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This is a "work in progress" for school information from Douglas Co. NE.  If you have knowledge or information about schools, graduation lists, teachers, school history, school photos, etc., please contribute.  (Contact us)

1857: " schoolhouses. ..."

1859: For a larger discussion of the early school situation in Douglas Co., see the section in The History of Nebraska book at this link

1860: "The public schools which had been established but a short time previously, were noted as particularly prosperous during this year. The whole number of scholars admitted 456, of whom 234 were males and the average daily attendance was quoted at 220, though the introduction of a new system and an entire want of funds for the first few months presented many difficulties that had to be disposed of. The expenses of their operation was upwards of $1,900, and was insufficient for the purposes mentioned. One principal and three subordinates were employed, and to supply the deficiency of funds for the payment of necessary bills, during the succeeding year, a small tuition fee was charged each pupil in attendance."
1865: "...additional schools were provided for the education of youth, ...."  
"In 1870 the magnificent high school building which crowns the summit of Capitol Hill was built...."


"The first public school was opened in Omaha by Howard Kennedy as superintendent and principal, and he claims it was a graded school. Mrs. Rust taught a public school under Kennedy, near Twelfth on Douglas street. Miss Nye taught at Eleventh and Farnam streets. Mrs. Terry taught in the north part of the city near Eighteenth street and the Methodist Church. Dr. G. C. Monell, A. D. Jones, and Mr. Loveland were the first Board of Education, and were elected in March 1859, and held office one year, and in March 1860, Dr. G. C. Monell, Jesse Lowe, and J. H. Kellom were elected and made the first school report to the Commissioners of Public Schools."
1882: From local taxes, " fund received........... $57,409 92..."

1871: "The high school of Omaha was first established in the fall of 1871, by a Board of Trustees consisting of A. J. Simpson, President; B. E. B. Kennedy, Director; John Evans, Treasurer; Ezra Millard, Rev. W. H. Kuhns and J. H. Kellom. It was placed under the instruction of Mr. Kellom. The daily sessions were first held in the south rooms of the brick building on the southeast corner of Chicago and Sixteenth streets. In the spring of 1872 it was removed to a building on Jackson street between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets. The sessions were first held in the present high school buildings in the fall of 1872. Mr. J. H. Kellom was principal, and Job Rabin and R. E. Gaylord, assistants. The laboratory is moderately well supplied with chemical and philosophical apparatus. The mineralogical cabinet presented by Prof. Thompson, of St. Louis, is quite full.

This photo is from Johnson's History of Nebraska (1880) and is from the 1872 era.  However, this building looks a little grand for "47 pupils," so possibly the school occupied only a portion of it.

Omaha high school photo of 1872 era from Johnson's History of Nebraska book.

"In 1871-72, 47 pupils were enrolled, 1872-73, 60; 1873-74, 66; 1874-75, 62; 1875-76, 59; 1876-77, 53; 1877-78, 63; 1879-80, 70; 1880-81, 75.

"There is a lack of reference books in literature, history, and some departments of science in the high school library, which is a serious hindrance to the forming of such habit of study and research as should be especially encouraged and provided for in all institutions for higher instruction, but the board is taking steps to provide for this deficiency; a few standard works will be added each year hereafter."

1881: A few cases of small pox "...resulted in requiring all the children attending the public schools to be vaccinated...."

1890: "History of Education in Omaha" by Mrs. M. B. Newton

1900: Photo identification needed Omaha High School
Jeff Birdsley posted on Douglas Co. message board

1904: August H. HENNINGS, in 1904, was Treas. City & School Dist., Omaha.
Sandra Hennings Swaney (

1908: Photo identification help needed
I purchased a class picture, about 35 students, ca 1908. All look like high school age and they all seem to have a little round pin.  The women/girls all have those wonderful high, white collared blouses and the men/boys have rounded, large collars.  We found the numbers "08" which we take to mean 1908.   Back of picture says Mrs. George P. B _______? 1908 717 Cass St. This address was the C. J. Tyrrell Auction house. Would like to find descendant(s) of any student who might like a copy of this picture. Believe it was an Omaha school. [Kellom school, Central High, Technical High and Creighton College are nearby] Email:
C. B. Croshaw (

