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Polk Cemetery

SEI/4 SE1/4 15-13-4

The Polk Cemetery was originally known as Shiloh Cemetery, and later as the Cooper Cemetery. The articles of incorporation are dated January 22, 1880. The first lots were sold tor $5.00. The first board members were; L.H. Cohoon pres., A.R. Benjamin, James Honess, and J.C. Eckles were trustees. Orvin W. Barnes was paid $4.00 for surveying and plotting the ground. ln 1917 the name was changed from Shiloh to Polk Cemetery.

The present members of the cemetery board are; Harold Carlson - pres., Paul W. Stevens vice pres., Norris Alfred - sec., Mrs. Glenn Stevens - treas., trustees; Rolland Stromberg, Glenn Stevens, Arlo Stevens, Paul Stevens, and Gerald R. Stevens.

Alfred, Olof F., b1875; d1958
Alfred, Sigrid L., b1880; d19?
Banghart, Ada L., b1858; d1929
Banghart, Albert, b1887; d1927
Banghart, Gracie A., b1883; d1886
Banghart, Jesse E., b1878; d1886
Banghart, Phillip, b1809; d1884
Banghart, William H., b1845; d1894
Bayer, Helen, b1906; d197?
Bayer, Lee, b1905; d1971
Beardsley, Calvin, b5-1-1832; d2-3-1885
Beardsley, John V., b4-30-1864; d4-17-1951
Beardsley, Margaret, b1837; d1897
Beardsley, Sarah E., b1-20-1870; d1-22-1947
Benjamin, Addie H., b10-6-1883; d6-8-1972
Benjamin, Albert R., b1843; d1908
Benjamin, Alice J., b11-11-1845; d9-6-1935
Benjamin, Arthur C., b4-7-1883; d2-3-1963
Benjamin, Fitch C., b5-31-1877; d10-10-1941
Binford, Bertha, b2-7-1884; d3-20-1969
Binford, Joseph A., b1860; d1939
Binford, Lilhe Aubry, b7-6-1872; d11-5-1944
Binford, Walter A., b9-21-1891; d7-13-1967
Branting, Hulda E., b1901; d1968
Branting, lva D., b1895; di951
Branting, Willard C., b12-11-1917; d2-4-1946
Brewer, Walter V., b4-8-1881; d9-11-1881
Brock, Charlotte, b1-20-1853; d7-20-1926
Brock, Clara Belle, b2-19-1882; d4-23-1937
Brock, Erank P, b12-9-1853; d9-12-1932
Burritts Cora Bell, b1868; d1940
Burrows, D.R., b1856; d1942
Bush, Dewey, b1898; d1918
Bush, George, b1885; d1952
Bush, Infant son, b?; d2-13-1946
Bush, John, b11-18-1842; d12-13-1909
Bush, Mary E., b10-18-1848; d12-19-1911
Bush, Melvin John Edward, b10-22-1920; d12-12-1928
Bush, Walter, b1888; d1974
Bush, William, b11-15-1875; d8-4-1896
Campbell, Lillian Hurd, b1872; d1947
Campbell, William H., b1862; d1949
Carey, Esther L., b1901; d1918
Carlson, Andy L., b1873; d1964
Carlson, Anna J., b1887; d1939
Carlson, Clifford K., b10-26-1915; d4-7-1962
Carlson, Esther E., b1912; d1953
Chamberlain, M.G., b6-15-1810; d6-15-1874
Clark, Earl E., b12-27-1888; d2-9-1973
Clark, Ruth C., b9-27-1824; d4-17-1883
Cohagan, Jonathan, b1869; d1946
Cohagan, Laura F., b1872; d1946
Cohoon, Edith, b5-1-1880; d7-1-1881
Conger, Infant of I.N., b?; d4-16-1911
Cooper, James N., b1853; dlO-1874
Coover, Edgar C., b1896; d1972
Cummings, Bert, b1883; d1950
