b1898; d1960
Anderson, Forrest, b?; 1975
Anderson, Frank, b?; d1963
Anderson, Frank, b?; d1972
Anderson, Frank Gustav, b1881;dl948
Anderson, Fred A., b1880; d1953
Anderson, Gustav A., b1852; d1938
Anderson, Gustave, b1860; d1932
Anderson, Hanna, b1829, d1905
Anderson, Helen, b?; d1972
Anderson, Herman, b1896; d1958
Anderson, Hilda, b1874; d1960
Anderson, Hilma J., b1889; d1920
Anderson, H.R. (Ray), b1895; d1959
Anderson, Ida, b?; d1943
Anderson, Ida C., b1872; d1872
Anderson, Infant of Albert, b?; d?
Anderson, Infants (6), b?; d?
Anderson, Irving W., b?; d1960
Anderson, J.A ., b1864, d1961
Anderson, Jennie, b1868; d1954
Anderson, Jennie, b1875; d1959
Anderson, Johanna, b?, d1901
Anderson, Johanna, b?, d1940
Anderson, Johannas, b?; d1917
Anderson, John Emil, b?; d1931
Anderson, John Eric, b1931; d1931
Anderson, John F., b1914; d1924
Anderson, John F., b1848; d1930
Anderson, John H., b?; d1944
Anderson, John Jennings, b1897; d1961
Anderson, Jonas, b1838; d1923
Anderson, Jonas A., b1870; d1938
Anderson, Joseph, b?; d1933
Anderson, Louise Christine, b1853; d1932
Anderson, Lucinda, b1876; d1964
Anderson, Maggie, b1856; d1926
Anderson, Mamie C., b1883; d1917
Anderson, Maria, b?; d?
Anderson, Marilan Julea, b?; d1909
Anderson, Martha, b1901; d1924
Anderson, Martin, b1894; d1950
Anderson, Mary, b1840; d1918
Anderson, Mary, b1852; d1933
Anderson, Mary C., b1867; d1928
Anderson, Matilda, b?; d1933
Anderson, May Violet, b1888; d1892
Anderson, Milton, b?; d1962
Anderson, Milton A., b?, d1963
Anderson, Milton A., b1893; d1974
Anderson, Milton H., b1897; d1972
Anderson, Mrs., b1861; d1933
Anderson, Nellie, b1882; d1956
Anderson, Nellie Thesing, b1879; d1952
Anderson, Nels, b?; d1955
Anderson, Nels H., b1886, d1964
Anderson, Nels H. (Mrs), b?; d1972
Anderson, Nels J., b?; d1948
Anderson, O.J., b1837; d1918
Anderson, Olof, b1862; d1930
Anderson, Olof (Mrs), b1859, d1941
Anderson, Oscar, b1888; d1928
Anderson, Otto, b1902; d1945
Anderson, P.A., b?; d?
Anderson, P.A. (Mrs.), b?; d?
Anderson, Paulina, b1892; d1895
Anderson, P.G., b?; d?
Anderson, P.G. (Mrs), b?; d?
Anderson, P.W., b?, d1972
Anderson, R.L., b1890; d1958
Anderson, R.L. (Mrs), b?;dl961
Anderson, Rosa, b?; d?
Anderson, Ruben F., b1897; d1950
Anderson, Ruben (Mrs), b?, d1965
Anderson, Sanfrid J., b1866; d1933
Anderson, Selma, b?; d1934
Anderson, Swan W., b?; d1938
Anderson, Teckla S., b1843; d1936
Anderson, Thelma, b?; d1972
Anderson, Tom, al911; d1968
Anderson, Victor, b1865; d1952
Anderson, Victor (Mrs), b1874; d1955
Anderson, V.J., b1874: d1942
Anderson, Walter, b1890; d1957
Anderson, Warren Lee, b1952; d1952
Anderson, Wayne, b?; d1970
Anderson, Willard (Mrs), b?; d1969
Arnold, C.J., b1891; d1955
Arnold, Jack, b1922; d1944
Atkins, Mary, b1905; d1918
Atkins, Will E., b1877; d1911
Atkinson, Cara, b?; d1969
Atkinson, W.A., b?; d1958
Austin, Charles, b?; d1939
Austin, Clyde, b1876; d1964
Austin, Elsena, b?; d1938
Austin, Milo, b?; d?
Austin, Thomas Isac, b1884; d1956
Backlund, Andrew, b1826; d1892
Backlund, Ida C., b1859; d1939
Backlund, Lars (Mrs), b?; d?
Backlund, Leonard, b1888; d?
Backlund, Margaret, b1830; d1907
Backlund, Wm. O., b1859; d1937
Backstrom, Charlotte, b1848; d1941
Backstrom, Elvena, b1901; d1901
Backstrom, Jonas, b1836; d1919
Backstrom, Mr., b?; d?
Backstrom, Mrs., b?; d?
Bailey, Jennie, b1893;dl
Bailey, John, b?; d1970
Baker, Chester, b1885; d1968
Baker, Della, b1883; d1969
Baker, Don (infant son of), b?; d1955
Baker, Essie B., b1873; d1878
Baker, Frank, b1890; d1955
Baker, Harlow, b1855; d1897
Baker, Mary A., b1829; d1906
Baker, Matilda, b1857; d1944
Baker, Morace (2 infants of), b?; d?
Baker, Myra A., b1893; d1937
Baker, Neva, b1907; d1909
Baker, Norma, b1909; d1927
Baker, Ronald (infant of), b?; d1961
Baker, Wm. H., b1852; d1927
Banta, Alice M., b1871; d1919
Banta, Emma Olson, b1867; d1956
Banta, Ira, b1868; d1957
Banta, Ruth, b1903; d?
Barber, Alma M., b1880, d1957
Barber, Arthur, b1882; d1950
Barber, Charles B., b1875; d1961
Barber, George, b1876; d1972
Barber, Leroy H., b1872; d1898
Barber, Margaret Jane, b1854; d1926
Barber, Myron F., b1839; d1924
Bartholomew, b1888; d1912
Bartholomew, Mary L., b?; d1889
Batty, Homer, b?; d1969
Batty, Winona, b?; d1964
Baum, Esther, b?; d1964
Baxter, Goldie, b?; d1933
Beachler, Samuel, b?; d1948
Beachler, Samuel (Mrs), b?; d1959
Beaird, Robert Kenneth, b?; d1907
Beatty, Arthur, b?; d1970
Beghtol, Maude A., b1879; d1924
Benda, Alma, b?; d?
Benda, Herman, b1884; d1949
Benedict, Elizabeth, b1831; d1905
Benedict, Ezra, b1 830; d1911
Benedict, Joseph, b1859; d1929
Benedict, Mary Ann, b1872; d1929
Bennett, C.M., b?; d1971
Bennett, Eli, b?; d1898
Bennett, Florence A., b1847, d1916
Bennett, George E., b1847; d1919
Bennett, Myrtle, b1892; d1957
Bennett, Orilla, b1853; d1941
Bennett, Rodney, b?; d1940
Bennett, Wm., b1875; d1933
Bensen, Swen, b?; d?
Benson, Emma C., b1877; d1926
Benson, infants (2), b?; d?
Benson, John, b1841; d1910
Benson, Matilda S. , b1846; d1912
Benson, Swen, b?; d?
Benson, Swen (Mrs), b?; d?
Benson, Tina, b?; d?
Bergeson, Albert, b1876; d1881
Bergeson, Andrew, b1833; d1896
Bergeson, Andrew (Mrs), b?; d?
Bergeson, Christine, b1837, d1921
Bergeson, Frank R., b1878, d1958
Bergeson, Peter, b1865; d1911
Bergeson, Wallace, b1917; d1944
Berggren, Adel, b?; d1962
Berggren, Esther, b?; d1971
Berggren, Frank, b?; d1957
Berggren, Lewis W., b?; d1973
Berglund, C.G., b?; d?
Berglund, C.G. (Mrs.), b1842; d1929
Berglund, Charles August, b1879; d1953
Berglund, Chester, b1902; d1927
Berglund, Christine, b1860; d1941
Berglund, Dora, b?; d1971
Berglund, Harold, b?; d1970
Berglund, Henry, b?; d1973
Berglund, Minnie Caroline, b1883; d1950
Berglund, Pehr O., b1858; d1942
Berglund, Pehr (Brother of), b1857. d1885
Berglund, Watler, b?; d1967
Bergman, Hilma E., b1878; d1902
Bergman, Hilma E., b1878; d1902
Bergman, Margaret E., b1838; d1901
Bergman, P.T., b1843; d1893
Bergren, Albert, b?; d?
Bergren, Ida J., b1868; d1950
Bergstrom, Elvena, b1901; d1901
Biggs, Charles R., b1886; d1950
Biggs, George, b?; d1907
Biggs, J. P., b?; d1889
Biggs, J.P. (Mrs), b?; d1946
Birdell, James, b1870; d1894
Bittinger, A.G., b?; d1968
Blitch, Vera E., b1892; d1920
Blomkrants, Anna, b1841; d1930
Bloom, Anna, b?; d1954
Bloom, Bernard, b?; d?
Bloom, Carl b1896; d1922
Bloom, Christina, b1865; d1950
Bloom, Frank, b1863; d1918
Bloom, Gust, b1853; d1923
Bloom, Laurence, b?; d1956
Bloom, Leanard, b?; d?
Bloom, Leander, b1834; d1905
Bloom, Lovisa, b1833; d1913
Bloom, Ruth, b?; d?
Bloomquist, Art, b?; d1969
Bloomquist, Charles A., b?; d1939
Bloomquist, Christina, b1842; d1923
Bloomquist, Ed., b1870; d1963
Bloomquist, Ed. (Mrs), b1869; d1947
Bloomquist, John, b1832; d1912
Bloomquist, Matilda, b?; d1919
Bloomquist, Ruth, b?; d1909
Boberg, Alfred, b?; d?
Boberg, Christina, b1853; d1926
Boberg, Jonas, b1846; d1918
Boberg, Mrs., b1880; d1965
Boberg, Voldd, b1879; d1897
Boostrom, Eleanara M., b 1874; d1895
Boostrom, Emil, b1871; d1915
Boostrom, Isaac, b?; d?
Boostrom, Isaac (Mrs), b?; d?
Boostrom, Lillie, b1890; d1961
Bourff, Daniel, b?; d1905
Boyd, Barton Earl, b1944; d1952
Boyd, Paulette Marie, b1942; d1952
Boye, Fred, b?; d1959
Bridget, Isaac, b1829; d1897
Bridget, John, b1828; d1897
Bridget, Rebecca, b1840; d1892
Broden, Infant, b?; d?
Broden, Olof, b?; d?
Broden, Olof (Mrs), b?; d?
Brown, Annie K, b1881; d1921
Brown, Claude R, b1876; d1950
Brown, Ida Maria, b1860; d1938
Buckley, Andrew P., b1851; d1925
Buckley, Edith, b?; d1970
Buckley, Frank W., b 1858; d1926
Buckley, Helen Shostrom, b1853, d1927
Buckley, John B., b1849; d1913
Buckley, John Sr., b1813, d1895
Buckley, Margaret, b?; d1953
Buckley, Mary O., b1888; d1951
Buckley, Nellie H., b1860; d1892
Buckley, Peter L., b1847; d1910
Buckley, Tillie C., b1861, d1929
Buresh,Edward, b?; d1970
Burg, Jonathan, b1872, d1930
Burg, Lewis, b?; d1962
Burgason, Andrew M., b1865; d1913
Burgason, Annie, b1875; d1952
Burgason, Lena, b?; d1939
Burgh, Earl C., b?; d1885
Burke, A.P., b1886; d1943
Burke, Alma Mattie, b1877; d1959
Burke, Alvin R., b1895, d1967
Burke, Angeline Lena, b1812; d1885
Burke, Anna Charlotta, b1854, d1932
Burke, Charles A., b1851; d1912
Burke, Clara M., b1845; d1911
Burke, Emma (infant), b?, d?
Burke, Esther May, b?; d?
Burke, Ezra (infant), b?; d?
Burke, Fausta A., b1895; d1918
Burke, Francis Oscar, b1872; d1885
Burke, Fred W., b1874; d1959
Burke, George, b1844; d1925
Burke, Grace, b?; d1966
Burke, Jennie L., b1859; d1949
Burke, John, b1847; d1900
Burke, John A., b1886; d1931
Burke, June, b1880, d1969
Burke, May Alice, b1884;dl933
Burke, Minnie, b1877; d1961
Burke, Nellie May, b1889; d1892
Burke, Robert, b1879; d1965
Burke, Robert (infant), b?; d?
