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 Surname Index to the Polk County Cemeteries

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Sndx  Suname           Cemetery

A330  A.D.D.             Pleasant Home Cemetery
A130  Abbott             Shelby Cemetery
A143  Abolt              Blue Ridge Cemetery
A265  Ackerman           Stromsburg Cemetery
A360  Adair              Osceola Cemetery
A325  Addison            Blue Ridge Cemetery
A342  Adelson            Swede Home Cemetery
A342  Adelson            Swede Plain Cemetery
A350  Aden               Shelby Cemetery
A426  Ahlgren            Stromsburg Cemetery
A422  Ahlquist           Stromsburg Cemetery
A252  Aikins             Osceola Cemetery
A262  Akerson            Stromsburg Cemetery
A225  Akeson             Osceola Cemetery
A416  Alberry            Shelby Cemetery
A416  Albers             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
A415  Albin              Osceola Cemetery
A416  Alfred             Polk Cemetery
A425  Alicem             Osceola Cemetery
A450  Allen              Osceola Cemetery
A450  Allen              Stromsburg Cemetery
A453  Allinder           Osceola Cemetery
A453  Allinder           Stromsburg Cemetery
A425  Allison            Stromsburg Cemetery
A425  Allison            Swede Plain Cemetery
A450  Alm                Swede Plain Cemetery
A451  Almberg            Stromsburg Cemetery
A455  Almen              Swede Home Cemetery
A430  Alt                Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
A431  Altberg            Stromsburg Cemetery
A526  Amacher            Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
A536  Andersen           Osceola Cemetery
A536  Anderson           Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
A536  Anderson           Stromsburg Cemetery
A536  Anderson           Swede Plain Cemetery
A536  Anderson           Shelby Cemetery
A536  Anderson           LaClede Cemetery
A536  Anderson           Swede Home Cemetery
A536  Anderson           Union Cemetery
A536  Anderson           Blue Ridge Cemetery
A536  Anderson           Osceola Cemetery
A540  Anell              Shelby Cemetery
A520  Ang                LaClede Cemetery
A524  Angle              Osceola Cemetery
A523  Anstrom            Swede Home Cemetery
A523  Anstrom            Swede Plain Cemetery
A143  Appleton           Swede Home Cemetery
A621  Argaubright        Shelby Cemetery
A656  Arner              Shelby Cemetery
A654  Arnold             Stromsburg Cemetery
A653  Arnott             Osceola Cemetery
A325  Atkins             Stromsburg Cemetery
A325  Atkinson           Osceola Cemetery
A325  Atkinson           Stromsburg Cemetery
A223  Augustin           Union Cemetery
A223  Augustin           Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
A223  Augustine          Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
A550  Auman              Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
A235  Austin             Stromsburg Cemetery
A235  Austin             Osceola Cemetery
A160  Avery              Blue Ridge Cemetery
B122  Babcock            Shelby Cemetery
B255  Bachman            Shelby Cemetery
B245  Backlund           Stromsburg Cemetery
B236  Backstrom          Stromsburg Cemetery
B600  Baer               Osceola Cemetery
B500  Bahm               Shelby Cemetery
B600  Bahr               Shelby Cemetery
B400  Bailey             Stromsburg Cemetery
B260  Baker              Wesley Chapel Cemetery
B260  Baker              Osceola Cemetery
B260  Baker              Stromsburg Cemetery
B400  Ball               Osceola Cemetery
B400  Ball               Shelby Cemetery
B463  Ballard            Blue Ridge Cemetery
B452  Ballenger          Shelby Cemetery
B526  Banghart           Polk Cemetery
B520  Banks              Osceola Cemetery
B530  Banta              Stromsburg Cemetery
B610  Barbee             Blue Ridge Cemetery
B616  Barber             Pleasant Home Cemetery
B616  Barber             Stromsburg Cemetery
B656  Barnard            Osceola Cemetery
B652  Barnes             Shelby Cemetery
B652  Barnes             Pleasant Home Cemetery
B600  Barr               Osceola Cemetery
B600  Barr               Shelby Cemetery
B600  Barry              Union Cemetery
B625  Barson             Osceola Cemetery
B634  Bartholmew         Shelby Cemetery
B634  Bartholomew        Stromsburg Cemetery
B634  Bartholomew        Osceola Cemetery
B634  Bartlett           Shelby Cemetery
B634  Bartlett           Osceola Cemetery
B230  Bassett            Blue Ridge Cemetery
B320  Bates              Osceola Cemetery
B326  Bates              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
B300  Batty              Stromsburg Cemetery
B500  Baum               Osceola Cemetery
B500  Baum               Stromsburg Cemetery
B236  Baxter             Stromsburg Cemetery
B600  Bayer              Polk Cemetery
B500  Bayne              Swede Plain Cemetery
B616  Bayrhoffer         Shelby Cemetery
B246  Beachler           Stromsburg Cemetery
B630  Beaird             Stromsburg Cemetery
B400  Beale              Osceola Cemetery
B632  Beardsley          Polk Cemetery
B300  Beatty             Stromsburg Cemetery
B200  Beck               Swede Home Cemetery
B260  Becker             Blue Ridge Cemetery
B260  Becker             LaClede Cemetery
B255  Beckman            Swede Plain Cemetery
B255  Beckman            LaClede Cemetery
B236  Beckstrom          Swede Plain Cemetery
B100  Beebe              Fairview Cemetery 
B100  Beebe              Osceola Cemetery
B100  Beebe              Beulah Cemetery
B100  Beebe              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
B100  Beebe              Shelby Cemetery
B234  Beghtol            Stromsburg Cemetery
B400  Behl               St. Andrew's Church Cemetery No. 1
B400  Behle              Osceola Cemetery
B400  Bell               Osceola Cemetery
B456  Bellmore           Shelby Cemetery
B432  Beltzer            Osceola Cemetery
B530  Benda              Stromsburg Cemetery
B530  Benda              Shelby Cemetery
B530  Benda              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
B532  Benedict           Stromsburg Cemetery
B526  Benger             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
B525  Benjamin           Polk Cemetery
B530  Bennett            Stromsburg Cemetery
B530  Bennett            Osceola Cemetery
B520  Bense              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
B520  Bense              Osceola Cemetery
B523  Bense              Osceola Cemetery
B525  Bensen             Stromsburg Cemetery
B525  Benson             Beulah Cemetery
B525  Benson             Osceola Cemetery
B525  Benson             Stromsburg Cemetery
B620  Berck              Osceola Cemetery
B620  Berek              Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
B626  Berger             Shelby Cemetery
B622  Bergeson           Stromsburg Cemetery
B622  Bergeson           Osceola Cemetery
B626  Berggren           Stromsburg Cemetery
B626  Berggren           Shelby Cemetery
B624  Berglund           Osceola Cemetery
B624  Berglund           Swede Home Cemetery
B624  Berglund           Stromsburg Cemetery
B625  Bergman            Stromsburg Cemetery
B625  Bergman            Swede Plain Cemetery
B626  Bergren            Stromsburg Cemetery
B623  Bergstrom          Stromsburg Cemetery
B625  Berkhimer          Blue Ridge Cemetery
B624  Berklund           Osceola Cemetery
B653  Bernt              Shelby Cemetery
B653  Bernt              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
B653  Bernt              St. Andrew's  Cemetery No 2
B653  Bernt              St. Andrew's Church Cemetery No. 1
B600  Berry              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
B640  Berryhill          Blue Ridge Cemetery
B200  Bessie             Blue Ridge Cemetery
B616  Bierbower          Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
B200  Biggs              Osceola Cemetery
B200  Biggs              Stromsburg Cemetery
B516  Binford            Polk Cemetery
B621  Birchfield         Osceola Cemetery
B634  Birdell            Stromsburg Cemetery
B624  Birkel             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
B630  Birth              Shelby Cemetery
B352  Bittinger          Stromsburg Cemetery
B356  Bittner            Osceola Cemetery
B210  Bixby              Osceola Cemetery
B460  Blair              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
B460  Blair              Shelby Cemetery
B420  Blake              Osceola Cemetery
B420  Blake              Shelby Cemetery
B453  Bland              Shelby Cemetery
B415  Blevins            Union Cemetery
B415  Blevins            Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
B415  Blevins            Blue Ridge Cemetery
B415  Blevins            Shelby Cemetery
B432  Blitch             Stromsburg Cemetery
B420  Block              Osceola Cemetery
B452  Blomkrants         Stromsburg Cemetery
B450  Bloom              Stromsburg Cemetery
B450  Bloom              Swede Home Cemetery
B452  Bloomquist         Stromsburg Cemetery
B453  Blount             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
B462  Blowers            Union Cemetery
B362  Boatright          Osceola Cemetery
B162  Boberg             Stromsburg Cemetery
B350  Boden              Osceola Cemetery
B452  Bollinger          Osceola Cemetery
B455  Bollman            Blue Ridge Cemetery
B550  Bonam              Shelby Cemetery
B530  Bond               Osceola Cemetery
B530  Bond               Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
B530  Bond               Blue Ridge Cemetery
B534  Bond               Blue Ridge Cemetery
B560  Bonner             Osceola Cemetery
B236  Boostrom           Stromsburg Cemetery
B600  Boro               St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
B641  Borrall            Osceola Cemetery
B610  Bourff             Stromsburg Cemetery
B410  Bowlby             Pleasant Home Cemetery
B260  Bowser             Blue Ridge Cemetery
B300  Boyd               Stromsburg Cemetery
B300  Boyd               Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
B0    Boye             Stromsburg Cemetery
B620  Braasch            Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
B631  Bradbury           Osceola Cemetery
B632  Bradshaw           Blue Ridge Cemetery
B633  Braithwait         Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
B633  Braithwait         Osceola Cemetery
B633  Braithwait         Shelby Cemetery
B653  Brandt             Shelby Cemetery
B653  Brandt             Osceola Cemetery
B652  Branigan           Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
B653  Branting           LaClede Cemetery
B653  Branting           Osceola Cemetery
B653  Branting           Polk Cemetery
B653  Branting           Swede Home Cemetery
B620  Brazee             Osceola Cemetery
B620  Brazee             Pleasant Home Cemetery
B620  Brazee             Shelby Cemetery
B632  Bredson            Blue Ridge Cemetery
B660  Brewer             Polk Cemetery
B632  Bridget            Pleasant Home Cemetery
B632  Bridget            Stromsburg Cemetery
B625  Brigham            Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
B625  Brigham            Wesley Chapel Cemetery
B625  Brigham            Shelby Cemetery
B625  Brigham            Osceola Cemetery
B625  Brigham            Wesley Chapel Cemetery
B625  Brigham            Wesley Chapel Cemetery
B623  Bright             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
B653  Brindle            Blue Ridge Cemetery
B623  Bristow            Blue Ridge Cemetery
B620  Brock              Polk Cemetery
B635  Broden             Stromsburg Cemetery
B620  Brooks             Osceola Cemetery
B650  Brown              Union Cemetery
B650  Brown              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
B650  Brown              Osceola Cemetery
B650  Brown              Stromsburg Cemetery
B654  Brownlee           Shelby Cemetery
B656  Bruner             Shelby Cemetery
B650  Bryan              Osceola Cemetery
B242  Buchholz           Osceola Cemetery
B242  Buchholz           Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
B230  Buchta             Beulah Cemetery
B230  Buchta             Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
B230  Buchta             Osceola Cemetery
B240  Buckley            Stromsburg Cemetery
B400  Buelow             Shelby Cemetery
B400  Buhl               Osceola Cemetery
B400  Bull               Wesley Chapel Cemetery
B400  Bull               Osceola Cemetery
B400  Bull               Shelby Cemetery
B510  Bump               Shelby Cemetery
B620  Buresh             Stromsburg Cemetery
B620  Buresh             Osceola Cemetery
B620  Burg               Stromsburg Cemetery
B622  Burgason           Stromsburg Cemetery
B622  Burgess            Osceola Cemetery
B622  Burgess            Blue Ridge Cemetery
B620  Burgh              Stromsburg Cemetery
B620  Burke              Swede Home Cemetery
B620  Burke              Stromsburg Cemetery
B625  Burkman            Stromsburg Cemetery
B640  Burley             Osceola Cemetery
B645  Burlingame         Shelby Cemetery
B652  Burns              Osceola Cemetery
B652  Burns              Wesley Chapel Cemetery
B656  Burnworth          Swede Plain Cemetery