Cummings, Emma Jones, b10-25-1854; d10-8-1929
Cummings, James R., b1911; dl924
Cummings, Lydia 0., b1887; d1967
Dahlin, Anna C., b1894; d1960
Darrow, Benjamin A., b1874; d1954
Darrow, Lowell E., b1-l-l910; d5-10-1910
Dawkings, Ritta Bush, b1882; d1966
Dissmeyer, Lydonia, b7-31-1909; d5-19-1940
Donley, Dora, b1877; d1959
Donley, John P., b9-11-1873; d8-5-1890
Donley, Mike, b1876; d1956
Dornburgh, Abram, b7-24-1843; d8-6-1929
Dornburgh, Maria, b11-14-1848; d1-30-1928
Dover, Albert DeWitt, b11-22-1863; d5-31-1938
Dover, Albert Ray, b2-1-1889; d1-23-1908
Dover, Lilly A., b5-15-1865; d3-3-1942
Dusenberry, Amanda, b9-3-1848; d3-20-1884
Eckles, Clyde, b5-8-1881; d9-5-1883
Eckles, Ida A., b1858; d1919
Ehn, Alvin M., b6-23-1909; d12-20-1962
Ehn, Anna L., b2-7-1847; d4-20-1938
Ehn, Anna M., b1890; d1973
Ehn, Charlie R., b10-5-1877; d5-23-1965
Ehn, Christina E., b3-8-1879; d4-20-1916
Ehn, G. Emil, b1875; d1954
Ehn, Gust Adolf, b1885; d1945
Ehn, Helen, b1887; d1930
Ehn, Henning, b8-8-1873; d3-13-1947
Ehn, John G., b5-4-1848; d2-6-1920
Ehn, Levina, b1-4-1904; d1-4-1904
Ehn, Martin, b10-24-1924; d12-231924 
Ehn, Mildred, b1920; d1969 
Ehn, Paul R., b1906; d1924 
Ehn, Roy E., b3-10-1905; d4-31-1905 
Finnell, Alice Hahn, b1903; d1957
Fitch, Daniel W., b10-18-1850; d3-21-1879
Foe, Charies H. Rev., b4-2-1874; d2-181944
Folden, Arne 0. Rev. b1-10-1904; d2-8-1958
Fulleton, H., b?; d?
Garretson, Dora Jane, b1852; d1942
Garretson, Francis Marion, b1846; d1937
Garretson, Frank Clinton, b1885; d1919
Gestrine, F. Severt, b1896; d1918
Gestrine, Hulda A., b4-5-1874; d9-20-1962
Gestrine, John, b2-14-1858; d7-1-1929
Gestrine, John E., b1-29-1901; d9-20-1969
Gestrine, Walter D., b 3-1O-1911; d4-20-1962
Goethe, Edith M., b2-121884; d1-17-1952
Goethe, Ross W., b4-29-1884; d6-27-1944
Green, Clyde H., b1888; d1945
Green, Elsie M., b9-3-1870; d6-10-1955
Green, F. Mamie, b1890; d1944
Green, Glen G., b1884; d1960
Green, James, b12-24-1839; d6-4-1915
Green, James S.C., b8-29-1868; d1-18-1947
Green, Lena E., b2-22-1879; d21-1956
Green, Sarah P., b12-18-1845; d9-10-1917
Green, Walter, b1886; d1967
Green, William E., b6-15-1875; d3-9-1950
Guenther, Arbor Scott, b4-14-1886; d4-8-1952
Guenther, Hazel Dover, b10-16-1890; d3-24-1967
Gustafson, Chauncey, b1888; d1973
Gustatson, Nola, b1901; d1974
Gustafson, Oscar, b1895; d1960
Hahn, Anna Elaine, b10-26-1920; d12-13-1920
Hahn, Ezerah, b8-9-1831; d5-26-1905
Hahn, Freeman J., b4-10-1865; d3-1-1942
Hahn, Laura A., b9-27-1856; d44-1930
Hahn, Lloyd W., b1905; d1963
Hahn, Lorena, b1-1-1826; d4-27-1910
Halleck, Abba, b11-13-1810; d3-5-1879
Halleck, Addison W., b1852; d1933
Halleck, Ida May, b1856; d1932
Halleck, Milo E., b4-13-1880; d10-3-1881
Haney, Charles H., b10-28-1915; d11-14-1915
Haney, George W., b1871; d1949
Haney, Grace M., b1881; d1950
Haney, Joseph E., b7-30-1900; d8-17-1902
