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In case you don't know it, all people working with the NEGenWeb Project are volunteers. We receive no compensation for the time and effort that we put in to our particular area. We are all motivated by a desire to help others that are researching in Nebraska.

The NEGenWeb Project is always in need for volunteers who have a desire to help other people who are researching in Nebraska. We have a need for volunteers with any level of expertise. All it takes is a desire to help others. It is helpful if you have your own web access, but that is not always necessary. If you have access to information that is copyright free, you can make copies and send it snail mail to the local county coordinators. You just need to be able to contact them by email and volunteer.

We often have counties which need someone to take them on as a county coordinator. They are shown on the County Selection list with an 'Adopt Me' image. If you are interested, please check these two sites for more information:

If you would like to volunteer, or would like more information, please contact David Gochenour.

The County Coordinators can use help in many ways:

  • Volunteer to look up information for researchers researching in that county.

  • If you live in that county, could you collect data from the court house, library, genealogical and historical societies, etc.? Any material that is copy-right free, or that you have the author's permission to use, may be something that the coordinator would like to have available on their county site. This would just take some time on your part to collect the data and type it into your computer, saving it as ASCII or MS-Dos text, and then send it to the county coordinator. This could be handled by email or snailmail.

  • Even if you don't live in that county, but would like to help, there are projects that each county coordinator would like to see transcribed and placed on the web.

    If you would like to help at the county level in any way, contact your County Coodinator. You can find their email address on their county site.

We can use help at the State NEGenWeb Project level too. We have some counties that have foster parents, and could use coordinators. This would involve more time on your part. We have help for those volunteers that would like to learn to code webpages.

Specific ideas for volunteers at the State NEGenWeb Project:

  • Volunteer to keep an eye on the various links on the State pages, and make sure that they are all current. This could be done in your free time, and the links should be re checked every month.

  • At times, we have state-wide projects for typing in specific genealogical and historical documents, and then they are posted at the county level or in our State NEGenWeb Project Resource Center. Sometimes, there are county coordinators that do not have the time to work on these projects, and could use help.

Our County Unknown, Resource Center, and NEGenWeb Archives sites can all use volunteers too. Please contact the coordinator for each site, if you would like to volunteer:

The NEGenWeb Project County Unknown site is a place where researchers can find help for their research in Nebraska when they do not know the county:
  • The coordinators can use some help in checking out that the email addresses on the query page are valid. This needs to be done every once in awhile, so that we are sure that addresses have not changed.

  • Web links also need to be checked once a month to be sure that the addresses are valid.

Contact the County Unknown Coordinator to volunteer. You can find the Coordinator's email address by visiting the NEGenWeb Project County Unknown.

The NEGenWeb Project Resource Center can also use help:

  • If you have an interest in one particular area, you could volunteer to collect information that would be helpful to researchers. This could be something as simple as collecting links pertaining to that subject, or actually volunteering to work excusively on an area and managing that interest site. We have volunteers that are working in the areas of country schools, military, and railroads right now. Is there something that you would like to see covered, and feel that you could work on collecting information and links about it?

  • Since the Resource Center is primarily a list of links on the web pertaining to Nebraska research, volunteer to spend a little time checking that all links are current.

  • You can also help by typing in material for the Resource Center Coordinator.

Contact the Resource Center Coordinator to volunteer. You can find the Coordinator's email address by visiting the NEGenWeb Project Resource Center.

The NEGenWeb Project Archives can always use material pertaining to Nebraska, and help in preparing material. They have special guidelines to follow, and these can be found at the USGenWeb Archives Project Guidelines.

Contact the NEGenWeb Archives Coordinators to volunteer. You can find the Coordinator's email address by visiting the NEGenWeb Project Archives.

As you can see, we can use volunteers at every level in the NEGenWeb Project. If you would like to volunteer at the State level, please contact the State Coordinator. For the County Unknown, Resource Center, Archives and County sites, please contact the coordinator for that site.

Contact the State Coordinator

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