B640  Burrill            Shelby Cemetery
B630  Burritt            Osceola Cemetery
B630  Burritt            Wesley Chapel Cemetery
B630  Burritt            Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
B630  Burritt            Shelby Cemetery
B632  Burritts           Polk Cemetery
B620  Burrows            Polk Cemetery
B635  Burton             Pleasant Home Cemetery
B200  Bush               Blue Ridge Cemetery
B200  Bush               Polk Cemetery
B200  Bush               Swede Home Cemetery
B200  Bush               Swede Plain Cemetery
B620  Byers              Osceola Cemetery
B550  Byman              Stromsburg Cemetery
C340  Cadle              Blue Ridge Cemetery
C340  Cadwell            Beulah Cemetery
C340  Cadwell            Osceola Cemetery
C450  Calhoun            Osceola Cemetery
C450  Calhoun            Pleasant Home Cemetery
C450  Calhoun            Stromsburg Cemetery
C425  Calkins            Osceola Cemetery
C514  Cambell            Blue Ridge Cemetery
C515  Campain            Osceola Cemetery
C514  Campbell           Blue Ridge Cemetery
C514  Campbell           Stromsburg Cemetery
C514  Campbell           Polk Cemetery
C514  Campbell           Osceola Cemetery
C515  Campion            Blue Ridge Cemetery
C500  Cane               Blue Ridge Cemetery
C550  Cannon             Fairview Cemetery 
C600  Carey              Polk Cemetery
C641  Carlbom            Osceola Cemetery
C642  Carlson            Osceola Cemetery
C642  Carlson            Stromsburg Cemetery
C642  Carlson            Polk Cemetery
C642  Carlson            Swede Plain Cemetery
C642  Carlson            Swede Home Cemetery
C655  Carman             Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
C655  Carman             Osceola Cemetery
C650  Carney             Pleasant Home Cemetery
C650  Carnie             Osceola Cemetery
C655  Carnine            Osceola Cemetery
C655  Carnine            Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
C640  Carol              Shelby Cemetery
C615  Carpenter          Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
C600  Carr               Stromsburg Cemetery
C640  Carrol             Osceola Cemetery
C625  Carsen             Union Cemetery
C625  Carson             Osceola Cemetery
C625  Carson             Beulah Cemetery
C636  Carter             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
C636  Carter             Shelby Cemetery
C636  Carter             Blue Ridge Cemetery
C636  Cartright          Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
C200  Casey              Osceola St. Vincent Ferrer Cemetery
C235  Caskadon           Stromsburg Cemetery
C216  Caspersen          Shelby Cemetery
C241  Casselberry        Shelby Cemetery
C234  Castile            Stromsburg Cemetery
C234  Castle             Osceola Cemetery
C235  Caston             Swede Plain Cemetery
C236  Castor             Stromsburg Cemetery
C361  Cederburg          Swede Home Cemetery
C516  Cemper             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
C650  Cerney             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
C650  Cerny              St. Andrew's  Cemetery No 2
C650  Cerny              Osceola St. Vincent Ferrer Cemetery
C516  Chamberlain        Polk Cemetery
C155  Chapman            Stromsburg Cemetery
C155  Chapmans           Osceola Cemetery
C636  Charters           Osceola Cemetery
C200  Chase              Shelby Cemetery
C560  Chauner            Osceola Cemetery
C450  Cheleen            Swede Home Cemetery
C530  Chenoweth          Osceola Cemetery
C600  Cherry             Stromsburg Cemetery
C436  Children           Shelby Cemetery
C532  Chindgren          Swede Home Cemetery
C623  Christensen        Shelby Cemetery
C623  Christensen        Blue Ridge Cemetery
C623  Christensen        Stromsburg Cemetery
C623  Christenson        Stromsburg Cemetery
C623  Christenson        Osceola Cemetery
C623  Christian          Osceola Cemetery
C300  Chuda              Stromsburg Cemetery
C620  Church             Beulah Cemetery
C620  Church             Shelby Cemetery
C462  Clark              Osceola Cemetery
C462  Clark              Polk Cemetery
C462  Clark              Stromsburg Cemetery
C462  Clark              Blue Ridge Cemetery
C462  Clark              Shelby Cemetery
C462  Clark              Beulah Cemetery
C435  Clayton            Beulah Cemetery
C450  Clem               Blue Ridge Cemetery
C416  Clifford           Stromsburg Cemetery
C413  Clifton            Stromsburg Cemetery
C450  Cline              Osceola Cemetery
C100  Cobb               Shelby Cemetery
C265  Cochran            Stromsburg Cemetery
C150  Coffin             Shelby Cemetery
C250  Cohagan            Polk Cemetery
C250  Cohagan            Shelby Cemetery
C500  Cohoon             Polk Cemetery
C416  Colberg            Stromsburg Cemetery
C400  Cole               Stromsburg Cemetery
C400  Cole               Osceola Cemetery
C455  Coleman            Osceola Cemetery
C455  Coleman            Blue Ridge Cemetery
C455  Coleman            Stromsburg Cemetery
C452  Collins            Blue Ridge Cemetery
C425  Collison           Pleasant Home Cemetery
C455  Colman             Shelby Cemetery
C425  Colson             Stromsburg Cemetery
C512  Combs              Osceola Cemetery
C512  Combs              Stromsburg Cemetery
C523  Comstock           Wesley Chapel Cemetery
C500  Cone               Blue Ridge Cemetery
C526  Conger             Polk Cemetery
C524  Conkle             Stromsburg Cemetery
C524  Conkling           Osceola Cemetery
C540  Connell            Pleasant Home Cemetery
C500  Conway             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
C200  Cook               Shelby Cemetery
C200  Cook               Union Cemetery
C200  Cook               Blue Ridge Cemetery
C200  Cook               Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
C160  Cooper             Polk Cemetery
C632  Coordes            LaClede Cemetery
C160  Coover             Polk Cemetery
C613  Corbett            Osceola Cemetery
C600  Corey              Shelby Cemetery
C652  Cornish            Osceola Cemetery
C200  Couch              Blue Ridge Cemetery
C140  Coufal             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
C620  Course             Blue Ridge Cemetery
C635  Courtney           Osceola Cemetery
C635  Courtney           Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
C100  Covey              Stromsburg Cemetery
C500  Cowan              Osceola Cemetery
C500  Cowan              Shelby Cemetery
C420  Cowles             Shelby Cemetery
C200  Cox                Stromsburg Cemetery
C200  Cox                Shelby Cemetery
C200  Cox                Osceola Cemetery
C614  Crabill            Osceola Cemetery
C620  Craig              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
C620  Craig              Blue Ridge Cemetery
C615  Craven             Osceola Cemetery
C655  Cremeen            Beulah Cemetery
C621  Crisp              Osceola Cemetery
C621  Crisp              Beulah Cemetery
C620  Criss              Beulah Cemetery
C625  Croisant           Stromsburg Cemetery
C625  Croisant           Osceola Cemetery
C625  Croisant           Shelby Cemetery
C640  Croley             Shelby Cemetery
C650  Crone              Stromsburg Cemetery
C620  Crouse             Osceola Cemetery
C600  Crow               Swede Home Cemetery
C626  Crozier            Wesley Chapel Cemetery
C650  Crum               Osceola Cemetery
C552  Cummings           Osceola Cemetery
C552  Cummings           Polk Cemetery
C552  Cunningham         Osceola Cemetery
C552  Cunningham         Shelby Cemetery
C552  Cunningham         Wesley Chapel Cemetery
C650  Curren             Osceola Cemetery
C650  Curren             Beulah Cemetery
C600  Currie             Shelby Cemetery
C632  Curtis             Shelby Cemetery
C235  Custan             Shelby Cemetery
C236  Custer             Shelby Cemetery
C236  Custer             Stromsburg Cemetery
C352  Cutting            Stromsburg Cemetery
C160  Cypher             Stromsburg Cemetery
D400  Dahl               Stromsburg Cemetery
D450  Dahlin             Polk Cemetery
D450  Dahlin             Stromsburg Cemetery
D450  Dahlin             Swede Plain Cemetery
D450  Dahlin             Swede Home Cemetery
D423  Dahlsted           Stromsburg Cemetery
D200  Daisy              Osceola Cemetery
D200  Dake               Osceola Cemetery
D200  Dake               Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
D400  Dale               Stromsburg Cemetery
D542  Danelson           Stromsburg Cemetery
D524  Danicl             Osceola Cemetery
D540  Daniel             Osceola Cemetery
D542  Danielson          Stromsburg Cemetery
D542  Danielson          Osceola Cemetery
D645  Darlington         Blue Ridge Cemetery
D600  Darrow             Polk Cemetery
D600  Darrow             Pleasant Home Cemetery
D500  Daum               Shelby Cemetery
D130  David              Stromsburg Cemetery
D132  Davidson           Blue Ridge Cemetery
D120  Davis              Pleasant Home Cemetery
D120  Davis              Union Cemetery
D120  Davis              Shelby Cemetery
D120  Davis              Osceola Cemetery
D120  Davis              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
D120  Davis              Blue Ridge Cemetery
D125  Davison            Osceola Cemetery
D125  Davison            Swede Home Cemetery
D200  Dawes              Osceola Cemetery
D252  Dawkings           Polk Cemetery
D250  Dawson             Osceola Cemetery
D250  Dawson             Blue Ridge Cemetery
D000  Day                Shelby Cemetery
D530  Daymude            Osceola Cemetery
D616  Dearborn           Osceola Cemetery
D000  Deay               Osceola Cemetery
D132  DeBaets            Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
D160  Debere             Osceola Cemetery
D320  Deeds              Stromsburg Cemetery
D320  Deeds              Osceola Cemetery
D360  Deeter             Osceola Cemetery
D430  DeLaet             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
D453  Deland             Osceola Cemetery
D560  Denery             Osceola Cemetery
D525  Dennison           Shelby Cemetery
D620  Dericks            Shelby Cemetery
D620  Dericks            Union Cemetery
D200  Deshay             Pleasant Home Cemetery
D356  Detimore           Shelby Cemetery
D362  Deturk             Osceola Cemetery
D346  Detweiler          Osceola Cemetery
D125  Devsenbery         Blue Ridge Cemetery
D300  DeWitt             Stromsburg Cemetery
D300  Dewitt             Osceola Cemetery
D300  DeWoody            Shelby Cemetery
D236  Dexter             Shelby Cemetery
D000  Dey                Blue Ridge Cemetery
D230  Dickhute           Fairview Cemetery 
D230  Dickhute           Shelby Cemetery
D230  Dickhute           Osceola Cemetery
D421  Dillsaver          Stromsburg Cemetery
D421  Dillsaver          Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
D520  Dimick             Osceola Cemetery
D256  Dissmeyer          Polk Cemetery
D250  Dixon              Osceola Cemetery
D250  Dixon              Shelby Cemetery
D125  Dobson             Stromsburg Cemetery
D300  Dodd               Osceola Cemetery
D230  Doggett            Stromsburg Cemetery
D450  Dolan              Osceola Cemetery
D543  Donald             Blue Ridge Cemetery
D543  Donaldson          Shelby Cemetery
D542  Donelson           Stromsburg Cemetery
D540  Donley             Blue Ridge Cemetery
D540  Donley             Polk Cemetery
D652  Doremus            Stromsburg Cemetery
D652  Doremus            Pleasant Home Cemetery
D652  Doremus            Osceola Cemetery
D655  Dornan             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
D655  Dornan             Shelby Cemetery
D651  Dornburgh          Polk Cemetery
D325  Dotson             Shelby Cemetery
D300  Doty               Blue Ridge Cemetery
D300  Doty               Osceola Cemetery
D263  Dougherty          Blue Ridge Cemetery
D242  Douglass           Blue Ridge Cemetery
D160  Dover              Polk Cemetery
D620  Dowers             Blue Ridge Cemetery
D620  Dowers             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
D620  Dowers             Stromsburg Cemetery
D520  Downes             Stromsburg Cemetery
D552  Downing            Blue Ridge Cemetery
D612  Draubaugh          Osceola Cemetery
D632  Dreitzler          Stromsburg Cemetery
D640  Drewel             LaClede Cemetery
D620  Drickey            Shelby Cemetery
D632  Dritzlora          Pleasant Home Cemetery
D614  Drovwal            Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
D650  Drum               Wesley Chapel Cemetery
D650  Drum               Osceola Cemetery
D655  Drummond           Osceola Cemetery
D250  Dugan              Osceola Cemetery
D450  Dullum             Blue Ridge Cemetery
D516  Dunbier            Blue Ridge Cemetery
D560  Dunmire            Osceola Cemetery
D500  Dunn               Osceola Cemetery
D552  Dunning            Shelby Cemetery
D611  Durbabe            Shelby Cemetery
D650  Duren              Shelby Cemetery
D650  Duren              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
D251  Dusenberry         Polk Cemetery
D600  Dyer               Blue Ridge Cemetery
E164  Eberly             Stromsburg Cemetery
E214  Eckblade           Stromsburg Cemetery
E263  Eckert             Blue Ridge Cemetery
