Phelps County Nebraska Gazetteer Farmer's Directory 1890-1891

1890 - 1891

Wolfe's Gazetteer Farmer's Directory of Phelps County, Nebraska

Originally Published by:
Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publisher, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890.
Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by M. M. Wolfe & Co,
in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

Surnames are listed alphabetically followed by their town of residence.


Holdrege - County Seal


Abrahamson John, Wilcox.
Ahl Chas P, Holdrege.
Ahlstrom Rosetta, Wilcox.
Akerson Adolf, Wilcox
Akerson Gust, Wilcox
Alveen S M, Bertrand.
Anderson A, Holdrege
Anderson A, Loomis.
Anderson AJ, Holdrege.
Anderson A M, Holdrege.
Anderson Andrew, Loomis.
Anderson A P, Axtell.
Anderson A P, Holdrege.
Anderson Aug, Funk.
Anderson A W, Funk.
Anderson B, Hayden.
Anderson C A, Phelps.
Anderson Carl, Funk.
Anderson Chas, Bertrand.
Anderson C J, Axtell.
Anderson Emil, Loomis.
Anderson Geo T, Ragan.
Anderson Gust, Holdrege.
Anderson Gustav, Holdrege.
Anderson J B, Hayden.
Anderson John, Holdrege.
Anderson John W, Holdrege.
Anderson Jonas, Holdrege.
Anderson J P, Hayden.
Anderson L M, Phelps.
Anderson M E, Holdrege.
Anderson Nels, Funk.
Anderson Nels, Westmark.
Anderson Nils, Funk.
Anderson N J, Bertrand.
Anderson N L, Holdrege.
Anderson P, Westmark.
Anderson P A, Holdrege.
Anderson Peter, Holdrege.
Anderson P G, Holdrege.
Anderson Swan, Phelps.
Andres Adam, Overton.
Armstrong Adam, Holdrege.
Armstrong R G, Holdrege.
Arnold Geo A, Hayden.
Arnold Jas E, Hayden.
Arvidson Wm, Bertrand.
Asp Chas, Holdrege.
Aspeline Chas, Holdrege.
Backman S P, Holdrege.
Bahr Aug, Wilcox.
Bahr L C, Holdrege.
Baker Peter, Loomis.
Bayout O B, Williamsburgh.
Banning H P, Loomis,
Baptist J W, Holdrege.
Baptist Sam, Holdrege.
Barber H O, Holdrege.
Barnes Geo N, Holdrege.
Bartlett B, Holdrege.
Basten C V, Kearney.
Batie Wm J, Overton.
Bayley James, Bertrand.
Been V B, Atlanta.
Bell T G, Holdrege.
Bengson Peter, Westmark.
Bennett Delia, Holdrege.
Benson D J, Axtell.
Benson Gilbert, Loomis.
Berglund John, Wilcox.
Berglund Jno E, Phelps.
Bergman Jno. Loomis.
Bergquist S G, Westmark.
Bergstrom J A, Sacramento.
Bets W O, Axtell.
Billinger F, Holdrege.
Birbeck J, Romeyn.
Bjorklund Axel, Bertrand.
Bjorklund Peter, Holdrege.
Bjorkman Charlotte, Phelps.
Black R s, Holdrege.
Blom John, Holdrege.
Blomstrom O, Holdrege.
Bloom John, Loomis.
Bloomquist Aaron, Phelps.
Bloomquist A E, Loomis.
Bonser Ed, Bertrand.
Bonser F M, Bertrand.
Bonser T W, Wilcox.
Bonser W R, Hayden.
Borg J A, Funk.
Borg S A, Funk.
Borgeson A, Holdrege.
Borjeson A C, Holdrege.
Borge Carl, Fraser.
Bowen M E, Hayden.
Bowers Franklin, Bertrand.
Boyer D F, Overton.
Bradley Chas. Holdrege.
Bragg John N, Phelps.
Bragg John O, Phelps.
Bragg N P, Phelps.
Braga N P, Fraser.
Brant H L, Atlanta.
Brant J N, Atlanta.
Broberg John, Bertrand.
Brodeen B B, Holdrege.
Brodin P A, Westmark.
Brooks F, Phelps.
Brown John, Holdrege.
Brunsell Andrew, Loomis.
Burrell Wm, Romeyn,
Burger L, Holdrege.
Cain Henry, Holdrege.