Burke, Stella Josephine, b1882; d1892
Burke, Walter Alvin, b1875; d1951
Burkman, August, b?; d1967
Burkman, Ina E., b?; d1911
Byman, Elof A., b1888; d1889
Byman, Hilma C., b1866; d1880
Calhoun, Henrietta, b1847; d1898
Campbell, Marjorie, b?; d1970
Carlson, Adolph, b?; d1968
Carlson, Adolph (Mrs), b?; d1973
Carlson, Adolph (infant), b?; d196
Carlson, Adolph Theo., b1873;
Carlson, Albert, b?; d?
Carlson, Alex, b1893; d1944
Carlson, Amelia, b?; d1932
Carlson, Andrew C., b?; d1932
Carlson, Andrew G., b?; d?
Carlson, Andrew P., b1852; d1912
Carlson, Anna M., b1874; d1940
Carlson, Anna N., b1875; d1958
Carlson, Anna S., b1862; d1919
Carlson, Anton, b?; d1964
Carlson, Anton Peter, b1878; d1951
Carlson, August, b?; d1955
Carlson, August (Mrs), b?; d?
Carlson, Betsy, b1845; d1937
Carlson, C. Arnold, b1912; d1949
Carlson, Carl, b?; d1892
Carlson, Carl, b1834; d1898
Carlson, Carl R., b?; d?
Carlson, Carl Wm., b1864; d1937
Carlson, Charles, b1819; d1889
Carlson, Charles, b1853; d1891
Carlson, Charles (2 infants of), b?; d?
Carlson, Charley M., b1878; d1950
Carlson, Charlotte, b1821; d?
Carlson, Christina, b1822; d1906
Carlson, Clarence G., b1903; d1965
Carlson, Clarence L., b1904; d1968
Carlson, Claus, b1862; d1949
Carlson, Donald, b 1911; d1911
Carlson, Edward, b1852;dl915
Carlson, Emil, b?; d1944
Carlson, Emily C., b1866; d1925
Carlson, Emma, b1880; d1952
Carlson, Emma C., b1850; d1936
Carlson, Ernest M., b?; d1963
Carlson, Evelyn, b1909; d1926
Carlson, F.G., b?; d1948
Carlson, Frank W., b1873; d1966
Carlson, Frank W. (Mrs), b1877;dl956
Carlson, Gertrude, b1889; d1925
Carlson, Gust, b1870; d1951
Carlson, Hadvick, b1830; d1919
Carlson, Hannah, b1875; d1919
Carlson, Harlan C., b1893; d1956
Carlson, Harry,b?;dl971
Carlson, Henning (Mrs), b?; d1971
Carlson, Henry, b1858; d?
Carlson, Ida, b1859; d1928
Carlson, Ida, b1861; d1894
Carlson, Ida C., b1859; d1917
Carlson, Infant, b?; d?
Carlson, J.A. (Mrs), b?; d?
Carlson, J. Arthur, b1880; d1937
Carlson, J.P.E., b1843; d1917
Carlson, Johanna, b1838; d1906
Carlson, John, b?, d?
Carlson, John, b1866; d1936
Carlson, John Albert, b1891; d1949
Carlson, John Lloyd, b1902; d1909
Carlson, John M., b1892; d1920
Carlson, Josephine, b1828; d1914
Carlson, Josephine, b1855, d1922
Carlson, Julia, b?; d?
Carlson, Kitty A., b1882; d1951
Carlson, Leo V., b1901; d1970
Carlson, Mable E., b1884; d1958
Carlson, Magnus, b1824; d1911
Carlson, Mary, b?; d?
Carlson, Mary, b1843; d1912
Carlson, Mathilda, b1867; d1921
Carlson, Minnie, b1883; d1964
Carlson, Nellie Holmquist, b1874; d1925
Carlson, Oscar, b1880; d1954
Carlson, Otto, b1801; d1875
Carlson, P.G., b1836,dl916
Carlson, Peter, b1812, d1893
Carlson, Ralph, b1912; d1964
Carlson, Reynold, b?, d1970
Carlson, Sarah, b1859; d1882
Carlson, Sarah Katherine, b1854; d1916
Carlson, Sofia, b?; d?
Carlson, Sophia, b1842; d1899
Carlson, Swan M., b1861; d1927
Carlson, Victor, b1857; d1915
Carlson, Violet, b1806; d1911
Carlson, Walter, b?; d1944
Carlson, William, b?; d1943
Carlson, Winfield, b1909; d1936
Carr, Elmer O., b1861; d1949
Caskadon, Carl (Mrs.), b?, d1970
Castile, Edward James, b1888; d1889
Castile, John E., b1853; d1931
Castor, Alice Jane, b1872; d1941
Castor, Dana, b?; d1885
Castor, Henry, b1840; d1912
Castor, Mary M., b1845; d1925
Chapman, Mr., b?; d?
Chapman, Mrs., b?; d?
Cherry, Azel, b1877; d1888
Cherry, Frank, b?; d?
Cherry, Jane, b1835; d1908
Cherry, Nellie R., b1894; d1894
Cherry, Raymond S., b?; d1941
Cherry, William, b1835; d1909
Christensen, Infant, b?; d?
Christensen, Metha K., b1891; d1933
Christenson, Frank, b?; d1972
Christenson, Frank (Mrs.), b1877, d1965
Chuda, Helen, b1905; d1965
Clark, J. A. (Mrs.), b1866; d1957
Clark, Johnasa, b1874; d1954
Clark, Mary E., b1903; d1909
Clifford, B. F., b1873; d1947
Clifford, Blanche, b?; d1968
Clifford, Irene, b?; d1935
Clifford, P.M., b?, d?
Clifford, Samuel D., b1869; d1953
Clifton, Doris, b?; d1974
Clifton, Gerald, b?, d1971
Cochran, George, b?; d1939
Cochran, Viola, b?; d1958
Colberg, Charles F., b1856, d1916
Colberg, Charles J., b1875, d1949
Colberg, (Mrs.) Charles J., b?; d1969
Colberg, Knute, b?; d?
Colberg, Vernon, b?; d1963
Cole, Clara, b1857; d1930
Cole, Orange J., b1850, d1928
Coleman, Ada, b1868;dl921
Coleman, Jacob, b?; d?
Coleman, John, b?; d1891
Coleman, Sarah, b?; d1892
Colson, Albert, b?, d1959
Colson, Alice, b1860; d1939
Colson, A.O., b?; d?
Colson, A.O. (Mrs.), b?; d?
Colson, Bertha A., b?; d1972
Colson, Frank, b1881; d1925
Colson, Gilbert, b1884, d1965
Colson, Hulda, b?; d1940
Colson, John, b1847; d1941
Combs, Alma R., b1858; d1899
Combs, James W., b1848; d1902
Conkle, Ellen L., b1886; d1962
Conkle, Frank, b?; d1960
Covey, Grace R., b1881; d1928
Covey, Roy, b?; d1955
Cox, Esther, b?; d1969
Croisant, Edward H., b1892; d1960
Croisant, Viola, b1895, d1958
Crone, Gustaf, b1849; d1917
Custer, Lena Idell, b1873; d1917
Cutting, Guy E., b1882; d1904
Cutting, Henry R., b1841. d1905
Cutting, Mary F., b1846, d1933
Cypher, Orilla A., b?; d1884
Cypher, S.P., b1846; d1895
Dahl, Emma, b1868; d1952
Dahl, Ethel, b?; d1869
Dahl, Eva C., b1830, d1906
Dahl, Hulda, b?; d1946
Dahl, John, b?; 1939
Dahl, Matilda, b1864, d1887
Dahlin, Rolland E., b1894; d1967
Dahlsted, Arthur, b1885; d1964
Dahlsted, Elsie, b?; d?
Dahlsted, Matilda, b?; d1941
Dahlsted, Wayne, b?; d?
Dale, John, b1848; d1882
Dale, Josephine, b1844; d1927
Dale, Walter, b?; d1964
Danelson, John, b?; d1932
Danielson, Charles J., b1858; d1929
Danielson, Julia, b?; d1964
Danielson, Minnie, b1859; d1926
Danielson, Minnie, b?; d1963
Danielson, Norris, b1897; d1924
David, J.E, b?; d?
Deeds, Adeline E., b1863; d1939
Deeds, Dana, b?; d1963
Deeds, Ellis Earl, b1889; d1941
Deeds, Jacob F., b1846; d1909
DeWitt, J. A., b?; d?
Dillsaver, Clifford M., b1879; d1931
Dillsaver, Edith, b1881; d1950
Dobson, William H., b1892; d1919
Dobson, Wilma, b?; d1937
Doggett, Alice, b?; d1968
Doggett, James L., b1873; d1946
Donelson, Arthur M., b1884; d1966
Donelson, Betsey, b1822; d1909
Donelson, Clinton F., b?; d1958
Donelson, Della, b?; d1971
Donelson, Elvie, b1887; d1951
Donelson, Ernest (Mrs.), b?; d1968
Donelson, Esther, b1884; d1965
Donelson, Frank, b1865; d?
Donelson, John Andrew, b?; d1932
Donelson, John E., b1882; d1882
Donelson, Lillie, b1870; d1937
Donelson, Margaret, b1855; d1933
Donelson, Mildred M., b1914; d1917
Donelson, Samuel, b?; d1932
Donelson, Sarah M., b?; d1947
Donelson, Vivian, b1914; d1922
Donelson, Walter E., b1875; d1880
Donelson, W. R., b1887; d1959
Doremus, Comelius, b?; d1950
Doremus, Comelius (Mrs.), b?; d1969
Doremus, Donna, b?; d1970
Doremus, Dwight, b?; d1970
Doremus, Ralph, b?; d?
Doremus, Stanley, b?; d1958
Dowers, Carie, b?; d1902
Dowers, Christina, b?; d1900
Dowers, Jacob, b?; d1883
Dowers, Jonas Segal (Mrs.), b?; d1947
Dowers, Ray A., b?; d?
Dowers, Sam, b?; d?
Dowers, Segler, b?; d1938
Downes, Minnie, b?; d1918
Dreitzler, John (2 Infants of), b?; d?
Eberly, Arthur, b1914; d1948
Eberly, Charles, b1890; d1945
Eckblade, Charles (Mrs.), b1883; d1967
Eckblade, John, b1847; d1929
Eckblade, John (Mrs.), b?; d?
Edginton, Daniel J., b1838; d1917
Edginton, Lucinda, b1890; d1925
Edwards, James, b?; d?
Edwards, James (Mrs.), b?; d?
Ekeley, John, bl811; dl921
Ekeley, Hedwig M. (Mrs.), b?; d1930
Ekelson, Elizabeth, b?; d?
Ekholm, Andrew, b1855; d1919
Ekland, Betsy, b?; d1972
Eklof, Clifford, b?; d1968
Eklund, Herman, b1912; d1953
Ekstrand, Charolotte, b1854; d1948
Ekstrand, G. N., b?; d1930
Ekstrand, Hilda H., b 1889; d1962
Elfors, Albert, b1874; d1925
Elfors, Amanda, b1886; d1951
Elfors, Helmer,bl879; dl931
Elfors, Kate, b1850; d1934
Elfors, Peter, b1849; d1925
Elgstrand, J. Warner, b1868; d1927
Emmons, John, b1854; d1953
Emmons, Mary M., b1866; d1940
Englund, Christine, b1840; d1909
Englund, Lars, b1830; d1919
Engstrom, A. G. (Rev.), b1839; d1917
Engstrom, Amelia, b?; d1849
Engstrom, Hannah, b1874; d1904
Engstrom, Lars, b?; d?
Engstrom, Lars (Mrs.), b?; d?
Engstrom, Leonard, b1880; d1902
Engstrom, Lloyd, b1883; d1906
Engstrom, Otto, b1871; d1895
Erickson, Alfred J., b1867; d1945
Erickson, Ann,bl862; d1942
Erickson, Anna, b1849; d1921
Erickson, Anna K., b1836; d1919
Erickson, Bessie, b1895; d1911
Erickson, Carl Arvid, b1830; d1907
Erickson, Charles, b1833; d1911
Erickson, Clarence, b?; d1964
Erickson, Daisy, b?; d1968
Erickson, Elizabeth, b1887; d1919
Erickson, George, b1857; d1921
Erickson, Hannah, b1880; d1929
Erickson, Hannah M., b1863; d1949
Erickson, Jennie C., b1874; d1942
Erickson, John, b?; d?