E242  Eckles             Blue Ridge Cemetery
E242  Eckles             Polk Cemetery
E326  Edgar              Beulah Cemetery
E326  Edgar              Blue Ridge Cemetery
E326  Edgerton           Osceola Cemetery
E325  Edginton           Stromsburg Cemetery
E363  Edwards            Stromsburg Cemetery
E241  Egelhoff           Blue Ridge Cemetery
E262  Eggers             Wesley Chapel Cemetery
E250  Eggin              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
E241  Eglehoff           Blue Ridge Cemetery
E462  Ehlers             Osceola Cemetery
E500  Ehn                Polk Cemetery
E300  EIwood             Blue Ridge Cemetery
E240  Ejell              Swede Home Cemetery
E234  Ekdahl             Swede Plain Cemetery
E240  Ekeley             Stromsburg Cemetery
E242  Ekelson            Stromsburg Cemetery
E245  Ekholm             Stromsburg Cemetery
E245  Ekland             Stromsburg Cemetery
E241  Eklof              Stromsburg Cemetery
E245  Eklund             Stromsburg Cemetery
E245  Eklund             Blue Ridge Cemetery
E245  Eklund             Osceola Cemetery
E236  Ekstrand           Stromsburg Cemetery
E236  Ekstrom            Swede Home Cemetery
E416  Elfors             Stromsburg Cemetery
E423  Elgstrand          Stromsburg Cemetery
E432  Elledge            Osceola Cemetery
E432  Elledge            Shelby Cemetery
E460  Eller              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
E430  Elliot             Shelby Cemetery
E430  Elliott            Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
E430  Elliott            Shelby Cemetery
E426  Ellsworth          Shelby Cemetery
E456  Elmer              Osceola Cemetery
E435  Elodman            Swede Plain Cemetery
E430  Elwood             Blue Ridge Cemetery
E560  Emery              Osceola Cemetery
E552  Emmons             Osceola Cemetery
E552  Emmons             Stromsburg Cemetery
E524  Engelhardt         Osceola Cemetery
E524  Englund            LaClede Cemetery
E524  Englund            Stromsburg Cemetery
E523  Engstrom           Stromsburg Cemetery
E520  Ennis              Osceola Cemetery
E625  Erickson           Stromsburg Cemetery
E625  Erickson           Osceola Cemetery
E625  Erickson           Swede Plain Cemetery
E625  Ericson            Stromsburg Cemetery
E625  Ericson            Swede Home Cemetery
E245  Eschliman          Stromsburg Cemetery
E220  Essex              Shelby Cemetery
E200  Euse               Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
E163  Everitt            Osceola Cemetery
E163  Evert              Shelby Cemetery
E152  Evins              Stromsburg Cemetery
E235  Eyestone           Blue Ridge Cemetery
E600  EyIer              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
E460  Eyler              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
F500  F.E.M.             Shelby Cemetery
F420  Falk               Stromsburg Cemetery
F422  Falquist           Stromsburg Cemetery
F620  Faris              Osceola Cemetery
F640  Farrell            Stromsburg Cemetery
F620  Farris             Osceola Cemetery
F620  Farris             Shelby Cemetery
F360  Father             Union Cemetery
F365  Father and Mother  
F420  Faulk              Stromsburg Cemetery
F420  Fellows            Osceola Cemetery
F420  Fellows            Stromsburg Cemetery
F435  Felton             Blue Ridge Cemetery
F536  Fentress           Osceola Cemetery
F652  Fernquist          Stromsburg Cemetery
F653  Ferrand            Stromsburg Cemetery
F640  Ferrell            Stromsburg Cemetery
F362  Fetters            Stromsburg Cemetery
F362  Fetters            Pleasant Home Cemetery
F240  Fickel             St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery
F452  Fillinger          Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
F455  Fillman            Osceola Cemetery
F455  Fillman            Stromsburg Cemetery
F455  Fillmon            Osceola Cemetery
F520  Fincey             Osceola Cemetery
F520  Finecy             Beulah Cemetery
F540  Finnell            Polk Cemetery
F260  Fischer            Osceola Cemetery
F262  Fisher             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
F320  Fitch              Polk Cemetery
F240  Fjell              Swede Home Cemetery
F455  Fleming            Osceola Cemetery
F452  Fling              Shelby Cemetery
F415  Flippin            Stromsburg Cemetery
F435  Flodman            Stromsburg Cemetery
F435  Flodman            Swede Plain Cemetery
F435  Flodman            Swede Home Cemetery
F000  Foe                Polk Cemetery
F435  Folden             Polk Cemetery
F426  Folker             Pleasant Home Cemetery
F530  Fonda              Osceola Cemetery
F655  Fornander          Osceola Cemetery
F624  Forslund           Stromsburg Cemetery
F620  Forss              Swede Home Cemetery
F215  Fosbender          Shelby Cemetery
F215  Fosbender          Union Cemetery
F260  Fosher             Osceola Cemetery
F200  Fox                Osceola Cemetery
F200  Fox                Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
F200  Fox                Shelby Cemetery
F000  Foy                Osceola Cemetery
F263  Fozzard            Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
F263  Fozzard            Shelby Cemetery
F652  Francis            Osceola Cemetery
F640  Frawley            Stromsburg Cemetery
F616  Freberg            Swede Plain Cemetery
F636  Fredrickson        Stromsburg Cemetery
F636  Fredrickson        Swede Home Cemetery
F636  Fredrickson        Blue Ridge Cemetery
F655  Freeman            Stromsburg Cemetery
F652  French             Stromsburg Cemetery
F662  Frerichs           Osceola Cemetery
F662  Freriks            Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
F635  Fridenstine        Osceola Cemetery
F632  Fritsch            Stromsburg Cemetery
F650  From               Shelby Cemetery
F620  Fross              Stromsburg Cemetery
F660  Fuehrer            Blue Ridge Cemetery
F416  Fulford            Wesley Chapel Cemetery
F426  Fulkerson          Stromsburg Cemetery
F460  Fuller             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
F460  Fuller             Blue Ridge Cemetery
F435  Fulleton           Polk Cemetery
F435  Fulton             Stromsburg Cemetery
F436  Fulwider           Osceola Cemetery
F522  Funkhouser         Shelby Cemetery
F622  Furkhouser         Shelby Cemetery
F210  Fusby              Stromsburg Cemetery
F100  Fyfe               Shelby Cemetery
G140  Gabel              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
G140  Gabel              Shelby Cemetery
G140  Gabel              Osceola Cemetery
G164  Gabriel            Osceola St. Vincent Ferrer Cemetery
G164  Gabriel            Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
G164  Gabriel            St. Andrew's  Cemetery No 2
G164  Gabrielson         Swede Plain Cemetery
G320  Gaedeke            Osceola Cemetery
G250  Gagan              Beulah Cemetery
G500  Gahn               Stromsburg Cemetery
G453  Gallant            Stromsburg Cemetery
G520  Gans               St. Andrew's  Cemetery No 2
G652  Garanson           Stromsburg Cemetery
G652  Garinger           Osceola Cemetery
G656  Garner             Osceola Cemetery
G656  Garner             Shelby Cemetery
G632  Garretson          Polk Cemetery
G636  Garter             Shelby Cemetery
G512  Gembica            St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
G550  Geoman             Swede Plain Cemetery
G620  Georgeau           Stromsburg Cemetery
G632  Gerdes             Osceola Cemetery
G655  German             Shelby Cemetery
G236  Gestrine           Polk Cemetery
G236  Gestrine           Swede Home Cemetery
G236  Gestrine           Stromsburg Cemetery
G152  Gibbens            Beulah Cemetery
G152  Gibbins            Osceola Cemetery
G120  Gibja              St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
G125  Gibson             Stromsburg Cemetery
G125  Gibson             Osceola Cemetery
G663  Gierhart           Osceola Cemetery
G163  Gifford            Blue Ridge Cemetery
G416  Gilbert            Swede Home Cemetery
G416  Gilbert            Stromsburg Cemetery
G416  Gilbert            Osceola Cemetery
G400  Gill               Shelby Cemetery
G400  Gill               Union Cemetery
G456  Gillmor            Osceola Cemetery
G456  Gilmore            Stromsburg Cemetery
G246  Gissler            Osceola Cemetery
G430  Glad               Swede Plain Cemetery
G420  Glass              Blue Ridge Cemetery
G420  Glass              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
G436  Glatter            Stromsburg Cemetery
G436  Glatter            Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
G436  Glatter            Shelby Cemetery
G412  Globes             Shelby Cemetery
G450  Glynn              Swede Home Cemetery
G550  Goeman             Swede Plain Cemetery
G300  Goethe             Polk Cemetery
G320  Goetz              Shelby Cemetery
G100  Goff               Shelby Cemetery
G536  Gondringer         Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
G536  Gondringer         Shelby Cemetery
G536  Gondringer         Osceola St. Vincent Ferrer Cemetery
G520  Gonka              St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
G565  Gonnerman          Blue Ridge Cemetery
G565  Gonnerman          Stromsburg Cemetery
G350  Gooden             Osceola Cemetery
G362  Goodrich           Osceola Cemetery
G430  Gould              Shelby Cemetery
G610  Graff              Blue Ridge Cemetery
G650  Graham             Fairview Cemetery 
G650  Graham             Beulah Cemetery
G650  Graham             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
G650  Graham             Stromsburg Cemetery
G653  Grandberg          Stromsburg Cemetery
G610  Grave              Stromsburg Cemetery
G612  Graves             Stromsburg Cemetery
G600  Gray               Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
G600  Gray               Osceola Cemetery
G650  Green              Stromsburg Cemetery
G650  Green              Osceola Cemetery
G650  Green              Polk Cemetery
G650  Green              Shelby Cemetery
G650  Green              Blue Ridge Cemetery
G650  Green              Swede Plain Cemetery
G650  Green              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
G656  Greener            Swede Home Cemetery
G654  Greenwall          Stromsburg Cemetery
G620  Gregg              Osceola Cemetery
G626  Gregory            Beulah Cemetery
G615  Griffin            Osceola Cemetery
G652  Grimes             Swede Plain Cemetery
G610  Grobe              Stromsburg Cemetery
G625  Grossnicklaus      
G625  Grossnicklaus      
G625  Grossnicklaus      
G625  Grossnicklaus      
G616  Gruber             Shelby Cemetery
G616  Gruber             Stromsburg Cemetery
G620  Grzywa             St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
G126  Gubser             Osceola Cemetery
G324  Gudgel             Blue Ridge Cemetery
G536  Guenther           Polk Cemetery
G500  Guiney             Beulah Cemetery
G416  Gulbrandson        Blue Ridge Cemetery
G540  Gunnell            Osceola Cemetery
G540  Gunnell            Stromsburg Cemetery
G562  Gunnerson          Stromsburg Cemetery
G200  Gushee             Osceola Cemetery
G231  Gustafson          Polk Cemetery
G231  Gustafson          Shelby Cemetery
G231  Gustafson          Osceola Cemetery
G231  Gustafson          Swede Plain Cemetery
G231  Gustafson          Swede Home Cemetery
G231  Gustafson          Stromsburg Cemetery
G233  Gustatson          Polk Cemetery
G452  Gylling            Osceola Cemetery
G452  Gylling            Blue Ridge Cemetery
H200  Haas               Osceola Cemetery
H265  Hagerman           Stromsburg Cemetery
H500  Hahn               St. Andrew's  Cemetery No 2
H500  Hahn               Osceola Cemetery
H500  Hahn               Polk Cemetery
H263  Hahsert            Blue Ridge Cemetery
H520  Haines             Union Cemetery
H435  Halden             Stromsburg Cemetery
H450  Halin              Stromsburg Cemetery
H400  Hall               Shelby Cemetery
H400  Hall               Swede Plain Cemetery
H420  Halleck            Polk Cemetery
H422  Hallquist          Stromsburg Cemetery
H543  Hamilton           Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
H543  Hamilton           Shelby Cemetery
H543  Hamilton           Stromsburg Cemetery
H553  Hammond            Beulah Cemetery
H530  Hand               Blue Ridge Cemetery
H500  Haney              Polk Cemetery
H520  Hank               Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
H520  Hanks              Shelby Cemetery
H520  Hanks              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
H560  Hanner             Osceola Cemetery
H525  Hannigan           Beulah Cemetery
H525  Hansen             Swede Home Cemetery
H520  Hanshew            Union Cemetery
H520  Hanshew            Osceola Cemetery
H525  Hanson             Osceola Cemetery
H525  Hanson             Stromsburg Cemetery
H616  Harbert            Shelby Cemetery
H635  Hardman            Union Cemetery
H630  Hardy              Stromsburg Cemetery
H626  Harger             Osceola Cemetery
H626  Harger             Beulah Cemetery
H642  Harless            Polk Cemetery
H642  Harless            Pleasant Home Cemetery
H655  Harmon             Shelby Cemetery