Calson A J, Holdrege.
Canner E H, Holdrege.
Carlson A F, Phelps.
Carlson Alex, Holdrege.
Carlson Andr. Phelps.
Carlson C E, Bertrand.
Carlson Chas C, Axtell.
Carlson C J, Bertrand.
Carlson C J, Holdrege.
Carlson C L, Phelps.
Carlson C P, Wilcox.
Carlson J A, Phelps.
Carlson Jonas A, Holdrege.
Carlson Jno O, Bertrand.
Carlson L A, Bertrand.
Carlson Mathilda, Overton.
Carlson N P, Fraser,
Carlson Oscar, Fraser.
Carlson, Otto A, Bertrand.
Carlson Peter, Wilcox.
Carlson Saml, Holdrege.
Carlson S P, Holdrege.
Carr L G, Overton.
Carpenter A, Bertrand.
Case D M, Atlanta.
Case E E, Atlanta.
Casey H S, Loomis.
Casswell H W, Loomis.
Chapin J C, Loomis.
Charlston C M, Loomis.
Charlston G R, Westmark.
Cheline N J, Holdrege.
Chew A H, Holdrege.
Christianson A, Sacramento.
Christianson C M, Holdrege.
Clay A C, Holdrege.
Clay C N, Holdrege.
Clay James, Holdrege.
Cobb M, Funk.
Cobb Moses, Holdrege.
Cobb O M, Holdrege.
Colton John, Atlanta.
Compton J H, Holdrege.
Conaway C W, Romeyn.
Cook Geo W, Hayden.
Cort D D, Holdrege.
Coulter E, Holdrege.
Cowdry Geo, Williamsburgh
Coy W T, Sacramento.
Crandall A B, Overton.
Crandall Geo C, Overton.
Crawford W J, Williamsburgh.
Crawford W, Williamsburgh
Cross E A, Atlanta.
Crossman Jos H, Williamsburgh.
Cross Ebeneser, Ragan.
Crostwait A M, Atlanta.
Curran John, Holdrege.
Dale Robt, Rock Falls.
Dale Thomas, Rock Falls.
Dahlgren J A, Bertrand.
Dahlgren Oscar, Holdrege.
Dahlguist A M, Holdrege.
Dahlstedt G, Phelps.
Dahlstrom J M, Phelps.
Danielson A, Holdrege.
Danielson John, Holdrege.
Danielson S G, Holdrege.
Danner A S, Atlanta.
Davidson A, Holdrege.
Davison G, Holdrege.
Davidson John, Holdrege.
Davidson W T, Holdrege.
Dequine H, Wilcox.
Dobbins T, Romeyn.
Dobbins Wm, Kearney.
Dobner H, Bertrand.
Dravo S A, Holdrege.
Drayton Wm, Rock Falls.
Edlund John, Westmark.
Edlund N E J, Phelps.
Ed Peter, Loomis.
Ekberg J S, Funk.
Eklund A D, Holdrege.
Ekman C J, Hayden.
Ekstrom Oscar, Holdrege.
Eliason A J, Bertrand.
Eliason Peter, Westmark.
Ellingsworth W J, Kearney.
Elliot A H, Plum Creek.
Empie J H, Hayden.
Englund Peter, Phelps.
Engman Andrew, Holdrege.
Enhom N V, Phelps.
Erickson A, Holdrege.
Erickson A A, Holdrege.
Erickson Andrew, Holdrege.
Erickson Andrew, Wilcox.
Erickson B, Holdrege.
Erickson Betty, Wilcox.
Erickson C G, Holdrege.
Erickson E P, Funk.
Erickson J A, Holdrege.
Erickson J E, Phelps.
Erickson John, Fraser.
Erickson John, Holdrege.
Erickson John, Phelps.
Erickson J P, Phelps.
Erickson Nils, Phelps.
Erickson Peter, Axtell.
Erlandson Nels, Funk.
Esiason B, Atlanta.
Eskilson C J, Loomis.
Evans Chas, Holdrege.
Fagerberg P A, Holdrege.
Fanlund B J, Funk.
Falk A J, Holdrege.
Favine John, Holdrege.
Ferris A Jr, Elm Creek.
Fetters J W, Holdrege.
Fleisman J G, Holdrege.
Florell Gust, Holdrege.
Forsberg C A, Loomis.
Forstedt P, Westmark.