Class of 1908.jpg


Name, address, School, Birth Year
Thomas ASTLEFORD, 2794 South Ninth St., Bancroft, 1904
Philip BLEECK, 4010 North 25 Ave., Saratoga, 1898
Walter BRACE 4101 North 28 Ave., Monmouth Park, 1897
Robert BUNSER, 2924 North 25 St., High, 1896
Opal BURKS, 1622 Clark St., Kellom, 1902
Charles Reed CAMPBELL, 3004 Elm St., Windsor, 1894
Mirtha CARNEY, 2112 Chicago St., Central, 1903
Bernice CLARKSON, 2403 North 22 St., Lake, 1901
Thomas P. COGAN, 3507 South 20 St., Vinton, 1900
Herman DOHSE, 1901 Ontario St., Vinton, 1898
Ledia FULLER, 1523 Marcy St., Leavenworth, 1903
Burth HILL, 2530 North 19 St., Lake, 1904
Irene HINMAN, 3420 North 25 St., High, 1896
Luella JACOBSEN, 2744 Maple St., Howard Kennedy, 1898
Fannie JENSEN, 2721 Spalding St., Lothrop, 1900
Theodore JOHNSON 1816 Charles T., Kellom, 1898
Raymond MANWARREN, Seventeenth and Webster St., Cass, 1902
William D. McCULLOCH, 3434 Sahler St., Monmouth Park, 1901
Irene NELSON, 1902 South 29 St., Dupont, 1904
Ellen NORDSTROM, 4736 Seward St., Walnut Hill, 1902
Arthur O'BRIEN, 2226 South 18 St., Castellar, 1902
Mary O'HALLORAN, Fifth and Spring St., St. Patrick, 1897
Floyd OVERHAUSER, 3338 Manderson St., Monmouth Park, 1897
Dorothy PAYNE, 1516 North 41 Ave., Walnut Hill, 1904
Sebastian PICCOLA, 1603 South 5 St., Lincoln, 1901
Fred PLEULER, 1417 Pierce St., Comenius, 1895
Mary PULLMAN, 3229 Pinkney St., Howard Kennedy, 1905
Mary PAGER, 1120 North 40 St., High, 1895
Tracy SALLANDER, 4206 Brown St., Central Park, 1905
Edward SCHLOTFELD, 5603 North 16 St., Sherman, 1896
Catharine SEWISS, 563 South 28 St., Farnam, 1897
Richard H. SHANNON, 3323 Seward St., Franklin, 1896
Clifford SHIELDS, 3508 North 28 St., Sacred Heart, 1904
Oscar SHIRLEY, 2806 Dodge St., Farnam, 1902
Anna STOCK, 1207 Chicago St., Cass, 1895
Karimira SZCZEPANIAK, 424 Locust St., Im. Conception, 1899
Leroy WEBURG, 2710 Ames Ave., Saratoga, 1905
Horton V. White, 1728 South 32 Ave., Park, 1905
Albert WITZIG, 3427 South Thirteenth St., Vinton, 1897
Walter WOODROW, 2715 Fowler Ave., Saratoga, 1899
Ref: Nebraska Ancestree, vol V, no. 1, page 33 - Summer 1982, Submitted by Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha, Ne. From: The Omaha Bee, Douglas County, Ne. January 4, 1911.


Adams School (Pinkney & N. 78th)

Archbishop Ryan High School web page (opens in new window)

Ashland School ("Q" St. & S. 48th)


Beals School (Walnut & S. 48th)

Belvedere School (Belvedere & N. 37th)

Benson High School (between Bedford & Maple on N. 52nd)

Blessed Sacrament School (Redick & N. 30th)

Burke High School (Burke & S. 123rd)

Bancroft School (Bancroft & S. 7th or Riverview Blvd.)

Brown Park School ("U" St. & S. 19th)


"Catholic" school (Howard & 18th) in 1860's

Cass School

Castelar School (Castelar St. & S. 18th)

Central School

Central High School (Dodge & S. 20th)

Central Park School

Christ the King School (Shamrock & S. 88th)

Clifton School (Maple & N. 45th)

Comenius School (Pine & S. 16th)

Corrigan School ("Y" St. & S. 36th)

Cross School (Elm St. & S. 20th)


Druid Hills School (Spaulding & John Creighton Blvd (N. 31st))  view group photo May 1946

Dundee School (Davenport & N. 52nd)

Dupont School offsite view group photo ca. 1900


Eastside High School (Pacific & S. 89th)

Elk City School

1st Commencement of the Elk City School held on Friday May 31, 1895.

