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Gosper County Veterans

Civil War Vets of Gosper County
and Surrounding Areas

Transcribed from the 1890 US Census of Civil War Veterans by Chris Christensen
Names on census list preceeded with an * indicate further information below.

Name Rank Unit Widow Post Office
Aker, Jay Private C 18 NY Inf   Ceryl
Babbitt, John H. Private B 105 Ill Inf   Arapahoe
Baker, Cornelius Corporal K 169 Penn Inf Abigail  Arapahoe
Barnett, Alfred Private B 2 Iowa Cav   Arapahoe
Barnett, William K. Private NY  Susanna ?????  Arapahoe
Bean, Walter T.       Brace
Benson, John B. Private C 8 Mo Cav   Elwood, Nebr.
Bevelhiemer, Edmond E. Private A 19 Ind. Inf   Bertrand
Bible, Thomas A. Private K 155 Ill Inf   Arapahoe
Bible, William Corporal B 48 Ill Inf Rebecca  Arapahoe
Birtwistle, James Master Frigate Minnesota   Elwood
Blackman, Newel W. Private 22 Ind Inf   Elwood
Blackwood, William H. Private A 129 O Inf   Arapahoe
Boanson, Jonathan Sergeant B 51 Ind Inft   Elwood
Board, Amazia Private B 16 Ind Inf Lydia  Arapahoe
Board, Sylvester Private E 99 Ind Inf   Arapahoe
Boettger, Herman Private A Bat NJ Light Art.   Elwood
Bowen, George K. Private F Phila Grays    Bertrand, Phelps, Nebr.
Bowen, George K. Capt. C 3 Penna Heavy Arty.   Bertrand, Phelps, Nebr.
Branden, Conrad Private A 11 Ill Cav   Bertrand
Brooks, Benjamin Private F 140 Ind Inf   Elwood
Brown, Carltow L. Corporal K 11 Mich Cav   Elwood, Nebr.
Brown, Charles H. Private G 7 NY Inf   Bertrand
Brown, Henry Private A 9 Iowa Inf   Arapahoe
Burke, Abdon L. Private H e Wis Inf   Arapahoe
Buswell, Brigham Private F 1 US L A   Bertrand
Butler, George C. Private H 12 ??? Inf   Bertrand
Button, Solomon P. Corporal E 1 Ind H.A.   Arapahoe
Campbell, William F Private H 140 Ill Inf   Bertrand
Canada, William A. Private G 20 Ills Inf   Bertrand
Carles, Thomas J. Private H 22 Ind Inft   Elwood, Nebr.
Carter, William Private K 48 Ill Inf   Arapahoe
Chase, Gurley B. Frier C 4 Mich Cav   Elwood
Connolly, Patrick Private I 37 Ill Inf Mary Connolly  Lexington, Nebr
Crisp, William H. Bugler D 10 US Inf   Bertrand
Crisp, William H. Sergeant G? 5 US Arty   Bertrand
Cross, Jacob Private H 86 Oh Vol   Arapahoe
Curtis,  Private B 29 O Inf Mrs. Jane Curtis  Elwood, Nebr.
Curtis,  Private Ind Battery O Art. Mrs. Jane Curtis  Elwood, Nebr.
Davis, Thomas E. Private G 26 O Inf   Lexington, Nebr.
Devaul, Chas. H. Sergeant B 9 O. Cav.   Elwood
Dounet, Benson       East Muddy
Dunlap, Charles Private C 48 Ind Inf   Arapahoe
Edwards, Lorenzo S. Private F 97 NY Inf   Arapahoe
Ensign, John Private Jackson Co Mo. Inf   Arapahoe
Erwin, James A. Private D 39 Ohio ?? Vol   Elwood
Force, Zebulon Private A 1 Wis Art   Milton
Gano, Richard M. Private G 15 Ill Inf   Bertrand
Hanshaw, Andrew L. Private D 29 Ind Inf   Arapahoe
Harman, John E. Private E 7 W. Virg.    Arapahoe
Haulin, James P. Sergeant G 140 OMG    Elwood
Haulin, James P. Corporal E 188 O Inft   Elwood
Haworth, John C. Private H 73 Ind Inft   Elwood, Nebr.
Hoback, William Capt. H 57 Ind I Sarah Hoback  Arapahoe
Holingsworth, Joseph F.       Brace
Holloway, John S. Private E 33 Ia Inf   Arapahoe
Hosier,  Private I 64 Ill Inf Margret A. Hosier  Edison
Howard, Charles Private B 40 Ill Inf   Arapahoe
Huntley, William M. Private D 95 O Inf   Elwood
Hurn, James Private D 12 Mo Cav Canesada Hurn ???  Arapahoe
Hutchings, C.R.       Bertrand
Ingraham, David Sergeant G 1 NY Vol Hannah Ingraham  Bertrand
Jackson, Winn Private C 2 Mis Calv   Arapahoe
Jay, James C. Private B 3 Ind Bat   Elwood, Nebr.
Johnson, Abner Corporal B 36 Wis Inf   Elwood
Johnson, Charles E. Sergeant A 59 NY Inf   Arapahoe
Johnson, Henry H. Corporal A 35 NY Inf   Oxford
Junkowski, James B.       Turkey Creek