Forayth W A. Loomis.
Frank L F, Romeyn.
Frank Geo S, Romeyn.
Frank O C, Romeyn.
Frank W H Sr, Romeyn.
Fransen C F, Funk.
Fraser A, Williamsburgh.
Fraser John, Fraser.
Fredeen John, Bertrand.
Fredsen Aug, Loomis.
Freeland R E, Atlanta.
Freeland W D, Rock Falls.
Friberg A V, Westmark.
Friberg John, Westmark.
Freberg Otto M, Bertrand.
Frid Gust, Holdrege.
Fry D R, Atlanta.
Fuller F, Holdrege.
Funk P C, Funk.
Furman J C, Bertrand.
Gainsforth Thos, Holdrege.
Gamel O J, Wilcox.
Gefford F, Loomis.
Giles J A, Hayden.
Given Sam, Bertrand.
Given S jr, Loomis.
Godard Abel, Atlanta
Godell C G, Phelps.
Golden Wm, Rock Falls.
Gorden Mary F, Axtell.
Grassman F, Holdrege.
Greive John, Williamsburgh.
Gronlund John, Loomis.
Gustafson E, Phelps.
Gustafson Fran, Phelps.
Gustafson Otto, Axtell.
Gustafson S P, Phelps.
Hadeen Swan A, Holdrege.
Hager S P, Holdrege.
Hagstrom John, Wilcox.
Hall Chas, Holdrege.
Hall J F, Bertrand.
Hallen J A, Phelps.
Hallgren C F, Hayden.
Hallgren C F, Hayden.
Hallgren Frank, Holdrege.
Hallgren G F, Hayden
Hammilton E J, Holdrege.
Hammond Thos, Hayden.
Hammond H H, Hayden.
Hauson C A, Holdrege.
Hanson Fred, Holdrege.
Hanson G A, Loomis.
Hanson John, Loomis.
Hanson John, Phelps.
Hanson J A, Phelps.
Hanson Jno, Loomis.
Hanson Nels, Holdrege.
Hanson Nils, Holdrege.
Harris S, Loomis.
Hart D W, Loomis.
Hassell John, Loomis,
Hasseltins E K, Funk.
Hatch T C, Holdrege.
Hatfield Isaac B, Loomis.
Hawkinson A, Loomis.
Hawkinson Elof, Holdrege
Hawkinson J P, Funk.
Hawks Austin, Holdrege.
Hedell C G, Holdrege.
Hedell David, Holdrege.
Hedlund Matts, Holdrege,
Hedlund Olof, Holdrege.
Hedstrom C N, Funk.
Hefner L, Atlanta.
Henchel Warren C, Holdrege.
Hendricks J O, Loomis.
Hendricks Nils, Westmark.
Herdine Chas, Fraser,
Hessig Israel, Loomis.
Hetrick Sol, Wilcox.
Hexamer Geo, Holdrege.
Hill Geo, Bertrand.
Hodges B, Atlanta.
Hoffert Anton, Kearney.
Hogberg Chas, Westmark.
Hogerson Alfred, Funk.
Hoglund E G, Phelps.
Hoglund M, Holdrege.
Holden Chas, Funk.
Hollenbeck A, Holdrege.
Holm Geo, Loomis.
Holm John, Holdrege.
Holm N W, Holdrege.
Holm Olaf, Sacramento.
Holm Peter, Phelps.
Holmquist And, Bertrand.
Holmquist Aug, Bertrand.
Hoog Alex, Williamsburgh.
Hoog O M, Holdrege.
Hoog T J, Axtell.
Howdry J, Williamsburgh.
Howley James L, Atlanta.
Huffaker W R, Loomis.
Hullquist A J, Sacramento.
Hult John, Holdrege.
Hultquist J. Axtell.
Hunnicott W P, Loomis.
Hunter Wm. Loomis.
Hurka Joseph, Loomis.
Hyg C F, Bertrand.
Imel E. Hayden.
Imel Henry, Hayden.
Imel H M, Hayden.
Irons Wm, Wilcox.
Isakson John A, Bertrand.
Isbrg Mina, Bertrand.
Issacson C M, Bertrand.
Jackson G, Holdrege.
Jackson I W, Loomis.
Jackson James, Holdrege.
Jacobson J A, Axtell.
Jacobson J A, Phelps.
Jacobson John, Funk.
Jacobson S, Williamsburgh.
