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NE Ancestree - Summer 1987 - Vol.10 No.1 pp.14-18

The Girl Graduate, Her Own Book

[author: Miss Lottie Underhill/Mrs. Lottie E. More]

Submitted [1987 to NE Ancestree] by Ruby Coleman, North Platte, NE - The following is information gleaned from a high school memoir-type book which belonged to Mrs. Lottie E. Underhill More: Title of book: The Girl Graduate, Her Own Book; inside front cover is a newspaper picture of Miss Lottie Underhill, underneath this is inscribed "Property of Mrs. Lottie E. More."

Pages 14-15

Class Day - June 1, 1906; Class Flower, Rose - Pansy 8th grade; Class Colors, Lothrop [school], Pink, Green.

There are a variety of small pictures pasted in the book of Omaha High and "Athletics '07." Additional pictures are of postcard type of University of Omaha and Redick Hall at University of Omaha. There are several pictures of groups of people, almost all unidentified. The following are identified: 1st May Queen - Pansy Williams; 2nd May Queen - Gladys Solomon; 3rd May Queen - Lottie Underhill (picture is missing, penciled in notation "cloudy day, inside pictures unsuccessful"; 4th May Queen - Mildred Foster.

A clipping on the history of the University of Omaha has been pasted inside the book. It states that the University of Omaha was incorporated in the fall of 1908. In the fall of 1909 the university opened its doors with an enrollment of 27 men and women. The clipping is apparently dated in 1913 as it states June 5, of the original number who started four years ago, 11 will be graduated and given their degrees. The president of the University of Omaha was Rev. D. E. Jenkins. The trustees were listed as follows, almost all Omaha men: C. S. Hayward, Dr. J. H. Vance, John F. Flack, David Cole, Dr. D. C. Bryant, Dr. S. K. Spaulding, D. W. Merrow, A. A. Lamoreaux, Judge Howard Kennedy, W. T. Graham, Rev. F. T. Rouse, Rev. J. Salsbury, Paul H. Kuhns, O. C. Redick, Rev. E. H. Jenks, Joseph Barker, Rev. E. H. Curry, Rev. D. E. Jenkins, Fred R. Dufrene, Dr. W. S. Gibbs, Nathan E. Adams, Bishop G. A. Beecher, Rev. W. H. Kerns, Rev. T. J. Mackay, A. W. Carpenter, A. C. Busk, Dr. J. P. Lord, F. D. Wead, E. U. Graff, Carles B. Anderson, Arthur Wells, John L. McCague, Alvin Johnson, Rev. Mr. McBride and C. Vincent.

The students who would be graduated: Zella Beebe, Gladys Solomon, Clara Hendricksen, Pansy Williams, Ferne Nicoles, Katherine Mathies, Helen Hansen, George Parish, Stanton Salisbury, Mebane Ramsey and George Percival. With the exception of Ramsey, all were graduates of Omaha High School.

Graduates prior to this were: Miss Claudia Gallaway in 1911 and Harry Jerome in 1912. The class in 1913 was the first to complete four years' work at the university.

Teachers: Mrs. Lemon, Principal; Miss Helfrish, teacher Lothrop.

At Omaha High School: Miss Tims, Latin; Miss Copeland, Latin; Miss Ure, Algebra; Miss Bonnell, Physiology; Miss Morse, English; Miss J. Smith, Greek History; Mr. Lansing, English; Mr. McMillan, Geometry; Miss Mackin, Roman History; Miss Bonnell, Zoology.

Lothrop Class Day - on page noted " Her Invitations" Mrs. Willey; Mrs. Widdows; Miss Marion Fay; Miss Grace Hayden; Mrs. Hayden, Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Underhill; Master Garrett Underhill; Miss Mary McIllwain; Miss Francis McDonald; Miss Lela Underhill; Mrs. C. W. Underhill.