Erickson, John W., b?; d1936
Erickson, Josephine, b 1839; d1911
Erickson, Josephine, b?; d1973
Erickson, Karin, b1826; d1905
Erickson, L. A., b1863; d1928
Erickson, Lars, b1820; d1903
Erickson, Lillie, b1867; d1895
Erickson, Olof, b1837; d1915
Erickson, Phillip, b1877; d1898
Erickson, Ralph, b1892; d1947
Ericson, Arthur, b1881; d1944
Ericson, Clyde, b?; d1974
Ericson, Elizabeth Lou, b1910; d1917
Ericson, Emma, b1884; d1966
Ericson, Eric, b?; d?
Ericson, Ernest G., b1882; d1953
Ericson, Everett, b1910; d1952
Ericson, Harold Wilford, b?; d1958
Ericson, Justin, b?; d1937
Ericson, Karen Louise, b1940; d1962
Ericson, Lillie Virginia, b1886; d1952
Ericson, Minnie, b?; d?
Ericson, Olof, b?; d?
Ericson, Ralph, b?; d?
Ericson, Rolland, b1912; d1931
Ericson, Rollin W., b1886; d1953
Ericson, Roy L., b1877; d1958
Ericson, Roy L. (Mrs.), b1880; d1969
Ericson, Wesley, b?; d1973
Ericson, Wilbur, b1905?; d1907
Eschliman, O.V. b1890, d1946
Evins, Dan S., bi895; d1958
Falk, C.A. (Rev), b1847; d1925
Falk, Clara, b1864; d1958
Falk, Gust, b?; d1958
Falk, Ida, b?; d1940
Falk, Jennie Matilda, b1899; d1947
Falk, Johanna Theresa, b1879; d1880
Falk, Otto, b1857; d1942
Falk, Otto (Mrs), b?; d?
Falquist, b?; d1943
Falquist, b?; d1943
Farrell, Grandma, b?; d1905
Faulk, Anna, b1856; d1932
Faulk, John, b1852; d1924
Fellows, Ellen Marie, b1885; d1948
Fellows, Elza, b1877; d1883
Fellows, Henry (2 infants of), b?; d?
Fellows, Hilga, b1874; d1943
Fellows, Lyle, b1924; d1924
Fellows, Mary A., b1874; d1920
Fellows, Mary Ann, b1846; d1939
Fellows, Nathan, b1834; d1923
Fellows, Nora Mabel, b1903; d1905
Fellows, Ray, b1884; d1950
Fernquist, Ruth Ardes, b1913; d1914
Ferrand, Lillian, b?; d1974
Ferrell, Mary, b?; d1973
Fetters, John, b1875; d1893
Fetters, Sarah, b1847; d1932
Fetters, Wm. H., b1844; d1947
Fillman, Henry, b1885; d1961
Fillman, Myrtle, b1890; d1968
Flippin, George A. (Dr), b1868; d1929
Flippin, Mertina M., b1883; d1934
Flodman, Amelia J., b1897; d1954
Flodman, Curtis W., b1902; d1972
Forslund, Emma, b1864; d1936
Forslund, Johan, b1830; d1902
Frawley, J.A., b1855; d1908
Frawley, Josephine, b1861; d1952
Frawley, L.M., b1883; d1936
Fredrickson, Anders C., b1836, d1915
Fredrickson, Hedda A., b1843: d1915
Freeman, A.P. (Mrs), b1855; d1932
Freeman, Andrew b1885, d1961
Freeman, Anna, bi888; d1957
Freeman, Charles A., b1848; d1911
Freeman, Cora, b?; d1963
Freeman, Lulu Blanche, b1883; d1963
Freeman, Nels P., b?, d1940
Freeman, Nels P. (Mrs), b?; d?
Freeman, Perry,bl911;dl965
Freeman, Swan, b1859;dl910
French, Norman, b?; d1960
Fritsch, Benjamin, b?; d1882
Fross, Oscar W., b?; d1942
Fulkerson, Rebecca, b1816; d1891
Fulton, Glen, b?; d1962
Fulton, Theodoria, b?,1974
Fusby, Alfred F., b1864; d1927
Fusby, C.E., b1882; d1971
Fusby, Carrie, b1860; d1948
Fusby, Clara C., b1856; d1939
Fusby, Elmer E., b1878; d1954
Fusby, Fredrick, b1823; d1892
Fusby, Hattie M., b1824; d19l6
Fusby, Henry E., b1867; d1943
Fusby, John T., b1853; d1922
Fusby, Kenneth Raymond, b1958; d1958
Fusby, Luella, b1872; d1936
Fusby, Minnie, b1864; d1923
Fusby, Nellie Nyquist, b1865, d1949
Fusby, Paul (infant of), b1962; d1962
Fusby, Pearl, b1901; d1955
Fusby, Robert (infant) b?, d?
Fusby, W.A., b1858; d1932
Gahn, Edith A.V. b1886, d1913
Gahn, Fern M., b?; d1913
Gallant, Olive E., b1846; d1912
Gallant, Roy S., b1881, d1901
Garanson, Anna, b?; d1891
Georgeau, Steve, b?; d1974
Gestrine, Anna, b1854; d1890
Gestrine, Chirstiane, b1830; d1902
Gestrine, Daniel, b1832; d1914
Gestrine, Mary, b?; d1893
Gestrine, Matilda, b1871; d1899
Gestrine, Peter, b1859; d1911
Gibson, Dean Stanley, b1930, d1939
Gilbert, Christ, b1865;dl941
Gilbert, Christina, b1860. d1936
Gilbert, Infants (2) b?; d?
Gilmore, Byron J., b1945; d1945
Glatter, Frank, b1892; d1956
Gonnerman, Jessie (Mrs), b?; d1973
Graham, Milton, b?; d1975
Grandberg, Esther, b?; d1972
Grandberg, Gust (infant of), b?; d?
Grave, Grandmother, b?; d?
Graves, Arthur C., b1897; d1922
Graves, Charles Wm, b1881; d1952
Graves, Edna B., b?; d1921
Graves, Lester, b?; d1971
Graves, Otto Dayton, b1892, d1960
Graves, Sylvia, b1862; d1949
Graves, Thomas H., b1853; d1925
Green, Augusta, b?; d1936
Green, C.A., b?, d1938
Green, Edith, b?; d1884
Green, Guy W., b1873; d1947
Green, Infant, b?; d?
Green, J.G. (Mrs), b?; d1945
Green, Julius M. Jr., b1879; 1884
Green, Olice, b?; d1966
Green, William H., b?; d1940
Greenwall, Elizabeth, b1872, d1915
Grobe, W.H., b?; d1971
Gruber, Mattie, b?; d1937
Gunnell, Tillie S., b1886; d1887
Gunnerson, Andrew, b1825; d1902
Gunnerson, Anna, b1826; d1892
Gunnerson, Charlie, b?, d1880
Gunnerson, Christina, b1826; d1892
Gustafson, Agnes, b?; d1956
Gustafson, Albert A., b1847 d1910
Gustafson, Augusta (Mrs), b?; d1939
Gustafson, Emil, b1869; d1951
Gustafson, Emma, b1876; d1955
Gustafson, Johana O., b1866; d1924
Gustafson, Jonas, b1819, d1900
Gustafson, Matilda, b1875; d1949
Gustafson, Nelson, b1877; d1904
Gustafson, Olof, b?; d?
Gustafson, Oscar, b1867; d1924
Gustafson, Robert, b1886; d1956
Gustafson, Ruth, b1914; d1966
Hagerman, Aron, b1828; d1915
Hagerman, Christina C., b1828; d1916
Halden, Anna, b?; d1971
Halden, Frank E., b?; d?
Halin, Bertha, b1884; d1953
Halin, William Axel, b1872; d1952
Hallquist, Benjamin O., b1886; d1913
Hallquist, Clara, b1882; d1940
Hallquist, Clayton D., b1919; d1972
Hallquist, David Leonard, b1875; d1960
Hallquist, Elizabeth b1847; d1930
Hallquist, Emanuel L., b1870; d1938
Hallquist, Hanna, b1882; b1884
Hallquist, Lars, b1842; d1918
Hamilton, Edward, b1875; d1901
Hamilton, W.F., b?; d?
Hanson, Brita, b1844; d1932
Hanson, Carolina, b1885; d1928
Hanson, Ida, b1877; d1933
Hanson, Ida M., b1877; d1933
Hanson, John, b?; d1884
Hanson, John, b?; d1956
Hanson, John (Mrs), b?; d1959
Hanson, Oscar T., b1876; d1955
Hanson, Peter, b1843, d1919
Hanson, Peter, b?; d192_
Hanson, Peter (Mrs), b?; d1932
Hanson, Roger E., b1909; d1957
Hardy, F.E., b?; d1944
Hardy, H.R., b1839; d1917
Hardy, Mariah L., b1840; d1923
Harris, Elizabeth, b1894; d1959
Harrison, Calmar, b?; d1912
Hartman, Albert A., b1857; d1945
Hartman, Infant, b?; d?
Hartman, J.L., b?; d1952
Hartman, Leonard, b1903; d1905
Hartman, Lura, b1862; d1946
Hartman, Stella, b?; d1956
Haskell, Lida A., b?; d1930
Haskell, Louis V., b?; d1934
Haskell, Louis V. Jr., b?; d1891
Hatfield, Edward, b1872; d1938
Hatfield, Edward N., b?; d1906
Hatfield, Effie Oliva, b1872; d1952
Hatfield, May Josephine, b?; d1908
Haverland, Florence, b1887; d1962
Haverland, H.F., b?; d?
Headman, David John, b1877; d1948
Headman, Erika, b?; d1969
Headman, Lillie, b?; d1973
Headstrom, August, b1870; d1955
Headstrom, Betsy, b1862; d1917
Headstrom, Carrie, b1837; d1919
Headstrom, L.H., b?; d1951
Headstrom, L.H. (Mrs), b?; d1957
Headstrom, Louis, b1834; d1892
Headstrom, Margaret, b1822; d1907
Headstrom, Maria Olson, b1828, d1914
Headstrom, Nels, b?; d?
Headstrom, Peter, b1827; d1907
Hedbloom, Albert B., b?; d1931
Hedbloom, Albert B. (Mrs), b1868; dl947
Hedbloom, Christina, b?; d?
Hedbloom, Dewitt, b?; d?
Hedbloom, John, b?; d?
Hedlund, August T., b1875; d1877
Hedlund, Helena, b1798; d1886
Hedlund, Lauren, b1862; d1874
Hedman, Albert P., b1876; d1933
Hedman, Albert P. (Mrs), b1877; d1956
Hedman, Alma R., b1881; d1926
Hedman, Andrew P., b1841; d1902
Hedman, Anna K., b1841; d1927
Hedman, Carl E., b1880; d1880
Hedman, Christina, b1852; d1926
Hedman, Emil A., b1882; d1965
Hedman, Hjalmar E., b1888; d1889
Hedman, Joel, b1881; d1901
Hedman, Jonas P., b1844; d1924
Hedman, Joseph, b1879; d1924
Hedman, Maria, b1818; d1912
Hedman, Martha, b1859; d1930
Hedman, Mary L., b1855; d1924
Hedman, Olof, b1839; d1914
Hedman, Oscar E., b1892; d1892
Hedman, Per, b1815; d1912
Hedman, Peter, b1847, d1906
Hellstrom, Donald, b1932; d1940
Hellstrom, Elida, b?; d1974
Hellstrom, Frank, b?; d1938
Hellstrom, John E., b1842; b1917
Hellstrom, Mary, b1844; d1926
Hendrickson, Mary Jane, b?; d1939
Hendrickson, Willaim Edmund, b1955; d1912
Henglefelt, (Mrs) Louie, b?; d1970
Henkel, Mona, b?; d1935
Hennings, C.W. (infant of), b?; d?