Jayne B, Holdrege.
Jennings H O, Holdrege.
Johnson A, Westmark.
Johnson A E, Bertrand.
Johnson Alfred,Funk.
Johnson Alfred, Holdrege.
Johnson A M, Loomis.
Johnson Andrew, Westmark.
Johnson A E, Bertrand.
Johnson A P, Axtell.
Johnson A P, Holdrege,
Johnson Aug, Holdrege.
Johnson A W, Loomis.
Johnson B H, Funk.
Johnson C, Williamsburg.
Johnson C E, Hayden.
Johnson C F, Holdrege.
Johnson C F, Wilcox.
Johnson Chas, Holdrege.
Johnson C J, Holdrege.
Johnson C J, Loomis.
Johnson C M, Holdrege.
Johnson C W, Phelps.
Johnson David, Loomis.
Johnson E, Kearney.
Johnson F, Axtell.
Johnson Fellx, Holdrege.
Johnson Frank, Axtell.
Johnson Frank, Holdrege.
Johnson Frank A, Holdrege.
Johnson Gust, Loomis.
Johnson Gustaf, Funk.
Johnson Gustav, Holdrege.
Johnson James R, Holdrege.
Johnson Jane E, Phelps.
Johnson J G, Holdrege.
Johnson Jno, Bertrand.
Johnson Jno, Phelps.
Johnson John, Holdrege.
Johnson John A, Holdrege.
Johnson John V, Holdrege.
Johnson John W, Holdrege.
Johnson J P A, Holdrege.
Johnson J S, Funk.
Johnson J W, Bertrand.
Johnson Lewis, Westmark.
Johnson Louis, Holdrege.
Johnson L P, Funk.
Johnson Nils, Phelps.
Johnson O J, Holdrege.
Johnson Olof C, Holdrege.
Johnson O W, Holdrege.
Johnson P A, Bertrand.
Johnson Peter, Holdrege.
Johnson P, Williamsburgh.
Johnson P M, Hayden.
Johnson Swan, Holdrege.
Johnson Swan, Loomis.
Johnson S J, Sacramento.
Johnson W W, Phelps.
Johnson Thos, Holdrege.
Jones David, Loomis.
Jones J W, Holdrege.
Kedy M W, Williamsburgh.
Keller And, Wilcox.
Kennedy A, Holdrege.
Killpatrick J, Holdrege.
Knaggs Wm. Fraser.
Knox Robt, Holdrege.
Kolb Lawrence, Loomis.
Kopple J M, Bertrand.
Kronquist Nils, Holdrege.
Kuns F O, Axtell.
Lanquist J P, Westmark.
Larson A G, Phelps.
Larson C V, Hayden.
Larson E M, Williamsburgh.
Larson Erie, Holdrege.
Larson Israel, Holdrege.
Larson J M, Holdrege.
Larson John P, Holdrege.
Larson R P, Bertrand
Larson L M, Loomis.
Larson Maria S, Holdrege.
Larson Peter, Bertrand.
Larson Peter, Loomis.
Larson Swan, Holdrege.
Larson Swan, Minden.
Latia Silas, Holdrege.
Laughlin B, Kearney.
Laur F, Wilcox.
Lavine E P, Holdrege.
Leafgren And, Axtell.
Leafgren Chas J, Axtell.
Leafgren Oscar, Axtell.
Leddy Philip, Fraser.
Lepper B F, Holdrege.
Liff Erick, Holdrege.
Lind C J, Holdrege.
Lind John, Axtell.
Lind John M, Loomis.
Lind Swan, Fraser.
Lindblom John, Holdrege.
Linder John, Loomis.
Linder Ludwig, Phelps.
Linder S, Loomis.
Lindevail G O, Holdrege.
Lindgren N P, Axtell.
Lindquist Chas. Wilcox.
Lindquist Gust, Bertrand.
Lindquist J A, Overton.
Lindquist J W, Axtell.
Lindquist Nils, Funk.
Lindstrom G. Phelps.
Lindstrom P M, Sacramento.
Linner A M, Holdrege.
Lippot John F, Loomis.
Lisson B, Atlanta.
Lobrie A, Atlanta.
Lofgren J P, Westmark.
Logan Aug, Holdrege.
Longstrom Peter, Holdrege.
Lookheart G R, Bertrand.
Lucas Asa, Fraser.
Lucas Christina, Holdrege.
