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About the Nebraska USGenWeb Project

We would like to take the opportunity to acquaint you with the NEGenWeb Project , a project on the Internet aimed at bringing together information about genealogical and historical resources.

With well over 70 volunteers, we are a group of varied talents and interests united in providing what we hope will prove to be a valuable service to the genealogical and historical communities. We see our role as that of a conduit between those with Internet access who are interested in such information and the experts and resources.

The USGenWeb Project

On June 1, 1996, an effort was launched by volunteers around the country to provide genealogical research information and resources on the Internet. The project is known as the USGenWeb Project . All work on this non-commercial project is done by volunteers and the information it provides is free.

The goal of the USGenWeb Project is to provide a single entry point for finding information about genealogical research within each state. A site has been set up on the Internet for each state. These sites provide broadbased information and access to sites for each county within the state. The county sites are set up and maintained by volunteer county coordinators. Although the project is just over three years old, all of the Nebraska counties are represented and are served by a website.

Below is an overview of the structure of the NEGenWeb Project and affiliated sites.

NebraskaGenWeb Project State Site
(NEGenWeb Project)


The NebraskaGenWeb Project state site is aimed at providing information on the basic resources and organizations important to those interested in Nebraska genealogy and history. With such knowledge, researchers are better able to construct a framework within which to conduct their research and are provided the tools necessary to access the information of interest.

CountyGenWeb Project Site
( Index of all NE counties and access through: https://sites.rootsweb.com/~negenweb/cntylist.html )

A CountyGenWeb Project site will always provide basic research information for that county, and a place for researchers to post their interests and queries so that they can contact those with similar interests. County coordinators decide what additional information to provide at the site based on the particulars of their county. Many of our County Coordinators do not live in the county they host, but have a special interest in that county. They would especially welcome help from any local volunteer to help answer queries, do lookups, type in material, etc.

County sites often include:

County sites may also include:

NEGenWeb Project Unknown County
( www.usgennet.org/usa/ne/county/unknown/ )

This site offers a place for those researchers who may not know where their ancestors lived in Nebraska. It has a step-by-step approach to assist researchers in finding those elusive ancestors, including a list of surnames that have been gathered from resources about Nebraska on the web, tips for using various available resources, a list of features (populated places, streams, rivers, lakes, churches, cemeteries, etc.), and a place to post a query.

NEGenWeb Project Resource Center
( www.usgennet.org/usa/ne/topic/resources/ )

If you don't have any idea where to look in Nebraska for your ancestor, try here for tips and strategies for finding the location and any records that may exist. It includes links to sites on the web that would be of help to the Nebraska researcher, plus has information and tips for researching in various areas. Some of these areas are cemeteries and related information, country schools, Ethnic and Immigration information, military information, Native American research, Orphan Trains, Railroads, Pioneers, and the NEGenWeb Online Library. There is an area devoted to helping 'found' photos and memorabilia find their owners which has grown so that a separate national page has had to be created. More sections are planned in the future.

NEGenWeb Project Online Library
( www.usgennet.org/usa/ne/topic/resources/OLLibrary/index.html )

This area was first a part of the NEGenWeb Resource Center but has grown so large that it can be considered a special project. It includes complete books, journals, newspaper articles, maps & atlases, links to other publications that are online, and much more. Everything is either public domain, or permission has been secured from the original publisher, and has content that would help genealogists researching in Nebraska.

NEGenWeb Project Archives
( usgwarchives.org/ne/nefiles.htm )

Part of the larger USGenWeb Project, the NEGenWeb Project Archives provides a place for individuals to contribute their personally collected, original data for free access by all interested researchers. The goal of the Archives is to complement rather than compete with the resources available through state and local organizations. Many county coordinators are also submitting county files to the archives.

Other Special Projects

There are other special projects at both the State and National level. These include the Census Project, the Tombstone Project, the Lineage Project, and the Maps Project. You can find more about these projects through links on the NEGenweb Project or the USGenWeb Project sites.

Other sites of special interest to those researching in Nebraska:

As many genealogists feel that historical context is what makes the family data meaningful, state and local history have an important place in the NEGenWeb Project. Many county coordinators work with their local Historical Society to compile items of interest for their particular county along with pointers as to how more information can be obtained. These two non-NEGenWeb Project sites are excellent for finding out more about history in Nebraska.

Oldtime Nebraska
( http://www.olden-times.com/oldtimenebraska/ )

Oldtime Nebraska, directed by Dick Taylor, is aimed at making available historical information pertaining to Nebraska. The site includes reference articles, folklore, reminiscences and graphics. It is an eclectic and interesting resource making a valuable contribution.

"The History of The State of Nebraska"
(published 1882 by The Western Historical Co., A.T. Andreas, Proprietor)
( www.usgennet.org/usa/ne/topic/resources/andreas/index.html )

This ambitious project is bringing the full text and graphics of one of the basic resources for NE history to the online community. Directed by Connie Snyder, EKIS Associate Manager and NEGenWeb State Coordinator, and housed with the Kansas Collection, along with its 'sister' publication, "The History of the State of Kansas". This major project is nearing completion, with only a few of the county chapters left to complete. Many volunteers have helped to transcribe and present this book.

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