Herendeen, Rose, b1897; d1897
Herman, Eva, b?; d1956
Hernbloom, A. Helen, b1845; d1930
Hernbloom, Annie, b1884; d1884
Hernbloom, Clara, b1843; d1936
Hernbloom, Emil G., b1874; d1947
Hernbloom, Florence, b1880, d1883
Hernbloom, Goodwin H., b1885; d1933
Hernbloom, Gustaf, b1847; d1911
Hernbloom, Infant, b?; d?
Hernbloom, Jennle, b?; d?
Hernbloom, John, b1844 d1895
Hernbloom, Linda Sue, b1945; d1945
Hernbloom, Mother b?; d?
Hernbloom, Mrs., b?; d?
Hernbloom, Slema, b?; d1939
Hernbloom, Victoria, b1877, d1961
Hernbloom, William A., b1876; d1962
Heseman, Mrs., b?; d?
Heseman, William F., b1842, d1901
Hester, Frances (infant of), b?; d?
Hill, James R., b1854; d1920
Hill, Ralph, b?; d1884
Hill, Walter, b?; d1886
Hillery, Albert W., b?; d?
Hillery, Edward Leonard, b?; d1925
Hillery, Ingley, b?; d?
Hilberg, Amelia J., b1860; d1936
Hirsch, Ida Belle, b1884; d1964
Hirsch, Leshe, b1926; d1955
Hirsch, Leslie (infant of), b?; d?
Hirsch, Leslie Joseph, b1913, d1960
Hirsch, Otto Joseph, b1887; d1959
Holcomb, Grove C., b1881; d?
Hollister, Emma M., b1895; d1966
Hollister, Lloyd, b1889; d1957
Holm, Charles F., b1872; d1922
Holm, Emma L., b1873; d1930
Holm, Gunilla, b1841; d1918
Holm, Mary, b?; d1953
Holm, Nels, b1 844; d1900
Holmberg, W.G. (Rev), b1891; d1955
Holmquist, Catherine, b?; 1942
Holmquist, Infant, b?; d?
Holmquist, John, b?; d1911
Hope, Charles O., b?; d1972
Hotchkiss, Virgil H., b1923; d1939
Hubbert, Elydia C., b1863; d1915
Hubbert, Erick, b1834; d1906
Hubbert, Franklin, b1858; d1929
Hubbert, Hazel E., b1894; d1916
Hubbert, Henry A., b1877;dl938
Hubbert, Hilda C., b1871; d1947
Hubbert, Kate E., b1834; d1917
Hubbert, Margaret, b1864; d1930
Hubbert, Myra J., b1893; d1914
Hubbert, Neva J., b1879; d1943
Hubbert, Ralph W., b1904; d1905
Hubbert, William P., b1862; d1941
Hughes, Archie, b1901; d1971
Hughes, Arvid H., b1896; d1918
Hughes, Ina, b1902; d1965
Hughes, Leona, b1927; d1927
Hughes, Mary Christine, b1869; d1950
Hughes, Nelson, b1865; d1947
Hughes, Ralph Archie, b1929, d1950
Hull, Elizabeth, b?; d1882
Hull, Grace, b?; d1884
Hull, Laura, b?; d1884
Hult, Albert, b?; d1954
Hult, (Mrs) Albert, b1878; d1968
Hultquist, Anders M., b1844; d1923
Hultquist, Anna C., b1843; d1931
Hultquist, Arthur, b1894; d1947
Hultquist, David, b?; d1969
Hultquist, Henry R., b1875; d1951
Hultquist, Johanna, b1862; d1938
Hultquist, John, b?; d?
Hultquist, Wilhemina, b1879; d1936
Hunsaker, Inez, b1862; d1923
Hunsaker, Ray J., b?; d1969
Hunsaker, Thomas, b1858; d1936
Hurd, Albert N., b?, d1929
Hurd, Jennie, b1870; d1954
Hurd, Martha Mae, b1890; d1966
Hurd, Sarah, b1843, d1917
Hurd, Zerah, b1840, d1897
Iceberg, Gustaf Alfred, b1861; d1951
Iceberg, Hanna E., b?; d1930
Ingman, Oscar M., b1887; d1929
Ingom, Arnie (Mrs), b?; d?
Isakson, Edward L., b?; d1974
Jacabson, Carl David, b1877; d1957
Jacobson, F.F., b1865; d1902
Jacobson, Hedwig, b1866; d1957
Jacobson, J.O., b?; d1934
Jacobson, John Axel, b1865; d1890
Jacobson, Joseph Andrew, b1880; d1950
Jacobson, Mable, b1888, d1959
Jacobson, Mrs., b1839; d1907
Jenkins, Charles Clifford, b1889; d1954
Jenkins, Christina, b?; d1967
Jenkins, Mary J., b1918; d1928
Jenson, Oscar, b?; d1974
Johnburg, Jonas, b1838, d1904
Johnburg, Jonas (Mrs), b1835; d1900
Johns, Vernon, b?; d1970
Johnson, Agda, b1893; d1925
Johnson, Albert F., b1875; d1945
Johnson, Albert J., b?; d1947
Johnson, Albert J. (Mrs), b?; d1955
Johnson, Albert M., b1869, d1924
Johnson, Albert W., b1884, d1961
Johnson, Alfrid, b1869; d1926
Johnson, Algot, b?; d1916
Johnson, Alice, b1874; d1889
Johnson, Alma Pauline, b1874; d1950
Johnson, Alvin J., b1880; d1955
Johnson, Alvin J. (Mrs), b1883; d1916
Johnson, Amanda C., b1860; d1940
Johnson, Andrew, b1859; d1924
Johnson, Andrew P., b1832; d1899
Johnson, Anna, b1849; d1923
Johnson, Anna M., b1848; d1922
Johnson, Anna Sofia, b1845; d1938
Johnson, Arnie F, b?; d1970
Johnson, Arthur A., b1883; d1919
Johnson, August, b?; d?
Johnson, August (Mrs), b?; d?
Johnson, August (2 infants of), b?; d?
Johnson, August, b?; d1955
Johnson, August W., b1868; d1939
Johnson, August W., b1871; d1954
Johnson, Augusta, b1862; d1895
Johnson, Axel E., b1887; d1952
Johnson, Axel Fred, b1865; d1932
Johnson, Bessie, b1887; d1909
Johnson, Betsey, b1849; d1930
Johnson, C.M., b?; d1964
Johnson, C.O., b1842; d1894
Johnson, Carl, b1835; d1932
Johnson, Carl A., b12-3-1890; d7-18-1963
Johnson, Carl A., b?; d1969
Johnson, Carl Lyman, b1888; d1937
Johnson, Catherina, b1835, d1916
Johnson, Cecilia, b1876; d1880
Johnson, Charles G., b1845; d1918
Johnson, Charles J., b1848; d1927
Johnson, Charles J., b1861; d1923
Johnson, Charles J., b1864; d1945
Johnson, Charles S.F., b?; d1962
Johnson, Charley Oscar, b1861; d1908
Johnson, Chris Edward, b1859; d1949
Johnson, Christina, b1830, d1906
Johnson, Christina, b1834, d1904
Johnson, Christina, b1830; d1907
Johnson, Christine C., b1855; d1936
Johnson, Claude L., b1910; d1911
Johnson, David, b?; d1973
Johnson, David (Mrs), b?; d1974
Johnson, David J., b1878; d1957
Johnson, Della M., b?; d1968
Johnson, Donald F., b1928; d1928
Johnson, Ed Sam, b?; d1947
Johnson, Edgar, b1903; d1903
Johnson, Edith C., b1 889, d1957
Johnson, Elfie, b1898; d1965
Johnson, Eli W., b1883; d1966
Johnson, Eli W. (Mrs), b?; d1970
Johnson, Ellen, b1880; d1920
Johnson, Elmer E., b1875;dl935
Johnson, Emerald, b?; d1948
Johnson, Emil, b?; d?
Johnson, Emil (Mrs), b?, d?
Johnson, Emil, b?; d?
Johnson, Emil S.F., b1890; d1964
Johnson, Emma, b1879; d1961
Johnson, Emma, b1881; d1929
Johnson, Emma, b1890; d1958
Johnson, Emma M., b?; d1937
Johnson, Eric R., b1852; d1936
Johnson, Eva C., b1854, d1929
Johnson, Evelyn, b?; d1904
Johnson, Floyd, b?; d?
Johnson, Frank W., b1844; d1911
Johnson, Fritz, b?; d1930
Johnson, Fritz (Mrs), b?; d1968
Johnson, G.B., b1875, d1916
Johnson, Godfrey, b1837; d1912
Johnson, Grandma, b1804; d1888
Johnson, Gust, b1850, d1891
Johnson, Gust (Mrs) , b?; d?
Johnson, Gust E., b?; d1961
Johnson, Gust E. (Mrs), b?; d1969
Johnson, Gust F., b?; d1932
Johnson, Hannah, b?; d1957
Johnson, Hannah, b1871; d1926
Johnson, Hannah, b1885; d1961
Johnson, Hannah C., b?; d1938
Johnson, Harold, b?, d1962
Johnson, Harold A., b1912; d1961
Johnson, Hazel, b?; d1970
Johnson, Helen, b1882; d1960
Johnson, Helen M., b1832; d1916
Johnson, Ida, b?; d?
Johnson, Ida, b1866; d1918
Johnson, Ida C., b1870; d1924
Johnson, Ida Mae, b1920; d1965
Johnson, J.E., b?; d?
Johnson, J.L., b1856; d1919
Johnson, J.L. (Mrs), b?; d1945
Johnson, James (infant), b?; d?
Johnson, Jennie E., b1865; d1936
Johnson, Johanna, b?; 1921
Johnson, John, b1815; d1887
Johnson, John, b1876; d1959
Johnson, John A., b1852; d1923
Johnson, John E., b1851; d1926
Johnson, John P., b1841; d1918
Johnson, Jonas, b1864; d1940
Johnson, Jonas (Mrs) , b?; d1957
Johnson, Jonas P., b1850; d1934
Johnson, Josephine, b?; d1954
Johnson, Josephine, b1847; d1923
Johnson, Justus, b1867; d1952
Johnson, Kate, b1825; d1897
Johnson, Kenneth, b?; d1936
Johnson, Lambert E., b1894; d1926
Johnson, Leanard, b?; d1945
Johnson, Lena M., b1 883; d1949
Johnson, Lena W., b1862; d1944
Johnson, Leo, b1883; d1893
Johnson, Lily, b?; d1962
Johnson, Louisa, b1856, d1927
Johnson, Lovisa, b1842, d1926
Johnson, Lydia E., b1888; d1923
Johnson, Martin R., b?; d1938
Johnson, Mathilda, b1857; d1901
Johnson, Maud, b1892; d1955
Johnson, Melichor C., b1891; d1960
Johnson, Minnie H., b1869; d1936
Johnson, Morris, b1909, d1911
Johnson, Mother, b1830; d1893
Johnson, Mr., b?; d?
Johnson, Mr., b?; d?
Johnson, Mrs., b?; d?
Johnson, Myra, b1907; d1954
Johnson, Nels, b1840; d1910
Johnson, Nels P., b1838; d1901
Johnson, O. Edward, b1891, d1952
Johnson, Odilia, b1878; d1972
Johnson, Olof, b1851; d1931
Johnson, Otto S., b1882; d1966
Johnson, Otto S. (Mrs), b1881; d1965
Johnson, Reuben, b1905; d1953
Johnson, Roswell b1896; d1954
Johnson, Russell W., b1891; d1900
Johnson, S.F.. b1846; d1907
Johnson, S.F. (Mrs.), b?; d1947
Johnson, S.P., b?; d1949
Johnson, Samuel P., b1834; d1896
Johnson, Sarah, b1871; d1892
Johnson, Selma K., b1867; d1958
Johnson, Stanley, b1919; d1941
Johnson, Tillie, b1874; d1952
Johnson, Vance G., b1924; d1944
Johnson, W.E., b?; d1952
Johnson, W.E. (Mrs), b?; d1955
Johnson, Willie, b?; d1967
Johnston, Hugh, b?; d1894
Johnston, John, b1864; d1916
Jones, Andrew G., b1838; d1921
Jones, Cecil, b1907; d1908
Jones, Minnie, b1836; d1929
Jones, Mrs., b1867; d1917
Jones, O.E., b?; d1941
Jonquist, John, b1844; d1919
Julian, Beulah, b1909; d1968
Kaley, C.C., b?, d?
Kaley, C.C. (Mrs), b?; d?