H655  Harmon             Osceola Cemetery
H652  Harms              Shelby Cemetery
H620  Harris             Stromsburg Cemetery
H620  Harris             Blue Ridge Cemetery
H625  Harrison           Stromsburg Cemetery
H625  Harrison           Osceola Cemetery
H620  Harsh              Wesley Chapel Cemetery
H634  Hartel             Osceola Cemetery
H634  Hartel             Shelby Cemetery
H634  Hartle             Osceola Cemetery
H635  Hartman            Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
H635  Hartman            Beulah Cemetery
H635  Hartman            Osceola Cemetery
H635  Hartman            Stromsburg Cemetery
H632  Hartson            Osceola Cemetery
H632  Hartson            Shelby Cemetery
H240  Haskell            Stromsburg Cemetery
H241  Hasselbalch        Shelby Cemetery
H241  Hasselbalch        Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
H236  Hastert            Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
H235  Hastings           Osceola Cemetery
H235  Hastings           Beulah Cemetery
H314  Hatfield           Stromsburg Cemetery
H164  Haverland          Stromsburg Cemetery
H400  Hawley             Blue Ridge Cemetery
H400  Hawley             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
H365  Hawthorne          Shelby Cemetery
H235  Haxton             Osceola Cemetery
H350  Hayden             Osceola Cemetery
H550  Hayeman            Osceola Cemetery
H200  Hayes              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
H623  Hayhurst           Shelby Cemetery
H200  Hays               Osceola Cemetery
H340  Headlee            Beulah Cemetery
H340  Headley            Beulah Cemetery
H355  Headman            Stromsburg Cemetery
H323  Headstrom          Stromsburg Cemetery
H430  Heald              Osceola Cemetery
H235  Heastan            Blue Ridge Cemetery
H235  Heaston            Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
H255  Heckman            Osceola Cemetery
H316  Hedberg            Osceola Cemetery
H314  Hedbloom           Stromsburg Cemetery
H345  Hedlund            Stromsburg Cemetery
H345  Hedlund            Osceola Cemetery
H355  Hedman             Stromsburg Cemetery
H141  Hefflebower        Osceola Cemetery
H500  Heim               Beulah Cemetery
H520  Heineke            Blue Ridge Cemetery
H556  Heinemeyer         Osceola Cemetery
H556  Heinemeyer         Beulah Cemetery
H520  Heins              Osceola Cemetery
H325  Heitzman           Osceola Cemetery
H423  Hellstrom          Stromsburg Cemetery
H536  Henderickson       Beulah Cemetery
H536  Hendrickson        Osceola Cemetery
H536  Hendrickson        Stromsburg Cemetery
H524  Henggeler          Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
H524  Henggeler          St. Andrew's  Cemetery No 2
H524  Henglefelt         Stromsburg Cemetery
H524  Henkel             Stromsburg Cemetery
H520  Hennig             St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery
H552  Henning            St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery
H552  Hennings           Stromsburg Cemetery
H552  Hennings           Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
H552  Hennings           Osceola Cemetery
H612  Herbig             Shelby Cemetery
H653  Herendeen          Stromsburg Cemetery
H626  Herger             Osceola Cemetery
H650  Herhahn            Union Cemetery
H655  Herman             Stromsburg Cemetery
H651  Hernbloom          Stromsburg Cemetery
H655  Herrmann           Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
H655  Herrmann           Osceola Cemetery
H650  Herron             Wesley Chapel Cemetery
H255  Heseman            Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
H255  Heseman            Stromsburg Cemetery
H200  Hess               Shelby Cemetery
H236  Hester             Stromsburg Cemetery
H236  Hester             Osceola Cemetery
H300  Hewett             Beulah Cemetery
H300  Hewitt             Wesley Chapel Cemetery
H300  Hewitt             Osceola Cemetery
H550  Heyman             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
H146  Hibler             Osceola Cemetery
H560  Hiemer             Shelby Cemetery
H560  Hiemer             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
H240  Hikel              Shelby Cemetery
H416  Hilberg            Stromsburg Cemetery
H400  Hill               Osceola Cemetery
H400  Hill               Polk Cemetery
H400  Hill               Shelby Cemetery
H400  Hill               Stromsburg Cemetery
H460  Hillery            Stromsburg Cemetery
H463  Hilliard           Shelby Cemetery
H422  Hilliges           Union Cemetery
H420  Hills              Osceola Cemetery
H415  Hiloebband         Osceola Cemetery
H524  Hinkelman          St. Andrew's Church Cemetery No. 1
H620  Hirsch             Stromsburg Cemetery
H620  Hirsch             Blue Ridge Cemetery
H200  Hisey              Blue Ridge Cemetery
H125  Hobson             Osceola Cemetery
H630  Hoerth             LaClede Cemetery
H160  Hoffer             Osceola Cemetery
H160  Hoffer             Blue Ridge Cemetery
H160  Hoffer             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
H160  Hoffer             Polk Cemetery
H136  Hofter             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
H536  Hohndorf           Shelby Cemetery
H252  Hokenson           Swede Plain Cemetery
H425  Holcomb            Osceola Cemetery
H425  Holcomb            Stromsburg Cemetery
H410  Holf               Osceola Cemetery
H451  Hollenbach         Shelby Cemetery
H420  Hollis             Shelby Cemetery
H423  Hollister          Stromsburg Cemetery
H423  Hollister          Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
H450  Holm               Stromsburg Cemetery
H450  Holm               Swede Home Cemetery
H451  Holmberg           Stromsburg Cemetery
H452  Holmquist          Stromsburg Cemetery
H430  Holt               Osceola Cemetery
H523  Honeycut           Pleasant Home Cemetery
H540  Honnell            Osceola Cemetery
H100  Hope               Osceola Cemetery
H100  Hope               Stromsburg Cemetery
H130  Hopwood            Shelby Cemetery
H650  Horn               Polk Cemetery
H650  Horne              Shelby Cemetery
H623  Horst              Osceola Cemetery
H623  Horst              Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
H256  Hosner             Osceola Cemetery
H322  Hotchkiss          Osceola Cemetery
H322  Hotchkiss          Stromsburg Cemetery
H316  Hotfer             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
H300  Hoth               Blue Ridge Cemetery
H362  Houdersheldt       Osceola Cemetery
H362  Houdersheldt       Shelby Cemetery
H260  Houser             Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
H320  Houtz              Blue Ridge Cemetery
H320  Houtz              Osceola Cemetery
H630  Howard             Swede Plain Cemetery
H630  Howard             LaClede Cemetery
H000  Howe               Osceola St. Vincent Ferrer Cemetery
H600  Hower              Blue Ridge Cemetery
H453  Howland            Osceola Cemetery
H000  Hoy                Beulah Cemetery
H340  Httell             Shelby Cemetery
H163  Hubbard            Osceola Cemetery
H140  Hubbell            Shelby Cemetery
H163  Hubbert            Stromsburg Cemetery
H163  Hubbert            Swede Home Cemetery
H160  Huber              Beulah Cemetery
H163  Huberd             St. Andrew's Church Cemetery No. 1
H342  Huddleston         Shelby Cemetery
H246  Huggler            Osceola Cemetery
H246  Huggler            Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
H246  Huggler            Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
H220  Hughes             Osceola Cemetery
H220  Hughes             Stromsburg Cemetery
H400  Hull               Stromsburg Cemetery
H430  Hult               Swede Home Cemetery
H430  Hult               Stromsburg Cemetery
H432  Hultgren           Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
H432  Hultgren           Swede Home Cemetery
H435  Hultman            Swede Home Cemetery
H432  Hultquist          Stromsburg Cemetery
H523  Humiston           Shelby Cemetery
H522  Hunsaker           Stromsburg Cemetery
H536  Hunter             Osceola Cemetery
H630  Hurd               Stromsburg Cemetery
H630  Hurd               Polk Cemetery
H623  Hurst              Beulah Cemetery
H623  Hurst              Osceola Cemetery
H235  Huston             Osceola Cemetery
H300  Hyatt              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
I216  Iceberg            Stromsburg Cemetery
I216  Iceberg            Swede Plain Cemetery
I500  Ienn               Osceola Cemetery
I500  Ienn               Osceola St. Vincent Ferrer Cemetery
I460  Iler               Osceola Cemetery
I540  Imel               Blue Ridge Cemetery
I500  Imm                Blue Ridge Cemetery
I524  Ingalls            Blue Ridge Cemetery
I524  Ingalls            Shelby Cemetery
I526  Ingerson           Blue Ridge Cemetery
I525  Ingman             Stromsburg Cemetery
I525  Ingom              Stromsburg Cemetery
I520  Inks               Union Cemetery
I520  Inks               Shelby Cemetery
I520  Inness             Union Cemetery
I520  Inness             Shelby Cemetery
I520  Inness             Osceola Cemetery
I645  Irland             Osceola Cemetery
I645  Irland             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
I645  Irland             Shelby Cemetery
I225  Isakson            Swede Home Cemetery
I225  Isakson            Stromsburg Cemetery
I264  Israel             Osceola Cemetery
I500  Iwan               St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
I500  Iwan               Osceola Cemetery
J200  Jaax               Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
J200  Jaax               St. Andrew's Church Cemetery No. 1
J200  Jaax               St. Andrew's  Cemetery No 2
J212  Jacabson           Stromsburg Cemetery
J200  Jack               Polk Cemetery
J250  Jackson            Shelby Cemetery
J250  Jackson            Osceola Cemetery
J250  Jackson            Polk Cemetery
J263  Jackwerth          Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
J212  Jacobson           Blue Ridge Cemetery
J212  Jacobson           Stromsburg Cemetery
J520  Jaenicke           Osceola Cemetery
J520  James              Blue Ridge Cemetery
J520  James              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
J520  Janky              Swede Plain Cemetery
J655  Jarman             Osceola Cemetery
J655  Jarmin             Osceola Cemetery
J655  Jarmin             Wesley Chapel Cemetery
J200  Jauch              Shelby Cemetery
J200  Jauch              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
J620  Jaworowski         St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
J000  Jay                Osceola Cemetery
J160  Jeffrey            Osceola Cemetery
J525  Jenkins            Stromsburg Cemetery
J525  Jenkins            Pleasant Home Cemetery
J525  Jenson             Stromsburg Cemetery
J525  Johansen           Wesley Chapel Cemetery
J525  Johansen           Shelby Cemetery
J525  Johansen           Osceola Cemetery
J516  Johnburg           Stromsburg Cemetery
J520  Johns              Stromsburg Cemetery
J525  Johnson            Stromsburg Cemetery
J525  Johnson            Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
J525  Johnson            Blue Ridge Cemetery
J525  Johnson            Osceola Cemetery
J525  Johnson            Shelby Cemetery
J525  Johnson            Polk Cemetery
J525  Johnson            Swede Home Cemetery
J525  Johnson            Swede Plain Cemetery
J525  Johnson            Pleasant Home Cemetery
J525  Johnson            LaClede Cemetery
J523  Johnston           Stromsburg Cemetery
J523  Johnston           Shelby Cemetery
J523  Johnston           Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
J523  Johnston           Osceola Cemetery
J520  Jones              Beulah Cemetery
J520  Jones              Swede Home Cemetery
J520  Jones              Polk Cemetery
J520  Jones              Osceola Cemetery
J520  Jones              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
J520  Jones              Stromsburg Cemetery
J520  Jones              Blue Ridge Cemetery
J522  Jonquist           Stromsburg Cemetery
J525  Jonson             Swede Home Cemetery
J000  Joy                Osceola Cemetery
J300  Judd               Shelby Cemetery
J450  Julian             Blue Ridge Cemetery
J450  Julian             Stromsburg Cemetery
K460  Kahler             Polk Cemetery
K260  Kaiser             Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
K400  Kaley              Stromsburg Cemetery
K520  Kameshe            Union Cemetery
K511  Kampovitz          St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
K642  Karlson            Stromsburg Cemetery
K650  Karney             Beulah Cemetery
K660  Karrer             Osceola Cemetery
K300  Katie              Blue Ridge Cemetery
K650  Kearney            Stromsburg Cemetery
K460  Keeler             Stromsburg Cemetery
K100  Keep               Osceola Cemetery
K400  Kelley             Osceola Cemetery
K400  Kelly              Osceola Cemetery
K560  Kemmer             Stromsburg Cemetery
K523  Kenaston           Osceola Cemetery
K523  Kenaston           Polk Cemetery
K563  Kennard            Osceola Cemetery
