Nelson Dean's Home Page

Nelson Dean's Home Page


Parker Genealogy of America: Colonial and Revolutionary Eras.

This site contains genealogical and historical information about families with the surname of Parker.

Research efforts into my Parker roots expanded to the point where I had accumulated a great deal of information on many Parker lines. This site contains some of that information.

Nelson Dean


The types of information you will find at this site consists of:

Listed are dozens of Parkers who served in the American Revolution.

Listed are the first family of a given Parker line that immigrated to America.

Listed are the parent family in the Old World whose child or children immigrated to America.

You will find the following kinds of resources to aid in understanding the material at this site and in getting information from other sites:

You will find a list of references that were used in building the genealogical information at this site.

The abbreviations used at this site are fairly standard. You may, however, find the need to check out an unfamiliar abbreviation.

You will find several links to other sites and resources that have Parker surname significance.

Revised: November 19, 2003.

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