Karlson, Alice, b1891; d1957
Karlson, Karl P., b?; d1950
Kearney, Daniel, b1849; d1931
Kearney, Sarah, b1846; d1932
Keeler, Retta F., b1857; d1921
Kemmer, Mr., b?; d?
Kemmer, Mrs., b?; d?
Kemmer, P.A., b?; d1943
Kemmer, P.A.(Mrs), b?; d1956
Kidd, Russel, b?; d?
Kimble, Joseph, b?; d?
Kimble, Joseph (Mrs), b?; d?
Kinberg, Bethel, b?; d1955
Kinberg, Elmer, b?; d1968
Kinberg, Henry (Mrs), b?; d1919
Kirkman, Ida, b1888; d1921
Kirkman, Robert, b1814; d1898
Kirkman, Sophronia, b1825; d1892
Kjelson, A.V., b?; d1967
Kjelson, A.V. (Infant of), b?; d?
Knago, Caroline, b1860; d1950
Knerr, A.O., b1881; d1930
Knerr, A.O. (Mrs), b?; d?
Knerr, Charles, b1853; d1935
Knerr, Eli, b?; d?
Knerr, Frederick, b1823; d1909
Knerr, Glen, b1887; d1967
Knerr, Henry, b1862; d1935
Knerr, Jacob, b1852; d1923
Knerr, James F., b1922, d1923
Knerr, John, b1860; d1929
Knerr, John C., b1927; d1928
Knerr, Katherine,bl830;dl918
Knerr, Lloyd E., b1915; d1973
Knerr, Loyal E., b1913; d1958
Knerr, Lucena, b?; d?
Knerr, Lucinda, b1856; d1939
Knerr, Mary Ellen, b?; d1944
Knerr, Mary L., b1862; d1927
Knerr, Nola Jean, b?; d1951
Knerr, Vernon, b1917; d1967
Knerr, Walter H., b1917; d1935
Knight, Lloyd, b?; d1970
Knight, Shelly Jean, b1952; d1953
Kohn, Cecil R., b1884; d1917
Kreiger, Anna b1aine, b1898; d1931
Kreis, Harry, b1908; d1966
Kreis, Luther, b?; d1969
Kreis, Tom, b1866; d1954
Kreis, Tom (Mrs), b?; d1955
Kunce, Joseph, b?; d1888
Lambert, Carl J., b1898; d1955
Lambert, Charles Johan, b1869; d1948
Lambert, Hilvie A., b1903, d1936
Lambert, Ida, b?; d1946
Lambert, J. Leanard, b1901; d1903
Lamoree, Paul J., b?; d1970
Lanham, Alice, b1867; d1940
Lanham, Joan Beth, b?; d1931
Lanham, John W., b1863; d1926
Larsen, Casper, b?; d1971
Larsen, Lucille, b1916; d1965
Larson, A.F., b1849; d1922
Larson, A.P., b?, d1922
Larson, Alfred, b l 874; d1954
Larson, Alma W., b1873; d1906
Larson, Amanda, b1884; d1965
Larson, Anna, b?; d1969
Larson, Anna, b1852;dl939
Larson, Anna Maria, b1846; d1928
Larson, Arthur E., b1887; d1956
Larson, Arvid, b1893; d1893
Larson, Augusta, b1843; d1896
Larson, Charlotta, b1874; d1937
Larson, Chester, b?; d?
Larson, Christine, b?; d?
Larson, Claus F., b1875; d1959
Larson, Eli (Father of), b?; d?
Larson, Elizabeth, b1873; d1912
Larson, Emil, b?; d1970
Larson, Enoch W., b1894; d1897
Larson, Esther C., b1880; d1932
Larson, Frank E., b1891; d1948
Larson, George, b?; d1935
Larson, Hannah L., b?; d1937
Larson, Hilda E., b1890; d1890
Larson, Herman, b1892; d1969
Larson, Jennie b?; d1964
Larson, John, b1866; d1921
Larson, John C., b1854; d1923
Larson, Lars, b1873; d1951
Larson, Leroy, b?; d?
Larson, Lewis, b1837; d1899
Larson, Louis, b1844; d1922
Larson, Louise J., b1881; d1919
Larson, Mervin E., b1922; d1923
Larson, Minnie, b?; d1957
Larson, Minnie E., b1893; d1928
Larson, Nels Paul, b1930, d1945
Larson, P.E., b1845; d1931
Larson, Pearl, b?; d1962
Larson, Roy E,, b1899; d1914
Larson, Ruth, b?; d1967
Larson, S.E., b1867; d1951
Larson, Sophia, b1858; d1923
Larson, Sophia J., b1851; d1896
Larson, Swan, b1868; d1952
Larson, Thelma S., bl911, dl925
Larson, Victor (Mrs) , b1895; d1956
Larson, William, b?; d1898
Larson, William H., b?; d1973
Leach, Anna Mae, b?; d1971
Leach, Verl E., b1900; d1961
Leaf, Ida, b?; d1967
Lee, Charles, b?; d?
Lee, Jacob, b?; d?
Lewis, Mary L., b1822; d1896
Lind, A.B., b?; d1922
Lind, A.B. (Mrs), b?; d1957
Lind, Barbara Kay, b1961; d1961
Lind, Effie Hazel, b?; d?
Lind, George C., b?; d1935
Lindberg, Alexander, b1823; d1904
Lindberg, Arthur, b1866; d1896
Lindberg, Eliza, b1871; d1929
Lindberg, Eulalia V., b1893; d1919
Lindberg, Florence, b?; d?
Lindberg, Glen R., b1897; d1950
Lindberg, Gustava, b1828; d1901
Lindberg, Helen, b1860; d1933
Lindberg, Helen Dorothy, b1889; d1899
Lindberg, Morris B., b'?; d1938
Lindberg, Olaf, b?; d?
Lindberg, Olaf (Mrs), b?; d?
Lindberg, Peter, b1863; d1906
Lindberg, Robert E., b1914; d1918
Lindblade, A. Pehr, b1892; d1894
Lindblade, Anna Marie, b1856; d1905
Lindeblade, Betsy, b1862;dl949
Lindeblade, Donald, b1935; d1956
Lindeblade, Margaret, b1908; d1965
Lindgren, Bertha E., b1835; d1910
Lindgren, Caroline, b1869; d1963
Lindgren, Fodd, b1881; d1903
Lindgren, John P., b1868; d1936
Lindgren, Jonas P., b1830; d1910
Lindgren, Wesley, b1895; d1900
Lindholm, Anna, b?; d?
Lindholm, Hulda J., b1877; d1937
Lindholm, Peter, b?; d?
Lindholm, P.J., b1871; d1931
Lindkswiler, Ralph, b? d1970
Lindquist, Ada J., b1916; d1917
Lindquist, Alice A., b1906; d1913
Lindquist, Anna, b?; d?
Lindquist, Charles W., b1861; d1941
Lindquist, Eric, b1898; d1947
Lindquist, Fern, b?; d1962
Lindquist, Gustava, b1857; d1919
Lindquist, Hannah, b?; d 1949
Lindquist, Ivan, b?; d1955
Lindquist, Margaret Ada., b1880; d1974
Lindquist, Martha, b?; d1970
Lindquist, Per Erick, b1858; d1926
Lindstedt, b1888; d1942
Lindstedt, B.F.(Mrs), b?; d?
Lindstedt, Carl Marcus, b1891; d1918
Lindstrom, Fred, b?; d1938
Lindstrom, Glen S., b1914; d1918
Little, Albert, b?; d?
Little, Marcella, b1856; d1939
Little, Nellie, b?; d?
Lowe, Jennie S., b1837; d1932
Lowe, Mitchell, b1866; d1934
Lower, Barah Spelts, b?; d1936
Lower, J.F. (Mrs) , b?;d?
Lowther, James, b1900; d1965
Lundberg, Abels, b1886; d1888
Lundberg, David, b1880; d1889
Lundberg, Maemi, b1883; d1888
Lundborg, Carl, b?; d1965
Lundborg, Gustaf, b1884;dl966
Lundborg, Hannah Amelia, b 1884; d1957
Lundgren, Anna, b?; d1955
Lundgren, Charles, b?; d189
Lundgren, Christine, b1857; d1935
Lundgren, Gust A., b1860; d1940
Lundgren, Mattie, b?; d1920
Lunner, E., b?;dl931
Lunner, E. (Mrs), b1872; d1949
Lunner, Hannah, b1896; d1900
Lutman, Andrew, b1856; d1913
Malm, Hannah, b1850; d1930
Malm, John A., b1861; d1935
Malmen, Carl, b1879; d1961
Malmen, Jennie, b1874; d1930
Marquis, Amelia, b1868; d1943
Marquis, Logarde, b1863;dl924
Marrs, Eileen, b?; d1974
Marthis, Ida Garvey, b1859; d1909
Mathews, John, b?; d1910
Matson, Annie, b?; d1937
Matson, Hannah, b?; d1895
Matson, John, b?; d1942
Mattson, Andy R., b1871; d1963
Mattson, Carrie Elin, b1836; d1921
McBeth, Ted Allen, b1954; d1958
McCleerly, Harold N., b?; d1918
McCumber, Mary, b1874; d1956
McCune, Anna G., b1880; d1925
McCune, Calmar, b1848; d1932
McCune, Janes (infant), b?; d1916
McCune, Julia, b1847; d1922
McDonald, Amos G., b1889; d1904
McGee, Betsey, b1826; d1905
McGee, William, b1826; d1896
McKeag, Ellna M., b1901; d1925
McKeag, James Sr., b1872; d1966
McKeag, Winnie Irene, b?; d1959
Mentink, Lavina Irene, b1915; d1964
Mercheim, Nettie, b?; d1897
Mercheim, Otto, b?; d1905
Miller, Ed, b?; d1955
Miller, Ed. (Mrs), b?; d1957
Miller, Elizabeth, b?; d1881
Miller, John P., b?; d?
Minnick, Gertrude, b1888; d1973
Minnick, R.L. (Dr.), b?; d1974
Moberg, E.H., b?; d1955
Mohne, C.T., b?; d1964
Monson, Nels, b?; d?
Monson, Nels (Mrs) , b?; d?
Monson, Victor, b?; d?
Monson, Victor (Mrs), b?; d?
Monteson, L.W., b?; d?
Montgomery, Anna, b?; d1937
Montgomery, Nina, b?; d1935
Moore, C. Floyd, b?; d1974
Moore, Gertrude, b1881; d1965
Moore, Mary S., b1848; d1940
Moore, Phebe J., b1853; d1933
Moore, Samule Imes, b1853; d1920
Moore, Thomas, b1852; d1885
Mordock, Vern, b1885; d1952
Morgan, (Mrs) Ray, b?; d1963
Morrill, A.D., b?; d1963
Morrill, Arthur, b1873; d1945
Morrill, Carl, b1884; d1885
Morrill, Charles H., b1842; d1928
Morrill, Harriet, b1843; d1917
Morrill, Lilla, b1866; d1880
Morrill, Mary, b1870; d1871
Morrill, May De Lashmutt, b1879; d1960
Morrill, Minnie, b1883; d1945
Moses, Charlotte, b1813; d1889
Mouden, Eva, b?; d1964
Mouden, Fredrick Wm., b1855; d1947
Mouden, (Mrs) Fredrick Wm., b1863; d1945
Mouden, Ida, b?; d1964
Myers, Amy, b1880; d1965
Myers, Eathel, b1905; d1966
Myers, Emily E., b1886; d1927
Myers, Fred L., b1877; d1916
Myers, Kenneth, b1908; d1965
Myers, Rebecca, b1859; d1939
Myers, W.H., b?; d1907
Myers, Wallace L., b1912; d1912
Myrberg, Abner,l., b?; d1940
Myrberg, Andrew, b1864; d1940
Myrberg, Archie, b?; d1962
Myrberg, Frank D., b1898; d1956
Myrberg, Garnet M., b1890; d1918
Myrberg, J.E. (Mrs), b?; d?
Mryberg, John E., b?; d?
Myrberg, Morris M., b1896; d1936
Myrberg, Nellie C., b1868; d1941
Nellson, Hazen S., b1872; d1912
Nellson, Hazen S.(Mrs), b?; d1964
Nelson, Acker, K., b?; d?
Nelson, Albert, b1849; d1926
Nelson, Albert W., b1873; d1926
Nelson, Amelia, b?; d?