K530  Kennedy            Blue Ridge Cemetery
K460  Keohler            Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
K156  Kepner             Osceola Cemetery
K625  Kerkman            Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
K246  Kessler            Shelby Cemetery
K300  Kidd               Stromsburg Cemetery
K241  Kiesselbach        Shelby Cemetery
K450  Killian            LaClede Cemetery
K456  Kilmer             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
K514  Kimball            Pleasant Home Cemetery
K514  Kimble             Stromsburg Cemetery
K540  Kimmell            Osceola Cemetery
K516  Kinberg            Stromsburg Cemetery
K520  King               Osceola Cemetery
K524  Kingsley           Swede Home Cemetery
K521  Kingsohver         Blue Ridge Cemetery
K524  Kingsoliver        Blue Ridge Cemetery
K524  Kingsolver         Osceola Cemetery
K550  Kinnan             Shelby Cemetery
K550  Kinnan             Osceola Cemetery
K500  Kinney             Shelby Cemetery
K500  Kinney             Osceola Cemetery
K625  Kirkman            Stromsburg Cemetery
K425  Kjelson            Stromsburg Cemetery
K462  Klarcans           St. Andrew's Church Cemetery No. 1
K420  Klassy             Osceola Cemetery
K450  Klein              St. Andrew's  Cemetery No 2
K450  Klein              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
K450  Klone              Polk Cemetery
K420  Klose              Osceola Cemetery
K520  Knago              Stromsburg Cemetery
K510  Knapp              Osceola Cemetery
K560  Kneer              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
K560  Knerr              Stromsburg Cemetery
K560  Knerr              Osceola Cemetery
K523  Knight             Shelby Cemetery
K523  Knight             Osceola Cemetery
K523  Knight             Stromsburg Cemetery
K542  Knowles            Polk Cemetery
K200  Koch               St. Andrew's  Cemetery No 2
K260  Koczor             St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
K460  Koehler            Osceola Cemetery
K520  Koenig             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
K500  Kohn               Stromsburg Cemetery
K536  Kontor             St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
K160  Kopera             Swede Home Cemetery
K626  Korger             St. Andrew's  Cemetery No 2
K626  Korger             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
K200  Kosch              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
K240  Koziol             St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
K242  Koziol Joseph      St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
K240  Kozoil             St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
K636  Krader             Polk Cemetery
K612  Krebsbach          Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
K626  Kreiger            Stromsburg Cemetery
K620  Kreis              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
K620  Kreis              Stromsburg Cemetery
K620  Kresha             St. Andrew's Church Cemetery No. 1
K620  Kresha             St. Andrew's  Cemetery No 2
K660  Krier              LaClede Cemetery
K613  Kropatsch          St. Andrew's  Cemetery No 2
K626  Krueger            St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery
K651  Krumbach           Shelby Cemetery
K651  Krumbach           Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
K540  Kuhnel             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
K416  Kulper             Polk Cemetery
K510  Kumpf              Shelby Cemetery
K520  Kunce              Stromsburg Cemetery
K524  Kunkel             Osceola Cemetery
K525  Kunsam             Union Cemetery
K525  Kunsman            Union Cemetery
K532  Kuntzelman         Osceola Cemetery
K300  Kuta               Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
L300  Ladd               Beulah Cemetery
L600  Lahr               Osceola Cemetery
L516  Lambert            Stromsburg Cemetery
L560  Lamoree            Stromsburg Cemetery
L555  LaMunyon           Shelby Cemetery
L555  LaMunyon           Osceola Cemetery
L500  Lane               Beulah Cemetery
L526  Langer             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
L525  Langhammer         St. Andrew's Church Cemetery No. 1
L525  Langhammer         Shelby Cemetery
L550  Lanham             Stromsburg Cemetery
L656  Larimer            Osceola Cemetery
L625  Larkin             Polk Cemetery
L625  Larsen             Stromsburg Cemetery
L625  Larson             Stromsburg Cemetery
L625  Larson             Swede Home Cemetery
L625  Larson             Swede Plain Cemetery
L625  Larson             LaClede Cemetery
L625  Larson             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
L625  Larson             Osceola Cemetery
L600  LaRue              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
L220  Lassek             St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
L140  LaVelle            Swede Plain Cemetery
L140  Lavelle            Osceola Cemetery
L144  LaVelle William    Swede Plain Cemetery
L000  Law                Blue Ridge Cemetery
L300  Lawhead            LaClede Cemetery
L200  Leach              Stromsburg Cemetery
L100  Leaf               Stromsburg Cemetery
L536  Leander            Osceola Cemetery
L361  Leatherbury        Osceola Cemetery
L120  Lebs               Shelby Cemetery
L000  Lee                Stromsburg Cemetery
L200  Lees               Shelby Cemetery
L146  Leffler            Polk Cemetery
L100  Leibee             Shelby Cemetery
L526  Leimser            St. Andrew's Church Cemetery No. 1
L526  Leimser            Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
L560  LeMar              Osceola Cemetery
L563  Leonhard           Shelby Cemetery
L260  LeSuer             Osceola Cemetery
L312  Letobias           Blue Ridge Cemetery
L200  Lewis              Stromsburg Cemetery
L200  Lewis              Blue Ridge Cemetery
L200  Lewis              Osceola Cemetery
L200  Lewis              Polk Cemetery
L200  Lewis              Shelby Cemetery
L160  Lieber             Osceola Cemetery
L165  Lieberman          Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
L530  Lind               Osceola Cemetery
L530  Lind               Swede Home Cemetery
L530  Lind               Swede Plain Cemetery
L530  Lind               Stromsburg Cemetery
L531  Lindberg           Stromsburg Cemetery
L531  Lindberg           Osceola Cemetery
L531  Lindblade          Stromsburg Cemetery
L531  Lindblade          Swede Home Cemetery
L531  Lindburg           LaClede Cemetery
L531  Lindeblade         Stromsburg Cemetery
L531  Lindeblade         Swede Home Cemetery
L535  Linden             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
L532  Lindgren           Stromsburg Cemetery
L532  Lindgrin           Osceola Cemetery
L534  Lindholm           Swede Home Cemetery
L534  Lindholm           Stromsburg Cemetery
L532  Lindkswiler        Stromsburg Cemetery
L535  Lindmark           Swede Plain Cemetery
L532  Lindquist          Stromsburg Cemetery
L532  Lindquist          Osceola Cemetery
L532  Lindstedt          Stromsburg Cemetery
L532  Lindstrom          Stromsburg Cemetery
L524  Lingwall           Swede Home Cemetery
L535  Lintner            Osceola Cemetery
L535  Linton             Blue Ridge Cemetery
L200  Lisco              Wesley Chapel Cemetery
L200  Lisko              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
L200  Lisko              St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
L340  Little             Stromsburg Cemetery
L325  Litzen             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
l520  lnness             Shelby Cemetery
L263  Lockard            Shelby Cemetery
L200  Locke              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
L250  Logan              Osceola Cemetery
L250  Logan              Wesley Chapel Cemetery
L250  Logan              Shelby Cemetery
L600  Lohr               Beulah Cemetery
L520  Long               Osceola Cemetery
L532  Loontjev           Blue Ridge Cemetery
L236  Lostroh            Osceola Cemetery
L140  Lovell             Osceola Cemetery
L130  Lovitt             Blue Ridge Cemetery
L000  Lowe               Polk Cemetery
L000  Lowe               Osceola Cemetery
L000  Lowe               Stromsburg Cemetery
L600  Lower              Stromsburg Cemetery
L360  Lowther            Stromsburg Cemetery
L220  Lucas              Shelby Cemetery
L350  Ludden             Blue Ridge Cemetery
L340  Ludlow             Osceola Cemetery
L320  Ludwig             Pleasant Home Cemetery
L130  Luft               Osceola Cemetery
L130  Luft               Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
L130  Luft               Shelby Cemetery
L130  Luft               Beulah Cemetery
L530  Lund               Osceola Cemetery
L531  Lundberg           Stromsburg Cemetery
L531  Lundborg           Stromsburg Cemetery
L532  Lundgren           Stromsburg Cemetery
L532  Lundgren           Swede Home Cemetery
L532  Lundstrom          Swede Home Cemetery
L530  Lundy              Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
L560  Lunner             Stromsburg Cemetery
L355  Lutman             Stromsburg Cemetery
L300  Lutt               Osceola Cemetery
L320  Lutz               Pleasant Home Cemetery
L200  Lux                Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
L200  Lux                Shelby Cemetery
L162  Lybarger           Osceola Cemetery
L500  Lyon               Shelby Cemetery
L500  Lyon               Beulah Cemetery
M300  M.A.D.             Pleasant Home Cemetery
M236  MacDermont         Beulah Cemetery
M200  Mace               Fairview Cemetery 
M200  Mace               Osceola Cemetery
M200  Mack               Blue Ridge Cemetery
M250  Macken             Osceola Cemetery
M200  Mackie             Osceola Cemetery
M325  Madson             Shelby Cemetery
M252  Magnuson           Swede Home Cemetery
M252  Magnuson           Polk Cemetery
M100  Mahaffey           Blue Ridge Cemetery
M500  Main               Polk Cemetery
M420  Malek              Osceola Cemetery
M450  Malm               Stromsburg Cemetery
M455  Malmen             Stromsburg Cemetery
M524  Mangelsen          Osceola St. Vincent Ferrer Cemetery
M120  Mapes              Beulah Cemetery
M626  Marker             Osceola Cemetery
M622  Marquis            Osceola Cemetery
M622  Marquis            Stromsburg Cemetery
M620  Marrs              Stromsburg Cemetery
M623  Marsden            Shelby Cemetery
M623  Marsden            Blue Ridge Cemetery
M620  Marsh              Blue Ridge Cemetery
M632  Marthis            Stromsburg Cemetery
M635  Martin             Swede Home Cemetery
M635  Martin             Osceola Cemetery
M250  Mason              Polk Cemetery
M200  Massie             Osceola Cemetery
M325  Matheson           Osceola Cemetery
M320  Mathews            Stromsburg Cemetery
M322  Matousek           Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
M325  Matson             Swede Home Cemetery
M325  Matson             Stromsburg Cemetery
M360  Matter             Shelby Cemetery
M320  Matthews           Osceola Cemetery
M320  Matticks           Shelby Cemetery
M325  Mattson            Osceola Cemetery
M325  Mattson            Swede Home Cemetery
M325  Mattson            Stromsburg Cemetery
M240  Maxwell            Blue Ridge Cemetery
M000  May                Polk Cemetery
M100  Maybee             Pleasant Home Cemetery
M000  Mayo               Polk Cemetery
M213  McBeth             Stromsburg Cemetery
M213  McBeth             Osceola Cemetery
M213  McBeth             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
M263  McCarty            Osceola Cemetery
M225  McChesney          Osceola Cemetery
M245  McClain            Shelby Cemetery
M246  McCleerly          Stromsburg Cemetery
M245  McClung            Shelby Cemetery
M246  McClure            Polk Cemetery
M254  McConnell          Polk Cemetery
M265  McCormick          Fairview Cemetery 
M265  McCormick          Osceola Cemetery
M200  McCoy              Osceola Cemetery
M260  McCray             Osceola Cemetery
M251  McCumber           Stromsburg Cemetery
M250  McCune             Stromsburg Cemetery
M250  McCune             Blue Ridge Cemetery
M236  McDermott          Osceola Cemetery
M235  McDonald           Stromsburg Cemetery
M235  McDonald           Osceola Cemetery
M213  McFadden           Shelby Cemetery
M213  McFadden           Osceola Cemetery
M200  McGaw              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
M200  McGaw              Osceola Cemetery
M200  McGee              Stromsburg Cemetery
M251  McGimpsey          Shelby Cemetery
M260  McGrew             Shelby Cemetery
M210  McGuffee           Blue Ridge Cemetery
M220  McKeag             Stromsburg Cemetery
M220  McKeag             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
M220  McKeag             Shelby Cemetery
M220  McKeag             Osceola Cemetery
M255  McKeeman           Osceola Cemetery
M252  McKinnis           Blue Ridge Cemetery
M222  McKissick          Blue Ridge Cemetery
M245  McLean             Osceola Cemetery
M252  McMeekin           Shelby Cemetery
M254  McMillen           Shelby Cemetery
M254  McMilliam          Union Cemetery
M254  McMullin           Blue Ridge Cemetery
