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These are comments and praise about the website I have received from people via email.
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Had to drop by, as I remember you as contributing the wonderful brochures for GenTech 2002. You have a wonderful site! So happy to finally "meet" you, and enjoyed reading your town sketches. I think it is awesome to include because it gives the visitor a sense of history and community that makes up a county! Terrific pages, Susan! I was looking around your site... and I stumbled upon the archaic medical terms link. I want to send you a great big Thanks! You donít know how long I have been trying to find what LaGrippe meant.
I really like you volunteer page and enjoyed reading about Keith [County]. I really enjoyed reading about the Boot Hill Cemetery. You have created a really nice County GenWeb site. There are a number of things that I really like about your page. I think it is extremely friendly to people that are just beginning to research. The information is right there so folks don't have to go searching on sub-pages.
Your family picture is a great idea -- I think it makes people feel welcome, together with your bio information. I loved that you told where your family came from, and that you still have roots there today. I like your barbed wire motif, and there are a lot of nice things which give the county a personal touch. One thing that really caught my attention was the tribute to your volunteers, and the Volunteer of the Month feature. What a great idea!

More comments will be added as I receive them.

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