A Program for Lothrop Class Day - June 1, 1906: Kindergarten Memories - Helen Robinson, Fay Carter, Giselle Rodman, Maud Hatt, Hildred Marr, Alice Gideon, Margaret McLafferty, Louisa Llewellyn, Emily Chase, Sarah Ayres. Court Scene - Merchant of Venice - Phillip McCullough, Dorice Smith, Eddie Carson, Harry Frazer, Theodore Henck, Ruth Roberts, Gladys Gross, Edith Anderson, Russell Lockwood, Madeleine Fowler. Music - Lula Gifford, Mabel Hamilton, Irene Shepard, Nancy Haze, Ruth Gould, Alice Gideon, Giselle Rodman, Mildred Marr, Kenneth Hatch, Edward Smith, Harold Graham, Hiram Monroe. Class History - the Originals - Madeleine Fowler, Edward Smith, Anna Swanson, Gertrude Thompson, Irene Shepard, Harold Graham, Ruth Gould, Henrietta Brades, Vilas Meyers, Minnie Seick, Nancy Haze.

Presentation of Flag - Chandler Trimble

Last Will - Hiram Salisbury

The Class Prophecy - Lottie Underhill

Address - Supt. W. M. Davidson

Clippings: Back to Nature - University of Omaha - students and women teachers pitched their tents on the shores of Seymour Lake for a 10 day outing. The teachers: Miss Edna Sweeney, French teacher; Miss Selma Anderson, Greek teacher. The students were juniors and seniors: Zella Beebe, Gladys Solomon, Sybil Woodruff, Katherine Matthies, Lottie Underhill and Helen Hansen.

Miss Laura Waterman entertained at dinner some of the women students at the University of Omaha....Stella Shaw, Mary Alice Sidwell, Sybil Woodruff, Pansy Williams, Clara Barnes, Lottie Underhill, Ferne Nicoles, Laura Waterman.

Miss Ethel Whitely entertained the freshman class: Beulah McCaw, Mabel Kelly, Mildred Foster, Eleanor Halsey, Ruth Rainey, Oldham Paisley, Neal Parsons, David Larson, Peter Strehlow, Max Beebe, Agnes Nelson, Dorothy Scott, Agnes Stitt, Grace Morphy, Ethel Whitely, Paul Selby, Ray Reel, Almet Solomon, Andrew Dow, Ole Bennett.

Picture postcards of the U. W. C. A. Student Conference at Vermillion, SD October 1872.

Miss Mildred Brown entertained several friends at luncheon at the summer shack, Much-a-tee-ma Skee-ka-wa-ba. The party consisted of Misses Ethelyn DeVoe, Orie DeVoe, Marion Fay, Marie Rice, Ora Russell, Agnes Thompson, Gertrude Thompson, Lottie Underhill and Mildred Brown.

Picnic Party - Misses Jessie Cushing, guest of honor from Sydney. Attending: Mildred Brown, Inez Castberg, Edna Campbell, Ethelyn De Vor, Marion Fay, Marie Rice, Ora Russell, Agnes Thompson, Gertrude Thompson, Lottie Underhill and Lela Underhill.

Clipping - U. of O. Gets Big Donation: Mrs. M. O. Maul Gives University a Large Tract of Land - to perpetuate the memory of her son. Announcement made by her attorney, Hugh F. Meyers; land is a 20 acre tract near Elmwood park. Those who spoke: Archie Carpenter, Dr. E. R. Curry, Dr. F. T. Rouse, Hugh F. Meyers, W. T. Grahalm, C. A. Alden and Dr. D. E. Jenkins.

Clipping - Miss Gallaway is Graduating Class at Omaha University (picture of her). Exercises held Tuesday evening June 6th; will recieve her bachelor of arts degree. She came to U. of Omaha from Wellesley and prior to that she was a student at Gate's college. She has been given a position as instructor in Latin at Omaha High School. Oratorical contest: Freshmen, Katherine Case, Mary Alice Sidwell, Mabel Hamilton, Anne Roberts and Robert Strehlow. Sophomores, Marguerite Walker, Gladys Solomon, Marie Erwin, Rhea Lamereuax and Harry Jerome.