Lucas Helen, Fraser.
Lucas J R,Fraser.
Lucas M, Fraser.
Lucas T, Fraser.
Lucas M T, Fraser.
Lukehart Isaiah, Loomis.
Lund Carl A, Holdrege.
Lund Jacob B, Sacramento.
Lundberg L J, Holdrege.
Lundeen Henry, Holdrege,
Lundeen John M, Loomis.
Lunden Aug, Phelps Centre
Lundin A M, Loomis.
Lundin Aug, Bertrand.
Lindstrom M, Bertrand.
Lundqvist Alfred, Phelps.
Lundqvist Chas, Bertrand.
Lundqvist N, Phelps.
Lundvall A F, Phelps.
Lute G D, Overton.
Lute M D, Williamsburgh.
Lyon A, Funk.
Lyon Chas A, Phelps.
Lyon R, Funk.
McClymont James, Holdrege.
McDonald Chas, Bertrand.
McHugh James, Bertrand.
Magill A G, Holdrege.
Magill F M, Holdrege.
Magnuson Carl, Loomis.
Magnuson C J, Loomis.
Mahalfe L D, Holdrege.
Malm John A, Bertrand.
Malm Jonas A, Bertrand.
Malmberg Lewis, Bertrand.
Markward A, Axtell.
Markward D. Axtell.
Marriman R J, Funk.
Marshall J P, Williamsburgh.
Marshall T H, Williamsburgh.
Marsteller V A, Wilcox.
Masters I A, Loomis.
Mattson A H, Loomis.
Mattson Aug, Loomis.
Mattson E, Bertrand.
Mattson Peter, Loomis.
Melin Gust, Hayden.
Helin James J, Funk.
Millard S M, Bertrand.
Miller Christian, Holdrege.
Miller L F, Oxford.
Millner Swan, Holdrege.
Mitchell L, Fraser.
Moberg C J, Axtell.
Moline L J, Westmark.
Monnington A, Bertrand.
Moon C J, Holdrege.
Moon H S, Holdrege.
Moon P J, Holdrege.
Moon Wm, Holdrege
Mooney C, Bertrand.
Moore C A, Romeyn.
Moore U S, Holdrege.
Moore W, Romeyn.
Morgan F A, Bertrand.
Morin Swan, Bertrand.
Morris C N, Holdrege.
Morris P A, Holdrege.
Morrison James, Loomis.
Mortenson C, Loomis.
Mortenson Gust, Hayden.
Mortenson Gust, Loomis.
Mosher Jay F, Holdrege.
Mundt Christ, Bertrand.
Murehead J, Williamsburgh.
Murphy Wm, Holdrege.
Neff Scott, Atlanta.
Nelson A D, Wilcox.
Nelson A J, Loomis.
Nelson Andrew, Axtell.
Nelson Anton, Bertrand.
Nelson Axel W, Bertrand.
Nelson C A, Westmark.
Nelson Chas, Holdrege.
Nelson Chas M, Wilcox.
Nelson John, Wilcox.
Nelson John H, Bertrand.
Nelson J P, Holdrege.
Nelson Nils, Bertrand.
Nelson Swan, Bertrand.
Newlander Thos, Holdrege.
Nilson Nils M, Axtell.
Nilson N, Holdrege.
Norberg Fred, Hayden.
Nordstrom B W, Loomis.
Norell Aug, Westmark.
Norlin Aug, Holdrege.
Nerling Aug, Holdrege.
Norris J A, Williamsburgh.
Nylander John, Bertrand.
Nylander Swan, Bertrand.
Oberg Aug, Holdrege.
Ogden T G, Fraser.
Ohl Wm, Holdrege.
O'Kane James, Kearney.
Olson J J, Holdrege.
Olson Adolf, Holdrege.
Olson A J, Funk.
Olson Andrew, Funk.
Olson Andrew, Holdrege.
Olson Chas, Holdrege.
Olson Chas O, Loomis.
Olson Claus, Holdrege.
Olson Erick, Westmark.
Olson Gust, Holdrege.
Olson John, Westmark.
Olson John P, Holdrege.
Olson LO, Loomis.
Olson O, Holdrege.
Olson O P, Holdrege.
Oman C J, Loomis.
Oslund John, Hayden.
Oslund Jonas, Holdrege.
Oslund L E, Kearney.
Ostgren Johanna, Phelps.