Keely, Henry Private F 1211 Pa. Inf.   Bertrand
Kingie, Jesse        
Lane, William H. 2 Lieut. C Bat. 1st Ill Art   Elwood
Laughlin, Thomas B. Private K 9 Ind Cav   Elwood
*Laurent, Caril J. H??? A 8 Iowa Vol   Ceryl
Lawrence, Jas.       Brace
Lawrence, Thomas M. Private H 52 O Inf   Arapahoe
Lee, Furman D. Sergeant G 18 Ia Inf   Elwood, Nebr.
Lewis, Gilbert C. Corporal E 24 Iowa Inf   Bertrand
Littell, George R. Private D 4 Ind Cav   Milton
Little, Charles A. Private E 12 Vt Inf   Bertrand
Lord, John R. Private H 88 Penn Inf    
Malson, Joseph Private I 9 Ill Cav   Bertrand
McCarty, Arthur W. 1st Lieut K 78 Ohio Inft   Elwood, Nebr.
McFrass, George M Corporal E 84 Ind Inf   Arapahoe
Megan, Micheal   18 Ind Inf   Brace
Michelson, Frank Sergeant H 2 Iowa Cav   Ceryl
Miller, William H.H. Sergeant H 136 O. Inf   Arapahoe
Milos, John Private D 28 Wis Inft   Elwood
Mishler, Abraham Private D 54 Ind Inf   Arapahoe
Mitra, John        
Mooman, Samuel J. Private C 81 Ohio Inf   Bertrand
Moore, Emmit Private F 4 Ills Cav   Bertrand
Moore, John W. Major G 20 Iowa Inft   Elwood
Morris, Daniel M. Private B 50 Wis Inf Charlotte  Arapahoe
Murphy, William Corporal H 34 Ind Inf   Arapahoe
Paine, Barton W. Private A 138 Ill Inf   Elwood
Parkyn, John L. Private G 20 Wis I   Elwood
Phillips, Caleb Private A 7 W. Virg. Cav   Ceryl
Pollard, Eugene F. Private F 8 NY    Elwood
Probasco, Uriah F. Private D 148 NY Inf   Arapahoe
Prutsman, Christian M. 1st Lieut I 7 Wis Inft   Elwood, Nebr.
Randall, Ira Private K 6 Wis Inft Charlotte Randall  Elwood
Redley, William H. Sergeant C 9 NY Inf   Bertrand
Reid, Mathew B. Corp E 76 Ill Inft   Elwood, Nebr.
Richey, Joshua P. Private H 57 Ind I   Arapahoe
Riffle, Leonard W. Private C 7 Ia Cav   Elwood, Nebr.
Robb, William Private H 48 Ill Inf   Lexington, Nebr
Rowland, Alfred M. Private H 13 Mo Cav Mary I. Rowland  Arapahoe
Sackett, William Private I 154 Ill Inf   Bertrand
Sawyer, Charles Private     Bertrand
Selby, Harrison Private E 34 Iowa Inf   Bertrand
Simpson, Albert M. Private H 27 Penn Inft   Elwood
Slader, Andrew Farrier C 11 Ind Cav   Ceryl
Smith, Royston Private B 152 Ill Inft   Ceryl
Snyder, James M. Private B 24 Ind Inf   Arapahoe
Snyder, Josiah W. Private E 22 Ind Inf   Arapahoe
Stout, Yebidse M. Private K 49 Wis Inft   Milton
Sullivan, Michael Private B 32 O Inf   Arapahoe
Sutherland, Edward H. Private C 113 Ills Inf   Bertrand
Sutlief, Charles E. Private A 24 Mich. Inf   Bertrand
Tabcott, Charles A. Private C 59 NY Inf   Elwood
Talcott, Chas. H. Private 25 NY Inft    
Thomas, Samuel C. Private D 15 Iowa    Elwood
Trobee, John L. Private K 6 Iowa Inf   Elwood, Nebr.
Vinzant, James Private I 51 Ind Inf   Bertrand
Walker, Eli Private E 4 Ia Inf   Bertrand, Phelps Co., Nebr.
Walters,  Private E 104 Ill Inf Mary  Bertrand
Warner, Edward Private F 35 Ill Inf   Arapahoe
Way, John H. Corporal D 122 Ohio Inf   Ceryl
Weiser, Charles F. Private K 97 Ill Inf   Arapahoe
Westfall, Amos M. Private D 2 Ohio Inf   Bertrand
Westfall, Michael B. Private H 45 Ohio Inf   Bertrand
Willons, Daniel H. Private C 34 Io Inf   Bertrand
Wilsey, Edgar Private I 138 Ill Inf   Bertrand
Wilson, John Private H 147 NY Infg   Elwood, Nebr.
Yusk, Samuel H. Private E 106 Ill I   Elwood

Ralph Hall, a native of Gosper County, has generously shared his Civil War ancestors with us.  Much of the information came directly from their military records via the National Archives.
Brand, Conrad Private Co. A, 11th IL Cav Vol Died Smithfield, 1891; Bur. Bertrand
Hall, Henry Private Co. D, 3rd CA Inf. Res. West Muddy Prec.; Died & bur. Arapahoe, 1888
*Laurent, Ciril Private Co. A 8th IA Inf. Vol. Died & bur. Elwood, 1917





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