Harless, Charles, b1875; d1915
Harless, Infant, b?; d8-8-1898
Harless, Maynard S., b10-8-1922; d2-9-1924
Harless, Sylvester J., b5-25-1879; d6-30-1965
Hill, Anna M., b3-23-1878; d8-27-1927
Hill, C. Wayne, b10-29-1872; d7-5-1971
Hill, Clarence G., b6-21-1868; d2-9-1923
Hill, Edith A., b1-19-1871; d2-20-1958
Hill, Merton V., b6-25-1872; d9-7-1951
Hill, Sadie C., b7-15-1886; d5-31-1955
Hill, William Wayne, b?; d1935
Hoffer, Charlie C.. b1884; d1966
Horn, F. L., b6-16-1836; d9-3-1918
Horn, Infant son of F.L., b?; d9-1-1878
Horn, Lucy A., b4-29-1842; d2-3-1906
Hurd, Dana A., b1881; d1949
Hurd, Eld Nelson, b9-5-1816; d3-23-1896
Hurd, John N., b3-8-1845; d11-l9-1909
Hurd, Mary J., b1-1-1845; d2-19-1926
Hurd, Nettie A., b1884; d1934
Hurd, Sylvia Decker, b8-14-1819; d11-30-1893
Hurd, Willie, b7-28-1883; d10-28-1884
Infant dau. of Frank and Charlott, b?; d?
Jack, Clifford G., b10-13-1883; d1-23-1947
Jack, Jennie P., b8-5-1880; d1-12-1966
Jackson, Gerald Arnold, b12-8-1910; d3-28-1911
Johnson, Anna, b1868; d1894
Johnson, Frank S., b1-1-1856; d2-3-1880
Johnson, George Henry, b6-8-1868; d11-2-1915
Jones, Caroline M., b3-26-1883; d11-5-1884
Jones, Father,b4-18-1851; dll-10-1941
Jones, Infant dau. of S.H., b1895; d1895
Jones, Mother, b8-22-1859; d8-16-1917
Jones, William R., b1884; d1949
Kahler, Birdie E., b1877; d1965
Kahler, Louis A., b1875; d1932
Kenaston, Eli R., b2-16-1877; d3-28-1879
Kenaston, Evan J., b5-29-1879; d12-17-1903
Klone, Mary E., b1859; d1944
Knowles, Bernice, b1-16-1912; d8-9-1916
Knowles, Charles, b12-10-1872; d3-20-1902
Knowles, Chauncey B., b1874; d1926
Knowles, Donald Francis, b1-16-1912; d10-17-1914
Knowles, Hermond S., b4-1-1877; d10-9-1879
Knowles, John G., b2-21-1851; d2-5-1920
Knowles, Lillian S., b1877; d1925
Knowles, Sarah K., b4-4-1853; d6-23-1913
Krader, Alvin 0., b11-13-1876; d6-26-1935
Krader, Amanda, b1853; d1935
Krader, Samuel, b1843; d1933
Kulper, George Ervin, b1885; d1948
Larkin, John A., Rev., b11-13-1840; d5-3-1912
Larkin, Mary M., b10-13-1845; d5-18-1919
Leffler, Henry, b1813; d1915
Leffler, Nancy Jane, b1-11-1830; d1-11-1899
Lewis, Albert M., b?; d4-23-1903
Lewis, Father, b12-2-1828; d4-9-1891
Lewis, Martha 0., b3-3-1855; d3-13-1920
Lewis, Mary Etta, b1879; d1923
Lewis, Mother, b12-23-1830; d12-30-1913
Lewis, Walter J., b1882; d1928
Lewis, William B., b12-8-1852; d4-23-1911
Lowe, Max, b1927; d1933
McClure, James C., b7-14-1936; d7-14-1936
McClure, Joseph C., b1870; d1952
McClure, Mary L., b1875; dl956
McConnell, Dick, b11-9-1862; dl0-18-1931
McConnell, Ida, b3-14-1867; d2-19-1942
McConnell, Infant Son, b?; d11-9-1920
Magnuson, Hazel M., b10-29-l9l3; d8-l9-l9l4
Main, Adrian K., b9-19-1869; d9-28-1951
Main, Esther J., b5-11-1879; d7-20-1951
Mason, Louie E., b2-30-1877; d5-2-1877
Mason, Newton E., b9-3-1888; d11-lO-l888
May, Ethel, b?; d7-28-1880