Pashby W G, Bertrand.
Pearson Andrew, Wilcox.
Pearson August, Bertrand.
Pearson John, Funk.
Pearson Peter, Holdrege.
Pearson P M, Sacramento.
Pelander C G, Bertrand.
Pennington A, Sacramento
Peach J P, Loomis.
Peterson Andrew, Bertrand.
Peterson Anton, Hayden.
Peterson Aug, Funk.
Peterson C A, Holdrege.
Peterson Axel A, Bertrand.
Peterson C E, Bertrand.
Peterson C G, Funk.
Peterson Chas, Holdrege.
Peterson C O, Bertrand.
Peterson F O, Holdrege.
Peterson Frank, Phelps.
Peterson F W, Holdrege.
Peterson Gusta, Holdrege.
Peterson J A, Bertrand.
Peterson J F, Axtell.
Peterson John, Holdrege.
Peterson John N, Westmark.
Peterson John O, Hayden
Peterson, Jonas, Holdrege.
Peterson N P, Funk.
Peterson Otto, Holdrege.
Peterson Otto, Loomis
Peterson Peter, Bertrand.
Peterson Victor, Funk.
Peterson Victor, Holdrege.
Pickering H, Atlanta.
Pickering J B, Atlanta.
Pierce J P, Holdrege.
Piper John M, Rock Falls.
Polhemus A L, Holdrege.
Potter Doc, Holdrege.
Powell J Y, Holdrege.
Pratt Geo H, Holdrege.
Price G W, Holdrege.
Prink Martin S, Funk.
Pulver W, Wilcox.
Racine Geo F, Holdrege.
Rang Henry, Atlanta.
Rantz C J, Atlanta.
Ranz W J, Atlanta.
Rasmuson R P, Holdrege.
Raymond S J, Holdrege.
Reed Barbara, Atlanta.
Reed S, Holdrege.
Reefort E W, Holdrege.
Reime R J, Westmark.
Renqvist Chas, Holdrege.
Renqvist S G, Westmark.
Rossier Jacob, Holdrege.
Ressler J D, Holdrege.
Rettig Lewis, Funk.
Richardson J, Williamsburgh.
Rillpatrick Wm, Loomis.
Ringman Peter, Westmark.
Ringstrom And, Holdrege.
Rodebaugh C L, Bertrand.
Rosen A P, Phelps.
Rossen J J, Wilcox.
Rotrammel T M, Wilcox.
Rowland G D, Holdrege.
Rowley Z J, Wilcox.
Rudlund John G, Holdrege.
Rundstrom J C, Holdrege.
Ryan M, Axtell.
Ryan Pat, Axtell.
Ryan Philip, Axtell.
Rydell A P, Loomis.
Rydstrom J G, Loomis.
Rystrom And, Loomis.
Safley C E, Holdrege.
Sahlholm John, Holdrege.
Sall And, Holdrege.
Sall C O, Holdrege.
Sall G P, Holdrege.
Sall Peter, Holdrege.
Sallgren John S, Phelps.
Sallgren P J, Phelps.
Sampson C F, Holdrege.
Samuelson A, Phelps.
Samuelson C A, Phelps.
Samuelson C J, Phelps.
Samuelson J F, Holdrege.
Sand Leonard, Bertrand.
Sand O P, Holdrege.
Sandberg C G, Overton.
Sandin Carl, Fraser.
Sandstedt Alfred, Holdrege.
Sandstedt Edw, Holdrege.
Sandstrom A, Bertrand.
Sandstrom John, Bertrand.
Scantland E E, Loomis.
Schaulznd Fred, Wilcox.
Schultz E G, Bertrand.
Seagren A G, Holdrege.
Sealing Herman, Atlanta.
Seeman G, Atlanta.
Seller John F, Axtell.
Sergeant S, Holdrege.
Severene G W, Fraser.
Shannahan R, Axtell.
Sheafer C H, Atlanta.
Sheafer D W, Holdrege.
Sheafer E J, Holdrege.
Shelly Jos, Bertrand.
Sherdine L E, Holdrege.
Shull John, Sacramento.
Simpson J C, Holdrege.
Simpson N, Holdrege.
Sims John, Holdrege.
Sjoqvist A P, Funk.
Skallberg Chas A, Holdrege.
Skiels C A, Holdrege.
Skiles J M, Atlanta.
Skoglund L J, Holdrege.
