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 Loup County, Nebraska
Created in 1883 out of unorganized lands in Central Nebraska

County Seat, Taylor, Nebraska
Created, established, and elected the County Seat in 1883


Roster of Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Who Served in the War of the Rebellion,
 Spanish-American War and World War. 
Names gathered by County and Precinct Assessors.
Compiled and issued by Charles W. Pool, Secretary of State, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Waters-Barnhart Printing Co., Publishers, Omaha, Nebraska, 1925.

Union Flag of 1861

Name and Address                                      Unit                                                  From State of . . .
HENRY, Benj. F., Moulton---- Co. H, 207th ----------Pennsylvania
MCGOWAN, James, Taylor------ Co. K, 9th ----------------Illinois
ROBBINS, G.W., Taylor------- Co. 7 --------------------Wisconsin
ROGERS, Watson, Moulton ---- Co. G, 113th --------------Illinois
RUPPEL, Lewis, Walworth ---- Co. I, 47th -------------------Iowa


Name and Address                                                Unit                                        From State of . . .
GOODWILL, Louis M.,Ovitt ---- Co. F, 2nd ---------------Nebraska
THOMAS, Frank H., Burwell ----Co. K, 1st ---------------Nebraska
WELINGTON, C.A., Harrop ------Co. A, Vol. --------------Nebraska


Name and Address                                                    Unit                                        From State of . . .
ALEXANDER,James C.,Walworth---Co. 38 -------------------Nebraska
ANDERSON, Lon, Burwell ---------------------------------Kentucky
AUSTIN, Allen E., Taylor -----Co. K,116th Engineers ----Nebraska
BRITTON, Jack, Taylor --------Co. A, 4th D.T. ----------Nebraska
BRITTON, Tim, Taylor ---------172nd --------------------Nebraska
BEHRENDS, Herman, Taylor -----Co. C, 3rd and 9th -------Nebraska
BRAGG, James S., Almeria -----Co. 20, Engineers ------California
BURG, Jesse, Burwell ---------Co. K, 34th Engineers ------Kansas
CARTER, Loren S., Walworth ---Co. D, 137th -------------Nebraska
CHEESMAN,Theo., Taylor -------U.S.S. Ballard -----------Nebraska
CLAY, Benj. F., Taylor -------Co. I, 134th -------------Nebraska
DAVIS, Chas. R., Burwell -----Co. L, 350th -------------Nebraska
DILSAVER, Arthur E.,Walworth--Co. K, 70th --------------Nebraska
DILSAVER, Omer K., Walworth --Co. C., 88th -------------Nebraska
*DIMMITT, J.H., Taylor -------Co. E, Gunner ------------Nebraska
*DIMMITT, O.W., Taylor -------Co. R, 118th Engineers ---Nebraska
DRAKE, Oscar, Ferguson -------3rd Cavalry --------------Nebraska
FERGUSON, Calvin, Taylor------Co. D 338th --------------Nebraska
HELMCAMPS, Carl, Burwell -------------------------------Nebraska
JENSEN, Walter D., Taylor ----Vet. Corps. --------------Nebraska
LINDSAY, Ray, Burwell --------Co. I, 134th -------------Nebraska
LOOMIS, Walter E. ------------Co. G. 4th V. S.----------Nebraska
MARTENS, WM. A., Gracie ------Vet. Corps. --------------Nebraska
MATTLEY, E. E., Burwell-------Co. C, 19th --------------Nebraska
MEDLER, L. V., Burwell -------Co. C, 128th -------------Nebraska
MILLER, Joy S., Ferguson -----Co. F, 195th -------------Nebraska
MOON, James S., Taylor -------Co. L, 12th ---------------Wyoming
McKINZIE, BOYD S, Burwell ----Co. F, 69th --------------Nebraska
OBERKOTTER, Henry H., Taylor--17th Balloon -------------Nebraska
PERKINS,Sidney, Harrop -------Co. G, 41st --------------Nebraska
RALLS,John W., Taylor --------53rd Hospital ------------Nebraska
RAPH, C. A., Taylor ----------Co. D, 58th --------------Nebraska
RICHARDSON, M. R., Almeria ---Co. B, 315th -------------Nebraska
ROGERS, C. B.,Moulton --------Co. 19 -------------------Nebraska
SAILOR, Frank W., Almeria ----Co. A, 138th -------------Nebraska
TUCKER, A. H., Almeria -------315th Cavalry -------------Wyoming
WARN, Elmer L., Harrop -------Co. O, 127th -------------Nebraska
WEBBER, L. D., Taylor --------14th ---------------------Nebraska
WORTH, S. E., Brewster -------39th Battery -------------Nebraska

* The last name was spelled Dininett, but this appears to have been
 an error in transcription.

** World War I was to be the war to end all wars, but on
December 7, 1941, the United States would find itself engaged in
World War II with the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.