Clipping - Senior class of Omaha University at Banquet. Miss Claudia Gallaway, First Graduate, is honored at function by Sophomores. Held at the Hotel Loyal. Stanton Salisbury, toastmaster. Toasts - Harry Jerome "The Sophomore Class"; Miss Claudia Gallaway, "The University of Omaha"; Prof. Currens "The Faculty Dud"; Miss Marie Erwin, "The Senior Class".

Clipping - Miss Roberts Prize Orator - picture of Miss Anne Roberts; second place tied between Mable Hamilton, Gladys Solomon, Marguerite Walker and Robert Strehlow.

Judges: E. F. Dennison, Rev. J. A. Jenkins and Mrs. F. H. Cole. Rev. T. J. Mackay presided. Invocation by Rev. M. V. Higbee.

Clipping - U. of O. Notes - Gala Day Festival - May 24th (no year given) - crowning of the May queen; dances directed by Miss Claudia Gallaway. Girls taking part: May pole dance, Beulah McCaw, Pansy Williams, Sybil Woodruff, Lucille Hager, Dorothy Scott, Agnes Nielsen, Grace Morphy, Stella Shaw, May Yeates, Eleanor Halsey, Bertha Wilson, Clara Hendricksen, Mildred Foster. Flower dance, daisies centers, Katherine Case, Zella Beebe, Katherine Matthies, Ethel Holmquist, Ruth Rainey; petals, Bertha Wilson, Madeline Horton, Marguerite Walker, May Yeates, Ferne Nicoles, Clara Barnes, Eleanor Halsey, Mabel Kelly, Clara Hendricksen, Rhea Lamoreaux, Mary Alice Sidwell, Marilla Case, Mildred Foster, Ethel Whitely; fairies, Pansy Williams and Beulah McCaw.

Clipping - Omaha U. in Commencement: Governor Aldrich delivers address for Year's Exercises; Harry Jerome takes degree. Jerome was the only one to receive the degree of bachelor of arts. He was first student to register for work when the university opened. The degree was presented by Judge Kennedy, president of the board of trustees. Invocation by Dr. O. D. Baltzly of Kountze Memorial church; benediction by Rev. F. T. Rouse of First Congregational Church. Vocal Solos by Mrs. Charles Wright.

NE Ancestree - Summer 1987 - Vol.10 No.1 pg.14-18


Pages 16-18 continued

Clipping - Omaha University Sermon - baccalaureate sermon at First Methodist Episcopal Church by Rev. M. B. Williams for one graduating student, H. K. Jerome, formerly of Ord, Nebraska. He was first to enroll at the U. of Omaha three years ago.

Clipping - Queen of the May and Her Crown Bearer - pictures May Queen - Miss Gladys Solomon; Maid Marion in the person of Miss Lottie Underhill, placing the crown. Followed by drama, flower chorus, etc. Students in drama: Mabel Kelly, Mildred Foster, Ethel Whitely, Peter Strehlow, Neal Parsons and Ole Bennett. The Dramatic Club is under direction of Miss Margaret Guthrie; cast of Beulah McCaw, Sybil Woodruff, Lottie Underhill, George Percival, Paul Selby and Almet Solomon.

Clipping - Miss Underhill to be Queen of the May; Miss Katherine Matthies, maid of honor; Underhill member of Jr. Class at university; prominent worker in the college Young Women's Christian Association; past President of Utopian Society; member of student senate; society editor of The Gateway. Matthies is a senior and officer of her class; member Lambda Gamma Society; organization editor of The Gateway; member of student senate. Members of the committee in charge under direction of Mrs. Bernice Banghart Grant, head of physical culture classes, include: Effie Cleland, Mildred Foster, Nelle Ryan, Gladys Solomon, and Beulah McCaw. Taking part in Maypole dances: Mildred Foster, Effie Cleland, Myrtle Coffman, Bertie Hoag, Clara Hendrickson, Zella Beebe, Florence Dow, Agnes Nielson, Beulah McCaw, Della Nelson, Ferne Nicoles, Helen Johnson, Gladys Tallmadge, Pansy Williams, Katherine Matthies, Margaret Solomon.