Arthur CHINK
Supt. Geo. W. HILL
Ref: Nebraska Ancestree, Vol V, no. 1, page 13 - Summer 1982, Submitted by Mrs. Myron Plambeck, Lyons, Ne.


Fairfax School (Pratt & N. 40th)

Farnam School

Field Club School (Hickory & S. 36th) see Park School

Fontenelle School (Spaulding & N. 53rd)

Florence School (Tucker & N. 31st)

Franklin School (Franklin & N. 36th)

Fullerton Elementary School


Garfield High School ("H" St. & S. 16th)


Harrison School (Charles & N. 54th)

Highland School (Jefferson & S. 27th)

High School

Hillside Elementary School (Western & N. 76th)

Holy Angels School (near Fowler & N. 28th)

Holy Ghost School ("Q" St. & S. 52nd)

Hope School (Corby & N. 30th)


Indian Hills High School ("U" St. & S. 32nd)

Immaculate Conception School

Iron Bluff School (0.5 m. N of US 275 on S. 204th)


Jackson School (St. Marys & S. 31st)

Jefferson School (Vinton & S. 42nd)

Jungmann School ("P" St. & 17th)


Kellom School (Nicholas & N. 24th)

Kennedy School (Binney & N. 30th) may also be Howard Kennedy School


Lake School (Willis Av. & N. 20th)

Lane School (0.5 m. S, 1 m. E of Lane)

Leavenworth School

Lincoln School

Lone Hill School (Pacific & S. 180th)

Long School (Franklin & N. 26th)

Lothrop School (Lothrop & N. 22nd) [1906-1916 Memories of Mrs. Lottie Underhill More]

Loveland Elementary School (Loveland Dr. & Pacific)

Lutheran School (20th & Mason) offsite 1900 group photo


Madison School (Jefferson & S. 16th)

Margery Thornton School view 1935 photo

Mason School (Mason & S. 26th)

McArdle School (0.2 m. east of Farnum Dr. & S. 108th) better known as District 19

Mercer School (CR 7 & CR 112)

Mercy High School (Pine & S. 48th)

Miller Park School (Ellison & N. 27th)

Minnie Lusa School (Ida & N. 28th)

Monmouth Park School

Monroe School (Bedford & N. 52nd)


Notre Dame Academy (State & N. 35th)


Oakdale Elementary School (S 98th & West Center Rd)

Our Lady of Lourdes School (Ed Creighton & S. 32nd)


Paddock Road Elementary School

Park School (Hickory & S. 36th)

Pershing School (Perkins & N. 28th)

Ponca School (Ponca Rd. & N. 47th)

Prairie Center School (Grover & S. 60th)




Robbins School (near "H" St. & S. 39th Ave.) in South Omaha, maybe apartment building in 2002

Rockbrook Elementary School

Rosehill School (Corby & N. 56th)

Rosewater School ("C" St. & S. 14th)


Sacred Heart High School (Locust & N. 21st)

Saint Bernards School (Military & N. 65th)

Saint Francis School ("K" St. & S. 32nd)

Saint James Orphanage (Bedford & N. 61st) [not a school]

Saint Joseph Academy (Emile & S. 40th)

Saint Joseph School (Center & S. 17th)

Saint Marys School ("R" St. & S. 36th)

Saint Patrick School

Saint Peter School (Levenworth & S. 27th)

Saint Pauls School (Pinckney & N. 26th)

Saint PiusX School (Blondo & N. 70th)

Saint Rose (Midcity & S. 13th)

Saint Stanislaus School ("J" St. & S. 41st)

Saint Therese School (Ogden & N. 16th)

Saratoga School (Meridith & N. 25th)

Saunders School (Chicago & N. 31st)

Sherman School (Ellison & N. 14th)

South Omaha High School ("L" St. & S. 25th)
Class of 1892 graduates

South High School (4519 S. 24th)
Alice G. Harvey Scrapbook 1927
Alumni Association

South Lincoln School ("J" St. & S. 27th)

Springville School (Girard & N. 60th)

Sunny Side School (0.3 m. S of State & 186th)

Sunny Slope School (west side of North 108th Street, about a 1.5 blocks south of Old Highway 64 (aka Maple Street/Old Maple Road.   A church sits on the spot today where District 16/Sunny Slope School once was located), District 16

Lynn Wartinger wrote (4/2014) the following, ".... I have information on Sunny Slope School – District 16, that you have listed on the website.  The information about the location is not correct.  There were two Sunny Slope Schools in the area – one in Sarpy County which I think might be school referenced as “6 miles east of southeast corner of county, on the county line.”   That school is NOT the school that began as District 16 in the McArdle Precinct area of what is now Northwest Omaha. 

