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I am absolutely thrilled to be able to bring this page to you. There are so many hands and minds and hearts at work within these pages, it's only right that I take the time and space to salute the volunteers that have helped to make Keith County NEGenWeb what you see before you.

I am pleased and proud to bring this page which, I hope, will be updated regularly. There will also be an archive of past volunteers for your perusal.

If you know someone who works on these pages that you would like to nominate for Volunteer of the Month, please e-mail me. Send the person's name, and why you think they are a great volunteer. If there is more than one nominee each month, the names will be put to a vote on the Keith County mailing list.

Please see the Keith County Welcome page for mailing list subscription information, and check out our Help Wanted page to see how you can help.

Previous Honorees

Keith Hughes  May-June, 2002

Alyce Madison  July-August, 2002

Elizabeth Mary Ann McKee  September-October, 2002

Lexi Romero  November-December, 2002

Barbed Wire

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