Clipping - Lottie Underhill chosen May Queen at Omaha UNI. Lottie Underhill of 1919 Spencer; Katherine Matthies, 5413 Florence Boulevard, maid of honor.

Clipping - Honor First Omaha U. Players at Homecoming Celebration in Hotel Fontenelle Saturday evening (no date); members of first football team 20 years ago; 9 members still living in Omaha; team known as Omaha University Shetlands. One man has died. Andy (Andrew) Dow was captain of the team and is now Dr. Andrew Dow, Omaha child specialist. Others: Almet Solomon, cashier of a wholesale grocery house; Harold Haaker, salesman; D. Victor Jorgensen, lawyer; Harry Disbrow, business executive; Jules Rachman, theater owner; Paul Selby, local aviation official; George Parish, realtor and James Westerfield, lumberman; Stanton Salisbury, chaplain in the Navy; George Percival, preacher in Wisconsin; Oldham Paisley, army official; Sam Slotkey, newspaper editor in Cleveland, Ohio; John Selby, mayor of Odebolt, IA and coach Otis Morganthaler, mayor of Templeton, Iowa. Niel Parson died. Picture with clipping.

Wedding invitation: Mr. and Mrs. Emmet G. Solomon request your presence at the marriage of their daughter Gladys Walker to Harry Jerome - Tuesday evening Aug. 12, 1913 at 8 o'clock Central Boulevard and Dodge Street, Omaha, NE.

Wedding clipping - Jerome-Solomon: Took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Emmet G. Solomon between Miss Gladys Walker Solomon and Mr. Harry Jerome. Dr. Daniel E. Jenkins, president of the University of Omaha, read the lines. Music: Marilla Case and Edna Taylor; Lucile Hager, Sybil Woodruff, Madeline Horton, Bertha Wilson, Lottie Underhill, Mary Alice Sidwell, Zela Elmer; harpist, Miss Marie Swanson. Maid of honor, Miss Margaret Solomon, sister of the bride; bridesmaids, Pansy Williams, Ferne Nicoles of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Clara Hendrickson, Rhea Lamoreaux, Katherine Matthies and Zella Beebe. George Percival was best man; Master Emmet Solomon Jr., brother of the bride carried the ring. Reception: Mrs. Guy D. Solomon, Miss Marie Beavers and Miss Lillian Talleruphus. After the summer the couple's home at 3915 N. 22nd St. in Omaha. Out of town guests: Ferne Nicoles of Eau Claire, Wisconsin; Bertha Wilson of Raymond, NE; Mrs. B. B. Green of Fairplay, CO and Miss Emily Rohrer of Columbus, NE.

The Lothrop Annual - Omaha, NE; June 1, 1916 Vol. 13 No.1 price 25 cents. Published every year, by the ongoing class of Lothrop School, Editor Lottie Underhill; Assistant Editor Gladys Gross; Business manager Theodore Heuck. - Will celebrate anniversary, much pleasure is anticipated in the tenth reunion of the Lothrop class of 1906, which occurs this evening at the new Lothrop Auditorium which has just been completed. Attorney General Lockwood will preside and among those who will respond to toasts may be mentioned by the distinguished authoress Miss Giselle Rodman; Captain Harry Frazer, professor of military tactics at University of Nebraska; Miss Madeline Fowler, the artist, whose watercolors have been mentioned favorably in all the recent Art publications and who has just returned from Paris for a brief visit, and Miss Mabel Hamilton, a promising musician who has spent several years abroad in study. The guests of honor will be Supt. Davidson, Mrs. Emon, Miss Helfrich and Mrs. Crittenden.

NE Ancestree - Summer 1987 - Vol.10 No.1 pg.14-18


Pages 17-18 continued

Reception to Embassador Chandler Trimble of Omaha, appointed by the president to represent the United States at the reception of King Alfonso, was today, through the courtesy of Embassador McCullough presented to King Edward at Buckinham Palace.