My family were early Swedish settlers in the area, purchasing a farm about 1870, very near where the District 16 school was located.  I do not know when the school first opened, but it was operating in the late 1890s.   The school was located on the west side of what eventually became North 108th Street, about a block and a half south of the Old Highway 64 (also known as Maple Street until the late 1960s), which today is Old Maple Road.   A church sits on the spot today where District 16/Sunny Slope School once was located. 
My grandmother, born in 1890, attended school at District 16, and 70 years later, beginning in 1964, I also attended school there, although not in the same building.  The original one-room school was replaced in the early 1950s with a slightly more modern two-classroom school.  By the time I attended, it had become part of Omaha Public Schools and renamed Sunny Slope, after the name of the new housing development by that name to the north about a mile.  Sunny Slope housing development was developed by my grandmother’s first cousin, Maxine Jort Larsen and her husband Howard Larsen, from the portion of the original Jort family farm that Maxine had inherited.  (My Grandmother also inherited part of the original land.  My mother still lives on a half-acre of the original farm land in a house built by my parents in the 1950s.  The original Farmhouse, barn, springhouse, and outbuildings were located on the north side of the road at about 105th and Old Maple Road.  The pasture is now the Knolls Golf Course.  My grandmother, Mae Anderson Peterson, was the daughter of Selma Jort Anderson, and Granddaughter of John Jort, the original owner of the Farmstead.  My grandmother, around 1900, rode her horse across the field and over the knoll to the school.   At times, the schoolteacher boarded with her family.  Lizzie Davis was the school teacher in 1910, boarding with the Jorts and Andersons on the farm.  (1910 census and stories from my grandmother.)
I can provide more information about the area if you are interested.  I live in Pennsylvania now, so I am no longer located in the area, but I am available by email." 
Lynn Wartinger

Sunset Hills School (Walnut & S. 95th)


Technical High School (Burt & N. 32nd)

Technical High School, Class of December 1929 photos and names. Ref: N Lauritsen

Thomas E. Nelson was vocational guidance counselor and carpentry teacher at Tech High prior to 1942. Ref: Vicki Nelson King (

Train School (Hickory & S. 6th) (1600 South 6th Street)


Underwood School (Cass & N. 78th)


Vinton School (Deer Park Blvd. & S. 23rd)


Walnut Hill School

Walnut Hill commencement program for 1895

Webster Elementary School (about 28th and Webster)
Casey McBride wrote, "I went to school there 1960-63 and was told then that it was the oldest operating school or brick school in NE. I believe they said it was built in the 1890s. It was a two story brick building with a cellar that was also the 'gym'."   Sandy wrote, "In mid 1960s it was demolished for I-480 interchange construction."

West Branch School (N. 120th or N. 2nd & 0.6 m. S of State)

Westgate Elementary School

West Maple School (0.3 m. N of W. Maple & N. 90th)

Western Hills School (Western & N. 66th)

Westside Middle School

Westside, grades 7-12

Windsor School (Martha Street between 34th & 35th Streets) view group photo
Louise Kosmach wrote, "... My father, James Wilbur Mullinix, age 9 and in the 5th grade, May 1920 [top row on the left].  He lived on Castelar between S.29th and S. 30th Streets in Omaha."




Yates School (Davenport & N. 32nd)




School District 1 (m.,m. of )

School District 10 (m.,m. of )

School District 15 (0.5 m. W of CR 92 & CR 33)

School District 16 (on Pratt Plaza, west off of N. 108th)

School District 19 (McArdle School) closed May 1959
"I attended McArdle School (District 19) from September of 1955 until the school was absorbed into the Omaha Public School system and closed because of the Interstate 680 & Dodge Street Interchange construction in May of 1959.  I have no pictures of the time, but remember the names of many of my school mates and teachers. In 1955, the building was still a single room (K-8), but enrollment was growing. By the fall of 1956, a second room had been added. K-3 stayed in the original room and 4-8 moved into the "new" room. Of course with the growth, our faculty doubled from 1 teacher to 2.

