Franklin County, Nebraska News Index


Franklin County, Nebraska
Newspaper/Obit Index File
Transcribed By Lynn Chase


Lynn Chase has generously transcribed the index card file located at the Franklin Public Library.

The index was started in the 1970's as a card index only to the cemeteries. In the 1980's information from the newspaper obituaries and death notices were added to the cards. Now, actual obituary copies are being attached to the cards. Some of the cards have just names, some have more information and some have the obituary which gives even more information. Many volunteers are still working on adding to the index with both old and new newspaper obituaries.

Now Lynn has searched all the index card information and added all maiden and other names listed in the obits. Please be sure to check BOTH the "Maiden & Other Names" index and the "Obituary Index" below as they go hand-in-hand for research, especially if you are unsure of a woman's married name.

Lynn will be happy to give free email information for the cards that have little information on them. Other cards that have news articles or obits attached to them will need to be photocopied and mailed.

There are almost 18,000 entries in this list including about 8-9000 obituaries written only on index cards without the actual obituaries attached.

In the Maiden & Other Names index below, there are over 4,000 extra names.

The cost for these copies is $1.00 per name and a SASE. Please contact Lynn and she will let you know up front if there is only a little information that she can email you, or if there is a lot of information and how many copies it will take. Please be patient with your queries. Lynn has personal family concerns that only allow her to check and answer her email occassionally. Your patience is appreciated.

All proceeds from copies are going back into the search for additional obituaries, which is approximately 40 cents a page. Any donations, including Franklin area family history would be welcome and entitles you to 20% off your next order for copies.

Thank you Lynn for making this valuable Franklin County resource available to us all!

Below is the Franklin County Maiden & Other Names Index that was gleaned from the Franklin County Obit File listed separately below.

Below is an alphabetical listing of the Index Card File

Franklin County Index Card File
(These will be updated as necessary)

A Surnames

B Surnames

C Surnames

D Surnames

E Surnames

F Surnames

G Surnames

H Surnames

I-J Surnames

K Surnames

L Surnames

M Surnames

N Surnames

O Surnames

P Surnames

Q Surnames

R Surnames

S Surnames

T Surnames

U-V Surnames

W Surnames

X-Y-Z Surnames


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