A Pleasant Outing - The great American explorer, Daren Smith, the Rev. Hiram Salisbury lately returned from Palistine. Miss Marguerite Chase who has gained distinction as head nurse in the Red Cross Hospital work, Miss Anna Swanson, president of Child Saving Institution, Miss Sara Ayres, the distinguished writer of children's stories; Miss Edith Anderson, principal of Brownell Hall, Ethel Albach, the famous vocalist and Miss Agnes Peterson, attorney-at-law home for a brief visit from Melbourne, Australia will constitute the party who will go on a pleasure trip to the North Pole. This somewhat famous summer resort was discovered last year by our old classmate Vilas Meyers. The party will travel in the latest air ship, containing all the modern improvements suggested by Kenneth Hatch, the great inventor.

Local Brevities - Miss Minnie Seick causes a great sensation at Berlin in an address before the International Milliner's convention of which she is president by the statement that the women of America have unaminously declared against the custom of wearing on their heads, dead ducks, pigeons, peacocks or crows.

For a brief period and at the urgent solicitation of numerous friends, Miss Irene Shepard who has spent several years at home and abroad studying Domestic Science, will give a limited number of lectures on her specialty in the New Opera House in Kountze Place. Particular mention is made of her lecture, "How to sew on a button," which is said to be most thrilling.

General Manager Hatt of the "Nowhere, Anywhere, Airship Line" has just returned from the peak of Mt. McKinley. He reports having met there, Professor Harold Graham of the Omaha University who has sought that secluded spot in order that he may spend undisturbed at least two hours a day in solving Algebra problems.

Personal - Miss Ruth Gould whose fame as a story teller has become widespread and Miss Nancy Haze noted for her special ability as a pianist are delegates to the International Kindergarten Association now in session in new San Francisco.

Dr. Hiram Monroe conceded by many to be the best violinist of his time sailed for Europe last week where he will make his first appearance in concert in the presence of King Edward. Dr. Monroe is on a concert tour extending around the globe and his expert accompanist Miss Gertrude Thompson will be with the party.

Miss Lulu Gifford is making a name for herself in the line of manual training. After years of preparation she has been appointed to take charge of the manual training classes in Lothrop school where her success is assured.

Edward Smith of Omaha, Nebr. the champion wheelman of his own country won the international mile cycle race at the Crystal Palace yesterday.

Miss Maud Hatt famous as a basket ball player is captain of one of the YWCA teams. Miss Hatt is an expert and her team has never been known to lose a game. Mr. Edward Carson, wholesale dealer in furs and ice at Edmonton, Canada has had the good fortune to secure the services of Miss Daisy Fry and Miss Margaret McLafferty as stenographers.

Miss Alice Gideon who is translator of old manuscripts at Smithsonian Institute is traveling through the west and will stop at Omaha long enough to take part in the class reunion.

With breathless interest Omaha awaits the appearance in concert of the famous "Ladies Quartette" who open the musical season tomorrow night. This quartette composed of Ruth Fisher, Louisa Llewellyn, Fay Carter and Henrietta Brandes with Helen Robinson, accompanist, all Lothrop pupils, have made an enviable record during their numerous tours in various countries.

A marcouigram bearing the date of June 1, 1916 from a great ocean steamer in the Panama Canal announces the regrets of Ruth Roberts and Miss Mildred Marr. These two ladies had fully intended to be present at the class reunion in Omaha, but since they are known as expert linguists their services are in constant demand in our new possessions.

A Visit to their Old School of the '06 Class - Groups of "grownups" spent an hour in visiting the Lothrop School yesterday and were delighted to find their beautiful silk flag occupying a place of honor while the picture bearing the legend "oth B, '06" (?) presented to the Kindergarten ten years ago has proved an incentive to following classes who have imitated their example. Lothrop now owns and occupies the entire block with a manual training building on the northeast corner and west half of the block affords an opportunity for school gardening which is well improved.

Transcribed by Kathie Harrison - May-June 2001
By permission of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society
abstracted from Nebraska Ancestree, Volume 10 at this site


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