Mayo, Emma Wamick, b10-28-1875; d2-22-1957
Moore, Rae M, b9-11-1887; d11-26-1965
Nelson, August, b?; d1887
Nelson, Edwin G., b1897; d1941
Nelson, Nellie Harless, b1878; d1960
Noble, Edith M., b1890; d1973
Noble, Ross C., b1884; d1964
Oberg, Lloyd M., b1896; d1967
Olson, Esther E., b6-9-1893; d9-21-1963
Olson, Walter, b6-15-1884; d5-27-1971
Ostberg, Marie Ruth, b?; d9-7-1950
Pence, Joseph, b2-21-1830; d3-21-1879
Petersen, Bennie S., b3-11-1896; d10-20-1970
Petersen, Julius E. R., b7-1-1861; d6-17-1946
Petersen, Marcus E., b1-5-1894; d3-4-1964
Petersen, Vena B., b6-24-1867; d6-14-1955
Peterson, Alfred A., b1842; d1924
Peterson, Emma, b1874; d1896
Peterson, Ervan D., b1881; dl905
Peterson, Frank b1869; d1933
Peterson, Infant son of F.E., b6-27-1902; d7-18-1902
Peterson, Jessie, b1878; dl968
Peterson, Lydia V., b 11-4-1896; d8-11-1970
Peterson, Mae, b1899; d1946
Peterson, Matilda, b1841; d1926
Peterson, Ralph L. Dr., b4-1-1888; d5-17-1958
Pollock, Gretchenh, b1915; d1922
Purdy, Anna A., b9-15-1853; d9-28-1885
Putman, Catharine, b3-7-1858; d3-5-1931
Putman, Grandma, b?; d?
Putman, Horace, b7-20-1845; d4-24-1895
Putman, Lorance, b2-11-1894; d3-20-1895
Putman, R. B., b1876; d1951
Reed, Eliza F., b8-18-1867; d11-27-1891
Reed, Son of L.V., b9-21-1898; d3-13-1899
Rodine, Amanda E., b1866; d1936
Rodine, Charles G., b1862; d1941
Rodine, Clarence 0., b1895; d1970
Rolf, Charles F., b1866 d1925
Rolf, Herman W., b1901; d1904
Rolf, Olive M., b1878; d1951
Samuelson, Emil E., b1882; d1950
Samuelson, Josephine A., b1883; d1973
Sawyer, E. A., b1874; d1958
Sawyer, Emma 0., b1871; d1923
Sealey, Edmund Ross, b1-18-1887; d10-18-1899
Sealey, Ida Sophia, b1884; d1927
Sealey, James T., b6-7-1847; d3-11-1934
Sealey, John, b1-25-1801; d10-28-1881
Sealey, Luanna, b7-5-1857; d5-3-1916
Sealey, Mary A., b1-25-1812; d11-6-1885
Sealey, Opal Irene, b1915; d1918
Sedan, Audrey, b1911; d1911
Sedan, James A., b1870; d1962
Sedan, Suzanna R., b1874; d1952
Shenk, Candage A., b10-14-1855; d3-26-1932
Shenk, Ford Scott, b1880; dl951 
Shenk, Guy F., b1902; dl972
Shenk, Lawrence Keith, b1-30-l958; dl-30-l958
Shenk, Maude D., b1882; d1962
Shenk, Newton 1., b6-20-1840; d12-9-1928
Shenk, Rita Dawn, b12-11-1956; d6-17-1966
Smith, Atwell F. Rev., b4-25-1869; d8-20-1948
Spear, Ira L., b2-27-1880; d12-31-1954
Spear, Lovey J., b4-13-1879; d3-1-1940
Spear, Orville, b9-13-1906; d7-29-1933
Stevens, Archie C., b9-2-1903; d10-10-1967
Stevens, Bertha E., b1897; d1902
Stevens, Clyde A., b1899; d1935
Stevens, Elsie M., b1901; d1974
Stevens, Florence M., b1872; d1932
Stevens, Infant, b?; d12-16-1879
Stevens, lnfant dau. of W., b1895; d1895
Stevens, James E., b1-4-1847; d6-15-1880
Stevens, Jamier Edmund, b12-29-1880; d3-27-1948
Stevens, Julia E., b3-25-1850; d7-5-1905
Stevens, Julie E., b1896; d1896
Stevens, Kendall Clyde, b?; d9-7-1954