M245  McWilliams         Osceola Cemetery
M250  Meacham            Beulah Cemetery
M250  Meacham            Osceola Cemetery
M421  Melissa F.         Blue Ridge Cemetery
M432  Melts              Union Cemetery
M535  Mentink            Stromsburg Cemetery
M532  Mentzer            Shelby Cemetery
M625  Mercheim           Stromsburg Cemetery
M620  Merrick            Shelby Cemetery
M620  Merrick            Osceola Cemetery
M620  Merrick            Wesley Chapel Cemetery
M635  Mertens            Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
M252  Messing            Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
M252  Messinger          Blue Ridge Cemetery
M350  Metheny            Shelby Cemetery
M620  Miars              Osceola Cemetery
M220  Micek              St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
M220  Micek              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
M256  Michener           Blue Ridge Cemetery
M256  Michener           Osceola Cemetery
M200  Mickey             Blue Ridge Cemetery
M200  Mickey             Osceola Cemetery
M200  Mickey             Shelby Cemetery
M460  Miller             Shelby Cemetery
M460  Miller             Stromsburg Cemetery
M460  Miller             Union Cemetery
M460  Miller             Blue Ridge Cemetery
M460  Miller             Fairview Cemetery 
M460  Miller             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
M460  Miller             Osceola Cemetery
M460  Miller             LaClede Cemetery
M460  Miller             Beulah Cemetery
M420  Mills              Osceola Cemetery
M520  Minnick            Stromsburg Cemetery
M430  Miolet             Blue Ridge Cemetery
M324  Mitchell           Shelby Cemetery
M324  Mitchell           Osceola Cemetery
M345  Mittlemeyer        Osceola Cemetery
M460  Mlller             Osceola Cemetery
M162  Moberg             Swede Plain Cemetery
M162  Moberg             Stromsburg Cemetery
M164  Moberly            Blue Ridge Cemetery
M130  Moffett            Osceola Cemetery
M500  Mohne              Stromsburg Cemetery
M435  Moldenhauer        Shelby Cemetery
M450  Moline             LaClede Cemetery
M520  Monk               Osceola Cemetery
M525  Monson             Osceola Cemetery
M525  Monson             Stromsburg Cemetery
M525  Monson             Swede Home Cemetery
M532  Monteson           Stromsburg Cemetery
M532  Montgomery         Stromsburg Cemetery
M300  Moody              Osceola Cemetery
M500  Moomey             Blue Ridge Cemetery
M500  Moon               Shelby Cemetery
M600  Moore              Polk Cemetery
M600  Moore              Blue Ridge Cemetery
M600  Moore              Pleasant Home Cemetery
M600  Moore              Stromsburg Cemetery
M632  Mordock            Stromsburg Cemetery
M625  Morgan             Blue Ridge Cemetery
M625  Morgan             Shelby Cemetery
M625  Morgan             Osceola Cemetery
M625  Morgan             Stromsburg Cemetery
M625  Morgan. Thomas G.  Osceola Cemetery
M640  Morrill            Stromsburg Cemetery
M620  Morris             Shelby Cemetery
M600  Morrow             Wesley Chapel Cemetery
M600  Morrow             Shelby Cemetery
M620  Morse              Osceola Cemetery
M220  Moses              Stromsburg Cemetery
M360  Mother             Union Cemetery
M340  Motley             Beulah Cemetery
M350  Mouden             Stromsburg Cemetery
M616  Mryberg            Stromsburg Cemetery
M245  Musselman          Shelby Cemetery
M236  Mustard            Fairview Cemetery 
M236  Mustard            Beulah Cemetery
M620  Myers              LaClede Cemetery
M620  Myers              Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
M620  Myers              Stromsburg Cemetery
M616  Myrberg            Stromsburg Cemetery
M346  Mytholar           Shelby Cemetery
N260  Nahser             Blue Ridge Cemetery
N532  Nantkes            Osceola Cemetery
N245  Naslund            Swede Plain Cemetery
N242  Nclson             Osceola Cemetery
N162  Nebergall          Blue Ridge Cemetery
N122  Nebosis            Osceola Cemetery
N122  Nebosis            St. Andrew's  Cemetery No 2
N350  Nedom              Shelby Cemetery
N300  Need               Osceola Cemetery
N425  Neilsen            Shelby Cemetery
N425  Neilson            Shelby Cemetery
N240  Nekl               Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
N425  Nellson            Shelby Cemetery
N425  Nellson            Stromsburg Cemetery
N425  Nelson             Polk Cemetery
N425  Nelson             Shelby Cemetery
N425  Nelson             LaClede Cemetery
N425  Nelson             Osceola Cemetery
N425  Nelson             Stromsburg Cemetery
N425  Nelson             Swede Home Cemetery
N425  Nelson             Blue Ridge Cemetery
N324  Netsell            Stromsburg Cemetery
N256  Newcomer           Osceola Cemetery
N256  Newcomer           Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
N550  Newman             Stromsburg Cemetery
N350  Newton             Osceola Cemetery
N240  Nichol             Stromsburg Cemetery
N242  Nicholson          Stromsburg Cemetery
N240  Nickell            Pleasant Home Cemetery
N240  Nickell            Osceola Cemetery
N242  Nicolas            Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
N320  Nitsch             St. Andrew's  Cemetery No 2
N140  Noble              Polk Cemetery
N400  Noel               Shelby Cemetery
N631  Nordberg           Stromsburg Cemetery
N634  Nordell            Stromsburg Cemetery
N635  Norden             Stromsburg Cemetery
N635  Nordin             Stromsburg Cemetery
N634  Nordling           Swede Home Cemetery
N634  Nordlund           Stromsburg Cemetery
N632  Nordstrom          Stromsburg Cemetery
N632  Nordstrom          Swede Plain Cemetery
N650  Noreen             Stromsburg Cemetery
N650  Norene             Swede Plain Cemetery
N650  Norine             Stromsburg Cemetery
N655  Norman             Stromsburg Cemetery
N620  Norris             Beulah Cemetery
N635  Norton             Swede Plain Cemetery
N635  Norton             Osceola Cemetery
N400  Nowell             Stromsburg Cemetery
N300  Noyd               Stromsburg Cemetery
N140  Nuebel             Osceola Cemetery
N223  Nuquist            Osceola Cemetery
N162  Nyberg             Swede Plain Cemetery
N145  Nybloom            Stromsburg Cemetery
N223  Nyquist            Osceola Cemetery
N223  Nyquist            Stromsburg Cemetery
O320  Oades              Osceola Cemetery
O320  Oades              Shelby Cemetery
O320  Oades              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
O200  Oaks               Pleasant Home Cemetery
O162  Oberg              Osceola Cemetery
O162  Oberg              Stromsburg Cemetery
O162  Oberg              Swede Home Cemetery
O162  Oberg              Swede Plain Cemetery
O162  Oberg              Polk Cemetery
O162  Obrist             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
O340  Odell              Osceola Cemetery
O235  Ogden              Osceola Cemetery
O425  Olson              Polk Cemetery
O425  Olson              Blue Ridge Cemetery
O425  Olson              Swede Plain Cemetery
O425  Olson              Osceola Cemetery
O425  Olson              Beulah Cemetery
O425  Olson              Union Cemetery
O425  Olson              Swede Home Cemetery
O425  Olson              Stromsburg Cemetery
O425  Olson              Shelby Cemetery
O223  Oquist             Swede Home Cemetery
O600  Orr                Osceola Cemetery
O635  Orthengren         Swede Home Cemetery
O216  Osborn             Osceola Cemetery
O256  Osmera             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
O231  Ostberg            Swede Plain Cemetery
O231  Ostberg            Polk Cemetery
O234  Ostlund            Swede Plain Cemetery
O236  Ostrom             Stromsburg Cemetery
P200  Pace               Blue Ridge Cemetery
P240  Paisley            Shelby Cemetery
P450  Palm               LaClede Cemetery
P450  Palm               Stromsburg Cemetery
P456  Palmer             Stromsburg Cemetery
P456  Palmer             Osceola Cemetery
P620  Park               Osceola Cemetery
P626  Parker             Blue Ridge Cemetery
P626  Parker             LaClede Cemetery
P626  Parkhurst          Osceola Cemetery
P625  Parson             Stromsburg Cemetery
P362  Patterson          Union Cemetery
P425  Paulson            Stromsburg Cemetery
P140  Pavel              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
P620  Pearce             Osceola Cemetery
P625  Pearson            Osceola Cemetery
P625  Pehrson            Swede Home Cemetery
P625  Pehrson            Osceola Cemetery
P435  Pelton             Osceola Cemetery
P520  Pence              Polk Cemetery
P552  Pennington         Beulah Cemetery
P600  Perry              Shelby Cemetery
P625  Person             Swede Plain Cemetery
P625  Person             Swede Home Cemetery
P362  Peters             Stromsburg Cemetery
P362  Petersen           Polk Cemetery
P362  Peterson           LaClede Cemetery
P362  Peterson           Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
P362  Peterson           Polk Cemetery
P362  Peterson           Stromsburg Cemetery
P362  Peterson           Shelby Cemetery
P362  Peterson           Blue Ridge Cemetery
P362  Peterson           Swede Plain Cemetery
P362  Peterson           Osceola Cemetery
P362  Peterson           Swede Home Cemetery
P320  Petteys            Shelby Cemetery
P253  Pheasant           Osceola Cemetery
P412  Phillips           Stromsburg Cemetery
P255  PIagemann          St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery
P625  Pierson            Stromsburg Cemetery
P625  Pierson            Swede Home Cemetery
P231  Piestev            Blue Ridge Cemetery
P200  Pike               Stromsburg Cemetery
P414  Pilfold            Shelby Cemetery
P425  Plagemann          St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery
P200  Pogue              Blue Ridge Cemetery
P536  Pointer            Shelby Cemetery
P265  Pokorney           Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
P452  Polanka            Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
P420  Pollock            Polk Cemetery
P636  Porter             Beulah Cemetery
P100  Povey              Stromsburg Cemetery
P400  Powell             Shelby Cemetery
P400  Powell             Stromsburg Cemetery
P600  Power              Osceola Cemetery
P620  Powers             Osceola Cemetery
P652  Pranneke           Beulah Cemetery
P630  Pratt              Osceola Cemetery
P640  Prell              Shelby Cemetery
P625  Presson            Stromsburg Cemetery
P620  Price              Osceola Cemetery
P610  Priebe             St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery
P630  Prouty             Beulah Cemetery
P200  Pugh               Blue Ridge Cemetery
P416  Pulver             Osceola Cemetery
P630  Purdy              Polk Cemetery
P355  Putman             Polk Cemetery
P400  Pyle               Osceola Cemetery
Q630  Quart              Osceola Cemetery
Q600  Query              Stromsburg Cemetery
Q600  Query              Osceola Cemetery
Q200  Quick              Swede Home Cemetery
Q450  Quillen            Osceola Cemetery
Q450  Quillen            Stromsburg Cemetery
R360  Raeder             Osceola Cemetery
R163  Rafert             Shelby Cemetery
R220  Raikes             Blue Ridge Cemetery
R520  Ramage             LaClede Cemetery
R534  Randell            Stromsburg Cemetery
R534  Randell            Osceola Cemetery
R525  Ransom             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
R210  Rasp               Blue Ridge Cemetery
R210  Rasp               Shelby Cemetery
R300  Rath               Shelby Cemetery
R315  Rathbun            Osceola Cemetery
R420  Rawles             Osceola Cemetery
R000  Ray                Osceola Cemetery
R250  Reagan             Osceola Cemetery
R256  Reckmeyer          Osceola Cemetery
R263  Record             Stromsburg Cemetery
R100  Reeb               Osceola Cemetery
R200  Reece              Osceola Cemetery
R200  Reece              Shelby Cemetery
R300  Reed               Osceola Cemetery
R300  Reed               Blue Ridge Cemetery
R300  Reed               Polk Cemetery
R360  Reeder             Shelby Cemetery
R300  Reedy              Stromsburg Cemetery
R120  Reeves             Stromsburg Cemetery
R260  Reger              Stromsburg Cemetery
R120  Rehbock            St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery
R263  Reichard           Pleasant Home Cemetery
R500  Rein               Osceola Cemetery
R236  Reisdorff          Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
R236  Reisdorff          St. Andrew's Church Cemetery No. 1
R320  Reitz              Osceola Cemetery
R553  Renander           Shelby Cemetery
R552  Renington          Swede Plain Cemetery
R560  Renner             Osceola Cemetery
R522  Renquist           Stromsburg Cemetery
R320  Retiz              Osceola Cemetery
R525  Rhinesmith         Shelby Cemetery
R320  Rhodes             Osceola Cemetery
R263  Richard            Osceola Cemetery
R263  Richards           Osceola Cemetery
R255  Richmond           Osceola Cemetery
R236  Richter            Blue Ridge Cemetery
R236  Richter            Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
R240  Rickel             Stromsburg Cemetery