Nelson, Andrew, b1849; d1920
Nelson, Andrew, b1863; d1895
Nelson, Andrew J., b?; d1959
Nelson, Anna, b1832; d1898
Nelson, Anna, b1875; d1956
Nelson, Anna, b?; d 1961
Nelson, Anna L., b1857; d1908
Nelson, Anna M., b?; d1883
Nelson, August, b1861; d1926
Nelson, Bonde G., b1844; d1928
Nelson, Brita, b1844; d1921
Nelson, C.P., b1860, d1959
Nelson, C.P. (Mrs), b?; d1947
Nelson, C. Victor, b1873; d1926
Nelson, Carl, b1892; d1960
Nelson, Carl C., b1839; d1916
Nelson, Carl G., b1862; d1931
Nelson, Caroline, b1841; d1920
Nelson, Charles, b?, d?
Nelson, Charles A., b1845; d1904
Nelson, Christine, b1848; d1918
Nelson, Christine, b1862; d1922
Nelson, Dayton, b?; d1957
Nelson, E.P. (Mrs), b?; d?
Nelson, Emma, b1903; d1909
Nelson, Enoch A., b1867; d1900
Nelson, Eric F., b1905; d1930
Nelson, Ernest, b1882; d1891
Nelson, Esther E., b?; d1954
Nelson, F.O., b1855; d1930
Nelson, Florence, b1893; d1922
Nelson, George, b1848; d1926
Nelson, Grover Z., b1892; d1966
Nelson, Harvey E., b1887; d1943
Nelson, Hilda C., b?; d?
Nelson, Hilma Louise, b1877; d1955
Nelson, Infant, b?; d?
Nelson, Jane E., b1841; d1930
Nelson, John, b1853; d1892
Nelson, Leonard, b1888; d1961
Nelson, Leonard (Infant of), b?; d1926
Nelson, Louisa, b1853; d1938
Nelson, Mabel, b1886; d1965
Nelson, Mathilda, b1865, d1945
Nelson, Matilda, b1857; d1932
Nelson, Nels, b1846; d?
Nelson, Nels, b?; d1912
Nelson, Nels O., b1874; d1917
Nelson, Oscar M., b1877; d1945
Nelson, Paul (Rev), b1900; d1965
Nelson, Peter, b?, d?
Nelson, Rasmus G., b1847, d1936
Nelson, Richard E., b1892, d1961
Nelson, Ruth, b?, d1963
Nelson, Sara A., b?; d1881
Nelson, Sarah M., b1883, d?
Nelson, Simon, b1824, d1908
Nelson, Tillie, b?; d1944
Nelson, Walford, b?; d?
Nelson, Ward Teddy, b1885, d1953
Nelson, Wilhelm, b1871; d1892
Nelson, William, b1826; d1890
Nelson, William (Infant 0f), b?, d?
Nelson, William G., b1872; d1953
Nelson, William G (Mrs)., b?; d1943
Nelson, William V., b1892, d1920
Nelson, W.R., b?; d1957
Netsell, Ford, b1884; d1966
Netsell, Hans, b?; d?
Netsell, Hans (Mrs), b?; d?
Netsell, Joel Frank, b?; d1937
Netsell, Julia F., b1868; d1891
Netsell, Matilda, b1845; d1932
Netsell, Olof, b1840; d1923
Newman, Anna, b1858; d1910
Newman, August, b?; d?
Newman, Edward, b?; d1937
Newman, Elvon, b1912, d1920
Newman, Esther, b?; d1955
Newman, Fred, b?; d?
Newman, Fredia, b?; d?
Newman, Gustaf, b1847; d1903
Newman, Hattie, b1879; d1964
Newman, Joe, b?; d1961
Newman, Josephine, b?; d?
Newman, Pearl, b1883; d1906
Newman, Reece, b1879; d1940
Newman, Rose, b1898; d1966
Newman, Victor, b1889, d1961
Newman, Walter, b?; d1955
Nichol, Wm. E., b1850; d1899
Nicholson, Bom, b?; d?
Nordberg, Arthur F., b?; d1946
Nordberg, Donald Earl, b1944; d1944
Nordberg, Fern, b1907, d1966
Nordberg, Kate, b1843, d1927
Nordberg, Margo, b1945; d1966
Nordberg, Minnie, b?, d1930
Nordberg, Peter, b1841; d1917
Nordberg, Ralph E., b1910; d1960
Nordell, Charles, b?, d?
Norden, Ethel, b?; d1938
Nordin, Infant, b?; d?
Nordin, J.P., b?; d1959
Nordin, J.P. (Mrs), b?; d?
Nordin, Ruby, b?; d?
Nordlund, Brynolt, b1900, d1901
Nordlund, E.C., b1888; d1960
Nordlund, Hannah, b1861; d1944
Nordlund, P.O., b1860; d1938
Nordlund, Theodore, b1903; d1920
Nordstrom, Ansel, b1887, d1949
Nordstrom, Beulah, b1907, d1963
Nordstrom, Carolina, b1868; d1953
Nordstrom, Gustaf, b1866, d1932
Nordstrom, Margaret, b?; d1974
Nordstrom, Martha, b1846; d1926
Nordstrom, Nels, b1847, d1916
Nordstrom, Newton, b1884; d1920
Nordstrom, N.L. (Infant of), b?; d?
Nordstrom, Raymond E., b1900, d1960
Noreen, Anna C., b1885; d1940
Noreen, Anton, b1882, b1966
Norine, L.P., b?; d?
Norman, Charles, b?, d1973
Nowell, Robert, b?; d1963
Noyd, Beda, b?; d1970
Noyd, Evelyn, b?, d1964
Noyd, Hans, b?; d?
Noyd, Hans (Mrs), b?; d?
Noyd, Ruben, b?; d1953
Nybloom, Frank, b?; d1945
Nybloom, Minnie, b?; d1944
Nyquist, Agnes Elveria, b?; d1933
Nyquist, Andrew, b1835; d1898
Nyquist, Andrew T, b1888; d1965
Nyquist, Arthur, b? d?
Nyquist, Carl, b?; di972
Nyquist, Carolina, b1834; d1905
Nyquist, Carrie, b1856, d1947
Nyquist, Charles, b1840; d1900
Nyquist, Christina, b?; d1933
Nyquist, Edla, b1883; d1954
Nyquist, Fred, b?; d?
Nyquist, George, b?; d?
Nyquist, Gustave, b1846; d1926
Nyquist, Hannah, b?; d1938
Nyquist, Harry, b1881, d1926
Nyquist, Infant, b?; d1917
Nyquist, Karl, b1894; d1964
Nyquist, Lars John, b1840, d1915
Nyquist, Orah M., b1884; d1964
Oberg, Lovisa, b1859; d?
Oberg, Ollie V., b1898; d1921
Oberg, William, b1859; d1942
Olson, b1833; d1906
Olson, b1835; d1914
Olson, Alfred, b1 870; d1895
Olson, Anna E., b1894, d1960
Olson, Anna R., b1849, d1919
Olson, Arne A., b1896; d1907
Olson, Arthur E., b?; d?
Olson, August, b?; d1963
Olson, August (Mrs), b1876; d1963
Olson, Bernice, b?; d1974
Olson, C.J., b?; d1963
Olson, Carl Alfred, b1858; d1927
Olson, Carl Alfred (Mrs), b1855, d1911
Olson, Carl August, b1867; d1949
Olson, Carl August (Mrs), b?; d1945
Olson, Carlina, b?; d?
Olson, Carroll R., b1909; d1937
Olson, Charles E., b1843; d1918
Olson, Charles E., b1877; d1940
Olson, Charles J., b1873; d1953
Olson, Clarence, b1900; d1955
Olson, Edwin E., b1887; d1949
Olson, Emil, b?; d1960
Olson, Emma Harriet, b l886, d1942
Olson, Evelyn C., b?; d1913
Olson, F.O., b?; d?
Olson, F.O.(Mrs), b?; d?
Olson, George Emil, b1880; d1951
Olson, George L., Jr., b?; d1924
Olson, Godfred, b?; d1969
Olson, Hedwig Martha, b1886; d1941
Olson, Henry, b?; d?
Olson, Hilding (Infant), b?; d?
Olson, Hulda, b1855; d1960
Olson, Ida, b?; d?
Olson, Irma Marion, b1912; d1913
Olson, Isadore, b?; d1949
Olson, J.L., b1870;dl959
Olson, John, b?; d?
Olson, John (Mrs), b?, d?
Olson, John, b1828; d1910
Olson, John, b1846; d1931
Olson, John (Mrs), b?; d1923
Olson, John Emil, b?; d1933
Olson, John Z., b1855; d1932
Olson, Josephine, b1879, d1902
Olson, Leanard, b1837; d1921
Olson, Louisa, b1834; d1914
Olson, Louise, b? d1962
Olson, Magnus, b?; d?
Olson, Manfred, b1883; d1957
Olson, Maria, b1846; d1941
Olson, Marie C., b1825; d1905
Olson, Marie H., b1860; d1938
Olson, Mary, b1862; d1881
Olson, Mattis, b1837; d1914
Olson, Mattis (Mrs), b1853; d1945
Olson, Mayme, b1882;dl968
Olson, M.H. b l870, d1939
Olson, M.H. (Mrs), b1876; d1945
Olson, Nellie C., b1863; d1Y26
Olson, Neva M., b1900; d1901
Olson, Oliver, b1826, d1906
Olson, Olof, b1858; d1879
Olson, Oscar, b?; d1969
Olson, Virgil Leslie, b?;dl906
Olson, Wesley E., b1902; d1947
Olson, Wilbur (Mrs) , b?; d1968
Ostrom, Hans, b?; d?
Palm, P.A., b1866; d1903
Palm, P.A. (Mrs), b?; d?
Palmer, Annie, b?; d1884
Palmer, Hulda, b?; d1951
Parson, Magdalene, b1826, d1902
Parson, Peter, b 1861; d 1885
Parson, Swan, b1831; d1910
Paulson, John, b?; d1940
Peters, Agnes, b?; d1974
Peters, Eva W., b?; d1934
Peters, Levi, b?; d?
Peterson, A.O. (Mrs), b?; d?
Peterson, Albert, b?; d1955
Peterson, Albert (Mrs), b?; d?
Peterson, Albert H., b1879 d1951
Peterson, Alice Marie, b19i2; d1965
Peterson, Allan, b1829; d1907
Peterson, Alof, b1807; d1897
Peterson, Andrew, b?; d?
Peterson, Andrew (Mrs) , b?; d?
Peterson, Andrew L., b1846, d1930
Peterson, Anna, b1855; d1891
Peterson, Anna S., b1852; d1908
Peterson, Arnold E., b1885; d1954
Peterson, Arthur W., b1880, d1964
Peterson, Arthur W. (Mrs), b?; d1969
Peterson, August, b?; d1932
Peterson, August, b?; d1925
Peterson, August (Mrs), b?; d1954
Peterson, Bertha, b1846; d1927
Peterson, Bessie, b?; d1928
Peterson, Bessie M., b1877; d1931
Peterson, Carl B., b1873; d1931
Peterson, Carl M., b1823; d1910
Peterson, Carrie B., b1853; d1946
Peterson, Charles, b?; d1936
Peterson, Charles, b1856; d1943
Peterson, Charles A., b1864; d1895
Peterson, Charles (Mrs), b?, d?
Peterson, Christina, b1824, d1910
Peterson, Christina M., b l844, d1913
Peterson, Clara C., b?; d?
Peterson, Curtis, b1911; d1965
Peterson, Edna M., b1893; d1953
Peterson, Emil, b1844; d1887
Peterson, Emil, b1888; d1966
Peterson, Esther, b1885; d1965
Peterson, Everett, b1881; d1957
Peterson, Fred G., b1882; d1 953
Peterson, Freda, b?; d1971
Peterson, Fritz Leonard, b1886, d1955
Peterson, Gideon, b?; d1969
Peterson, Gust, b?; d1933
Peterson, Gust (infant of), b?; d?
Peterson, Gustaf Arthur, b1887, d1951
Peterson, Gustaf B., b?; d?
Peterson, Hanna, b1829, d1905
Peterson, Hellen, b?; d1888
Peterson, Ida, b1844; d1921
Peterson, Ida C., b?; d1937
Peterson, Infant, b?; d?