"Fern Bernhagen was the teacher in the original one room building when I started Third grade. When District 19 (we never called it "McArdle") closed, she moved to District 16 (Sunny Slope) where she retired in about 1977. Mrs. Sorenson (don't remember her first name) was the first teacher in the new room. She stayed for just one year. Her family owned and operated the Ten Mile Inn at 132nd and Dodge, and her kids went to District 67.

"She was replaced by Miss Ingersoll (again, the first name escapes me -- we were never allowed to address adults by their given names). She was a graduate of Grace Bible Institute in Omaha. She read to us twice a day -- Bible Stories in the morning (imagine doing that, today -- I learned more about the Bible from Miss Ingersoll than I did in Sunday School) and classic novels during lunch. She loved baseball.  Recess was always co-ed baseball.  Had to be co-ed.  There were only five boys in the whole school. There were no night games at the World Series, then, so no classes when the Series games were on. We listened to the radio! I listened to every pitch of Don Larsen's perfect game -- in school!

"It was a grand time and a grand way to learn. The older kids were expected to tutor the younger ones who were having problems, and we always did the home work while the teacher was instructing another grade. If you were lucky enough to finish your own work early, you could sit quietly and listen to what was being taught in the older grades. We took the Iowa Achievement Tests, every year, and the majority of the students scored in the high percentiles.

"There was only one drawback: the school couldn't afford to let us take the books home for homework. We had to get all of our out-of-class work done while she was teaching other grades. No home work was great, but when I had to move into the city school (Westside 7-12) for 7th grade, I had virtually no study habits. 7th grade was a tough year for me.

"We were even integrated, although we didn't know the difference.  I was the only boy in my grade for four years. ...."

Farris (Terry -- lived at 94th & Burt); Golda (Rose Marie & Jerry -- Miracle Hills Dairy farm NW of 114th & Dodge --hence the name of that golf course and office park); Hagedorn (2 boys -- Robert & Lyle -- lived south of 93rd & Blondo); Murray (JoAnn, Russell, & Phyllis -- lived on 96th Street north of Dodge); Pittman (Antoinette or Toni -- lived at about 100th and Dodge); Pugh (Donald & sister -- lived just NW of 120th & Dodge -- big white house and barn are still there); Raabe (Nancy, LeRoy, & Gloria -- lived on a dairy farm at 108th & Blondo); Ready (Patsy & John -- lived just south of 93rd & Blondo); Smith (Carol & Bobby -- lived at 90th & Blondo); Swan (Mike -- lived on a farm at 102nd & Blondo); Thorngren (Ron & Karen); Wolfe (Tom -- Hillside Stables 108th & Old Dodge Road). I would like contact from any former students of District 19, McArdle school.
Submitted by Terry (Farris) Currey --

School District 20 ( )

School District 23 (0.1 m. north of CR 15, east side of Valley Cemetery site)

School District 24 (1.2 m. E, 0.5 m. N of Venice on east side of CR 96)

School District 30 ( )

School District 41 (0.6 m. W of CR 80 and north of West Papillion Creek)

School District 42 (CR 102, .03 m. S. of north county line

School District 52 (0.3 m. S. of Bennington Rd on N. 132nd)

School District 56 (State & about N. 75th)

School District 60 (Pacific & Leawood Dr.)

School District 67 (0.3 m. N or West Maple Rd. on N. 144th)

School District 70 (m.,m. of )

School District 80 (m.,m. of )


Small Entertainments

Say each name slowly and ponder the memories:

Red Rover, Ante-Over, Hopscotch, Workup, In-Come-Free, Hide & Seek, Reverse Hide & Seek, Hoop & Guider, Horse shoes, Crack the whip, Pin the tail, Follow-the-leader, Pick-up-sticks, Jacks, Stack hands, Clap in-Clap out, Squat tag, Keep away, Caroms, Hare & Hound, Merry-go-round, Teter-totter, Giant Stride, Marbles for keeps, Kick-the-can, Skip rope, Musical Chairs, Hangman, TicTacToe, May I?, Simon says, Fox & Geese, Snowballs & forts, Sledding, Tonettes, Ocarinas, Kazoos, Tambourine-block-triangle-stick band, Taffy, divinity, fudge--which used vinegar? Friday popcorn, Box socials.

Slates, Stoking stoves, Emptying ashes, Pumping water & tin cups, McGuffey's reader, Palmer penmanship, Ink wells & quills, Dusting erasers, Washing blackboards, Reading circle, Spelling bees, Math at the board, Dick & Jane, Pledge of allegiance, 8th grade exams.


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