R230  Rickett            Shelby Cemetery
R240  Rickly             Osceola Cemetery
R200  Riggs              Osceola Cemetery
R400  Riley              Beulah Cemetery
R520  Rinke              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
R536  Rinterman          Stromsburg Cemetery
R120  Rives              Wesley Chapel Cemetery
R163  Roberts            Osceola Cemetery
R163  Roberts            Pleasant Home Cemetery
R163  Roberts            Blue Ridge Cemetery
R125  Robeson            Stromsburg Cemetery
R125  Robeson            Swede Home Cemetery
R152  Robinson           Osceola Cemetery
R152  Robinson           Stromsburg Cemetery
R350  Rodene             Swede Home Cemetery
R350  Rodine             Stromsburg Cemetery
R350  Rodine             Polk Cemetery
R350  Rodney             Shelby Cemetery
R262  Rogers             Shelby Cemetery
R410  Rolf               Polk Cemetery
R234  Rosdahl            Stromsburg Cemetery
R216  Roseberry          Osceola Cemetery
R251  Rosenberry         Blue Ridge Cemetery
R251  Rosenberry         Shelby Cemetery
R250  Rosene             Stromsburg Cemetery
R245  Roslund            Osceola Cemetery
R200  Ross               Osceola Cemetery
R200  Rossa              Shelby Cemetery
R200  Roush              Shelby Cemetery
R350  Rudeen             Stromsburg Cemetery
R350  Rudeen             LaClede Cemetery
R355  Rudman             Swede Home Cemetery
R100  Ruff               Osceola Cemetery
R540  Rummel             Shelby Cemetery
R542  Runnels            Beulah Cemetery
R522  Runquist           Swede Plain Cemetery
R252  Rushing            Osceola Cemetery
R200  Russ               Stromsburg Cemetery
R235  Rusteen            Stromsburg Cemetery
R300  Ruth               Shelby Cemetery
R360  Rutter             Osceola Cemetery
R500  Ryan               Shelby Cemetery
R500  Ryan               Blue Ridge Cemetery
R500  Ryan               Osceola Cemetery
R316  Rydberg            Stromsburg Cemetery
R236  Rystrom            Stromsburg Cemetery
R236  Rystrom. Darwin    Stromsburg Cemetery
S200  Sack               Blue Ridge Cemetery
S450  Sahlen             Stromsburg Cemetery
S530  Saint              Stromsburg Cemetery
S450  Saline             Stromsburg Cemetery
S421  Salisbury          Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
S520  Sams               Blue Ridge Cemetery
S525  Samson             Swede Home Cemetery
S540  Samuel             Blue Ridge Cemetery
S540  Samuel             Osceola Cemetery
S542  Samuelson          Swede Plain Cemetery
S542  Samuelson          Stromsburg Cemetery
S542  Samuelson          Polk Cemetery
S542  Samuelson          Swede Home Cemetery
S542  Samuleson          Stromsburg Cemetery
S531  Sandberg           Swede Home Cemetery
S534  Sandele            Stromsburg Cemetery
S534  Sandell            Stromsburg Cemetery
S536  Sanders            Stromsburg Cemetery
S535  Sandin             Swede Home Cemetery
S535  Sandin             Stromsburg Cemetery
S532  Sands              Shelby Cemetery
S516  Sanford            Osceola Cemetery
S100  Sapp               Osceola Cemetery
S625  Sargeant           Wesley Chapel Cemetery
S625  Sargent            Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
S625  Sargent            Osceola Cemetery
S625  Sargent            Shelby Cemetery
S600  Sarow              Osceola Cemetery
S400  Saul               Beulah Cemetery
S360  Sauter             Osceola Cemetery
S600  Sawyer             Polk Cemetery
S420  Sayles             Beulah Cemetery
S400  Schaal             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
S400  Schaal             Shelby Cemetery
S300  Schade             Shelby Cemetery
S100  Schaf              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
S400  Schall             St. Andrew's Church Cemetery No. 1
S162  Schapers           Stromsburg Cemetery
S524  Schinzel           Osceola St. Vincent Ferrer Cemetery
S524  Schinzel           Osceola Cemetery
S524  Schinzel           Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
S425  Schlesinger        Shelby Cemetery
S425  Schlesinger        Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
S530  Schmid             Shelby Cemetery
S530  Schmidt            Shelby Cemetery
S530  Schmidt            Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
S526  Schmocker          Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
S526  Schmoker           Osceola Cemetery
S520  Schnasse           Osceola Cemetery
S536  Schneider          Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
S536  Schneider          Blue Ridge Cemetery
S536  Schneider          Shelby Cemetery
S420  Scholz             St. Andrew's Church Cemetery No. 1
S420  Scholz             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
S420  Scholz             Osceola Cemetery
S426  Schoolcraft        Osceola Cemetery
S300  Schott             Osceola St. Vincent Ferrer Cemetery
S300  Schott             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
S636  Schroeder          Blue Ridge Cemetery
S636  Schrooder          Blue Ridge Cemetery
S163  Schubert           St. Andrew's Church Cemetery No. 1
S432  Schultz            Blue Ridge Cemetery
S420  Schulz             St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery
S550  Schuman            Osceola Cemetery
S100  Schwab             Osceola Cemetery
S300  Scott              Stromsburg Cemetery
S300  Scott              Fairview Cemetery 
S300  Scott              Shelby Cemetery
S300  Scott              Beulah Cemetery
S300  Scott              Pleasant Home Cemetery
S300  Scott              Osceola Cemetery
S140  Scovel1            Blue Ridge Cemetery
S140  Scovell            Blue Ridge Cemetery
S000  Scow               Shelby Cemetery
S400  Scull              Union Cemetery
S162  Seaberg            Stromsburg Cemetery
S400  Sealey             Polk Cemetery
S550  Seaman             Osceola Cemetery
S160  Seaver             Shelby Cemetery
S162  Seberger           St. Andrew's  Cemetery No 2
S162  Seberger           St. Andrew's Church Cemetery No. 1
S162  Seberger           Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
S350  Sedan              Swede Plain Cemetery
S350  Sedan              Polk Cemetery
S342  Sedlak             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
S260  Seger              Osceola Cemetery
S340  Seidel             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
S462  Sellers            Shelby Cemetery
S426  Selzer             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
S512  Sempek             St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
S625  Sergent            Osceola Cemetery
S165  Severine           Stromsburg Cemetery
S630  Seward             Beulah Cemetery
S630  Seward             Osceola Cemetery
S560  Seymour            Stromsburg Cemetery
S520  Shank              Beulah Cemetery
S520  Shank              Shelby Cemetery
S530  Shant              Beulah Cemetery
S610  Sharp              Stromsburg Cemetery
S630  Sharritt           Osceola Cemetery
S000  Shaw               Stromsburg Cemetery
S000  Shaw               Shelby Cemetery
S000  Shaw               Osceola Cemetery
S000  Shay               Shelby Cemetery
S453  Shelmadine         Osceola Cemetery
S520  Shemek             St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
S520  Shenk              Polk Cemetery
S163  Sheppard           Blue Ridge Cemetery
S630  Sherwood           Swede Home Cemetery
S630  Sherwood           Osceola Cemetery
S630  Sherwood           Swede Plain Cemetery
S356  Shidner            Stromsburg Cemetery
S164  Shiperling         Stromsburg Cemetery
S200  Shockey            Osceola Cemetery
S526  Shoemaker          Stromsburg Cemetery
S526  Shoemaker          Osceola Cemetery
S520  Shonka             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
S600  Shore              Osceola Cemetery
S236  Shostrom           Stromsburg Cemetery
S236  Shostrom           Swede Home Cemetery
S236  Shostrom           Swede Plain Cemetery
S620  Shrike             Stromsburg Cemetery
S432  Shultz             Blue Ridge Cemetery
S520  Shunk              St. Andrew's  Cemetery No 2
S236  Shustrum           Stromsburg Cemetery
S340  Sidwell            Pleasant Home Cemetery
S253  Siegenthaler       Osceola Cemetery
S520  Siemek             St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
S163  Sievert            Shelby Cemetery
S246  Sigler             Stromsburg Cemetery
S246  Sigler             Osceola Cemetery
S416  Silverstrand       Osceola Cemetery
S553  Simonds            Wesley Chapel Cemetery
S552  Simonsen           Shelby Cemetery
S512  Simpson            Stromsburg Cemetery
S525  Simson             Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
S163  Sipherd            Osceola Cemetery
S230  Sisty              Stromsburg Cemetery
S145  Sjoblom            Swede Plain Cemetery
S265  Sjogren            Swede Home Cemetery
S140  Sjoval             Stromsburg Cemetery
S435  Skelton            Stromsburg Cemetery
S435  Skelton            Pleasant Home Cemetery
S356  Skidmore           Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
S356  Skidmore           Union Cemetery
S560  Skinner            Shelby Cemetery
S560  Skinner            Blue Ridge Cemetery
S245  Skoaglund          Stromsburg Cemetery
S245  Skoglung           Stromsburg Cemetery
S410  Sliva              Osceola Cemetery
S450  Sloan              Blue Ridge Cemetery
S426  Slusser            Stromsburg Cemetery
S542  Smelser            Osceola Cemetery
S542  Smelser            Stromsburg Cemetery
S530  Smith              Beulah Cemetery
S530  Smith              Union Cemetery
S530  Smith              Stromsburg Cemetery
S530  Smith              Polk Cemetery
S530  Smith              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
S530  Smith              Osceola Cemetery
S530  Smith              Swede Home Cemetery
S530  Smith              Shelby Cemetery
S530  Smith              Pleasant Home Cemetery
S545  Smolenski          St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
S532  Snedeker           Shelby Cemetery
S540  Snell              Osceola Cemetery
S536  Snider             Osceola Cemetery
S536  Snider             Shelby Cemetery
S532  Snodgrass          Stromsburg Cemetery
S536  Snyder             Osceola Cemetery
S200  Sock               Osceola Cemetery
S455  Solomon            Osceola Cemetery
S562  Sommerstedt        Shelby Cemetery
S410  Soulp              Osceola Cemetery
S150  Spain              Osceola Cemetery
S152  Spangler           Stromsburg Cemetery
S160  Spear              Polk Cemetery
S153  Spender            Shelby Cemetery
S153  Spint              Osceola Cemetery
S162  Sprague            Stromsburg Cemetery
S326  Stachura           Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
S316  Stafford           Stromsburg Cemetery
S345  Stalnaker          Shelby Cemetery
S345  Stalnaker          Union Cemetery
S350  Stamm              Shelby Cemetery
S352  Stanczyk           St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
S354  Stanley            Stromsburg Cemetery
S353  Stanton            Stromsburg Cemetery
S353  Stanton            Osceola Cemetery
S362  Starkey            Shelby Cemetery
S362  Staroscik          Osceola St. Vincent Ferrer Cemetery
S340  Steele             Stromsburg Cemetery
S314  Steeple            Osceola Cemetery
S316  Steever            Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
S325  Stegeman           Blue Ridge Cemetery
S356  Steiner            Shelby Cemetery
S351  Stenberg           Swede Plain Cemetery
S315  Stephenson         Blue Ridge Cemetery
S315  Stephenson         Stromsburg Cemetery
S361  Sterup             Blue Ridge Cemetery
S361  Sterup             Shelby Cemetery
S315  Stevens            Polk Cemetery
S315  Stevenson          Swede Home Cemetery
S316  Stever             Stromsburg Cemetery
S316  Stever             Osceola Cemetery
S363  Stewart            Osceola Cemetery
S363  Stewart            Swede Plain Cemetery
S363  Stewart            Shelby Cemetery
S342  Stiles             Stromsburg Cemetery
S344  Stilwell           Blue Ridge Cemetery
S344  Stilwell           Shelby Cemetery
S323  Stogdill           Shelby Cemetery
S340  Stohl              Swede Plain Cemetery
S322  Stokes             Osceola Cemetery
S350  Stone              Osceola Cemetery
S350  Stone              Shelby Cemetery
S351  Stoneberg          Swede Plain Cemetery
S356  Stoner             Osceola Cemetery
S360  Storey             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
S365  Storm              Osceola Cemetery
S362  Strack             St. Andrew's Church Cemetery No. 1
S365  Strain             Shelby Cemetery
S365  Strang             Osceola Cemetery
S362  Strassen           St. Andrew's Church Cemetery No. 1
S362  Strauss            Beulah Cemetery
S362  Strauss            Osceola Cemetery
S363  Street             Blue Ridge Cemetery
S363  Streeter           Polk Cemetery
S365  Stromberg          Polk Cemetery
S365  Stromberg          Swede Home Cemetery
S365  Stromberg          Stromsburg Cemetery
S365  Strong             Stromsburg Cemetery
S351  Stump              Osceola Cemetery
S363  Sturdevant         Osceola Cemetery
S324  Styskal            Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
