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If you have names and/or photos of anyone buried in any of these cemeteries
please consider sharing them with other researchers.
I will happily make a list of names and dates or scan in headstone photos
using information set to me by you. I do not have the ability to survey and photograph
these cemeteries myself.  If you can help, everyone would benefit.
For more information please send me an email.
Some information about the locations of some of these cemeteries comes from the
"Garfield County Roundup, History 1867-1967"
compiled by Jack Stevens, Cemetery Committee
This book contains much more information about Garfield County and can be
purchased from them.  Information about Latitudes and Longitudes and the maps come
from the USGS Geographic Names Information System.

Banner Cemetery -- Now with partial index
Southeast corner of the NE quarter, Section 11, Township 21, North, Range 16, West of the 6th P.M.
1 1/4 miles north of Burwell.
Latitude: 414811N  Longitude:  0990725W

Cottonwood Cemetery -- Now with partial index and photos of some head stones.
    The land where this cemetery is located was homesteaded by Thomas McKenzie. He stuck a cottonwood stick in the ground and it grew into one of the trees on the cemetery grounds.  Thus, the cemetery got its name.
Northeast corner of the NW quarter, Section 26, Township 21, North, Range 16, West of the 6th P.M.
1/2 mile south and 1/2 mile west of Burwell.
Latitude: 414605N  Longitutde:  0990831W

Dry Cedar Cemetery--Southwest corner of the NW quarter of section 6, Township 21, North, Range 13, West of the 6th P.M.

Erina Cemetery--Southeast corner of the West quarter of the SW quarter of Section 36, Township 24, North, Range 14, West of the 6th P.M.  About 1 mile east and 3/4 mile south then east into a pasture 1/4 mile, all from the Cassidy Ranch.

German Luthern Church Cemetery -- In Holt County, but used by Garfield residents.  The church is long gone, but the cemetery is fenced and well maintained.

Herman Parker Family Plot--About the center of and along the east side of Section 5, Township 21, North, Range 16, West of the 6th P.M.

Littlefield Cemetery--Latitude:  414834N    Longitude:  0990820W

Marshall Cemetery--On the Charles Marshall land.  On a hilltop.  Section 27, Township 21, North, Range 14, West of the 6th P.M.

Peck Family Plot--Southwest corner of the SE quarter of Section 32, Township 22, North, Range 14, West of the 6th p.M.

Potter Cemetery--This seems to be the oldest cemetery located in Garfield county. It is just north of the Edwin Vodehnal residence on the northeast side of the North Loup River about one-half mile north of the Garfield-Valley county line.  Southwest part of the NW quarter, Section 33, Township 21, North, Range 15, West of the 6th P.M.

Parker Cemetery--Latitude:  414913N  Longitude:  0991056W

Westside Cemetery -- Now with a partial index

Northwest corner of the NW quarter, Section 11, Township 21, North, Range 15, West of the 6th P.M.  One half mile west of the William Loeffler residence.
Latitude:  414846N  Longitude:  0990142W

Walter Nelson Family Plot--Center of and just south of the north line of Section 23, Township 22, North, Range 16, West of the 6th P.M.  In the northeast part of a group of cedar trees -- fenced.


Church, Cordelia b-1864;d-1931
Conner, Ellis b & d, 1915
Conner, Elsworth J d-1897; age 1 1/2
Conner, Jacob b-1891;d-1895
Conner, Jonathan d-1891:73 yrs - 11months 14days
Conner, Laverne Clay b-1940;d1940
Conner, Let J b-1895;d-1919
Conner, Mary Jane b-1823;d-1910
Conner, Minnie b-1911;d-1911
Conner, Sarah b-1889-d-1890
Conner, Silas b-1900-d-1901
Douthit, George E b-1920;d-1921

Flock, Mary Lou d-1940;age 11months 9days
Freeman, Edward b-Nov 1916;d Dec 1916
Freeman, Gerald D b-1920;d-1921
Gibson, A d-1909 age about 65
Hurlburt, Al b-1857;d-1944
Ledger, Viola M ?
Marks, Charles d-May 14,1940-age 28
Marshall, Pheba b-1858;d-1915
Miller, Frank d-1887 age 2yrs old
Miller, Lois E b-1854;d-1891
Marlow, one stone-Steven,Helen,Father,Mother,Daughter
Nelson, Lois E b-1854;d-1891
Nelson, Charlie b-1881;d-1902
Nelson, Ishman J b-1885;d-1886
Nelson, Lydia F b-1890;d-1892
Nelson, Thomas b-1840;d-1923
Page, Hugh b-1912;d-1914
Pigman, John J died in 1932
Plummer; a man
Potter; a woman
Ragland; children
Shamp, Etta 
Shamp, SJB b-1905;d-1970
Smith, Allie M b-1886;d-1950
Smith, Charles b-1878;d-1944
Smith, Edward-b4-23-1926;d-4-29-1926
Smith, Sidney b-3-9-1925;d-3-11-1925
Stanton, Jerome b-1848;d-1912
Vinecore, Fannie b-1813;d-1902
White, two babies of George Whites

Erina Cemetery

Andrews, Mary Ann 1842-1906
Andrews, Patrick 1831-1896
Barton, Jo died 1914
Johns, Howard Henry 1900-1901
Kennedy, Infant daughter died 1912
McCherry, Infant about 1916
Quinn, Patrick died 1897

Herman Parker family plot

Shelton, Bard about 55-died before 1900
Shelton, Jane (sister)
2 children of Tom & Amanda Shelton Warden
Baby-1941,1943,1945 - Children of Herman & Cynthia Parker
Shaffer, Jack D 1923-1965
Shaffer, Iora 1899-1968

Marshall Cemetery

Erickson, Mrs Hans
Heitz, Joseph (child)
Pigman, Clare died 1894
Pigman, Joe  died 1894

Peck Family Plot
   2 Peck children

Potter Cemetery

Brown, Charles Francis
Brown, Robert D 1820-1906
Brown, William B 1857-1905
Keoun (daughter of NJ & MA Keoun)
Phillips, Daniel 7/10/1811-3/1/1889
Phillips, Marrilla 1819-3/14/1900
Potter, Almira (wife of David) 6/1/1817-8/1/1889
Potter, David 2/26/1811-3/29/1880
Potter, Nancy E 1853?-10/29/1879 (dob possibly 1865)
Trag, Sallie G 3/16/1899 age 70yrs 10m 17days (surname possibly Tracy)
Trag, Tom 1899 age 70 (surname possibly Tracy)

Walter Nelson Family Plot

Nelson, Bennie b&d; Jan 17 1939
Nelson, Lee b&d; Feb 13,1936
Nelson, Loy (a twin) b Jan 9,1940 d Jan 10,1940

German Luthern Church Cemetery (Holt County)  


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