Stevens, Lillian, b9-27-1877; d6-22-1890
Stevens, Mabel F., b1-30-1881; d11-11-1971
Stevens, Mildred, b?; d6-25-1926
Stevens, Margaret (twins), b?; d6-25-1926
Stevens, Ruth Elaine, b5-2-1923; d5-28-1948
Stevens, Signe Charlotte, b7-13-1881; d6-17-1963
Stevens, Theodore A., b8-10-1872; d6-26-1952
Stevens, William A., b1870; d1952
Streeter, Lewis, b7-20-1880; d12-24-1881
Stromberg, Josephine, b11-1-1884; d2-19-1931
Stromberg, Oscar H., b8-25-1879; d2-21-1947
Stromberg, Wallace, b2-19-1913; d7-27-1930
Sundberg, Albert E., b3-2-1883; d8-20-1966
Sundberg, Andrew F., b3-23-1870; d8-6-1931
Sundberg, Anna, b1873; d1896
Sundberg, Anna, b8-10-1855; d3-22-1932
Sundberg, Evelyn Mae, b3-20-1920; d3-20-1920
Sundberg, Henry, b1-6-1856; d2-12-1922
Talbot, Absolom 0., b1-28-1852; d3-2-1925
Talbot, Charles F., b1-21-1877; d6-7-1903
Talbot, Gooly E., b1-17-1818; d4-23-1891
Talbot, Margaret B., b11-8-1857; d12-10-1935
Talbot, Merton E., b2-12-1901; d1-8-1909
Thesing, Infant, b1-29-1908; d2-2-1908
Tinker, G. W., b4-4-1865; d4-21- 1947
Tinker, Laura K., b12-4-1861; dll-22-1931
Troyer, Berniece Adelia, b11-20-1905; d8-16-1907
Vanhorn, Catharine, b10-22-1827; d6-11-1899
Vanhorn, Frances Anna, b9-29-1857; d6-30-1866
Vanhorn, John, b4-18-1818; d7-17-1894
Vanhorn, Joseph, b1-24-1850; d4-29-1850
Vanhorn, Katie, b?; d?
Vanhorn, Kate Kansas, b11-21-1854; d9-28-1856
Vanhorn, Katie Maud, b1-20-1874; d1-12-1876
Vincent, Clarence L., b1886; d1973
Waggoner, Blanche E., b 1881; d 1961
Waggoner, Doris, b1925; d1928
Waggoner, Eld Isaiah, b1835; d1916
Waggoner, Ella M., b1866; d1936
Waggoner, Isaiah, b1879; d1899
Waggoner, Joseph S., b1874; d1944
Waggoner, M. Emma, b1871; dl932
Waggoner, Malden, b 1860; d1923
Waggoner, Phebe, b 1842; d1919
Waggoner, Reason, b1866; d1946
Walden, Ellis V., b1898; d1974
Warnick, Charles A., b1883; d1966
Warnick, Elizabeth, b2-13-1850; d4-19-1931
Warnick, Leonard C., b1-14-1919; d6-7-1970
Warnick, Lenora F'., b1888; d1964
Warnick, William P., b11-1-1847; d1-15-1919
Weaverling, Millard F., b2-17-1856; d9-15-1914
Werth, Nancy .lean, b7-26-1951; d1-28-l95l
Wheaton, Amanda, b11-23-1802; d11-23-1877
Wheeler, David (Infant), b?, d
Wheeler, David, b1-23-1848; d9-23-1874
Whitacre, Horace G., b1885; d1957
Williams, Frank Rev., b1884; d1924
Willits, Clair H., b1884; d1969
Willits, Glenn A., b1871; d1963
Willits, Horace, b7-28-1839; d1-28-1918
Willits, Lenora A., b1874; dl971
Willits, Lytle (Infant), b?; d8-3-1876
Willits, Mary E., b10-3-1846; d9-30-1939
Wilson, Clarence W., b4-1889; d8-1889
Wilson, Frank, b5-8-1890; d7-21-1890
Wilson, Johannah B., b1-7-1864; d6-25-1913
Wilson, Julia A., b1885; d1956
Wilson, Nelson, b1881; d1940
Woolery, Minnie M., b?; d9-6-1877
Wright, George A., b1891; d1970
Wright, Mervin E., b10-3-1915; d1-21-1917
Young, Nathaniel R., b8-1-1865; d10-3-1884