Peterson, Ione Ina, b1923; d1957
Peterson, J.O., b1871; d1954
Peterson, John, b1830; d1917
Peterson, John, b1880, d1964
Peterson, John, b1884, d1940
Peterson, John O., b1889; d1965
Peterson, Jonas, b?; d?
Peterson, Jonas P., b1841; d1923
Peterson, Joseph, b1838; d1950
Peterson, Josephine, b?; d1971
Peterson, Julia L., b1845; d1917
Peterson, Kristine Suzanna, b1953; d1964
Peterson, Lars, b1841; d1897
Peterson, Laurence, b?; d1963
Peterson, Leanard, b?; d?
Peterson, Lillian, b1894; d1915
Peterson, Louisa, b1841; d1888
Peterson, Louise, b1878;dl885
Peterson, Maria, b1862; d1907
Peterson, Martin, b?; d1970
Peterson, Matilda, b?; d1933
Peterson, Matt, b1904; d1964
Peterson, Matt (Mrs), b?; d1970
Peterson, Maude, b1888; d1932
Peterson, Mrs., b?; d?
Peterson, Nellie, b?; d1933
Peterson, Nels August, b1842, d l913
Peterson, Nels F., b1844; d1905
Peterson, Oscar (Mrs), b?; d1945
Peterson, Otto, b1851; d1924
Peterson, Peter E., b1883; d1910
Peterson, P.W.E., b1854; d1889
Peterson, Ralph (Mrs) , b?; d1954
Peterson, Raymond, Jr., b?; d1918
Peterson, Ruth, b?; d1964
Peterson, S.A., b1834; d1920
Peterson, Samuel, b1830; d1926
Peterson, Telander, b1874; d1959
Peterson, Theodore, b1879; d1954
Phillips, Joshua, b1851; d1933
Phillips, Sarah, b1849; d1926
Pierson, Betsy, b1868; d1915
Pierson, Betty, b1866; d1918
Pierson, Ellen S., b1898; d1924
Pierson, Fred (Mrs), b1895, d1936
Pierson, Gordon H., b1944, d1966
Pierson, Hattie, b?; d?
Pierson, Nels, b1859; d1940
Pierson, Nels, b?; d1974
Pierson, Nels R., b1861; d1921
Pierson, Ola, b?; d?
Pierson, Ola (Mrs), b?; d?
Pierson, Oscar, b1895; d1915
Pierson, Sophie, b1865; d1942
Pike, Anna E., b1861; d1928
Pike, E.P., b1856; d1926
Povey, John, b1851; d1918
Powell, Carrie S., b1881; d1946
Powell, Infants (2), b?; d?
Powell, James H., b1879; d1932
Presson, Clark W., b1877; d1899
Presson, Joseph H., b1840; d1924
Presson, Margaret M., b1848; d1923
Query, Delbert, b?; d1970
Query, Florence Arline, b1920; d1930
Query, George W., b?; d1882
Query, Sigrid, b?; d1972
Quillen, Amelia, b?; d1968
Quillen, Ashley A., b1877; d1929
Randell, Catherine, b1855,1927
Randell, Henry W., b1855, d1935
Randell, Ray, b1886; d1964
Randell, Ray (Mrs), b?; d1970
Record, Clair, b?; d1936
Record, Clifford, b1899; d1913
Record, Dean S., b?; d?
Record, Edna F., b?; d?
Record, Elijah T., b?; d1895
Record, George, b?; d?
Record, Joseph, b?; d1883
Record, Tucker, b?; d?
Reedy, Eva Mary, b?; d1905
Reeves, George, b1839; d1897
Reeves, Infants (2), b?; d?
Reeves, James T., b1870; d1953
Reeves, Mary, b1850; d1913
Reger, Harry, b1880; d1941
Reger, Pearle, b1882; d1968
Reger, Ronald LaRue, b?; d1920
Renquist, August C., b?; d1921
Renquist, August W., b?; d1935
Renquist, John, b1846; d1900
Renquist, John (Mrs), b1856; d1944
Rickel, Charley, b1889; d1889
Rickel, Cuba, b1898; d1899
Rickel, Emma, b1857; d1917
Rickel, William J., b1859; d1928
Rinterman, John H., b1877; d1946
Rinterman, Matilda, b?; d1970
Robeson, Alice, b1856; d1925
Robeson, Eddie, b1892; d1894
Robeson, Frank, b1886; d1931
Robeson, John, b1858; d1905
Robeson, John, b1875; d1940
Robeson, Mary, b1879; d1930
Robinson, Florence A., b1914; d1915
Rodine, August, b?; d1928
Rodine, August (Mrs),b?;dl944
Rosdahl, J.G., b1880; d1942
Rosene, Emma Margaret, b?; d1938
Rosene, Nels, b?; d?
Rosene, Nels (Mrs), b?; d?
Rosene, Peter, b1859; d1932
Rosene, Peter (Mrs), b1858; d1938
Rosene, Victor, b1870; d1911
Rudeen, Adolph, b?; d1919
Rudeen, Carl, b?; d1972
Rudeen, Elizabeth, b1878; d1959
Rudeen, Emma, b1872; d1955
Rudeen, Ludwig, b1869; d1950
Rudeen, Paul J., b?; d1934
Russ, Bertha (infant), b1897; d1897
Rusteen, Anna, b?; d?
Rusteen, J.L., b1833; d1927
Rydberg, C.A., b1876; d1965
Rydberg, Carolina, b1847; d1924
Rydberg, Dora E., b1879; d1938
Rydberg, Gustaf, b1 843; b1917
Rystrom, Alvin, b1893; d1968
Rystrom, Anna, b1828; d1896
Rystrom, Annette, b1885; d1969
Rystrom, August, b1857; d1934
Rystrom, Darwin, b1924; d1926
Rystrom, Dennis, b1917; d1973
Rystrom, Emma J., b1862; d1946
Rystrom, Frank, b1865; d1951
Rystrom, John, b?; d1890
Rystrom, Mabel, b1884; d1965
Rystrom, Mavis C., b1916; d1920
Rystrom, Michael, b?; d1973
Rystrom, Nellie, b1890; d1890
Rystrom, Oscar, b1879; d1958
Rystrom, Sven, b1830; d1900
Rystrom, Walter, b1882; d1964
Rystrom, William, b?; d1881
Sahlen, Edwin, b?; d?
Saint, Anna J., b1853; d?
Saint, Burton, b1871; d1929
Saint, Oliver P., b1844; d1927
Saline, Albert, b1882; d1887
Saline, Arthur, b1890, d1890
Saline, Christina, b1881; d1881
Saline, Hilma, b1880; d1880
Saline, Lars, 1838;d1922
Saline, Thilda, b1852; d1914
Samuelson, Anna (Mrs), b?; d1941
Samuelson, Arvid, b1878; d1878
Samuelson, Augusta, b1860; d1886
Samuelson, Charles W., b1852; d1939
Samuelson, Delia, b1879; d1953
Samuleson, Dinah, b1881; d1962
Samuelson, Earl N., b?- d1963
Samuleson, Edward P., b1872; d1929
Samuelson, Eli, b1883; d1904
Samuelson, Eliza, b1831; d1914
Samuelson, Ethel, b?; d?
Samuelson, Eveline, b1887; d1887
Samuelson, Issac, b1887; d1950
Samuelson, John, b1840; d1896
Samuelson, John, b1875;dl876
Samuelson, Louisa, b?; d1886
Samuelson, Margaret, b1826; d1911
Samuelson, Margaret, b1846; d1912
Samuelson, Marie, b1871; d1960
Samuelson, Mary C., b1852; d1921
Samuelson, Matthew, b1831; d1903
Samuelson, Oscar, b1870; d1892
Samuelson, S.B., b?, d?
Samuelson, S.B. (Mrs), b1871; d1955 S
Samuelson, Vanard, b1892; d1907
Sandele, John E, b1866; d1928
Sandell, Carolina, b1843; d1926
Sandell, Ed., b?; d1954
Sandell, Huldina, b?; d1944
Sandell, Infants (2), b?; d?
Sandell, John, b1840; d1929
Sanders, Clause J., b1854; d1922
Sanders, F.B., b1859; d1943
Sanders, Laura, b1864; d1895
Sandin, Anna Person, b1854; d1910
Sandin, Chester, b1889; d1890
Sandin, Emil, b1902; d1907
Sandin, John Louis, b1877; d1918
Sandin, Louis, b1853; d1934
Sandin, Mary, b1892; d1918
Schapers, Myra C., b1901; d1928
Scott, Hattie Marker, b1867; d1940
Scott, John, b1 829; d1909
Scott, Martha, b1832; d1918
Scott, Nell, b?; d1963
Scott, Wallace, b1894; d1958
Seaberg, Charles, b1855; d1930
Seaberg, Hilma, b1886; d1964
Seaberg, John, b?; d1948
Seaberg, Matilda S., b1860; d1937
Severine, Anna C., b1875; d1954
Severine, Axel T., b?; d1945
Severine, Verner, b?; d1945
Seymour, Bertha, b1880; d1958
Seymour, Henry T., b1875; d1961
Seymour, Littleton T., b?; d1946
Seymour, Martha E., b1907; d1957
Seymour, W, T,, b1852; d1942
Seymour, W. T. (Mrs), b?; d1946
Sharp, Ada A., b?; d1935
Sharp, Dean, b1890; d1962
Sharp, Franklin, b?; d1926
Sharp, L. Vance (Dr), b?; d1973
Sharp, L. Vance (Mrs) , b1892; d1965
Sharp, William Vance, b?; d1941
Shaw, Joseph, b 1833; d1898
Shaw, Josie R., b1885; d1892
Shaw, Mary, b1853; d1928
Shaw, Millie, b1882; d1912
Shidner, Andrew W., b1847; d1923
Shidner, Dasie B,, b1884; d1904
Shidner, Hattie E,, b1857; d1914
Shiperling, John, b1875; d1954
Shiperling, John, Jr., b1911; d1962
Shiperling, Kuni Schartel, b1888; d1958
Shoemaker, Joanna, b?; d1892
Shoemaker, W. A., b?; d1910
Shostrom, Alma Dahlin, b1871; d1958
Shostrom, Andrew, b1856; d1935
Shostrom, Anna, b1897; d1916
Shostrom, Axel, b1887; d1897
Shostrom, Betsey, b1833; d1907
Shostrom, Dana, b?; d1969
Shostrom, Erick, b1885; d1906
Shostrom, Hjalmer, bl900; d1947
Shostrom, John Arvid, b1872; d1962
Shostrom, Lillian, b1897; d1965
Shostrom, Lillian V., b1862; d1892
Shostrom, Mabel, b1884; d1965
Shostrom, Willie, b?; d?
Shrike, Augusta (Mrs), b?; d1971
Shrike, George, b?; d1963
Shustrum, Anna (Mrs), b1868; d1921
Shustrum, Anna G., b1839; d1920
Shustrum, John, b1874; d194_
Sigler, Benjamin J., b1867; d1901
Sigler, Mary E., b1869; d1906
Simpson, Lois, b?; d1969
Simpson, Mabel, b1893; d1897
Simpson, Mary, b1855; d1936
Simpson, Peter, b1899; d1957
Simpson, Roy, b1901; d1918
Simpson, Thos. C., b1856; d1932
Sisty, David, b?; d1968
Sjoval, Anton E., b1 867; d1870
Sjoval, Augusta, b1843; d1904
Sjoval, E G., b1839, d1906
Skelton, Mary, b?; d?
Skoaglund, Emil, b?; 1918
Skoglung, Jonas, b?; 1959
Skoglung, Hilma, b1882; d1906
Slusser, Augusta, b1878; d1954
Slusser, C. A., b?; d1926
Smelser, Carrie Baker, b1863, d1923
Smith, Adaline, b1841; d1922
Smith, Adelia, b1883; d1946
Smith, Anna Mae, b1925;dl925
Smith, Carl (Mrs), b?; d1969
Smith, Charlottem, b1877; d1877
Smith, Fred, b?; d?
Smith, George, b1883; d1884
Smith, Harland J., b?; d1936
Smith, J. Parker, b1829; d1916
Smith, Nellie, b1872; d1965
Smith, Ray, b?; d1962
Snodgrass, Clark C., b1897; d1940
Snodgrass, Max A., b?; d1926
Spangler, George, b''; d1962
Spangler, Mary, b?; d1912
Sprague, Albert L., b1848; d1915
Stafford, Charles E, b1876; d1909
Stafford, Mary, b1844; d1930
Stafford, Nelson (Admiral), b1844; d1918
Stafford, Steven R., b1878, d1911
Stanley, G. W. (Mrs), b?; d1891
Stanton, Charles E, b1888; d1966
Stanton, Elmer, b1861, d1936
Stanton, J.T., b1896; d1972
Stanton, Laura, b1863; d1923
Stanton, Laura E., b1901; d1902
Steele, Paul, b?; d?