S363  Suddarth           Shelby Cemetery
S531  Sundberg           Stromsburg Cemetery
S531  Sundberg           Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
S531  Sundberg           Swede Home Cemetery
S531  Sundberg           Polk Cemetery
S534  Sundling           Swede Plain Cemetery
S152  Svenson            Stromsburg Cemetery
S113  Svoboda            Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
S400  Swalley            Pleasant Home Cemetery
S500  Swan               Shelby Cemetery
S500  Swan               Stromsburg Cemetery
S516  Swanberg           Stromsburg Cemetery
S525  Swanson            Swede Home Cemetery
S525  Swanson            Osceola Cemetery
S525  Swanson            Swede Plain Cemetery
S525  Swanson            Stromsburg Cemetery
S532  Swantek            St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
S630  Sward              Swede Home Cemetery
S652  Swearingen         Wesley Chapel Cemetery
S351  Swedenberg         Swede Plain Cemetery
S351  Swedenburg         Swede Home Cemetery
S362  Sweders            Stromsburg Cemetery
S500  Sweenie            Osceola Cemetery
S525  Swenson            Swede Home Cemetery
S263  Swickard           Shelby Cemetery
S633  Swortwood          Beulah Cemetery
S552  Symanek            Stromsburg Cemetery
T325  Taddiken           Shelby Cemetery
T413  Talbot             Stromsburg Cemetery
T413  Talbot             Polk Cemetery
T614  Tarble             Shelby Cemetery
T614  Tarble             Osceola Cemetery
T460  Taylor             Stromsburg Cemetery
T262  Teegerstrom        Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
T540  Thanel             St. Andrew's  Cemetery No 2
T540  Thanel             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
T600  Thayer             Stromsburg Cemetery
T453  Thelander          Swede Home Cemetery
T450  Thelen             Shelby Cemetery
T450  Thelen             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
T450  Thelen             Union Cemetery
T252  Thesing            Polk Cemetery
T252  Thesing            Stromsburg Cemetery
T252  Thesing            Swede Plain Cemetery
T520  Thomas             Stromsburg Cemetery
T520  Thomas             Blue Ridge Cemetery
T520  Thomas             Osceola Cemetery
T520  Thomas             Swede Plain Cemetery
T520  Thomas             Shelby Cemetery
T512  Thompson           Blue Ridge Cemetery
T512  Thompson           Osceola Cemetery
T512  Thompson           Shelby Cemetery
T512  Thompson           Stromsburg Cemetery
T540  Thonall            Swede Home Cemetery
T650  Thoren             Stromsburg Cemetery
T625  Throckmorton       Osceola Cemetery
T450  Thulin             Swede Home Cemetery
T400  Tilley             Swede Home Cemetery
T400  Tilly              Swede Home Cemetery
T500  Timm               Osceola Cemetery
T500  Timm               Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
T526  Tinker             Polk Cemetery
T452  Tlamka             Osceola St. Vincent Ferrer Cemetery
T246  Tochlervon         St. Andrew's Church Cemetery No. 1
T450  Toline             Swede Home Cemetery
T522  Tomasiewicz        Osceola St. Vincent Ferrer Cemetery
T520  Tongue             Stromsburg Cemetery
T640  Torell             Swede Home Cemetery
T640  Torell             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
T620  Tracy              Osceola Cemetery
T622  Tragash            St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
T640  Trail              Stromsburg Cemetery
T620  Trausch            Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
T630  Treadway           Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
T630  Treadway           Shelby Cemetery
T630  Treadway           Osceola Cemetery
T636  Trotter            Osceola Cemetery
T630  Trout              Shelby Cemetery
T660  Troyer             Polk Cemetery
T256  Tschauner          St. Andrew's Church Cemetery No. 1
T256  Tschauner          Osceola Cemetery
T656  Turner             Osceola Cemetery
T656  Turner             Blue Ridge Cemetery
T645  Twarling           Stromsburg Cemetery
T620  Tworek             St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
T460  Tyler              Wesley Chapel Cemetery
T460  Tyler              Osceola Cemetery
U400  Uhl                Stromsburg Cemetery
U524  Umsler             Shelby Cemetery
U523  Umstead            Osceola Cemetery
U536  Underhill          Stromsburg Cemetery
U526  Unger              Shelby Cemetery
U140  Uphill             Shelby Cemetery
U135  Upton              Stromsburg Cemetery
U615  Urban              St. Andrew's Church Cemetery No. 1
U615  Urban              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
V453  Valentine          Blue Ridge Cemetery
V536  Van Dorn           Stromsburg Cemetery
V525  Van Hoosen         Osceola Cemetery
V565  Van Horn           Stromsburg Cemetery
V545  VanAllen           Blue Ridge Cemetery
V536  Vanderbilt         Shelby Cemetery
V536  VanDoren           Swede Home Cemetery
V520  Vanek              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
V526  Vangorden          Blue Ridge Cemetery
V526  Vangordent         Blue Ridge Cemetery
V520  VanHoose           Osceola Cemetery
V525  VanHoosen          Osceola Cemetery
V565  Vanhorn            Polk Cemetery
V523  Vannest            Blue Ridge Cemetery
V500  Vanwey             Osceola Cemetery
V250  Vaughn             Shelby Cemetery
V632  Verdus             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
V656  Verner             Osceola Cemetery
V654  Vernholm           Stromsburg Cemetery
V623  Viergutz           St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery
V525  Vinceni            Stromsburg Cemetery
V525  Vincent            Stromsburg Cemetery
V525  Vincent            Polk Cemetery
V525  Vincent            Osceola Cemetery
V240  Vogel              Stromsburg Cemetery
V200  Voss               Shelby Cemetery
V612  Vrbka              Shelby Cemetery
V612  Vrbka              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
V645  Vreeland           Wesley Chapel Cemetery
W256  Waggoner           Polk Cemetery
W256  Wagner             Blue Ridge Cemetery
W450  Wahlin             Stromsburg Cemetery
W300  Wait               Shelby Cemetery
W300  Waite              Osceola Cemetery
W416  Walberg            Stromsburg Cemetery
W435  Walden             Polk Cemetery
W435  Waldon             Swede Home Cemetery
W426  Walgreen           Osceola Cemetery
W426  Walgreen           Swede Home Cemetery
W426  Walker             Osceola Cemetery
W425  Walkington         Osceola Cemetery
W460  Waller             Shelby Cemetery
W460  Waller             Swede Home Cemetery
W460  Waller             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
W460  Waller             Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
W450  Wallin             Stromsburg Cemetery
W450  Walline            Swede Home Cemetery
W450  Walline            Stromsburg Cemetery
W422  Walquist           Stromsburg Cemetery
W463  Walrath            Osceola Cemetery
W423  Walstead           Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
W423  Walstrom           Osceola Cemetery
W526  Wanker             Osceola Cemetery
W630  Ward               Osceola Cemetery
W600  Ware               Osceola Cemetery
W600  Ware               Blue Ridge Cemetery
W656  Warner             Stromsburg Cemetery
W652  Warnick            Polk Cemetery
W650  Warren             Stromsburg Cemetery
W265  Wasserman          Stromsburg Cemetery
W360  Wathier            Stromsburg Cemetery
W325  Watkins            Shelby Cemetery
W325  Watkins            Osceola Cemetery
W325  Watson             Shelby Cemetery
W320  Watts              Osceola Cemetery
W320  Watts              Fairview Cemetery 
W320  Watts              Stromsburg Cemetery
W160  Weaver             Stromsburg Cemetery
W160  Weaver             Osceola Cemetery
W160  Weaver             Swede Plain Cemetery
W164  Weaverling         Polk Cemetery
W160  Weber              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
W160  Weber              Stromsburg Cemetery
W160  Weber              Osceola Cemetery
W123  Webster            Wesley Chapel Cemetery
W123  Webster            Pleasant Home Cemetery
W123  Webster            Osceola Cemetery
W350  Weeden             Osceola Cemetery
W260  Weiser             Osceola Cemetery
W260  Weiser             Shelby Cemetery
W230  Weist              Swede Plain Cemetery
W420  Welch              Osceola Cemetery
W534  Wendell            Stromsburg Cemetery
W630  Werth              Polk Cemetery
W230  Wescoat            Osceola Cemetery
W230  West               Osceola Cemetery
W230  West               Shelby Cemetery
W230  West               Wesley Chapel Cemetery
W231  Westberg           Stromsburg Cemetery
W235  Westenius          Stromsburg Cemetery
W236  Westerdale         Stromsburg Cemetery
W235  Westman            Swede Plain Cemetery
W236  Westring           Swede Home Cemetery
W400  Whaley             Osceola Cemetery
W350  Wheaton            Polk Cemetery
W460  Wheeler            Polk Cemetery
W460  Wheeler            Stromsburg Cemetery
W460  Wheeler            Osceola Cemetery
W326  Whitacre           Polk Cemetery
W300  White              Osceola Cemetery
W300  White              Shelby Cemetery
W330  Whitehead          Osceola Cemetery
W352  Whiting            Blue Ridge Cemetery
W356  Whitmore           Shelby Cemetery
W630  Wiard              Wesley Chapel Cemetery
W216  Wickberg           Stromsburg Cemetery
W245  Wicklund           Stromsburg Cemetery
W316  Widberg            Stromsburg Cemetery
W350  Widen              Stromsburg Cemetery
W320  Widga              Stromsburg Cemetery
W320  Widga              Swede Plain Cemetery
W255  Wieseman           Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
W255  Wieseman           Osceola Cemetery
W210  Wikoff             Osceola Cemetery
W422  Wilcox             Beulah Cemetery
W422  Wilcox             Osceola Cemetery
W463  Willard            Blue Ridge Cemetery
W432  Willets            Stromsburg Cemetery
W452  Williams           Polk Cemetery
W452  Williams           Osceola Cemetery
W452  Williams           Blue Ridge Cemetery
W452  Williams           Osceola St. Vincent Ferrer Cemetery
W452  Williams           Stromsburg Cemetery
W452  Williams           Hoffer (Wayland) Cemetery 
W420  Willis             Shelby Cemetery
W432  Willits            LaClede Cemetery
W432  Willits            Polk Cemetery
W420  Wills              Shelby Cemetery
W425  Wilson             Valley German Methodist Church Cemetery 
W425  Wilson             Osceola Cemetery
W425  Wilson             Stromsburg Cemetery
W425  Wilson             Blue Ridge Cemetery
W425  Wilson             Swede Plain Cemetery
W425  Wilson             Shelby Cemetery
W425  Wilson             Polk Cemetery
W535  Windham            Osceola Cemetery
W524  Winslow            Blue Ridge Cemetery
W524  Winslow            Osceola Cemetery
W240  Wisely             Osceola Cemetery
W240  Wisely             Beulah Cemetery
W326  Wittgren           Stromsburg Cemetery
W162  Woberg             Osceola Cemetery
W414  Woelfel            Pleasant Home Cemetery
W410  Wolf               Osceola Cemetery
W410  Wolf               Blue Ridge Cemetery
W410  Wolfe              Osceola Cemetery
W452  Wolniczek          Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
W452  Wolniczek          Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
W512  Wombacher          Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
W320  Woods              Stromsburg Cemetery
W363  Woodworth          Stromsburg Cemetery
W460  Woolery            Polk Cemetery
W635  Worden             Blue Ridge Cemetery
W623  Worrest            Osceola Cemetery
W623  Wright             Polk Cemetery
W623  Wright             Stromsburg Cemetery
W623  Wright             Osceola Cemetery
W623  Wurst              Osceola Cemetery
Y350  Ydeen              Swede Home Cemetery
Y350  Yden               LaClede Cemetery
Y435  Yeltman            Osceola Cemetery
Y550  Yeoman             Blue Ridge Cemetery
Y550  Yoeman             Beulah Cemetery
Y552  Youmans            Osceola Cemetery
Y520  Young              Shelby Cemetery
Y520  Young              Polk Cemetery
Y523  Youngdahl          Osceola Cemetery
Y526  Younger            Beulah Cemetery
Y526  Younger            Fairview Cemetery 
Y524  Youngland          Stromsburg Cemetery
Y524  Younglund          Stromsburg Cemetery
Y522  Youngquist         Stromsburg Cemetery
Y523  Yungdahl           Osceola Cemetery
Z520  Zang               Osceola Cemetery
Z326  Zedicher           Shelby Cemetery
Z326  Zedicher           Osceola Cemetery
Z425  Zelasney           St. Andrew's  Cemetery No 2
Z425  Zelasney           St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
Z246  Zigler             Beulah Cemetery
Z565  Zimmerman          St. Andrew's  Cemetery No 2
Z565  Zimmerman          Osceola Cemetery
Z160  Zipper             St. Mary's Church Cemetery (Pilzno)
Z320  Zitek              Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
Z560  Zohner             Shelby Sacred Heart Cemetery
Z462  Zollars            Shelby Cemetery

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