LaClede Cemetery - Polk, Nebraska

SWI/4 SW1/4 9-13 4

The LaClede Cemetery was organized in 1895. The present board members are; Ronald Sarow, pres., Mrs. Grant Willits - sec., and M. G. Lindburg- treas.

Anderson, Alfred John, b1860; d1940
Anderson, Anna Sophia, b1858; d1927
Anderson, Edick, b-; d-
Anderson, Edith, b-; d1965
Anderson, Elmer J., b1894; d19l5
Anderson, Florence O., b1900; d1947
Anderson, Pearl, b-; d-
Ang, Andrew August, b1871; d1939
Ang, Sanford Mclaffer, b-; d1918
Ang, Sterling Bartle, b-; d1916
Becker, Earl August, age 50
Beckman, Arnold S., b1879;d1931
Beckman, Christina, b1853; d1929
Beckman, Infant, b-;d1905
Beckman, Lewis E., b1847; d1932
Beckman, Marie Sophia, b1874; d1942
Branting, Anna, b1869; d1902
Branting, Clarence, b1896; d1920
Branting, Jennie, b1877; d1907
Branting, Maurice, b1920; d1921
Branting, Nels Peter, b1863; d1917
Coordes, Alvina L., b 1864; d1947
Coordes, Harm M., b1853; d1913
Drewel, Edwin F., b-; d1960
Englund, Theo. Emil, b1882; d1939
Hoerth, Eva, b1870; d1935
Howard, John, bl859; d1927
Johnson, Albertina A., b1882; d1920
Johnson, Augusta A., b1860; d1914
Johnson, Bessie Lenora, b1909; d1929
Johnson, Carrie, b1871; d1951
Johnson, Edwin F., b1874; d1951
Johnson, Fredrick, b 185 9; d 1940
Johnson, Harold H., b1905; d1927
Johnson, Kenneth Duane, b-; d1933
Johnson, Martin Theo, b1907; d1936
Johnson, Nels Gustaf, b1860; d1931
Killian, Richard, b-; d1943
Krier, Nicholas, b1880; d1931
Krier, Hattie, b1867; d1936
Larson, Peter T., b1858; d1928
Lawhead, Betty Louis (Infant), b-; d1933
Lindburg, Amil Gustaf, b1865; d1946
Lindburg, Ann Charlotte, b1839; d1919
Lindburg, Archie C., b1886; dl932
Lindburg, Charley H., b1859; d1933
Lindburg, Edward A., b1876; dl899
Lindburg, Eleanor, b1892; d1919
Lindburg, Gustaf, b1832; d1907
Lindburg, Harold, b1886; d1931
Lindburg, Johanna, b1858; d1869
Lindburg, Joseph A., b-; dl880
Lindburg, Josephine Rose, b1870; d1957
Lindburg, Louisa E., b1866; d1935
Lindburg, Marie, b1894; d1917
Lindburg, Marie, b1897; d1918
Lindburg, Sophia, b1885; d1923
Lindburg, William A., b1862; d1934
Lindburg, William Dresdan, b1916; d1946
Miller, Annie, b1892; dl938
Miller, Charles W. Jr., b1917; d1934
Miller, Charley W., b1874; d1952
Miller, Louise Jane, b-; d1915
Miller, Sarah Jane, b1841; d1914
Miller, William H., b1843; d1899
Moline, Charley E., b1864; d1932
Moline, Erncst E., b1898; d1908
Moline, Hilda Marie, b1868; d1960
Moline, Infant, b-; d-
Moline, Infant, b-; d-
Moline, Ivan R., b1906; d1936
Myers, Ellen Tipton, b1842; d1920
Myers, Donald (Infant), b-; d1925
Nelson, Elsie Laura, b1891, d1929
Palm, Rev. Andrew Fredrick, b1837; dl919
Palm, Sophia Christine, b1838; d1927
Parker, Ina, b1907, d1919
Parker, Ina Belle, age 32
Parker, Sterling Lewis, b1874; d1957
Peterson, Bengt,b1823; d1912
Peterson, Mrs. Bengt, b1823; d1903
Peterson, Emil O., b1878; d1923
Peterson, Floyd Russel, b-; d-
Peterson, Freda O., b1886; d1949
Peterson, Peter J., b1848; d1917
Ramage, Huldah J., b1838; d1913
Ramage, Joseph A.. b1823; d1910
Rudeen, Ronald Lee, b1933; d1937
Willits, Grant, b-; d-
Yden, John, b-; d-