Skoog CA, Holdrege.
Smalley John H, Atlanta.
Smith Andrew J, Holdrege.
Smith C A, Holdrege.
Smith Chas, Holdrege.
Smith H C, Bertrand.
Smith John, Holdrege.
Smith W A, Bertrand.
Sodergren B O, Holdrege.
Sodergren C H, Funk.
Soderlund C A, Fraser.
Soderlund John , Loomis.
Soderman K, Bertrand.
Soderstrom Chas, Holdrege.
Soderstrom C T, Holdrege.
Sparks W A, Fraser.
Staberg Chas A, Bertrand.
Staberg H, Bertrand.
Stahe Sam, Loomis.
Stanley James, Holdrege.
Steu ? , Holdrege.
Steward S C, Axtell.
Stockwell C, Holdrege.
Stene John P, Wilcox.
Street J W, Williamsburgh.
Strickler Caleb, Loomis.
Stridborg J A, Hayden.
Streide Herman, Fraser.
Stropla Ed, Bertrand.
Sundblad Albert, Loomis.
Sundblad Chas, Loomis.
Sundblad John, Loomis.
Sunblad S A, Loomis.
Sundstrom P W, Funk.
Swanburg C J, Loomis.
Swanlund Aug, Holdrege.
Swanson A J, Holdrege.
Swanson Aug, Westmark.
Swanson John, Holdrege.
Swanson John, Funk.
Swanson John R, Holdrege.
Swanson J P, Westmark.
Swanson K G, Bertrand.
Swanson Ludwig, Holdrege.
Swanson Nils, Holdrege.
Swanson Peter, Funk.
Swanson P M, Bertrand.
Swanson S P, Loomis.
Swartwood J N, Axtell.
Sweedburg B E, Funk.
Swedell D O, Wilcox.
Swedell E J, Wilcox.
Swedell Gust, Wilcox.
Swedell H G, Wilcox.
Swezey James, Rock Falls.
Taylor J D, Holdrege.
Temple H V, Plum Creek.
Tengvall C, Bertrand.
Thornburg Geo, Overton.
Thompson R, Atlanta.
Torell H, Loomis.
Thulin E, Phelps.
Thulin Nils, Phelps.
Thulin P, Phelps.
Townsend Rolf, Rock Falls.
Tremble A J, Williamsburgh.
Trotele Albert, Oxford.
Urbom Andrew, Holdrege.
Urbom J P, Holdrege.
VanCleve F D, Axtell.
Vanderport James, Holdrege.
Vaughan A J, Westmark.
Vinnell J A, Holdrege.
Wadman Otto, Phelps.
Waite Thos, Sacramento.
Wallander John, Bertrand.
Wameskirch M, Holdrege.
Wanner Andrew, Atlanta.
Warren Aug P, Bertrand.
Washburn E A, Holdrege.
Washburn H W, Holdrege.
Wattson J D, Holdrege.
Wedeen, Sam, Axtell.
Westrand N J, Fraser.
Westblom Nils, Holdrege.
Westerberg John, Holdrege.
Westergren John, Holdrege.
Westring Jonas, Funk.
Wetterberg G, Axtell.
Wetterberg G M, Axtell.
Whal Fred, Rock Falls.
White C P, Hayden.
Whitlock Clark, Funk.
Wickwire H H, Bertrand.
Wickwire C F, Bertrand.
Wickstrom A, Holdrege.
Wilke F G, Wilcox.
Williams Chas, Holdrege.
Williams J M, Hayden.
Wilson P S, Holdrege.
Wilson S E, Holdrege.
Winqvist H C, Holdrege.
Winther Peter, Holdrege.
Wiser Peter, Holdrege.
Wohlgebohren M, Bertrand.
Wolfe W S, Williamsburgh.
Wright Henry, Sacramento.
Wright Shelby, Wilcox.
Yeager Wm, Holdrege.
Yeoman S R, Oxford.
Yerion J H, Holdrege.
Young C A, Holdrege.
Young Carl, Holdrege.
Young Gust, Holdrege.
Young John, Holdrege.
Youngqvist John, Holdrege.
Youngqvist Jno S, Loomis.
Youngqvist S, Loomis.
Ziebart Julius, Funk.
Ziebart Lewis, Funk.
Ziebart W, Funk.
Zilty Caroline, Rock Falls.
Zook J K, Kearney.


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