Stephenson, Adeline, b1854; d1937
Stephenson, Ella, b1877; d1964
Stephenson, John P., b1844; d1931
Stephenson, Olive, b?, d1971
Stever, Ira Earl, b1893; d1960
Stiles, Daisy, b1830; d?
Stromberg, Charles O., b1845; d1930
Stromberg, Mary C., b1854, d1935
Stromberg, Selma E., b1874; d1921
Strong, Grace F. b1880, d1918
Strong, Lynn, b?; d?
Strong, MD, b1881; d1951
Strong, Wallace T., b?, d?
Sundberg, Albert, b1879; d1960
Sundberg, Albert (Mrs), b?; d1968
Sundberg, Albin T., b?; d1974
Sundberg, Amanda, b1872; d1943
Sundberg, Anders, b1842; d1924
Sundberg, Andrew W., b?; d?
Sundberg, Andrew W. (Mrs), b?; d?
Sundberg, Anna, b1850; d1894
Sundberg, Anna, b1870; d1951
Sundberg, Anna Kajsa, b1844; d1901
Sundberg, Arthur, b1887; d1952
Sundberg, Brita Christina, b1841; d1905
Sundberg, D.A. (Mrs), b1867; d1946
Sundberg, David, b?; d1942
Sundberg, David, b?; d1967
Sundberg, Ed, b1884; d1941
Sundberg, Elda, b1881; d1953
Sundberg, Enhelm, b'?; d?
Sundberg, Esther Sophia, b1886, d1962
Sundberg, Harris, b1909; d1956
Sundberg, Harry, b1882, d1950
Sundberg, Joe b?; d1970
Sundberg, John, b1845, d1936
Sundberg, John A, b1875; d1928
Sundberg, Jonas, b1853; d1924
Sundberg, Julia, b?; d?
Sundberg, Marbreta, b1815; d1908
Sundberg, Matilda, b?; d1962
Sundberg, Pete, b1873; d1967
Sundberg, Theresa Mae, b1890; d1952
Svenson, Sarah Ruth, b1891; d1974
Swan, Alex, b1 863; d1939
Swan, Alex (Mrs), b1868; d1956
Swanberg, Emil, b1867; d1955
Swanberg, Emil (Mrs), b1886; d1956
Swanson, A.B., b?; d1964
Swanson, A.E., b1884, d1955
Swanson, A.E. (Mrs), b?; d1974
Swanson, Albert J., b1882; d1963
Swanson, Anna, b1845; d1933
Swanson, Anna, b1880; d1921
Swanson, Anna C., b?; d1934
Swanson, Carl O., b1854; d1925
Swanson, Christina, b1873; d1945
Swanson, Edward A., b?; d1961
Swanson, Einer, b1890; d1954
Swanson, Einer (Mrs), b?; d1970
Swanson, Einer (Twin Infants of), b?; d?
Swanson, Emma, b?; d1965
Swanson, Emma, b?; d1969
Swanson, Enoch Alex, b1870; d1949
Swanson, Ernest J., b1881; d1882
Swanson, Esther, b1885; d1952
Swanson, Francis, b1886; d1887
Swanson, Frank, b?; d1959
Swanson, Fred b'?; d1970
Swanson, Fred (Mrs), b?; d1970
Swanson, Ida, b1854; d1892
Swanson, Johanna L., b1841; d1921
Swanson, John, b1846; d1900
Swanson, John, b?, d1936
Swanson, Kate, b1850; d1919
Swanson, Lovisa, b1847; d1927
Swanson, Lydia, b1875; d1876
Swanson, Margan, b1903; d1903
Swanson, Marlowe, b1921; d1939
Swanson, Martha, b1893; d1966
Swanson, Maynard, b1920; d1939
Swanson, Nels M,, b1836; d1910
Swanson, Peter A., b1843; d1915
Swanson, Peter U,, b1847; d1923
Swanson, Phyllis, b?; d1936
Swanson, Rollando b1908; d1973
Sweders, A,N (Rev.), b1846; d1891
Sweders, Alivia, b1852; d1926
Sweders, Edmund, b?; d1877
Sweders, Esther, b?; d1881
Sweders, Infant, b?; d1873
Symanek, John, b1966; d1969
Talbot, Charles, b1850; d1939
Talbot, Charles (Mrs), b1854; d1903
Talbot, Clennis, b1884; d1884
Talbot, Ida, b1889; d1910
Talbot, Spence, b1857; d1943
Taylor, Bertha, b?; d1970
Taylor, Hope Ideline, b?; d1915
Taylor, Ida, b?; d1964
Taylor, Joseph, b1879; d1965
Thayer, Judson F., b1874; d1935
Thesing, Christopher, b1882; d1954
Thesing, Dora B,, b1867; d1957
Thesing, George F, b?; d1940
Thesing, Hazel J, b1888; d1908
Thesing, Mabel, b?; d1973
Thesing, Mary C., b1845; d1912
Thesing, Richard, b1832; d1911
Thomas, Daisy Mary, b1886; d1886
Thomas, Edgar A., b?; d?
Thomas, Frank, b?; d?
Thomas, Mary Gertie, b1883; d1884
Thompson, John P., b1877; d1954
Thompson, John P, (Mrs), b1876; d1965
Thoren, Alfred, b?; d1943
Thoren, Alfred (Mrs), b?; d1956
Thoren, Infants (2). b?; d?
Tongue, Alberta, b?; d?
Tongue, Catharine, b1868; d1930
Tongue, John, b?; d1933
Trail, Caroline, b1849; d1893
Trail, Johanna, b1825; d1893
Trail, Mary, b1849; d1893
Twarling, Anna, b1864; d1949
Twarling, Arthur, b?; d1969
Twarling, Charles, b1896; d1896
Twarling, Edith, b1894; d1896
Twarling, Elsie, b1903; d1950
Twarling, Emma,bl893;dl952
Twarling, John, b1857; d1922
Twarling, Laurence, b?; d1960
Twarling, Ruth, b1895; d1954
Uhl, J.W.(Infant of), b?; d1885
Underhill, Chester, b?; d1973
Underhill, Earl, b1918, d1929
Underhill, Elizabeth, b1840; d1922
Underhill, Lora, b1875; d1903
Underhill, Morris, b?; d1969
Underhill, Myra, b1913; d1942
Underhill, Ray, b1877; d1954
Underhill, Stephen M,, b1838; d1921
Upton, Wayne E., b1925; d1951
Van Dorn, Althea, b1861;dl934
Van Dorn, Elizabeth, b1824; d1914
Van Dorn, McDonald, b1861; d1952
Van Dorn, Nathaniel, b1820; d1920
Van Dorn, Nora, b?; d1970
Van Horn, Victor, b1885; d1951
Van Horn, Victor (Mrs), b?; d1961
Vernholm, Anders, b1847; d1901
Vernholm, Hilda, b1839; d1910
Vincent, Dana, b?; d1970
Vincent, Edmund A,, b1860; d1926
Vinceni, Ernest, b?; d1964
Vincent, Julia, b?; d1972
Vincent, Lowell, b?; d1970
Vincent, Lowell (Mrs), b?; d1969
Vincent, Merle, b1922; d1944
Vincent, Olive, b1861; d1952
Vogel, Amy E., b1853; d1904
Vogel, Blanche, b?; d1884
Vogel, Ferdinand, b1846; d1914
Vogel, Guy 1., b1879; d1933
Vogel, Nellie P,, b?; d1881
Vogel, Walter, b1882; d1887
Wahlin, Eric, b?; d?
Wahlin? Eric (Mrs), b?; d?
Walberg, Edward J., b1862; d1947
Walberg, Fredolph, b1903; d1906
Walberg, Gustof E,, b1889; d1962
Walberg, Harry, b?; d1971
Walberg, Johanna, b1866; d1963
Walberg, Mrs., b?; d1963
Wallin, Betsy, b1853; d1923
Wallin, Eric, b1860; d1915
Walline, David E,, b?; d1969
Walline, Ida Elmeda, b?; d?
Walline, Irene, b?; d1972
Walline, Josie Lavina, b?; d1942
Walline, Lovisa, b?; d?
Walline, Olaf, b?; d?
Walquist, Charles (Mrs), b?; d1919
Warner, Ada J., b1916; d1917
Warner, Alice A, b1906; d1913
Warner, Mary Ann, b1870; d1962
Warner, Ray, b?; d1965
Warner, Wm. Rush, b1854; d1913
Warren, Nellie, b1874; d1899
Wasserman, Adam Carl? b1885; d1946
Wathier, Charlie, b?; d1952
Watts, Anna, b1877; d1955
Watts, Anna Mary, b?; d?
Watts, Laurence Lee, b1900, d1902
Watts, Ralph (Twin Infants of), b?; d?
Weaver, Inez B., b 1872; d1937
Weber, Anna E,, b1880; d1963
Weber, DeWitt, b?; d1972
Wendell, Albert, b1882; d1968
Wendell, Corine C., b1918; d1921
Westberg, Anna, b1836; d1911
Westberg, Emma, b1865; d1920
Westberg, Nels, b1835; d1886
Westberg, Oliver, b1862; d1954
Westenius, Albin, b1891; d1962
Westenius, Anna S., b1870; d1921
Westenius, Chattie Coleman , b1871; d1951
Westenius, John, b1859; d1942
Westerdale, Margaret, b1880;dl934
Wheeler, Mary, b1814; d1880
Wheeler, May, b1851; d1934
Wickberg, Esther J., b1873; d1936
Wickberg, Olaf, b1869; d1937
Wicklund, Charles, b?; d?
Wicklund, Emma Christine, b1869, d1957
Wicklund, Lewis, b1865; d1946
Wicklund, Walter, b1895; d1965
Widberg, Johanna, b?; d?
Widberg, John, b 1841; d 1901
Widen, Brita, b1831; d1922
Widga, Charles, b?; d?
Widga, Christine, b1849; d1932
Widga, Earl L., b1918; d1945
Widga, Frank, b?; ? d?
Widga, Fredolf, b?; d?
Widga, Helen S., b1859; d1919
Widga, Ludwig, b?; d1954
Widga, Ludwig (Mrs), b?; d1957
Widga, Marjorie, b1921; d1938
Widga, Peter M,, b 1851; d 1926
Widga, Richard C., b?; d?
Willets, Chester? b?; d1884
Williams, Bessie E., b1887; d1961
Williams, Thomas M., b1917; d1958
Williams, Wm. C. b1856 d1922
Wilson, Alfred, bi856; di910
Wilson, Emma, b1894; d1961
Wilson, Frank, b1871, d1890
Wilson, Harry, b1888, d1954
Wilson, Henry, 1862; d1863
Wilson, John (Rev), b1827; d1901
Wilson, John W,, b1866; d1919
Wilson, Margaret Olive, b1874, d1916
Wilson, Winnie, b1835, d1894
Wittgren, Adena, b?; d1962
Wittgren, Arthur, b1892; d1951
Wittgren, Arvid L. b1895; d1966
Wittgren, Hulda, b1884; d1966
Wittgren, Joel W,, b?; d1925
Wittgren, Nels, b?; d1954
Woods, Christina, b1804; d1888
Woods, Godfred, b1800; d1889
Woods, L.M., b?; d?
Woods, Lewis, b?; d?
Woods, Lewis (Mrs), b?; d?
Woodworth, C.T., b1902; d1944
Wright, Charles, b?; d1964
Wright, William, b?; d1974
Youngland, Carl Wilhelm, b1878; d1961
Youngland, Emil J., b1884; d1962
Youngland, Emil J. (Mrs), b?; d1973
Younglund, Andrew, b1845; d1925
Younglund, Hannah? b1852? d1930
Younglund, Selma, b1879; d1963
Youngquist, Albert, b?; d1967
Youngquist, Albert (Mrs.), b?; d1965
Youngquist, Ludwig, 1859; d1931
Youngquist, O.F., b?; d?
Youngquist, O,F, (Mrs), b?; d?

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