Pleasant Home Cemetery - Polk, Nebraska (p272)

NW1/4 and NE1/4 32-13-3

The Pleasant Home Cemetery was founded in October 30, 1879, by O.W. Barnes, G.N. Folker.L. Rimbeilb, Thomas M. Skelton, S.C. Davis, J.L. Darrow, Isaiah Lutz, S D. Darea and L.Kimball. The land was surveyed by O.W. Barnes, the county surveyor, on September 20, 1899

A.D.D., b?; d?
Baby, b?; d12-15-1881
Barber, M., b?; d?
Barnes, O.W., b?; d?
Bowlby, Mary E., b1843; d1927
Bowlby, Samuel, b8-1-1846; d12-13-1882
Bowlby, William, b?; d?
Brazee, C.F., b?; d?
Bridget, J.C., b?; d?
Burton, C.P., b?; d?
Burton, Sarah P., b5-2-1842; d8-8-1877
Calhoun, M., b?, d?
Carney, S.B., b?; d?
Collison, J.S., b?; d?
Connell, J., b?; d?
Darrow, J. L., b?; d?
Darrow, Justus D., b5-16-1843; d12-31-1921
Darrow, Mary A., b2-8-1867; d10-23-1873
Darrow, Sarah J., b5-17-1843; d7-29-1913
Davis, Greeley H., b8-7-1854; d8-26-1905
Davis, Lena E., b11-14-1879; d7-19-1880
Davis, Mary Louisa, b1-13-1861; d9-29-1906
Davis, S.C., b?; d?
Deshay, James C., b5-21-1873; d12-3-1886
Doremus, Baby, b12-25-1912; d1-10-1913
Doremus, Charles H., b9-23-1866; d2-13-1952
Doremus, Christopher J., b3-5-1832; d6-20-1910
Doremus, Clara E. Cochran, b1-4-1875; d6-11-1895
Doremus, Edith M., b7-2-1887; d8-6-1919
Doremus, Floyd L., b2-7-1894; d6-17-1895
Doremus, Infant, b1-15-1895; d5-26-1895
Doremus, John M., b11-15-1863; d8-3-1908
Doremus, John W., b4-9-1894; d8-6-1895
Doremus, Margrette J., b6-10-1839; d3-11-1917
Dritzlora, J.H., b?; d?
Fetters, W.H., b?; d?
Folker, G.N., b?; d?
Harless, Jacob, b?; d?
Honeycut, J., b?; d?
Jenkins, J.P., b?, d?
Jenkins, Lube J., b6-22-1880; d6-22-1882
Johnson, Gus, b?; d?
Johnson, Harriet A., b1858; d1918
Kimball, Abbigill, b12-3-1809; d12-3-1878
Kimball, J., b?; d?
Ludwig,George L.,b?; dll-21-1900
Lutz, Connie, b11-19-1874; d11-19-1874
Lutz, Isaiah, b?; d?
Lutz, Willie Roy, b11-13-1885; d7-15-1886
M.A.D., b?; d?
Maybee, Adaline D., b7-29-1855; d12-29-187
Moore, l.G., b?; d?
Nickell, J., b?; d?
Oaks, Amanda, b?; d?
Reichard, G., b?; d?
Roberts, Jesse, b7-25-1846; d4-28-1875
Scott, H.W., b?; d?
Sidwell, Mrs. E., b?; d?
Skelton, J. M., b?; d?
Smith, Mary A., b1-14-1883; d6-14-1892
Swalley, W., b?; d?
Webster, C.J., b?; d?
Woelfel, Chloea, b1-15-1887; d12-8-1911

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